Zwilling Vacuum Sealer Review

Overview Of The Zwilling Vacuum Sealer

Zwilling Vacuum Sealer Review

There’s nothing more shameful than throwing food away. Obviously, some remnants cannot be salvaged, such as peach pits and lettuce butts.

Instead, I’m explicitly referring to old meats, overripe fruits, and fishy salmon that should’ve been prepared a long time ago. If you’re looking to mitigate waste, the Zwilling Vacuum Sealer can act as your go-to solution. 

Offered by the brand Zwilling, this vacuum sealer helps to keep food fresher for longer. Meant to cut down on food waste, this product can also reduce the amount of space in your fridge.

Considering its functionality, the Zwilling Vacuum Sealer is regarded as an all-time bestseller. Don’t believe me? Its Amazon page boasts over 560 reviews. 

If you’re looking to revolutionize your meal prep, in this Zwilling Vacuum Sealer review, I will take an in-depth look at the product, the brand, customer ratings, and more to help you decide if it’s worth checking out. 

Before I get this Zwilling Vacuum Sealer review started, I thought it best to go over some initial highlights first. 


Zwilling Vacuum Sealer Review
  • Considered an efficient way to store fresh food 
  • Reduces the amount of space required in the fridge 
  • Can accommodate all sorts of ingredients ranging from meat to vegetables
  • Microwave, freezer, and dishwasher-safe 
  • Positive customer reviews 

Meal prep for this week is finally complete. From Monday to Friday, you have a delectable assortment of baked fish, grilled chicken, fresh asparagus, and garden salad lined up.

In a perfect world, that 7-day dinner plan should’ve been eaten in its entirety. But in reality, you traded in home-cooking for takeout. Obviously, I’m not here to shame you; it happens to the best of us. 

If you’re tired of throwing away old food, the Zwilling Vacuum Sealer can help extend the life of your grocery haul. I’ll be sure to brief you on the specifics moving forward, especially those concerning performance and design. 

Zwilling Vacuum Sealer Review

Zwilling Vacuum Sealer Review

Microwave meals require the least amount of effort. Despite its convenience, it’s not the most healthy or delicious option. 

Home cooking, on the other hand, isn’t the most viable alternative for some people. It’s labor-intensive and expensive, especially if you don’t do meal prep. Instead of resorting to takeout, the Zwilling Vacuum Sealer can help cut down on cost, time, and food waste

This product features 7 pieces in total. This includes BPA-free reusable bags, a lunch box container, a glass receptacle, and a vacuum pump to seal it all in.

It’s also worth noting that customers can download the Zwilling Culinary World App to help keep track of food storage. You can practically say goodbye to second-guessing the expiration date of certain meals. 

Efficient and practical to use, the Zwilling Vacuum Sealer retails for $115 in total. It’s definitely a steal, considering its original markup of $157


Zwilling Vacuum Sealer Review

Compared to automatic models, this kitchen appliance requires manual labor instead. Before you start moping, the Zwilling Vacuum Sealer is relatively free of noise.

Users aren’t subjected to that irritating buzz of air-tight suctioning, as this device is reportedly quiet in performance. In addition, several customers agreed that the product was easy and efficient to use


Zwilling Vacuum Sealer Review

As previously mentioned, the Zwilling Vacuum Sealer requires manual labor to use. It doesn’t offer the hands-free convenience of automatic machines, but to the brand’s defense, it’s relatively free of complicated gadgetry. 

Plus, it helps save fridge space, as users can easily stack prepared meals on top of each other. It’s also worth noting that some cooks use the Zwilling vacuum Sealer for sous vide since it offers an air-tight seal. 

What’s Included?

Zwilling Vacuum Sealer Review

Before you commit to checkout after reading this Zwilling Vacuum Sealer review, I thought it best to brief you on some product specifications:

  • Includes 2 small bags, 1 medium bag, 1 medium lunch box, 1 glass container, and a single vacuum pump 
  • Compatible with Zwilling’s free Culinary World app 
  • Suitable for sous vide cooking
  • Freezer, microwave, and dishwasher-safe
  • Weighs 2 kg in total

Important Things To Consider Before Buying A Zwilling Vacuum Sealer

Zwilling Vacuum Sealer Review

It’s no secret that vacuum sealers are expensive. Amazon is home to hundreds of models that are well past the $100 limit.

With that in mind, it’s probably best to consider your purchase before committing to checkout. In this section of my Zwilling Vacuum Sealer review, I will go over a few notable pointers for customers to contemplate about. 

Frequency of Use

I think it’s safe to say that the Zwilling Vacuum Sealer is designed for everyone. If you prefer home-cooked meals over takeout, then it’s probably worth the $115 investment. 

Bag/Container Cost

While the Zwilling Vacuum Sealer isn’t the most affordable model on the market, it is designed to help you save money down the road. If anything, you should treat this machine as a lifetime investment rather than a mindless purchase. 

Tech Aspects

Compared to automatic machines, the Zwilling Vacuum Sealer requires manual labor. It isn’t the most high-tech prototype that you can get on the market, but it’s definitely the easiest to use, considering the lack of buttons and a digital interface. 

Ease of Use

As previously mentioned, the Zwilling Vacuum Sealer is relatively easy to use. Devoid of confusing settings, features, and buttons, its technology is suited for beginners and experts alike. 


In terms of storage space, the vacuum pump and the two box containers should take up most of your worries. The plastic bags are designed to take the least amount of room, as you can easily stack them on top of each other. 


From what I’ve found out during this Zwilling Vacuum Sealer review, it appears that this product does wonders in mitigating food waste.

Plus, it comes with reusable BPA-free bags as an environmentally-friendly alternative. 


At the time of this Zwilling Vacuum Sealer review, I found out that this product comes with a warranty. This covers any manufacturing defects that may appear in the future. 

Zwilling Vacuum Sealer Alternatives

The market for vacuum sealers is home to hundreds of unique models. As a result, it’s natural for customers to compare the Zwilling Vacuum Sealer with other competing products.

To help save you some time, I’ll review some note-worthy contenders to help justify your final purchase. 

The Alacris Vacuum Sealer Machine

If you prefer a hands-free experience, the Alacris Vacuum Sealer Machine requires no labor on your end.

This device comes with 145-watt suction power and a nifty cutter for added convenience. It’s also equipped with 5 modes in case you prefer additional settings.

Price-wise, this best-seller on Amazon retails for $71.

The Weston Brands Vacuum Sealer with Roll Cutter

Perfect for storing raw meat, the Weston Brands Vacuum Sealer with Roll Cutter is catered for those super serious about saving time and money.

It can handle 16” steaks, pork chops, and other heavy cuts. In terms of price, this machine costs an astounding $370 at Walmart.

If you’re on the hunt for a dependable vacuum sealer, Zwilling has got your back.

While it does require manual labor to operate, customers can at least look forward to minimal storage space and ease of use. Plus, it’s semi-affordable when compared to the Weston Brands Vacuum Sealer with Roll Cutter. 

Zwilling Vacuum Sealer Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Zwilling Vacuum Sealer Review

Product comparison is a tedious necessity, but it’s absolutely crucial to ensure a satisfactory experience.

If you’re not keen on keeping multiple tabs open, my Zwilling Vacuum Sealer review will keep things sweet and short to help speed up the decision-making process.

To kick things off, let’s take a look at some of the ratings posted for this machine. 

  • Zwilling.com: 27 reviews with 4.8/5 stars
  • Amazon: 560 reviews with 4.3/5 stars 
  • Crate and Barrel: 4,631 reviews with 4.8/5 stars 
  • Walmart: 115 reviews with 4.7/5 stars 

It appears that the Zwilling Vacuum Sealer is a customer favorite. Praised for its uncomplicated design, practicality, and efficiency, multiple buyers report that the machine is well worth the money. 

Great quality from Zwilling as per usual with their products! Very helpful for storing leftovers or fresh food to help it last longer and it’s easy to use,” one customer wrote on Zwilling.com. 

“Personally I love this thing,” one reviewer shared on Amazon. “The actual sealer only needs charged every few months and it’s small enough that I can pretty much put it anywhere. It only takes seconds to vacuum seal the containers and a few more seconds for the bags.”

For in-depth critiques to include in this Zwilling Vacuum Sealer review, I looked toward magazines for more information. According to Epicurious, the machine appeared to do a good job of preserving fresh food

“The Fresh & Save extended the viability of my berries to more than a week. Our staff photographer, Joey DeLeo, had the same experience. He found that in a side-by-side comparison, strawberries in the Fresh & Save lasted two weeks, while the berries left in the container from the store went soft the next day,” via a statement made by Epicurious. 

So, is this machine devoid of customer complaints? Not exactly. While doing my research for this Zwilling Vacuum Sealer review, I uncovered a handful of negative remarks on the internet. 

Some buyers found the device confusing to use. Others reported customer service problems in regards to returns and warranty claims.

Nevertheless, the amount of positive feedback easily supersedes the number of negatives online. 

Is The Zwilling Vacuum Sealer Worth It?

Zwilling Vacuum Sealer Review

Not all of us are blessed with a clean fridge every week. Every so often, we’re confronted with leftovers, uneaten produce, and dinners that have yet to be prepared. 

Thankfully, the Zwilling Vacuum Sealer can help boss your everyday meals through the revolutionary process of air-tight seals. Designed to preserve freshness, you can practically say goodbye to smelly, expired produce. 

Looking to invest in a machine? If so, I’ll wrap up this Zwilling Vacuum Sealer review by recommending some stores worth checking out. 

Where To Buy A Zwilling Vacuum Sealer

Zwilling Vacuum Sealer Review

Aside from Zwilling.com, you can buy the Zwilling Vacuum Sealer on Amazon, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Crate and Barrel. 

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