American Blinds Review

About American Blinds

American Blinds Review

Shield that pesky sun with one simple addition to keep things covered. American Blinds offers a variety of blinds and shutters to match any room design with a sweet and simple installation process to make life easy for the client.

Though not a big name in the industry, this company holds over 500 followers on Instagram. Depending mainly on word-of-mouth to keep the business growing, this company is looking to bump up the advertising and make its way into the limelight as a top source for blinds and shutters in the US.

This American Blinds review will shine a light on all the details of this business. From products and prices to reviews, installations, and more, we’re digging up dirt on whether this brand is worth it.

Overview of American Blinds

American Blinds Review

Despite the low online following, this company has actually maintained solid business for over 60 years. First opened in the 1950s, American Blinds made their way from a Detroit supplier to a nationwide scope for sales. In the ‘90s, this brand was one of the first to jump online and join the virtual home goods market.

While originally offering a selection of wallpapers and other home décor, this brand has since moved solely to putting windows at the forefront of their business. By driving their business online and removing store locations, American Blinds can keep costs low for customers while providing quality pieces.

Sounds good so far, right? We’ll move this American Blinds review into pros and cons to show off just what this business offers:


  • A wide variety of blinds and shutters including custom pieces
  • Great sample sizes
  • Low cost compared to others on the market
  • Constant deals
  • Free shipping
  • Free exchanges
  • Price matching after purchase
  • Financing options available with PayPal Credit


  • No international shipping
American Blinds Review

As much as we love a general overview, it’s time to move on to the specific. Heading to the products section, we’re looking at some of their most popular styles available. 

We’ll be checking out the standard rather than custom options in this review, but don’t let our choices limit what you can do.

American Blinds Cellular Shades Review

We’re starting off strong with the American Blinds Cellular Shades. Looking at some of their best-selling styles, these cellular shades are sure to dress up any room while keeping function always in mind.

American Blinds MyBlinds Light Filtering Cellular Shade Review

Transform your space with the fun and functional addition of the MyBlinds Light Filtering Cellular Shades.

Using a honeycomb fashion to filter the light, these shades come in dozens of color options to fit any theme and color palette. Blocking any air from windows, these shades not only insulate but reduce glare without blocking the entirety of daylight from the space. 

Clean in looks and function, cordless and trilight upgrades can be made to make these blinds safer for pets and children. Add these to any room for $70 (regular price $110).

American Blinds Levolor Room Darkening Cellular Shades Review

Get crazy with colors when it comes to the Levolor Room Darkening Cellular Shades.

Choose from dozens of color and fabric options for these simple blackout blinds. Insulating the room while blocking out any sunlight, these shades are the perfect buy for anyone who wants to block out the day and sleep the morning away. Varying in lift options, these shades are sleek, simple to operate, and pair with any color scheme to complete a room.

The Levolor Room Darkening Cellular Shades start at $78, on sale from their usual price of $120.

American Blinds Sheer Shades Review

It’s never too late to go with a classic – we’re talking the American Blind Sheer Shades that take traditional blinds to a new status. Combining shimmering sheer with old-fashioned horizontal vanes, these popular pieces will heighten every room.

American Blinds Bella View Prestige Light Filtering Sheer Shades Review

Brighten (or darken) any space with the Bella View Prestige Light Filtering Sheer Shades.

Choose from 20 options for the shades that will fit your space. Paired with solid or sheer fabric options, these blinds are sure to block and filter any amount of light pouring into the room at sunrise. 

Reducing glare while looking great, these shades can be enhanced through a number of top and lift options customizable to the client. These American Blinds sheer shades begin at $250 (regularly $380).

American Blinds Levolor Light Filtering Sheer Shades Review

Enjoy the beauty of a serene, filtered light in your space with the Levolor Light Filtering Sheer Shades.

Combining traditional horizontal slats with vertically hung sheer, these blinds keep light filtered when the shutters are opened. Reducing glare through a simple, light fabric, customers can choose between a 2” vane width or 3” vane width.

Want more selection choices? Decide between motorized, continuous cord, or cordless lift options to tilt and raise these blinds at any time. The motorized option even pairs with Bluetooth for app control – how cool is that?

These shades usually begin at $430, but right now they’re on sale for $280.

American Blinds Arched Windows Blinds Review

All windows deserve a little love, no matter their shape. That’s why the American Blinds Arched Windows Blinds keep things fresh, fun, and functional. These fan favorites add some finesse to a window shape too often overlooked.

American Blinds Bella View Trademark Custom Composite Wood Arch Review

Measure twice, cut once… or in this case order once. The Bella View Trademark Custom Composite Wood Arch Blinds are made to order, customizing each set with specific window measurements for a perfect fit.

Select one of five wood options to begin to process and send the measurements over for those beautifully stationed shutters. Blocking all but 15% of the light from the room, these blinds are a great way to reduce glare without removing all natural light from the space. All light that enters is angled, so no direct shine will hit the eyes.

These blinds are customizable, so customers can choose wider slates to block more light, or even blackout options to remove all possibility of light coming through. It’s all up to what works for you.

These slates start at $200 (regular price $300).

American Blinds Bella View Prestige Blackout Cellular Arch Review

Tighten up security with the Bella View Prestige Blackout Cellular Arch Blinds.

Available in a wide range of color and material options (too wide to even begin listing), these blinds were made with one purpose – to keep light and glare out for good. Secure some privacy for the home and dim that early morning light with one easy addition. 

Any perfect arch can be covered without a care with 9/16″ single, 3/4″ single, and 1/2″ double cell sizes available for purchase.

The honeycomb shape of these blinds is dual-purpose: form and function. They look great in any home and also work to help insulate the environment during colder months. Block out the worst of it and simplify a room’s style with one purchase.

These blinds currently start at the sale price of $125, regularly priced at $193.

Who Is American Blinds For? 

American Blinds Review

Anyone looking to spruce up their home can come to American Blinds for a new look. Inexpensive, with a wide selection, and helpful advice from seasoned professionals, this brand was designed to help every home decorator find what they need.

Whether well-versed in décor or new to the game, this company makes it easy for anyone to fit their requirements while receiving the level of support they need. It’s not exactly a kid’s playground, but for adults who are redecorating, it may as well be.

What Sets American Blinds Apart? 

American Blinds Review

With a number of companies out there, what sets this brand apart? We’re aware that this is an American Blinds review, but we’ll keep out any bias when it comes to recommendations and stick to the facts.

This company’s personality comes through with their full-service approach. Representatives guide clients through buying blinds, step-by-step. This means being advised by professionals in terms of decorating, swatches, styles, measuring, and installing the final product.

Customers are never left alone to struggle through the process of purchasing with American Blinds. From the first spark of inspiration to the final installation, this brand stays by your side.

The best part of the business? Cheap prices due to their online retail business model. Rather than up prices due to store locations, this brand keeps things cheap and easy by moving the whole process to the internet. Just click, connect, and check out what’s needed.

American Blinds Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

American Blinds Review

It wouldn’t be fair of this American Blinds review to offer only one point of view on the brand, so we’ve scoured the internet for some alternate opinions on just what this company offers.

There are many comments on wonderful interactions with representatives. And lots of praise for the appearance and quality of their product.

Starting off strong on the brand’s site, many products have received favorable ratings:

  • Levolor Room Darkening Cellular Shades: 4.6/5 stars out of 56 ratings
  • Prestige Light Filtering Cellular Shades: 4.8/5 stars out of 149 ratings
  • Legacy Light Filtering Cellular Shades: 4.7/5 stars out of 306 ratings
  • Legacy Blackout Cellular Shades: 4.7/5 stars out of 145 ratings
  • Light Filtering Cellular Shades: 4.6/5 stars out of 155 ratings

Turning to SiteJabber, this brand comes in strong with 4.5/5 stars based on over 225 ratings. There’s not much mixing going on there; these customers seem to feel quite strongly about the products and services from this company.

One American Blinds review posted, “I’ve ordered from American Blinds several times for my own home and also a rental unit. I’ve never had any problems. Their site is easy to use and the blinds always come as expected. SO much easier and cheaper than dealing with someone at a retail store!

The online process is a big part of what makes this business. With all work done online, customers appreciate how navigable the site is compared to competitors on the market.

Customers love how simple the process is. Not having physical locations removes any personal issues with store reps, the whole thing is done swiftly online with communications limited to keep the process straightforward. 

For those in need of guidance, customers can go to advisors to help them in the selection process.

These seasoned professionals appear by name in a number of reviews, applauding them for their assistance throughout the purchase. One 5-star review stated gave us all the deets: 

I would like to commend you on your staff. Karen helped us choose our solar shades. She was polite, helpful, and cheerful. I will continue to buy my window coverings from you and to recommend you. Thank you.

Consumer Advocate follows suit, listing this company at 4.6/5 stars based on 17 ratings. Though rating numbers are low, the comments praising this company are worthy of consideration due to the breakdown of the business. Don’t worry, we’ll elaborate. One repeat customer left an American Blinds review definitely worth mentioning: 

“I really wish I could give 20 stars!!!!! We have been ordering from American Blinds for years, from Arizona to Colorado to Texas and they have never let us down! They have fantastic products, selection and prices! This morning we placed another order and Ms. Rose Burns helped us, wow…not only was she knowledgeable and professional, she was so personable!”

Even new customers can appreciate the wide selection that this store offers. We’ll admit, not every service is perfect, but any company can slip up from time to time and this brand is always quick to fix any mistakes or concerns.

One American Blinds review made a point to comment on her experience with a first-time purchase from the brand. She stated, “I chose American Blinds based on their customer service rating, pricing, and the process of eliminating other companies. The blinds were cut as I measured, fit perfectly and arrived within a reasonable time–less than a month from the time I placed the order.

This company offers quite a few benefits to customers searching for that perfect set of shutters to complete the room.

Is American Blinds Worth It?

American Blinds Review

We’re sending this American Blinds review off with a recommendation. There’s enough online praise for this smaller name to make us believe they’re worth a chance. 

Low costs, free exchanges, free shipping, and multiple swatch samples prior to purchase all make this company worth a shot. With American Blinds, we can save on money and gain some guidance throughout the process rather than struggling alone.

American Blinds Promotions & Discounts 

American Blinds Review

Our American Blinds review is dedicated to the customers, meaning we’ve been on the search for the best deals. This company calls to the client with low prices and constant promotions. The best time to buy is the seasonal sales that offer up to 50% off regular prices.

Where to Buy American Blinds

American Blinds Review

The easiest way to find American Blinds is on their website, Americanblinds.com. For those determined to look elsewhere, the brand does show up on various blind and shutter businesses. Some options are:

  • Blinds by Design Ltd
  • The Blind and Drapery Co


American Blinds Review

Who owns American Blinds?

American Blinds is owned and operated by Joel Levine. Levine took control of the company in 2006.

Where are American Blinds made?

Despite the name, American Blinds aren’t actually made in America. Most products are made in Hong Kong and shipped to the US for purchase.

Can you order Swatches from American Blinds?

This American Blinds review has learned that the company offers swatches to customers. Clients may view available samples online and order a selection of swatches to help them decide on the final purchase.

How to Install American Blinds?

Want to order some blinds but are afraid of the process? Installing blinds is actually really quick and easy. There are three basic steps to getting the job done:

  1. Install mounting brackets – all this means is fitting the brackets to either side of the window with a level, screws, and for added security use a measuring tape to ensure everything is even. Most cases require a screwdriver, but clients can use a drill to create the hole for easier access later
  2. Install the blinds – put the covering on the bracket
  3. Add the valance – not all blinds come with a valance, but should one be included, they tend to just snap into place

What is American Blinds’ Shipping Policy?

Found some blinds in this American Blinds review that might add to a space? Shipping is a simple process that’s actually free within the US

We do have to state that unfortunately Hawaii and Alaska aren’t available as shipping locations for shutters, but the contiguous states have the opportunity available to them.

Oversized products have an additional fee charged due to the shipping services required. The fee is a $30 flat rate and customers will be contacted via phone or email to confirm their purchase prior to shipping.

Currently, this company only ships within the US, so everyone else is out of luck.

What is American Blinds’ Return Policy?

If the shade doesn’t fit quite as planned, this company has a 30 days from delivery return policy to get money back with the promise of a new replacement at no additional charge. Don’t want to give the new blinds a try? American Blinds will give a full refund for these cases.

Any purchase can be swapped out for color. Customer service will provide swatches for clients to use to ensure the right choice is being made. Once it’s been decided, simply let the company know and they’ll send out the replacement orders

Price matching is an additional service available for up to 14 days after purchase. This involves lower prices found from competing brands. Just contact a representative with the lower price and the cost will be refunded to the original account.

While getting in touch with customer service isn’t always a fun time, it’s definitely helpful in achieving the look you dream of. All it takes is one call or an online chat and the process will begin.

How to Contact American Blinds

Has this American Blinds review left any burning questions in mind? Reach out to customer service to find those answers. This company has two quick and easy ways to get in touch:

  • Phone: 800-575-8016

Mon – Fri 8 am to 11 pm EST
Sat – Sun 10 am to 7 pm EST

  • Online chat

Mon – Fri 8 am to 11 pm EST
Sat – Sun 10 am to 7 pm EST

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