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Meridian Grooming Review

We went where nobody else would–down there. Are you ready to join the movement?” Meridian Grooming, a California-based company dedicated to helping men groom below-the-belt, had me at this teaser. With its range of products, including groin hair trimmers and ball sprays, the company has everything a man would need for a smooth and clean nether region. Well, almost everything. 

It takes balls to enter a competitive razor market monopolized by conglomerates like Philips, Gillette and Panasonic. Meridian Grooming has plenty of clean balls to its credit. Established in 2019, Meridian Grooming is already creating a buzz with its precision grade trimmers. The company’s Instagram account has an impressive 12.7k followers, and its products have been featured in GQ Magazine, Swagger Magazine and Men’s Health.

While this Meridian Grooming review is going to be a ball of a read (as it was to write), it will also take a deep dive and assess how the products fare down there, what customers have to say, and more, to help you decide if the product is the baller (I promise that’s my last testicle-related pun) it claims to be.

Overview of Meridian Grooming

Meridian Grooming Review

Some stats and facts first. Men may think their shrub is in and women love it, but a recent survey by Prim&Prep among 300 women found that 38% of women ranked clean-shaven men as more attractive than men with stubbles and full beards. The reason: a lot of men don’t do much to keep their bristles neat and clean. If you wanna keep them, boys, you ought to tame them—hair on the back, sack and crack included. 

Here’s another study for all the men out there who know the pain of cuts, nicks, and tugs while grooming your pubic hair. According to a study published in JAMA Dermatology, 25% of the self-reported pubic hair groomers indicated they had sustained a grooming-related injury. Lacerations from razors were the most common, followed by burns (for the brave ones who wax), followed by rashes. Ouch!     

In comes Meridian Grooming to No Man’s land of nicks and cuts. The premium grooming company, through its precision grade products, promises to fight the stigma and taboo surrounding below-the-belt grooming and educate men on the importance of grooming down there. The biggest selling point for me, however, is its promise to stop the chafing. Ah! Those days when I wear the wrong pair of briefs and spend the entire day squirming.  

Meridian Grooming Review

For this Meridian Grooming review, I researched dozens of body hair trimmers, poured over Reddit threads about male grooming, read dozens of Amazon customer reviews, and even discussed pubic grooming with a couple of my friends (yes, I did, because I honestly don’t see what all the embarrassment is about). 

From my research and conversations, the positives of using Meridian Grooming products outweigh the negatives. But taking the same razor to your face and sack? Ummm. No. Check out the highlights of this Meridian Grooming review:


  • Products are waterproof and rust-resistant
  • Reduces painful pulls and tugs, nicks and snags, no matter how coarse or curly the hair
  • Trimmers come with a replaceable ceramic blade
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Easy to clean
  • Comprehensive package: trimmer comes with USB charging cable, easy to snap on blade, 2 adjustable guide combs, a cleaning brush, and how-to-use manual
  • Full refund available
  • Free global shipping on orders over $30 


  • The cost of these products are the same as those offered by more recognized brands
  • A limited range of products
Meridian Grooming Review

We get it, manscaping is important, but what does Meridian Grooming offer to make the experience smooth? This Meridian Grooming review will open the company’s boxes and display what they hold within. To sum up, Meridian Grooming offers citrus-infused sprays, the signature trimmer (kickin’ the nicks and tugs), replacement blades, and boxer briefs (for all those scrunched testicles to breathe). 

Customers can choose between different packages: The Classic Maintenance Package offers all the Meridian Grooming essentials, including skincare products. The Maintenance Package includes everything you need for grooming (excluding the skincare products) along with replacement blades. The Comfort Package comes with a pair of boxer briefs, and The Complete Package includes the trimmer and the spray.         

This Meridian Grooming review will now assess some of the company’s bestsellers and discuss why customers think they are easy on the crotch.

The Trimmer

What does a Meridian Grooming shave feel like? The faint buzz is all you hear, and, voilà! You finally get to see those nuts sans their hairy glory. With its replaceable ceramic blade that resists scratching and tugging, The Trimmer mows smoothly, even if the hair is extremely coarse and curly. Whether you decide to shave in your backyard (because, why not?) or in the shower, The Trimmer is ready for action. It’s shock-proof, waterproof, rust-resistant and hygienic

I scoured multiple Meridian Grooming Shaver reviews to find out about The Trimmer’s maneuverability. Pubic hair removal isn’t easy as it involves navigating wrinkly folds of delicate skin. The size of the razor head and the maneuverability are crucial. Most customers rate The Trimmer highly for these aspects.

Meridian Grooming’s electric razor is available in Onyx Black and Sage Green. The design makes The Trimmer fit snugly in your hand, allowing for a controlled shave. The Trimmer comes with guide combs for different hair lengths (3-6mm, 9-12mm), allowing you to use it anywhere on your skin. The device’s charge lasts for up to 90 minutes, giving you enough time to rinse and repeat for a few trims. 

Did I mention it comes with a USB charging cable and a cleaning brush? Customers swear The Trimmer boosts their confidence. Christmas, they say, has arrived early for them, and they can finally yodel jingle bells without wincing. The Meridian Grooming electric razor is available for $60

The Spray

The Spray offered by Meridian Grooming is specially formulated to neutralize odor and skin irritation in your genital area. No one will suspect why you’re smiling. It’s your secret. The citrus-infused spray is made with witch hazel (relieves inflammation and irritation associated with chafing), green tea leaf extract (anti-inflammatory agent to prevent redness) and ginkgo biloba nut extract (potent antioxidant that increases skin hydration). 

The Spray works best immediately after a shower and keeps your cojones fresh all day. Couldn’t ask for a better way to complement a new trim, and for just $15 for a 50ml bottle. However, as enticing as this sounds, I hope Meridian Grooming comes out with more scents. Cedarwood, perhaps? 

The Classic Maintenance Package

If you’re willing to take the time to groom yourself below the belt, why not go all the way and manscape from top to down? Meridian Grooming offers The Classic Maintenance Package, which includes The Trimmer, The Spray and a Lumin curation, a global skincare brand for men. Let’s focus on the skincare products that accompany the Meridian Grooming essentials.

The Classic Maintenance Package includes Lumin’s Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizing Balm, No-Nonsense Charcoal Cleanser and Reload Exfoliating Rub. All these products contain natural ingredients like charcoal (cleansing agent), ginger root extract (anti-aging agent), shea butter (softening agent), rosemary extract (protects skin from the sun), green tea extract (anti-inflammatory agent), licorice root extract (evens skin tone) and apple extract (anti-oxidant). 

By buying these items together in The Classic Maintenance Package, you save $41. The bundle also makes a nice gift for your beau. The Meridian Grooming website features a daily 90-second 3-step skincare routine with this package that will help you feel hydrated, clean and renewed. You are all set to take on A Brave New World. 

If you aren’t keen on skincare, you can choose The Maintenance Package, which has all the essentials and two replacement blades for $95 (discounted from $115). The Classic Maintenance Package costs $130, reduced from $171. 

The Comfort Package

Your boys are now trim and fresh. What next? Why not throw on a pair of boxer briefs so that they stay clean and breathe easy. The Comfort Package offers this.…comfort. It has everything you need for what Meridian Grooming describes as “primetime ball care.”

The package includes The Trimmer, citrus-infused ball spray, a backup blade, and a pair of boxer briefs. Since we’ve already discussed most of these products in other sections of this Meridian Grooming review, let me indulge you a little with details of these comfy boxers. 

Made with eco-friendly material, these boxers are built specifically to enhance breathability, and resist odor, sweat-wicking, and chafing. The Comfort Package, offered at $100 (discounted from $115), is ideal for a languid weekend when the only things in your itinerary are hot showers, some self-care, and chilling in your boxers. The Meridian Grooming Boxer on its own is a hit too and costs $20.  

Meridian Grooming Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Meridian Grooming Review

Research for this Meridian Grooming review led me to various online forums with numerous threads and testimonials on manscaping. Reddit, in particular, has a lot of interesting perspectives on mowing down there, with the more experienced ones offering tips. 

When Meridian Grooming was rolled out in 2019, it created quite a buzz. So much so that shortly after its launch, Meridian Grooming Reddit emerged as a popular search word on Google. People weren’t just curious, they wanted to know what their peers thought of these products as well. Some of them called it the alternative to its competitor Manscaped, which also offers groin hair trimmers.

Most people who’ve used Meridian Grooming products love it. 76% of the customers have given the company a 5-star rating on Amazon. “For manscaping, these are perfect. The guards take away a bit of anxiety when moving around the ‘boys’ and the fact that it cuts thoroughly instead of pulling is a god-send,” said one Meridian Grooming review on Amazon.

Finding a negative customer feedback/review for Meridian Grooming products was hard, to say the least. The few negative comments I came across while researching for this Meridian Grooming review were more wistful than actual criticism. 

Some customers, for example, wished the grooming set came in a travel kit. There were also some perfunctory comments on the pricing of Meridian Grooming products, but they were immediately followed by acknowledgement of their quality.

Is Meridian Grooming Worth It?

Meridian Grooming Review

If you’re someone who has an arsenal of high-end grooming products, Meridian Grooming could be for you. It all really boils down to how seriously you take your grooming regimen. I, for one, could do with a cheaper electric shave, even if I have to suffer from dull blades and the annoyingly short battery life after prolonged use. Or I could just use that darn beard trimmer.

While Meridian Grooming boasts about the features of its products, I struggled to find details to substantiate its claims for this Meridian Grooming review. The website, for example, says the company’s boxer briefs are made of 100% eco-friendly materials, with no mention of what these materials are. Or that their Trimmer features “extra sensitive technology.” Again, details of what this technology is are sparse. 

For all we know, we could just be shelling out that extra buck for another off-the-rack beard trimmer. Meridian Grooming isn’t the only brand in the body grooming sector making these sweeping claims. There are a lot of I’m Ballsy songs out there. What’s important is that most customers are satisfied with the grooming products, so even though the brand is vague on details of the collection, it’s likely you’ll enjoy them as well.

My verdict? I’m all for giving a fledgeling brand patronage, especially those that believe in quality and have the balls to take on the Goliaths in the field. Meridian Grooming would definitely be a go-to for me if I want a trimmer engineered specifically for below the belt, even if it ends up being a spiel. It’s just nice to know that someone cares.      

Meridian Grooming Promotions & Discounts 

Meridian Grooming Review

Meridian Grooming is currently offering a discount on all its packages. First-time visitors to the company’s online store can access a 10% discount on their purchase simply by registering their email address. There was no Meridian Grooming promo code at the time of this Meridian Grooming review. 

Where to Buy Meridian Grooming 

Meridian Grooming products are available on Amazon and on the company’s online store,


Meridian Grooming Shipping Policy

Meridian Grooming offers free global shipping on orders over $30. Customers can track their shipment through the email address they provided at checkout. Standard shipping within the US and Europe takes 5-15 business days, and to southeast Asia 5-20 business days. For all other regions, it takes 10-40 working days

Customers can also opt for express delivery (3-7 days).  The company does not offer shipping to countries in Africa, Brazil, China, Turkey, Russia and Vietnam.

Meridian Grooming Return Policy

Meridian Grooming provides a 100% refund on products. Returns must be requested within 30 days of the order delivery date. Refunds usually take 5-9 business days to reach customers’ bank accounts.

Contact Meridian Grooming

If you have questions that weren’t covered in this Meridian Grooming review, you can reach out to customer service by email [email protected].

If you’re not set on Meridian Grooming, check out Manscaped for more below the belt options.

Looking for a regular facial trimmer or razors? Look into Bevel Shave and Supply.Co.

Maybe you want to grow a sexy beard. Check out The Beard Club and Scotch Porter.

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Joe Namethan
3 years ago Reply

Shipped to wrong address, still charged me – pretty much replied to my inquiry a week later with an email that read ‘tough luck’.

3 years ago Reply


Shipping Method Sucks
3 years ago Reply

Your site really should provide a better explanation of your shipping methods.

The trimmer was shipped UPS then sent to a U.S. Mail facility for delivery! Why??? What kind of crap is that?

I just read a bunch of reviews on your site and now I’m wondering IF I will get the trimmer or will I have to contact my credit card company to dispute this bill.

Seems like a good product IF those reviews were real reviews.

I’m just frustrated at how you chose to ship the Trimmer, makes to sense to hand off a package to another carrier UNLESS this was a rural community and it’s NOT this is Denver CO.

Be careful.. SCAM
3 years ago Reply

They are a scam never buy anything from this web

shame i was going to buy
3 years ago Reply

but after reading the reviews , nevermind

3 years ago Reply

Horrible customer service, they forgot one of the things in my order and are making me wait for another 40 days to receive it. They didn’t even bother fast shipping it because they didn’t want to spend money. Horrible company

Do not buy, they will try to scam you
3 years ago Reply

It has been 21 days since I have ordered the product. Nothing from them. It is a scam. DON’T BUY.

Meridian Grooming is a scam
Bhashkar Mukerji
3 years ago Reply

I ordered the trimmer and the product never reached me. Their customer care even sent me a mail giving me a false Singpost tracking website. They are a SCAM. Please do not order.

3 years ago Reply

Same thing happend with my order, zero response

I’m still waiting on my stuff
3 years ago Reply

I been waiting for more than a month already and no one response my emails

Do not buy, they will try to scam you
Zach Grosser
3 years ago Reply

I ordered one razor from Meridian. A week after it arrived, a second one arrived. 10 days later, a third. When I tried to tell them there was an issue, they sent me an invoice for two Deluxe To-Go Packages and are insisting that I owe them for their mistake.

Patricio Rodriguez
3 years ago Reply

How about this shit is a fraud. You will never receive anything, it’s imposible to track your packeg and on their instagram page there are people waiting for longer than 40 days. This Shit is a scam.

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