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Frost NYC Hip Hop Jewelry Review

About Frost NYC

Frost NYC Hip Hop Jewelry Review

Frost NYC is an e-commerce site selling hip-hop jewelry accented by gold and gemstones for men and women. Touted to be one of the largest jewelry manufacturers of their kind in the United States, Frost NYC has built its reputation among urban jewelry lovers for its unique custom-made pieces with ‘iced out’ detailing that complement their street style.   

With its dope sense of fashion, Frost NYC’s bling has garnered a substantial following in the VIP crowd. Its celebrity clientele include rappers Travis Scott, Fredo Santana and Rick Ross, NBA stars John Wall and Tyson Chandler, singer-songwriters Cee-lo Green and Farruko, reggaeton star Nicky Jam, Dominican rapper El Alfa Hefe, and celebrity radio presenter and television personality Charlamagne. The company has a significant presence on social media as well, with close to 43k followers on Facebook and 66.2k followers on Instagram.  

All this sounds impressive, but Is Frost NYC reputable? Does Frost NYC sell real diamonds? Is Frost NYC’s gold certified? You don’t want to be coughing up dough for bust down Rollies and iced out jewelry if it’s not the real thing. This Frost NYC hip hop jewelry review will give you a low down on everything you need to know about the brand, from customer ratings to a selection of Frost NYC’s bestsellers and promotions.         

Overview of Frost NYC 

Frost NYC Hip Hop Jewelry Review

Frost NYC launched in early 2000 by founders Arthur Ilyev and Nick Kaykov. Their mission was to  make “million-dollar quality” rocks available without a heavy price tag. Based in the heart of New York’s Diamond District, Frost NYC transitioned to an e-commerce platform to take the city’s street fashion to the world stage. 

Did you dig Drake’s dog tags? Or maybe you want to rock whatever Jay-Z was photographed wearing last week. With its collection of iced out (mostly) men’s bracelets, earrings, rings, watches and chains, Frost NYC doesn’t just tell you what everyone is wearing, they tell you what you’re not. More on this later in the Frost NYC hip hop jewelry review.      

So, what about Frost NYC jewelry made celebrities hop on board? This Frost NYC hip hop jewelry review will look beyond the bling to find out what makes the brand popular and what doesn’t:    


  • Significant brand recognition by celebrities
  • Customers can design their own jewelry by providing specifics to in-house manufacturing and design team 
  • Offers financing without deferred interest or hidden fees
  • 100% money back guarantee program
  • Lifetime warranty and maintenance (excluding Herringbone Chains)
  • Free shipping
  • International shipping available  


  • Returns are not free, customers have to pay for shipping and insurance
  • Tardy customer service: delay in resolution of issues, especially related to returns, refunds, and impolite staff  
Frost NYC Hip Hop Jewelry Review

Throw your rollies in the sky / Wave em side to side — when Biggie rapped this line in the late 90’s as part of his hit number ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’, rhythm wasn’t the only thing on his mind. It was a statement of his success. Biggie’s Rolex was blinged-out with diamonds to match his collection of iced-out chains. Twenty three years after his death, his style continues to influence and inspire Frost NYC designers, including his signature Jesus Piece. 

Whether you’re the high-end shopper who wants custom-designed bling or someone who just wants pieces that will complement your everyday street style, Frost NYC has something for everyone who likes hip-hop fashion. 

Frost NYC designs iced-out rings, chains, bracelets, pendants, dog tags and Rolex watches in gold (including 14-karat gold, 18-karat gold, rose gold, white gold and gold plated), platinum and diamond for men, and have stock items for women (engagement rings, rolex watches, name plate necklace and earrings). 

Frost NYC Hip Hop Jewelry Review

Besides diamonds, ruby is another precious stone you can cop from the Frost NYC website without your bank balance hitting the red. This Frost NYC hip hop jewelry review will look at some of the brand’s best sellers and find out what makes them popular. 

Mens Solid Cuban Link 10K Gold

Many artists stake the claim on having played a pivotal role in making Cuban link chains a hip-hop fashion essential. Who made it popular is still up for grabs, but there is no denying the fact that Cuban link chains and bracelets are among the fastest selling hip-hop accessories. Frost NYC’s sales figures of its Mens Solid Cuban Link 10K Gold prove this trend. Its sales are pure fire.

These Frost NYC mens chains weigh 7g. It’s fully customizable, so you can choose the length (20-30 inches) and width (2.5mm-8.55mm). The chain is round, bold and thick on both sides. Pair the Mens Solid Cuban Link 10K Gold chain with a matching bracelet or a diamond cross pendant and you’ll be lookin’ fly, no diggity, no doubt. You can get this Frost NYC piece for $469, discounted from $671.     

Mens Hollow Diamond Cut Franco Chain 10K White Gold 

Believed to be named after an Italian designer, the Franco chain is similar to the Cuban link in design, but has an additional four sides that make it more sturdy. If you want a chain that’s hassle-free, won’t tangle and looks sleek, this Mens Hollow Diamond Cut Franco Chain 10k White Gold is a solid choice.

The chain weighs 6g and you have the option of customizing to your desired length (20-30 inches) and width (2.5-6mm). The Men’s Hollow Diamond Cut Franco Chain 10k White Gold chain goes well with oversized pendants since it’s sturdy and can hold weight. The white gold is bound to make you look crisp. The Franco Chain currently goes for $469, marked down from $688.

Diamond Ankh Pendant 0.50 Carats

Ankh is an Egyptian hieroglyph meaning “breath of life.” A favourite among celebrities, this lustrous Diamond Ankh Pendant 0.50 Carat 10K yellow pendant is encrusted with approximately 0.50 carats of diamonds and weighs 2.84g. The average length of the pendant is 36mm and has a width of 15mm. 

The Diamond Ankh Pendant 0.50 Carat can be worn for all occasions and seasons. Its iced out look is matched best with a Cuban link against a solid-colored attire. Get this mystical Egyptian ice for $665, originally $951.

Big Gold Cross & Cz 10K Yellow Gold Pendant

Iced out and bling crosses is an essential of hip-hop fashion. Frost NYC’s Big Gold Cross & Cz 10K Yellow Gold Pendant stands out for its reverent allure. Inspired by Jay Z’s collection, this fine jewelry can be matched with a Franco chain. Wearing this is a testament to Biggie himself.

The pendant weighs approximately 9.2g with an average length of 70mm and width of 42mm. Need some reassurance to buy this bulk? Frost NYC offers lifetime warranty and lifetime maintenance for this piece. Rep your faith and dope fashion with the Big Gold Cross & Cz 10K Yellow Gold Pendant. This sweet Jesus piece goes for $796.45, serious savings from the original $1,138.   

Pharaoh & Ruby 10K Yellow Gold Men’s Ring

Want to infuse some ancient royalty to your hip-hop look? Show off that king on your ring (No, the rhyme wasn’t intended). With its impressive detailing, this 5.9g Pharaoh & Ruby 10K Yellow Gold Men’s Ring features a pharaoh’s bust with a ruby stone placed at the centre. It’s oversized and demands attention, and we can’t look away.

The Pharaoh & Ruby 10K Yellow Gold Men’s Ring comes in different sizes (5.5 to 13) and is known for its bright finish. You won’t miss the absence of diamonds on this one. It makes heads turn without them. It would make a dope duet with the Ankh piece for $292, marked down from $417.

Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings For Men 14K White Gold 0.25 Carats

Second only to the round cut diamond in popularity, the princess cut diamond is a staple in engagement rings and wedding bands. But why wait until the day you get down on one knee when you can sport them every day (married, engaged or single). The Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings for Men 14k White Gold 0.25 Carats weighs 1g, available in an average length of 3mm and width of 3mm

The Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings for Men 14k White Gold 0.25 Carats has a square or rectangular shape when viewed from above, and from the side is similar to an inverted pyramid with four beveled sides. These Frost NYC earrings go for $381, discounted from $545.27. “Diamonds are forever like family and royalty,” said J.Cole. Do I need to say more? Nah.    

Frost NYC Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Frost NYC Hip Hop Jewelry Review

As part of my research for this Frost NYC hip hop jewelry review, I went through multiple customer review sites. There’s no way to sugar-coat this. The customer service at Frost NYC jewelry has received a lot of brickbats across review sites for its shoddy service, even as customers vouch for the quality of the products

On customer review site Trustpilot, 56% of the customers rated Frost NYC jewelry services as bad, 8/10 reviews on BBB gave Frost NYC jewelry a single star. Frost NYC at the time of this review is not BBB accredited. Delayed shipping, rude staff, lack of response and slow refunds are among the many issues customers face.

Here is an example of a Frost NYC review posted on Trustpilot: “Horrible customer service! Took about 4-5 months to get a chain I was making payments on ! Was offered partial refund in return and now they’re only offering the refund if I fix my reviews online!” 

To ensure this Frost NYC hip hop jewelry review is fair and balanced, I scouted for positive customer reviews, most of which I found on Frost NYC’s website. While some reported minor issues like broken clasps, a majority of customers praised the products for their craftsmanship and quality. While customers vouch for the gold and diamonds being real, I found no proof of any certification at the time of this Frost NYC hip hop jewelry review.        

Is Frost NYC Jewelry Worth It?

Frost NYC Hip Hop Jewelry Review

As a customer, I would err on the side of caution. Frost NYC without a doubt has brand recognition and an elite clientele, but for someone like me (without the privilege of being a celebrity), buying a Frost NYC piece is an investment. And when I make an investment, I don’t want to find that people (customer care) ain’t listening when things go down. From my research for this Frost NYC hip hop jewelry review, nobody’s listenin’.   

Frost NYC does offer unique pieces for hip-hop jewelry lovers out there. If you want to own a piece, I would advise you to research and decide exactly what you want, including measurements of the piece you wish to buy. This way you can limit the possibility of returns and exchanges. I would recommend readers to start by buying a low-end piece. If you’re happy with the quality and the service, scale up your buying and bring in the bling. If you aren’t, let’s roll out and get the money. Baby, how that sound?  

Frost NYC Promotions & Discounts 

Frost NYC Hip Hop Jewelry Review

Frost NYC is currently offering 30% off on all their products as part of its Holiday Special deal. The brand’s website did not provide a Frost NYC promo code or a Frost NYC discount code at the time of this review. 

Where to Buy Frost NYC Jewelry

Frost NYC Hip Hop Jewelry Review

You can buy Frost NYC jewelry on the brand’s website, or walk into their retail store in New York after scheduling an appointment in advance. Make sure you take necessary precautions in view of the current pandemic.  


What is Frost NYC’s Sizing?

The length of Frost NYC chains vary between 20 inches and 30 inches, while the width can be anywhere between 1mm and 21mm

Frost NYC Hip Hop Jewelry Review

Does Frost NYC have Financing?

Financial company Affirm has teamed up with Frost NYC to offer easy financing for customers. You can apply for a loan on your purchase and pay in 3, 6, or 12 monthly instalments. When you apply for a loan through the Frost NYC website, you will be redirected to Affirm, where you will be asked to create an account. 

You also have to provide information about your financial situation in order to evaluate your loan application. Affirm offers rates from 10-30% APR. Applying takes only a minute and will not impact your FICO score. 

What is Frost NYC’s Shipping Policy?

Frost NYC provides free shipping on all products. All the products are insured with a tracking number. 

For customers’ convenience and protection, Frost NYC Jewelers always:

1.   Requires an adult signature to sign for packages

2.   Requires that all items are delivered to a home address or a physical business

3.   Products will not be shipped to P.O. Box addresses

4.   All items are insured for the full purchase price while in transit

Items are usually delivered in 5-7 business days. International shipping may take longer. 

What is Frost NYC’s Return Policy?

If customers are not satisfied with the product, they should call Frost NYC offices at 888-485-1061  or email them at [email protected] to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization number, and follow the steps provided by the brand’s customer sales associates to return purchased item(s). Customers have to pay for return shipping and an insurance fee. 

To be eligible for returns, items must be in original purchased condition, unworn and with all documentation and all original tags attached. The return must be received at Frost NYC’s showroom within 15 days from when the order was delivered

Customers have to wait for up to 2 weeks for the refund to be processed. Items over $3500 will incur a 20% restocking fee as they are all custom orders. If the product was custom made, it can only be returned for store credit. 

How to Contact Frost NYC  

Frost NYC Phone: 1-888-485-1061; Phone support is available on: Monday-Friday: 10am –  Midnight EST; Saturday-Sunday 10am-530pm

Email: [email protected]

Address: 20 W. 47th St New York NY, 10036

Customers can also chat with a Frost NYC jewelry specialist online through the website

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Blue Nile Jewelry Review

About Blue Nile

Blue Nile Jewelry Review

Blue Nile is an online jewelry store that specializes in engagement and wedding rings for women. While the brand sells its own designs ranging from diamonds, gold, silver, sapphire and pearls, customers have an option to customize their own jewelry as well. Blue Nile has received a few industry awards and has been featured in notable publications such as Time Magazine and Forbes

This Blue Nile Jewelry review will get into what this jewelry company is all about by looking at their bestsellers, customer reviews, promotions, and much more. 

Overview of Blue Nile 

Blue Nile was born out of a need for a less complicated way to shop for jewelry. More specifically, co-founder Mark Vadon went shopping for an engagement ring and had a less than satisfactory experience looking for the perfect fit. In 1999, with partner Ben Elowitz on board, the online Blue Nile jewelry store was established with the mindset that jewelry shopping can be made easier by the internet. 

Blue Nile’s mission is to deliver high quality pieces with detailed information and adequate customer service. They’re considered such a trustworthy brand that customers have even invited their jewelry experts to their wedding! 

Blue Nile Jewelry Review

Blue Nile offers handcrafted engagement rings and only sells ethically sourced diamonds. On top of that, they offer over 150,000 loose high quality diamonds. Every product is double checked, and triple checked for quality. If customers have any questions, Blue Nile has a team of experts 24/7 on call. 

If you don’t have time for a full in depth commentary, no worries. This Blue Nile jewelry review will go through a short list of pros and cons. 


  • Customers can price match diamonds of a competing company through Blue Nile’s Diamond Price Match Guarantee
  • Engagement ring customization through the Build Your Own Ring feature on their website 
  • Ethically sourced diamonds 
  • Free shipping 
  • Free lifetime warranty 
  • Blue Nile’s Diamond Upgrade Program 


  • Limited selection for men
  • Negative reviews based on customer service on Trustpilot 
  • International returns are not free 
Blue Nile Jewelry Review

Blue Nile carries an extensive collection of jewelry: Blue Nile wedding bands, engagement rings, standard rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Customers can shop by cut or type of diamond, design jewelry, or pursue the gift category if they’re in need of some suggestion. We’ll take you through some of the glitz and glamour in this Blue Nile jewelry review by showcasing some of their bestsellers.

Diamond Stud Earrings

Blue Nile Jewelry Review
Blue Nile Diamond Stud Earrings

Every girl needs a pair of classic Diamond Stud Earrings. It’s practically the answer to ‘am I missing something?’ with an outfit that needs a bit of sparkle. These diamond studs radiate class and sophistication. They have a charming element of simplicity, adding to accompanying jewelry or an outfit without overpowering it. These earrings come in 14K white or or yellow gold, and range from .20 to 4 in total carat weight

Blue Nile Jewelry Review
Blue Nile Diamond Stud Earrings

You can wear these diamond studded beauties casually with the classic combo of jeans and a t-shirt, or glam it up with the little black dress and a matching necklace. This Blue Nile diamonds review can gladly share the fact that you can get these earrings for a steal for $261. The original price for the Diamond Stud Earrings is $290

Dew Drop Threader Earrings

Blue Nile Jewelry Review
Blue Nile Dew Drop Threader Earrings

Sometimes it’s not the day to sport sparkling and shiny gemstones. The search for something minimalistic but not plain can often be challenging. If you like simplicity and the alluring flash of silver, these Dew Drop Threader Earrings should definitely be in your checkout.

These unique, sterling silver earrings fasten on like the traditional hoop earring, but doesn’t feature a back fastener, as it’s ‘dew drop’ design ensures that gravity won’t let them fall off.

Blue Nile Jewelry Review
Blue Nile Dew Drop Threader Earrings

There’s something beautifully avant garde about the Dew Drop Threader Earrings. The distinctive design is on par with abstract shape art, something you’d find at a city art gallery. On the topic, pair these dew drop delights with a white peasant blouse, tailored pants and a beret for that ‘artistic’ touch. These Blue Nile earrings are only $54, marked down from $60

Amethyst Bracelet Sterling Silver 

Blue Nile Jewelry Review
Blue Nile Amethyst Bracelet Sterling Silver

Purple is the color of royalty. With that in mind, the Amethyst Bracelet Sterling Silver can add some queenliness to your wardrobe. Featuring minute oval amethyst gemstones framed in a knightly sterling silver chain, this beauty is for those who want to show off.

While this amethyst model is featured as a bestseller, customers can choose other gemstone designs such as blue topaz, garnet, peridot, and for some added fun, a gorgeous multi-gemstone option

This glitzy bracelet will catch anyone’s gaze from far away with its stunning design. The Amethyst Bracelet Sterling Silver is bound to be a conversation starter. Class and elegance is actually affordable in this case, as this model is marked down at $101.50, a 30% discount from the original $145 price tag. 

Bar Diamond Necklace

Blue Nile Jewelry Review
Blue Nile Bar Diamond Necklace

If you’re in the mood to get your hands on a bar of gold, but don’t want to rob a bank to do so, settle for Blue Nile’s Bar Diamond Necklace. While it doesn’t feature a giant brick sized gold bar as the pendant, it’s scaled down to a more wearable and exquisitely modest design with an added petite diamond as a minute detail. This 14K beauty comes in yellow or white gold

Blue Nile Jewelry Review
Blue Nile Bar Diamond Necklace

Oftentimes gold and diamond jewelry can be overpowering to wear, but this bar diamond necklace strikes the perfect balance of marvelous but minimal. Not only is this expressed in it’s design, but it’s price as well. Customers can purchase this Bar Diamond Necklace for $315, which is a relatively good price than the original $450 price tag. 

Diamond Solitaire Pendant

Blue Nile Jewelry Review
Blue Nile Diamond Solitaire Pendant

Each design and gemstone suits a distinct personality. If the Diamond Solitaire Pendant speaks to you, choosing it is your way of saying this is me. This is my style. Featuring a dainty diamond pendant hanging from a 14K white or yellow gold cable chain, this necklace is a reminder that beauty can be defined by the simplest of things. This necklace’s carat weight ranges from .25 to .75

Blue Nile Jewelry Review
Blue Nile Diamond Solitaire Pendant

With something so preciously petite, it’s best to pair this necklace with an open neckline top or an off shoulder dress for a romantic look. Actually, this Diamond Solitaire Pendant is perfect for the ideal Valentines day outfit. You can get this for $405, instead of its original retail price of $450

Garnet Cushion Cocktail Ring

Blue Nile Jewelry Review
Blue Nile Garnet Cushion Cocktail Ring

Maybe diamonds aren’t your best friend, but garnets are. The Garnet Cushion Cocktail Ring is a showstopper, featuring a large gemstone set into a 14k white gold band. Garnets signify love and success. With that kind of vibe, it’s hard not to seriously consider purchasing this piece. 

Blue Nile Jewelry Review

While the garnet model is a bestseller, there are other gemstones that customers can buy such as amethyst, aquamarine, black onyx, blue topaz, citrine, London blue topaz, opal and peridot. Ring sizes range from 4.5 to 7.5. For the Garnet gemstone ring, you can expect to pay $440, discounted from the original $550 price. 

Blue Nile Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Blue Nile Jewelry Review

This Blue Nile jewelry review found mixed customer experiences on the company website and on credible review sites. On Blue Nile’s customer rating page, there are positive reviews with customers commenting on good service, delivery, and quality of their jewelry collection. “They were very clean and sparkling. Love them? Would definitely purchase from them again,” Carol, a reviewer on Blue Nile, said. Blue Nile gets a 90% rating out of 166,938 reviews on their website. 

However, there are more concerning reviews on Trustpilot, where Blue Nile has a 2.7/5 star rating, with customers detailing poor customer service and issues with shipping. Some buyers experienced rude responses from Blue Nile representatives, with several back and forth calls on issues with delivery and refunds. Keep in mind though, that this rating comes from only 33 reviews.

As of recently, the Better Business Bureau lists 40 complaints related to Blue Nile. Issues of bad customer service continue with added complaints of poor quality gemstones breaking or falling off and issues with refunding orders. While this isn’t the greatest news, Blue Nile has a BBB rating of A+, which is very difficult to achieve. Perhaps the broken gemstones were manufacturer defects.

Is Blue Nile Jewelry Worth It?

Blue Nile Jewelry Review

This Blue Nile jewelry review loves the fact that Blue Nile Rings are ethically sourced, and that customers have an option to build their own custom rings and jewelry. There were some negative experiences reported (a little over 70 on TrustPilot and BBB together), but this is insignificant compared to over 166,000 positive reviews. The vast majority of customers love their jewelry.

Blue Nile is definitely a trustworthy brand, and though there’s a small chance you may have issues, it’s more likely that you’ll enjoy the jewelry. Are Blue Nile rings good quality? With the exception of what seems to have been manufacturer defects, yes. This Blue Nile jewelry review gives the company a thumbs up.

Blue Nile Promotions & Discounts 

This Blue Nile jewelry review found a few ways that customers can save money on their website. As of lately, there is a Blue Nile discount code, where buyers can input FALL2020 for a 20% discount when applied at checkout. Additionally, customers can enjoy $38 off when registering for a newsletter subscription. For this fall, there is a 30% Blue Nile sale on selected jewelry pieces.

Where to Buy Blue Nile Jewelry

Blue Nile Jewelry Review

Blue Nile rings and jewelry can be purchased through their website, In terms of a Blue Nile store, customers can makes their purchases in person at these retail locations (but not limited to):

  • Blue Nile New Orleans
  • Blue Nile Memphis
  • Blue Nile DC
  • Blue Nile Seattle


Blue Nile Ring Sizing

The company has a good information page on how to find the perfect ring size for your partner. Customers can order their free Blue Nile ring sizer, or take a look at their Blue Nile ring size chart, in which this Blue Nile jewelry review will provide:

Blue Nile Jewelry Review
Blue Nile Ring Size Chart

Blue Nile Credit Card

Blue Nile aims to take the stress away from jewelry shopping by offering the Blue Nile Credit Card. Through this Blue Nile financing program, it offers customers flexibility to pay over time. Benefits when signing up for this card include convenient payment options, no annual fee, and special access to cardmember only offers and promotions. There are three options to the Blue Nile Credit Card, which you can easily find on 

Blue Nile Shipping Policy

This Blue Nile jewelry review is happy to say that Blue Nile offers free shipping. There are 3 shipping methods: FedEx Ground for orders under $500; FedEx 2Day for orders $500-$1000; FedEx Priority Overnight for orders $1000 and over. There is also FedEx Priority Overnight with Saturday delivery, which is the only shipping method that is charged. 

Blue Nile ships internationally. For certain jewelry pieces, there is a list of expected shipping times on their website. Customers will receive a tracking number to locate where their packages are. 

Sales tax is only collected on orders within the United States. Purchases are packaged discreetly and securely, so you don’t need to sweat about giving away your surprise. Within each order there is an appraisal certificate and GIA diamond grading report. 

Blue Nile Return Policy

Blue Nile offers free returns, where customers can return and exchange items within 30 days of shipping. For items valued over $2,000, there are certain conditions in which some products are not eligible for return:

  • International returns
  • Non-USD currencies
  • Item(s) shipped over 30 days ago
  • Individual purchases over $2,000
  • Exchanges, repairs, or resizing
  • Items that became damaged or defective after delivery
  • Engraved items (rings excluded)

For items priced over $2000, customers are encouraged to contact Blue Nile’s customer service. The Blue Nile website has a portal and information page on how customers can process their returns. 

Contact Blue Nile  

If you have any questions that this Blue Nile jewelry review may have left out, you can contact the company through:

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Original Grain Watches Review

About Original Grain

Original Grain Watches Review

Original Grain is a San Diego-based watch company that crafts watches with wood and steel. ‘We make watches with materials that tell a story’–true to its tagline, every material used to craft an Original Grain watch has a story to tell and a journey to trace. From barrels that once stored bourbon to retired seats from stadiums, these watches–made mostly of sustainable, reclaimed, and repurposed materials–tell you the time while taking you back in time. 

The Original Grain watch company has been featured in more than 100 media outlets, including distinguished ones like Forbes, The Huffington Post, NBC News, Sports Illustrated, Los Angeles Times , and Business Insider. The brand has a substantial following in social media, with a whopping 175k followers on Instagram and 486k followers on Facebook. 

So what makes Original Grain tick? As part of my research for the Original Grain watches review, I combed through multiple media outlets’ content, surfed review websites, interacted with a couple of customers and read the fine print in the company’s website to help you decide if these watches are worth the buy, and if their stories hold promise.           

Overview of Original Grain

So, this is how it began: Two brothers, Ryan and Andrew Beltran, grew up playing in the woods in the stunning landscape of the Pacific Northwest, a region bound by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Rocky Mountains to the east. The brothers, now adults, wove the brown of the mountains and blue of the ocean to create time. Is this story for real? Literally, of course not! Figuratively, it works, I guess. 

Ryan and Andrew Beltran Original Grain Watches Review
Ryan and Andrew Beltran

The duo, noting the dearth of innovation in the watch industry, decided to create unique timepieces out of wood and steel. “It’s not really a timepiece, it’s a piece of time,” said Ryan in a promotional video. And that’s how Original Grain was born in 2013.   

Ryan and Andrew launched Original Grain via Kickstarter, becoming the third most successful fashion campaign in the crowdfunding company’s history by reaching their funding target in just 90 minutes! With its seamless fusion of sustainable hardwoods and stainless steel, Original Grain watches were an instant hit. 

It wasn’t just the uniqueness of the product itself that made these watches enduring. The bold stroke to use reclaimed wood was wind in their sales. Besides using reclaimed and sustainably sourced materials, Original Grain also uses reusable packaging and contributes to campaigns against destruction of forests, a topic this Original Grain watches review will elaborate on while delivering its final verdict.  

Original Grain Watches Review

In a wood watch, the makers incorporate wood materials on the straps or the case. The mechanism of the watch is still that of a conventional watch. The few watch companies like Original Grain that have forayed into this do it to promote sustainability. By using reclaimed wood, the wearer becomes an advocate of sorts for use of renewable sources that do not contribute to the destruction of forests.

Original Grain watches are assembled in China, while the exotic woods are reclaimed from valued scraps sourced from Africa, South America, China, Japan and the USA. The brand only uses wood that is either repurposed or certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council.    

With its unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, staunch support for sustainability and drive for authenticity, Original Grain pushes boundaries of what wood and steel can achieve. But what about quality? What don’t their stories tell? This Original Grain watch review will shed light on the pros and cons of these products based on Original Grain watch reviews and my research.


  • Made of reclaimed and sustainable materials 
  • Attractive packaging makes the watches highly giftable 
  • Sturdy construction with solid weight
  • Splash proof and high water resistance 
  • Simple to adjust date and time
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Easy returns


  • Immersion in water for extended period of time can affect quality of wood
  • Warranty does not cover water damage
  • Customers have reported loose clasps and breakage of straps
  • Returns are not free; return shipping label cost is deducted from the total refund/store credit amount 
Original Grain Watches Review

This Original Grain watches review will showcase some of the products rolled out by the company, so you can get a sense of what they’re all about. 

Fancy a whiff of whisky? Perhaps something milder, like wine. Or you could choose to tell a story instead. Original Grain offers an array of watches for men and women based on their choice of material type including Beer Barrel, Whiskey Barrel, Ash Wood, Mahogany, Baseball Bat Ash Wood, Koa Wood, Ebony, Rosewood, Sapele, Burlwood, Mahogany, Oak, Zebrawood, Blackwood, Bamboo, Driftwood, Birch, Horween Leather, Rawlings Leather, and Reclaimed Ammo Wood crates. Watches can also be selected by steel color: Espresso, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Black, Stonewashed, Brass.  

Dial sizes range from 43-47mm for men and 36-42mm for women. You can also choose your band style (Leather or Steel) and movement (Quartz or Automatic). Original Grain watches cost anywhere between $199 and $661. The company also offers accessories like waxed canvas roll, wooden bracelets, a variety of straps and kits.

As part of this Original Grain watches review, let’s now take a look at a selection of the brand’s bestsellers and see what makes them tick in a competitive watches market.             

Original Grain Men’s Watches Review 

Original Grain Watches Review

Original Grain men’s watches come in six styles. Here are the highlights for each:

  • Want something with elevated style and seamless functionality? The Alterra Chrono Collection is exactly that. Designed to withstand the adrenaline-rush of an outdoor adventure and a wild night out.
  • If you prefer something that’s aged to perfection and imbued with character, the Barrel Collection’s blend of old school and style is probably a better fit. Aged whiskey barrels give the sense of bygone eras.
  • The iconic Classic Collection is for the sophisticated tuxedoed gentlemen out there. The classiness of wood combined with the sleek nature of metal.
  • The Minimalist Collection is for those who want to be subtle in their luxury. Nothing showy, just gentleman, through and through.
  • The Grainmaster Collection comprises watches for all occasions and is distinct for its bold lines. Think striking pieces that make eyes wander.
  • The Pilot-Zulu Collection, inspired by the thrill of flight, is for adventure junkies. It’s about the attention to detail you’ll always find in the cockpit.  

Enough of the bird’s eye view. As promised, this Original Grain watches review will now swoop right in to scrutinize the company’s most iconic watches.    

Whiskey Espresso Barrel Watch

This Original Grain Whiskey Barrel Watch is distinct in its quality and craftsmanship. A favorite among the spirited, the Whiskey Espresso Barrel Watch comes in two case sizes, 43mm and 46mm. While the inlay is made of wood chipped off of repurposed American Oak Bourbon barrels, the Espresso plated-steel strap is solid and stainless. 

You can forgo the sheen of steel and settle for a more subtle leather strap as well. Encased in mineral crystal, this Original Grain watch is perfect for men who have a penchant for large dials and those who don’t shy from making a statement. Flex that wrist and show the world your drink of choice.

Pump that fist and show people you care about the environment with the Whiskey Espresso Barrel Watch, priced between $399 and $439

Rosewood Black Classic Watch

With its distinctive rich hues, this Original Grain Rosewood Watch is embellished with dark timber from Africa and India that emanates a fragrance and exudes elegance. This handcrafted icon is a timeless combination of natural elements of wood and steel. 

The Rosewood Black Classic Watch features a band in a black matte finish. The case size of this analog watch is 43mm, with hour markers made of wood or steel. Comfort and style are the driving force of customers who own this piece, available for $306.

Koa Stonewashed Minimalist Watch

Clean lines, simple design, and meticulous attention to detail is how customers describe this Original Grain Minimalist Watch. With its leather band, stonewall stainless steel clasp and inlay of Hawaiian Koa wood, this snap-on/push-pull is beautiful in its simplicity. Unlike other timepieces in this Original Grain watches review, this minimalist design does not include a date function. 

With a dial size of 40mm, the Koa Stonewashed Minimalist Watch is a favourite for those who prefer smaller dials. A review of this product will not be complete without a brief comment on the exotic wood that adorns it. Hawaiian Koa wood, used in ancient times to build canoes and sculpt images of gods, is considered one of the finest textured woods in the world.

If you find joy in little things and see beauty in simplicity, this could be a personal favorite (it’s mine). The Koa Stonewashed Minimalist Watch goes for $159, discounted from $266

Brewmaster Alterra Chrono Watch

The Brewmaster Alterra Chrono Watch is a conversation-starter. With a 44mm dial, strap, and case made of solid steel and a case thickness of 11.2mm, the attention it receives is justified. You can also choose between the more expensive bracelet in silver for $532 and the currently discounted strap on in brown for $279

Each Brewmaster Alterra Chrono Watch comes with a stopwatch timing system and a three-day date function, combining style and functionality. What makes this watch truly distinct is its embellishments with reclaimed German oak beer barrels

Original Grain Women’s Watches Review

This Original Grain watches review will get into how the brand styles timepieces for the ladies. Vintage luxury, mid-century simplicity, and à la mode influence and inspire designers at Original Grain while crafting watches for women. You can opt for wood, steel color, size, band style, and movement. 

This Original Grain watches review showcases the popular styles for women, and one might just catch your eye.

Koa Stonewashed Barrel Watch

The first thing that strikes me when I see this timepiece is harmony and the seamlessness with which natural elements blend. The light brown wood ensconced in stonewashed steel. The Koa Stonewashed Barrel Watch is available as a bracelet and strap on watch. 

With its 36mm dial, this analog watch is for women who want a more elegant and sleeker version of the original Original Grain Barrel watch. But for those who prefer the bulk, the 42mm dial is an option. The Koa model for women is priced between $372 and $439.

Mother of Pearl Barrel Watch

Popular among women as a gift, the Mother of Pearl Barrel Watch has no evident trace of wood but has all its characteristics, strength and resilience. The watch comes with a 36mm dial and stainless steel strap adorned with Mother of Pearl.     

My wife cried when she opened this gift,” according to a Original Grain watches review on the website. This is some seriously impressive (and emotional) praise. Get the Mother of Pearl Barrel Watch for yourself or a special someone for $372.

Rose Gold and Birch Bangle Watch

Enough with these mantras on simplicity, it’s time we brought in some bling! You can rep some glamor with Original Grain’s Rose Gold and Birch Bangle Watch. This elegant timepiece features a 32-mm dial, rose gold plated stainless steel band, Swarovski crystal bezel and traces of Golden Birch finished with a satin sheen. 

The Rose Gold and Birch Bangle Watch is elegant and lustrous with a delicate pink shade, without being over the top. Given its price, this model is accessibly priced at $266.

Ashwood Gold Avalon Watch

Graceful and sleek, the Ashwood Gold Avalon Watch integrates nature with a unique brand of chic. The dial is 34mm in size and the hour markers are made of steel and wood. The gold stainless steel band and the inlay of sustainably sourced ash wood in the crown lends this watch an air of dignity and earns the wearer respect.

The Ashwood Gold Avalon Watch combines the gentle earth vibe of ash wood with a golden lustre that emanates an almost royal sophistication (gold, after all, is the precious metal of kings and queens). This upscale timepiece is priced at $151, discounted from $252.

Original Grain Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Original Grain Watches Review

Customer response to Original Grain watches have been mostly positive. The pricing and attractive packaging make Original Grain watches a popular gift among customers. These watches are also rated highly for their durability and style, credited to the right balance of wood and steel. 

They look even better in person so if you like the style and want a wood watch, go for it,” vouches a reviewer on Original Grain watches Amazon, who owns a green sandalwood Original Grain watch. However, in the end, it all comes down to a person’s personal taste, preference and budget.  

As with any brand with a range of choices, reviews for some of the products are not particularly positive. In a review on Original Grain watch Amazon, a reviewer posted, “Beautiful watch. Love the look. But the quality of watch is very poor,” a view shared by a section of customers who felt some of the products didn’t match up to the brand’s lofty promises on its website. 

A couple of customers complained about flimsy clasps. A reviewer on Amazon described an embarrassing moment when his wife opened the Original Grain gift watch package excitedly, only to find the second hand of her Rosewood Silver steel watch had dropped!

Are Original Grain Watches Worth It?

Original Grain Watches Review

I wouldn’t call myself a Watch snob, but, yes, you could call me a skeptic. I share a couple of  reviewers’ apprehension about the durability of wood when exposed to different climes. Will rosewood from the tropics survive the harsh winters of the Arctic? This being said, I would still fish out some bills to own a piece of Original Grain. But, why? 

The concept of sustainability is exciting and I’m all for it. Most sustainable solutions come with compromised style. Original Grain watches have struck a balance between the two and it’s for all to see. Besides, most people who buy an Original Grain watch don’t seem to stop at one. Now that must mean something.

Want my verdict? A sure yes. The price may be on the slightly steeper side, but I think it’s a small price to pay to support the environment. Besides reusing materials, Original Grain also allocates its profits towards planting more trees. Win win for customers and trees, which we need for producing oxygen and to live. Just saying.     

Original Grain Promotions & Discounts 

You can get $45 credited to your Original Grain account if you refer a friend, who will in turn get $45 off on their first order of $200+. You will get $45 for each successful referral.  

Original Grain Watches Review

Where to Buy Original Grain Watches

All Original Grain watches and accessories can be purchased through You can also see the models and order via their Instagram account.

Original Grain is also available on Amazon or find new and used Original Grain watches on eBay. However, the warranty policy on these websites may be different from that of watches purchased on the official site.


Original Grain Shipping Policy

 All Original Grain orders shipped in the United States are sent via FedEx or USPS; or a combination thereof.

Delivery ServiceCostDelivery Time
FedEx Smart PostFree5-9 Business Days
USPS Priority$5.99 USD3-5 Business Days
FedEx 2-day$19.00 USD2 Business Days, no weekend delivery
FedEx Overnight$40.00 USD1 Business Day, no weekend delivery
Original Grain US Delivery Services

Original Grain orders delivered outside the United States will take anywhere from 5-30 business days to arrive from the date the order is shipped.

All customs, taxes, import duties, or any additional charges by the local government are the responsibility of the recipient. 

Original Grain Return Policy

If you’re unsatisfied with an Original Grain product, customers can return products for a refund to the original method of payment within 14 days of delivery or returned for an exchange/store credit within 30 days (subject to price differences).

If purchased from an authorized retailer, customers will have to refer to their Return Policies as Original Grain does not accept returns for refunds purchased from other locations. Returned items must include their original packaging. Exchange will not be accepted if:

  • The item is marked Final Sale on the site
  • It has been worn or taken out of original protective plastic
  • Customers have attempted to reassemble a broken watch 
  • Watch is broken due to wear and tear
  • The product is a free promotional item (such as a bracelet or keychain)
  • Product is engraved or customized in any way

While Original Grain provides a return shipping label, the return shipping label cost is deducted from the total refund/store credit amount. Refer to the website for international and domestic returns processes. All international return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. 

Contact Original Grain

Original Grain currently does not offer phone support, so there is no Original Grain phone number You can reach the company via email anytime by sending your queries to [email protected].

Original Grain also offers live chat on its website from Mon – Fri 9am to 5pm PST. You can also write to the company by sending a postal mail to: 

Original Grain

1205 J ST #J

San Diego, CA 92101

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Filippo Loreti

Watch Gang

Reviews Accessories

Fashionphile Review

About Fashionphile

Fashionphile Review

Fashionphile makes pre-owned designer handbags, accessories, watches, and jewelry accessible to women. The designer retailer makes it easy to shop, sell and repeat. Fashionphile has 172k loyal followers on Instagram who stand behind the brand. According to Geoffro van Raemdonck, the CEO of the Neiman Marcus Group, “Fashionphile’s hyper-focus on curating high-quality supply and providing best-in-class shopping experiences makes it the ideal partner.” 

This Fashionphile review will take an in-depth look at the brand highlights from its collection, customer ratings, promotions and more, to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. 

Overview of Fashionphile

Fashionphile Review

Fashionphile was the first ultra-luxury re-commerce brand of its kind and was started by Founder and President Sarah Davis in 1999. The brand has experienced a successful 20+ year journey. They’re the exclusive re-commerce partner of Neiman Marcus and the world’s top reseller of pre-owned luxury goods.  

At Fashionphile, the team believes that luxury goods shouldn’t be hard to access or out of reach because of their monetary value. You don’t have to be well-off to afford Gucci, Chanel, and Louis V. Can I get an amen? Authenticity is a top priority, and they’re committed to making the business of buying and reselling enjoyable. 

Fashionphile Review

Fashionphile is headquartered in Carlsbad, California with brick-and-mortar locations in Beverly Hills, San Francisco, New York City and Carlsbad, California. If you’re looking for the highlights of this Fashionphile review, check out these pros and cons: 


  • Wide selection of handbags, accessories, and jewelry for women
  • Lengthy list of available designers
  • Customers can engage as buyers and resellers
  • Many customers reported being happy with their products
  • Free UPS Pick Up provided for resellers in the US
  • International shipping available


  • Very negative reviews on customer service and reports that the resale procedures were difficult to navigate

Selling With Fashionphile

Fashionphile Review

When it comes to selling, Fashionphile cares about your trust. They provide competitive offers and realistic prices. The process is simple:

  1. Submit individual items you wish to sell
  2. Fashionphile will email you a price quote
  3. Print your complimentary shipping label or schedule a free UPS Pick-Up to send Fashionphile your items
  4. You will be paid by direct deposit, store credit, Neiman Marcus gift card, or check the next business day after the team receives and authenticates your times 

Fashionphile covers a lot of bases and they do it well, from designer handbags, accessories, jewellery and watches, you’re likely to find what you came looking for. This Fashionphile review will showcase a selection of the most popular brands that the company carries. 

Fashionphile Handbags Review

Fashionphile Review

Fashionphile handbags come in a ton of styles, some hot and trendy, while other items are timeless investment pieces. Backpacks, belt bags, evening bags, crossbody bags, handbags, professional bags, shoulder bags, totes, travel and luggage or wallet style—there’s a seriously tempting variety. This Fashionphile review will take a look at some of their most coveted arm candy.

Fendi Calfskin Romano Iconic Camel 

Fashionphile Review
Fendi Calfskin Romano Iconic Camel

The Fendi Calfskin Romano Iconic Camel is oh so elegant. Look at the rich detail of the grained calfskin leather. This comes from the hand stitching. This Fendi bag features a polished silver turn lock and a utilitarian leather top handle. You have styling options with this beauty—hold it in your hand, display on your arm, or use the cross-body shoulder strap

Fashionphile Review
Fendi Calfskin Romano Iconic Camel

This is the kind of timeless handbag to go for if your heart is set on something that will never go out of style. Fendi Calfskin Romano Iconic Camel is medium-sized with an interior of beige leather and suede, so you can fit what you need for the day without stuffing it. This Fendi piece is in very good condition, with an estimated retail price of $4,850, offered for $1,600. 

Christian Dior Lambskin Cannage Lady Dior Blue

Fashionphile Review
Christian Dior Lambskin Cannage Lady Dior Blue

Who else gets butterflies when they think of Dior? The Christian Dior Lambskin Cannage Lady Dior Blue comes in such a dreamy shade. It’s striking sky blue color is softened by the geometric quilting details that make it look so luxe. The lambskin leather tote has a subtle shine to it, with versatile top handles and an optional shoulder strap, featuring ring links and a glam Dior letter charm.

Fashionphile Review
Christian Dior Lambskin Cannage Lady Dior Blue

This lovely large-sized Dior bag is in very good condition and made for ladies who want to stand out with a pop of color. The interior is patterned with Dior monogram jacquard fabric with a zip closure. The Christian Dior Lambskin Cannage Lady Dior Blue costs $1,755 marked down from an estimated retail price of $5,000. 

Fashionphile Accessories Review

Fashionphile Review

Fashionphile never underestimates the power of accessories. They carry a huge selection of  agendas, bag charms, belts, cosmetic cases, extra straps, gloves, hair accessories, household items, key rings, luggage tags, pets accessories, phone and tablet cases, pins and brooches, pouches, scarves, shoes, sunglasses, t-shirts and wallets. This Fashionphile review will showcase a few of their top selling accents. Spoiler alert: prepare yourself for some divine Chanel and Louis V.

Chanel Square CC Tortoise Sunglasses 

Fashionphile Review
Chanel Square CC Tortoise Sunglasses

Channel the glam vibes of Rodeo Drive with iconic oversized Chanel shades. This Fashionphile Chanel piece is made for shopping the strip and beach vacations. These bold Chanel Square CC Tortoise Sunglasses are in excellent condition, so basically like new. 

A tortoise shell brown frame, squared rims, and lenses with an amber tint is a knock out combination. The arms feature the Chanel CC logo in gold. These sunnies can go from casual to glamorous in one outfit change. The Chanel Square CC Tortoise Sunglasses come with a box and pouch for $295, with an estimated retail price of $445.

Louis Vuitton Multicolor Zippy Coin Purse 

Fashionphile Review
Louis Vuitton Multicolor Zippy Coin Purse

This Fashionphile Louis Vuitton coin purse makes a statement with its rainbow monogram pattern against a black leather backdrop. The Louis Vuitton Multicolor Zippy Coin Purse has a bright pink interior with card compartments. It’s a fun and flirty accent piece to hold your essentials, made in Paris, the city of love.  

The Louis Vuitton Multicolor Zippy Coin Purse is in very good condition with a retail value of $705, available for $650. It comes with a box and dust bag. 

Fashionphile Jewelry Review

If you’re a jewellery lover, Fashionphile has you covered. You can treat yourself to bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings. This Fashionphile review will highlight a few sought-after pieces.

Tiffany Platinum Blue Sapphire Elsa Peretti Bracelet

Fashionphile Review
Tiffany Platinum Blue Sapphire Elsa Peretti Bracelet

Think Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the elegance of Holly Golightly, and this Elsa Peretti bracelet is right where it belongs. The Tiffany Platinum Blue Sapphire Elsa Peretti Bracelet is exquisite in its originality and simplicity. The platinum bracelet features a delicate chain with five bezel set blue sapphires. It’s so charming, I’m in love.

The Tiffany Platinum Blue Sapphire Elsa Peretti Bracelet is in very good condition. You can own this stunning piece for $1,550 (retail price $2,700), with a box and case included. 

Gucci 18K Rose Gold Diamantissima GG Drop Earrings

Fashionphile Review
Gucci 18K Rose Gold Diamantissima GG Drop Earrings

These Gucci drop earrings are dramatic and alluring. The teardrop pendants are 18 karat rose gold. The GG logo accents will remind you that you’re repping Gucci whenever you wear them. I’m picturing these dazzling Gucci 18K Rose Gold Diamantissima GG Drop Earrings with a sexy little black dress or a red jumpsuit with an open back. 

The Gucci 18K Rose Gold Diamantissima GG Drop Earrings are in excellent condition. These darlings come with a pouch for $495 with an estimated retail value of $650

Fashionphile Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Fashionphile Review

We turned to TrustPilot in our Fashionphile review to get the scoop on what customers think. The results were not good: out of 79 reviews, the majority of reviews were poor with an average of 2.6/5 stars. Customers had trouble with the website and the app while trying to reserve their items and experienced inconsistencies with the authentication team. 

One customer said that Fashionphile was the worst customer service they had ever received and that they spent long periods of time on the phone or waiting to receive their package. The company has the same 2.6/5 star rating on Sitejabber out of 58 reviews, with almost all negative feedback relating to customer service.

Some good news in this Fashionphile review: there are definitely happy customers out there as well. Many reviewers through Neiman Marcus had a great experience with the service and the products they bought. In contrast to the unhappy customers, they found the site easy to navigate and felt the team was up front about the products. The shipping process was seamless and they were very satisfied with the condition of their items. It appears that the answer to, is Fashionphile legit? Is a definite yes.

Is Fashionphile Worth It?

Fashionphile Review

Fashionphile offers a trustworthy means of acquiring designer items at accessible prices. While there are definitely troubling reports about customer service, the items you buy will be authentic. We give Fashionphile a thumbs up, just be aware that the service isn’t perfect and that you may experience some issues.

Before you commit to Fashionphile, make sure you can navigate the website. Read all the information Fashionphile provides you with for each item so you know exactly what you’re getting. Or if you’re looking to sell, make sure you thoroughly understand the process to save you potential stress with customer service.

Fashionphile Promotions & Discounts 

We looked into whether Fashionphile had any promotions or discounts in our Fashionphile review. By sharing your email address with Fashionphile, you get access to exclusive discounts and sales. My search didn’t turn up a Fashionphile promo code, but keep checking their site and social media for a new deal.

Fashionphile Review

Buy & Sell Fashionphile

According to our Fashionphile review, the company has in-store locations including Fashionphile Newport Beach, Fashionphile Beverly Hills, and Fashionphile Carlsbad. You can also shop at their online store, and through Fashionphile eBay. 


Fashionphile Designers

Fashionphile designers include Alaia, Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, Audemars Piguet, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Breguet, Breitling, Bulgari, Burberry, Cartier, Celine, Chanel, Chloe, Chopard, Christian Dior, Christian Louboutin, Damiani, David Yurmin, Delvaux Dolce Gabbana, Fashionphile SWAG, Fendi, Franck Muller, Givenchy, Goyard, Gucci, Harry Winston, Hermes, IWC, Jimmy Choo, John Hardy, Judith Leiber, Lanvin, Loewe, Luis Vuitton, MCM, Mansur Gavriel, Marc Jacobs, Mikimoto, Miu Miu, Mulberry, Nancy Gonzalez, Oliver Peoples, Omega, Panerai, Patek Phillipe, Phillip Lim, Prada, Proenze Schouler, Rolex, Stella McCartney, Tiffany, Tom Ford, Vacheron Constantin, Valentino, Van Cleef & Arpels, Versace and Yves Saint Laurent.  

Fashionphile Shipping Policy

Fashionphile ships almost everywhere, with the exception of countries with strict customs policies for luxury items. Fashionphile offers free insured domestic shipping in the Continental US for selling and returning items. Products purchased outside of the continental US such as Alaska or Hawaii must have a minimum of $1000 in quoted value to be eligible to print a free shipping label. Fashionphile offers UPS or FedEX.

  • Orders are generally shipped within 1-2 business says and you will receive an estimated delivery date at checkout 
  • Orders placed after 12:00PM (Pacific Time) will ship the next business day
  • Order changes cannot be made once the and tracking number has been released 
  • All orders require a signature unless you wish to waive the signature requirement for orders under $500 
  • Orders with multiple items from different Fashionphile locations may ship separately
  • Customers are responsible for any customs fees and duties

Fashionphile Return Policy

We looked into Fashionphile returns and found that the company accepts returns within 30 days of the purchase date. If eligible, the item will be considered for the Fashionphile buyback program. To receive a full refund, you must attach the Fashionphile authenticity tag and pink return tag. 

Returned items must be in the same condition with all of the extras, such as box, included. If items are not in the same condition when returned, they will not be eligible for a return. The team is expertly trained to look for wear or damage. Refunds are processed in 2-4 business days

Fashionphile offers free and insured UPS Standard Ground shipping labels for all domestic returns within 30 days of the purchase date. You can access your shipping label when you initiate a return from your account purchase history. International shipping is the responsibility of the customer. 

  • Click on the “My purchases” tab
  • Find the order you wish to return
  • Click “Return an Item”
  • Complete the required information
  • Click “Submit”
  • Print your shipping label

Contact Fashionphile

If you have more questions after this Fashionphile review, message the team using the contact page on their website or call 844-619-8902 from Monday to Friday between 7 AM- 5 PM PST.

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Watch Gang Subscription Review

About Watch Gang

Watch Gang is what you get when you cross the subscription model popular among clothing and grooming brands with the need to stylishly know the time. The brand has received praise in a number of popular news outlets the likes of Esquire, BuzzFeed, Ask Men, Men’s Health, and we can’t forget the LA Times. When you line it all up, they’ve received a lot of praise for their luxurious take on the subscription box. 

Watch Gang Subscription Review

This Watch Gang subscription review will look past the magazines at what the customers are saying as well as a selection of products and prices. By the end, hopefully you’ll be able to decide if Watch Gang is right for you.

Overview of Watch Gang 

Matthew Gallagher founded Watch Gang in 2016 with the goal of introducing the uninitiated into the great watch world and giving veterans the opportunity of increasing their collection. Gallagher had always enjoyed watches but he saw them as a way to accessorize an outfit, devoid of their own real emotional significance. Then his father, who sadly passed away, willed him a 1953 Rolex. It instantly became a cherished heirloom.

The goal of Watch Gang is to let others develop relationships with their watches similarly to Gallagher, as either prized possessions or accessories to enjoy. Watch Gang sends its subscribers new watches monthly for as many months as they want. They want to mimic that surprise that Gallagher felt when receiving the Rolex that meant so much to him, so the watch you receive each month is a mystery.

Watch Gang Subscription Review

In addition, they offer 5 weekly giveaways live on the Watch Gang Facebook and Instagram where you can receive a watch or subscription for free. This Watch Gang subscription review will be tuning in for Rolex Fridays

The Los Angeles-based company has grown in popularity, shipping across the world. They offer tiers of subscription with the more expensive options giving you the chance to receive more high end watches. Watch Gang guarantees the watches you receive are valued higher than the monthly subscription fee. 

Watch Gang also offers two other purchase options: the Wheel of Watches and the Member Store. The former is essentially a Watch roulette wheel. You buy points, select a handful of watches from different tiers, and then take a spin to see which one you get. The latter is a straightforward store but you have to be a member to access it.

Watch Gang Subscription Review

Let’s look at the highlights of this Watch Gang subscription review:


  • Easy to increase your watch options
  • You get to keep all the watches, which is not a given in the watch subscription world
  • Can receive a watch valued far higher than what you pay
  • Exposes you to a wide range of watch styles and brands
  • Ships worldwide
  • Other purchasing options if you prefer more control
  • Shipping receives positive reviews


  • Thanks to the mystery element, it could be seen as a steep price to pay for something you might not like
  • The Watch Gang Reddit community raises a number of question marks over the valuations
  • International shipping can be very costly
  • No returns or refunds if you don’t like a watch
  • No sizing options so those with very large or very small wrists will have to have them resized

How Does Watch Gang Work?

Watch Gang Subscription Review

Once you’ve signed up for Watch Gang, you can choose between the Original, Black, or Platinum subscription tiers. You sign up for automatically renewing month-to-month payment or you can prepay for either 3, 6, or 12 months with progressive discounts. You’ll receive a first watch shipped within 3 days and then you fall into the usual pattern of having your watch shipped by the 16th of every month. 

Watch Gang Watches

So what can you expect with Watch Gang? Well, a lot. This Watch Gang subscription review will take a look at just a selection of the watches you might find in the coming months and some you might win in a giveaway if you’re lucky.

  • Martenero Edgemere Reserve
  • Fortuna Michael
  • Dreyfuss & Co 1890 Rose Gold
  • Tag Heuer Autavia
  • Rolex GMT Master II

Martenero Edgemere Reserve

Watch Gang Subscription Review
Martenero Edgemere Reserve
Watch Gang Platinum Tier

The Martenero Edgemere Reserve in the white-blue color scheme can be found in the Platinum Tier subscription. We’re really putting our best foot forward here, as this Watch Gang subscription review loves this watch. It has a very nautical theme, which makes sense–it’s inspired by the marine chronometer. 

The red band of the Watch Gang Martenero Edgemere Reserve is understated compared to some of the larger, shiny metal bands but the bold color still gives it a pop. The watch face manages to pack in hour markers, minute markers, a 24-hour subdial, and a date window while still maintaining a clean look, thanks to a deep blue and white color scheme with subtle red and blue accent colors.

On the Martnero site, it sells for $695, although Watch Gang gets their valuations from the best available non-sale retail price. If it shows up in your Platinum Tier subscription it’ll cost $300. Ahoy! There are some good savings yonder starboard.

Fortuna Michael

Watch Gang Subscription Review
Fortuna Michael
Watch Gang Black Tier

Available in the Black Tier subscription, the Fortuna Michael is part of Fortuna’s Taurus series. The sporty and stylish features a black face accented by a stainless steel case with white lettering and stitching. The band is handmade calfskin leather while the glass over the face is reflection-resistant. It can look a bit busy, but that’s part of the look, and the numerals stand out to keep it practical.

The German-made watch retails for €249 on Fortuna’s site. No conversion is necessary to see the savings of finding it in the $100 Black Tier subscription. It’s a strong deal for a versatile watch that suits both casual and dressy settings.

Dreyfuss & Co 1890 Rose Gold

Watch Gang Subscription Review
Dreyfuss & Co 1890 Men’s Rose Gold
Watch Gang Platinum Tier

The Watch Gang Dreyfuss & Co 1890 Men’s Rose Gold gets more and more elegant the closer you get. The handmade Swiss watch features a leather strap differentiated by the intricacies of a crocodile pattern. It’s very nice but the eye is sooner drawn to the dial. A simplistic look becomes quite sophisticated with the silver-white face and the rose gold adornments. From the case to the hands to the numeral-less markers, the rose gold contains a variety of angles so parts catch the light while others wait their turn in the shadows.

The date marker gives it a nice touch of simple practicality and the Dreyfuss & Co label and minute dashes in are there without drawing too much attention. It’s close to the upper end of the Platinum Tier price range at $1,100, so if you have the fortune of finding it in your Platinum delivery, you’ll be saving around $800.

Tag Heuer Autavia

Watch Gang Subscription Review
Tag Heuer Autavia
Watch Gang Tag Tuesday

The Autavia Collection is Tag Heuer’s oldest, and they say their most precise as well. It has to be, as it got its start in the cockpits of airplanes and cars. The brown leather strap with white stitching dresses down the sleek black dial and silver case. To better help those pilots, the numerals are prominent on the edge with easily noticed hands rotating around atop three handy subdials.

Speaking of flying high, the winner of the Tag Tuesday Giveaway will be too. This edition of the Tag Heuer Autavia is the prize for the August 25, 2020 edition of the weekly draw. It is possible to receive Tag watches in the Platinum Tier subscription, but for a collection that retails for around $4,000 on the Tag Heuer site, this one is going to be exclusive to the giveaway. Fingers crossed!

Rolex GMT Master II

We’ve saved the Rolex GMT Master II for last in this Watch Gang subscription review. Rolex calls it the cosmopolitan watch and for good reason. It features a 24-hour dial and the ability to track two time zones at once. It was originally designed in 1955 for those who had to frequently travel back and forth across different time zones. The blue-red split is there to designate night-time and daytime. 

While you can get it in different colors today, the classic provides a nice touch of color around the edge so this Watch Gang subscription review is thrilled they’ve opted for the original. This is the Rolex available for the August 28, 2020 Rolex Friday Giveaway. The models rotate so it will be a different Rolex next week. At just shy of $35,000, you won’t find it in a box but only in the Friday lottery. 

Watch Gang Pricing

Watch Gang Subscription Review

So how much is Watch Gang? The three tiers are priced as follows:

  • Original Tier ($50/month)
  • Black Tier ($100/month)
  • Platinum Tier ($300/month)

There are progressive discounts for prepaying for either 3, 6, or 9 months. If you’re an international customer, keep in mind some discounts may not apply due to increased shipping costs.

Watch Gang says every watch you receive retails for at least the fee of your monthly subscription but can be far higher. Watches in the Original Tier range from $50-$150 and are great for the beginning collector and everyday wear. The Black Tier ranges from $100-$500 made up of affordable luxury watches great for everyday wear. 

The Platinum Tier is Watch Gang’s high end subscription ranging in value from $300-$1500, comprising premium watches that you can wear everyday and for special occasions. Those more expensive ones are rare, but exciting to get. Enough to make this Watch Gang subscription review’s day.

Watch Gang Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Watch Gang Subscription Review

This Watch Gang subscription review took a look at some of the pieces Watch Gang advertises as coming soon. Clearly, there are some good deals to be had. Those making a Watch Gang review on their site and in popular news outlets praise the variety of watches, the introductions to brands they didn’t know, and the fun and ease of building a collection. However, there are concerns too.

Reddit has some heated debates on the question is Watch Gang legit? Some users have been critical of the value of Watch Gang watches. While you can get watches like the ones featured here, it is far more common to receive watches closer to the base subscription price. Some Reddit users even suggest Watch Gang watches come in under value. Users say they work around it by using fancy valuation tricks to be able to say watches have a higher value than they do. Watch Gang denies this and gives their methods of valuation in their FAQs.  

A lot of the issues, it seems in Watch Gang’s view, is people looking at old valuations, offers on eBay, or sales that don’t reflect market value. This seems to be more of an issue at the Original Tier where the lower end of the price range represents a fairly cheap watch in the grand scheme of things, so there are more quality issues than at other tiers. There is also no ability to give your size for Watch Gang though watch sizes are adjustable and fit most people close to the average.

This Watch Gang subscription review gives them credit for having more positive reviews of the shipping than negative. This is quite rare for subscription boxes as good shipping largely goes unnoticed, while bad is instantly brought up, so good on Watch Gang for this.

Is Watch Gang Worth It?

Watch Gang Subscription Review

We’ll be honest in this Watch Gang subscription review. Watch Gang seems to maybe not be as great for the beginner as it wants to be. The complaints regarding quality and value at that level are a touch worrying and it might not be the best idea to make a sizeable investment to buy a bunch of something you’re just getting used to. Also, if you’re picky, receiving watches at random might not be the best option for you. 

On the other hand, if you’re a lover of watches or certain you want to be, Watch Gang does give you a fun way to quickly build up your collection and get what seems to be more often than not good value. Basically, a Watch Gang Black or Watch Gang Platinum review would be more positive than a Watch Gang Original one. For the watch connoisseur, aspiring or fully fledged, it looks like a worthy investment.

Watch Gang Promotions & Discounts 

Watch Gang offers a 20% discount for your first watch at the Black Tier. If you’re sure you want more months too, you can get more discounts for prepaying.

Watch Gang Subscription Review

Watch Gang Sign Up

If you’re sold on Watch Gang, follow these steps to get your subscription going:

  1. Scroll down to the Let’s Get Started section on the homepage of
  2. Enter your name and email
  3. Fill out a quick survey to give an idea of your tastes
  4. Choose a subscription
  5. Enter your shipping and payment deals
  6. Receive your watches!


How to Cancel Watch Gang

To cancel your subscription, send an email to [email protected], via the Manage My Subscription form, or reach out via the Live Chat function during operating hours. 

Cancellations have to be done before the 8th of each month or that month will be shipped. Also, prepaid subscriptions will not be refunded but instead be transferred into points for the Wheel of Watches or Member Store.

Watch Gang Shipping Policy

Watch Gang ships all subscriptions by the 16th of each month. US shipping (5-7 business days) is a flat $9.82. Canadian shipping is $14.82. UK is $19.82 and everywhere else is $34.82. This does not include duties. This Watch Gang subscription review notes that there is no option for expedited shipping and international shipping timelines vary.

Watch Gang Return Policy

As a surprise subscription box, there are no returns or Watch Gang exchanges if you don’t like your watch. If it is damaged upon delivery, you can contact them to find a solution.

Contact Watch Gang  

You can contact Watch Gang at [email protected], by contact form on the site, or by leaving a message through the Contact Us button at the top right of the Help Centre. Operating hours are Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm PST and Friday 9am-3pm PST.

If you’re thinking that Watch Gang isn’t for you, check out these affordable luxury time pieces:



Filippo Loreti

Reviews Accessories Clothes

Mytheresa Clothing Review

About Mytheresa

Mytheresa is a luxury fashion retailer that mainly operates as an e-commerce brand. The company is known for its expansive collection of high end designer brands including Gucci, Balenciaga, Jimmy Choo and many more. With a following of over 1.2 million on Instagram, Mytheresa has gained fame through its fashion forward brand.

This Mytheresa clothing review will give you the scoop of how they work, their clothing collection, customers ratings, and more to help you decide if shopping at this luxury outlet is the right fit for you. 

Mytheresa clothing review

Overview of Mytheresa

It’s only natural that luxury clothing brands are born in the most fashion forward cities. Founded in 2006 by Christoph and Susanne Botschen, Mytheresa opened its doors to the public in Munich. Their operations began as the Mytheresa online store, a website version of the already acclaimed Mytheresa boutique in Germany, with their offices right above the boutique.

From there, the company started to expand, employing over 700 workers, and being bought by the Neiman Marcus Group in 2014. Soon after, they expanded into collections for men and kids. 

Mytheresa clothing review

“(Mytheresa) are always focused on the pulse of fashion, attending fashion shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris each season to ensure that our customers always get access to the newest trends and styles.” 

With their headquarters located in their homeland, Munich, Mytheresa continues to expand it’s selection of today’s top designers. The brand encompasses over 250 of international fashion designers with 1,200 new arrivals made available every week. 

Mytheresa clothing review

Before this Mytheresa clothing review gets started in it’s assessment of the brand, let’s look over some initial pros and cons:


  • Expansive collection for men, women, and children
  • Over 250 fashion designers to choose from
  • Something new every week with 1,200 clothing and accessory arrivals coming in 
  • Delivery within 2 business days 
  • Free returns within 30 days 
  • Select exclusive collections are only available at Mytheresa 


  • Pricier than other luxury high end retailers 
  • A split 50/50 on customer reviews 

Mytheresa Women

Mytheresa Clothing Review

Mytheresa makes sure that whatever scenario you’re getting ready for, you’ll be the one best dressed. Their categories for women include dresses, tops, knitwear, jackets, coats, suits, pants, skirts, denim, shorts, jumpsuits, beachwear, activewear and even skiwear. Customers can choose to shop by designer or exclusive style. There are multiple fashion styles, ranging from casual business, streetwear, cocktail party to many more. 

For this Mytheresa clothing review, I’ll showcase some bestsellers from clothing to accessories. All of the prices listed on the company website are in pounds, but for the purposes of this review, they’re converted into USD currency. 

Isabel Marant Nominic High Rise Jeans

Mytheresa clothing review
Isabel Marant Nominic High Rise Jeans

Because high rise jeans exist, it’s hard to believe that low rise jeans were ever popular. This style of jean defines your waistline with it’s high rise fit, as it hugs your curves the way you want it to. The Isabel Marant Nominic High Rise Jeans gives you the illusion of longer legs, a shorter torso and the suggestion of the classic hourglass figure. I know, amazing what just the right pair of jeans can do for your figure. 

Mytheresa Isabel Marant brings forth Parisian elegance with these high rise jeans, giving off a slim and sophisticated silhouette. Marant is known for updating and reinventing French fashion classics into more modernized pieces. Made out of 100% cotton, this pant is featured in faded black denim, giving a subtle punk rock feel to them.

The best way to wear these high rise jeans is to tuck a basic graphic tee into them and pair with a cute ankle boot for a finishing look. If you’re not into graphic tees, get creative! Rock these flattering Isabel Marant Nominic High Rise Jeans for $340

See By Chloé Mara Mini Suede Shoulder Bag 

Mytheresa Clothing Review
See By Chloé Mara Mini Suede Shoulder Bag

I think that every lady reading this Mytheresa clothing review should at least invest in one good quality bag. You carry it wherever you go, use it to store your phone, wallet and other important necessities. The stunning See By Chloé Mara Mini Suede Shoulder Bag features a chocolate brown leather flap with a burgundy wine suede. The lining and chain of the bag is gold plated, with a complimentary leather strip on the bag’s strap so the chains don’t dig into your shoulder

This Chloé bag is held together by a magnetic fastening, which makes it easy to open and snap shut. For easy access, there’s a front pocket under the flap to put your phone, airline tickets, or a sneaky cookie in.

While a piece like the See By Chloé Mara Mini Suede Shoulder bag can effortlessly be paired with any outfit, try wearing it with a ruffle summer dress and a wide brimmed hat for a more ethereal look. Buy this burgundy bag beauty for $333

Gucci Strawberry Drop Earrings

Mytheresa Clothing Review
Gucci Strawberry Drop Earrings

If you want to look absolutely overdressed wearing the Gucci Strawberry Drop Earrings at your next family berry picking, there’s no shame- at least you’ll be the most fashionable person there.

These highly embellished crystal drop earrings feature the iconic interlocking double Gs with a quaint bejeweled strawberry with a gold leaf on top. The earring is complete with a cascading fringe of crystals if there wasn’t enough bling already. 

Mytheresa clothing review
Gucci Strawberry Drop Earrings

These Strawberry earrings are begging to be worn at your friend’s wedding reception or your next high tea ceremony. Imagine wearing these while eating strawberry themed desserts bought at an adorable french patisserie.

If you really want to drive the berry theme home, pair the earrings with a girly pink dress and matching heeled sandals. Pick these Gucci Strawberry Drop Earrings, ripe for the harvest, for $430

Celine Eyewear Cat Eye Sunglasses

Mytheresa clothing review
Celine Eyewear Cat Eye Sunglasses

I’m getting some serious Audrey Hepburn vibes from the Celine Eyewear Cat Eye Sunglasses. Showcasing round cat eye lenses tinted dark green and framed with black acetate, these sunglasses seem to have walked out of the set of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. You can definitely give off the elegant and yet calculative personality of Holly Golightly. 

The glasses have a green tint to them, which helps reduce glare and sharpen visual contrast when you’re out in the glaring sun. Because of the thick black frame, it helps to even out the proportions on your face and gives the illusion of bigger eyes.

These cat eyed sunglasses come with an logo embossed case and a cleaning cloth. Look sharp and in charge with this Celine pair for $333

Mytheresa Men

Mytheresa clothing review

Mytheresa has men looking seriously dapper, with coats and jackets, knitwear, shirts, sweats, trousers, jeans, polo shirts, blazers, formal wear, shorts, activewear, nightwear and denim. Styles range from casual streetwear to business formal, with hundreds of designers to choose from.  

This Mytheresa clothing review will highlight some best selling pieces for guys. The prices listed on the website are in pounds, and so for the purpose of this review for the men’s section, I will convert the prices to USD.

Moncler Cotton Jersey Trackpants

Mytheresa clothing review
Moncler Cotton Jersey Trackpants

The great thing about the athleisure trend is that you can give off the impression that you work out, without putting the actual effort in. The Moncler Cotton Jersey Trackpants is the perfect combo of chic and comfort. Made out of 100% cotton jersey, this pant comes in a smooth navy blue shade with stripes down the sides in Moncler’s signature colors red, white and blue.

For maximum comfort, these track pants include a drawstring waistband, elasticated cuffs and pockets back to front to slip your phone, wallet and keys in. For some added detail, there’s a petite Moncler logo embroidered on the back side of the pants.

Whether you want to run a mile or take a power nap, at least you’re doing it fashionably. Buy these stretchy and stylish Moncler Cotton Jersey Trackpants for $445

Tom Ford Reversible T Leather Belt 

Mytheresa clothing review
Tom Ford Reversible T Leather Belt

Not only are belts functional accessories to have in your closet, but they can add some major style points when fashioned properly. The Tom Ford Reversible T Leather Belt has your back (and your pants) with its thick, grained leather band and a golden T buckle to hold everything together.

You’re actually getting 2 belts for the price of one. Since it’s reversible, you can either opt for the brown leather, or the standard black leather. No more reaching into your closet to find either when you can just easily flip it around. 

Because this belt has such a simplistic design, it goes with almost anything. Go business casual by pairing it with a camel tone dress pant, a houndstooth blazer, and a cappuccino brown turtleneck. Or, to wear it more casually, pair it with a white crewneck t-shirt, dark wash jeans and sneakers. Make this your wardrobe basic for $451

Tod’s City Gommino Driving Shoes 

Mytheresa Clothing Review
Tod’s City Gommino Driving Shoes

Loafers are one of those shoes that are easy to slip on, and can have the means to look expensive and stylish. The Tod’s City Gommino Driving Shoes are the quintessential loafer with a sophisticated yet standard design.

Made out of blue leather, these loafers feature a rubber pebble footing on the heels and sole for reinforced grip. This square toe and deep navy model are the go-to shoe for anything between the office to a casual date to running errands.

These Tod’s City Gommino Driving Shoes are sure to bring an element of class to your closet. Pair these with a plain button down shirt and khaki shorts for a more everyday look. These city loafers are available for $438

Dolce & Gabbana Leather Cardholder 

Mytheresa Clothing Review
Dolce & Gabbana Leather Cardholder

Like a purse, everyone should at least invest in one good quality wallet. Nowadays, wallets can be quickly overlooked, and why should they? No one leaves theirs at home with their cards, coins and cash behind. The Dolce & Gabbana Leather Cardholder is something that you should definitely treat yourself to, or buy as a gift for that friend that is adamant in keeping their tattered money holders. 

Crafted from 100% Italian leather, this stark black wallet has four card slots and a bill compartment. On the front, the Dolce & Gabbana logo is embossed in a bright gold, adding aesthetic to this simple yet suave design. Treat your beloved debit card, credit card, driver’s license, and drink loyalty card with this fancy wallet for $142

Mytheresa Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Mytheresa clothing review

This Mytheresa clothing review found mixed customer experiences, though the vast majority of them are positive. Trustpilot gives the luxury brand a 4.7/5 rating out of over 6,600 reviews. Most of their comments detailed their impressive selection of fashion designers and helpful customer service. 

“I am impressed with the speed and professionalism items are sent,” One Trustpilot Mytheresa clothing review read. “The quality of items is excellent, and the way they are wrapped up makes you feel like Christmas.” The rare complaints were addressed by Mytheresa customer service. 

On the other hand, Mytheresa has 2.3/5 on Sitejabber out of 142 reviews and 2.4/stars on Sitejabber out of 56 reviews. Despite Mytheresa’s speedy shipping delivery within 2 days, buyers experienced longer than average wait times. Some reviewers commented receiving incorrect tracking numbers and addresses. Many reviewers reported having received faulty items and had troubles returning or refunding their orders. 

Is Mytheresa Worth It?

Mytheresa Clothing Review

While the negative customer service, shipping, and returns experiences should be taken seriously, it’s clear that most Mytheresa customers are satisfied. Speedy 2 day delivery is a big promise and it makes sense that this would sometimes go wrong. Mytheresa has a solid variety of luxury designers to choose from, and the selection can appeal to a range of styles among high end fashion lovers. 

Based on what we learned in this Mytheresa clothing review, there’s a good chance you’ll be happy with your purchase. The positive experiences definitely outweigh the negatives, but you should still be aware of the issues. 

Mytheresa Promotions & Discounts 

This Mytheresa clothing review found a couple of ways customers can save money. The brand has a Mytheresa sale, where buyers can get deals up to 50% selected items. In terms of a Mytheresa promo code and a Mytheresa discount code, I didn’t chance upon any so far. 

Mytheresa clothing review

Where to Buy Mytheresa

Customers can easily buy Mytheresa stock from their online website, You’re in luck if you’re in Europe, since the only physical location that this brand has is their boutique in Munich, Germany. 


Mytheresa Sizing

This Mytheresa clothing review found some standard sizing charts for women, men and children. This includes clothing ranging from pants to dresses; belts, and shoes. 

Mytheresa clothing review
Women’s Clothing Sizes
Mytheresa clothing review
Women’s Shoe Sizes
Mytheresa clothing review
Women’s Belt Sizes
Mytheresa clothing review
Men’s Clothing Sizes

Men’s Shoe Sizes 

Mytheresa clothing review
Men’s Shoe Sizes
Mytheresa clothing review
Men’s Belt Sizes

Mytheresa Shipping Policy

This Mytheresa clothing review found two pros to their shipping: Their orders are delivered in eco-friendly packaging, and they offer international shipping. Their worldwide delivery is shipped through their affiliate courier, DHL. When customers receive their receipt of shipment and written acknowledgement, the insurance covering theft and accidental damage cease to exist. 

Mytheresa does not deliver to post office boxes. Shipping costs will only be charged once for partial shipments. Shipping costs will not be refunded in case of a return. Sales taxes, custom duties, and handling costs will be charged by DHL on an individual basis directly upon shipment as far as non-European Union (EU) countries are concerned, and will not be refunded by Mytheresa in case the articles are returned.” 

Orders are processed Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and the weekends from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m CET. Upon purchase, customers will receive a tracking number through their email. Deliveries will take up to two to four business days to arrive. All shipping costs for orders over $1,407 are free of charge. 

Mytheresa Return Policy

This Mytheresa clothing review found that if customers aren’t satisfied with their purchase, they can return their orders within 30 days. Here’s a quick guide into how to complete your Mytheresa return:

  1. Use the return form enclosed in your package to input which item you wish to return and your reason why
  2. Insert the completed form with said items in its original packaging 
  3. Fill in the return pro-forma invoice and insert 3-4 copies in an envelope and attach to package without closing it
  4. You can either choose to drop the package off at a DHL location or request to have it picked up
  5. After a DHL employee has checked the return shipment, seal the package tightly 

When your package has delivered to its location, Mytheresa will confirm the receipt and be credited as soon as possible. Refunds will be made through the original form of payment

In terms of the brand’s return policy, items must be unworn, with the tag still attached. Merchandise should be returned in one package, and returns will only be accepted from the country to which an order was originally shipped. Customized orders are not eligible for returns

Contact Mytheresa

For questions unrelated to this Mytheresa clothing review, you can contact the team through:

  • Phone number: + 49 89 127695-101 (Monday to Saturday, 24 hours CET) 
  • Customer service: [email protected] 
  • Filling out their email form on their website 
  • Visiting their physical store in Germany at:

Theresa GmbH

Maffeistraße 3

80333 München


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