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Miku Baby Monitor Review

About Miku 

Miku Baby Monitor Review

What do you do when you’re busy with work and worried about your baby’s sleep? Miku‘s contact-free breathing and sleep monitor might be the solution to your problems. Created by an engineer who is also a parent, the brand uses modern technology to make compact baby monitors and products to build a safer world for babies.  

This Miku baby monitor review discovered the brand has been featured in USA Today and Business Insider, even winning awards like Babylist Best Babytech, Jpma Innovation Awards Finalist, and the CES Innovation Awards. With a solid 79,000 followers on Instagram, Miku is starting to capture people’s attention. 

If this has piqued your interest, keep on reading because this Miku baby monitor review will provide an in-depth look at the brand and its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if their products are worth the investment.

Overview of Miku 

Miku Baby Monitor Review

Parenthood is a full-time commitment, especially during the early stages of a child’s life. That’s the epiphany the founder, Eric White, had when his first child was born. After his previous experience with underwhelming baby monitors reached a boiling point, he decided to put his own engineering skills to the test.

Using his experiences from DARPA and creating sensor-sensitive equipment through the military, Eric set out to create a contact-free smart baby monitor that would meet the needs of any worried first-time parent. In 2017, Eric was able to get the investment he needed to launch the Miku smart baby monitor as a product on the market and formed the company. 

Though it was created by an engineer with a background from the Department of Defense, let’s take a look at some highlights in this Miku baby monitor review before diving into the brand’s products. 


  • 1 year warranty 
  • 45 day money back guarantee
  • Free 3-day shipping 
  • Finance monitors 
  • Installation videos
  • Sale events
  • No limit on distance with a strong Wi-Fi connection 
  • Approved for FSA/HSA purchasing
  • Tracks baby’s movements and breathing 
  • 1080p HD video
  • No wearables
Miku Baby Monitor Review

Today, Miku develops a few smart monitors and accessories for their tech devices, revolutionizing an industry that hasn’t been meeting the stressful needs of any new parent. This Miku baby monitor review will go deeper into what makes this brand so different from all the others. 

Miku Monitor Review

When you’re a busy or working parent, having a baby glued to your hip is just not practical. 

Babysitters and nannies can be expensive, and what happens when you need someone on short notice? Well, Miku offers a helping hand when no one else is available to take care of your precious cargo. 

The brand’s baby monitor comes with various tech accessories like cables and mounts to form the structure that holds the baby monitor up. No matter where you want to place it—above the crib, off to the side, the corner of a wall—the Miku smart monitor is adjustable and compact. 

This Miku baby monitor review will cover the brand’s best selling items in detail so parents know what they can expect. 

Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor Review

No one wants to neglect their parental duties and jeopardize the well-being and safety of their child. If you’re determined to do your part but are tired from the agonizing nights of staying awake to watch your baby, then the Miku smart baby monitor might be the best solution for you.

Developed with artificial intelligence (AI) technology, this is the latest in tech design implemented into baby gear. The monitor also includes specs that are seriously impressive so you can sleep easy along with your baby too. We’ll give you a rundown of what makes this baby monitor stand out from the rest:

  1. The Miku monitor’s tech specifications are unique and not found in other monitors. The Wi-Fi connectivity can hook up to more than one network and detect which one is the strongest for the best results. 
  2. The monitor has a digital light sensor to keep an eye on how light affects your baby’s sleep routine. 
  3. The device has a 140 degree field of vision so you can catch every move or expression your baby has. There’s even a zoom option (only available with Miku Pro Smart Baby monitor)! It’ll be as if you stepped into the room, without waking your baby up. 
  4. Your monitor is only as good as the pixels on your screen, and you want to make sure you can see your baby as clearly as possible! The Miku baby monitor has a 1080p HD video, complete with night vision. No matter what, it’ll feel like you’re watching your child on TV.  
  5. There’s no use of wearables! The Miku Pro monitors your baby’s breathing, heart rate, skin temperature and more without your baby having to wear any attachments.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without the monitor’s sensor fusion technology which tracks your baby’s movements. As a parent, you’ll have a firsthand look at what affects your baby’s sleep patterns and how you can move forward from there. 

And every baby is different so there’s no way of knowing what the perfect environment will be for them. Not to worry because Miku’s AI function is revolutionary since it notes how temperature, sound, and humidity can be adjusted to suit your baby’s preferences. What better way to gain insight into your baby’s ideal desires?

The Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor retails for $399, or $34/month if you finance through Affirm.

Miku Floor Stand Review

Now that you have the baby monitor, what else does the brand offer? As mentioned earlier in this Miku baby monitor review, the brand’s device has exceptional features and is unlike other monitors in the market. Well, the same could be said about the brand’s accessories. 

Having a monitor mounted to the wall may not be a possibility for everyone, especially when it comes to certain living arrangements. In that case, the Miku Floor Stand can help when you run into those kinds of situations. 

Don’t think it’s a complicated process to put the floor stand together. The assembly is pretty straightforward, even with a detailed video on the brand’s website for extra support. However, this Miku baby monitor review notes that the floor stand is only available with the Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor. 

The all-white floor stand is available for $99.

Miku Wall Mount Kit Review 

Having a lot of floor space is a luxury, and many people may not have access to that. Not to worry, this Miku baby monitor review notes that the brand also has a wall mount to ease your mind. But, make sure you have the Miku Pro Smart Baby monitor or it may not be compatible. 

And don’t worry about needing any special tools to help you mount the device; Miku provides you with everything you need in their kit. It comes with its own screws and screwdriver, even including a pencil to mark and align the mount accurately. 

You can purchase the kit on its own at any time, or you can finance it along with the monitor itself. However, this Miku baby monitor review notes that unlike the monitor itself, the wall mount kit only has a 30-day return window, which should not be confused with the 45-day window to return the device.

The wall mount kit retails for $15, or $34/month if you finance with the monitor through Affirm. 

Who Is Miku For? 

Miku Baby Monitor Review

Miku is designed for parents who want the aid of a device to watch their children when they’re physically unable to. And although its purpose is for babies primarily, the monitor can be utilized to watch over kids of all ages in any room in a house or living space.

Comparison: Miku vs. Nanit

Miku Baby Monitor Review

Now that you’ve gotten the details on Miku, we’ll take a look at one of its competitors to see whether this alternative brand has more promising products and specs. In this Miku baby monitor review, we’ll discuss Nanit, a monitoring brand that claims to have the smartest device out there.

Nanit features two monitors that look like miniature CCTV cameras, a standard camera and a pro version that comes with a wall mount. It does have similar features to Miku but none of the AI specs like thermal observation. 

What Nanit’s cameras do have is a baby diary that tracks the growth of a child, measuring height, weight, and the circumference of a child’s head. However, since this is such a distinct feature, Nanit’s cameras are ideal for babies and can’t really be used on kids of older age groups. 

The brand features other products such as breathing wear and smart sheets. The breathing wear is a patterned print the cameras read to track a baby’s cycle and daily patterns. Also, their other accessories, such as the wall mount and floor stand, are much more expensive than Miku, costing $89 and $159 respectively. 

In terms of price, Nanit monitors are on par with Miku, even with finance options. However, Nanit’s accessories—the breathing wear and smart sheets—are an extra expense that is already included in Miku’s AI technology. In the end, it all depends on what your needs are and what fits in with your budget. 

Miku Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Miku Baby Monitor Review

Based on everything this Miku baby monitor review has covered and the stellar stamps of approval from parent reviews, Miku deserves a round of applause. The brand’s official website has an overall 4.7/5 star rating out of 436 reviews for its monitor so you know it’s popular among parents. 

Customers have noted how the camera is truly impressive when it comes to its analysis and tech features. One customer even wrote, My first child’s monitor was basic compared to this, but we wanted a top model and were sold on the breathing feature. No more guessing. Camera quality is nice but it goes into night vision when it gets dim very quickly.”

Another parent who only had high praises for the Miku monitor wrote, “This is the baby monitor for the analytics-savvy to worrisome parents. With SUPER easy-to-install hardware and software. It’s a sleek design, and most importantly helps us sleep with confidence during the night. There aren’t any crazy sensors and more technology fits right inside the monitor itself.”

This Miku baby monitor review will cover reviews from other notable websites to provide an even closer look at what others have to say. Amazon shows a positive 4.1/5 star rating out of 147 reviews. 

One customer who gave Miku a glimmering review wrote, “With twins, we wanted help in monitoring both babies at the same time. The fact that it has a setting specifically for preemie babies was another plus. The app with the Miku system allows both of us to see the super high quality video feed. Our babies love white noise and lullaby options too.”

Another parent frustrated with other mundane and faulty devices in the market wrote, “I had tried many devices prior to this, none of them I could trust. So I got two dogs to watch after my baby, they kept falling asleep and didn’t have night vision. So I tried the Miku… every parent should get a Miku. The breathing and live RPM’s allow me to never worry. THAT’S PRICELESS!”

Lastly, the brand holds steady with a 4.3/5 star rating out of 977 reviews on Google reviews. 

One parent absolutely adored the monitor, writing, “After months of searching for the perfect monitor, I am happy to say we have finally found our perfect monitor. The quality of the camera itself is fantastic. The images shown through your cell phone are super clear so that you are seeing everything correctly in the middle of the night.”

Is Miku Worth It?

Miku Baby Monitor Review

Parents want the absolute best for their children and rightly so. Do we think Miku is worth it? Yes. If we consider how the brand generally ranks amongst parent reviews, it’s safe to say that Miku is worth a chance.

Let’s not forget the brand’s 45-day money guarantee window. It gives parents a good opportunity to test out the monitor. On the off chance you do experience bad connectivity or even poor app functions like some customers have experienced, then simply box it up and send it back within the return period. 

Miku Promotions & Discounts 

Miku Baby Monitor Review

Miku occasionally hosts a Best Sale Event where parents can receive $100 off a monitor for a limited time and still receive free shipping.

Where to Buy Miku

Miku Baby Monitor Review

Miku products are available through the brand’s official website, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Buy Buy Baby. 

If you purchase through Miku’s website, shipping is only available within the US.  


Miku Baby Monitor Review

Where is Miku made?

Miku products are manufactured in China, with warehouses in the US and Canada. 

Is the Miku baby monitor safe? 

The Miku baby monitor is secure thanks to the monitor’s embedded crypto chip that protects all information, allowing parents to directly access any of the device’s recordings. 

This security feature is unique to the brand, so if you’re ever worried about monitor tampering or other kids messing with it, then opting for a Miku device is the way forward. 

Does Miku require a subscription?

No, Miku does not require a subscription.

Can you use Miku without Wi-Fi?

Miku monitors can connect to other routers but it does require a Wi-Fi connection to provide you with alerts, notifications, or other messages. The device can connect to your smartphone or tablet (iPad) to keep track of your baby while on the go. 

Can you travel with Miku? 

Miku monitors can easily be taken on travels! The monitor itself comes with a small compact stand at the bottom, allowing you to place it on any tabletop or flat surface. 

How do I connect to Miku?

Miku connects via an app through Wi-Fi or bluetooth in order to get all the details of analysis. 

What is Miku’s Shipping Policy?

Miku has a standard 3-day shipping policy, within the US only. The brand does not offer overnight shipping or international shipping. If you are in Canada and would like to purchase the monitor, you will have to buy it through Amazon, Best Buy, or Buy Buy Baby. 

What is Miku’s Return Policy?

The brand has a 45-day money back guarantee for its monitor and a 30-day money back guarantee for all accessories, with a $40 restocking and repackaging fee. Any damaged items or defective monitors must be filed as a complaint and taken up with the brand. 

How to Contact Miku

Miku can be contacted directly through these methods:

  • The Miku app
  • Live chat through their website
  • Phone: 833-ASK-MIKU
  • Email at [email protected] 

Live chat and phone support is available Monday through Sunday, from 8 am to 6 pm EST. 

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