Nurture Life Subscription Review

About Nurture Life

Nurture Life Subscription Review

Nurture Life makes meals for busy families. They’re supported by a team of registered dieticians and chefs to prepare nutritious, balanced, and delicious ready-to-enjoy meals for babies, toddlers, kids, teens and adults. Nurture Life is a hot topic, backed by 49.8k followers on Instagram. 

This Nurture Life subscription review will take an in-depth look at the service, its menus, customer ratings, promotions and more, to help you decide if their meal plans are right for you.

Overview of Nurture Life

Nurture Life Subscription Review

The Nurture Life mission is to give families their quality time back so they can spend it growing, learning, and sharing together. They fill a gap in the marketplace by preparing meals that the whole family likes. Nurture Life makes healthy, well balanced meals to nurture the wellbeing of every family member. 

In America, one of the biggest challenges is the way that young people eat and Nurture Life is setting a new standard for health, while giving parents their time (and sanity) back. Nurture Life is headquartered in Chicago, IL and was founded in 2015.

Benefits of Nurture Life

Nurture Life meals are made using top ingredients and focusing on organic produce, antibiotic-free proteins and whole grains. Did you know that ASC-certified is the highest aquaculture standard? If your family loves fish, this is really important for ensuring that the seafood that gets to your table is free of toxins and chemicals.

You might be wondering what our Nurture Life subscription review found out about where the team sources their ingredients. Their antibiotic-free chicken comes from Bell and Evans, fish from Wabash Seafood, and organic produce from Veg Fresh Farms and Harvest Direct. Clean eating, all the way.

Nurture Life Subscription Review

Nurture Life Nutritionists

What we put into our little ones’ tummies matters the most. That’s where Nurture Life comes in. In our Nurture Life subscription review, we learned that all meals are prepared by a team of registered dieticians and chefs. Not only does it take the thinking and worrying out of meal prep, but it ensures that all family members get the nutritional support needed for growth and wellbeing.

Each meal is planned and portioned to provide the right nutrients for each stage of development. Nurture Life kids receive organic produce, antibiotic free proteins, and whole grains. Even the pickiest eater will be chomping away at family meals—Nurture Life keeps fussy eaters in mind when planning meals.

Next up in this Nurture Life subscription review, take a look at the pros and cons:


  • Supported by the research and knowledge of registered dieticians and chefs
  • Designed to keep families healthy with fresh, well-sourced, balanced meals
  • Allergen-friendly
  • Flexible 
  • Focused on the needs of each individual age group
  • Determined to provide healthy eating, while returning free time to parents


  • Only available in the US

Nurture Life aims to keep your family animated and cheerful at the dinner table and take grocery shopping off your to-do list. Nurture Life gives your evening back, making dinners less hectic and more wholesome.

How Nurture Life Works

Nurture Life Subscription Review

Naturally, this is a big question in this Nurture Life subscription review. Nurture Life lets you choose your meals specific to the ages of the children and adults in your household. You can personalize your meals online for taste and to exclude allergens. If you or your child have allergies or dislikes that you want the system to remember, you can save them in your preferences. With a Nurture Life subscription, you can skip weeks, pause, or cancel at any time

How long do Nurture Life meals last? Since all the ingredients are fresh, the meal shelf life is 6-7 days in the refrigerator and meals can be frozen for up to 90 days. Nurture Life makes feeding your family as simple as possible: meals are delivered to your door and all toddler, kid, teen & adult and family meal trays are microwavable. You can use the extra time to relax with a glass of wine or catch up on time with your kids. 

Nurture Life packaging is recyclable except for the seals and interior of the gel packs, so you can feel great about your environmental impact as well. 

Nurture Life Menus

Nurture Life Subscription Review

Nurture Life has a delicious and nutritious menu designed to please all age groups. Nurture Life is delivered to your door and ready to eat in minutes after reheating. This Nurture Life subscription review will give you a taste of popular meals for each age group. Warning: article may cause side effects of hunger.

Baby 10-24 Months

The first stop in this Nurture Life subscription review is the Baby 10-24 Months menu: Turkey Meatloaf, English Pea & Potato, yum. This Nurture Life baby food has the texture and flavor will keep your little one interested. This is great finger food to keep them engaged and the soft ingredients are easy on their new teeth. 

Nurture Life takes care of the tough stuff by layering tiny, delicious bites into a tasty meal that will satisfy your baby from bite one through to the end. This Baby 10-24 Months meal contains 91% protein and 160 calories, free of fish, pork, coconut, and sesame.  You can purchase this Nurture Life meal for $6.90

Toddler 1-4 Years 

Next, our Nurture Life subscription review took us to a top pick for beloved but pesky picky toddlers. This Toddler 1-4 Years meal is a favorite among fussy little eaters: Chicken Meatballs with Pasta and Vegetables. Roasted chicken meatballs, a cauliflower-broccoli medley, wholewheat fusilli pasta, and tomato sauce blended with sweet butternut squash. 

This Toddler 1-4 Years dish is free of fish, pork, coconut, and sesame. It contains 270 calories and 79% protein. We know what it’s like to feed a fussy, flailing eater and this Chicken Meatballs with Pasta & Vegetables is a delicious answer to your woes for $8.

Kids 5-12 Years

We came across another picky eater fave in the Kids 5-12 Years menu. Chicken bites are a childhood favorite and this dish is loved by many children. Nurture Life’s Chicken Bites with Green Beans & Roasted Sweet Potatoes comes with ketchup on the side for dunking fun. 

This Kids 5-12 Years meal is free of egg, fish, soy, pork, coconut, and sesame. The chicken breast pieces are lightly tossed with unbleached flour and flavored with salt, black pepper, and paprika. One serving size is 300 calories for $9. These healthy chicken bites might just become a go-to in your house.

Teen & Adult 13 Years & Up

Now, for the more sophisticated palate! This colorful dish on the Teen & Adult 13 Years & Up menu is Teriyaki Salmon with Rainbow Veggie Rice. This meal is your way to show your teen that fish is delish. The natural sweetness of the dish comes from a sensational homemade teriyaki sauce. What’s the secret you might ask? 25% pineapple puree! 

The brown rice, carrots, bell peppers, squash, and bok choy add unbeatable taste and texture to the Nurture Life dish. This Teen & Adult 13 Years & Up meal costs $12.50 per meal, free of sesame, coconut, milk, pork, egg, and gluten. One serving is 370 calories, with 10 g of sugar, 520 mg of sodium, and 29 g of protein. 

Family Meals

Nurture Life reviews had great things to say about the Mushroom & Truffle Ravioli. This healthy pasta dish is available in the Family Meals category, featuring an earthy mushroom and black truffle filling, creamy cacio e pepe sauce, and a sprinkle of chives. It brings the flavor of an elegant Italian restaurant to your kitchen table.

I’m going to whip up an imitation of this dish for dinner tonight, wow. Each ravioli serving contains 250 calories, with 2 g of dietary fibre, only 1 g of sugar, and 520 mg of sodium. This Nurture Life meal is free of fish, soy, pork, coconut, and sesame, available for $13 per serving. 

How Much is Nurture Life?

Nurture Life Subscription Review

Since meals vary by age group, this Nurture Life subscription review tallies up the cost for an average family of four (two adults, one toddler, and one child 5-12 years) eating four Nurture Life meals per week as an example. We set them up with these meals for a total of $155.84 per week: 

  • Pesto & Cheese Ravioli
  • Pot Roast with Mashed Potatoes
  • Southwest Beans & Rice Medley
  • Chicken & Vegetable Dumplings with Edamame 

Order minimums start at $39 and Nurture Life is available by subscription only. Meals are priced individually beginning at:

  • Baby Stage 3 Finger Foods: $6.90
  • Toddler Meals: $8
  • Kid Meals $9
  • Teen & Adult Meals: $11
  • Cold Lunches: $8
  • Family Meal Mains (2 adult servings per meal): $13
  • Family Meal Sides (4 adult servings per meal): $10

Nurture Life Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Nurture Life Subscription Review

This Nurture Life subscription review gives you a comprehensive and trustworthy perspective, so that you can serve your family in the best way possible—literally! We were looking to evaluate the taste, quality, and overall experience of the food service. On TrustPilot, 205 reviewers gave Nurture Life an average of 4.2/5 stars. Very impressive!

Reviewers said that the meals were life changing and that they can’t imagine life without Nurture Life anymore. Children love the meals and parents feel that the service teaches their kids to develop a broad palate. Parents feel confident that their children are nutritionally supported and relieved at the ease of meal preparation. 

Nurture Life meals are reported as fresh, delicious, and affordable. According to a review in Parentology, it’s easy to identify which meals belong to which member of the family. The packages have clear cooking instructions and are recyclable, which is a great bonus for planet earth lovers! The reviewer noted that her kids weren’t a fan of Nurture Life’s healthier take on mac and cheese, because they weren’t used to it. That’s fair if you’re only used to processed mac and cheese. Overall, Nurture Life got a thumbs up with reviewers.

Is Nurture Life Meal Delivery Worth It?

Nurture Life Subscription Review

After reviewing Nurture Life, it’s clear to see that the service is reliable and enjoyed by many. This delivery service is healthy, supported by the knowledge of nutritional professionals, and makes dinners and lunches a breeze.

We think Nurture Life is doing a terrific job of bringing thoughtfully sourced, carefully packaged, and flexible meals to families.

Nurture Life Promotions & Discounts 

In our Nurture Life subscription review, we looked into whether there were any available promotions and discounts. You’re in for a treat: when you enter the Nurture Life website, you’re offered a free meal with your first purchase. Visit regularly to discover a Nurture Life promo code.

Nurture Life Subscription Review

Sign Up for Nurture Life

Get started by visiting Enter your email address, then choose how many family members you would like to accommodate. Identify the number of children in your family, and their ages:

  • Baby 10-24 months
  • Toddler 1-4 years
  • Kid 5-12 years
  • Teen & adult 13 years and up

You’ll be able to rate your child’s eating habits and then you can choose from a selection of healthy and delicious meals made simple by Nurture Life meal delivery. 


This Nurture Life subscription review takes you through some of the most common questions about the service.

Change or Cancel Nurture Life

Changing your Nurture Life meals is a simple process. To begin:

  • Sign in to your account and go to ‘Orders’
  • Click into a week to view the meals that are scheduled for delivery
  • Select edit meals to change your meals
  • Use the ‘+’ sign to add meals and the ‘-’ sign to remove meals
  • Make sure that you confirm your changes by pressing save. 
  • In your account, you will see the cutoff date and time below each week and you will receive email reminders about cutoff dates

To change your Nurture Life order preferences, choose your meals based on dietary, meal, and quantity. When you sign into your account you can edit an age group (portion size), dietary preferences, allergens, and the number of meals received per order. You can also permanently include or exclude specific meals with upcoming orders. 

If you wish to cancel your subscription to Nurture Life, call (877) 988-8851 or email the team at [email protected].

Nurture Life Shipping Policy

According to our Nurture Life subscription review, the service is available throughout the Contiguous US. Meals are shipped with insulated gel packs designed to keep them below refrigerated temperatures for a minimum of 48 hours. 

Nurture Life uses UPS and UDS and sends packages directly to your door. Once your meals arrive, they stay fresh in your refrigerator for 6-7 days and meals can be frozen for up to 90 days. 

Nurture Life Return Policy

Since Nurture Life meals are made to order and perishable, they cannot accept returned packages and all sales are final

Contact Nurture Life

If you still have lingering questions after this Nurture Life subscription review, you can contact the team via:

It’s important for kids to have access to healthy, well-balanced snacks. Check out these all-natural snack subscriptions: NatureBox and UrthBox.

Is your family a bunch of meat lovers? Check out ButcherBox for humanely raised beef, pork, and chicken delivered to your door.

Reviews Accessories

Fashionphile Review

About Fashionphile

Fashionphile Review

Fashionphile makes pre-owned designer handbags, accessories, watches, and jewelry accessible to women. The designer retailer makes it easy to shop, sell and repeat. Fashionphile has 172k loyal followers on Instagram who stand behind the brand. According to Geoffro van Raemdonck, the CEO of the Neiman Marcus Group, “Fashionphile’s hyper-focus on curating high-quality supply and providing best-in-class shopping experiences makes it the ideal partner.” 

This Fashionphile review will take an in-depth look at the brand highlights from its collection, customer ratings, promotions and more, to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. 

Overview of Fashionphile

Fashionphile Review

Fashionphile was the first ultra-luxury re-commerce brand of its kind and was started by Founder and President Sarah Davis in 1999. The brand has experienced a successful 20+ year journey. They’re the exclusive re-commerce partner of Neiman Marcus and the world’s top reseller of pre-owned luxury goods.  

At Fashionphile, the team believes that luxury goods shouldn’t be hard to access or out of reach because of their monetary value. You don’t have to be well-off to afford Gucci, Chanel, and Louis V. Can I get an amen? Authenticity is a top priority, and they’re committed to making the business of buying and reselling enjoyable. 

Fashionphile Review

Fashionphile is headquartered in Carlsbad, California with brick-and-mortar locations in Beverly Hills, San Francisco, New York City and Carlsbad, California. If you’re looking for the highlights of this Fashionphile review, check out these pros and cons: 


  • Wide selection of handbags, accessories, and jewelry for women
  • Lengthy list of available designers
  • Customers can engage as buyers and resellers
  • Many customers reported being happy with their products
  • Free UPS Pick Up provided for resellers in the US
  • International shipping available


  • Very negative reviews on customer service and reports that the resale procedures were difficult to navigate

Selling With Fashionphile

Fashionphile Review

When it comes to selling, Fashionphile cares about your trust. They provide competitive offers and realistic prices. The process is simple:

  1. Submit individual items you wish to sell
  2. Fashionphile will email you a price quote
  3. Print your complimentary shipping label or schedule a free UPS Pick-Up to send Fashionphile your items
  4. You will be paid by direct deposit, store credit, Neiman Marcus gift card, or check the next business day after the team receives and authenticates your times 

Fashionphile covers a lot of bases and they do it well, from designer handbags, accessories, jewellery and watches, you’re likely to find what you came looking for. This Fashionphile review will showcase a selection of the most popular brands that the company carries. 

Fashionphile Handbags Review

Fashionphile Review

Fashionphile handbags come in a ton of styles, some hot and trendy, while other items are timeless investment pieces. Backpacks, belt bags, evening bags, crossbody bags, handbags, professional bags, shoulder bags, totes, travel and luggage or wallet style—there’s a seriously tempting variety. This Fashionphile review will take a look at some of their most coveted arm candy.

Fendi Calfskin Romano Iconic Camel 

Fashionphile Review
Fendi Calfskin Romano Iconic Camel

The Fendi Calfskin Romano Iconic Camel is oh so elegant. Look at the rich detail of the grained calfskin leather. This comes from the hand stitching. This Fendi bag features a polished silver turn lock and a utilitarian leather top handle. You have styling options with this beauty—hold it in your hand, display on your arm, or use the cross-body shoulder strap

Fashionphile Review
Fendi Calfskin Romano Iconic Camel

This is the kind of timeless handbag to go for if your heart is set on something that will never go out of style. Fendi Calfskin Romano Iconic Camel is medium-sized with an interior of beige leather and suede, so you can fit what you need for the day without stuffing it. This Fendi piece is in very good condition, with an estimated retail price of $4,850, offered for $1,600. 

Christian Dior Lambskin Cannage Lady Dior Blue

Fashionphile Review
Christian Dior Lambskin Cannage Lady Dior Blue

Who else gets butterflies when they think of Dior? The Christian Dior Lambskin Cannage Lady Dior Blue comes in such a dreamy shade. It’s striking sky blue color is softened by the geometric quilting details that make it look so luxe. The lambskin leather tote has a subtle shine to it, with versatile top handles and an optional shoulder strap, featuring ring links and a glam Dior letter charm.

Fashionphile Review
Christian Dior Lambskin Cannage Lady Dior Blue

This lovely large-sized Dior bag is in very good condition and made for ladies who want to stand out with a pop of color. The interior is patterned with Dior monogram jacquard fabric with a zip closure. The Christian Dior Lambskin Cannage Lady Dior Blue costs $1,755 marked down from an estimated retail price of $5,000. 

Fashionphile Accessories Review

Fashionphile Review

Fashionphile never underestimates the power of accessories. They carry a huge selection of  agendas, bag charms, belts, cosmetic cases, extra straps, gloves, hair accessories, household items, key rings, luggage tags, pets accessories, phone and tablet cases, pins and brooches, pouches, scarves, shoes, sunglasses, t-shirts and wallets. This Fashionphile review will showcase a few of their top selling accents. Spoiler alert: prepare yourself for some divine Chanel and Louis V.

Chanel Square CC Tortoise Sunglasses 

Fashionphile Review
Chanel Square CC Tortoise Sunglasses

Channel the glam vibes of Rodeo Drive with iconic oversized Chanel shades. This Fashionphile Chanel piece is made for shopping the strip and beach vacations. These bold Chanel Square CC Tortoise Sunglasses are in excellent condition, so basically like new. 

A tortoise shell brown frame, squared rims, and lenses with an amber tint is a knock out combination. The arms feature the Chanel CC logo in gold. These sunnies can go from casual to glamorous in one outfit change. The Chanel Square CC Tortoise Sunglasses come with a box and pouch for $295, with an estimated retail price of $445.

Louis Vuitton Multicolor Zippy Coin Purse 

Fashionphile Review
Louis Vuitton Multicolor Zippy Coin Purse

This Fashionphile Louis Vuitton coin purse makes a statement with its rainbow monogram pattern against a black leather backdrop. The Louis Vuitton Multicolor Zippy Coin Purse has a bright pink interior with card compartments. It’s a fun and flirty accent piece to hold your essentials, made in Paris, the city of love.  

The Louis Vuitton Multicolor Zippy Coin Purse is in very good condition with a retail value of $705, available for $650. It comes with a box and dust bag. 

Fashionphile Jewelry Review

If you’re a jewellery lover, Fashionphile has you covered. You can treat yourself to bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings. This Fashionphile review will highlight a few sought-after pieces.

Tiffany Platinum Blue Sapphire Elsa Peretti Bracelet

Fashionphile Review
Tiffany Platinum Blue Sapphire Elsa Peretti Bracelet

Think Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the elegance of Holly Golightly, and this Elsa Peretti bracelet is right where it belongs. The Tiffany Platinum Blue Sapphire Elsa Peretti Bracelet is exquisite in its originality and simplicity. The platinum bracelet features a delicate chain with five bezel set blue sapphires. It’s so charming, I’m in love.

The Tiffany Platinum Blue Sapphire Elsa Peretti Bracelet is in very good condition. You can own this stunning piece for $1,550 (retail price $2,700), with a box and case included. 

Gucci 18K Rose Gold Diamantissima GG Drop Earrings

Fashionphile Review
Gucci 18K Rose Gold Diamantissima GG Drop Earrings

These Gucci drop earrings are dramatic and alluring. The teardrop pendants are 18 karat rose gold. The GG logo accents will remind you that you’re repping Gucci whenever you wear them. I’m picturing these dazzling Gucci 18K Rose Gold Diamantissima GG Drop Earrings with a sexy little black dress or a red jumpsuit with an open back. 

The Gucci 18K Rose Gold Diamantissima GG Drop Earrings are in excellent condition. These darlings come with a pouch for $495 with an estimated retail value of $650

Fashionphile Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Fashionphile Review

We turned to TrustPilot in our Fashionphile review to get the scoop on what customers think. The results were not good: out of 79 reviews, the majority of reviews were poor with an average of 2.6/5 stars. Customers had trouble with the website and the app while trying to reserve their items and experienced inconsistencies with the authentication team. 

One customer said that Fashionphile was the worst customer service they had ever received and that they spent long periods of time on the phone or waiting to receive their package. The company has the same 2.6/5 star rating on Sitejabber out of 58 reviews, with almost all negative feedback relating to customer service.

Some good news in this Fashionphile review: there are definitely happy customers out there as well. Many reviewers through Neiman Marcus had a great experience with the service and the products they bought. In contrast to the unhappy customers, they found the site easy to navigate and felt the team was up front about the products. The shipping process was seamless and they were very satisfied with the condition of their items. It appears that the answer to, is Fashionphile legit? Is a definite yes.

Is Fashionphile Worth It?

Fashionphile Review

Fashionphile offers a trustworthy means of acquiring designer items at accessible prices. While there are definitely troubling reports about customer service, the items you buy will be authentic. We give Fashionphile a thumbs up, just be aware that the service isn’t perfect and that you may experience some issues.

Before you commit to Fashionphile, make sure you can navigate the website. Read all the information Fashionphile provides you with for each item so you know exactly what you’re getting. Or if you’re looking to sell, make sure you thoroughly understand the process to save you potential stress with customer service.

Fashionphile Promotions & Discounts 

We looked into whether Fashionphile had any promotions or discounts in our Fashionphile review. By sharing your email address with Fashionphile, you get access to exclusive discounts and sales. My search didn’t turn up a Fashionphile promo code, but keep checking their site and social media for a new deal.

Fashionphile Review

Buy & Sell Fashionphile

According to our Fashionphile review, the company has in-store locations including Fashionphile Newport Beach, Fashionphile Beverly Hills, and Fashionphile Carlsbad. You can also shop at their online store, and through Fashionphile eBay. 


Fashionphile Designers

Fashionphile designers include Alaia, Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, Audemars Piguet, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Breguet, Breitling, Bulgari, Burberry, Cartier, Celine, Chanel, Chloe, Chopard, Christian Dior, Christian Louboutin, Damiani, David Yurmin, Delvaux Dolce Gabbana, Fashionphile SWAG, Fendi, Franck Muller, Givenchy, Goyard, Gucci, Harry Winston, Hermes, IWC, Jimmy Choo, John Hardy, Judith Leiber, Lanvin, Loewe, Luis Vuitton, MCM, Mansur Gavriel, Marc Jacobs, Mikimoto, Miu Miu, Mulberry, Nancy Gonzalez, Oliver Peoples, Omega, Panerai, Patek Phillipe, Phillip Lim, Prada, Proenze Schouler, Rolex, Stella McCartney, Tiffany, Tom Ford, Vacheron Constantin, Valentino, Van Cleef & Arpels, Versace and Yves Saint Laurent.  

Fashionphile Shipping Policy

Fashionphile ships almost everywhere, with the exception of countries with strict customs policies for luxury items. Fashionphile offers free insured domestic shipping in the Continental US for selling and returning items. Products purchased outside of the continental US such as Alaska or Hawaii must have a minimum of $1000 in quoted value to be eligible to print a free shipping label. Fashionphile offers UPS or FedEX.

  • Orders are generally shipped within 1-2 business says and you will receive an estimated delivery date at checkout 
  • Orders placed after 12:00PM (Pacific Time) will ship the next business day
  • Order changes cannot be made once the and tracking number has been released 
  • All orders require a signature unless you wish to waive the signature requirement for orders under $500 
  • Orders with multiple items from different Fashionphile locations may ship separately
  • Customers are responsible for any customs fees and duties

Fashionphile Return Policy

We looked into Fashionphile returns and found that the company accepts returns within 30 days of the purchase date. If eligible, the item will be considered for the Fashionphile buyback program. To receive a full refund, you must attach the Fashionphile authenticity tag and pink return tag. 

Returned items must be in the same condition with all of the extras, such as box, included. If items are not in the same condition when returned, they will not be eligible for a return. The team is expertly trained to look for wear or damage. Refunds are processed in 2-4 business days

Fashionphile offers free and insured UPS Standard Ground shipping labels for all domestic returns within 30 days of the purchase date. You can access your shipping label when you initiate a return from your account purchase history. International shipping is the responsibility of the customer. 

  • Click on the “My purchases” tab
  • Find the order you wish to return
  • Click “Return an Item”
  • Complete the required information
  • Click “Submit”
  • Print your shipping label

Contact Fashionphile

If you have more questions after this Fashionphile review, message the team using the contact page on their website or call 844-619-8902 from Monday to Friday between 7 AM- 5 PM PST.

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The Luxury Closet

Reviews Accessories

QALO Rings Review

About QALO

QALO Rings Review

QALO is committed to connecting families through the sales of high quality accessories. QALO silicone rings and QALO dog tags are hypoallergenic, non-conductive and heat resistant. The brand is buzz-worthy with an impressive 215k followers on Instagram. Are QALO rings worth it? That’s for you to decide.

This QALO rings review will take an in-depth look at the brand and a selection of bestsellers, customer ratings, promotions and more to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Overview of QALO 

At QALO, everything starts with family. Established in 2013, in Santa Ana, California, QALO values family as the centre that stabilizes life. They place emphasis on marriages, expanding and unified families. The company creates products that adapt and integrate to family life and healthy, active outdoor living. 

When it comes to their products, there are four values that guide the team: quality, athletics, love and the outdoors. If you didn’t catch it right off the bat, those principles are what make up the acronym QALO. Before we really get into this QALO rings review (plus dog tags), check out these pros and cons. You have to scroll past a very handsome pup first.

QALO Rings Review


  • Rings and dog tags are durable and able to withstand hard working conditions, extreme environments, and outdoor adventures
  • Unique patterns, designs and colors
  • Customizable
  • Fair pricing
  • Good shipping and return policies with no complaints from customers about either process


  • With hard wear, some customers reported rings after approx. one year of wear

This QALO rings review will take you through some popular styles for men and women. They’re all available for men and women, so you can match if you want to (we encourage it).

Black Sparkle Silicone Ring

QALO Rings Review
QALO Black Sparkle Silicone Ring

This is the kind of ring that you just know other people don’t have. It kind of gives off a galaxy vibe. Its innovative silicone construction is safe, comfortable, and extremely tough. The Black Sparkle Silicone Ring adds glamor to a woman’s finger, and shows that a guy is confident to rock pink. There is no room for gender double standards here.

This black QALO ring is accented by a shimmer of glitter which catches the eye without making a scene. It’s an everyday piece that offers a glimpse into your sparkling personality. The Black Sparkle Silicone Ring *rings* in at $26.

Classic Q2X Silicone Ring

QALO Rings Review
QALO Classic Q2X Silicone Ring

We were attracted to the simplicity of the Classic Q2X Silicone Ring in our QALO rings review. Just looking at the smooth, thick band and cool engraved detailing. Seriously sleek. If you’re not into army green, it also comes in black. It’s a tough pick between the two, honestly.

This silicone ring is designed for hard-working hands. Patented Q2X‚™ material makes it heat tolerant and gasoline & oil resistant. Paired with QALO’s signature non reactive silicone tech, and the Classic Q2X Silicone Ring can stand up to the toughest jobs.

QALO Rings Review
QALO Classic Q2X Silicone Ring

The Classic Q2X Silicone Ring is functional, durable, and simple. Perfect for ladies and lads who like to keep it classic. Get this QALO ring for $26.

Classic Military Air Force Q2X Silicone Ring

QALO Rings Review
QALO Military Air Force Q2X Silicone Ring

QALO partnered with the US air force to design this powerfully patriotic Military Air Force Q2X Silicone Ring. It can act as a wedding ring, show your American pride, or that you’re married to defending your country. The ring is dedicated to the brave and honourable men and women who served to protect our freedom. 

With Q2X‚™  technology, this QALO ring is made to do the dirtiest jobs and survive the most extreme environments. It is temperature tolerant, gasoline and oil resistant, and non-conductive, so there isn’t much you can’t do. For $20.60, the Military Air Force Q2X Silicone Ring is available in silver and navy, but we’re partial to the silver with its shade variation. 

Strata Arrowhead and Fish Silicone Ring

QALO Rings Review
QALO Strata Arrowhead and Fish Silicone Ring

If you’re into tribal designs and fishing, this Strata Arrowhead and Fish Silicone Ring speaks for itself. The picture above shows the same ring in different orientations, so you can see that it has a lot going on. It’s a great option for any avid outdoorsman/outdoorswoman who wants to carry their passions with them everywhere they go. 

There are two contrasting layers of silicone in this ring and a laser engraved pattern. The texture is an additional perk of the ring, which is breathable and slides on and off easily. The $42 Strata Arrowhead and Fish Silicone Ring is available in olive with a black interior for men. The women’s version comes in beige with an olive interior with some heart detailing, so if you’re not a fan of hearts, just go with the men’s (check the sizing first). 

Women’s Strata Realtree Tail Feather Silicone Ring

QALO Rings Review
QALO Women’s Strata Realtree Tail Feather Silicone Ring

The Women’s Strata Realtree Tail Feather Silicone Ring has a delicate feather pattern with a strong band. The goal of this ring is to achieve fit and function, a combination important to any active, busy, inspired woman. The ring “floats” on your finger and offers breathability. The laser engraving looks especially interesting with the dual layering.

While this QALO design looks dainty, the ring is as tough and enduring as the woman who wears it. This ring is made to make you feel beautiful but at the same time, it fits into whatever adventure and chaos life brings. The Women’s Strata Realtree Tail Feather Silicone Ring comes in blush/sage and evergreen/moss for $42.80.

Men’s Classic Forged Silicone Ring

QALO Rings Review
QALO Men’s Classic Forged Silicone Ring

Ok, this QALO ring is bad a**. It’s got a rugged hammered iron aesthetic that we’re really into. The Men’s Classic Forged Silicone Ring is another piece designed for heavy duty jobs with temperature tolerance, extreme durability, and non-conductive properties. It has a tensile strength of 50.12 lbs before it breaks.

The Men’s Classic Forged Silicone Ring represents a high level of craftsmanship. It’s made for hardworking hands, complemented with a rustic but modern finish to highlight your individuality. This QALO ring only comes in black for $26.

QALO Dog ID Tags

QALO Rings Review

If you’ve been waiting to get to the dog tags in this QALO rings review, same. There are lots of design options for your pup. QALO Dog ID Tags feature images of campsites, sunrises over ocean views, mountains, floral features and patriotic themes. You have the option to include your phone number and microchip information as well. 

You can show your dog’s personality with one of these tags. Maybe Rex is most suited to a camping theme, while Simon is more of a mountain guy. These tags will give your dog an edge in the puppy park and provide you with the security that they’re securely labelled. QALO Dog ID Tags ranged from $26 to $38 depending on the level of customization.

QALO Customizable Rings

QALO Rings Review

Rings are deeply personal, and designing one for someone is a way to say you care. In our QALO Rings review, we learned all about the customization process. Check it out: 

  1. Choose your gender
  2. Choose the color of your ring 
  3. Engrave your ring for an added $17 with up to 12 characters
  4. Select your interior engraving font
  5. Choose your size
  6. If you like, add a gift box for $7

QALO Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

QALO Rings Review

To get the full picture in this QALO rings review, we did some research and were impressed by how pleased customers were with their rings. Many thought QALO was a fantastic brand and that the rings stood the test of hardworking, outdoor life. The rings were durable, comfortable and stylish according to customers and they would highly recommend them to friends and family. These were QALO reviews we found on Amazon and on the brand website, since there aren’t many other sources. 

All that glowing feedback aside, some of the customers who worked hard in the rings were disappointed that the ring developed cracks after a year or so of work. One welder who worked unprotected in the ring, however, said that with the way the ring held up on his finger, it should last a lifetime on an office worker’s hand. Similarly, a firefighter was confident that the ring could rise up to the challenges of the job. 

QALO Rings Review

Our QALO rings review confirms that multiple customers said the ring had been covered in oil and gas and that there had never been a problem. One QALO rings review said that moisture could get trapped under the material, so to avoid skin irritation, it’s good to take it off once in a while. Super helpful!

Are QALO Rings Worth It?

QALO Rings Review

Customers live authentically and adventurously in their rings and enjoy the look, feel, and quality of the rings. After completing our QALO rings review, it’s safe to say that they’re a worthy buy. The rings and dog tags were priced well, with unique designs and tailored features. 

The style of the rings makes them a signature piece, one that binds you to loved ones, while keeping you connected with your passions and demanding lifestyle. The ring isn’t a delicate little piece to be taken on and off with worry. It’s a reliable piece that can stand up to tough conditions.

QALO Promotions & Discounts 

Our QALO ring review uncovered a stellar deal. Buy one, get one free on all clearance styles. Grab the deal, it’s for a limited time only! Enjoy QALO’s 30% off sale on select items and check back at their website regularly for a QALO promo code or QALO discount code. 

QALO Rings Review

Where to Buy QALO 

This QALO rings review turned up a list of places to get their accessories:, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Academy Sports. If you want access to their entire collection, stick to the QALO website.


QALO Sizing

If you don’t know what your ring size is, the solution is simple enough. Get a pen, scissors, a ruler, a flexible measuring tape or string, and consult the QALO ring chart.

  1. Wrap the string or measuring tape around the base of the finger where you want to wear the ring
  2. Make sure it’s snug but not choking your finger
  3. Mark the tape or string with a pen where it overlaps or cut it with scissors
  4. Then measure the string in millimetres
  5. Compare your millimetre reading to the QALO wedding ring size chart to find the optimal fit!

If you’re in between sizes, the team suggests sizing up. The silicone material makes the sizing slightly different. You’ll find the best fit for your ring if you size your finger at the end of the day. Note that silicone doesn’t shrink; it may stretch slightly over time, especially if you move your ring around a lot or take it off often.

QALO Shipping Policy

We’ll keep shipping simple in this QALO rings review. QALO ships throughout the US and internationally. Order processing happens within 1-2 business days for all in-stock merchandise. If your order is customized, allow 7-10 business days for your ring to be engraved.

US Shipping

Shipment MethodTimeline (Business Days)
USPS First Class5-8
USPS Priority Shipping2-3
UPS Ground1-5
UPD Second Day Air2
UPS Next Day Air1

International Shipping

Shipping outside the US takes 10-20 business days for Standard and 2-8 business days for Express. Shipping charges depend on location, with any customs and duties being the responsibility of the customer.

QALO Return Policy

The QALO return policy is convenient and fair. You can exchange a ring with no hassle within 60 days or return within 30 days. QALO has a forever warranty. Their motto is a “one time, any time” warranty. To initiate a return, you can contact QALO by the methods outlined in the next section.

Contact QALO  

If you have extra questions after this QALO rings review, you can get in touch with the team by contact form on between Monday and Friday, 7 am to 5 pm PST.

While you’re at it, check out more functional accessories:

Ridge Wallet

Grip6 Belts

Reviews Shoes

Hush Puppies Shoes Review

About Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies Shoes Review

Hush Puppies designs casual footwear with a bright and bold flair for men, women, and children. The brand has a loyal pack with a following of 58k on Instagram, and we wanted to see what the buzz is about.

This Hush Puppies shoes review will take an in-depth look at the brand and a selection of bestsellers, customer ratings, promotions and more to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. 

Overview of Hush Puppies 

The Hush Puppies motto is to live life on the bright side, inspiring people to live optimistically. This feeling of living on the bright side can be spread with small acts of positivity, and the team actually has Optimist Instigators who are spreading their positive outlook through their local communities. What a cool job. 

Hush Puppies Shoes Review

Hush Puppies was founded in 1958 and introduced casual shoes to match casual lifestyles. At the time that Hush Puppies got their footing, sore feet were known as barking dogs, so they made shoes that would help hush those puppies. It kind of sounds like a corny Dad joke now, but I like it. 

Hush Puppies put color into their customers’ moods and shoes. In the 50s, shoes were all in black and brown. Imagine getting your start as a footwear company in the 60’s. They threw rainbow suedes into the mix with compelling colors like Day-Glo Green and Pepto-Bismol Pink. 

Hush Puppies Shoes Review

Headquartered in Rockford, Michigan, Hush Puppies lives life on the bold side and designs shoes to match. The lead of this pack is the adorable Hush Puppies Dog who inspires customers to be themselves and to ‘be comfy.’ Such a noble pupper mission. How cute is this beagle, though?

Hush Puppies Shoes Review

Before we get into some popular Hush Puppies, here’s our sum up of the brand: 


  • Many colors and styles to choose from for men, women, and children
  • Cross-purpose footwear
  • Designed with comfort in mind
  • Anti-odor and support technology
  • Affordable


  • Some negative customer reviews surrounding the footwear
Hush Puppies Shoes Review

Hush Puppies has casual kicks for everyone, including kids. They’ve got styles across the board. Their loafers, oxfords, boots, and heels have a comfy yet upscale vibe. Hush Puppies sandals, slippers, flats, and slip-ons come in designs from classic to trendy, with stylish sneakers and walking shoes offered as well.

Most of the footwear comes in bright colors, but if you’re more into neutrals, Hush Puppies has those too. We’ll take you through some top selling Hush Puppies shoes for women first.

Hush Puppies Women’s Shoes

Chaste Ballet

I’m all about the Hush Puppies Chaste Ballet. They’re a practical and timeless customer favorite, with soft leather uppers to keep you twirling in comfort from morning ‘till night. This glossy nude version would look good with lots of outfits, since it’s neutral. I’m thinking jeans and a white tee for a subtly feminine touch or with a skirt to the office. 

The perforated arch makes these ballet flats breathable and HPO2Flex technology provides cushioned comfort. The Zero G technology makes them lightweight, and the moulded rubber outsole provides traction and durability. The Chaste Ballet has multi-directional flex capability for walking, so you could wear these when you’re doing errands as well. 

Ladies rate the Chaste Ballet at 4.4/5 stars for their excellent fit, elegant style, and long lasting quality, but they do have a break-in period. These Hush Puppies flats come in cognac, black, and pale blue leather, plus funky leopard and spotted patterns for $68

Bailey Slip-On

If you want to add some color to a neutral outfit, the Bailey Slip-On in pink suede is a fun and fashion-forward option. They’re sleek and easy going with a soft footbed made of Bounce technology, so that you can stand comfortably on your feet during a hectic day—or wear them on a date to showcase your confidence.

The Bailey Slip-On heel dresses them up, so while they’re great for a pair of skinny jeans, you can also rock them with a skirt and blouse to work. With soft leather lining and breathable microfiber lining, these shoes have high endurance. These gorgeous slip-ons also come in black and brown leather, priced at $98.75.

Mazin Cayto

The Mazin Cayto design is the most popular Hush Puppies boot for women, so naturally we were curious. These Hush Puppies boots feature soft nubuck uppers and a removable anatomically molded EVA footbed that creates a hidden 1” wedge. EVA is super comfortable, and they’ve got a durable build that can stand up to wear with a sturdy rubber outsole. Their total heel height is 2”, so they’ll give your legs some subtle extra length.

The Mazin Cayto boot has trendy colors to choose from including chestnut, smoke, taupe, dark brown, and black. The zipper detailing adds a bit of variety to the neutral style. They’re a go-to laid back boot that’ll give you sneaky inches, with a heel that’s actually comfortable. No wonder they’re a top sell. 

Women gave the Mazin Cayto an impressive 4.6/5 stars, describing them as supportive, cushiony, and attractive. You can get these Hush Puppies for $106.

Hush Puppies Men’s Shoes

Heath Sneaker 

Our review of Hush Puppies shoes for men starts with the classically cool Heath Sneaker. Crafted from full grain leather, these aren’t your usual pair of sneaks. The white sole and tan upper heel add attractive contrast. I’m picturing the look of effortless style you could pull off with a pair of dark wash jeans or beige khakis and a tee. 

The Heath Sneaker is built for comfort with Bounce technology and a molded EVA midsole for extra support. A BioDeWix dry mesh lining provides excellent natural odor prevention. EVA is also contained in the foam sole for double comfort.

These sneakers have good traction with a rubber outsole and are built to stand the test of time. You can get the Heath Sneaker in navy, black, white, or cognac leather, and dark grey or olive suede for $98.75. 

Expert PT Lace Up

The Expert PT Lace Up strikes a balance between comfort and style. You should never have to trade one for the other. They have a removable footbed with a foam sole, that gives your movement support and flexibility. They’re crafted similarly to the Heath Sneaker, with an EVA midsole and sole, paired with Bounce technology for enhanced cushioning

If you’re on the go, don’t sweat it, the BioDeWix lining will keep your puppies dry and free of odor. These versatile nubuck leather kicks can traverse your wardrobe selections from shorts to khakis. They’ve got Biotrax technology, which gives a deep “S” groove and guides the foot into the stabilizing zones that assist your natural movement. The Expert PT Lace Up also comes in tan leather for $91.

Turner MT Slip-On

The Turner MT Slip-On is a toned-down loafer with no compromise on style. It has the sophisticated look of a loafer, but a much more comfortable build. Featuring a cushioned polyurethane footbed and outsole, these chill loafers give a supportive rebound to your step. They’re water repellent, so you don’t have to stress if it starts raining. A dry mesh lining provides odor control, so you don’t have to worry about sweaty feet as you power walk to work.

With its slightly less formal design, the Turner MT Slip-On can work with smart casual and formal looks. They’re not a jeans kind of shoe, but they can definitely level up a laid back outfit. They also come in black leather, currently marked down at $72 from $144.

Hush Puppies Shoes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Hush Puppies Shoes Review

Customers have great things to say about the shoes on the company website, but this Hush Puppies shoes review ventured deeper. With 2.5/5 stars on MouthShut, I was dismayed to learn that customers felt that the shoes had declined in quality and that there were consistent concerns about stitching and durability. Others commented that the soles fell apart. Reviewers also complained about it being challenging to get a refund or a replacement for faulty shoes. 

Is Hush Puppies a good brand? YouGov America lists Hush Puppies as the 31st most popular company in the clothing & footwear category, reporting that fans describe the shoes as “reliable, practical, good quality, useful, and well designed.” Ratings on Amazon are consistently high, with reviews stating that customer service was outstanding and that Hush Puppies were good quality, classically designed shoes. 

Are Hush Puppies Worth It?

Hush Puppies Shoes Review

That’s the big question in this Hush Puppies shoes review. Customer reports are conflicting, but it seems that most people are happy with their shoes. The footwear features modern comfort technology and aesthetically appealing styles.

Hush Puppies has a long tradition of making trendy and comfortable shoes, but not everyone is satisfied with them. Plus you can always return the shoes if you don’t like them (more about this in the FAQ section).

Hush Puppies Promotions & Discounts 

You don’t need a Hush Puppies promo code, since back to school styles are up to 50% off! They also have a permanent Sale section on their website, so you can get savings on a regular basis. 

Where to Buy Hush Puppies 

Hush Puppies Shoes Review

This Hush Puppies shoes review turned out a bunch of places you can get the shoes, apart from

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Brown’s Shoes
  • DSW
  • Macy’s 
  • SoftMoc
  • Nordstrom

You can also check the brand website to search ‘Hush Puppies near me’.


Hush Puppies Sizing 

Hush Puppies offers US women’s sizes from 5.5-12, men’s from 7-16, and kids from 2-13.5. For detailed charts which convert from sizing in other countries, consult the Hush Puppies sizing chart on the website. Most shoes fit true to size, and any variations from this are noted on individual product pages.

Hush Puppies Shipping Policy

Hush Puppies ships within the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, the Caribbean, Central America, Chile, Colombia, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, UAE, and Uruguay. 

Hush Puppies customers can access their tracking link within 24 hours of placing an order. US-based customers have a variety of shipping options including free Economy and Standard, free Express shipping on orders $99+ or $15, as well as Rush for $30.

Shipping TypeEstimated Delivery Standard
Economy4-10 business days
Standard2-6 business days
Expres2-3 business days
Rush1-3 business days
Hush Puppies US Shipping

Standard Shipping is available in Canada for free. Canadian customers can expect:

ProvinceEstimated Delivery Standard
ON & QC2-3 business days
PEI, NS, NB3-4 business days
AB, MB, SK3-5 business days
NBL3-6 business days
BC5-7 business days
YT, NT, NU5-8 business days
Hush Puppies Canadian Shipping

Hush Puppies customers based in Australia can choose between Standard and Express Shipping. Standard shipping is free for orders $99+ or a flat rate of $9.95. Express Shipping costs $14.95. 

Shipping TypeEstimated Delivery Standard
Standard: Victoria 1-3 business days
Standard: NSW, ACT, SA & QLD metro and most regional areas2-6 business days
Standard: WA, NT, Tasmania3-10 business days
Express: Victoria 1-2 business days
Express: NSW, ACT, SA & QLD metro and most regional areas1-3 business days
Express: WA, NT, Tasmania2-5 business days
Hush Puppies AU Shipping

Hush Puppies in the UK offers Standard delivery for £4.99 on orders under £65, and free delivery on orders over £65. Mainland UK orders take 2-5 business days with Standard shipping. Next Day delivery is available for £7.99 on orders under £65 and £5.99 for orders over £65. For European orders outside the mainland, visit the Hush Puppies UK site.

Hush Puppies Return Policy

Hush Puppies is happy to accept returns of unworn footwear within 30 days from the date of purchase. Shoes must be returned to the warehouse in its original packaging. Once your footwear arrives in the warehouse, it may take 5-10 days for the refund to be processed. 

Step 1: Go to the Returns section of the website

Step 2: print the tracking number sent by the shipping carrier

Step 3: pack the item in original packaging and include the Order Confirmation; highlight the item to be returned 

Step 4: Attach the label to the package over top of the original shipping label

Contact Hush Puppies  

If you have questions that weren’t covered in this Hush Puppies shoes review, you have some options for contacting customer service:

  • Canada: email [email protected] or call 1-888-214-0516 Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5 pm ET
  • US: contact form on the website or call 1-866-699-7365 Monday to Friday 8 am to 9 pm, Saturday to Sunday 9 am to 6 pm ET
  • AU: contact form on website; customer service available Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm AEST
  • UK: email ([email protected]) or call +44(0)1452 886 204 Monday to Thursday 9 am to 5 pm, Friday 9 am to 4 pm

If you’re not sold on Hush Puppies, check out these other trendy, comfortable footwear brands:




Oliver Cabell

Reviews Accessories

Rebag Purses Review

About Rebag

Rebag Purses Review

Rebag is the seller of luxury bags and accessories, giving customers the option to purchase or sell their used pieces. You can shop thousands of styles from 50+ brands with high quality and authenticity. Rebag was featured in Fast Company, Vogue, WWD, Harper’s Bazaar and the New York Times. The buzz is loud, but is Rebag worth it? 

This Rebag purses review will take an in-depth look at the brand and its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. 

Overview of Rebag

Rebag was founded in 2014 by CEO Charles Albert Gorra and former CMO Erwan Delacoriz, currently headquartered in NY. The brand’s motto is a simple one: endless access to luxury. The company buys, sells, and exchanges premium, sought after designer handbags and accessories. The Rebag team curates designer collections with new arrivals each week, with over 50 designer brands to choose from.

If you have a bag that you love but you aren’t putting it over your shoulder on a regular basis, Rebag is an excellent answer for turning your bag over in search of another. Rebag makes the purchase of exquisite luxury designer bags simple and accessible. 

Rebag Purses Review

How Rebag Works

You may be wondering, how does selling on Rebag work? Customers can shop new arrivals, sell styles you’ve outgrown, or exchange a bag. You can use the funds of your Rebag sale toward a new bag, or you can get even more of a deal by choosing to receive a payment in Rebag credit which will earn you 20% more. When you return Rebag designer bags in less than a year, you receive a credit for 70-80% of the original purchase price.

I definitely get the want to cycle through designer bags. Unless you’re committing to a long-term investment worth thousands of dollars, it can be tough deciding on trendy/hot pieces that will last a few seasons, and feeling like eventually you won’t get as much use out of them. This seems like a great way to get your money back and continue switching up your style, but we’re just getting started in this Rebag purses review, so hold on to your opinions before we explore the brand in full.

Rebag Purses Review

If you’re looking for the highlights of our review we summed them up here: 


  • Significant discounts on luxury bags
  • Wide selection of styles and designer brands
  • Flexible payment options
  • Ability to buy, sell and exchange with perks for Rebag credit
  • Honest reviews of bag details on the website


  • Some customer reviews reported negative shopping experiences

Rebag sells a wide variety of bags including shoulder bags, leather bags, canvas bags, clutches, totes, handbags, pouches, wrist wallets, and more. The premium pieces range from timeless classics like signature Louis Vuitton monogrammed purses, to more eclectic and vibrant ones from designers like Dolce and Gabbana. 

Rebag Purses Review

This Rebag purses review will showcase some of their top sellers in each category: 

Rebag Large & Oversized Purses

Our Rebag purses turned up tons of options in the bucket, backpacks, totes, crossbody bags, hobos, messengers, shoulder bags and satchels. These roomy purses are great for having sleepovers at the bf’s house, working at a cafe, and or taking on a weekend trip. Let’s dive into some coveted pieces!

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Monogram Tote

The classic Neverfull Monogram Tote carries the elegance of Louis Vuitton in every element. The bag features a textured mocha brown background with beige monogram letters and handles with a tan fabric interior. The hardware is gold and ties everything together. This is exactly what comes to mind when I think of an investment piece. I would love to have this versatile piece on my arm with a white dress and heels or laid back jeans, boots and a tee.

It makes sense that you’d want to know the specific conditions of the Neverfull Monogram Tote, and we’re all about disclosure in this Rebag purses review. The bag has creases on the exterior and darkening, plus scuffs and watermarks on the leather trims and handles. There’s also scratches and tarnish on the hardware. 

All that said, the imperfections are subtle and the bag is catalogued as Very Good Condition. Other models of the Neverfull Monogram Tote are available in Great Condition for $1490 and $1580.

Gucci Vintage Bamboo Suede Mini Backpack

The Vintage Bamboo Suede Mini Backpack by Gucci is classy while fitting with everyday outfits. It features an elegant suede exterior, comfortable leather straps and a fabric interior. I really love the bamboo design on the handle, the front tie, and gold hardware. It keeps the look subtle while having an edge over a plain black backpack. It’s a great piece for a beautifully dressed Rebag woman on the go. Even though it’s referred to as ‘mini’, it still offers a decent amount of storage.

There is wear and discoloration on the exterior of the bag with creasing on the straps. There’s also splitting and cracking on the strap wax edges and scratches on the hardware. It’s still classified as in Very Good Condition. This practical, stylish Vintage Bamboo Suede Mini Backpack costs $535 with an estimated retail value of $1,295. That’s a seriously good price for a Gucci piece. 

Louis Vuitton Artsy Monogram Leather Handbag

The Artsy Monogram Leather Handbag, another timeless Louis V. piece, is more artsy than the other monogrammed bag we looked at. This piece has a soft leather exterior, a stitched handle, and brown fabric interior. I really like the yellow gold hardware and the charms, which gives the bag city girl vibes. The stamped-on Louis Vuitton symbol also adds to the glamor in such a simple way.

The  Artsy Monogram Leather Handbag bag is in Excellent Condition, meaning it falls just short of being in new condition. When it comes to size and fit it is 16”W * 12.5”H *7.5”D with a 6” handle drop. You won’t want to take this Rebag bag off, and it’s available for $2,505

Rebag Medium-Sized Purses

Our Rebag purses looked into medium-sized purses in a variety of styles including larger backpacks, bowlers, buckets, shoulder bags, cross body bags, satchels and totes. You don’t always need an excessive amount of storage, and these purses offer a middle ground between storing the essentials and items you want to carry just in case (makeup touchup anyone?). We’ll showcase some of the most sought-after pieces: 

Valentino Rockstud Leather Messenger Bag

This gorgeous Rockstud Leather Messenger Bag from Valentino is edgy and flirty with its stud detailing and compelling red tone. It features an all leather exterior and interior with soft gold hardware. This shade pairs really well with outfits in white, navy, beige, camel, and even with bold amethyst or fuschia. Are you imagining outfit ideas? Same. Plus, I love storing my computer in a messenger bag instead of trying to fit it into a regular purse.

The Rockstud Leather Messenger Bag comes with some accessories including a dust bag and a detachable strap in Fair Condition, with minor wear on the exterior and interior, cracking on the open trim and wax edges, as well as scratches on the hardware. It’s available at the Miami store in midtown. At $780 with an estimated retail price of $2,495, this is another piece offering significant savings.

Balenciaga City Giant Studs Leather Bag

The City Giant Studs Leather Bag from Balenciaga has such an interesting aesthetic, and since it’s a dark neutral, it can match with many outfits. The navy blue leather stands out against the silver hardware accents. It includes handles and a practical carrying strap, with a black interior and included mirror so you can check yourself out while wearing it (at least, that’s what I think it’s for). Balenciaga never disappoints, in my opinion.

The City Giant Studs Leather Bag is classified as being in Good Condition. There is some heavy wear and discoloration on the base plus on the opening trim corners and handles. There are also creases on the exterior and minor wear on the interior, along with scratches on the hardware. You can purchase this purse for $850, which is very reasonable for a Balenciaga piece.

Rebag Micro & Small Purses

Our Rebag purses review discovered many micro and small purses including bowler, clutches, buckets, clutches, shoulder bags, crossbody bags, satchels, wallets and waist bags. I find purses of this size so useful while running errands or hit up a bar downtown. Lipstick, phone, wallet, hand cream, and I’m good to go.

Dolce & Gabbana Amore Leather Flap Shoulder Bag

The sought-after white leather Amore Leather Flap Shoulder Bag is perfect for a memorable, fancy occasion like a wedding or fancy baby shower. It would also add an attractive, sophisticated touch to a dress or skirt ensemble. The gold hardware, chain strap and details, and pearl accents add a touch of glamor without being showy. The pearl D&G monogram is so fetch, as Gretchen Weiners says. If you haven’t watched Mean Girls, that’s probably a good thing.

The Amore Flap Leather Strap Shoulder Bag from Dolce & Gabbana is in Very Good Condition. There is a small mark on the flap side wax edge and discoloration and scuffs on the rear, along with minor wear on the interior and scratches on the hardware. The estimated retail price of this purse is $1,995 marked down significantly and offered for $1,360. 

Chanel Front Pocket Crumbled Calfskin Waist Bag

This Front Pocket Crumbled Calfskin Waist Bag features fun, flirty peach pink leather that will definitely get compliments from your fashion-savvy friends. The classic Chanel CC monogram, zipper, and gold hardware really elevate the piece. Look seriously stylish at a festival, while walking the dog, or doing errands, and you’ll get some admiring looks for sure.

The Front Pocket Crumbled Calfskin Waist Bag speaks for itself with its effortless style. This stunning bag is in Great Condition, available at Rebag NYC. While you’re at it, you may want to check out Rebag SOHO. This premium Chanel purse costs $2,810, marked down from the original $3,590 price. Get it while it’s hot!

Rebag Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Rebag Purses Review

According to ResellerRatings, my Rebag purses review uncovered negative customer experiences. Buyers were especially unhappy with the customer service experience. One customer sent a purse back to Rebag within the first couple of months. Rebag said there was additional wear and tear and they could not take it back, but the customer had not used the bag since purchase. Another dissatisfied customer was never granted their refund after a purchased bag was cancelled. The team never responded to their emails. 

Some customers complained of the customer service experience on the Better Business Bureau. There were challenges in correspondence and extended wait times to receive bags. One customer received a Rebag purse with scratches which was reported to be in prime condition. There were challenges around resale prices and customers feeling that they were not being offered a fair rate. 

Rebag Purses Review

In our Rebag purses review, many customers loved their bags and felt they matched the online descriptions. As an added bonus, they thought the packaging was great. For many customers, their Rebag purses were their absolute favorites and these happy buyers thought the customer service was terrific. Many Rebag customers said that their bags exceeded their expectations

Are Rebag Purses Worth It?

We think Rebag offers affordable, beautiful options that are described in detail on the site. When purchasing, we think you should be wary that some customers had challenges with the customer service experience—does Rebag sell authentic bags? For sure, and the majority of customers were satisfied. We say go for it!

Rebag Purses Review

Rebag Promotions & Discounts 

We looked into promotions & discounts and were delighted to find that if you sign up, you are eligible to receive $200 off of your first Rebag purchase. We encourage you to go back to the website and keep your eye out for a Rebag promo code or a Rebag discount code. 

Where to Buy Rebag Purses

Rebag Purses Review

We investigated where to buy these luxury pieces in our Rebag purses review and created a list for easy access:

  2. Ebay
  3. Etsy


Rebag Handbag Designers

Rebag boasts a seriously exclusive designer list that includes: Alaia, Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Bvlgari, Celine, Chanel, Chloe, Christian Dior, Christian Louboutin, Delvauz, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Givenchy, Goyard, Gucci, Hermes, Jimmy Choo, Judith Leiber, Lanvin, Loewe, Louis Vuitton, M2Malletier, Mansur Gavriel, Mark Cross, Miu Miu, Mulberry, Nancy Gonzalez, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Prada, Proenza Schouler, Ralph Lauren Collection, Saint Laurent, Salvatore Ferragamo, Stella McCartney, The Row, Thom Browne, Tod’s Tom Ford, Valentino and Versace. So. Many. Options.

Rebag Shipping Policy

Rebag ships internationally! All domestic packages are shipped with UPS and confirmation through signature is required. Rebag ships with USPS for purchases shipping to PO boxes and military addresses only. Domestic orders take 7-10 business days to arrive after the order date. 

For all orders of or above $500, shipping is free and for orders below $500, shipping is $20. Expedited orders cost $50 and are only available in the US. These Rebag shipments will take 3-5 business days from the order date. All shipments can be tracked by customers.

Rebag Return Policy

Rebag accepts returns in the US, though they have some terms and conditions. To begin with, the customer must make a written request to [email protected] within 7 business days of delivery. This must be supported by the tracking number. 

After you receive the prepaid label, items must be shipped back to Rebag no later than 2 business days. Shipment fees will not be refunded. Once Rebag has received the return, you will get a refund to your original payment method within 10-15 business days. Rebag cannot accept international returns. 

Contact Rebag

If you want to learn more beyond this Rebag purses review, you can write a request to the customer service team on by clicking chat at the bottom right of the screen from Monday to Friday 9 AM-7 PM. You can also call the team at their New York office: 1-844-373-7723. 

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The Luxury Closet



LARQ Water Bottle Review

About LARQ

LARQ Water Bottle Review

The LARQ Water Bottle uses UV technology to self-clean and purify drinking water, while having a meaningful impact on the environment. LARQ sells eye-catching, reusable, stainless steel bottles with UV-C LED technology. Their state of the art water bottle has been featured on CNN, in Esquire, Mashable, CNET, and other big media outlets, so the buzz is hot.

This LARQ Water Bottle review will take an in-depth look at the brand and its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. 

Overview of LARQ

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, LARQ launched its original Water Bottle in the US in October 2018. This was after a very successful crowdfunding campaign, when LARQ raised £1.04 millon in under 30 days. The people have spoken: they want clean, high tech water.

LARQ operates from their headquarters in Foster City, California and launched in 2017. Their vision is simple but profound: they aspired to develop an innovative technology that would help people access exceptional drinking water easily and sustainably. LARQ believes you are what you drink, and they’re award-winning design is built on that mantra.

LARQ uses PureVis technology to eradicate up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria, protozoa and other harmful bio-contaminants without the use of toxic chemicals like mercury. Not bad statistics, huh? 

LARQ Water Bottle Review

Not only do the bottles provide clean and tasty drinking water, but 1% of every LARQ bottle contributes to cleaning up our oceans. LARQ partnered with Plastic Blank to remove 1 million single-use plastic bottles from the ocean. With their technology, LARQ hopes to motivate behaviour change. 

LARQ is the world’s first portable digital water purification system. It’s equipped with a rechargeable lithium polymer battery that keeps going, just like you. The UV-C LEDs in LARQ water bottles last 40 times longer than mercury-based purification systems. 

If you would rather catch the highlights of the LARQ review, here’s our sum up:


  • Innovative portable digital water purification system
  • Removes 99.9% of bio-contaminants in water 
  • 100% BPA-free, durable stainless steel
  • Sustainable impact on the environment with proceeds directed toward improving ocean health
  • No fuss, little maintenance
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Appealing color choices
  • Free returns for customers in the US and Canada


  • Some scientists believe there are flaws in the science of the LARQ technology
  • Costly
LARQ Water Bottle Review

LARQ sells two bottles (the LARQ Bottle and the LARQ Bottle Movement), equipped with  cutting edge technology. We’ll give you an in-depth look at both models in this LARQ water bottle review. Let’s start with the OG:

LARQ Water Bottle

So you want clean, fresh-tasting water and a bottle that cleans itself. The LARQ Water Bottle fits the bill with on-the-go water purification. The bottle uses UV light to break up the DNA of bacteria. That’s right—goodbye harmful, odor-causing germs. Did you know that hospitals have been using the same UV technology to sterilize operating rooms for the last 10 years? We’re talking seriously smart science here.

In our LARQ Water Bottle review we learned that the purifying happens automatically, 6 times a day (activating every 2 hours) and cleans your water in 60 seconds. Plus, it’s 100% BPA-free stainless steel. It’s vacuum sealed and double insulated. That translates to 24 hours of cold water and 12 hours of hot water. LARQ works hard so you don’t have to. It’s time you got on with your adventures, backwash bacteria free.

LARQ’s motto is smarter, cleaner, better. The LARQ Water Bottle is 10,000 times more hygienic than regular reusable bottles. You’ll save $1000 per year compared with bottled water. Imagine where you could put that money—I’m thinking Hawaii. One charge lasts up to a month, and if you have a bit of pep in your step, put the bottle in adventure mode for extra purification power. 

The LARQ Water Bottle is available in two sizes, and comes in some trendy colors:

LARQ Water Bottle Engraving

If you want to up the exclusive factor of your LARQ Water Bottle, you can personalize it if you reside in the US. LARQ offers engraving for the original bottle only. You can add up to 10 uppercase letters and numbers to the bottle. Such a neat way to jazz up your water!

LARQ Bottle Movement

The LARQ Bottle Movement contains ultra light stainless steel, so it’s great for athletes and people on the go. The dual-tone bottle comes in sweet colors: white and coral, white and marine, black and onyx, plus black and green. This pure on-the-move water charges while you’re on the go. So cool.

The LARQ Bottle Movement features a silicon sleeve that protects it from scrapes and scratches. You can go far and wide with this durable bottle—to the tennis court, to the gym, on a plane, up a mountain, wherever—and this bottle won’t smell. Like the OG LARQ bottle, this one will keep your water cold for 24 hours, and hot water stays that way for 12. 

Aside from the bonus active lifestyle features, this model boasts the same vacuum sealing, double insulation, 6x per day purification powers, and water cleaning in 60 seconds. The LARQ Bottle Movement is available in 710 ml and 950 ml sizes for $99 and $129. 

LARQ Water Bottle Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

LARQ Water Bottle Review

This LARQ Water Bottle review turned up split camps between skeptical scientists and very happy buyers. One microbiologist comments that from a scientific perspective, the product was not a good idea. Another scientist agreed with this appraisal, stating that when you use UV light to clean dirty water, it kills the bacteria but not the chemical byproducts that the bacteria secretes.

The scientists also said that the UV radiation in the LARQ Water Bottle would become less and less effective over time. From the perspective of a good old biologist, soap and water is more effective than anything. 

LARQ Water Bottle Review

Happy customers, on the other hand, said that they loved to show off their LARQ technology while on the go. They felt that they were getting a powerful clean from the good-looking product. Customers were impressed that the purification process is silent, so it didn’t interrupt a date or a board room meeting.

For the adventurous sort, the LARQ Water Bottle is awesome for travel and it took worry out of the picture. It really did keep water hot or cold all day and benefited active types. As promised, the water bottle doesn’t smell. 

Are LARQ Water Bottles Worth It?

LARQ Water Bottle Review

While we value scientists greatly, we take the scrutiny of this product with a grain of salt because customers are happy and feel the benefits that LARQ’s science promises. For our LARQ Water Bottle review, that’s what counted the most.

This fabulous LARQ Water Bottle fits into the active, hard working lifestyle and takes the thought out of drinking clean, fresh water with no odor, while having a positive impact on the environment. When it comes to the LARQ self-cleaning water bottle, we’re behind it! 

LARQ Promotions & Discounts 

LARQ Water Bottle Review

We have some great news from the findings of our LARQ Water Bottle review. If you complete a 60-second questionnaire, you receive $5 off of your order. Simply take the quiz to get the LARQ promo code.

To find access to another LARQ discount code, continue to check back on their website and social media. 

Where to Buy LARQ

LARQ Water Bottle Review

We think shopping should be as easy as clean water, so in our LARQ Water Bottle review, we tapped into the best places to make your purchase:

  • Indigo 
  • Anthropologie
  • The Bay 
  • Bloomingdales
  • MoMA
  • Holt Renfrew 


LARQ Water Bottles

You might have some unanswered questions, and in our LARQ Water Bottle review, we consider it our role to leave you worry free with detailed insight into the bottle. 

  1. Buyers asked: Do I ever need to wash my LARQ Water Bottle?

The answer to this question is yes, but….

The first tip from the team we found in our LARQ Water Bottle reviews is using a warm, soapy rinse around the bottle and cap once in a while. This will help to get rid of any build-up or residue from lipsticks or food. 

So yes, you should wash your LARQ Water Bottle, but much less than a regular one because it’s self cleaning. This is one of the most optimal benefits of the LARQ bottle and it saves you washing every day. In fact, you can wash it as little as every 3-4 weeks.

  1. Buyers asked: Can you put other drinks in the LARQ Water Bottle?

LARQ doesn’t recommend that you use your bottle for coffee, tea, or drinks with milk or sugar. These kinds of drinks are known to stain but worst of all, they can reduce the efficacy of the PureVis UV-C LED technology. What do all these technical terms mean? It prevents the light from bouncing off the electropolished walls of the bottle. 

If you do pour in coffee or some soda, make sure to use a bottle brush to scrub with warm soapy water. That way, you avoid leaving trails of a stain behind, your LARQ Water Bottle will continue working at optimal efficiency, and your water will continue tasting fresh.

  1. Buyers asked: Can I wash the cap?

This is a major point of uncertainty for LARQ users, but yes, you can absolutely hand wash the cap if needed. LARQ thought through all the angles and the cap is waterproof IPX7-rated. Please be safe and make sure that the cap is completely dry before charging so that you avoid injury.

  1. Buyers asked: How do I clean the LARQ Bottle Movement sleeve?

You can wash the sleeve, but wipe it or use a damp cloth, or put it in the dishwasher after removing it from your bottle. One important takeaway is that you shouldn’t leave it in direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time or it will fade. 

  1. Buyers asked: How often does the LARQ Water Bottle need to be charged, and how will I know when the battery is low?

A charge lasts up to one month on the LARQ Water Bottle and it can easily be recharged through MicroUSB. This time frame is based on 3-4 usage cycles per day. Normal mode lasts up to 4 weeks of use and adventure mode lasts 10-12 days.

When your battery is low, your cap will blink yellow before and after a cleaning cycle. This is your signal that it’s time to charge. 

LARQ Shipping Policy

Good news: LARQ ships all around the world. For deliveries in the US and Canada, the United Kingdom, or the European Union, orders take between 5-7 business days. Deliveries to other countries take 7-14 business days.

LARQ asks that you allow an additional business day for processing. Expedited shipping is available for certain regions and your options will be available to you at checkout. 

LARQ Return Policy

LARQ offers a 1-year limited warranty on all bottles purchased from as well as authorized retailers. The warranty covers repair or replacement of defective material or components. LARQ will submit a refund. What it doesn’t cover is wear and tear associated with regular use, loss, or theft.

LARQ accepts returns of unused products (excluding charging cables and personalized LARQ bottles) in their original packaging within 30 days of the purchase date. In the United States and Canada, returns are complimentary—bonus! Unfortunately, if a product is returned used or it doesn’t pass inspection, it won’t be eligible for a refund or exchange. 

Contact LARQ

In our LARQ Water Bottle review, we looked for the best way to get in touch with the team. You can contact them over email at [email protected] and they try their best to respond within 24 hours. 

LARQ’s address:


950 Tower Ln, Suite 2100

Foster City, California, U.S.

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