XMondo Hair Review

About XMONDO Hair

XMondo Hair Review

XMondo Hair is an e-commerce company that specializes in hair care and styling products such as shampoo and wave foams. The brand is run by Brad Mondo, a famous Youtuber with over 6.5 million subscribers, who mainly uploads hair tutorials and react videos. 

With over 403k followers on Instagram and nearly 10k followers on Facebook, it is no wonder that XMondo has also been featured in Allure Magazine, Bustle, and Insider

This XMondo Hair review will take an in-depth look at the brand and its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. 

Overview of XMONDO Hair

XMondo Hair Review

XMondo was founded with Brad Mondo’s love of styling hair, which was very much apparent in his beginning as a YouTuber in 2016. He was famous for his ‘hairdresser reacts” videos, where he reacted to hair bleaching or styling fails while inputting his own advice. He quickly rose to fame as he started to collaborate with other famous YouTubers such as Safiya Nygaard, Joana Ceddia, and Molly Burke. 

Mondo later founded XMondo hair in 2019, as he promoted products such as glitteratti and project x on his main channel on YouTube. As of now, Mondo continues to advertise XMondo Hair to his audience in makeover videos, how-to videos, and further collaborating with well-known influencers such as Charli D’Amelio.

“I’ve infused everything I love about hair care; innovation, technology, aesthetic and all-around coolness to create my epic line of products,” via Brad Mondo on

XMondo Hair Review

Before we get into this XMondo Hair review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons. 


  • Various hair care, color, and styling products to choose from
  • Striking and unique glitter ingredients
  • Free of animal cruelty and parabens
  • XMondo Hair is in touch with its audience through Brad Mondo’s YouTube channel 
  • Free shipping on US orders above $60 
  • Offers AfterPay and Shop Pay as payment options 


  • Pricier than other hair care products
  • Only ships within North America and the United Kingdom 
XMondo Hair Review

XMondo Hair has a variety of hair care and styling products to choose from. Their collection ranges from shampoos, conditioners, repair and treat items, styling products, and bundles where customers can get a collection of hair products for a discounted price

All XMONDO products are scented with the signature scent of Japanese Cherry Blossom, Bergamot, White Butterfly Jasmine, and Sandalwood. This XMondo Hair review will go over their most popular shampoos, styling, and repair and treat products.

XMONDO Shampoo Review

XMondo Hair Review

Shampoo is one of the main essentials when it comes to hair care. Because of how important it is to your daily shower routine, the ingredients contained in each shampoo bottle should result in happy and healthy hair. 

With XMondo’s shampoo line, you don’t need to worry about harsh chemicals, as they are paraben, gluten, and sulfate-free. They are also cruelty-free, vegan, and hairdresser tested. You may recognize these shampoos from Brad Mondo’s Youtube channel:

project x shampoo

XMondo Hair review
project x shampoo

If you’re guilty of skipping your scheduled shower days, there’s no need to break a sweat when it comes to repairing your hair. With XMondo’s project x shampoo, your hair will be back to normal in no time. Made with Blueberry and Apple Extracts with a touch of Argan Oil, this special shampoo provides a deep cleanse to remove buildup and free radicals.

project x is ideal for normal to oily hair and can work with straight, wavy, curly, and treated hair. This $33 detox shampoo comes in an 8fl. oz. bottle and is essentially “a juice cleanse, but for your hair.” 

hydraglow shampoo

Staying hydrated doesn’t just entail drinking a glass of water every day, it can also apply to hair care. Hair can get especially dry if you wash it too often or can be affected during the cold season. Fortunately, the hydraglow shampoo is designed to lock in moisture and provide lasting frizz control. It contains Jojoba, Argan, and Moringa Oil, which are rich in vitamins and antioxidants to strengthen brittle hair. 

The hydraglow shampoo is optimal for straight, wavy, curly, and dry hair. XMondo recommends pairing it with their hydraglow hydrating conditioner. Give your hair a much-needed glow up with this specialty shampoo in an 8fl. oz bottle for $33

XMONDO Styling Review

Let’s face it–our hair oftentimes needs some ‘oomph’ now and then. For those event-ready outings where your hair needs to be on point, XMondo offers styling serums, sprays, balms, oils, mists, and foam. This XMondo styling review will look over a few products that fans of the brand love.

wavetech foam

The perfect beach waves are not far from reach. XMondo’s wavetech foam is designed to help you achieve effortless wavy curls and control frizz. It is formulated to give you soft, tousled waves without that undesired crunch after using a curling tool. This XMONDO wavetech review recommends distributing the product on damp hair or on air-dried waves. 

The XMONDO Hair wavetech foam can be used on all hair types. It contains Polyquaternium-72,  Polyquaternium-11, and Pro-Vitamin B5. If that sounds scary to you, don’t worry. These ingredients are key for retaining style, firmness, and softness. Change up your style with wavetech foam for a 6.7fl. oz. bottle for only $35

glitteratti serum

If you always wished to have the kind of hair shown in commercials, you too can achieve beautiful, shiny locks with ease using the XMONDO Hair glitterati serum. This styling serum will make your hair shine with just a minimum amount of sparkle, while also applying a light amount of hydration

Suitable for all hair types, this styling serum is made out of Argan Oil, Chamomile Extract, and Polyquaternium-72, which altogether are high in antioxidants to strengthen and protect the hair. Look like you’re in a hair commercial by using glitteratti serum, available in a 3.4 fl. oz. bottle for $38. Distribute this serum by applying a generous amount to damp hair, starting at the ends and working your way up to the roots. 

XMONDO Repair + Treat Review

XMondo Hair Review

Our hair goes through a lot. Through heat tools, harmful shampoos and conditioners, or an unsteady washing schedule, it’s not a bad idea to treat your hair once in a while.

XMondo has a line of repair and treat products to make your hair feel strong and healthy, featuring masks, creams, oils, and mists. This XMondo Hair review will highlight two well-loved products in this category.

prismatic glow hair mask

While face masks are continually known as an essential component for face care, not a lot of people are aware that the same can be said for hair. Introducing XMondo’s prismatic glow. This hydrating mask is used to tackle dry and frizzy hair through it’s included ingredients of Argan Oil and Baobab Oil.

XMondo recommends using the product as such: “After using Project X Everyday Shampoo, apply to damp hair and leave for 5 minutes (or longer if you’re free) and rinse. Use once a week or whenever your hair needs some epic moisture.” Make the prismatic glow hair mask part of your nightly routine for $39 for a 6 fl. oz. bottle. 

electric rain moisture cream

If hair masks aren’t your thing, try XMondo’s electric rain moisture cream. Using the same ingredients of Argan Oil and Baobab Oil, this special hair care product is designed to bring much-needed moisture to brittle ends. 

It also contains Blueberry and Apple Extracts, which include Vitamins C, A, B2, and E to help against hair damage. As a result, you will be left with shiny, smooth hair. “Finish, style, and strike a pose” using the electric rain moisture cream for $37 for a 5fl. oz. bottle. Distribute a generous amount to damp or dry hair, starting at the ends and working their way up to the scalp. 

XMONDO Hair Dye Review

XMondo Hair Review

If you’re ‘dying’ to change up your look once in a while, changing to a different hair color can be one daring option. There are three XMONDO color pots to choose from: blue, pink, and purple. All of their hair dyes are protein-packed, bond-building, ultra-hydrating, vegan, and cruelty-free

It is worth noting that with each hair color, the color payoff will work differently for all hair types. Each product description has a chart where you can see how much color your hair type will take with each pigment. We’ll take a close look at a few of XMONDO’s hair dyes.

super blue healing color

As celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Jimin from BTS, and Halsey have rocked blue hair in the past, it’s only natural that others would like to follow their lead. XMondo’s super blue hair healing color delivers a pop of blue while adding some hydration in the process

The key ingredients in super blue include bond builder, sodium hyaluronate, and hydrolyzed vegetable protein, which altogether restores damaged hair and provides a healthy amount of moisture.

 XMONDO Hair color reviews have noted that the pigment lasts for several washes. For exciting, blue-tiful locks, the super blue hair healing color costs $37 for an 8fl. oz bottle. Apply the color to clean, dry hair with gloves and comb through to evenly saturate hair. Process for 20 minutes and thoroughly rinse for beaming blue locks.

super pink healing color

If celebrities such as Taeyeon from Girls Generation, Katy Perry, and of course, Pink, have inspired you to try out pink hair, XMondo has your back with their super pink hair healing color. Made with color and vegan bond-building technology, not only do you get head-turning hair, but it also feels healthy and hydrated at the same time.

Using bond builder, sodium hyaluronate, and hydrolyzed vegetable protein, you get a two for one deal with color and deep hair treatment pay off. View the world with rose-colored lenses- or with rose-colored hair, using the super pink hair healing color for $37 for a 8fl. oz bottle.

XMONDO Hair Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

XMondo Hair Review

This XMondo Hair review found a fair amount of positive reviews based on its research. On their website, there are hundreds of reviews praising select XMondo hair products. Most have commented that there was a great change in their hair for the better, leaving their locks smooth, shiny, and healthy. There is a general average of 4-5/5 stars

“This conditioning spray is wonderful! My hair is wavy, thick, and always tangly. Instead of using a boatload of conditioner, this lets me comb through it after washing!” One reviewer wrote on their website.

This XMondo Hair review wasn’t able to find too many outsider reviews on other websites, such as Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau. However, on an XMONDO review Reddit page, some complained that the prices were too expensive for the size of the product. One Reddit reviewer commented, the price is definitely steep but I guess it’s setting up for the future price of products in the line. Luxury hair products are definitely $20+ each.” 

There is also confusion surrounding the vegan branding on some of the products, as some ingredient lists include carmine. As one Reddit reviewer commented “It is not vegan! It has carmine in it, which is made from bugs. He has changed the words on the shop page, calling it vegetarian now.” 

Is XMONDO Hair Worth It?

XMondo Hair Review

If you’re looking for something a bit more special than your traditional shampoos and hair styling products, XMondo is worth checking out. While their products are more on the expensive side, people tend to generally favor the results afterward; especially towards XMONDO Hair shampoo reviews. 

When it comes to prices being more expensive, it is all about quality. If you find your hair better than it was before, then chances are it’s well worth the price. It’s also convenient to see the key ingredients for each product so you know exactly what you’re putting into your hair. 

What I’m especially impressed by are their hair dyes. While there isn’t a lot to choose from in terms of color range, it’s hard to find a conventional hair dye that isn’t damaging to your hair, while equally giving you an optimal color payoff. Knowing that their color dyes are not only hydrating for your hair but also vibrant when applied afterward, is a total gamechanger.

XMONDO Hair Promotions & Discounts 

XMondo Hair Review

As of lately, XMondo is selling bundles where customers can get a collection of select hair products for a discounted price. This XMondo Hair review hasn’t come across an XMONDO Hair discount code, promo code, or deals so far. 

Where to Buy XMONDO Hair

XMondo Hair Review

Customers can buy XMondo Hair products exclusively at


Is Brad Mondo a good hair stylist? 

Is Brad Mondo actually good at hair? Yes. Brad Mondo has gained notoriety for hairstyling tips and how to care for your hair. Most people have looked to him in terms of hair advice. 

How do I make an appointment with Brad Mondo?

Can you book an appointment at an XMONDO Hair salon? This XMondo Hair review found out that customers cannot make an appointment with Brad. The company discourages contacting customer service when looking to book an appointment. 

However, if you do need some help finding the right product to use for your hair, you can access their XMONDO hair quiz online.

How long does XMONDO take to ship?

The company only ships within the United States, the United Kingdom, and XMONDO Canada. Shipping and handling fees are based on the carrier selected such as USPS priority mail and first-class mail. 

XMONDO’S FedEx 2 day shipping costs $12 for domestic shipping and $17 to Alaska and Hawaii. For DHL International, rates range from $15 to $18 for XMONDO products Canada and $18 to $25 for the United Kingdom. 

XMondo will email customers with a confirmation and a tracking number once their order has been placed. 

What is XMONDO Hair’s Return Policy?

Customers are encouraged to contact XMondo’s customer service if they are unsatisfied with their purchases. They accept returns for unopened or lightly used products within 30 days of original purchase. All refunds will be made using the original form of payment. 

How to Contact XMONDO Hair

If you have inquiries that were not addressed in this XMondo Hair review, you can contact the company through:

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