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Brightech Review

There are plenty of things we take for granted in our daily lives: our food, our living spaces, our relationships with those we hold closest. What we fail to consider above all of these is our lighting. Good lighting is like good handwriting; it makes everything more legible when it’s good, but it’s an eyesore when it’s bad.

Brightech looks to establish themselves as a powerhouse for intelligent lighting fixtures. They’ve garnered over 33k Instagram followers with their sleek product design and affordable prices.

Before you bust out your credit card on the brand’s website, read our Brightech review to learn about the company’s history, their products, and whether they are well-suited for you.

Overview of Brightech

Brightech Review

Ardy Zara formed Brightech in 2013 in Los Angeles, California. The company’s vision has remained the same since the day they came together. They seek to deliver high-quality designer lighting to those who normally couldn’t afford such powerful light sources. They want everyone to shine as bright as their LED light bulbs.

The company employs the same production mandates and factories as other lighting companies but cut out the middleman to save customers money. In theory, you’ll save on money, but not on quality, by purchasing Brightech products because they don’t escalate their prices for retailers.

Brightech was also the first company to implement USB and wireless chargers, as well as making solar string lights a household good. Much like an Olympic sprinter, Brightech is always improving, working alongside customers and experts to improve their products and practices.

Now we’ll trade in our flashlight for a spotlight as this next section of our Brightech review will highlight the company’s pros and uncover some of their cons:


  • Offers a baffling roster of indoor and outdoor lighting apparatuses
  • All products use environmentally friendly LED light bulbs
  • Work well with Smart Home devices
  • Rapid and effortless product assembly
  • Readily available through many online retailers
  • Financing options available with Affirm


  • Website only ships to locals in the continental United States
Brightech Review

Brightech are nothing if not specialists. The brand only produces indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. Nothing more, nothing less. We respect that focus.

Brightech Floor Lamps Review

How great is it that all of the best-selling Brightech floor lamps use LED lightbulbs? In addition, all of the products featured in this section of our Brightech review work well with Smart Home devices like Alexa and Google Home.

Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Floor Lamp Review

The Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Floor Lamp looks to suit the mood. Which mood? Any mood, even a brooding mood – achieve that by turning the light off!

This floor lamp shoots light upward, rebounding it off the walls and roof and projecting it outwards. If that doesn’t suit you, you can position the head at any angle, offering you more control over the lighting.

The product’s warm lighting comes courtesy of 30-watt LED lightbulbs. It’s also available in four standard colors: black, brass, grey, and charcoal. 

Warm up just about any interior space for $85.

Brightech Sphere Floor Lamp Review

Gaze into the sphere. Drink its opulence. Bask in its brass pole, the dual sphered design, and know that you are in the presence of illumination our ancestors could never have imagined when they first struck two rocks together to spark a flame. 

Or, you can use the Brightech Sphere Floor Lamp to pretty up your surroundings. That’s cool too. This item uses 9.5-watt LED lightbulbs and comes with a hidden blessing among tall floor lamps – a foot pedal switch.

Claim your own Brightech Sphere Floor Lamp for $95.

Brightech Floor Lamp Logan Review

You’ll notice that this floor lamp points downwards like a tulip in the rain; beautiful, yet intrinsically tragic. What secrets does the Brightech Floor Lamp Logan hold? What have you endured, poor lamp? 

Here’s the good thing, this item won’t dampen your life though. Quite the opposite, as the 9.5-watt bulbs can provide a cultured touch to any interior.

But maybe you are feeling a bit dour. If so, the Brightech Floor Lamp Logan can serve both the optimist and the pessimist as it comes in a brass or black finish.

You can grab your own for $170.

Brightech Floor Lamp Trilage Review

Why settle for one light bulb? You deserve better. You deserve the light of a thousand sun’s beaming down on you. When that’s not possible, you can get three 9.5 watt LED bulbs brightening your outlook with the Brightech Floor Lamp Trilage.

This product can be incredibly versatile as well. You can reposition the arms and control how many lights you want to illuminate at any given moment. 

Take back control of your lighting with the Brightech Floor Lamp Trilage for $170.

Brightech Solar String Lights Review

The Brightech Solar String Lights products we’ve chosen for this section of our review are among the company’s best-selling outdoor lighting products.

Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Non Hanging Review

The Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Non Hanging seem tailored for outdoor lighting because of the large single-watt LED bulbs, but we won’t tell anyone if you string them up indoors. 

This set of string lights boast a rustic appearance, but they’re modern in function. They draw their power from a solar panel, which earns our praise for taking steps towards saving the planet. The solar panel charges the bulbs during the daytime, naturally.

At night the Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Non Hanging power on automatically gauging by the darkness of their surroundings. 

These dangling, ambient mood-setters can be yours for $50.

Brightech Glow Solar String Lights Review

This product reminds us of the staple item of undergraduate bedroom decor, internally-mounted Christmas lights. Don’t let that dupe you into believing these aren’t powerful. 

The Brightech Glow Solar String Lights is capable of brightening up an entire backyard patio gender reveal party. They automatically turn on in response to darkness, so maybe they’re best taken outside. 

Not only are they waterproof, but they’re also lightweight and easy to maneuver, making set up a piece of cake. You can nab your own set of a dozen strung-together lights for $60.

Who Is Brightech For? 

Brightech Review

Do you like living in the dark? Probably not, unless your name is Bane. Brightech’s affordability and tasteful design should make them a staple in anyone’s living room. 

Their products are frequently touted as powerful, as you’ll discover in the customer review section of this Brightech review, making them a viable option if you don’t have a natural light source or a good set of overhead lights.

Comparison: Brightech vs Lumens

Brightech Review

Would this be a proper Brightech review without a one-on-one battle of the best and brightest (pun very much intended)? Jokes aside, we’re putting our featured brand up to the test that is Lumens, a fellow lighting company:

  • Brightech
    • Only ships to the 48 continental states
    • Free shipping and free returns on all orders
    • Specializes in high-quality and affordable lighting sources
    • Their items are more budget-friendly, especially since you can easily compare standard retail prices against Brightech’s 
  • Lumens
    • Ships to Canada
    • Offer sales for email newsletter subscribers
    • The product range includes fans, furniture, rugs, and clocks
    • Their lighting products are typically more expensive than Brightech’s

Lumens has more discounts and more shipping options, along with a wider product line. They’re a good outlet if you’re looking for more than just lighting, as you can bundle together their lighting items with other home decor goods.

With that being said, you can’t fault Brightech for honing in on their lighting. Their focus speaks for itself as they are constantly reworking their items for optimal customer satisfaction.

This Brightech review feels like we’re choosing between two of our favorite children. Either way, both companies will beautify any living space.

Brightech Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Brightech Review

In our favorite segment of this Brightech review, we’ll turn our focus over to what the customers have to say about the brand. Judging from what we found on the brand’s website, it looks like most purchasers felt like they made the right choice.

One such customer was so satisfied that they claimed the Brightech Sky Floor Lamp replaced the need for overhead lighting. 

Here are the words straight from the horse’s mouth: “The Brightech Sky Floor Lamp totally floored us! It looks like natural light is streaming into the apartment – it illuminates the room better than many overhead lights I’ve had. The three different settings are just an added bonus.

Others were happy with the floor lamp’s small energy usage and size, but big light output. This 5/5 star review summed it up quite nicely by saying, “This floor lamp is AMAZING! So bright, with multiple settings. The footprint is small, so it’s unobtrusive in the room.

One customer found that assembly was so easy they could’ve done it with their tongue: “I absolutely love this lamp. It arrived quickly, was easy to assemble, and looks incredibly modern and sleek.

When a product looks and functions so well that you can’t believe it wasn’t more expensive, you know you’ve got something good on your hands. 

This customer had a similar revelation: “It looks amazing in my living room, it feels more expensive than other options I was looking at and it’s much brighter than I anticipated. The base is pretty weighty and the floor on/off switch isn’t as annoying as I thought it might be.

Another common compliment found amongst our favorite Brightech reviews was how well the lights suited customers’ tastes. This customer said that their Brightech product was a “…beautiful bright light that’s not blinding but just perfect. It’s enough to brighten up my room and more. It’s elegant and goes with my minimalistic interior.

One final reviewer we want to highlight loved everything about their Brightech purchase, from the design to the easy assembly to how the power cord shied away from ruining the lamp’s appearance: 

It looks great and it came extremely well-packed. No tools were needed and I was able to assemble in 20 minutes and I’m not a handyman type of person! The shade looks like a nice linen shade. The base is very heavy. The lamp looks exactly as pictured. One nice touch is that the cord and step-on switch are clear in color so they are not distracting from the pretty lamp.

Okay, that’s enough from the company’s website. On Reviews.io, we found that Brightech earned a 4.7/5 star average from over 715 customer reviews.

In fact, 94% of customers said they would recommend the brand.

Customers on that website often complimented the brand’s flawless customer service: “My reading lamp quit and I reached out to Brightech to see if they could help or whether I had to buy a new lamp. Grace responded from Brightech and asked a few questions, confirmed that the light needed to be replaced, and is sending out a replacement head. Within hours of my “uh oh! My favorite reading lamp has died on me” to getting a replacement sent.

Our final destination in this journey into the consumer’s mind was Sitejabber, where Brightech held a 3.8/5 star overall score from only 3 customer reviews.

This positive review had nothing but praise for every part of his Brightech purchase. “I absolutely love my lamps from this company. They shipped them really fast. I got the Brightech Carter Lamp and it’s so nice and slick, really easy to install, and most importantly I have a 5 years full warranty on it, so if anything breaks I get a free replacement,” wrote one customer.

Here’s a full list of Brightech’s customer scores from their website. We’ve assembled a ranking from all their best-selling products: 

  • Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Floor Lamp: 4.9/5 stars based on over 140 ratings
  • Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Non Hanging: 4.9/5 stars based on over 65 ratings
  • Brightech Sphere Floor Lamp: 4.9/5 stars based on over 70 ratings
  • Brightech Floor Lamp Logan: 4.8/5 stars based on over 115 ratings
  • Brightech Floor Lamp Trilage: 4.7/5 stars based on over 40 ratings
  • Brightech Glow Solar String Lights: 4.6/5 stars based on over 35 ratings

This Brightech review found that there were some murmurings that certain products weren’t bright enough, but common among these reviews was that the customers were using desk lamps to light entire rooms. That’s the error; they should’ve recognized their intentions and sought out one of the brand’s more powerful lighting fixtures, like a floor lamp.

Is Brightech Worth It?

Brightech Review

So, what’s the verdict? We believe that this lighting company’s products are a worthy purchase. Not only do their designs have us looking at our shoddy lamps with dismay, but their commitment to developing low usage lighting benefits both customers’ wallets and the environment, and that’s something we can easily get behind.

Brightech Promotions & Discounts 

Brightech Review

Here’s a lick of good news for people who often retreat from the check-out page after seeing an offensively large shipping fee, Brightech offers free shipping on all continental US orders.

In addition, many of their products can be paid through installments. You can investigate each product’s financing plans by accessing their individual website page.

Where to Buy Brightech

Brightech Review

This Brightech review discovered a variety of outlets where you can purchase the brand’s goods. Check them out below: 

  • The company website, brightech.com
  • In-person big box stores like Walmart, Home Depot, and Best Buy
  • Online retailers like Amazon and Wayfair


Brightech Review

Who owns Brightech?

Our Brightech review is happy to report that the company founder, Ardy Zara, still holds the ownership reins, keeping the business within the Los Angeles-based family.

Does Brightech offer Warranty?

You’re going to want to sit down for this. Brightech offers a 5-year warranty on all website purchases. 

Depending on the defect’s severity, Brightech will either offer a full refund, or will repair what ails the item. They only cover manufacturing misshapes, shoddy workmanship, and other instances where the company is at fault.

What is Brightech’s Shipping Policy?

Brightech offers free shipping on all orders to the continental United States. We’re sorry, Alaska and Hawaii, some people just can’t do long-distance relationships.

You can expect your delivery to arrive anywhere between 2-9 business days after you’ve placed your order. If that’s too slow for you, there’s an expedited shipping option too, but this Brightech review couldn’t find more information on that service’s speed.

What is Brightech’s Return Policy?

Brightech isn’t shy about their return policy. They almost use it as a selling point, and we can’t blame them. They offer a forgiving 30-day window for returns and cover the shipping costs. 

You must return your Brightech product in its original packaging and condition as well as submit your return request through their return portal, located on their website, brightech.com.

How to Contact Brightech

There are two ways this Brightech review found that you can contact the company:

  1. Access the chat function on their website, brightech.com. Respondents are available from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm PST, Mondays through Thursdays
  2. Submit an email through their Contact Us page

What’s better is you can email the team a picture of your space – indoor or outdoor – and their stylists will collaborate with you to find the Brightech product that’ll function best in your parameters.

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