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About Pair Eyewear

Pair Eyewear Review

When it comes time to buy new glasses, I dread the high cost of getting a pair I actually like. Luckily, I learned that Pair Eyewear has me—and everyone else in search of budget-friendly, unique eyewear— covered. 

A primarily online retailer of prescription and non-prescription glasses, Pair Eyewear brings customizable and affordable specs straight to your door. The company offers a substantial selection of base frames that can be worn alone or with Pair Eyewear’s signature, a magnetized top that snaps into place to give your frames a new look for every mood. 

Pair Eyewear eye glasses are designed to fit a wide range of face shapes, for both adults and kids, and can accommodate a variety of prescriptions and eyewear needs. With lens options from blue light filtering to light-responsive transitions, I delighted in this brand’s great range of choices, creating affordable and stylish glasses to help you see more clearly. 

But does the company actually deliver on promises of inexpensive and fashionable prescription eyewear? In this Pair Eyewear review, I’ll take you through all of the details about the company, assess their products, and delve into what real customers are saying to help you decide if the brand is right for you.  

Overview of Pair Eyewear

Pair Eyewear Review

Founded by Nathan Kondamuri and Sophia Edelstein in 2017, Pair Eyewear was born from the need for not only more affordable eyewear, but for glasses that could be stylish and reflect their wearer’s identity too.

I believe that, if we wear them daily, glasses are essentially an extension of who we are. It’s how people see us. It only makes sense to add some level of personalization to them, don’t you think?

Pair Eyewear points out that glasses bought through traditional channels can come at inflated prices. This is especially frustrating because, as wearers know, glasses aren’t just an accessory, they’re a necessity.  

Nathan himself had been wearing glasses since he was eight and always felt the desire for more interesting frames. He was tired of the same bulky and boring shape, especially when options were limited and overpriced for children, and he learned that many other kids and parents felt the same.

After Nathan and Sophia met at Stanford University, the duo decided to start Pair Eyewear to solve this problem. They sought to stray away from unfair and unnecessary pricing, and instead produce glasses that make people feel like themselves without breaking the bank. 

In tandem with developing customizable and attainably priced glasses, Pair Eyewear also partners with The Eyelliance to ensure children in developing countries are provided and fitted with proper eyewear. 

Seeing potential in Pair Eyewear, Shark Tank invested in the brand in 2020 and helped raise their profile, despite the tough year ahead. Now, with a social community of 207k across Instagram and Facebook, the company has an established customer base and only continues to grow. 

Before I get into the details about the brand’s products, up next in this Pair Eyewear review, let’s take a broad look at its pros and cons. 


  • Affordable glasses at $60 for the base frame 
  • Endless style options available 
  • Frames for children and adults 
  • Free 30-day trial: You can return your glasses if you’re not satisfied 
  • Free shipping and returns 
  • Different lenses available, including blue light filter, UV protecting, and bifocal lenses 
  • Shipping to Canada available 
  • Pair Eyewear accepts HSA or FSA dollars
  • If you have an out-of-network benefit for vision insurance, you can submit your Pair Eyewear receipt to your insurance company for reimbursement 


  • No bifocal lenses 
  • If your prescription falls outside of particular SPH values, an additional $49 charge may be applied for lenses  
  • Not affiliated with any vision insurance providers 

Pair Eyewear Review

Pair Eyewear Review

Pair Eyewear is an up-and-coming brand, but I discovered it already has a wide range of products. While there are a few more frames for adults than for children, the company is consistently growing their options.

I think Pair Eyewear’s lenses are one of its many strong points. Standard adult and children’s glasses use the same lenses, which promise to be:

  • Water-resistant
  • Anti-reflective
  • Scratch-resistant

That’s because their single vision lenses are made from polycarbonate, designed for wear and tear—a major selling point for Pair Eyewear kids prescription glasses. Their lenses are also available in a variety of other styles for more specific needs, from ultra-thin to prism. 

To manufacture your personalized pair, your prescription information needs to be submitted to Pair Eyewear (pupillary distance, SPH, CYL, etc.) when you buy your glasses. That’s how they ensure you’ll receive a product perfectly manufactured to your taste (and sight!).

As I made my way through its website, I learned the brand offers more than just standard prescription lenses though. Non-prescription Pair Eyewear magnetic sunglasses, which anyone can wear, are also a popular seller. You also can purchase any pair of glasses without prescription lenses, or have Pair create reading glasses. Best of all, Pair Eyewear makes magnetic Sun Tops for their prescription glasses, which instantly convert your specs from indoor to outdoor use. I think this idea is so smart and much more user-friendly than the dreaded clip-on.

Sun Tops come in a range of colors and are available for different frame shapes for $30. These shaded lenses are non-prescription and 100% polarized to block harmful UV rays, and you can easily snap them on and off. For just $30, they save you the hassle and expense of buying extra sunglasses. 

Ready to peek at the brand’s best-selling styles? Just below in this Pair Eyewear review, I’ll give you a closer look.

Pair Eyewear Eyeglasses Review

While Pair Eyewear kids’ prescription glasses are most popular, I’ll also check out adult frames—specifically The Larkin paired with The Galaxy top. Though I’m only looking at two in this Pair Eyewear review, the brand offers an extensive line of frame shapes for you to choose from and even more complimentary designs to top them off!

Pair Eyewear The Larkin Review

The Larkin is a classic frame, giving wearers a sleek, simple, and professional look. It’s a narrower fit, and the most versatile design of the bunch, it is also suitable for children and adults with extended nose pads. 

I think this shape is probably the most iconic glasses look, so it’s no wonder it’s the brand’s most popular style and my #1 in this Pair Eyewear review.

The frame width is 133 mm and the lens height is 35.2 mm, which is flattering on most faces. If you still aren’t sure about the fit, you can always chat with a virtual assistant for more info. 

I love that an understated frame like The Larkin can be totally transformed just by snapping on a new design top. With a substantial range of aesthetic options for both adults and kids, including stripes, plaid, and dip-dyes, you can constantly change your look without ever having to change your glasses. 

If you really want to expand your options, the frames are also available in a range of colours, so you can get The Larkin in a standard black, or push the boundaries in a clear pink or tortoiseshell. Can’t choose? At $60 a pair, I say try all three!

Pair Eyewear The Galaxy Review

With Pair Eyewear, I think it’s pretty cool you’re never restricted to just one look. While there is a consistent collection of tops, there are also ever-changing lines and collabs. Right now, Harry Potter fans can rejoice because there is a Harry Potter collection with Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff designs. 

Pair Eyewear has also had themed collections like Let’s Flamingle and Love Wins in the past, and features winter Holiday lines and The Sparkle Collection when the season hits.

The first top suggested for The Larkin is The Galaxy. It’s a trendy but subtle topper in a swirling deep purple and blue print, echoing just enough ’90s nostalgia. While it looks especially great on The Larkin, it’s also available for most base options. 

Browsing the huge selection can be overwhelming at first, I get it, but I appreciate that Pair Eyewear’s website makes it easy to see which tops and frames work together. Just select the frame shape and the site will filter through the designs available for your chosen base. I loved The Galaxy and pink Larkin combo, but at $25 per top (with some special editions at $30), I don’t have to choose a favorite—nor do you.

Pair Eyewear Kids Prescription Glasses Review

If a visit to the optometrist told you that your child needs glasses, Pair Eyewear prescription glasses can take the stress out of the process, with inexpensive eyeglasses that still bring a smile to your child’s face. 

When I first got glasses, I dreaded wearing them. Afraid of looking geeky at 8 years old, I value what Pair is doing for kids.

Since options for children are usually limited in stores, as the co-founder Nathan experienced in his childhood, Pair Eyewear offers a wide range of colours and tops for your child to customize their frames to whatever their heart desires. 

Up next in this Pair Eyewear review, I’ll give you a closer look at the Polka-Dot and the Hulk Smash, two of the most popular tops for children. 

Pair Eyewear The Polka-Dot Review

In a pattern of bold blush pink and petite sky blue dots against a white background, the Polka-Dot is definitely a fan-favorite for a reason. I’m totally in love with it too. Where were these all those years ago?

The Polka-Dot is a fun, simple, cute design, perfect for making your child feel a little more themselves in a new pair of glasses.

Available for the Serra frame at $25, this top is definitely affordable and a lovely addition to your child’s glasses.

Pair Eyewear The Hulk Smash Review

Inspired by timeless Marvel superhero The Hulk, the Hulk Smash top is perfect for any fan of the green giant. The top is Hulk green in color, with two subtle Hulk fists and black cracks at the corners for effect. So cool.

This design is both simple and intricate, and you’ll instantly recognize its heroic inspiration. If you want a design with a little more Hulk flash, you could also opt for the Hulk Camo top. 

Right now, the most popular offering in the Marvel x Pair Eyewear line is the Spiderman Collection, which comes with six different top options, including some pastels unique for superhero color palettes. But I can’t resist the clever, subtle Hulk Smash design that appeals to a wide age range.

Like all branded and specialty collections sold by Pair Eyewear, all Marvel tops cost $30

Who Is Pair Eyewear For? 

Pair Eyewear Review

If you need glasses, but find the ones sold at eyewear stores or your optometrist’s office too run-of-the-mill and expensive for what they are, I think Pair Eyewear presents a great solution.

They offer inexpensive yet stylish eyeglasses that can easily be customized to suit you or your child’s taste, so you’ll never get bored or stuck in one look. Also, since Pair Eyewear includes different lens types like the blue light filter, and allows you to select your specific prescription, they can suit most vision needs.  

Pair Eyewear Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Pair Eyewear Review

From customer comments to blog posts, I looked into many different sites for this part of my Pair Eyewear review to give you a general picture of how customers feel about the brand. What did I find? No shortage of positive comments about their styles and options.

On Pair Eyewear’s website, I read through a handful of the 23,907 customer testimonials posted. Awarding the brand 4.9/5 stars, most customers gush about the colors and designs, and many happy parents share their thoughts.

Rachel H. described her daughter’s love for the eyewear: “My daughter loves the Cedro frames, there are so many fun colors and patterns and she loves matching them to her mood and outfit of the day. Wish these were around when I was a kid.” 

Customers also enjoy the low prices, especially when glasses typically cost hundreds of dollars. Some are huge fans of being able to buy non-prescription versions just for the fashion, while others are thrilled that Pair Eyewear sells their frames without lenses, so you can use your own. 

Amy Weir, a blogger for GeekDad, wrote: “Oh, and if you, like me, think glasses should be considered a true fashion accessory and not just a medical aid, and you know a kid who would love this kind of adjustable flair even though they have perfect vision, Pair Eyewear will also sell you frames with non-prescription lenses or sunglasses instead.”

I’m with you Amy and really dig Pair’s whole MO.

Turning to the Better Business Bureau to see how the brand’s scored, here’s how one enthusiastic reviewer named Gwendalyn P. summed up her experience:

“I really love my pair eyewear. I got my new pair today and it came with a cleaning cloth and free case. Theh fit perfectly and I love the changeable frame cover. It took a few weeks to get here with the free shipping so be patient but otherwise they are awesome.”

It’s important for me to note that while on the BBB, I did see an overall F score from the bureau and a total of 96 complaints about delayed shipping and lack of customer support. When compared to the almost 24k positive reviews on the brand’s website, this number pales in comparison…though it’s still worth mentioning.

What’s my final verdict? Find out next in this Pair Eyewear review.

Is Pair Eyewear Worth It?

Pair Eyewear Review

I found thousands of positive reviews for Pair Eyewear, but also a few less than favorable ones. On one hand, their unique model for providing frames and customizable tops is enjoyed by adults, parents and kids alike, but their long shipping times might cause some frustration. 

Pair Eyewear emphasizes their accessible price point. There’s no question you’re getting tons of versatility and fashion for your money, and reviews suggest the products are of good quality, but the costs can add up if you take advantage of the interchangeability.

After buying frames and tops, they’re about $100. This is less than what you’d spend on frames and lenses at the optometrist—no matter if you choose a chain or a private shop. Plus, you have the flexibility to change up your look in the future instead of buying a new pair.

How will I conclude this section of my Pair Eyewear review? I’ve found that the brand holds up to their promise on affordability and customizability. If you’re not in a time crunch and really want customizable glasses, I think Pair Eyewear is a great choice.  

Pair Eyewear Promotions & Discounts 

Pair Eyewear Review

Besides free shipping and returns, Pair Eyewear also has 10% off your first order with the code SPRING10. If you sign up with your email, you can even get your first pair for $54. Refer a friend to give them $25–you’ll get $25 too.

Where to Buy Pair Eyewear

Pair Eyewear Review

You can buy Pair Eyewear products from their website and these in-person locations:

  • Farkas Kassalow Resnick Optometrists: 30 E. 60th St. #201, New York, NY 10065
  • Pink Chicken New York: 1223 Madison Ave (at E 88th St) New York, NY 10128
  • Pink Chicken Santa Monica: 1524 Montana Ave (at 16th St) Santa Monica, CA 90403


Pair Eyewear Review

Who owns Pair Eyewear? 

Pair Eyewear is owned by co-founders Nathan Kondamuri and Sophia Edelstein. Fun fact: Sophia is now a Forbes 30 Under 30 honouree. The company was launched after raising $4.5 million from Norwest Venture Partners, Precursor Ventures, Bolt and Alpaca VC. Now, the brand has licensing deals with Marvel, the NBA, and Harry Potter, among others, so it will only continue to grow. 

Where is Pair Eyewear located? 

While writing this Pair Eyewear review, I found the company is headquartered in New York City, at 251 W 87th St, Apt 66, New York, NY 10024. 

Where is Pair Eyewear made? 

The company does not say where their products are manufactured. 

What is Pair Eyewear’s Shipping Policy?

There is free standard shipping and returns on all orders, but if your lenses fall outside of the SPH values indicated in their FAQ, you will need to pay an additional $49

Shipping times are highly dependent on the glasses you’re ordering. It usually takes between 5 to 7 business days to make single vision lenses and an additional 5 to 7 business days for the order to ship. If you want lenses with add-ons, this would take 6 to 8 business days to manufacture, or possibly more for a complex order.

Pair Eyewear also offers expedited delivery for $30. For next-day shipping, you’d pay $60

What is Pair Eyewear’s Return Policy?

While getting the full scoop on the brand for this Pair Eyewear review, I learned that you have 30 days after your purchase is delivered for a free return or exchange, no questions asked. It’s a great option for a tricky order like a first purchase of Pair Eyewear kids prescription glasses. If you need a return beyond that time, you should contact Pair Eyewear’s customer service. 

Pair Eyewear makes 30 day returns incredibly easy. Just follow these steps: 

  1. Enter your order number here
  2. Print out the free return shipping label. 
  3. Send it over to Pair Eyewear. Done!

How to Contact Pair Eyewear

You can give Pair Eyewear a call at 646-389-9692 from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST. You can also email them at [email protected] at any time.

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