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Cuts Clothing Review

About Cuts

Cuts is an ecommerce brand offering minimalist and premium t-shirts for the modern man. Their tees come in three trendy cuts, designed to be worn for office, travel, and date night. This Cuts clothing review will tell you all there is to know about the brand, promotions, customer ratings and more, so you can judge for yourself whether Cuts is worth the buy. 

Cuts clothing review

Overview of Cuts

Cuts is Los Angeles based, founded in 2016 by Steven Borrelli. Steven always struggled to find high quality t-shirts, ones that he could wear professionally and on a night out. Rather than compromise with low quality, he went the entrepreneurial route to design shirts he could actually be proud of.

It makes sense that Borrelli turned to custom production for his ambitions. In his own words, it took countless hours of research and way too much coffee (I feel that). In 2017 prior to their launch, Cuts raised money via Kickstarter to engineer a durable, breathable fabric that goes by the name Pyca™. I looked up that word out of curiosity and it appears that they made it up. Neat.

Cuts Clothing Review 1

This is a premium high stretch fabric containing a tri-blend of materials. This combination amounts to wrinkle-free tech and color retention. Pyca™ supposedly offers long-term comfort and feels buttery soft in your hands. Has anyone reading this ever put their hand in butter? Me neither, but I get the sentiment.

Cuts showcases its styles unlike most brands out there, creating a Shop by Cut experience featuring six options. The brand wants to be as authentic as possible—versatile and sophisticated in a low-key way. Cuts now has a notable Instagram fan base of over 150K followers, but are their premium tees really that good? That’s what we’re looking to find out in this Cuts clothing review.

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If you’d rather catch the highlights of this Cuts clothing review, I offer the good and the bad: 


  • Shirts contain high, quality custom-engineered Pyca™ fabric
  • Classic and versatile designs
  • Design collaborations with notable creatives
  • Allows you to pay in full or by 4 installments
  • Free return shipping on US and Canadian orders
  • Ships within the US, Canada, and internationally 


  • Limited selection of shirts; only sell crew, v-neck, and henley
  • All styles are basic one-tone and will not appeal to everyone
  • Pricier than average (tees range from $48-$68)
  • Customer service only accessible through email

Cuts Shirts Review

Cuts has a limited selection of v-neck, crew, and henley tees with three hem options (curve, split, elongated). The entire collection is defined by flexible basics: the kind of tees you can wear on a day-to-day basis, and in business casual settings (pro tip: know your office dress code before attempting new outfits).

You can shop by categories like cut, bestseller, new release, and collaborations. Cuts collaborated with film director Matt Komo, photographer and creative director Alen Palander, and Insta-famous photographer TheOneBlondKid to design some pretty trendy tees. 

V-Neck Shirts

The V-Neck Curve-Hem is an elevated classic falling smoothly at the waist, so no awkward bunching. The standard V cut contributes to its versatility⁠—it’s easy to imagine a casual vibe with jeans or a blazer on a date, so you look suave but not like you’re trying too hard. 

The V-Neck Curve-Hem comes in six muted shades: black, white, heather green, navy, reddish maroon, and grey. This tee is priced at $48, which is on the lower end for Cuts shirts.

Inspiration for the V-Neck Split-Hemis courtesy of Alen Palander, with a side-split hem and more fitted chest compared to the V-Neck Curve Hem. Cuts tees can establish a completely minimalist vibe or balance out bolder accessories like a sick pair of shoes, a stand-out belt, or chains.

The V-Neck Split-Hem comes in black, white, and slate grey, offering a neutral, distinctive look. This tee currently costs $44, marked down from $48.

Crew Shirts

The Komo Crew Elongated was conceived by Cuts and, you guessed it, Matt Komo. It’s got cuffed sleeves and a red-stitch breast pocket detail⁠. This crew has a slightly longer bottom hem, which has a more casual vibe, and the tailored fit is meant to accentuate your waist (rather than a belt). 

For those who prefer their shirts colored, the Komo Crew doesn’t come through for that. It’s only offered in black, but at least it’s a color that’s easy to match (and could rationalize the $66 price tag). Rest assured, there are a handful of other crew options with color.

This is the long sleeve version of Cuts’ bestselling Crew Curve-Hem, which is also worth checking out. The L/S Crew Curve-Hem is a tailored fit overall, but less tight approaching the waist. You can see in the picture that it’s not tight at the wrists, which can make some long sleeves uncomfortable.

This $58 crew offers a classic style in brighter colors: shades of pink, black, pale purple, reddish brown, cream, navy, and honeycomb. The color options for the L/S Crew Curve-Hem would look good in the summer, and its light and breathable qualities make it wearable all year.

The Crew Elongated is a go-to style with an urban feel. This tee takes the classic crew style and adds a longer hem. This crew would look good on its own, under a leather jacket, or with a casual blazer.

Remember the Pyca™ fabric all Cuts shirts are made of? The breathable tri-blend makes it wearable throughout the day, especially in warm weather. The Crew Elongated is available in black, heather grey, light brown, oatmeal, slate, and reddish maroon, priced at $48

Henley Shirts

If you’re not a fashion expert and are only vaguely familiar with Henley tees, this is the cut that has three top buttons. The Henley Split-Hem is another Cuts basic that is better suited for casual settings, like chilling with friends or on a night out.

The three buttons of the Henley Split-Hem are accentuated by the split hem, so this shirt would definitely look best on its own. This Henley comes in the subtle neutrals: light brown, black, cashew, iron, and light forest green for $68. This is as pricey as Cuts shirts get.

The Henley Elongated is one of my favorite designs. The buttons and longer hem give it an edge over basic and boring tees. This is one of the more casual tees featured in this Cuts clothing review. I’ve seen a lot of guys wear this kind of style to the bar, actually.

This Henley only comes in one color—luckily, black pairs well with basically everything. Maybe not orange, unless it’s Halloween. The Henley Elongated is priced at $58.

Cuts Clothing Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

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Customers can leave a Cuts clothing review on the website, with ratings for shirts ranging from 4.5-5/stars. Read some customer feedback from verified buyers: 

“These shirts are SO comfy and look great too! Highly recommend.” 

“Best fitting shirt I’ve ever worn, no joke! Definitely going to buy more in the near future.” 

“Great!!! Soft and perfect fit.” 

Our Cuts clothing review doesn’t stop there. It’s important to get the full picture by consulting the World Wide Web. The blog raved about Cuts shirts, rating them 9/10 for construction, 9/10 for material quality, and 10/10 for feel/wearability. YouTuber Josh Welchert described Cuts as “the only shirt worth wearing,” and the Youtuber that goes by the name Fashionable Father said something along the same lines in his Cuts clothing review.

I found two complaints filed through the Better Business Bureau. One customer complained that Cuts sent him the wrong shirt size because the one he ordered was out of stock. Another customer received his package late and was sent the wrong size, then had trouble contacting customer service. Both complaints were resolved and Cuts has a B rating with the BBB, which is decent.

Our Verdict on Cuts 

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It’s not difficult to give these shirts our approval in this Cuts clothing review. I only found two negative ratings, and what’s more promising than that? According to customers, the Pyca™ tri-blend is comfortable, just like the brand claims.

They’re more expensive than the average shirt, but I’m a firm believer that you have to pay for quality when it comes to certain products. This is especially true for shirts, since cheap ones always fade in the wash and get holey real quick. 

So it all comes down to if Cuts is in your budget, and if you think of premium shirts as an investment. These tees are the kind that never go out of style, are comfortable, and last long⁠—they check all the boxes for us.

Cuts Promotions & Discounts

New customers get 15% off their first order when they register their email and create a Cuts account. Cuts also has a Refer a Friend program: give friends $20 off their first order, and you’ll get $20.

Where to Buy Cuts Clothing

Cuts clothign review

Cuts shirts can be purchased through their online store. Cuts is flexible and lets you buy in full or in 4 installments.

Cuts Sizing

Cuts shirts are available in sizes S-2XL. Every style has a size and fit recommendation on its product page, explaining exactly how the shirt fits and whether you should move up or down a size.

Cuts FAQ

Shipping Policy

All Cuts orders are processed in and shipped from Los Angeles. Free US shipping is offered on all orders over $100, and free international shipping is offered on orders over $150. You can track your order online by inputting your order number, email address, and zip code (logging in is not necessary). 

Orders ship within 24 hours of purchase, with standard shipments arriving in 5-7 business days, and expedited shipments arriving in 2-3 business days. Orders placed after 1 pm on Friday may not ship until Monday morning.

Return Policy

Returns and exchanges are accepted for all unworn items within 20 days of purchase for a full refund with free return shipping for US and Canadian orders

Refunds are initiated immediately for in-person returns, no receipt or return labels necessary. In-person returns can be processed at one of multiple Happy Return Bars (check Store Locator on the Cuts website). In-person exchanges ship out within 24 hours, if processed within business hours.

Returns and exchanges can also be done online by visiting the Returns Page. You can print a shipping label and drop it off at the carriers listed on the label (USPS or FedEx). You’ll receive an email when the return is received and your refund has been processed. Refunds will be processed by your bank within 10-14 business days.

Contact Cuts 

If you have questions that weren’t addressed in this Cuts clothing review, you can contact their team via:

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Ask the community or leave a comment Ask a Question

Asked by Carl Hyland (7 months ago) Reply

Cuts sizes were too small for me. I ordered large, and I could hardly fit it on my body. Large was WAY too small. I will now return — and try Extra Large. But I am even worried about Extra Large being big enough. Large was so small. — But the shirts do have nice colors and feel. — And I fear returning will be a major pain. I don’t want to go to the post office… crowded and with Covid-19.

Asked by El (3 months ago) Reply

Exactly the same reply as the previous reviewer. Over-priced shipping and waaaaay undersized. Despite using the ‘sizing tool’ on the site. Seem like nice shirts, but I’ve only opened one. Even on discount, $145 for four t-shirts that don’t fit? Come on guys. Sort out the sizing at least.

Asked by V. Kyle (2 months ago) Reply

Lured by the nice looking ad  on Facebook and hoping to get nice gifts for my son and my brother in law, I ordered 2 shirts 2 days after Thanksgiving and still have not received the items.   DHC tracking info only posts for 11/30.   I was just informed via email on 12/14 that the items still have not shipped and to expect that they will ship in 1 week (in other words 3 weeks after the items were ordered!).    Im so sad that I ordered these items now as they will most likely come after Christmas, given the mail carrier delays due to COVID, and no expedited shipping was offered by this company in response to the delay.  I have requested to cancel my order and learned on 12/15 that this cannot be accommodated, as the items are already “prepared for shipping”.    I had to resort to disputing the charge on my credit card, as no sign of the items and no updates regarding shipping as of 12/26.   As a customer you are placed in an unacceptable position by this company—  the company is not delivering on their stated 3 to 5 day after order ship date (not even close!) And the inability to cancel your order.    I felt swindled by this company and by Facebook for posting their ads.  BEWARE—   Please don’t make the mistake I (and from what I see on social media posts many unhappy others) did and order from this company

Asked by Shaun (1 month ago) Reply

Customer service is nonexistent. For the price tag I expect more. I was sent the same order two months in a row despite submitting different orders. Yes you can send them back but you must pay for shipping. WEAK!
Pass on this company.

Asked by David B (1 month ago) Reply

BEWARE even if you did not pay for shipping to receive your items and you have to ship any items back they will charge you $10.13 for shipping. Also the shirts run extremely small definitely size up. Not a great costumer experience. BEWARE

Asked by Paul (1 month ago) Reply

Awfully disappointing customer experience. They literally adjusted their t-shirt sizing in between my orders without any advice so I am left with useless spray on t-shirts.

I had previously purchased many of the Cuts XL sized t-shirts and they fit very well, however, since their ‘adjustments’ my new orders of XL are skin tight.

When I contact customer service they advise they adjusted measurements to better represent the dimensions of the human body?! Unclear how that helps someone who ordered several size XL t-shirts and then their next order Cuts have changed the dimensions of the XL?!

Customer experience – dismal fail. How to change poison an ambassador with awful service!

Complete Rip-Off
Asked by Luke Harper (3 weeks ago) Reply

Buyer beware! The shirt is OK but nothing special. They are ABSOLUTELY NOT SET UP FOR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS. They charged me $30 USD to post one t-shirt, which unfortunately didn’t fit me. When I enquired about a return, I was told that there is no exchange policy for international customers and I have to pay my own postage back to America, meaning my overall postage costs would be significantly more than the value of the shirt. Clearly, none of this is mentioned on their website and they are relying on exorbitant their P&P costs to limit returns and refunds. Disastrous set up for a distinctly average product, do yourself a favour and buy locally 👍

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