Jack Erwin Boots vs Thursday Boots Review

Jack Erwin Boots vs Thursday Boots: Brand Showdown

Jack Erwin Boots vs Thursday Boots Review

Jack Erwin makes shoes that fit ordinary situations but defy expectations. Jack Erwin brings a distinguished and elegant look to daily wear. Their goal is to make shoes that are adaptive to the bustle and activity of city life, keeping stride with the consumer.

Jack Erwin Boots vs Thursday Boots Review

Thursday Boots makes their handcrafted boots with integrity, which means that the boots are premium quality for fair prices. The founders experienced dissatisfaction in the marketplace with the dichotomy of high quality unaffordable boots and cheap boots that didn’t last.

The following comparative Jack Erwin Boots vs Thursday Boots review will examine key elements of the brand and its products to assist you in making an informed purchase decision.  

Jack Erwin Boots vs Thursday Boots

Jack Erwin Chelsea Boot

In this Jack Erwin Boots vs Thursday Boots review, we’ll first take a look at the iconic Chelsea boot. Jack Erwin’s Men’s Chelsea boot strikes a chord amongst people immersed in the hustle and expectation of everyday life who want urban chic. Customers choose between stylish options including light brown nubuck, brown nubuck, black nubuck, brown suede, black full-grain leather and black suede.

If you live, work, and thrive in the city, the economy of your energy matters. You don’t want anything to slow you down as you strive for your goals and nurture your ambitions. Jack Erwin equips the Chelsea boot with a CITY sole, which is designed to track miles while looking elegant effortlessly. The Chelsea Boot is made with weatherized leather so that any of the day’s surprises will simply fall into place. Jack Erwin is crafted on a foundation of durability so that the boot can assist you in all of your adventures and casual strolls.

Jack Erwin’s Chelsea Boot for women is available in three classic styles: The Robie, the Thea and the Quinn in tan Nappa, black Nappa leather, tan polished leather, black polished leather with a black outsole and polished brown leather. The shoe balances style and structure, with a low heel that adds a feminine mystique to the boot that can do it all. Similar to the men’s boot, the women’s Chelsea is lined with a micro-foam insole to guarantee comfort on any ambitious walk across city blocks. The sturdy leather sole will give you the traction and grounded feeling you need when walking. 

Thursday Boots Chelsea Boot

The Cavalier is Thursday Boots’ take on the men’s Chelsea Boot. Available in shadow grey, black, sequoia and dark brown suede, the Cavalier has remarkable product features. With WeatherSafe materials and Goodyear Welt Construction lining and a leather outsole with TPU studs for traction, the boot can take on any conditions without hesitation. The flexible elastic goring and full glove leather interior lining make the boot comfortable and easy to slip on and off. 

Intent on keeping up with the person on the go, Thursday Boots’ version of the Chelsea has a Poron antimicrobial shock-absorbing insole and a cork-bed midsole. The Cavalier fits in instinctively with a pair of jeans. It also dresses to the occasion with a stylish suit. Thursday Boots builds the sleek boot to last. 

Thursday Boots’ women’s Chelsea is called the Duchess. While browsing the site for this Jack Erwin Boots vs Thursday Boots review, we saw that the Duchess comes in a variety of earthy tones in suede, full-grain leather and chrome leather. The Duchess has the same technical advantages as the Cavalier with supple leather and easy in-and-out access to stay on track. The stacked leather heel with a rubber base embodies the essence of the Duchess—the delicate balance between beauty and pragmatism. 

Like all their other garments, Thursday Boots handcrafts the Duchess with integrity, which means that all of the little details count. Included in the Duchess are elements with foresight, such as long-lasting studded rubber outsoles, to make sure that the boot has the same vigour and endurance as you do. 

Jack Erwin Boots vs Thursday Boots Review
Jack ErwinThursday Boots
CITY soleWeathersafe
Flexible outsoleFlexible elastic goring
Concealed, custom alternating-lug design and traction patternGoodyear Welt Construction
Waxed, weatherizedFull Glove leather interior lining
Handcrafted in PortugalPoron antimicrobial shock-absorbing insole

Cork-bed midsole

Leather outsole with TPU studs for traction

Jack Erwin Lace-Up

The Jack Erwin Men’s Lace-up comes in pebble grain leather, suede and full-grain leather. This suave contemporary work boot uses an old standard to inspire refined innovation. The boot draws from many inspirations and genres, with classic Alpine boot detailing setting it apart. The mix of influences makes the boot both charming and practical, creating an adaptable and confident look. 

Thursday Boots Lace-Up

Thursday Boots’ men’s Lace-up boot is their specialty, rugged and resilient while also looking tasteful and artistic. They straddle the line from classic to hipster, with custom reinforced eyelets, durable steel shank, and Kevlar blend laces. Thursday makes the boots to endure with Goodyear Welt Construction and durable studded rubber outsoles. They are also extremely comfortable due to the full glove leather interior lining and cork-bed midsole.

The Captain is Thursday Boots’ women’s Lace-up. The boot is daring and adventurous in beautiful Weathersafe options of suede and full-grain leather. Thursday constructs the boot as conscientiously as the men’s version of the lace-up with a comfortable midsole that forms to the foot and high-grade leather, which is soft against the ankle. 

Winner: Thursday Boots

In this Jack Erwin Boots vs Thursday Boots review, Thursday Boots rose to the occasion on all fronts. Their promise is complete, their footwear truly takes you from sunrise to sunset in comfort and style, but Thursday Boots is a more technical make, and as it turns out, they pay more attention to the fine details than Jack Erwin.

Jack Erwin uses weather-safe materials with Goodyear Welt Construction and studded rubber outsoles, which means their boots are not only capable; they can conquer any terrain. Their boots are flexible and comfortable to wear with elastic goring, as well as supple with full glove leather interior lining. In the Chelsea Boot, the Poron antimicrobial shock-absorbing insole enables the wearer to move in and out of the cityscape with ease and to work up a sweat without fear of repercussions.

Jack Erwin vs Thursday Boots Loafers

Jack Erwin Loafer

The Jack Erwin Men’s Driving Loafer has the look of a classic staple paired with luxurious comfort. Jack Erwin crafts the loafer with a full rubber outsole and microfoam, which will make you feel confident and relaxed on the way to work or at a Sunday brunch. With the ease of pulling the shoe on and off, you might find that it becomes the favoured shoe in your closet, finding a reserved spot by the front door. Jack Erwin also designs penny loafers for men, available in black or brown leather and suede.

The Jack Erwin Women’s Loafer has an ageless design that will never go out of fashion. The traditional cut is paired with a round toe to fit in with any day-to-day wardrobe selection. The shoe is supportive, and the tumbled Nappa leather is soft. The technical sole is an element of the loafer that reflects its purpose: it is crafted to thrive and endure, reaching standards and excelling through both the expected and unexpected. The shoe is understated, fitting in unassumingly with dress pants or jeans, but the stacked leather heel makes it a candidate for a classy dress or skirt. 

Thursday Boots Loafer

Thursday Boots offers loafers in Executive, Aviator, Lincoln, and Saint styles, featuring stunning leather and handsome suede. You want your loafers to fit into any situation, whether it’s demanding, low-key, conservative or relaxed. These distinctive loafers do the trick, and they’re Goodyear Welt Construction, durable rubber heel base and leather outsole with TPU studs for traction. Thursday Boots signature full glove leather interior lining and cork-bed midsole ensure that these shoes move you from task to task in breezy comfort.

Winner: Jack Erwin

Both brands design high quality loafers, but we have to give this round to Jack Erwin, who produces options for both men and women. While Thursday Boots has four loafer styles for men, Jack Erwin has two styles available for men and women each. Thursday Boots loafers are limited to dress shoes, while Jack Erwin customers have the option to choose between dressy and casual styles.


Jack Erwin

Jack Erwin Boots vs Thursday Boots Review

In this Jack Erwin Boots vs Thursday Boots review, Jack Erwin straddles the balance beam with perfection. Their shoes have beautiful aesthetics and meet the criteria for function and high performance. What Jack Erwin cares about most is the craftsmanship and design of their boots and shoes. With this focus in mind, their shoes are hand-stitched. 

Jack Erwin uses flexible, durable materials, as well as weather-resistant soles, to ensure that you can stay active and efficient in any weather. Jack Erwin’s manufactures their footwear in Portugal with luxurious materials including buttery nubuck, whole cut suede and Italian Nappa calfskin. Jack Erwin’s shoes will transform your day to day comfort, efficacy and elevate any outfit into a great fashion statement. 

Thursday Boots 

Jack Erwin Boots vs Thursday Boots Review

As a part of their commitment to integrity, Thursday Boots is invested in the quality of their footwear. Thursday manufactures their boots in the US and Mexico, choosing the top materials available to construct their boots and shoes. Thursday sources most of their materials from America, with excellent hides from US cattle. To Thursday Boots, the treatment and wellbeing of the cattle matters; it results in healthier leather

Thursday Boots tests every element of their footwear diligently that details are determined with precision. The footwear is also manufactured in small batches, which means that the goods get careful attention. Thursday Boots also emphasizes collaboration, which they believe to be a cornerstone of the success of their footwear. They have teamed with talented artisans, highly regarded suppliers and visionary designers to make products that stand the test of time. 

Winner: Thursday Boots

In our Jack Erwin Boots vs Thursday Boots review, we analyzed the quality of Jack and determined that the quality of Thursday Boots exceeded that of Jack Erwin. Jack Erwin has some substantial assets. The footwear focuses on function, is hand-stitched, weather-resistant and made on principles of luxury, but Thursday Boots meets the same markers. Additionally, Thursday locally sources hides and their manufacturing partners. Everything at Thursday Boots is done with ethical mindedness and with the needs and satisfaction of the customer in mind. 

Customer Ratings 

Jack Erwin

Jack Erwin Boots vs Thursday Boots Review

In this Jack Erwin Boots vs Thursday Boots review, Jack Erwin customers were found to be extremely positive about their experiences with customer service. They received timely responses from empathetic, engaged and caring members of the Jack Erwin team. They felt heard, and Jack Erwin addressed their problems promptly. 

Concerning the quality of the shoes, Jack Erwin customers were impressed. The shoes broke in right away and some customers stated that their Jack Erwin shoes were more comfortable than other shoes that they owned. Customers described their shoes as everyday wear. They felt the shoes were inexpensive relative to their quality.

Thursday Boots 

Jack Erwin Boots vs Thursday Boots Review

Thursday Boots customers were in complete agreement that the boots fit right out of the box. They remarked that the colour and quality of the materials was beautiful and that the boots were versatile. They could be worn any day of the week for any purpose. Customers felt that the quality and price were well matched. The boots looked handmade. For many customers, they became their signature shoes. 

Customers reported that the staff at Thursday Boots were extremely helpful, and customer service was excellent. Customers buy multiple pairs of boots and never seem to lose the urge to keep going back for more. 

Winner: Thursday Boots

In this Jack Erwin Boots vs Thursday Boots review, we dove into the customer satisfaction. In truth, the reviews were excellent and comparable for both brands. Customers were happy with customer service, with the quality of the footwear, and both brands did so spectacularly that customers stated they were their favourite shoe.

In this Jack Erwin Boots vs Thursday Boots review, where Jack Erwin fell short was in the care routine that the boots required. Customers expressed that the boots aged without regular conditioning and that they aged poorly if you forgot to use the shoe tree. Thursday Boots customers ticked all the boxes on the list and were thoroughly happy with every part of their Thursday experience. 

Shipping & Returns 

Jack Erwin Shipping

Jack Erwin Boots vs Thursday Boots Review
  • Standard orders ship for free
  • Orders ship via FedEx or SmartPost
  • Estimated arrival is within 7-10 business days of the shipping date
  • Jack Erwin does not ship outside of the 48 contiguous states

Jack Erwin Returns

  • When you purchase a discounted product from Jack Erwin, it is final sale; you may be eligible for store credit
  • Full priced items are accepted for return but subject to inspection
  • Returned items must be unused and unmarked
  • Place items in the original box with all contents and packaging
  • Upon receipt, the return be initiated within 30 days
  • No worn or damaged items are accepted
  • Expedited shipping charges and gift cards are non-refundable
  • Allow 5-10 days for the return to Jack Erwin
  • Allow another 3-5 days for the refund to be processed

Thursday Boots Shipping

Jack Erwin Boots vs Thursday Boots Review
  • Shipping is free within the contiguous US for orders over $50
  • Free return shipping for orders over $100 shipped within the contiguous US
  • Place your order before 2 pm ET for same-day shipping
  • Orders do not ship on Saturdays or Sundays
  • Thursday Boots does not cover international shipping costs
  • For international orders, rates including shipping, duty and taxes vary by country and are calculated at checkout. 
  • Duty and tax charges are included at checkout
  • International shipments take 10 days to arrive, and expedited shipping is not available

Thursday Boots Returns

  • Free within the contiguous US
  • Items must be unworn and undamaged. No creases or wear on the soles
  • Return items in their original packaging
  • Must request a return within 14 days of receiving your order
  • When the warehouse receives the return, allow two weeks for refund or store credit
  • For international returns, customers are responsible for shipping and duties fees

Winner: Thursday Boots 

In a Jack Erwin Boots vs Thursday Boots review of shipping and returns policy, the most flexible process was through Thursday Boots. The factor that stood out the most between the two procedures was that Jack Erwin does not ship outside of the 48 contiguous states. Jack Erwin allowed 30 days upon receipt of items to initiate a return, while Thursday Boots gave only 14 days. 

Price & Value 

Jack Erwin Boots vs Thursday Boots Review of Cost

CategoryJack Erwin Men’sJack Erwin Women’sThursday Boots Men’sThursday Boots Women’s
Chelsea Boot$185-$195$225$190$160
Lace-up Boot$220N/A$190-$349$190

In a Jack Erwin Boots vs Thursday Boots review of cost, the men’s Chelsea boots were comparable between the brands, but the Jack Erwin boots for women were much more expensive than the Thursday Boots version. The higher bracket of the Thursday men’s lace-up boot and loafer was significantly more costly compared to Jack Erwin models.

Winner: Thursday Boots

In a Jack Erwin Boots vs Thursday Boots review comparing pricing, Thursday Boots footwear was priced in a higher bracket than Jack Erwin shoes and boots. There was an exception in Jack Erwin’s women’s boot, which priced higher than the Thursday. On the whole, through our Jack Erwin Boots vs Thursday Boots review, we found that Thursday Boots is a more expensive brand than Jack Erwin

We Choose: Thursday Boots

Jack Erwin Boots vs Thursday Boots Review

In our Jack Erwin Boots vs Thursday Boots review, Thursday Boots won 4/6 categories. From the technical capabilities of their boots, the thoughtful design which involved multiple regional artisans, designers, and farmers to the versatile wearability of the footwear, the brand excelled. Thursdays manage all of the details with intense focus and care, connecting meaningfully with the needs of the customer so that you can focus on your style, pursuits and daily engagements. 

We feel that we can say it confidently, loud, and clear—if you don’t yet have a pair of Thursday Boots, you’re out of excuses!

Check out our in-depth reviews for Jack Erwin and Thursday Boots.

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