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Bearaby Blankets Review

Many people have a hard time relaxing their bodies after a long and tiresome day. Bearaby believes that feeling incredible comes from a natural deep sleep, peace of mind, and joyful feelings. Bearaby weighted blankets provide these feelings, and more, to help you to not only feel better but to live better in a more conscious way.

Bearaby’s sustainable approach to weighted blankets for adults and children allow us to care for ourselves and feel relief without harming the planet. The company has received a lot of positive attention from websites like Forbes, Vogue, Fast Company, Bloomberg, and Elle, and has a hearty 47k followers on Instagram.

This Bearaby blankets review will take a look at the brand, how they operate, their best selling blankets, and how they’re made, customer experiences, plus more, to help you answer the question, are Bearaby blankets worth it?

Overview of Bearaby

Bearaby Blankets Review

In 2018, Dr. Kathrin Hamm founded Bearaby after a “life-changing afternoon nap” spent under a weighted blanket. She fell in love with the benefits the blanket provided for her mentally and physically. But she wanted to create a blanket, unlike many on the market, that was as good for the planet as it would be for our bodies. 

Bearaby was launched with the planet in mind, and the belief that sleep is the simplest form of self care possible. That being said, nothing should have to suffer just so we can take care of ourselves properly. The earth and its people go hand-in-hand, and the company operates out of a mission to put the planet’s needs first. 

Sustainable harvesting of 100% organic biodegradable cotton, using recycled plastic bottles pulled out of the sea, and paying their workers fair wages, are just some of the ways the company gives back to the planet. The Bearaby location for their headquarters is in New York, where all of the sustainable and creative ideas begin. 

Bearaby Blankets Review

This Bearaby blankets review will now highlight some pros and cons of the brand. 


  • Mission to help people reduce anxiety, and promote sleep without harming the planet
  • GOTS, OEKO-Tex 100, TMS, BCI Certified
  • Bearaby ocean (velvet) blanket uses 900 recycled plastic marine bottles
  • Free shipping & returns within the contiguous US


  • Blankets are sold at a higher price point compared to other weighted blankets on the market
  • Some customers experience blankets ripping
  • $15 processing fee for returns
  • Does not ship outside the US & Canada 
  • No customer service number available on the website

Weighted blankets have been medically proven to aid with naturally deeper sleep cycles, reducing anxiety, and improving wellness. Sleep is the most important factor in our lives. Without it, we can experience a multitude of health issues, like a weakened immune system and depression. 

Bearaby Weighted Blankets are on a mission to help to solve this problem while doing the least harm possible to the planet. These blankets contain no artificial fillers, are hand knit, and designed for breathability

Bearaby uses 100% organic, long-staple cotton that is farmed in India by methods that use 90% less water than conventional methods. The cotton is completely natural, so it can actually be composted

Blankets Made with Tencel Lyocell are made from Eucalyptus pulp that is sourced in Austria from a farm that uses a closed-loop farming process and relies completely on rainfall to water the plants. 

When you feel their velvet fabric, you won’t believe what it’s made from. Bearaby’s velvet once bobbed in the ocean as pollution. It was reworked, spun, and brushed into a luxuriously soft yarn, before being hand-knitted is a weighted blanket. Each velvet blanket contains 900 recycled plastic marine bottles

This Bearaby blankets review will feature their bestselling, luxurious blankets made from earth-loving materials. 

Bearaby Cotton Napper Review

Snuggle up with the Cotton Napper to get the kind of sleep your (day)dreams are made of. They are made from GOTS and OEKO Tex 100 Certified organic cotton, and a touch of spandex, so this hand-knit blanket is so buttery soft, you may not want to get up from your nap!

The Cotton Napper comes with an organic cotton dust bag, which makes storing, and a trip to the cleaners super easy. If you’re washing at home, wash your blanket separately in cool water on a delicate setting and tumble dry on low, to keep it looking beautiful for as long as possible. 

Choose from one of Bearaby’s eight dreamy colors, like Goodnight Grape or Asteroid Grey, in either 15lbs for $249, 20lbs for $259, or 25 lbs for $279

Bearaby Velvet Napper Review

Help protect the oceans with the Velvet Napper. Each of their luxurious eco-velvet blankets is made from 900 recycled plastic marine bottled. The fabric is 100% polyester that has been spun and brushed to create a supple, soothing material that is 100% upcycled. The blanket is also GRS and OEKO-Tex 100 certified

Help your fishy friends out with this soft, ocean-friendly blanket that’s available in five different jewel tones, like Silver Topaz and Emerald. A 15lbs Velvet Napper is $269, 20lbs is sold for $279, and 25lbs for $299. 

Bearaby Tree Napper Review

Rest easy knowing your Tree Napper is made from Tencel Lyocell, composed of sustainably grown Eucalyptus pulp, and is 100% biodegradable. It’s actually the most sustainable fabric on the planet! The Tree Napper, which offers just a touch of spandex, is FSC and OEKO tex-100 certified. 

These nappers have an earthy color scheme, including colors like Pomegranate and Rosemary. The Tree Napper is cool to the touch and wicks away moisture, making it a great choice for those who get hot easily at night.

You can get this earth – and health-friendly Tree Napper in weights 15lbs for $269, 20lbs for $279, or 25lbs for $299

Bearaby Nappling Review

Little ones can experience anxiety, too. If you’ve ever had to soothe a toddler in distress, you’ll know you can use all of the extra help you can get your hands on. Thankfully, the Nappling isn’t far from your reach and is highly breathable, cozy, and calming for your little one. 

When it’s time to wind down, wrap them up in this organic cotton blanket that contains no artificial fillers or synthetic beads. Bearaby makes things fun and soothing for kids, offering 5 different colors like Confetti and Butternut Bliss.

The Nappling is available as an 8lbs blanket, measuring 40”x60”, and retails for $149. 

Bearaby Travel Napper Review

The Travel Napper is a weighted blanket that produces the same stress-releasing effects of your typical weighted blanket but is compact and can be taken with you anywhere. The Travel Napper is breathable and is great for long car rides or flights. 

The Travel Napper is made of long-staple organic cotton and is pre-washed to guarantee optimal softness. The organic cotton is naturally breathable which means you won’t feel hot or sweaty when covering up. This material is also 100% biodegradable so you can rest easy knowing you are doing your part for the planet.

The Travel Napper, at this point and time, is only available in one size and weight. The weighted blanket is 10 lbs and measures 40″x 64″. It is easy to carry and comes equipped with a convenient duffel bag.

Start your journey and experience comfort on-the-go. The Travel Napper comes in 5 different colors and can be purchased directly on their website for only $209.

Bearaby Sleeper Covers Review

To cover your Sleeper, choose from either Grey or White Sleeper Covers that are thoughtfully designed to keep your Sleeper from shifting inside the cover at night. Made from a soft and cool blend of Organic Cotton and Tencel Lyocell, this duvet cover set contains a duvet cover, plus two pillowcases. 

They’re designed to allow for maximum breathability and comfort. Choose between Twin (7×81”), Queen (77×81”), or King (97×81”). It’s important to wash this sleeper cover on an eco-setting in warm water and tumble dry on low. Look forward to going to bed with the Twin set for $89, the Queen set for $99, and the King set for $129. 

Bearaby Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bearaby blankets Review

This Bearaby blankets review will fill you in on a variety of reviews found on the Bearaby website, the Bearaby Facebook page, and Bearaby Reviews Reddit, to help you get a better idea of what the brand’s weighted blankets and customer service are like. 

Bearaby blanket reviews on the Bearaby website talk about how their weighted blankets have helped with insomnia and relaxation. One customer wrote, “My husband absolutely loves this Napper. He says it keeps him still at night and loves that it’s airy and cool too.”

Another customer said, “When I pull it over me I instantly fall asleep.” One final review from Bearaby.com wrote, “I have had insomnia since childhood and this blanket is wonderful to add for comforting weight at night.”

The brand’s Facebook page is a mix of positive and negative Bearaby weighted blanket reviews, some report feeling “suffocated” by their weighted blankets, and some “wish they weren’t so pricey.”

This Bearaby blankets review will now highlight a few reviews found on Reddit. Reddit users report of being “obsessed – I love the soft texture of the velvet but it isn’t too warm…I haven’t been able to get in contact with customer service yet…but I noticed a few weeks into having it that some of the seams were ripping.”

Another Reddit user counters with, “I’ve only had mine since Christmas but we have seen zero stretching or damage. Our dog has even chewed on it a couple of times.” In the same Reddit thread, another user said, “washing and drying it can be challenging but I think that is the case with all weighted blankets.” 

Are Bearaby Blankets Worth It?

Bearaby blankets review

Bearaby weighted blankets are comparable in price to other weighted blankets on the market, so in terms of their price, it’s pretty standard across the board. When you factor in the brand’s sustainability mission, where and how they source their materials, and perks like free shipping, it softens the blow of the price for one of their blankets. 

Some customers have reported not liking their blankets but, of course, it’s all personal preference. Although weighted blankets are scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and promote a night of sound sleep, not everyone is going to like how they feel.

Those who do enjoy the weight of the blankets report falling asleep faster, staying asleep throughout the night, and decreased stress while cuddled underneath. It’s for these reasons that this Bearaby blankets review believes that their blankets are definitely worth the buy

Bearaby Promotions & Discounts 

Bearaby blankets review

Bearaby actually has a ‘No Discount Policy’, and it’s because they don’t believe in short-changing anyone. Because the brand pays its workers fair wages and uses only sustainable materials, you will not find a Bearaby discount code or Bearaby coupon. 

To instill mindfulness in shoppers, the Bearaby Black Friday sale offers a discount on their Black Napper, but with a catch. Customers can only purchase the Black Napper after 24 hours of “sleeping on it”; “it” being the decision of whether or not you really need to make the purchase. The brand does this to combat the snap decision purchases that are so common on Black Friday. 

If you would like to split up your payment for Bearaby products, the brand does offer payment options through Affirm.

Where to Buy Bearaby Blankets

Bearaby blankets review

You can purchase their blankets from Bearaby.com, or online at West Elm. 


Bearaby blankets review

What is Bearaby? 

Bearaby is an eco-friendly weighted blanket company that develops their blankets from sustainably harvested materials, and are GOTS, Fair Trade, and BCI certified. Their blankets are made from hand-knitting layers of chunky yarn that look as good as they feel. 

Which Bearaby blanket is best? 

It depends on your own personal needs. The Tree Napper is great for hot sleepers, while the Cotton Napper is cozier and can be used year-round. 

How much are Bearaby blankets? 

Bearaby blankets range in price depending on material and weight. Prices range between $249-$299

Are weighted blankets hot?

Bearaby made the Tree Napper especially for those who experience bouts of warmth throughout the night. Although their blankets have a chunky knit that allows for airflow and breathability, it all comes down to personal preference. 

How do you wash Bearaby? 

Machine wash your Bearaby with cold water on a delicate setting. Bearaby recommends using an eco-wash setting as well. Tumble dry on low. This Bearaby blankets review notes that it may take more than one cycle to dry your blanket. 

How long does Bearaby take to ship?

Bearaby offers free shipping for the contiguous US. Free shipping takes between 6-10 business days. Additional options are Faster Shipping that takes between 2-5 business days, 2-Day Shipping, and Overnight Shipping. You can choose your preference at checkout for a fee. 

Bearaby does not offer free shipping to Hawaii and Alaska. Shipping to those states is processed using FedEx Ground Home Delivery. Bearaby shipping times to these states are between 4-5 business days. For Bearaby shipping to Canada, the brand offers FedEx Economy and Priority Shipping, but prices will vary based on your exact location and will be calculated at checkout. 

Currently, Bearbay does not offer to ship to any other international locations, but they’re working on expanding the locations that they ship to soon. 

This Bearaby blankets review has found that if you need to cancel your order for any reason, you can do so only if your order has not shipped yet. 

What is Bearaby’s Return Policy?

Bearaby allows returns within 30 days of purchase. This Bearaby blankets review must note that the brand’s policy states that items must be unwashed and in the same condition you received them.

Once Bearaby receives your return, they will inspect the item and issue a refund. This can take up to 15 business days. Partial refunds may be given if your items are damaged, washed, or stained

Bearaby returns are technically free, however, there is a $15 processing fee. This covers the cost of inspections and processing fees at their warehouse and fulfillment facilities. 

This Bearaby blankets review found that to make a Bearaby exchange, there is no official exchange process. The brand suggests returning the product as normal and then placing a new order. 

To start a return, email [email protected] with your order number and the reasons that you wish to return your product. 

How to Contact Bearaby

To get in touch with Bearaby customer service, you can send them a message on their Contact Page, send an email to [email protected], or message one of their social media channels:

  • Facebook @mybearaby
  • Instagram @mybearaby

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