Naked Wines Wine Club Review

About Naked Wines

Naked Wines is an online wine subscription service, offering exclusive bottles at lower prices compared to traditional retailers. The company is endorsed by the likes of Forbes and Time Magazine, and USA Today rated them as the top wine club in America. Naturally, we wanted to see if they’re the real deal, and if the club really is as good as they say.

This Naked Wines Wine Club review will take an in-depth look at the brand and a selection of bestsellers, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. 

Naked Wines Wine Club Review

Overview of Naked Wines 

Naked Wines was founded in 2008 in Norwich, England. This UK-based brand wants customers to “discover the best way to enjoy great wine.” They refer to subscribers of their Fine Wine Club as ‘Angels,’ a fan base that currently totals over 100,000.

The company uses this support to fund winemakers upfront, allowing the winemakers to focus their efforts toward producing the finest products. A great feature of buying Naked Wines is that it carries no risk, since the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee

Naked Wines Wine Club Review

Naked Wines can help you save up to 60% off your wine by removing the barriers of costs associated with the traditional wine business. They empower the winemaker to spend more time in the vineyard innovating than absorbed in grinding tasks in the office. This makes for better wine and happier sips. 

Naked Wines Angels

Naked Wines describes their Angels as “changing the lives of indie winemakers.” These wine drinkers have the opportunity to influence winemakers through their purchase choices, and they’re regular wine drinkers, just like you. With each additional Angel, Naked Wines is able to fund more winemakers to handcraft wines at wholesale prices. 

Naked Wines Wine Club Review

For $51 a month, Angels get a $51 deposit in their Naked Piggy Bank. This money is theirs to spend on Naked Wines whenever they like, or to get back if they decide to cancel the subscription. Members of the Fine Wine Club receive a free gift bottle every month, which is the team’s way of saying thanks.

Take a look at this sum up of our Naked Wines Wine Club review: 


  • Supports independent winegrowers
  • Offers terrific discounts on wines
  • Excellent variety and taste
  • Lower than retail prices
  • Effective shipping and return policies
  • Good membership deals for Angels


  • No shipping available to Northern Territory, Australia
  • No shipping available to Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Jersey, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Utah in the US
  • High shipping costs for Alaska and Hawaii

Naked Wines offers red wine, white wine, rose and sparkling wine from all over the world, from vineyards in Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, and the US. This Naked Wines Wine Club review will give you a taste of some of their bestsellers.

Scott Kelley Oregon Pinot Gris 2019

This Scott Kelly Oregon Pinot Gris 2019 is a crisp, fruity white as refreshing as a summer evening on the porch under the moonlight. It maintains the delicate balance between freshness and flavour. It’s lip-smacking good with layered tastes of apple, pineapple and citrus. This Naked wine comes from the centre of Pinot Noir country. It’s one of their most popular whites, with a 94% rating on the site out of over 2,900 reviews.

This Naked Wine Wine Club review got the juicy details on the Scott Kelly Oregon Pinot Gris 2019: while it’s best served chilled, you can let it warm up over time. If you’re menu planning in advance of your special evening, think shrimp scampi or chicken alfredo. Kick back in your flip flops and enjoy! The Angels price offers great savings, which is reduced from $26 regular price to $18 for subscribers.

Jacqueline Bahue Sonoma Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2019

The Jacqueline Bahue Sonoma Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2019 is refreshing and tangy with a mixture of peach and citrus. It’s light and will set a relaxing tone to your evening, whether you’re putting your feet up on the couch with a good book or enjoying the best that summer has to offer with a group of close friends. You can savour this Naked Wine bottle at the end of a long weekday or on special weekend occasions. You just might want to keep a bottle or two on hand! 

This Naked wine has an 89% approval rating among 689 Angels. It’s delicious served chilled with fresh seasonal vegetables and roast chicken. The Jacqueline Bahue Sonoma Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2019 has a market price of $27, while club members get it for $19. 

W. Donaldson Sonoma Rose 2017

This Naked wine was a classic sparkling Rose, a delectable blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from the vineyards in Sonoma Valley. The W. Donaldson Sonoma Rose 2017 has been aged for two years by dedicated and talented sparkling winemakers, including the former head winemaker for Chandon. This delightful bubbly Rose has a 92% rating on Naked Wines out of 1,286 Angels—so it must be good.

Our Naked Wines Wine Club review found a shocking price difference between retail and Angels pricing: as it turns out, the market price for this Naked Wines Rose is $63, while Angels get it for $27. When enjoying the W. Donaldson Sonoma Rose 2017, serve chilled and enjoy with champagne flutes. The most sure-fire food match is blackened steelhead salmon. Serve up and enjoy! 

Chris Baker Willamette Valley Rose of Pinot Noir 2019

We’ve got another tasty Rose for you: Chris Baker Willamette Valley Rose of Pinot Noir 2019 is vegan, and your summer memories will tingle in your taste buds after you’ve sipped away on this raspberry, melon, strawberry, and citrus delight. To create this divine wine, Chris Baker looked for the freshest Pinot Noir growing in the Willamette vineyards. He blended the best bunches of grapes to make this popular Naked Wines Pinot Noir Rose with a 90% approval rating among Angels.

The Chris Baker Willamette Valley Rose of Pinot Noir 2019 can age for up to four years but it’s best in the first two years. Serve this Naked Wine chilled, and the aromatics and flavours will intensify as your glass warms. The recommendations for food pairings are spicy street tacos, summer barbecued chicken or a simple fruit salad. This Naked wine is another solid savings pick, retailing at $31, while the Angels price is $14. This Rose is meant to be an everyday favourite but buyer beware, it’s a short distance from uncorked to empty bottle!

Ken Deis Napa Valley Merlot 2018

Now, let’s get to the reds. Our Naked Wines Wine Club review led us to the Ken Deis Napa Valley Merlot 2018, one of their highest rated reds with an Angel approval rating of 89%. This Napa Valley wine is a rich, classic, and smooth Merlot. One reviewer on the site went so far as to describe it as “velvety.” This rustic Merlot is tangy, sweet and tarty, made with red cherries and jammy berries. Ken Deis is a Napa Valley legend, and the quality of this wine reflects his experience. 

The Ken Deis Napa Valley Merlot 2018 lasts for 3-5 years. Ken’s advice is that a young red wine should breathe before you take a sip, and decanting is the best option. If you’re looking for the perfect meal pairing, red meats like lamb or beef, hearty dishes, and spicy foods bring out the best of the wine’s flavours. This Naked wine retails at $33, and Angels can get it for $23.

F. Stephen Millier Angels Reserve Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Ah, Cab Sauv. We had to include some in this Naked Wines Wine Club Review, and we found their most popular bottle: the F. Stephen Millier Angels Reserve Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon 2018. Stephen Millier has a knack for the classic California Cabernet, which is chock-full of dark berries and cherries. With Angel funding, Stephen was able to handpick a single estate vineyard in Lodi where the grapes are exceptional. 

The Angels have spoken: this Naked Caub Sauv has an impressive 94% rating out of over 6,000 reviewers. Stephen recommends a grilled bone-in-rib-eye to match the calibre of this wine. The F. Stephen Millier Angels Reserve Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 has a market price of $20, while Angels only pay $13.

Naked Wines Review: What Do Customers Think?

Naked Wines Wine Club Review

For this Naked Wines Wine Club review, we were interested in getting a take of customers’ views on the quality of the products, the delivery process, and what Angels think about the cost. Naked Wines reviews yielded very positive results

Angels feel that the price is reasonable, given the quality of the wine. They really valuE and enjoy contributing to the wellbeing and development of independent growers. As wine connoisseurs, this value set mattered to them. Angels reported being pleased with how prompt Naked Wines deliveries are and how simple it is to order. 

Subscribers think it’s an excellent company with a great team. They love the taste and variety of the wines. Many Angels said they’d enjoyed every bottle and would recommend the Fine Wine Club to anyone. Overall, there were only good things to say about Naked Wines.

Is Naked Wines Worth It?

Naked Wines Review

The vote in our Naked Wines Wine Club review is unanimous. In our opinion, Naked Wines is absolutely worth it. The customer service was reviewed as superb. Customers love being part of a culture and movement that supports independent wine growers and most importantly, the wines are tasty. This company hit the mark on every target, and if you’re a wine lover or a friend to a wine lover, chances are, you’ll enjoy it.

Sign Up For Naked Wines 

If you love good wine and you want to support indie winemakers, join the Fine Wine Club at The brand currently operates in the US, UK, and Australia.


Naked Wines Shipping Policy

For orders within the US, our Naked Wines Wine Club review discovered:

  • Customers living on the mainland US are charged $10 through FedEX, GSO, or UPS on orders less than $100
  • Delivery is included with each purchase of over $100 except in HI and AK 
  • In Alaska, shipping costs $130 per package
  • In Hawaii, it costs $70 per package

This is what customers in Australia can expect: 

  • Shipping is free for Angels in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth metro areas (takes approximately 2-3 business days)
  • Shipping takes approximately 2-4 business days for orders to Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide
  • For other territories, costs will vary (refer to the delivery calculator on the Naked Wines website)
  • No shipping is available to Northern Territory

If you reside in the UK, here’s what you should know about Naked Wines shipping:

  • Naked Wines ships to most UK addresses; enter your postal code on the website to check if your address is available
  • Standard delivery service is the next business day (Monday to Saturday)
  • The delivery fee is £4.99, or free on orders over £100

Naked Wines Return Policy

Naked Wines has a generous return policy. If you don’t like a wine, or if it’s damaged or corked, then you will receive a full refund, and the money will be credited to your account. To process a return, visit

Cancel Naked Wines

If you no longer wish to be an Angel, you can cancel your Naked Wines subscription anytime. See the Contact Naked Wines section below. 

Contact Naked Wines  

If you want to get in touch with Naked Wines, you can access the team through:

Before you commit, explore other vino options. Check out Winc and FirstLeaf wine subscriptions.


Function of Beauty Hair Review

About Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty positions itself as the world’s most customizable hair care and body care brand for men and women. From the first ingredient to the last squirt and on to shipping, the product really is made for “you (and only you).The customer is at the centre of the customized process. It’s up to you what goes into the formula. 

Function has a whopping 688k followers on Instagram, so it’s obvious that they’re gaining speed in the ecommerce world. This Function of Beauty hair review will take an in-depth look at the brand and a selection of bestsellers, customer ratings, promotions and more, to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. 

Function of Beauty Hair Review

Overview of Function of Beauty 

Function of Beauty was created in 2015 by a serious power trio—an engineer, a navy vet, and a chemist—and is headquartered in New York. All product formulas are custom filled in the USA, and you can choose from trillions of innovative formulations designed by founders Josh, Zahin, and Hien for your individual hair care and body care needs. 

Function’s values are pivotal in the design and discovery process. Their imaginations run wild and they believe in embracing change, as they continuously seek novel ways of doing things. Function of Beauty wants to carve their own path, to break the rules, to take risks and to envision a new normal to offer the very best in hair and body care. 

Function of Beauty Hair Review

When it comes down to it, we all have individual preferences, hair and skin types, moods, styles, and passions. Our individuality is worth designing products for, and the Function supports this right. No two people have an alike formula, so Function is like the snowflake of brands—every product is different.

Custom Haircare & Hair Quiz

Function of Beauty Hair Review

We took a tour of the Haircare & Hair Quiz to get a sense of how things work for this Function of Beauty hair review. It’s simple and fun! You know yourself best, so filling in the details of the locks you brush and wash should be a breeze. 

You first identify whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly, or coily. Next, the team gets into assessing your hair structure, and you describe your tresses as fine, medium, or course. After that, you clarify the moisture level between dry, normal, and oily. Then it gets a bit more detailed. You can select up to 5 hair goals, with a minimum of one. Believe me, you’re finger will be clicking on that mouse pad when you see the aspirations you can choose:

  1. Deep condition
  2. Fix split ends
  3. Hydrate
  4. Replenish hair
  5. Strengthen 
  6. Anti-ageing
  7. Color protection
  8. Lengthen
  9. Thermal protection
  10. Volumize
  11. Anti-frizz
  12. Curl definition
  13. Nourish roots
  14. Shine
  15. Soothe scalp
  16. Straighten
  17. Oil Control
  18. Reduce brassiness

You can select a silicone-free formula for your shampoo and conditioner if you like. Then you get to customize your fragrance between Nude (p)each, Strike a (r)ose, (Pear)fection, All(you)calyptus, True l(o)vender, and Fragrance free. We’re loving the puns here. Finally, choose from a variety of bright colors and determine how strong you want the fragrance to smell (light, medium, or strong). You can have a pleasantly subtle scent, make your locks be perfume on top of your head, or somewhere in the middle. 

Function of Beauty Hair Review

Before we get into their product line, here are the highlights of this Function of Beauty hair review:


  • The ability to design a product that fits your needs
  • High level of hair care customization with trillions of possible product formulations
  • Wide range of colors, ingredients, and fragrances for hair care products 
  • Involvement in product development from start to finish
  • Products are free of sulphates and parabens, vegan, and cruelty-free
  • Reasonable price compared to other high-end and customizable hair care brands
  • Comprehensive membership program


  • Some customers report negative interactions with customer service, slow shipping times, that the hair care goals were not realized, or that the products damaged their hair 

Function of Beauty offers shampoos, conditioners, leave-in shampoos, hair masks, hair serum, body wash, body lotion, and gifts. This Function of Beauty hair review highlights some of the brand’s top sellers:

Function of Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner

Function of Beauty Hair Review
Function of Beauty Shampoo & Conditioner

The Function of Beauty Shampoo & Conditioner is a bright, beautiful and bold bestseller, sold in fantastic colors like lavender, teal, and bubble gum pink. Unlike the regular shampoos you purchase out of habit from the drugstore shelf, this shampoo is customizable to reflect your personality, needs, and taste to meet your unique hair goals. You definitely won’t have a partner or sister confusing your shampoo for theirs! 

Function hair products are free of sulphates and parabens, entirely vegan and cruelty-free. You can also customize your purchase so that your formula is produced free of silicone, dyes, and fragrances. It really is all up to you! Amazingly, in the natural formulations, there are up to 60 natural ingredients

Function of Beauty Hair Review
Function of Beauty Shampoo & Conditioner

The recommended use is 1-2 pumps of Function Shampoo applied to wet hair. Massage the shampoo into a lather, rinse, and repeat if necessary. You can tell you’re using enough Function Conditioner if you coat your strands of hair evenly from mid-shaft to the ends. Once you’ve applied conditioner, leave it for 1-2 minutes before giving a thorough rinse. 

Function of Beauty Shampoo & Conditioner comes in two sizes: 8 oz ($40) and 16 oz ($50). 

Function of Beauty Purple Shampoo

Function of Beauty Hair Review
Function of Beauty Purple Shampoo

Function of Beauty Purple Shampoo is formulated for blondes, grey-haired women, and those with bleached or highlighted hair. The deep purple pigments resolve the brassy tones in blonde hair. The shampoo formula also increases shine and helps your color to last for longer. 

When it comes to using the Purple Shampoo, apply it to the brassy areas for 2-3 minutes. Function of Beauty reviews indicate that you may want to apply it for longer if the brassiness is prominent. Rinse all of it out and then add a Function of Beauty Conditioner to seal the deal. 

Function of Beauty Hair Review
Function of Beauty Purple Shampoo

Function’s Purple Shampoo comes in two sizes: 8 oz ($30) and 16 oz ($37). 

Function of Beauty Leave-in Treatment

Function of Beauty Hair Review
Function of Beauty Leave-in Treatment

Function of Beauty Leave-in Treatment is also individually formatted to meet the hair goals you’ve set your sights on. It’s ultra-lightweight and helps maintain healthy hair by smoothing, hydrating, and protecting for $19.99. It’s a great side-kick for shampoo and conditioner, plus we love that it’s a multi-use product.

When’s the best time to put in the leave-in treatment? Function suggests that you tousle it into your hair after your shower. It can go in either wet or dry. Similar to the other hair products, it’s meant to fit you and your life, so you can use it on wash days, in between washes or for a touchup on the fly. The best part is you don’t have to rinse! It’s recommended for all hair types, so all locks are welcome. Tousle it in, and away you go!

Function of Beauty Hair Mask

Function of Beauty Hair Review
Function of Beauty Hair Mask

You’ve heard of a face mask but have you heard of a hair mask? The Function of Beauty Hair Mask will pique your interest, either way. It’s an intensive deep conditioning treatment made with Japanese sake extract, argan oil, jojoba ester oil, and a blend of natural ingredients to complement your hair goals. 

The Hair Mask is designed for in-shower use and it gives you a lift in moisture, hydration and nourishment. It’s a ‘treat yoself’ kind of product. Coat your hair with the mask after shampooing and conditioning. Make sure you get an even application from shafts to ends. For best results leave the mask in for the recommended time and use it once or twice per week. This Function of Beauty shower treatment is available in 7.5 oz bottles for $20.

Function of Beauty Hair Serum

Function of Beauty Hair Review
Function of Beauty Hair Serum

We’ve seen a lot of great Function of Beauty hair products that can bring your mane to the next level, and the Hair Serum is the final touch. It smoothes away those flyaways, keeps that pesky frizz in place, and elevates your shine. The serum is 100% customizable and is blended of argan, jojoba, sunflower oils and a blend of natural ingredients. 

The serum is proven to reduce frizz by 70%, increase shine 26x more than untreated hair, improve detangling by 75%, and thermally protect hair from damage up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Seriously impressive. Function of Beauty Hair Serum comes in 3 oz for $25

When it comes to use, warm a small amount of the product in your hands. Apply the serum to damp or wet hair, then distribute the product evenly from mid-shafts to the ends using your fingers. Be sure to avoid the roots and don’t rinse out! Lastly, style it and enjoy.

Function of Beauty Subscription

Function of Beauty Hair Review

Becoming a Function Plus Member with a Function of Beauty Subscription has its perks. We’ve outlined them here so that you can decide if being a member is right for you:

  • You can choose your delivery schedule and get online deliveries of your personalized formulas (every month, 2, 3, or 6 months)
  • It’s easy to make changes to your formula
  • Free shipping, access to exclusive and past limited-edition colors and fragrances
  • Invitations to help test-drive new products (I’d happily be their guinea pig!)
  • Receive reminders a few days before your subscription order is set to be filled, so that you can make any updates to your formula, delivery date, or account details

Function of Beauty offers individual hair care, totally custom. You begin by taking the quiz and providing information about your hair as well as choosing colour, fragrance and the name of your formula. Begin with your customized subscription! 

Function of Beauty Hair Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Function of Beauty Hair Review

After getting to know the products and the possibilities, it’s important to look into what customers were saying. After reviewing the customizable products, we were a bit surprised to find that the camps were harshly split when it came to satisfaction. One group of customers was highly negative about the product, saying that it destroyed their hair. Customers especially commented that it was not good for oily hair. One reviewer had a challenge with shipping and was agitated that customer service responded poorly. People thought the prices were expensive for what they got out of the product and that it took too long to ship.

On the flip side, other customers said that Function was the only product that they would use for their hair, and would continue to order their formulation without a single doubt. One customer remarked that Function had done wonders on her daughter’s hair. Another reviewer said she “absolutely loved” the conditioner, shampoo, and hair mask and could think of no issue with them. A few satisfied customers said that Function made their hair “squeaky clean.” The happy buyers loved the smell, thought the quality was excellent—higher than any drugstore products. 

Is Function of Beauty Haircare Worth It?

Function of Beauty Hair Review

When it comes to purchasing Function of Beauty hair care, our advice would be to proceed with caution. We were shocked by how diverse the comments were. Those that were negative were extremely negative. Meanwhile, the positive comments were exuberant. This kind of polarization puts a flag up for us. 

At the same time, we recognize the careful process at Function of Beauty which accounts for individual goals and differences amongst customers. We are impressed by the level of customization and the natural ingredients. So in our view, buy yourself a bottle, do it up just right and when you try it, take the time to see if it’s right for you before committing to a subscription or more products.

Function of Beauty Promotions & Discounts 

Function of Beauty Hair Review

As an Ambassador member, you will benefit from the world-class science of the team of MIT engineers, cosmetic scientists and developers. All products are mindfully created to be as unique as you.

The Function of Beauty Ambassador Program is a unique referral rewards system. 

On the website, new customers can get 10% off their first order by signing up for texts from Function. There is currently no Function of Beauty promo code or a Function of Beauty discount code, but keep checking for deals to pop up! 

Where to Buy Function of Beauty Haircare

According to our Function of Beauty hair review, you can purchase their products through their website,, and Amazon.


Cancel Function of Beauty Subscription

Canceling the Function of Beauty subscription is a pretty easy process: After you login and visit the Account page:

  1. Login and go to the Account page
  2. Click Your Subscriptions
  3. Select Manage
  4. Click Cancel Subscription 

If you cancel after the order has been initiated, the cancellation will apply to the next delivery cycle. After cancelling your subscription, you’ll receive an email confirmation. If this email does not come within 24 hours, reach out so that Function of Beauty can help. 

Function of Beauty Shipping Policy

This Function of Beauty hair review sorts out the strengths and weaknesses of the system for you. From formulation to shipping, the creation process normally takes 7-9 business days. The team will send you a shipping notification with a tracking number once your package has shipped.  Below is an outline of the delivery time in relation to the countries available for shipping:

CountryDelivery Time
US11-14 days
Australia39-45 days
Canada31-39 days
Chile15-22 days
European Union32-36 days
Great Britain31-33 days
Hong Kong32-40 days
Iceland39-47 days
Israel34-35 days
Japan36-38 days
Mexico32-40 days
New Zealand31-37 days
Singapore9-12 days
Switzerland34-40 days
Taiwan30-32 days

There may be taxes or duties depending on where your package is being sent, according to the investigation of our Function of Beauty hair review. If you live in Australia, Canada, EU, Hong Kong, Mexico, New Zealand or Great Britain, you’ll receive your package with no further duties or taxes than those you pay at checkout. 

If your location is Iceland, Israel, Norway, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan or the United Arab Emirates, you may incur additional duties or taxes as per your country’s customs laws. 

Function of Beauty Return Policy

In our Function of Beauty hair review, we learned about the Happy Hair Guarantee. The team is passionate about creating products that match your unique characteristics and live up to your standards. After trying the shampoo at home, if it’s not hitting the bar, let them know so that they can improve the product to meet your needs. 

Reach out to the team at [email protected] and express your concern within 30 days of receiving your first order. The team will do its best to resolve the issue, and if your concerns are not addressed with a free one-time reformulation, you will receive a full refund within 30 days of delivery of your first order. Note that if you choose the one-time free reformulation, you will not receive a refund for the original purchase. 

Contact Function of Beauty  

If you have a question or concern on your mind that wasn’t addressed in this Function of Beauty hair review: visit, select your inquiry, and fill out the form including your name, email and message. Then click ‘submit’ and a team member will get back to you soon.

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Reviews Shoes

M.Gemi Shoes Review

About M.Gemi

Our MGemi shoes review dug into the foundation and belief system of the brand, uncovering their commitment to quality and developing beautiful pairs crafted by hand. M Gemi offers a variety of luxury Italian footwear for men and women. The direct-to-consumer startup is reviewed as high quality and affordable, more so than the luxury markup of traditional retailers. 

Business Insider recently wrote about M.Gemi’s “cult-favorite” loafers, which are frequently waitlisted due to popularity. Is this brand the real deal, or just hype? This M.Gemi shoes review will take an in-depth look at the brand and a selection of bestsellers, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. 

M.Gemi Shoes Review

Overview of M.Gemi 

The mission of M.Gemi shoes grew its roots in Sicily. Founder Maria Gangemi grew up on the Greek island and developed an admiration for the attention to detail of the local artisans. These artisans would make just a few pairs at a time and Maria gained a passion for the unparalleled quality of stunning, handmade shoes. 

M.Gemi’s mission is to make shoes the old way and sell them the new way. Our M.Gemi shoes review highlights some of their most popular designs, shoes that Gangemi describes as Italian luxuries for modern life.” 

M.Gemi Shoes Review

M.Gemi was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Boston, MA. They partner with small artisanal workshops across Italy. What’s the benefit of this for you as a consumer? Not only are you supporting an age-old craft, but the shoes are made with the knowledge of families who have been perfecting shoemaking for generations. The shoes are made with delicate detail and dependable quality. 

If you would rather catch the highlights of this M.Gemi shoes review, here’s our sum up:


  • Beautiful shoes
  • Good shipping and return policies
  • Many customers reported great customer service
  • Many of the shoe styles fit multi-purposes


  • The shoes ship in the continental U.S 
  • M.Gemi offered rave reviews about the detail and effort put into their quality but some customers were dissatisfied with their purchases
  • While the shoes are affordable, the quality was lost
  • Some customers felt slighted when they tried to make returns
  • Some customers found the shoes uncomfortable

M.Gemi designs high-end flats, sandals, drivers, sneakers, loafers, heels, boots and oxfords. They also offer a range of belts and socks to accent the footwear. This M.Gemi shoes review showcases a selection of the brand’s bestsellers, starting with the ladies.

M.Gemi Women’s Shoes

M.Gemi’s shoes for women range from casual and stylish sneakers, sandals, flats, and drivers, to more elegant heels, boots, and loafers. The classic styles complement many different outfits, and even with the more laidback styles, their Italian leather offers sophistication. Check out these popular pairs:

Sacca Donna Suede Slip-Ons

The Sacca Donna Suede Slip-Ons are one of M.Gemi’s most-loved moccasin-style loafers. The Sacca Donna slip-ons are unlined with a soft kid perforated suede upper. Their leather sole contains a rubber insert to absorb pressure, complemented by a moisture-wicking leather footbed

These elevated casual, comfortable everyday beauties are handmade in Toscana, Italy. Whether you’re clocking mileage on city streets or putting together a glam office look, these M.Gemi shoes will transition flawlessly. 

The Sacca Donna Suede Slip-Ons are also available pink and electric blue, if you want to add brights to your basics. Currently, you can catch the wave of a fantastic sale: These MGemi loafers have been reduced from $248 to $160

Celia Leather Sandals 

In our M.Gemi shoes review, we examined the Celia Leather Sandals, another topseller for women. The Celia’s are the true embodiment of the M.Gemi standard, where luxury meets modern life. Day demands meet night looks with their bold multi-color metallics. Their shine can dress up a pair of jeans, or match with a skirt on an evening out if you feel like ditching heels.

The Celia Leather Sandals feature comfortable leather-wrapped foam straps, a stacked leather 10 mm heel, with a leather lining and footbed. The lightly padded insole adds extra comfort and a durable leather sole provides breathability. Think beach vacation, glam date nights, or put-together errands. 

The Celia Leather Sandals are $198, and you’ve got options with this style. These M.Gemi sandals are available in white leather, anthracite and gold multi metallic, luggage leather, bronze, fuchsia and orange multi metallic, and black leather. 

Felize Leather Moccasins

When you pair practical and graceful, you get the kind of shoes you keep going back to. In both these departments, the Felize Leather Moccasins deliver. With a leather and rubber sole, these loafers will get you from A to B in comfort and style. The tumbled leather upper and oval toe is supported with a leather lining. They have the classic rim stitching along the upper of traditional Italian leather loafers.

Our M.Gemi shoes review showed that these loafers are the number one bestseller for women. They’re made by a small Tuscany workshop and every detail is laboured over because quality counts. Priced at $198, the Felize Leather Moccasins are available in navy, gray, cappuccino, black, pale pink, and white. 

M.Gemi Men’s Shoes

M.Gemi shoes are for the modern man who gravitates toward traditional suave. From laidback drivers and sneakers to loafers, boots, and oxfords fit for a gentleman. M.Gemi also designs belts and socks for guys to match with their shoes. We’ll shine a spotlight on some of their top sellers:

Lucente Calfskin Leather Sneakers

In our M.Gemi shoe reviews, we were struck again by the balance between classy and practical. The Lucente Calfskin Leather Sneakers strike that balance. They’re effortlessly chill. These M.Gemi sneaks are made as thoughtfully as your best dress shoes with a supple leather upper and a rubber sole that is stitched by hand. The padded back collar offers additional comfort, with waxed laces adding more to the distinguished leather look. 

The Lucente Calfskin Leather Sneakers are handcrafted in Marche Italy. The $278 sneakers also come in all white, navy and white, black and white, all grey, and all black.

Brolio Suede Loafers 

The Brolio Suede Loafers are the bestselling driving moccasin according to our M.Gemi shoes review. Built for comfort with a breathable all leather lining and footbed, the shoes are like outdoor slippers. M.Gemi maintains sharp attention to detail with the tonal stitching and the large rubber peg driving sole. 

The Brolio’s are made for slim pants, jeans, chinos, and cotton shorts. Handmade in Veneto, Italy, they’re the kind of premium shoes other guys comment on. The Brolio Suede Loafers are priced at $228 and come in navy, gray, tan, orange and black. 

Volo Due Leather Loafers

The Volo Due Leather Loafers exude fine Italian charm. It’s all in the details with these traditional penny strap loafers. The sewn edge seams, blake stitching construction, and box-stitched penny strap are all handcrafted elements. 

Handmade in Toscana, Italy, these handsome loafers will impress at the office, on a date, at the next wedding, wherever you want your inner gentleman to come out. The Volo Due Leather Loafers cost $278 and are available in tan.

M.Gemi Shoes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

This M.Gemi shoes review uncovered some contrasting opinions on the footwear, some highly positive, others negative. Some customers were unhappy with the products and said that they would not repeat a purchase or stand behind the shoes. The heart of their dissatisfaction was that M.Gemi made a broad promise and did not deliver to the standard of quality. Some customers’ shoes started to show wear shortly after their purchase. 

M.Gemi Shoes Review

What exacerbated the frustration of these M.Gemi customers and turned them off the shoes was that the customer service was poor and the company was unwilling to back their product when it deteriorated. The return policy, which seemed flexible on assessment, was not as good on the ground, according to reviewers. 

Other customers felt differently. They don’t hesitate to purchase more M.Gemi shoes. From the perspective of these happy shoppers, the shoes are top quality and the customer service is great. Those who loved the shoes described them as seriously attractive and they would recommend the shoes to loved ones. These happier customers had good experiences with return and exchanges, and they thought the prices were reasonable for the quality. 

Is M.Gemi Worth It?

M.Gemi Shoes Review

There are two camps when evaluating the M.Gemi product. One is dissatisfied and the other is glowing. Our take on the divide is to proceed with caution. The footwear is reviewed as beautiful. There is a mixture of reviews on customer service and returns. The clincher is the quality. While the satisfied customers thought the quality was excellent, other customers had a serious bone to pick. 

The glossy frontier of M.Gemi is that the shoes are handcrafted by knowledgeable artisans in Italy but some find that the promise does not deliver. In this M.Gemi shoes review, we don’t see this as a reason not purchase, but to explore your choices with open eyes and weigh beauty against durability. 

M.Gemi Promotions & Discounts 

M.Gemi Shoes Review

Our M.Gemi shoes review discovered that the team offers a welcome gift. When you sign up, you enjoy $50 off your first order. Check back regularly at for an upcoming M Gemi promo code or M Gemi discount code. 

There is a selection of M. Gemi sale items available right now. The website has a Before They Go section, where you can browse discounted shoes from last season, offered at lower prices so that they can make room for the new designs.

Where to Buy M.Gemi 

The brand’s entire product line can be purchased through Select footwear is available at the M.Gemi showroom in Bloomingdales, through Amazon, and discounted on Lyst. 


M.Gemi Sizing 

M.Gemi uses Italian sizing, which is a more exact method of measurement compared to US sizing. There are fit notes on every product details page, developed based on the specific design of each shoe and real-life feedback on fit. For example, some loafers start out snug but stretch with time and the product details page accounts for this. 

Italian SizingUS Sizing
M.Gemi Men’s Size Chart
Italian SizingUS Sizing
37.57W 7.5N
39.58.5W 9N
M.Gemi Women’s Size Chart

M.Gemi Shipping Policy

Good news in this M.Gemi shoes review: the company offers complimentary shipping with the purchase of their product. M Gemi shoes arrive within 3-6 business days after the package has shipped throughout the continental US. Options for 2nd day shipping ($15) and next day shipping ($30) are also available in the continental US. 

M.Gemi offers complementary standard shipping for most U.S. orders and returns. The company ships to Alaska and Hawaii with second day air.  Tracking information will be e-mailed to you when your order ships and you can check the status of your package at any time. 

M.Gemi Return Policy

M.Gemi has a decent return policy. They offer customers the opportunity to try on shoes at home with complimentary returns. You have 14 days from the date of receipt of your order to make a return of full price products. To receive a full refund, your shoes must be in their original, unworn condition.

For orders placed in the US, you can visit to initiate a return. For orders placed in the M.Gemi showroom in Bloomingdale’s, you can initiate a return by emailing your order number to [email protected] 

Contact M.Gemi  

If you want to chat, M.Gemi is available from Monday to Friday 10 AM-7 PM. Our M.Gemi shoes review showed that the best ways to reach them are to: 

Check out these other luxury Italian shoe brands:

Ace Marks

Jack Erwin

Oliver Cabell


Winc Wine Club Review

About Winc Wine Club

Winc is an unconventional and innovative wine program offering hundreds of wines bottled from around the globe. They offer many blends, from classic vintages to savoury modern blends. Winc sees it as their role to showcase exceptional wines of every region, variety, and style at the best value possible.

Partnering with independent winemakers and growers, Winc Wine is acclaimed by prominent media sources including Business Insider and Buzzfeed. This Winc Wine Club review will take an in-depth look at the brand and its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. 

Winc Wine Club Review

Overview of Winc Wine Club

Winc is a California-based brand that offers an online membership experience. The vision shared between founders Xander Oxman and Geoff McFarlane is that wine should be more accessible. According to Winc, wine is “one of life’s simple pleasures” and purchasing a lovely bottle of wine should be as simple as enjoying one. 

The two founders joined forces with winemaker and sommelier Brian Smith to simplify the experience of purchasing wine. Under Brian’s leadership the Winc team focuses on quality over quantity, developing smaller batches that put effort into perfecting flavour.

Winc builds its brand with wines that are available at select retailers nationwide. These fellows established a passionate community of thousands of wine lovers, as they continue to expand their followers with their original vision at the core of all of their efforts. 

Winc Wine Club Review

If you would rather catch the highlights of this Winc Wine Club review, here’s our sum up:


  • Excellent customer service according to reviewers 
  • Reviewers mentioned receiving four complimentary bottles
  • More budget-friendly compared to other wine clubs
  • Great variety of wines sourced from all over the world to deliver the best quality
  • Comprehensive quiz to establish a flavour profile and tailored selection 


  • Unfortunately, Winc does not ship internationally

Winc offers a selection of unique, diverse, and high quality red, white and rosé wines for purchase through their wine club subscriptions. Winc also offers cider, sparkling wine, and vegan selections, catering to a range of alcohol preferences.

How Winc Wine Club Works

Winc Wine Club Review

This Winc Wine Club review gives you the inside scoop on the subscription. So how exactly does it work? Winc connects you to a world of exclusive wines that are tailored to your personal preferences. Winc believes in making the delivery of wine as simple as the drinking part, so they deliver right to your doorstep. 

To find out if they deliver to you, enter your zip code on The company has three well thought out parts to their process: customers’ palate profile, subscribers’ recommendations, and ratings. By answering questions to clarify your taste profile, receiving and rating the recommendations that match your palate, Winc will cater to your unique tastes and continue to curate the best selection of wines for you

Winc is focused on the customer, and while some companies make this claim without follow through, Winc really does live up to this claim—subscribers never pay for a bottle that they don’t like. If you’re travelling, need a break, or want to cancel, you can do so free of fuss and charge. 

Winc Red Wines

Winc Wine Club Review

Maybe as far as your friends and family are concerned, you’re a total red wine connoisseur— but can you define red wine? Don’t worry, we couldn’t either but with this tidbit, but soon you can impress guests at your next dinner party. 

According to our Winc review, red wine is defined as made from grapes that are “vinified using skin contact and tannic extraction.” This is what produces red coloured wine, and the detail doesn’t stop there. You can get red wine on a spectrum ranging from light to rosé, to opaque dark reds. If you were to squeeze a wine grape intended for use in red wines, it would produce clear juice. 

This detail is important, because the juice remains in contact with the skins so that the colour and tannin are transferred during and after fermentation. Essentially the red comes from the skin. The grapes associated with red wine generally prefer warmer climates and they can produce dry or sweet wines. Cabernet Sauvignon being popular in California wine country, Shiraz in South Africa and Australia, Malbec in Argentina—it’s all making more sense.

When it comes to the wide range of red wines, our Winc Wine Club review shows that the head sommelier has you covered. This guide provides readers with a guide to their popular wines, so you can get a sense of what you’re getting yourself into:

WineRegular PriceMember PriceDescription
2017 Baseline Syrah$48$40Complex, Elegant, Premium
2019 Cherries & Rainbows Red Wine$23$20Dark Fruit, Textured, Organic
2019 Keep It Chill Chillable Red$23$20Bright Fruit, Easy Drinking, Friendly
2019 The Bluffer Valdifuie$17$15Juicy, Quaffable, Silky
2019 Alma Libre Cabernet Sauvignon$15$13Complex, Textured, Luscious
2019 Mercana Cabernet Sauvignon$16$14Red Fruit, Velvety, Flavourful
2019 Altre Mon Syrah$16$14Complex, Velvety, Organic
2016 Rabble Merlot$23$20Dark Fruit, Elegant, Single Vineyard
2017 Rabble Cabernet Sauvignon$23$20Dark Fruit, Velvety, Single Vineyard
2018 Pacificana Pinot Noir$15$13Dark Fruit, Soft, Oak Aged

Our Winc Wine Club review led us to look more deeply into a selection of their bestselling reds:

2017 Baseline Syrah

Winc Wine Club Review
2017 Baseline Syrah

Winc’s 2017 Baseline Syrah is harvested in Santa Barbara County, California. The Syrah originates from a cool climate at the John Sebastiano vineyard which is one of the most respected vineyards in the central coast. This Sebastiano Syrah has been rated by 170 customers and received 4.1 stars. 

The 2017 Baseline Syrah is medium in body, dry and containing 13.7% alcohol. The wine is made with low sulfur, contains low sugar, and is unfiltered. This particular Syrah has tasting notes of cedar, cranberry, dark cherry and violet. It’s suggested that you put this wine in the fridge for ten minutes before you serve and it pairs beautifully with pork, lamb, veggies and bbq. 

2019 Cherries & Rainbows Red Wine

Winc Wine Club Review
2019 Cherries & Rainbows Red Wine

Next, our Winc Wine Club review took us to the 2019 Cherries & Rainbows Red Wine. This wine has been rated by 934 customers and given an average of 3.7 stars. This wine comes all the way from Minervois France at an eco-friendly winery. The winemaking process is vegan, so it’s great for those guests with an extra refined palate.

The 2019 Cherries & Rainbows Red Wine is a full bodied blend, dry tasting and containing 13% alcohol. This Cherries & Rainbows blend is low-sulfur, low-sugar, organic, sustainable and natural. The tasting notes of this wine are black cherry, fig, fresh herbs and red cherry—sounds like the height of summer! Decant this wine and serve it with pork, cheeses, and cured meats.

2019 Keep it Chill Chillable Red

Winc Wine Club Review
2019 Keep it Chill Chillable Red

Winc’s 2019 Keep it Chill Chillable Red is an interesting one, since not many red wines are best served chilled. For those who love red, but wish they could drink it on a warm summer night or on a patio during the day, this wine offers the best of both worlds. This Winc wine is made with low-sulfur, low-sugar, and is sustainable, medium dry with a 13.5% alcohol content.

The 2019 Keep it Chill Chillable Red has tasting notes of allspice, pomegranate, raspberry and red cherry—my mouth is watering at this point. This Keep it Chill wine can spice up the most lovely, steamy summer evening and is served well with BBQ burgers and pork or a cured meat and cheese platter. 

Winc White Wines

We learned earlier in the Winc Wine Club review that the colour of wine comes from the grape, so it follows that white wine comes from paler grapes. White wine doesn’t pick up much of the pigment or tannins from grape skins. Like red wine, there can be a lot of variation in whites and that’s all part of the enjoyment. 

White wine can range from greenish-clear to deep cold and this all depends on the method of vinification, the age of the wine, and the colour of the grapes. It’s a delicate and intensive process and conjures up images of centuries-old wine estates across Europe. We wanted to get intimate with some of the brand’s distinguished whites in our Winc Wine Club review:

Wine Regular PriceMember PriceDescription
2019 Pacificana Chardonnay$15$13Complex, Round, Classic
2019 Far + Wide Gruner Veltliner$19$17Citrus, Bright, Crisp
2019 Field Theory Albarino$26$22Bright, Easy Drinking, Single Vineyard
2019 Wonderful Wine Co. Malvasia Bianca$20$18Vibrant, Easy Drinking, Crowd Pleaser
2019 L’Atelier du Sud Chardonnay$20$18Vibrant, Lean, Organic
2019 Prismus Pinot Grigio$18$16Bright, Crisp, Easy Drinking
2019 Vinyasa Gewurztraminer$15$13Aromatic, Friendly, Interesting
2019 Honey Beast Viognier$18$16Subtle, Crisp, Light
2019 Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Sauvignon Blanc$16$14Citrus, Bright, Refreshing
2018 Akoya Chardonnay$15$13Perfumed, Rich, Aromatic

2019 Pacificana Chardonnay

Winc Wine Club Review
2019 Pacificana Chardonnay

We looked first at Winc’s 2019 Pacificana Chardonnay. A whopping 4581 customers reviewed this wine and it has been awarded 3.5 stars. We were really intrigued by its tasting notes which include apple, butterscotch, honeysuckle and lemon rind. It’s a classic California Chardonnay, 100% barrel fermented and then aged in American oak barrels to bring the best taste to your glass. The Chardonnay is medium bodied and dry, containing 13.7% alcohol. It is made with low-sulfur and low sugar. 

This wine is teamed with Happy Planet so that 1% of all Pacificana sales go toward supporting the health of the environment. The best way to serve this wine is to chill it and then let it warm up in the glass. The 2019 Pacificana Chardonnay pairs best with chicken, fish, salad and cured meats—delish! 

2019 Far + Wide Gruner Veltliner

Winc Wine Club Review
2019 Far + Wide Gruner Veltliner

The 2019 Far + Wide Gruner Veltliner is a vegan white, featuring predominantly citrus tasting notes including lemon rind, lime, and pineapple. If you’re in search of a summer-ready white, search no further. 

This wine is a terrific alternative to Sauvignon Blanc, low-sulfur, light, and dry, containing 12.8% alcohol. As the name might suggest, the grape is indigenous to Austria. The 2019 Far + Wide Gruner Veltliner is divine chilled and when paired with Thai cuisine, shellfish, salad and cheeses. 

2019 Field Theory Albarino

Winc Wine Club Review
2019 Field Theory Albarino

Last but not least, we set our sights on the 2019 Field Theory Albarino. A total of 1076 Winc customers gave this easy drinking wine an average rating of 4.2. The tasting notes piqued our interest: lemon, melon, pineapple and wet stone. 

This unique California take on a Spanish Albarino is sustainably farmed, and goes great with a long, humid night. It’s a medium body, sustainable wine, dry and containing 13% alcohol. The 2019 Field Theory Albarino is best served chilled with fish, shellfish, salad and cheeses.

Winc Rosé and Sparkling Wines 

We took a deep dive into rosé and sparkling for this Winc Wine Club review to tickle your taste buds. We were interested to find out that Rosé is made with red grapes but the juice has limited contact with the coloured skins. Neat, huh? 

The wine can be a pretty pale pink or a rich salmon colour. When it comes to sparkling wine, it’s made with a secondary fermentation process. This results in carbon dioxide that is sealed under the cork until you well… pop! We’ll showcase some popular Winc wines in this category.

2019 Capuchon Rosé

Winc Wine Club Review
2019 Capuchon Rose

The 2019 Capuchon Rosé is from the sunny Central Coast of California, rated an average of 4.0 stars from 639 customers. It is reviewed as “elegant, bright fruit and food friendly” with a light body, dry and containing 13% alcohol. This delicate  Rosé has tasting notes of cranberry, orange peel, strawberry and watermelon, perfect for pizza, shellfish and sushi Rosé and it’s best served chilled. 

2019 Pacificana Rosé

Winc Wine Club Review
2019 Pacificana Rose

The 2019 Pacificana Rosé is described as “red fruit, quaffable, easy drinking.” This Winc Rosé should be served chill with your favourite junk foods and let loose. Get this—the cranberry, lime zest, raspberry and strawberry tasting notes are best complemented by Thai food, sushi and fries! Count us in! It’s a medium wine, slightly sweet and 13% alcohol, with 1% of the proceeds going to Happy Planet to help the environment. 

2018 Finke’s Sparkling Chardonnay 

Winc Wine Club Review
2018 Finke’s Sparkling Chardonnay

If you’re looking for a Winc Wine Club Gift, the 2018 Finke’s Sparkling Chardonnay is a great option, characterized as “bubbly, bright and fun.” Currently, like other sparkling wines, the Finke’s is sold out but keep your eye out for a restock on this vegan wine.  

These tasting notes will make your tummy rumble: apricot, candied lemon, crushed rock and peach ring. The texture and complexity of this California sparkling wine comes from 10 months of barrel aging. 2018 Finke’s Sparkling Chardonnay is medium bodied and dry, containing 12.5& alcohol. The wine is served best chilled with your most comforting pasta with cream sauce and cheese—hello heaven!

How Winc Wine Club Works

Business Insider reviews Winc as “the best wine club overall—fantastic wine selection, reasonable prices and fast delivery.” 

When it comes to Winc Wine Club, there are no strings attached. The team gets it, sometimes you need to take a breather and so you can skip a month or cancel any time, no hassle, no questions asked. 

Delivery occurs monthly and the aim of the subscription is to rate, review and perfect your bottle selections. Winc knows your sips are sacred. Flexible memberships are also available so that you are able to choose your own bottles. You can even accommodate a mixture of preferences within the family with red, white, and rosé. Buzzfeed comments that the process takes roughly 10 minutes and a shipment of wine very quickly.

Winc Wine Subscription Pricing

Winc Wine Club Review

Your journey with a Winc Wine Subscription begins with an entertaining quiz and from there, Winc tailors four wonderful wines to your taste buds each month. Reviews are an important part of helping the team to cater wine selection immaculately to your tastes. So far, there are 5 million reviews of the wines and counting. 

A monthly Winc Membership order starts with 3 bottles a month for $39 plus $9 flat shipping rate and tax. If you order four or more bottles, then shipping is free. You are welcome to add as many additional bottles as you wish to your monthly shipment. The baseline price for bottles is $13. 

Winc Insider Membership

There is also an Insider Membership which has a monthly charge of $60. This amount is redeemable as member credits. You can then put your member credits toward the purchase of Winc items whenever you like. You can also put on the pause button and skip months whenever you like. 

When you invite a friend to be a member, you earn up to $30 in credits and you can all happily share wines. You can save up to $100 by purchasing member credits, so the more the merrier. Winc also offers 10% savings for members on orders of 12 or more bottles, so stock up! 

Winc Wine Club Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Winc Wine Club Review

We want you to have a balanced perspective of the brand when you’re making your decision for purchase and so we focused on the real experts—buyers. 

Customers were extremely happy with Winc. They loved that the company recommended wines based on personal taste profile and they felt that relative to other wine clubs that Winc was more affordable. They describe Winc as having a great culture, and the customer service experiences were positive. Shipping was simple, and cancelling or putting the subscription on hold was simple. Overall, Winc was a hit! 

Is the Winc Wine Subscription Worth It?

We would definitely recommend Winc if you’re looking for your next best bottle. The company is supportive and the experience is enjoyable right down to the last sip. Customers felt the wine selection was amazing and most were satisfied with every suggestion so the flavour profile really does work. If you like a good glass of wine without any of the hassle like wandering through aisles in the liquor store, then Winc is a solid option.

Winc Wine Club Promotions & Discounts 

New Winc Wine Club members can enjoy $20 off their box. If you see a promo on the website, it’s based on a $13 bottle, and the 50% off promo is based on an order subtotal of three $13 bottles. The maximum value of any discount offer (for instance 50% off a three bottle order of $39, is $20). Keep your eye on the website for a Winc promo code or Winc discount code.

Winc Wine Club Sign Up

Winc Wine Club Review

To sign up for Winc Wine Club, simply visit and click the red button on the top of the page that says Get Started. Winc will direct you to a quiz that helps them understand your preference for tannins in red wines. 

From there, you’re ready to take a look at the Winc recommendations tailored to your personal style, now:

  1. Enter your email
  2. Enter your date of birth
  3. Activate your Winc wine subscription
  4. And view your wines! 


How to Cancel Winc Wine Club

In our Winc Wine Club review, we found that you can cancel your membership account by live chatting the team on the website. There is no cancellation fee for the Winc Wine Club cancel and live chat is available 6:00 Am to 5:00 PM Pacific Time Monday to Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday 7:00 to 4:00 pm PST. 

Winc Shipping Policy

When it comes to your membership, we discovered that a shipping charge of $9 may apply based on the size of your order. For all non-members, shipping costs $15. If you are a member and you purchase 4 bottles, your shipping is covered.

Orders ship within 2 business days of processing and shipping generally takes 3-7 business days. Someone who is at least 21 years old must be available to sign for the shipment. When your order ships, you will receive an email with a tracking number. You can also access this information on the Winc Order History page. You can opt for SMS delivery notifications if you’re on the go. At this time, Winc only ships throughout the US.

Winc Return Policy

In our Winc Wine Club review, we found that the team is fully invested in your satisfaction. If you have concerns or dissatisfaction about your order, contact the team right away. They’ll make arrangements to address and resolve your concerns. Texting and live chatting is an especially efficient way to get in touch. 

The one downfall we came across in the Winc Wine return policy is that returned orders may be subject to a restocking fee of $20. Once your products have been returned, allow 7-10 days to receive your refund

Contact Winc

If you have questions that weren’t covered in this Winc Wine Club review, you can get in touch with the team in these ways:

  • Phone: (855) 282-5829
  • Live Chat on from 6:00 AM to 5:00 pm PST Monday through Friday; between 7:00 AM and 4:00 pm PST on Saturday and Sunday
  • Mail: 


5340 Alla Road

Suite 105

Los Angeles, CA 90066

Keep your options open—check out FirstLeaf Wine Club.

Reviews Accessories

EyeBuyDirect Glasses Review

About EyeBuyDirect

EyeBuyDirect sells thousands of glasses, prescription sunglasses, blue light glasses, and more for men, women and children. Frames start at only $6, with average prices around $50 and few pairs reaching $99—if you’re always misplacing your glasses or losing your shades at the beach, this brand provides a low-cost way to flaunt stylish frames that you won’t feel too guilty about losing. 

A serious perk with EyeBuyDirect is the option to try on your glasses virtually. The low prices and convenient try-on feature are certainly attractive, but are the glasses good quality? We’ll get into that in this EyeBuyDirect glasses review. This guide will provide an in-depth look at the brand and a selection of bestsellers, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. 

EyeBuyDirect Glasses Review

Overview of EyeBuyDirect 

EyeBuyDirect was founded in 2005 by Roy Hessel. They’re an All-American company, headquartered in Austin, TX, where the frames are also produced. 

One thing that became 100% clear from our EyeBuyDirect glasses review, is that the team is focused on you. To make sure customers are completely happy in their glasses, the team fixates on every detail from design to production. 

EyeBuyDirect wants their online shopping experience to be as accessible as possible, and for customers to find the perfect glasses and shades. Their motto is “reframing the eyewear game,” which is catchy and gets points for puns. 

EyeBuyDirect Glasses Review

Ordering Glasses Online

There’s a growing trend for ordering glasses and sunglasses online. It meets needs for both comfort and necessity, now more than ever. In the past, it might have felt like a gamble to order glasses off the internet, but times have changed. Our EyeBuyDirect glasses review found that the process is a precise and easy one. Here’s the down low:

The first thing you’ll need to do is measure your pupillary distance (PD). In simple terms, PD is the distance in millimetres between the center of one pupil to the other. This measurement plays an important role because it creates the ideal spot for looking through your lenses.

You’ll need a PD measurement to order, and if your prescription doesn’t include it, EyeBuyDirect provides the steps to find this value at home:

EyeBuyDirect Glasses Review
  1. Print the downloadable PD ruler
  2. Place the ruler over the centre of your right pupil so it’s horizontal, then press it against your forehead so that it doesn’t shake
  3. While you look straight ahead, measure the distance from the center of your right pupil to the centre of your left one
  4. Repeat this process a few times to make sure that your final measurement is accurate

Next, you’ll want to make sure your frames fit just right. There are some measurements on the inside of your glasses and these refer to:

  1. Lens width
  2. Bridge width
  3. Temple length

Sometimes there will be a fourth number which is a reference to lens height. Follow the guidelines on EyeBuyDirect to find a frame that fits comfortably on your face and complements your features. 

EyeBuyDirect Glasses Review

To get your perfect pair of glasses refer to the website for tips on:

  • Frame and face shapes
  • Colour guide for glasses
  • How to choose lenses
  • Best fitting sunglasses selection

We’ll get into some seriously trendy top sellers next, but first, here’s a sum up of this EyeBuyDirect glasses review:


  • Affordable frames
  • Excellent shipping and return policies, including 2-day shipping
  • Great team and culture
  • A technical and supportive approach to online frame fitting
  • A large variety of glasses and sunglasses to choose from with many flattering styles
  • Detailed designs


  • Completing the measurements necessary for frame fitting can be tedious

EyeBuyDirect designs glasses and sunglasses in round, square, horn, aviator, geometric, round, oval, browline and heart shapes. You can select from a variety of frame colors, from neutral browns and blacks, to clear pinks and purples, in classic styles like aviator, to more new and trendy designs. Let’s dive into some of the brand’s most popular frames:

Soleil Tortoise Green Sunglasses

These suave Soleil Square Tortoise Green Sunglasses immediately caught our eye with their subtle green undertones and attractive full-rim shape. The Soliel adds a modern vibe to the traditional style and frame, with a classic design that’s got something new to say.

The Soleil Square Tortoise Green Sunglasses are made for sunny days with their built-in UV-protective and anti-reflective coatings. The frames are crafted from durable, scratch-resistant acetate, and the spring hinges keep them snug. Frames like these without the nose pads are especially comfortable, and with models that stay in place on your face, you’re good to go. 

These sunglasses are available in both non-prescription and prescription lenses. They have a large lens width, meaning you have to have a larger PD for a proper fit. The Soleil Tortoise Green Sunglasses ring in at $99 with a premium case and cloth included. 

Good Vibrations Aviator Gold Sunglasses

We’re really into the retro, Top Gun rogue look of the Good Vibrations Aviator Gold Sunglasses. Like the name implies, these are the kind of shades that can elevate your mood— giving you that all man, all American feeling. The aviators have subtle gold eyewire with a curved nose bridge, gold, black and silver colour options and the sophisticated detail of tortoiseshell temple tips

The Good Vibrations Aviator Gold Sunglasses contain adjustable nose pads for a comfortable, custom fit, fearing a lightweight metal and anti-scratch lens coating. These large width sunglasses are available in both non-prescription and prescription lenses. You can go OG Tom Cruise with these classic aviator shades for $55.

Lima Cat Eye Clear Pink Sunglasses

We thought of the ‘50s elegance of Audrey Hepburn when we saw these Lima Cat Eye Clear Pink Sunglasses. While they have a retro shape, the pink and purple sparkle frames amplify the glitz factor. They make a statement in a lady-like way with their glamorous blush shade.

The Lima Cat Eye Clear Pink Sunglasses contain lightweight, durable acetate. The oversize lenses accentuate your natural features, complemented by the round shape and polished gold accents. These cat eyes demand attention and stylish flair, available in large size. These shades are offered with either prescription or non-prescription lenses for $50.

Hollie Round Teal Glasses

The Hollie Round Teal Glasses balance bookish and hip. Vintage bookstore lover, but sub nerdiness with style. The Holly frames have a defined shape and teal-tinted evergreen shade, featuring a slim and flattering wireframe topped with translucent plastic. The Holly design is thoughtful and ornate with browline accents, sleek metal arms and adjustable nose pads that ensure a near-flawless fit. The Hollie’s are available in cassis, pink, clear, melon, green and blue. 

The Hollie Round Teal Glasses contain transition lenses: they darken when exposed to light and transform into sunglasses. These large width frames cost $50 and will both soften and define your look. We think these glasses are perfect for the stylish and thoughtful, writerly type. 

St. Michel Round Golden Glasses

EyeBuyDirect Glasses Review
St. Michel Round Golden Glasses

We took a close look at the St. Michel Round Golden Glasses. These full-rim frames set you apart with a smooth, streamlined design, a fine nose bridge and black temple tips. We think these gold frames have a distinguished, studious look. They are available in rose gold, silver, gunmetal bronze and frost blue.  

These are incredibly lightweight glasses, made of metal with an anti-scratch lens coating. As a bonus, the St. Michel Round Golden Glasses contain blue light lenses, so computers and other lit screens will cause less strain on your eyes.  For $45 you can purchase glasses that are trendy and individual in their frames. 

Hepburn Cat Eye Clear Glasses

The first impression we got with the Hepburn Cat Eye Clear Glasses was their Hollywood Golden-era look. The clear frames will showcase your eyes particularly well, and because they’re neutral, the cat eyes can match with basically any outfit. The Hepburn’s are also available in ivory tortoise and tortoise colours. 

The Hepburn Cat Eye Clear Glasses will keep you driven and focused with their blue light blocking lenses. They contain durable acetate with spring hinges and are hard-wearing. These cat eyes are available for $59 in small or medium width.

EyeBuyDirect Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

EyeBuyDirect Glasses Review

In our EyeBuyDirect glasses review, we really valued the input of customers who were familiar with the brand experience, quality, and delivery. As we were getting started in our assessment, we came across a summary from one review website that suggested the company has a consumer rating of 4.5 stars from 9,879 Trust Pilot reviews. It ranked 2nd among sunglasses sites. We were pretty impressed with this as a starting point.  

It wasn’t easy to find EyeBuyDirect complaints. When we got into the customer review content, we found that customers loved their glasses and were happy with the experience of trying on glasses online. Customers were completely satisfied with the shipping time and packaging. The experience was wonderful according to most customers. What counts the most though when you’re buying a pair of glasses is the fit, quality, and comfort. In those categories, customers believed that EyeBuyDirect excels.

Is EyeBuyDirect Worth It?

EyeBuyDirect Glasses Review

In our EyeBuyDirect glasses review, our final verdict is that the brand is definitely worth it. The glasses are high quality and customers found the online process of purchasing glasses simple, effective, and supportive. We were delighted to see how many customers loved their glasses and sunglasses. That’s what good retail is all about! 

EyeBuyDirect Promotions & Discounts 

EyeBuyDirect Glasses Review

You’re in luck: EyeBuyDirect offers a welcome discount with free shipping and an EyeBuyDirect discount code. Just enter your email to get the EyeBuyDirect promo code.

We also came across the 50% off summer warehouse sale in our EyeBuyDirect glasses review. The summer warehouse sale is currently on. 

Where to Buy EyeBuyDirect 

In our EyeBuyDirect glasses review, we searched around for the best place to shop. As it turns out, purchasing from is your best bet, but Amazon is an alternative option.

EyeBuyDirect Glasses Review


EyeBuyDirect Shipping Policy

We took our time in our EyeBuyDirect glasses review to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the shipping policy. EyeBuyDirect ships to U.S. customers through USPS and UPS next day air . 

The process for shipping to Canada is easy and reasonable. It costs $9.95 for Domestic Shipping in Canada through Canada Post. For Australian customers, EyeBuyDirect ships through Australia Post and for all other countries, they ship through UPS. 

You can follow the progress of your order in the Track Order section. You’ll find this at the top of the website navigation. 

EyeBuyDirect Return Policy

In our EyeBuyDirect review, we wanted to get into the nitty-gritty of the return policy. They offer 14-Day Fit & Style Guarantee, meaning you can make a return for a one-time replacement or refund within 2 weeks of receiving your order

EyeBuyDirect also has a 365-Day Product Guarantee which will keep you comfortable for the 12 months in which you are eligible for a replacement pair. This pair will be issued if there are defects in the material and workmanship. 

Here’s a break down of the EyeBuyDirect return process:

  1. To get things going, visit the My Orders section of your account profile
  2. Select the return-item option (this button is available for three months after your order is placed
  3. After you have made the request, the team will be in touch in 24 to 48 hours
  4. When customer service gets in touch, be sure to provide your delivery confirmation number
  5. Once you have provided your delivery confirmation number, you will receive a refund within 48 hours. 
  6. You can also initiate a return buy calling the team at 1-855-393-2892 or emailing at [email protected]
  7. Make note that replacements are non-refundable

Contact EyeBuyDirect  

If you have questions that weren’t covered in this EyeBuyDirect glasses review, you can get in touch with the team in the following ways: 

  • Call 1-855-EYEBUY1 (1-855-393-2891)
  • Email [email protected]
  • You can also reach the team through live chat Monday to Friday 9 AM -10 PM EST

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Reviews Accessories

SlideBelts Review

About SlideBelts

SlideBelts creates modernized classic accessories including watches, wallets, and the original belt that put them on the block. The company offers high quality belts for men and women, with an evolved model of the ratchet buckle and a minimalist style. SlideBelt was featured in media outlets the likes of Sacramento Business Journal, Inc. 5000, and Huffington Post. The brand has strategic partnerships with Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and Xero. 

This SlideBelts review will take an in-depth look at the brand and a selection of bestsellers, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. 

SlideBelts Review

Overview of SlideBelts

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in El Dorado Hills, CA, SlideBelts manufactures its products in the US and buckle engravings are done at their headquarters in California. SlideBelts believes that the strength of any company is in the team, and their team is at the centre of their mission and values. SlideBelts as a brand is a firm believer that when team members are interconnected, the strength of the product follows. 

The SlideBelts mission is to empower people through innovation in simple, stylish and wearable technology.” SlideBelts strives to make quality products and deliver excellent guest service. We’ll take a close look at some popular SlideBelts to see how they fit into the company’s mission, story and foundation. 

SlideBelts Review

The SlideBelts story began in 2004 when founder Brig received a beautiful and thoughtful gift from one of his students while he was teaching abroad in Moldova. Can you take a guess? It was a ratchet belt—don’t worry, we wouldn’t have thought of it either. It sounds interesting, but how exactly does a ratchet belt work?

 Instead of using holes and having to fuss with a prong, this leather belt was designed differently. It used teeth-like ridges sewn to the back of the leather strap. Brig had a flash of ‘aha!’ and knew he could improve the design and create a buckle to fit into the fashion world. By 2007, he did exactly that.

SlideBelts Review

If you would rather catch the highlights of this SlideBelts review, here’s our sum up:


  • Clever, purposeful, and detailed designs
  • Innovative functions
  • Stylish and attractive products
  • Great bundles with reduced costs
  • Environmentally friendly models


  • Customers complain of slow shipping, poor customer service, and low quality products
  • Pricier than average belts, though the watch prices are more reasonable

SlideBelts offers belts, heavy duty survival belts, watches, wallets and add ons like extra straps. This SlideBelts review highlights some of the brand’s bestsellers:

SlideBelts Survival Belt 2.0

Our SlideBelts review looked at all the technical aspects, capabilities and most of all possibilities of the Survival Belt 2.0. Simple and elegant leather matched with a daring and bold clasp, it’s a statement piece that projects low key edginess.

It’s shocking what this belt has in store—an AUS-8 stainless steel knife, fire starter, bottle opener, and LED flashlight to dual lever. Crazy right? This is a belt for heroes on a camping trip. Ok, maybe not heroes, but there will be a lot of bro, that belt is sick. The Survival Belt 2.0 will simplify the hassle of making a list and packing your bag. Most of what you need is right on your belt buckle.

For $152 the Survival Belt 2.0 is available in black, olive drab, classic brown and desert tan.

SlideBelts Mocha Brown Belt

We carefully assessed the SlideBelts Mocha Brown Belt to develop a verdict for our SlideBelts review. If you’re looking for a huge range of options, this belt is a solid bet. The Classic Collection has both cruelty-free vegan leather and high-quality genuine leather options available. The belt comes with a unique dual-ratchet buckle and has a 12-month warranty, so you can take it for a test drive and make sure it stands up to your daily activities and demands. 

For $43 the Mocha Brown Belt is available with a buckle in gold, gunmetal, graphite, silver, winged silver, winged gunmetal, bar-striped or plaid. The square buckle is available in square gunmetal or silver and square matte black or square pinstripe. With all of these options, it’s easy to match your outfit, vibe, or personal style. You can find a video on how to set up this belt on

SlideBelts Navy Canvas Belt

We were interested in what the Navy Canvas Belt had to offer for this SlideBelts review. The belt is woven from a blend of cotton and polyester and complemented with a vegan leather backing and a faux-leather tip, so you can feel good about what you’re wearing (no cows were harmed in the making of this belt). 

These designs are laidback and confident, great for a pair of slacks or a weekend look with jeans. The Navy Canvas Belt costs $40 and the belt buckle comes in white, gunmetal and silver. For an added $11, you can engrave the buckle.

SlideBelts Single Malt Watch

The SlideBelts Single Malt Watch has some pretty sweet features. It’s backed by excellent reviews and supported with water resistance up to 5 ATM, black stainless-steel hardware, and a 24 mm band width. It operates on Japanese Quartz movement with the date and a 9.0 mm case. 

The Single Malt Watch must be a nod to single malt whisky, which is flavorful and exclusive to one distillery. If we’re going to get into metaphors here, this is a fine, simple watch that is in no way basic. This SlideBelts watch is priced at $86, which is pretty decent for a watch.

SlideBelts Lunar Watch

We’ve already established that SlideBelts watches have a flare for individuality, and the Lunar Watch is no exception. In striking silver, it blends in with any outfit or occasion. It doesn’t stand out in a crowd, it’s just a classy piece—the guy in the picture gets points for his outfit/take note of the grey pants + navy blazer combo. 

The SlideBelts Lunar Watch is built with Japanese Quartz movement with the date and a 24 mm band width. You can keep up with the pace of life without worrying about the toll it will take on your watch which is equipped with water resistance up to 5 ATM and steel hardware, priced at $86.

SlideBelts Tri-Fold Wallet

We wanted to know what the hype was about SlideBelts wallets, and the Tri-Fold Wallet gives us answers. The aim of this SlideBelts wallet design is to keep all your cards in one place. There are two quick-access card slots for when you’re on the go and four regular card slots, along with a cash pocket. The dimensions are 3.5×2.75 inches, which is pretty standard for a wallet. 

The Tri-Fold Wallet contains top-grain leather imprinted with a subtle stamp of SlideBelts logo with a soft and natural texture. It’s perfect for the active person who doesn’t want to overthink their transactions and doesn’t have time or energy to waste on a big wallet. It also won’t leave you with that awkward outline on your jeans from a bulky wallet. For $35 marked down from $51, this wallet is available in black, brown and walnut. 

SlideBelts Bundles

We were obviously interested in SlideBelts Bundles. More stuff, less shopping. The bundles include multiple items and mix and match sets at better prices than individual items. To help you decide if a bundle is right for you and to show the discounts, check out this table:

BundleOriginal CostSavings Cost
Mix-and-Match Classic Belt Set$107-$114$102-$105
Brown Top Grain Leather Belt and Wallet Set $117$102
Nightcap Watch and Belt$226$213
Walnut Top Grain Leather Belt and Wallet Set$117$102
Lunar Watch and Belt Set$129$122
Nightcap Watch and Wallet Set$178$162
Apollo Watch and Wallet Set$137$122
Blackout Watch and Wallet Set$178$132
Sterling Watch and Belt Set$115$132
Soiree Watch and Belt Set$150$127
London Watch and Belt Set$150$127
Champagne Watch and Belt Set$150$127
Napa Watch and Ring Set$161-$181$127
Gold Watch and Ring Set$162-$186$132
Raven Watch and Belt Set$152$147
SlideBelts Bundles

SlideBelts Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

SlideBelts Review

Brands can say whatever they want about their products, but in the end, what customers think is most important. We were interested in their take on quality, style, function, detail, customer service, and how the brand served its story and mission. The SlideBelts review led us to divided views on the product. 

Most were let down by the product. Customers said that customer service was absolutely terrible. Some customers encountered a problem and called, left messages, emailed, and received no contact for days. The shipments were slow and according to buyers, the product was too expensive. Customers felt that the products were poorly made. One customer remarked that his belt looked beat up after one year, though he used it while seated behind a computer at an office job. That’s brutal. 

Those who were positive about the brand were enthusiastic about the product and delivery. They felt that the buckle was a good concept and is easy to use. Overall, happy customers highly outnumbered the negative Nancys

Is SlideBelts Worth It?

SlideBelts Review

We look for the best in everything and there were parts that made the brand convincing like the novel concept and attractive products. We liked the culture of the brand and what they stood for. Happy SlideBelts customers were more common than dissatisfied ones, but still, you shouldn’t ignore negative experiences with a brand. 

Based on the negative customer reviews, it seems like a bit of a risk to go with SlideBelts. On the other hand, it’s more likely that you’ll have a positive experience. For this reason, we give SlideBelts a tentative nod. 

SlideBelts Promotions & Discounts 

If you want to stay in the loop, join and receive 10% off your first order enter your email. The SlideBelts promo code is applicable when you sign up. Continue to check the website for a SlideBelts discount code.

SlideBelts Review

Where to Buy SlideBelts 

There are several places you can shop for SlideBelt products, most of them online:

SlideBelts Review


SlideBelts Sizing 

Here’s the rundown on how to size your belt:

  • On the back of every leather, vegan or canvas SlideBelt, there’s a marking to show you where to cut for your waist size
  • The best way to determine your belt size is to take a measurement of your waist size and add two sizes from that measurement
  • Use effective scissors to cut the strap at the predetermined size
  • To attach the buckle, clamp the trap door down on the cut end of the strap and the teeth will secure the buckle to the strap
  • Try on your SlideBelt and if you find that it is still too long, then detach the buckle from the strap and cut again; continue this process until your SlideBelt hugs your waist the way you want
  • You can use a dull object to help you open the trap door if you get into a pinch. Even better, try the SlideBelts Buckle Removal Tool

SlideBelts Shipping Policy

SlideBelts ships fast and effectively but for international customers, there may be applicable duty and customs charges, and prices vary by country. By placing an online order, you consent to the possibility of these charges. 

We looked into shipping days and found: 

  • For US addresses, products arrive within 2-8 business days (this depends on the delivery option)
  • Keep in mind that the actual shipping time in the US is 2-5 business days and processing usually takes 1-2 days before the item ships
  • Shipping is unpredictable for international orders and Slidebelts cannot make guarantees about the ship date 
  • You can check the status of your order by clicking here

SlideBelts Return Policy

In our SlideBelts review, we tapped into the details of the return process. Returns take around 10 business days to process once the package has been received and during holiday times, it can take 15 business days.

Clearance items may be exchanged or refunded for store credit but may not be refunded. SlideBelts offers free exchanges within the US. Send an email to [email protected].

Returns are acceptable for unused, unaltered, undamaged items. You will receive a full refund within 45 days of your purchase. SlideBelts stands behind their products and your request will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

To initiate a return, complete the form on their website and mail the item back to:


5272 Robert J Mathews Parkway

El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

Contact SlideBelts

Our SlideBelts review confirms the friendly and approachable nature of the company culture and team members. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch:

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