Color&Co Hair Color Review

About Color&Co Hair Color

Color&Co Hair Color Review

Color&Co offers a revamped at-home hair coloring system. The direct-to-consumer brand is owned by L’Oréal, empowering men and women with DIY transformations. The brand offers one-on-one consultation appointments with in-house color experts to guide customers towards the hair of their dreams. 

With features in Vogue, Women’s Health, and InStyle, the brand has been praised for “finally taking the guesswork out of at-home hair coloring”. They’ve fostered a community of around 4.7k followers on Instagram. 

This Color&Co hair color review will take a look at the company’s products, some pros and cons, and customer feedback, in hopes of answering one question: is the brand worth looking into?

Overview of Color&Co 

Color&Co Hair Color Review

Color&Co was founded in 2017, by a group of colorists and engineers from L’Oréal‘s Research and Innovation team. The brand itself was launched to the public in 2019. 

Their mission is to “make hair-care at home a breeze” while providing a highly personalized and affordable way to achieve salon quality results at home.

Customers complete a Color&Co hair dye quiz to discuss the current state of their hair, browse through a shade chart, and discover licensed colorists they would like to schedule a consultation with—through real-time video chat.

Based on the results and the experts’ advice, Color and Co then recommends a hair color, adjusting it to the tone and depth of your choosing. A few days later, a colorbox is delivered right to your door. 

Color&Co collective were the 2019 and 2020 Allure Best Of Beauty award winner. The brand believes that everyone deserves professional expertise and individual attention, even if they can’t get to the salon.  

There are plenty of benefits to coloring your hair at home, especially when it comes with guidance from professionals. But, there are also some downsides. 

Color&Co Hair Color Review

This Color&Co review will now outline some of the pros and cons of the brand. 

What We Love About Color&Co

  • Cost effective at-home hair dyeing service  
  • Color&Co personalized hair color considers your hair’s treatment history and composition
  • Color and Co instructions and range of tools included in the colorbox 
  • Accompanying shampoo and conditioners help maintain color longevity 
  • One-on-one video consultations with knowledgeable consultants
  • Offers a full range of haircare, from hair dye to shampoo and conditioner
  • Refer-a-Friend program helps save you and your friend $10 
  • Free shipping on U.S. orders over $35
  • 100% Color Confidence Guarantee and 30-day return policy 

How Does Color&Co Work?

Color&Co Hair Color Review

This hair dyeing service is a step-by-step process. There are two ways to dive into it: one is through the short questionnaire on their site, mentioned earlier. Another option is the video consultation.  

The Color&Co hair color quiz asks you questions about your hair length, density, past treatments, color goals, and other information. By the end, you’re matched with a new shade, and given the option to start a video call with a colorist on stand-by. If you want to skip the consultation, go straight to checkout. 

The one-on-one video call with a Color&Co hair colorist covers the same ground as the online quiz, but with a personal touch. They’re available for consults Monday to Friday, from 8 AM–12 AM, EST. 

A Color&Co blend is tailored to your requirements and shipped right to your home. The How It Works page does a great job of breaking down the process, in an easy to understand way! 

This Color&Co review notes that the company offers a 100% Color Confidence Guarantee. So if you don’t love the dyed result, you’ll get your money back. 

Whether you choose the Color&Co custom hair color subscription service, or only want to dye your hair once, you can cancel or adjust the frequency of your deliveries at any time. For more information about the ColorandCo subscription, keep reading! 

Color&Co Personalized Haircolor Review

Personalized Haircolor is Color&Co’s main featured product. This exclusive L’Oréal formula comes to the rescue when you’re in a slump and running out of ideas to lift your self-esteem, or if you can’t leave home but desperately need to touch up your roots. 

This Color&Co review found some explanatory videos on their website, describing what commonly happens when someone goes into the store for regular box dye. 

Your hair rarely ever ends up looking like the color swatch on the box, because there are so many variables not taken into account—like if your hair has already been bleached, how naturally dense it is, how much grey there is to cover, and so on. 

The brand explains, “one-size fits all hair dye formulas are a thing of the past”. Color&Co personalized hair color solutions use professional-grade pigments, determined to take your hair’s unique history and needs into consideration.  

Color&Co Hair Color Review

This Color&Co review will take a look at the brand’s three additional hair care products. These shampoo and conditioners are essential for maintaining your custom color, and caring for your hair in the short and long-term. Pair them with your colorbox order for the complete experience. 

Color&Co by L’Oréal Respect Shampoo Review 

The Respect Shampoo by Color&Co keeps your freshly colored locks vibrant for up to a month. Developed for color-treated hair, the easy lathering product leaves hair feeling smooth and looking lustrous. 

This sulfate-free shampoo cleanses away build-up without stripping your hair of all its necessary oils, and many customers love the smell of it, too. If you’re missing the experience of walking out of a salon, this product can help replicate some of that feeling. 

 The Respect Shampoo is available for purchase as a single item, but is also included in your Color&Co hair color subscription box. A 250ml bottle rings in at $17.90

Color&Co by L’Oréal Flow Conditioner Review

The Flow Conditioner will have your newly tinted strands doing just that, flowing! The lightweight product nourishes and detangles your hair, while leaving it smelling fragrant for hours. 

The formula was developed especially for color-treated or bleached hair. It contains coconut water to lock in shine, and is made without parabens. 

After you’ve washed your hair with the Respect Shampoo, spread a dime-sized amount of the Flow Conditioner evenly across the ends of your hair. Leave it in for a few minutes, sing your favorite power ballad, and rinse. 

A 250mL bottle of the Flow Conditioner by Color&Co can be yours for $18.90.

Color&Co by L’Oréal Infuse Conditioner Review 

The Infused Conditioner improves your hair’s overall texture and manageability, while replenishing it with nutrients. The protein-rich product was developed for color treated hair, and is gentle enough to be used everyday. 

Essentially an in-shower mood booster, the Infused Conditioner will help to tame fly-aways and define curls, all while leaving hair feeling feather light and voluminous. The 130 mL bottle sells for $19.90

How Much is Color&Co Hair Color?

Color&Co Hair Color Review

Color&Co’s Personalized Haircolor is available in a subscription, or as a one-time purchase of $29.90. The kit includes all the tools you need to dye your hair at home, such as:

  • Your custom color
  • Personalized instructions
  • Cream developer
  • Stain block
  • Stain eraser
  • Replenishing conditioner 
  • Two pairs of gloves

The Auto-Replenish subscription model saves you 25%, costing just $21.90. Don’t worry if you’ve committed to a chestnut brown and wake up one day in the mood for bright pink hair. You can make changes to your formula and the frequency of deliveries at any time!  

Color&Co Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Color&Co Hair Color Review

Color&Co was created to make at-home hair dyeing easier. Especially with what’s going on in today’s world it’s become more important to have a great product to help do so, and Color and Co is leading the way.

This Color&Co hair color review searched for customer reviews from the company’s website, Influenster, Facebook, and Reddit to get a better understanding of the service and performance of products. 

Color&Co has 3357 reviews in total. Many people complimented the friendliness of the colorists in the Color and Co video service, and the simple process of coloring. 

A male customer shared, “I bought the custom color for men. My color specialist was amazing and the color match is perfect. No one can tell I’ve dyed my hair.”

With the shutdowns, one 5/5 star reviewer said that this Color and Co salon experience “fills the void and covered my grays.” 

On Reddit, a customer commented on the fair price point of the L’Oréal colur service. “I just did the Color&Co hair color test and I love the color they picked…And I pay this much for the color I usually use anyways so it’s not even like it will cost anymore than normal.”

Another user was impressed by the quick delivery. “I was floored that they got the EXACT color I’ve been looking for just from that quiz. And, like you, it’s about the same cost. Also it was delivered SUPER quick. I ordered on the 30th and it arrived today.”

A customer who left 3/5 stars on Facebook shared that her color didn’t work out, but that customer service was great,

I purchased the dark intense violet s

emi-permanent back in December and it flat out didn’t work. I contacted customer service and they refunded me straight away.”

Overall those who try the Color&Co hair color solution tend to have a great experience, and in the case that you’re unhappy, they have a wonderful customer service team that will take care of you.

Is Color&Co Worth It?

Color&Co Hair Color Review

This Color&Co review weighed customer opinions against the quality and functionality of the brand’s products to judge that yes, it is worth the buy. 

The brand wants everyone to enjoy a salon experience at home while emphasizing that you don’t need to pay salon prices for perfect hair. Their colorists are knowledgeable and care for their clients, “as if they were in their salon chair.” 

The combination of the all-in-one home delivery for an affordable price, and the chance to chat with professional colorists makes their approach incredibly helpful. While there are many mixed reviews, this Color&Co review would like to remind that while the colorists try their best to give recommendations over video, everyone’s hair is different.  

The Personalized Colorbox is only available in demi-permanent and permanent, and some hair types hold onto it for longer than others. Bleached hair might take to the lighter colors more easily than someone with naturally dark hair, for example.

The method of application itself, and choosing to use their accompanying shampoo/ conditioners to maintain the results, can also determine how long the color lasts. 

This Color&Co hair review came across a ton of positive feedback about the easy application and shared that it was effective in covering up greys, while making their hair smoother and shinier

Overall, it appears that the Color Co by L’Oréal concept of simplified and customized hair coloring at-home helps instill confidence in their users.

If the color doesn’t work out for some reason, you can always take advantage of their 100% Color Confidence Guarantee and 30 day return policy. 

Color&Co Promotions & Discounts 

Color&Co Hair Color Review

This Color&Co review found the following ways to help you save some money. 

  • Refer a friend so that they receive $10 off of their first order. In turn, you’ll get $10 store credit towards your next purchase and for every future referral 
  • Save & Subscribe: Auto-Replenish subscription model saves you 25% on your Color&Co custom blend. 
  • Free shipping over $35 

Sign up for Color&Co

L’Oréal’s Color and Co makes signing up as easy as their at-home hair coloring system. Check out the steps below: 

  1. Take the Color Quiz
    1. The quiz will ask you a series of questions broken up into 5 categories: hair color goals, natural hair, color treated hair, desired result, and lifestyle 
    2. It will take you 5–10 minutes to complete 
  2. Pick out your desired shade from a chart of recommended colors 
  3. Schedule delivery frequency (if you want to go with a one-time delivery, this can be fixed at check out) 
  4. Create an account and call a trained colorist on stand-by, who will find the perfect hair color for you (this consultation is completely optional) 
  5. Finally, checkout with an Auto-Renewal subscription or a one-time delivery 


How much does Color and Co cost? 

One-time kits sell for $29.90, while the Auto-Replenish subscription model saves you 25% on your Color&Co custom blend, costing just $21.90.

How do I cancel my Color&Co subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. To do so, navigate to My Account on and make any changes necessary.

How long does Color and Co take to ship?

Color&Co currently only ships within the U.S. Orders over $35 qualify for free shipping

Allow 1–2 days for order processing, and 3–5 business days for standard shipping (charges of $6 apply). 

What is Color&Co’s Return Policy?

Color&Co offers a 100% Color Confidence Guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with your personalized shade, contact the Customer Care team and they will send you a new shade or issue a full-refund

The company only accepts returns of unused, unopened products for up to 30 days from the date of delivery. This policy only extends to first time hair color orders, and does not apply to subscriptions that weren’t cancelled before their renewal date. 

If your shipment arrives damaged or packed with incorrect items, send a photo to their Customer Care team. For record-keeping purposes, the brand asks that you include the invoice or packing slip with any returns. 

How to Contact Color&Co 

If you want to place a Color&Co order hair color online or have any other questions, visit the brand’s website or contact them directly via: 

  • Phone: 1-888-742-6567 
  • Message Form on their contact page

This Color&Co review found that the Customer Care Team’s working hours are between Monday–Friday, 9 AM to 5:30 PM EST

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