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Field Cast Iron Review

Why does the old saying go, “aged like a fine wine?” Wine may age well, but it’s useless until you pop the cork. It sits in a moldy basement collecting dust, gaining a prestigious air that deters you from opening it before the moment is right. Well, guess what, that moment never comes. 

In our opinion, the saying should be, “aged like a cast iron,” and Field Cast Iron agrees. Their cast iron pans are built to improve the more you use them and reflect your cooking skills.

The company has graced the pages of Epicurious, Bon Appetit, The New York Times, and Saveur as well as assembled a strong following of over 33k home chefs and foodies on Instagram.

So put that wine bottle back in the cellar and tie up your apron because this Field Cast Iron review is going to inform you of the brand’s history, their offerings, their customer reception, and everything else you need to know before you order your first product.

Overview of Field Cast Iron

Field Cast Iron Review

Stephen and Chris Muscarella formed Field Cast Iron after they received a treasure trove of seasoned cast iron pans that had been in their family for decades.

They felt disappointed by the quality of today’s cast irons compared to those that had been in their family for generations. They investigated the science behind crafting quality cast iron cookware. 

So the brothers formed Field Cast Iron to share their passion for engineering, tradition, and cooking, with the world. They hope their customers will be able to pass their products as family heirlooms, with each pan telling its own story.

Field Cast Iron is a Cinderella story as the Muscarellas began their journey by asking for pledges on Kickstarter. Today, their headquarters is located in downtown New York City and they’ve earned rave reviews. That’s the glass slipper of success.

We’ve just preheated this Field Cast Iron review, but it’s time to make it sizzle by covering some pros and cons we think you ought to know:


  • Offers a hefty line of hand-crafted cast iron skillets in various sizes
  • Helpful how-to guides on their website
  • Free shipping on all US-based orders over $150
  • 45-day return policy
  • Financing options available
  • Products are easy to maintain
  • All items come pre-seasoned


  • You have to use the products often to keep them in optimal shape
Field Cast Iron Review

The company are masters of minimalism, as our Field Cast Iron review team found that their product roster is largely composed of cast iron skillets, Dutch ovens, and key accessories.

Field Cast Iron Review

The best way to maintain these top-selling Field Cast Iron products is by cooking with them frequently, which we doubt is going to be a problem because of how fun they are to cook with. 

Field Cast Iron Skillet Review

The Field Cast Iron Skillet is meant to be your daily, go-to, all-around skillet. Picture it as the LeBron James of the Field Cast Iron starting lineup.

This non-stick skillet is both smooth and light to emulate older, traditional cast irons. Since it comes pre-seasoned, it should be easy to care for, especially if you use it often. The company outlines how to best maintain their product’s pristine finishes on their website.

Field Cast Iron designed this skillet with ergonomics in mind in order to make it easy to handle. Combine that with its low weight and you’ll be cooking like Guy Fieri the second you pop this piece out of the box.

The Field Cast Iron Skillet costs $125 and comes in multiple sizes, which we’ve outlined below:

  • No.4 – 6 3/4”
  • No.6 – 8 ⅜”
  • No.8 – 10 ¼”
  • No.10 – 11 ⅝”
  • No.12 – 13 ⅜”

Field Cast Iron Dutch Oven Review

This pre-seasoned Dutch oven should be perfect for chilis, stews, curries, and other cold-weather dishes. Have yourself a hearty little winter, or a big one as this has enough space for you to rent out as a bedroom apartment.

The Field Cast Iron Dutch Oven can hold 4.5 quarts and is as light as a cooking feather. It only weighs 6.5 pounds, meaning you won’t have to struggle to move it from the burner to the table. 

You can grab your own for $245.

Field Cast Iron No 10 Skillet and Lid Set Review

This Field Cast Iron No 10 Skillet and Lid Set packages together two of the company’s best products together for the reduced price of $245.

It features Field Cast Iron No 10 Skillet, coming in at 11 ⅝” in diameter, and an equal-sized cast iron lid. The lid opens up more cooking possibilities like rice cooking, braising, steaming, and boiling.

Both are, of course, 100% cast iron, pre-seasoned, and lightweight.

Field Cast Iron Two Piece Cookware Set Review 

The Field Cast Iron Two Piece Cookware Set includes an everyday-sized cast iron skillet and a smaller one that’s ideal for skillet cookies, pies, pizzas, and any other single-serving dish.

The larger skillet is the Field Cast Iron No.10 Skillet, while the smaller of the two is the Field Cast Iron No. 6 Skillet.

Together, they usually cost $255, but this Field Cast Iron review wants you to know that they are now on sale for $235.

Field Cast Iron Three Piece Cookware Set Review

Maybe the previous package didn’t entice you enough and you feel like you need an even smaller pan and an even bigger one?

How about the Field Cast Iron Three Piece Cookware Set? It includes one No.12 skillet for cooking large family dishes, one No.4 skillet for smashing pesky flies, and a No. 8 skillet that sits right in the middle size-wise.

The entire trio regularly sits at $415, but it’s currently available for $365.

Field Cast Iron Five Piece Cookware Set  Review

If you’re into the company enough to buy the Field Cast Iron Five Piece Cookware Set then you may as well just invest in their stocks. You can cook anything with this package. 

You’ll be outfitted with every dimension, from the Field Cast Iron No. 4 Skillet to the Field Cast Iron No. 12 Skillet, so there’s nothing holding you back from becoming a full-time gastrologist. 

You can get the entire collection of five skillets now for $595 instead of the regular $670 price.

Field Cast Iron Field Skillet and Dutch Oven Set Review

This dynamic duo pairs the Field Cast Iron No. 8 Skillet with Field Cast Iron No. 8 Dutch Oven. If that combination sounds too hot for you, then put a lid over the steam since the company also provides a 10 ¼” lid.

The Field Cast Iron Field Skillet and Dutch Oven Set is currently available for $395, marked down from its regular $420 price tag.

Who Is Field Cast Iron For? 

Field Cast Iron Review

The Field Cast Iron review writing team believes that people who cook often, folks who want to invest in sturdy cookware, or family-minded souls who want to tell stories with their cast irons are the company’s prime market. 

For amateur cooks and expert chefs alike looking to invest in quality cookware (that you’ll likely pass down to your culinary progeny), Field Cast Iron is a good bet.

Field Cast Iron Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Field Cast Iron Review

We’ve done enough of the work in this Field Cast Iron review and we’re a little tired. That’s why we’re using this section to discuss what the customers have to say about the company. You can call us lazy, but you can’t call us – or any of these consumer reviews – dishonest.

Customers were very pleased with their purchases judging from the reviews they left on the Field Cast Iron website. This fan loved everything about their Field Cast Iron Skillet: “Great weight. Easy to season. I have made several things and all came out to perfection. Perfect size.

Some customers, like this cheery chap, were so happy with their purchase they already predicted it’ll remain in their family for generations. They wrote “Beautifully crafted skillet with a smooth finish. I’ll be using this for almost everything and it will become an heirloom.

This 5/5 star review demonstrates that the Field Cast Iron Skillet can do what other cast iron skillets cannot: “It is easy to handle, works spectacularly on induction range and is fun to scrape & season.

Many reviewers found that all of their cooking experiences have been successful. This 5/5 star review reads, “Great pan, beats the old version of cast iron by leaps and bounds. My first cook was cornbread, Perfect!! Grilled cheese is just an awesome toast on the bread. Great addition to our collection of cookware. I got the cleaning stuff to help with cleaning, works great. The seasoning oil tin is very nice to use.

The Field Cast Iron No 12 Skillet & Lid Set became part of this happy customer’s daily routine: “This No.12 skillet is worth every penny and no doubt can stand up against higher-priced iron. I’ve used this daily from frying eggs to roasting spatchcocked chickens. Searing hangar steaks and roasted vegetables is a weekly tradition.

To not overcook the dish, let’s pop over to Cooking Culture to see what customers had to say there. Overall, they were very satisfied! 

One customer particularly enjoyed the Field Cast Iron Skillet’s overall integrity. They said, “I am extremely pleased with the build quality of the skillet, especially its light weight and smooth cooking surface. I gave it another coat even though it came pre-seasoned. It retains heat very well and my #10 is just the perfect size for me to cook up to 2 portions for me.

Another reviewer mentioned that the pan was non-stick and non-smoke, meaning there were no problems: “After using this pan for a month or so, and having easily built up the seasoning, it’s already more non-stick than any “non-stick” pan I’ve ever bought. Seasoning is easy and you’re not going to smoke out your apartment/home like some people may have told you about seasoning cast iron pans!”

Common among these customer reviewers was the confidence in the company’s craftsmanship. As one customer puts it, “Field has obviously worked hard to refine their products and deserves their “best” reputation. We all have our favourite things in our kitchens that we use constantly because we love them and I’m very sure our Field Skillet will get a lot of use!

Another 5/5 star reviewer touched upon how little effort one needs to cook with the Field Cast Iron Skillets: “This pan is effortless. A little fat, cook the food, a quick scrub, dry on the burner, and recoat and you’re done. Quick and easy. No harder than using my old scratched T-Fal but way safer and environmentally sound. And I love this pan! It’s good for anything I cook. And so gorgeous on my cooktop that I leave it out for the next time I use it.

Facebook folks weren’t shy about their adoration either. Here’s a detailed account of how this user put her Field Cast Iron No 8 Skillet to work: “When I received it, I just started cooking with it-no extra seasoning or anything.  Tonight I cooked cod and it browned beautifully and didn’t stick at all.  Your interior finish works like magic and the skillet very, very quickly seasons itself!  Bravo and thank you for an heirloom piece.

This jolly Julie highlights how easy cooking becomes when using the correct tools, namely, the Field Cast Iron No. 6 and No. 8 Skillets. She said they are, “…so smooth and lightweight compared to some other modern cast iron skillets. The 1st thing I did when I got them was season them myself even though they come preseasoned. I haven’t had any issue with food sticking at all!

Here’s a short list of customer review scores the Field Cast Iron review squad cobbled together from the company website.

  • Field Cast Iron Skillet: 5/5 stars based on over 2,190 customer reviews
  • Field Cast Iron Dutch Oven: 5/5 stars based on over 15 customer reviews
  • Field Cast Iron No 10 Skillet and Lid Set: 5/5 stars based on over 2,190 customer reviews

What can we say, it looks like it’s good news after good news. Customers are loving Field Cast Iron skillets because they work. Plain and simple.

Is Field Cast Iron Worth It?

Field Cast Iron Review

Oftentimes, cooking with cast iron deters inexperienced chefs because of the difficult maintenance. Field Cast Iron cuts that out of the equation by preseasoning their pans, making them non-stick, and crafting them with ergonomics in mind, so you won’t have to belabor with heavy iron cookware.

Even if you don’t cook a large variety of food, a single cast iron skillet is all you need. This Field Cast Iron review wholeheartedly stands behind the brand because of their ease of use and versatility.

Field Cast Iron Promotions & Discounts 

Field Cast Iron Review

Our experts behind this Field Cast Iron review found that the brand promises free shipping on any continental US orders totaling over $150.

We also came across several financing options on multiple Field Cast Iron products. Check each item’s webpage for more information.

Where to Buy Field Cast Iron 

Field Cast Iron Review

Here are the most reliable places where you can purchase your own Field Cast Iron products:

  1. Through the company’s website, fieldcompany.com
  2. Using the store locator found on the Field Company website – note that the company only has stores in the United States


Field Cast Iron Review

Who owns Field Cast Iron?

Brothers and company co-founders Stephen and Chris Muscarella own Field Cast Iron and continue to oversee operations to this day.

Where is Field Cast Iron made?

Much like Bruce Springsteen’s 1984 pop masterclass album and chart-topping single, all of Field Cast Iron’s products are born in the USA. Specifically, their warehouses are located in Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

What is Field Cast Iron’s Shipping Policy?

Our crack team of Field Cast Iron review writers happily report that all US orders that cost more than $150 will earn free shipping, so long as they are located within the continental United States.

We also found that Field Cast Iron ships internationally, so there’s no reason to pout if you don’t start every morning by singing the Star-Spangled Banner.

What is Field Cast Iron’s Return Policy?

Field Cast Iron has a 45-day return policy. Any products returned during this time are eligible for either a refund or an exchange. However, it’s up to you to cover shipping costs.

How to Contact Field Cast Iron

These are the main ways this Field Cast Iron review recommends contacting the brand:

  • For general questions, you should email the company at [email protected]
  • Contact Us page found at the bottom of their website, www.fieldcompany.com
  • Brighten a customer service representative’s day by speaking with them on the phone,  (855) 277-8898 

All of the Field Cast Iron’s customer service lines are open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm EST Mondays through Fridays.

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