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Solly Baby Wrap Review

About Solly Baby

Solly Baby Wrap Review

The Solly Baby wrap is designed to bring families together, keeping parents and infants calm, cool and connected. Solly Baby is a featured favorite in media outlets including Mother Mag and Pregnancy & Newborn magazines. The Solly Baby wrap was named Best Wrap by the New York Times and was a top gift pick for mamas in Vogue

Could this be your go-to wrap for baby cuddles and for taking your little one with you? This Solly Baby wrap review will take an in-depth look at the brand and its products, customer ratings, promotions and more, to help you decide that for yourself. 

Overview of Solly Baby

Solly Baby Wrap Review

Founder of Solly Baby, Elle, is a ‘hugger not a handshaker.’ She’s a warm, humble, hardworking and loving mother of four, living in California and producing Solly Baby wraps out of Carlsbad since 2010. Elle had a tough transition to motherhood and she’s taken on the important mission to bring families together through challenging transitions, giving them the means to feel happy, connected, and empowered. 

Elle believes in three things and they drive her life and mission at Solly Baby:

  1. Being thoughtful 
  2. Keeping it simple
  3. Doing small things with great love

Elle’s first baby had a lot of colic and reflux. She fondly remembers holding her first born close, but the accompanying back aches and headaches were not ideal. She wanted to make a better product for her second child. Elle started in earnest with a growing belly and made a simple wrap for her son Solomon, who they call Solly. 

The wrap created a near magical sense of connection and intimacy between her and Solly and as she gripped for his fingers peeking out from the wrap, she knew she had to share it with the world. This now globally-recognized wrap has been worn by some of the most famous mamas around the globe including Anne Hathaway, Serena Williams, and Pink, but has also been worn by everyday moms and dads, like the ones you know and love. Little ones love the wrap and it’s secure and comforting for parents as they continue to guide their older children or take on a day of tasks. 

Solly Baby Wrap Review

In our Solly Baby wrap review, we explored the effects of babies and their mothers since experiencing the wrap. The physical benefits we found for Mom or Dad and their baby were almost overwhelming: 

  • The wrap is hip health certified and promotes bonding
  • It’s a comfortable custom fit that allows parents to interact easily with their other children and attend to other life tasks 
  • It mimic’s the womb, so you and baby will be cozy as can be 
  • Reduces infant crying by 43% 
  • The wrap improves baby’s sleep, helps prevent flat head, aids in vestibular development, regulates your baby’s heart rate and body temperature, aids in digestion, calms gas and reflux 
  • It’s easy to travel with for Mom and Dad 
  • Distributes weight evenly across the body and is hands free 
  • The wrap is lightweight and silky with a beautiful simple design 

All this is so encouraging, and we’re just getting started with this Solly Baby wrap review!

Solly Baby Wrap Review

If you would rather catch the highlights of this Solly Baby wrap review, here’s our sum up:


  • Amazing comfort for Mom, Dad and baby
  • Physical benefits to both the baby and parents
  • Promotes connectedness and eases the transition from womb to the world
  • Affordable
  • Excellent support from the team in the way of video tutorials and reachability
  • Modal material for supreme softness and comfort
  • Supports an active, engaged lifestyle while taking care of baby
  • Beautiful colors that fit into your wardrobe, no fuss

Solly Baby offers baby wraps, crib sheets, mini crib sheets, and swaddles. They also offer sleepers, sleep gowns, and knotted hats. These pieces are comfortable and designed to support your baby’s development and wellbeing, as well as your own.

Solly Baby Wrap Review

Solly Baby Wraps Review

The Solly Baby wraps have a natural, soft, and organic feel to them, available in neutrals like basil, orion and solstice, stripes, leopard and polka dot. They blend into life and motherhood, looking beautiful with everyday outfits as you support your little baby burrito. 

Solly Baby wraps are built for movement and support a mother’s natural beauty and glow, along with the baby’s ease and relaxation. There are 20 lovely versions of the baby wrap, and this Solly Baby review showcases some particularly stylish ones: 

Neutral Stripe Wrap Review

Did you know that the Neutral Stripe Wrap helps to reduce postpartum depression? Pretty amazing! Not only that, but the wrap reduces infant crying by 43% so that you can finally get back some peace of mind while going out for a coffee, picking up the groceries, or sitting down to read (because your hands are free!) 

You can wear your little one for hours on end in the Neutral Stripe Wrap, sharing intimate connection and lightweight, divinely soft, breathable material that keeps you both at your coziest. Your calm baby (not to mention the nice release of oxytocin you’ll get from the closeness) will make you fall in love with this wrap. 

The wrap is hip healthy certified because Solly knows you’re stretched to your outermost limits. The custom comfortable fit also calms gas and reflux, so this wrap will take over some of your workload! The Neutral Stripe Wrap costs $65, and with its subtle, neutral design, it pairs well with many outfits.

Solly Baby Wrap Basil Review

The connection formed between you and your baby is an invaluable experience. For those keen on keeping that bond strong from hospital to home, the Wrap Basil offers that cocoon-like hug.

Fabricated from sustainably-sourced TENCEL, this sling carrier ensures softness, comfort, and relaxation for hours on end. According to Solly Baby, it can also reduce infant crying and postpartum depression

Dyed in calming sage green, the Wrap Basil retails for a friendly $69.

Solly Baby Wrap Animal Spots Review

The need to take care of one’s offspring is often described as “animalistic.” Sometimes, the best parents can be found in the wild, ranging from strong lionesses to well-groomed penguins. 

You too can imbue the same protective instinct by donning the Animal Spots Wrap. Speckled in black spots on a canvas background, this nifty sling ensures a snug connection between you and your baby. 

Constructed out of lightweight fabric, the Animal Spots Wrap is designed to be comfortable and relaxing for both the parent and the tot. 
Plus, it can also help reduce gas and reflux to curb inevitable diaper changes. Price-wise, this baby sling sells for $74.

Solly Baby Sleepers Review

Sleepers are go-to jammies for babies. Solly Baby Sleepers long sleeve one-pieces featuring feet and hand covers for a warm and comfy sleep. Their foot-tie Sleep Gowns are more suitable for middle-of-the-night diaper changes, so they’re perfect for the first month when your baby poops every couple hours.

Like the Solly Baby wraps, these pieces come in neutral one-tone, striped, and patterned styles. We’ll show you a few of their popular sleepers and sleep gowns in this Solly Baby wrap review:

Solly Baby Sleeper in Oat Dot Review

This Baby Sleeper in Oat Dot is adorable. After changing your baby, the sleeper provides a hassle free transition into their outfit and is designed for a no-fuss process. With its pull-on styling and easy wide neck, it’s ideal for hanging at home, sleeping, or on a casual outing. 

One of the most important things to a parent is their baby’s comfort and sleep, and Solly has both covered. The two piece Baby Sleeper in Oat Dot has pull-on high-waisted pants that land above the umbilical stump and the material is lightweight and dreamy soft

You can purchase the Baby Sleeper in Oat Dot in 3 sizes: 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-12 months for $38

Solly Baby Sleep Gown in Marengo Review

Cuteness overload is how we reacted to the Sleep Gown in Marengo. The gown is made from the same material as the silky-soft wraps and has a knotted tail for easy-peasy diaper changes. Your baby will be blissfully swaddled in this lightweight and breathable sleeper

The Sleep Gown in Marengo costs $38 and is available in sizes 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-12 months.

Solly Baby Bedding Review

Solly covers all the bases when it comes to bedding, offering their irresistibly soft material in crib sheets that fit into your nursery color scheme. Solly also has mini crib sheets for your littlest one, and swaddles to make sure your baby is all comfy and wrapped up as they nap during the day or learn to sleep for a whole night (ultimate baby goals).

Solly Baby Crib Sheet in Neutral Stripe Review

If your baby loves the Solly wrap, the Crib Sheet in Neutral Stripe is made of the same material, so they make a great pair. Bedtime will become a ritual sooner than later when your little one becomes accustomed to this comforting material. 

Solly Baby Wrap Review
Solly Baby Crib Sheet in Neutral Stripe

The classic style of the Crib Sheet in Neutral Stripe is here to stay: it’s lightweight, breathable, and machine washable. This Solly Baby crib sheet costs $38 and is 28” by 52”.

Solly Baby Crib Sheet Coastal Review

There’s nothing more debilitating than getting a bad night’s sleep. In this instance, we aren’t just talking about the parents, as babies require hours of shut-eye. The Crib Sheet Coastal is made up of silky TENCEL fabric to ensure good dreams instead of nightmares. 

Compatible with mattresses that measure up to be 38” x 52”, the Crib Sheet Coastal costs $38. We highly recommend adding a few pillows to help soften up the bed.

Solly Baby Wrap Swaddle Marengo Review

Baby showers usually entail a gift registry. It’s a simple way for guests to buy presents without the hindrance of doubt. Instead of opting for the usual sippy cup or bib, we recommend adding the Wrap Swaddle Marengo to your roster. 

Constructed out of soft TENCEL fabric, this Solly Baby bestseller ensures a snug fit to help maintain body temperature. It’s also proven to alleviate colic and reduce instances of SIDS

Offered in a gorgeous stormy grey color, the Wrap Swaddle Marengo retails for $25. It’s worth noting that the brand provides swaddle tutorials for free on their website.

Solly Baby Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Solly Baby Wrap Review

For this Solly Baby wrap review, we couldn’t talk to the little ones and ask them what they think. Instead, we researched feedback from parents who have used Solly Baby products. We found out that customers absolutely loved their Solly Baby wraps

Those who had older children said that the wrap was a lifesaver, allowing them to engage fully without restrictions. Customers said the wrap kept them and baby snuggly and cozy. Mothers and fathers also loved that it kept their baby close to them in the first few months and away from germs. 

Some mothers even got a workout in with their wrap on! It really does afford them the liberty to do what they normally do in a day while keeping their baby healthy and comfortable. Customers reviewed the wrap as flexible, lightweight, breathable and soft. They didn’t get too hot while wearing the wrap and neither did their baby. Customers loved Elle and the culture of the company and benefited from the video tutorials. 

Is Solly Baby Worth It? 

Solly Baby Wrap Review

Elle’s first aim at Solly Baby was to be thoughtful. Her second was to keep it simple. From the luxuriously soft Modal fabric that keeps parents and infants cozy, but not sweaty, to the simple, staple patterns, Elle follows through with her vision. Solly is a company that takes into account the physiological benefits to the parent and child, keeping life safe, comfortable and connected—as it should be for a newborn. 

This eco-friendly company takes life into consideration first and foremost, freeing your hand for the steaming mug of coffee or for your older child’s hand. From start to finish, our Solly Baby wrap review thought the culture and products at Solly Baby were absolutely fantastic

Solly Baby Promotions & Discounts 

Solly Baby Wrap Review

Our Solly Baby wrap review led us to the discovery that you can get mix and match sleepers, sleep gowns, and standard size crib sheets and 2 for $60 with Solly Baby promo code SLEEP

You can also purchase 2 swaddles for $40 with the Solly Baby discount code SWADDLE. 

Last but not least, buy one wrap and get the second off for 40% off.  Make note that in order to be eligible for codes, you must make a minimum purchase of $65. 

Where to Buy Solly Baby

In our Solly Baby wrap review, we want to make it easy for you to find their products. It turns out, there are quite a few places that carry them, aside from

  • Amazon
  • West Coast Kids
  • Nordstrom
  • Babies R Us
  • Etsy
  • Indigo
  • Target


How do you use a Solly Baby wrap?

If you’re a new Mom, one look at a wrap with a crying and flailing infant at your hip can make you feel utterly tangled. Luckily, the Soly Baby tutorials can make the wrapping process much easier.

Ok let’s get started to help get you and baby snuggled in! The tag section in the middle of the wrap is an important marker, indicating the middle of the wrap. At the end is a pocket that the whole wrap can stuff into. After five or six go’s, you’ll rise over the learning curve and enter into your muscle memory. 

  1. Grab the top few inches and wrap around the bottom of your sternum
  2. Pass to your other hand behind your back and wrap around the opposite shoulder
  3. Wrap around the other shoulder now (this allows you to keep the straps flat and untwisted
  4. Now pull it through and push through the tag section
  5. Pull down firmly
  6. Cross to make the ‘X’ on the front (this will determine how high or low your baby will be)
  7. Keep it taut and wrap around your waist
  8. Wherever you end, give it a nice double knot
  9. Pull through the straps to prep to bring baby in
  10. Fit in one leg at a time under the ‘X’
  11. Let baby settle in so that they can get a deep seat
  12. Grab the shoulder strap and start spreading
  13. Feel for the tag section and reach down to pull it over the legs up to the nape of the neck
  14. With little ones you can have their feet covered until you feel them pushing down with strength
  15. Make sure no fabric is covering your baby’s air passageways

To take Baby out, think of it like peeling an onion:

  1. Start by pulling the tag section down
  2. Pull the straps open and pull the baby right out
  3. When baby is in a secure place, undo the knot, pull one hand through, and pull the wrap over and off
  4. Then, tuck in wrap into the included storage pocket

If you have specific questions about your wrap, send a picture of you and your baby or voice your concerns to [email protected]

Solly Baby Shipping Policy

Solly offers UPS 2nd Day Air to all 48 continental states. Shipments to Hawaii and Alaska will arrive via USPS Priority mail (2-3 business days), and both methods cost $5.95. Other shipping options depend on location and all prices include duty and taxes. Customers are responsible for fees upon arrival of packages. 

Solly also ships internationally, and deliveries take approximately 2-3 weeks. Note that all orders take 2 business days to process before shipping. 

Solly Baby Return Policy

Solly accepts returns of unused, unwashed items in original packaging with all tags in place. As well, the team requests that you include the intact product registration card inside the wrap. Make your return within 30 days or your arrival date. 

If life with your new baby pushes you unexpectedly beyond the 30 day window, get in touch with [email protected]. They understand that sometimes life gets in the way and will review your order on a case-by-case basis. 

Contact Solly Baby

If you have questions beyond this Solly Baby wrap review, whether you’re a first time mom or an experienced mama warrior, questions come up. Here are some ways to contact Solly Baby:

For customer inquiries regarding shipping, returns or exchanges, contact [email protected]. For personalized tips from babywearing educator Morgan, contact [email protected].

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