Zwilling Cookware Review

Overview Of Zwilling Cookware

Zwilling Cookware Review

An iconic name in cookware, Zwilling has been crafting high-quality kitchen essentials for over 287 years. Bridging traditional German expertise with the needs of modern cooks, the brand offers a spectrum of user-friendly cookware made in Europe.

In this bite-size Zwilling Cookware review, I’ll introduce you to the brand’s sought-after collections, some of which have been named the best of the best.

I’ll get into the fine details of what’s on offer, feedback, and more. Let’s turn up the heat and start with the highlights.


Zwilling Cookware Review
  • Nine cookware collections
  • Great selection of nonstick pots and pan
  • PFOA-free & non-toxic
  • Easy to clean & maintain
  • Stay-cool handles
  • Oven-safe from 300F-400F
  • More affordable than other high-end brands

Zwilling Cookware Review

Zwilling Cookware Review

With 9 different types of cookware, each of the brand’s collections offers something different. You’ll find a complete range of pots and pans within most lines, though some only house fry pans. What makes Zwilling special?

Since you’re reading this Zwilling Cookware review, you probably already know the brand’s reputation for cookware. With German engineering, its collections are made from stainless steel and aluminum, with certain options coated in nonstick ceramic or granite, ie. the Carrara Plus and Madura Plus. 

The majority of Zwilling’s cookware is non-stick, and since that’s the most sought-after type, it makes sense.

Looking for stainless steel only? Check out Zwilling Energy cookware. Great for both home and professional chefs, you’ll enjoy features like stay-cool handles, easy-clean surfaces, and dripless pouring rims.


Zwilling Cookware Review

Zwilling pots and pans are praised for how well they work, with their nonstick pans being especially praised for how much longer they last than the average non-stick.

The way each line of cookware performs varies, but the Clad CFX line is known for its quick and even heating, stay-cool handles, and oven-safe capabilities up to 400F. 

This particular line is also dishwasher safe, but the majority of Zwilling’s cookware is—including many of its non-stick collections. 


Zwilling Cookware Review

 Zwilling offers 9 different types of cookware so each design is a little different from the next.

While the Madura Plus line is made from aluminum with a Duraslide granite coating, the Spirit collection is made from stainless steel with a ceramic coating.

The Clad CFX line is made from stainless steel with a ceramic nonstick surface and it’s one of the brand’s options that can withstand the most heat in the oven—up to 400F.

With a ceramic coating that lasts 50% longer than the brand’s previous model, it’s also 3x more durable and safe for use with metal utensils as it’s 10x more scratch resistant too. You’ll find similar stats with each of Zwilling’s collections.

What’s Included?

Zwilling Cookware Review

What’s included with your Zwilling Cookware depends on what you buy.

If it’s an 8” fry pan, then that’s exactly what you’ll get.

If it’s a 10-piece set, then you’ll get a 1-qt saucepan (with lid), 2-qt saucepan (with lid), an 8” fry pan, a 10” fry pan, a 3-qt saute pan (with lif), and a 6-qt Dutch oven with a lid. 

The Spirit 10-Pc Nonstick Set is $449 (from $687) while the Motion is $349 (from $563). You can also get the Clad CFX 10-Pc Set for $449 (from $687).

Important Things To Consider Before Buying Zwilling Cookware

Zwilling Cookware Review

At this point, you’re well aware of the brand’s wide selection. So how do you go about choosing a pan that’s right for you? We’ll walk you through a few points to consider before shopping.


Did you come here looking for just one type of pan? If so, you’ll need to figure out which size will work best in your kitchen. Fan of big meals? Some lines offer fry pans up to 12” while saucepans range from 1-4 quarts. If you want a complete collection, opt for a Zwilling cookware set.


Some Zwilling lines only include one type of pan like the Carrara Plus. The Madura Plus is also fry pan-heavy. If you’re looking for inclusive sets or deeper pans, check out other options like the Spirit or Clad CFX. 


Zwilling makes a range of cookware including ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum, and nonstick stainless steel. 


Some Zwilling cookware is easier to care for than others. For example, the Madura Plus line is dishwasher safe but the Carrara Plus isn’t. If you’re not a fan of hand washing, choose a line that is.


Certain types of Zwilling cookware are oven safe up to 400F while others can only withstand 300F in the oven. If you plan to use your pot in the oven, opt for one that can withstand more heat. 


Nonstick pans tend to be the least durable, though Zwilling does an excellent job at making pans that outperform other non-sticks on the market. Stainless steel and clad pans last longer but they may require more care.

Zwilling Cookware Alternatives

No matter what you’re buying, you’re going to have options. I consider it my duty in this Zwilling Cookware review to help you decide if our featured brand is right for you, so I’ve included two other great brands here to check out.

Made In

Zwilling Cookware Review

Offering restaurant-quality cookware, Made In has a stellar reputation among professional chefs.

Their range includes carbon steel, stainless clad, nonstick, copper, and cast iron pots and pans all made in the USA. The 10-pc Stainless Set is normally $764 but it’s on sale for $679.

All Clad

Zwilling Cookware Review

All Clad is a highly recommended cookware line. With an array of collections across stainless, nonstick, hard anodized, and ceramic, you’ll find higher prices here than you will at Zwilling.

Thankfully, everything is on sale. The D3 Stainless Steel 10-Pc Cookware Set is $599 right now, normally, it’s $1,405.00.

Like these two brands, Zwilling offers a variety of cookware with 9 different collections.

All Clad certainly has the largest selection of the lot, but its prices are also usually double that of our featured brand. Made In is also more expensive and has fewer nonstick options.

Zwilling Cookware Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Zwilling Cookware Review

The only real way to test out cookware is by actually cooking with it. Since I haven’t yet had the pleasure, I’ll do you one better in this Zwilling Cookware review and include a variety of feedback from around the web. First up, a few ratings from zwilling.com. 

  • Motion 10-Pc Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware Set: 4.9/5 stars, 176 reviews
  • Zwilling Ceramic Cookware Set 10-Pc: 4/5 stars, 167 reviews
  • Clad CFX 10-Pc Nonstick Cookware Set: 4.8/5 stars, 355 reviews

Since the Clad CFX 10-Pc Nonstick Cookware Set appears to be one of the brand’s most popular sets, I took a peek into the comments section to see why.

Here’s one Zwilling Cookware review that sums things up well:

They’re so nonstick, and even crisped vegetables and meat up (which I didn’t expect) on medium heat…They’re so much better than stainless steel All Clad, which we had before. They have the beautiful look of the All Clad, but the benefit of a nonstick surface. Super easy clean up, use, and all around a great set.

Ok, so yeah, based on that comment, their popularity makes a lot of sense. Other customers agreed, writing that they’re easy to cook with and clean and they enjoy how well the nonstick works.

Moving on, I headed over to Amazon to check out the Zwilling Spirit Ceramic 10-Pc Set. There, 371 shoppers awarded it 4.4/5 stars. Here’s how that breaks down:

  • 5 stars: 74%
  • 4 stars: 10%
  • 3 stars: 4%
  • 2 stars: 4%
  • 1 star: 7%

A well-received set, folks said that these ceramic pots and pans work well and they appreciate their high quality despite the affordable price.

Pssst…the brand is offering up to 44% off the Spirit line right now. Here’s a Zwilling Cookware review for the collection to help you get to know it a little better:

These pots and pans are the nicest set I’ve ever owned. I have always had non-stick pans and have put off buying stainless steel for fear of cleaning/keeping them nice, even though I REALLY don’t like non-stick chemicals. Now I wish I had switched years ago!

Zwilling stainless steel cookware has a stainless steel construction but a ceramic coating, giving you the best of both even heat distribution and non-toxic nonstick cooking.

For my final stop, I checked out the Motion 10-Pc Set on Bed, Bath & Beyond. It was awarded a 4.7/5 star score from 1,062 shoppers who loved the pans for their nonstick nature and quality look and feel. One Zwilling Cookware review read:

It has good heft to it, heats evenly and is truly nonstick. Worth every penny and is comparable in price to other brands but better quality,” while another customer wrote, 

Not cheaply made. They don’t even chintz on the lids, they are solid. Clean up is so quick.” 

When it comes to pots and pans, especially nonstick, you have certain expectations (ie. food doesn’t stick, clean-up is easy). It sounds like Zwilling exceeds those expectations, providing well-built cookware that lasts and is a joy to cook with.

Is Zwilling Cookware Worth It?

Zwilling Cookware Review

With all things considered in this Zwilling Cookware review, I’d definitely say the brand’s pots and pans are worth it. They’re top-tier quality, provide excellent results, and don’t cost a fortune. 

It’s also great to know that they outperform some other more expensive cookware brands, but again, that’s the kind of quality that has helped Zwilling stay a go-to choice in cookware for 287 years.

Where To Buy Zwilling Cookware

Zwilling Cookware Review

You’ve reached the end of this Zwilling Cookware review, so now what? If you’re ready to shop, head right on over to Zwilling.com.

Alternatively, you can find a selection of the brand’s cookware at Amazon, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and many other retailers.

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