SAXX Underwear Review

About SAXX Underwear

SAXX Underwear Review

SAXX’s clever name says it all, their underwear designed with men’s comfort in mind. SAXX makes innovative “life-changing underwear” for men that eliminates friction and chafing and keeps “everything in place.” 

SAXX Underwear has been featured on Business Insider, The Globe and Mail, and Forbes, applauded for their forward-thinking approach to functionality and comfort for men’s underwear. 

This SAXX underwear review will take a peek at what the brand is all about, what styles of underwear they make, how customers feel about them, promotions, and more to help you decide if their underwear is worth the buy. 

Overview of SAXX Underwear

SAXX Underwear Review

In 2006, Founder Trent Kitsch came up with a solution to two major problems that most men have when it comes to underwear: chafing and friction. He dreamt up a solution that came to life when SAXX was born, with the patented invention of what they call, the BallPark Pouch

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, the SAXX Underwear mission is to “support guys in challenging everyday discomfort.” They work toward this not only designing underwear men want to wear, but also by creating a community where men come together to support charitable causes

SAXX Underwear Review

This SAXX underwear review will now fill you in on the pros and cons associated with the brand. 


  • Range of styles to suit every type of guy
  • Fun patterns
  • Patented BallPark Pouch technology
  • Flat Out Seams technology to prevent itching
  • Three-D Fit technology for ergonomic support around the glutes, things, hamstrings, and quads
  • Gives back to charity
  • Comfort Guarantee 
  • Free Shipping over $50


  • Some customers don’t like how the BallPark Pouch feels
  • Pricier than other underwear brands
SAXX Underwear Review

SAXX underwear styles span out into quite a few different categories, and underwear isn’t the only thing they make. The brand also designs shorts, tops, pajamas, and swim shorts. But no matter what, their products are always designed with men’s comfort and support in mind, helping them to perform their best every day. 

SAXX underwear comes in standard sizing of XS-XXL. Every pair is equipped with the BallPark Pouch. What is SAXX BallPark Pouch? It’s a compartment (of sorts) designed to “accommodate the male anatomy,” reducing friction and allowing for natural support and movement

A few other unique features improve the comfort of the wearer. Flat Out Seams technology is SAXX’s reverse stitching that places the flatter, softer side of the stitch inside the underwear to prevent itching. SAXX created an ergonomic, nine-panel construction to their underwear called Three-D Fit for support around the glutes, things, hamstrings, and quads 

SAXX Boxers Review

SAXX boxers are for guys who want a relaxed, loose feel in the leg but still want some support higher up. This SAXX underwear review will cover a few of their most popular pairs, so you can decide if they’re your style.

SAXX Daytripper Boxer Review 

The SAXX Daytripper Boxer provides functional support for guys who are always on the move. With a snug feel around the leg, these boxers are form-fitting around the butt and thighs and feature a front fly and anti-roll waistband

The SAXX Daytripper Boxer is made from moisture-wicking polyester and spandex to keep you comfy and dry. It’s available in Heather Gray, Navy Heather, and Black for $25.

SAXX Quest Boxer Review  

The Quest line of SAXX Boxers has been deemed “the ultimate travel underwear” by National Geographic. The SAXX Quest Boxer gives you extra room to breathe with their loose-fitting leg. Maximum comfort will let you focus on your day, instead of how constricted you feel down below. Great for all day, on the go wear. 

The SAXX Quest Boxer is made from moisture-wicking nylon, spandex, and polyester with a 5” inseam. The boxers feature a frontal fly, anti-roll waistband, and odor resistance. These SAXX boxers come in Dark Charcoal, Black, or Midnight Blue for $34. 

SAXX Briefs Review

SAXX Boxer Briefs range in fits from tighter to looser, but offer the same support and moisture-wicking fabric as the standard boxers. Worn for comfort or the sake of style, SAXX briefs come in basic solid colors and tons of funky prints. 

SAXX Ultra Boxer Brief Review

The SAXX Ultra Boxer Brief has more of a relaxed fit and ultra breathability, great for all-day wear without the bunching of extra fabric. These are snug on your butt and thighs but are a little looser down your leg

The SAXX Ultra Boxer Brief features a frontal fly and anti-roll waistband. These tropic storm-inspired briefs feature moisture-wicking viscose fabric and spandex with a 5” inseam. If you’re not a fan of the waves, there are 28 other options to choose from.

These SAXX briefs come in 8 different combinations of solid colors like Black, Indigo, and Dark Charcoal. Plus, 21 patterns including combinations of Black Budgie, Blue Banana Rama, Blue Action Shot, Black Stache, Navy Summit Stripe, Black Skullduggery, Navy Fishing Line, and more. So many ways to express yourself! A single pair of the SAXX Ultra Boxer Brief is $32.

SAXX Vibe Boxer Brief Review  

SAXX Vibe Boxer Brief is their bestselling line, dedicated to accentuating your personality. Slim fit and super soft, the SAXX Vibe Underwear gives a tighter fit on the leg, for the guy who likes to keep it all together. 

Like most SAXX Underwear, SAXX Vibe Boxer Brief is made with moisture-wicking viscose fabric and spandex. The SAXX Vibe Boxer Brief features an anti-roll waistband and a 5” inseam. The many different patterns this style offers makes them great for guys who like color and fun in their wardrobe. The Black Bowties N Booze theme is a case in point.

The SAXX Vibe Boxer Brief comes in 3 solid color options like Salt and Pepper, Navy, Black. Or you can go for one of the 38 different patterns like Navy American Spirit, Red No Thank You, Orange the Good Fat, and Black Beer Champs, and more. The SAXX Vibe Boxer Brief is $32 for one pair. 

SAXX Trunks Review

SAXX Trunks are for guys who don’t want to feel fabric on their thighs but want to be a little more covered than they would be when wearing a traditional brief. Fitting right under your butt means no seams will show under dress pants, as a bonus.

SAXX Ultra Trunk Review 

The SAXX Ultra Trunk is for the refined gentleman and features a relaxed fit. The trunks are form-fitting around your butt and top of your thighs but give a slightly looser fit around the legs. These guys are super soft, offering all-day comfort at the office or wherever. 

The SAXX Ultra Trunk is made from moisture-wicking viscose and spandex, featuring a 5” inseam, frontal fly, and anti-roll waistband. We like the manly vibes of this Graphite Stencil Camo print. Alternatively, you can go with Indigo or Black. One pair of these trunks goes for $35.

SAXX Undercover Trunk Review

The SAXX Undercover Trunk style is designed to feel like nothing. Thin and soft fabric means you may forget you’re wearing them. The SAXX Undercover Trunk features a slim fit that is snug around the butt and thighs.

Made from a combination of cotton, Modal, and spandex, the SAXX Undercover Trunk has a frontal fly for easy access, anti-roll waistband, and a 3” inseam. These trunks are only available in Heather Grey, priced at $28

SAXX Underwear Packs Review

SAXX Underwear Review

SAXX Underwear Packs are ideal for guys who know the answer to the question: what is special about SAXX underwear? 

To sum up the highlights of this SAXX underwear review, the brand uses 3 different types of technology to make sure guy’s nether regions are taken care of: the BallPark Pouch, Flat Out Seams, and Three-D Fit. SAXX offers a range of boxers, briefs, and trunks in neutral colors and fun patterns for whichever look you’re into.

SAXX Underwear Packs come in 2 options: the Pre-Set Multi-Packs and the Custom Multi-Packs. The options for Pre-Set Multi-Packs include the Vibe Boxer Brief, Quest Boxer, 

Ultra Boxer Brief, Undercover Trunk, SAXX DayTripper Boxer. These options come in 2-packs (between $40-$57) and 3-packs (ranging from $60-$90). 

The brand also offers Custom Multi Packs that help keep your wardrobe stocked with essentials. The Custom Multi Packs Include: 2-pack underwear ($59), 3-pack underwear ($90) one long sleeve shirt, 1 pair of underwear ($59).

SAXX Underwear Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

SAXX Underwear Review

The BBB only has one complaint on the brand, but this SAXX Underwear review thinks it’s important to include because it is the only instance found of a complaint against customer service. The customer writes of the lack of professionalism of one customer service reps. 

SAXX underwear reviews Reddit users wrote speak very highly of the brand overall but warn of technical difficulties like the BallPark Pouch feeling weird at first and the way they bunch up when wearing tight pants. These reviewers, although citing a few SAXX Underwear downfalls, still love the underwear and recommend buying them

A positive SAXX underwear review on Reddit says, “have had for 3 years now and they are still in great shape. The elastic hasn’t warped and the material hasn’t thinned like previous briefs I had bought in the past.” Another positive review: “the pouch is easily the best thing about these, your crotch stays aerated and doesn’t get sweaty.” 

Quotes given on the website all speak of similar sentiments of loving the fit and the fabric, and that they are, “So soft and comfortable I had to check to make sure they were still on. By far the best underwear!” The overall sentiment reflected on Reddit? “Pricey, but worth it. Great customer service.”

SAXX underwear has similarly positive reviews on Amazon. Here are some examples: 

  • Ultra Boxer Briefs: 4.6/5 stars out of 1,800 ratings
  • Daytripper Boxer Briefs: 4.5/5 stars out of 1,087 ratings
  • Vibe Boxer Briefs: 4.7/5 stars out of 1,964 ratings
  • Volt Boxer Briefs: 4.8/5 stars out of 1,225 ratings

Is SAXX Underwear Worth It?

SAXX Underwear Review

This SAXX underwear review has found more positive than negative reviews on the brand, and more pros than cons about the business as a whole. 

Reviews on Reddit say that the benefits of SAXX Underwear far outweigh the cost and other minor problems they had with the underwear. Reviews on Amazon are similarly positive, with most underwear rated 4.5/5 stars and above.

As with any product, it’s not going to be for everyone. While SAXX is designed with men’s comfort in mind, we all have preferences, and yours may not be SAXX. However, if you do have the money to spend, SAXX could be life-changing for you

With their Comfort Guarantee, if you give them a try and you’re not happy with the underwear, you can return them for a full refund within 45 days of purchase. This SAXX Underwear review believes they are worth the buy.

SAXX Underwear Promotions & Discounts 

Get a 10% off SAXX discount code by signing up for their newsletter. They also offer a fantastic SAXX Underwear sale section and free shipping on orders over $50. 

Where to Buy SAXX Underwear

SAXX Underwear Review

For online purchases and the best deals, purchase the underwear through Or you can do a SAXX underwear Amazon order, which also offers discounts. 

SAXX underwear is stocked in stores across North America, and a quick search on their ‘Find a Store’ tool will show you exactly how close you are to a SAXX retailer. You can find them in big retailers like Nordstrom, Sporting Life, by doing SAXX Underwear Walmart run, or a SAXX underwear Costco visit!


Where is SAXX Underwear made? 

SAXX Underwear is proudly designed and developed in Canada, with products manufactured in China.

How do I wash my SAXX Underwear?

Most SAXX products can be machine washed in cold water. You should then tumble dry on low heat on a gentle cycle

Can you put SAXX Underwear in the dryer?

You can put SAXX underwear in the dryer, but they suggest you tumble dry on low heat only. Hang dry to maintain them. 

Does SAXX Underwear shrink? 

SAXX Underwear is known to not shrink. This SAXX Underwear review should note that some customers have found that they stretch slightly over time

What is SAXX Underwear Sizing? 

SAXX sizing for their underwear typically comes in sizes XS-XXL. If you need more specifics like exact measurements, take a look at their Fit Guide. 

What is the SAXX Underwear Shipping Policy?

The SAXX Underwear offers Standard and Express Shipping within Canada and the US. Standard Shipping (5-7 business days) is offered for $5 and Express Shipping (2-3 business days) will cost $25. Free shipping is offered within Canada and theUS for purchases over $50

International shipping costs $8 for Standard Shipping and Express Shipping costs $30. International shipping times are determined by the carrier. The usual carriers utilized by SAXX are Canada Post and FedEX on Canadian orders, USPS for US orders, and Canada Post for international orders.

Saxx ships to many international countries, but some countries are not included in SAXX shipments. Find out if SAXX ships to your country on the official SAXX website before placing your order. SAXX sends a confirmation email after each purchase and tracking number when all orders ship.

Can you return Saxx underwear?

Yes, but you need to submit a return within 45 days of purchase.

What is the SAXX Underwear Return Policy?

The SAXX Underwear Return Policy is what they call the SAXX Comfort Guarantee. It’s strictly for products purchased from their website or an authorized SAXX dealer. You’ll need to email [email protected] with: 

  1. Your order number
  2. Proof of purchase
  3. The Style Name & Color of your item you want to return
  4. Why you are returning the products 

For all returns, the original tags and packaging must be attached. If possible, use the original delivery package. SAXX will issue you a refund if your item is returned within 45 days of purchase. 

For those who live in the USA and Canada, SAXX may ask you to return your order to a SAXX handling center. If they ask you to do this, they’ll send you an electronic shipping label that is valid for 7 days. So you’ll need to use it within that time frame, print it out, and stick it to your return package, and you can only ship it with the carrier SAXX advises you to use. 

For international orders, the customer is responsible for all return shipping fees, and they advise that you use a traceable postal carrier. Your SAXX agent will give you a Canadian return address and authorization number. Be sure to write the authorization number clearly on the outside of the package to avoid processing delays. 

How to Contact SAXX

If you need to get in contact with SAXX for any information that wasn’t included in this SAXX Underwear review, or if you have a question regarding their products, you can do so by the following methods:

Their customer service hours are Mon-Fri 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, Sat-Sun 7:30 am to 3:30 pm (PST).

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