Luxome Weighted Blankets Review

About Luxome

Luxome specializes in luxury weighted blankets, featuring high quality fabrics and updates on traditional weighted blanket designs. The brand has been featured in articles by, Shape magazine, and New York Magazine. So, it seems that they’re a big deal. But are they worth the buy?

This Luxome weighted blankets review will get into the benefits of weighted blankets, their product line, customer feedback, and more, to help inform your purchase decision.

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Overview of Luxome

Luxome doesn’t provide much brand information on their website, choosing instead to focus exclusively on products. Luxome notes that their weighted blankets have “helped over 50,000 customers reduce stress and sleep better.” Whether this figure only counts satisfied customers versus all customers, who knows. 

Luxome bedding is produced by premium manufacturers in China. Their product line is stored in Michigan at the company’s headquarters, where product development, testing, and design takes place. The brand was established in 2018⁠—so it’s pretty new to the scene.

Luxome sells high-end pillows and bamboo sheets to go with their weighted blankets. Before we get into their full lineup, it’s useful to know why you would even go with a weighted blanket in the first place.

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Side note, who else is jealous of that setup she’s got going on?

Benefits of Weighted Blankets

According to Luxome, weighted blankets have been used for many years to treat problems from insomnia to autism. These blankets integrate the same concept as swaddling: a constant pressure against the skin that imitates the comfort of the womb, naturally creating a relaxed response. 

Evidently, no one reading this is a baby, but that’s not to say that physiological sensations that we developed in mom’s uterus don’t stay with us. It seems relevant to why a) babies like to be wrapped up like burritos and b) some adults like to sleep in the fetal position and c) a tight hug can be calming when you’re anxious.

It’s common knowledge that having a good night’s sleep has huge effects on cognition, mood, job performance, and driving abilities (falling asleep at the wheel is not unusual). It’s lesser known that sleep deprivation contributes to a weakened immune system and risk for diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Luxome points out that sleep deprivation is linked to a number of major disasters, including Chernobyl.

Referencing a horrific historical event on a weighted blankets website may be unusual, but it does emphasize just how important a good night’s sleep is. For parents reading this Luxome weighted blankets review, you’ll know how important a regular sleep schedule is for child development and behavior. The only thing that may be worse than a hungry child, is a sleep deprived one.

Luxome Weighted Blankets Review 3

Children will never be the angels they appear to be as they drift off to sleep, but some solid Zzz’s will make life better for both of you.

If you’re not up for reading the entire Luxome weighted blankets review, check out the highlights:


  • Good quality, eco-friendly bedding
  • High tech and beneficial blanket features like cooling, antibacterial capability, and thermal regulation
  • Blankets and sheets are offered in a variety of colors
  • Very positive customer feedback
  • 30-day return policy for all products
  • Option to pay up front or in Klarna installments


  • Blanket weights are optimized by square foot (only one weight available for each size)
  • More expensive than regular blankets

Luxome Weighted Blankets

Luxome blankets contain non-toxic, hypoallergenic 1 mm glass beads to establish weight. They’re specifically designed so that the beads don’t bunch and create uneven weight distribution: each blanket contains small pockets with filling to keep the beads evenly spread out. 

Luxome blankets have an optimized weight per square foot—in other words, you don’t have to choose a preferred weight for your blanket. According to their studies, an optimal weight per square footage was agreed upon by nearly everyone regardless of age, weight, and size. 

Luxome Weighted Blankets Review 4

Luxome offers flexible payment options. Customers can pay for products up front or in Klarna installments. For more information on this payment process, check the FAQ section. Next up in this Luxome weighted blankets review, we’ll get into every product they offer: 

Integrated Cover Blanket

The Luxome Integrated Cover Blanket is a 2-in-1 cover and weighted blanket, perfect for people who want to cut down on laundry items or are seriously annoyed about having to wrestle their duvet into its cover. There are three fabric options to choose from:

The 100% organic Lyocell bamboo fabric feels like a combination of premium cotton and silk. It’s cooling, moisture-wicking, thermal regulating, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and ultra soft. Alternatively, you could go with the soft and super cozy minky fabric, which is a warmer option, though still cooler than fleece, microfiber, and flannel. Or you can go with bamboo/minky, with each side possessing the benefits of the fabrics individually.

The Integrated Cover Blanket comes with an oxford carrying tote and is machine-washable—so just toss it in the washing machine, transfer it to the dryer, place it on your bed, and boom. You’re done. This Luxome weighted blanket comes in minky blue/grey, minky two-tone grey, minky aqua/grey, minky coral/grey, bamboo grey, bamboo beige, and bamboo/minky grey.

Dimensions (Inches)Weight (Lbs)Price
42 x 568$119.99
54 x 7215$161.99
60 x 8018$184.99
Size, Weight, and Pricing for Luxome Integrated Cover Blanket

Removable Cover Blanket

Luxome’s Removable Cover Blanket comes with a 100% Percale cotton inner weighted blanket and a removable cover in three fabric options. The bamboo/minky material is cool on one side and cozy on the other, containing 100% organic Lyocell bamboo fabric on one side and 300 thread count cotton on the other. Other choices include 100% organic Lyocell bamboo and the super cozy minky material. 

The Removable Cover Blanket comes with an oxford carrying tote and is machine washable. This weighted blanket comes in bamboo/minky grey, bamboo/minky white, bamboo/minky beige, bamboo/minky grey/lattice, bamboo grey, bamboo white, minky tan/white, minky blue/white, minky charcoal, and minky white.

Dimensions (Inches)Weight (Lbs)Price
42 x 568$144.99
54 x 7215$194.99
60 x 8018$224.99
100 x 8530$269.99
Size, Weight, and Pricing for Removable Cover Blanket

Cooling Blankets

If you live in a warm climate or are a hot sleeper, even if you have the AC blasting, a regular blanket doesn’t always cut it. Luxome’s Cooling Blanket provides the comfortable weight while keeping you from overheating at night. It’s available with a carrying tote in 100% bamboo or bamboo/minky, either with a removable cover or the integrated cover.

If you’re a really hot sleeper, the all bamboo integrated blanket is the lightest and coolest option. The Luxome Cooling Blanket comes in removable bamboo/minky cover white, grey, beige, or lattice; removable bamboo cover in grey or white; integrated bamboo cover in grey or beige; and integrated bamboo/minky cover in two-tone grey.

Dimensions (Inches)Weight (Lbs)Price
42 x 568$144.99
54 x 7215$194.99
60 x 8018$224.99
Size, Weight, and Pricing for Cooling Blanket

LAYR Adjustable Pillow

Luxome offers the LAYR Adjustable Pillow to go with their weighted blankets. Its firmness and height are adjustable for optimal neck support, so it’s not the average Joe pillow. The adjustable pillow features gel-infused and CertiPUR-US memory foam, mesh vent and cooling technology, with a cover that’s anti-microbial and thermal-regulating.

The customization element of the LAYR Adjustable Pillow lies in the inserts. The Luxome pillow comes with three, each with a different effect: 

  • The soft insert is made of premium down alternative, for those who like extra cozy and soft pillows
  • The medium insert contains a mix of gel-infused shredded memory foam and soft down alternative
  • The firm insert includes a 1” and 2” piece of solid gel-infused memory foam, both inside a breathable cotton cover to help regulate heat

You can find an ideal configuration of two inserts, or use all three for a super high loft pillow. All included parts of the LAYR Adjustable Pillow are conveniently machine washable. The Standard/Queen size is priced at $164.99 and the King size goes for $189.99

Bamboo Sheets

If you’re going all out with a premium weighted blanket or pillow, you might as well splurge for some seriously lush sheets. Luxome’s Bamboo Sheet Set is 100% pure bamboo with a 400 thread count that they claim is softer than 1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton. They have a Sateen weave for ultra softness, optimal cooling, and high durability

The Luxome Bamboo Sheet Set is moisture-wicking and thermal regulating to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Each set includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases. Luxome’s bamboo sheets come in navy, sky blue, grey, beige, sage, and white. This Luxome set is available in Full ($149.99), Queen ($159.99) and King ($179.99) size.

Luxome Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Luxome Weighted Blankets Review 12

Customers can leave Luxome weighted blanket reviews on the website, where you can find over 3,000 5-star ratings. Reviewers confirmed that the cooling blanket actually is cooling, attested to the quality of the blankets, and described them as cozy/comfy/comforting. Many customers had tried out other weighted blankets before Luxome and concluded that the brand was superior. 

Reviews were glowing on the website, but that’s not really surprising. For this Luxome weighted blankets review, we venture further into the web. Tuck Sleep researched customer feedback and found that some reviewers had to buy more than one blanket to place on the original, since Luxome doesn’t offer different weights for each blanket size. Tuck noted that the Luxome weighted blankets stand out due to their higher-quality glass bead filing, and that customers didn’t report weight bunching. also wrote a Luxome weighted blankets review, reporting that the fabrics were cooler than those offered by other brands. Unlike Tuck Sleep, this reviewer acknowledged Luxome’s optimal weight rationale and found no fault in the lack of weight options.

I also checked the Luxome weighted blankets review section on Amazon for the Integrated Cover Blanket with minky cover, which has a 4.7/5 star rating. The only negative comments were that the blanket wasn’t cooling enough, but if that’s what they were going for, they shouldn’t have chosen the minky cover option, which is warmer than the 100% bamboo. 

It’s safe to say in this Luxome weighted blankets review that you get what you pay for with these products. They’re definitely on the pricier end when it comes to blankets, but not outrageously so. If you’re looking to invest in a good quality weighted blanket, that won’t come cheap. With Luxome, it’s a safe bet, and you can always return the blanket, pillow, or sheet set if you’re not satisfied.

Luxome Promotions & Discounts

Luxome Weighted Blankets Review 13

Luxome offers sales throughout the year, like its July 4 Weekend Sale, when products were 25% off with free shipping. Check their site regularly for new promotions and deals.

Where to Buy Luxome Weighted Blankets

Luxome’s entire product line can be purchased on their website, Many of their products are also available on Amazon. 


Blanket Sizing

Luxome recommends the 42” x 56” weighted blanket for children over the age of 4. For adolescents, smaller adults, and couch throws the 54” x 72” is ideal. The 60” x 80” size is recommended for most adults, and the 100” x 85” blanket is appropriate for king size beds.

Care Instructions

To keep Luxome blankets in the best condition, machine wash them with cold water on a gentle setting. They also suggest using an extra rinse cycle after the main wash cycle, and not to use bleach or fabric softener. Luxome blankets should go through a tumble dry with low heat on the most gentle setting.

Klarna Pay Installments

As mentioned earlier in this Luxome weighted blankets review, you can either pay for items up front, or through 4 Klarna installments. You select this payment option at checkout. The first payment is processed when your order is confirmed, then the next three are taken automatically every 2 weeks.

Shipping Policy

Luxome ships throughout the US and internationally. Products are shipped from their warehouse in Michigan, typically within 24 hours from Monday to Friday. Orders placed on the weekend will ship on Monday. Customers receive tracking information through email and/or text once their order has shipped. 

Most orders arrive within five business days, depending on location. For any shipping issues or received items that are damaged, contact [email protected] 

Return Policy

Luxome has a 30 day refund/return policy for all products. Items must be clean, undamaged, in like-new condition, and include the Luxome carrying tote. To initiate a return, email [email protected] including the order number and reason for return. Luxome will send a return shipping label, and once the product is inspected the refund will be processed, typically within 2-3 days.

If the return is due to a fault on the part of Luxome (defect, wrong product, damaged), return shipping is free. Otherwise, Luxome deducts the return shipping from the refund. 

Contact Luxome

If you have any questions that weren’t addressed in this Luxome weighted blankets review, you can only contact the team by filling out a form on their website or contacting [email protected] They promise to respond within 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.

There are other weighted blanket options worth checking out. Read our reviews for Gravity and Hush blankets.

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Made In Cookware Review

About Made In

The direct-to-consumer marketplace is ever expanding, so it’s natural that cookware has entered the scene. Made In is an ecommerce startup that designs premium pans, stock pots, knives, cookbooks, and other kitchenware through their online store. Made In’s collection of kitchen essentials features quality stainless steel and carbon steel, engineered for durability and high performance. 

Made In built up a reputation in the kitchen realm, having been endorsed by prominent media outlets like Forbes and Business Insider. Since you’ve wandered onto this Made In cookware review, you’re probably wondering if the brand lives up to the hype surrounding it. Our in-depth look at Made In will answer that, highlight their top sellers, customer feedback, promotions and more, so you can decide for yourself if this cookware is worth the buy. 

Made In Cookware Review

Overview of Made In

Made In is a relatively new US-based brand, founded in 2017 by brothers Chip and Jake in Austin, TX. Their roots run deep with cookware, having been raised in a family with a 100-year history of kitchen supply. A century of pots and pans is pretty impressive.  

The brothers already had a solid knowledge base before starting their own company. Made In began with their intentions to rethink the kitchenware landscape they grew up in. Chip and Jake partnered with manufacturers in the US, France, and Italy to design superior kitchen products—like themselves, operating family-owned businesses that have spent generations learning the process of producing high quality kitchen tools.

Made In Cookware Review 14

Made In has come a long way since then. A little over three years later, their kitchenware is used in multiple 3-star Michelin restaurants and hotel groups across America. For the foodies out there reading this Made In cookware review, if you haven’t gone to a Michelin Star restaurant, put that on your bucket list. I once went to a three-star Michelin bistro in Paris and had the best mashed potatoes I’ve ever tasted in my life. I still think of them fondly. 

The brand’s specialty is stainless steel clad and Made In’s mission is to build the top-performing 5-ply cookware and offer it for half the price of their competitors. Cladding, also known as ‘ply,’ refers to the number of metal layers along the base and sides of pots, pans, skillets, and so on. Cladding creates an efficient and evenly heated cooking surface. A higher ply doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality, though. It’s the overall distribution of the ply that has the greatest effect on heat distribution. 

Made In Cookware Review 15

We’ll get into the brand’s best selling products, but first, a sum up of this Made In cookware review:


  • Premium, long lasting cookware and kitchen accessories
  • Cookware performs strongly
  • Products are offered at half the price compared to other premium cookware retailers
  • Provides useful information on caring for cookware on the website and blog


  • Higher than average pricing
  • No estimates are provided for shipping and delivery time frames

Stainless Steel Clad Cookware 

Made In’s stainless steel clad collection consists of frying pans and nonstick frying pans, a butter warmer, a saute pan, saucepans, a saucier, stock pots, and silicone universal lids. All of Made In’s stainless steel cookware can be conveniently tossed in the dishwasher. Next up in this Made In cookware review, we’ll get into their top-selling frying pans and saucier: 

Frying Pans

Made In Stainless Steel Frying Pans are available in 8”, 10”, and 12” sizes, with the last two being their most popular options. On the website, you get a sense of their relative capacities: a 10” pan holds two chicken breasts and a 12” pan will hold three to four. The durable, 5-layered Stainless Steel Frying Pan is a workhorse—with its fast and even heat retention, they can heat up and sear meat in minutes, cook food slowly on low heat, and handle oven roasting up to 800F.

With the 10” Stainless Steel Frying Pan model pictured above, you can see that it’s pretty deep, so unless you stuff it with ingredients, you won’t have ingredients flying out of the pan. It’s lightweight with the ergonomic, stay cool handle, the pan is easy to lift and move around. If you’ve ever cooked with a pan and forgotten that the handle is hot and cursed your burning hand, you’ll know how useful (and much more safe) cool touch handles are. 

Made In advises against using metal utensils with their stainless steel cookware. While this material is tough wearing and designed to last, metal utensils can cause superficial scratches and ruin the sleek and polished look of the steel. The 8”, 10”, and 12” Stainless Steel Frying Pans cost $65, $75, and $89 respectively. You can also pay in four installments using Klarna, and you can find more info about this purchase method in the FAQ section of this Made In cookware review.


If you recognize this type of pan by sight and aren’t sure what it’s for: sauciers are specialized pans designed for creating sauces and gravies, but that’s not all they’re used for. A saucier is a multitasking tool and can be used for sauteing, preparing soups, stews, and risotto, boiling rice and vegetables, and more. 

The Made In Saucier has a uniquely rounded bottom to keep ingredients from getting stuck in the corners, and makes stirring and whisking easier. Its 5-ply construction evenly cooks sauces from the pan’s base up to the walls with no hot spots. The Saucier is lightweight and also features a cool touch handle, so maneuverability isn’t an issue. 

Made In’s 3-quart Saucier and lid was featured by NY Times for its solid performance. This pan is a bit of an investment for $99 up front or in four Klarna installments, but you’ll get a ton of use out of it since it’s so versatile.

Carbon Cookware

Made In’s carbon steel collection includes frying pans, a paella pan, grill frying pan, wok, a roasting pan and roasting rack, as well as pan sets and kits. Made In’s carbon steel cookware is induction compatible and also functions on glass stovetops.

Note that carbon steel should be seasoned prior to use, and never put it in the dishwasher. We’ll take a look at two of their most popular carbon steel frying pans:

Frying Pans

Made In’s Carbon Steel Frying Pan was described as the “best carbon steel skillet” by Chowhound, which is a pretty big deal. It’s available in 10” and 12” sizes and features a hybrid construction: the pan combines the capabilities of a cast iron skillet and a stainless steel frying pan. It has cast iron’s heat retention, seasoning, and non-stick elements, paired with the heat control, lightness, and cooking speed of stainless steel. These pans are oven safe up to an impressive 1800F. 

Like the Stainless Steel Frying Pans, these have great depth so you can stir and flip contents easily. The 10” size is ideal for searing a large steak or two smaller pieces of meat and frying up crispy sunny side up eggs. The 12” pan can sear two large steaks, saute vegetables, and even roast an entire small-sized chicken. I’m starting to get hungry as I write this. 

Made In Carbon Steel Frying Pans will set you back $69 for the 10” and $89 for the 12”, or you can pay through Klarna installments.

Grill Frying Pan

Made In Cookware Review 19
Made In 11″ Carbon Steel Grill Frying Pan

Made In’s 11″ Grill Frying Pan was also featured in NY Times, so stellar performance is its MO. Its lightweight, conductive, and long-lasting carbon steel is engineered with 62 perforations, allowing for direct contact with flames. It’s perfect for outdoor cooking: light enough to bring on a camping trip and heavy duty enough for daily grilling on the patio. 

The Grill Frying Pan is heat tolerant up to 1800F and naturally nonstick, so you won’t waste time scraping ingredients off the bottom. It’s priced at $75 up front, or can be purchased through Klarna installments.

Knives, Kits, and Accessories

It’s obvious that good quality pots and pans affect how your meal will turn out, and the same goes for knives. Made In chef and santoku knives can be purchased individually, with attractive handle options in red, grey, and silver. You can also buy sets that include paring and utility knives if you want to assemble a serious knife collection. 

Made In also designs accessories to take your cooking to the next level. To keep your pots and pans in mint condition, a stainless steel cleaner and carbon steel seasoning wax are available. Made In offers an elegant, 100% maple butcher block, silicone universal lids for frying pans and pots, a handmade beechwood spoon, a sheet pan, and cookbooks. On to the top sellers:

8” Chef Knife

The Made In 8” Carbon Steel Chef Knife was deemed one of the best chef knives by Good Housekeeping. This popular product is 100% fully forged carbon steel, meaning it’s constructed from a single rod of premium metal. The knife features a NITRO+ hardening treatment that ensures a sharp and long-lasting blade, with a handle secured by strong stainless steel rivets. 

The Carbon Steel Chef Knife is lightweight and easy to maneuver with a 8.5” blade. Its versatile blade was specially designed to excel at slicing, chopping, dicing, deboning, mincing, and scoring dough. The Made In Chef Knife costs $89 and can be paid for through Klarna installments. To add a personal touch, you can get the knife engraved for an extra $20.

Cookware Kits

Made In also offers sets and kits to help outfit your kitchen, with some amounting to savings between 11% and 21%. We won’t list them all in this Made In cookware review, but here are some highlights: 

  • The Starter Kit includes the 10″ Stainless Steel Frying Pan, 10″ Carbon Steel Frying Pan, 2 QT Saucepan with Lid, 8 QT Stock Pot with Lid, Carbon Steel Seasoning Wax for $359 (reduced from $405)
  • ***Most Popular: The Sous Chef includes the 10″ Non Stick Frying Pan, 10″ Stainless Clad Frying Pan, 12″ Carbon Steel Frying Pan, 2 QT Saucepan with Lid, 4 QT Saucepan with Lid, 3.5 QT Saute Pan with Lid, 8 QT Stock Pot with Lid, Carbon Steel Seasoning Wax for $599 (discounted from $734)
  • The Executive Chef comes with the 8″ Non Stick Frying Pan, 10″ Non Stick Frying Pan, 10″ Stainless Steel Frying Pan, 12″ Stainless Steel Frying Pan, 12″ Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan, Blue Carbon Steel Wok, 2 QT Saucepan with Lid, 4 QT Saucepan with Lid, 3.5 QT Saute Pan with Lid, 8 QT Stock Pot with Lid, 3 cans of Carbon Steel Seasoning Wax for $799 (reduced from ($1012)
  • The Frying Pan Set comes with the 10″ Carbon Steel Frying Pan, 12″ Carbon Steel Frying Pan, Carbon Steel Wok, Seasoning Wax for $259
  • The Knife Set includes the Chef, Santuko, Paring, and Utility Knives for $275 (discounted from $317)

Made In Cookware Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Made In Cookware Review 22

Top media outlets sing praises for Made In, but customer feedback is equally (if not more) important. You can leave a Made In cookware review on the website, which features thousands of reviewer comments. From a total of 4260 ratings, 95% of customers gave Made In products 5 stars. Here are some statements left by customers: 

Stock Pot: “This is the BEST pot! This pot is awesome and used everyday.”

Saute Pan: “I am glad I made the right decision to go with Made In. These pans are great and you can feel the quality.”

Carbon Steel Pan: “I have the 10” and the 12” carbon steel pans. After seasoning, they are truly nonstick.”

Stainless Steel Frying Pan: “This is a nice and heavy, durable, multi-ply pan for a great price. Been enjoying frying and searing with it.”

Knife Set: “I bought the three knife set. Love the 8” chef’s knife. It’s well-balanced, the handle is comfortable and it just looks good. The two other knives are also a joy to work with.”

All this sounds great, but we won’t stop there in this Made In cookware review—I hunted for comments found elsewhere on the web. 

Wired wrote a Made In cookware review and noted that, “during the test, the Made In pans were all over the map.”  The author noted a “doming” in some of the pans, which Made In claims to have flat surfaces. The doming caused hot spots on the pans, and when oil was heated up in them, the oil made a rim around the pan and left the middle bare. The pans with this issue were then replaced Made In, and the author’s conclusion was: “the brand has strong potential, but the company seems to have production issues to work out before these pans are a safe bet.”

The Kitchen Witches also wrote a Made In cookware review, which was largely positive, with the exception of pricing, although the author did say the “cookware is worth the money, and it’s a company and product to get excited about.” A review site called The Cookware Advisor wrote that Made In delivers on their promise to provide high quality cookware at an affordable price, and the brand received a “strong buy recommendation.” 

Based on reviews both on and off the Made In site, it’s safe to conclude that purchasing their kitchenware is a solid bet. Although the price points are high compared to more budget-friendly cookware companies, you get what you pay for.

Made In Cookware Promotions & Discounts

Made In Cookware Review 23

Made In doesn’t have any promotions going on at the moment, but many of their sets are currently discounted. Keep checking their site for a Made In promo code. 

Where to Buy Made In Cookware

Made In products are sold exclusively online through their website,

Made In Cookware FAQ

Shipping Policy


Made In offers free shipping on orders over $50 within the Contiguous United States. Shipping is also available to Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories, where delivery costs are subsidized by Made In. Shipping rates are generally $20-$80 depending on the dimensional weight of the package.


Made In also offers shipping internationally, and you can view countries available for deliveries by clicking the flag icon on the website. If your country is not on the list, you can still enter your address at checkout, and Made In may be able to find a carrier to ship your order. Unless noted in your shipping options, you’ll have to pay taxes and duties upon import into your destination country. 

Damaged Items

If you received damaged products from Made In, the company requires you to provide pictures and documentation to customer service at [email protected]. If your request is approved, Made In will file a claim with the carrier and the product(s) will be replaced at no charge.

Return Policy

This Made In cookware review turned up a generous return policy. All cookware, knives, and accessories, whether they’ve been used or not, can be returned within 45 days of delivery date for a full refund, exchange or store credit. Made In covers the cost of return shipping. 

On the other hand, consumable items (including wax, cleaner, and cooking kits), customized products, and final sale items are not eligible for returns. You can initiate a Made In return on the website, or by contacting [email protected].

Common Cookware Issues

Made In notes issues described by customers that relate to proper care of the products. The most common issues are improper use of heat, rainbow stain/heat tint, improper seasoning of carbon steel, and improper pan cleaning. You can find solutions to these problems on the Made In Chef’s Notes blog.

Klarna Pay Installments

Many Made In products can be purchased through four equal Klarna pay installments. You select this payment option at checkout. The first payment is processed when your order is confirmed, then the next three are taken automatically every 2 weeks.

Contact Made In

If you have questions beyond what was covered in this Made In cookware review, you can contact the team via: 

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ScentBox Subscription Review

About ScentBox

If you’re not enthusiastic at the prospect of sampling scents in department stores or have collected unused bottles of perfume at home, ScentBox may be the solution. ScentBox delivers luxury perfume or cologne to your door every month and can help you discover the scents that suit you best—or satisfy your scent addiction without breaking the bank on pricey bottles.

CNN recommended ScentBox as a nice gift and AskMen deemed it one of the best cologne subscriptions out there. This piqued our interest, but is the subscription really worth it? Our ScentBox subscription review takes an in-depth look at the products, pricing, customer reviews, promotions and more, to help you decide if the service is right for you.

ScentBox Subscription Review 24

Overview of ScentBox was founded by two brothers from Southern California who shared a love of luxury cologne. Given that over 1000 new fragrances are launched each year, the brothers found it difficult and expensive to try the scents they were interested in. Craig and Les Dualba dreamed of an affordable way to explore new scents, and ScentBox was born. 

All the fragrances included in a ScentBox subscription are genuine designer products. These perfumes and colognes come in an atomizer vial after being independently rebottled and repackaged by ScentBox in Beverly Hills, CA. Subscribers also have the option to purchase full-sized products, which come in sleek and classy ScentBox bottles. 

ScentBox Subscription Review 25

The subscription lets you sample luxury perfume or cologne every month, with the option to purchase them in larger sizes. ScentBox offers between 575-850+ fragrances to experiment with, depending on the plan. You can commit to scents after enjoying them in a ScentBox, or have a revolving set to keep things interesting.

A fragrance subscription is great if you don’t want to stick with one scent. Different perfumes and colognes can go well with different environments and times of the year. Florals in the summer, more sultry scents on a night out, something light and fresh for after you emerge from a shower at the gym. 

The DL on Fragrance

ScentBox Subscription Review 26

Fragrances have a personal element to them: each person’s body chemistry has a major influence on the scent. If you’ve ever liked a fragrance when you smelled it on one of those white sampling cards, then changed your mind after actually wearing it, there’s the explanation. We don’t exactly know why perfume molecules react uniquely on everyone’s skin, so it’s a certain je ne said quoi

What makes this mystery even more intriguing is the subconscious factor that influences fragrance preferences, and possibly, our choice in mates. It’s common knowledge that fragrances are often used to attract people, or at least that’s one of the goals, beyond just smelling nice. 

A 2001 study published in Behavior Ecology backs this up: whether you recognize it or not, your fragrance choice, does, in fact, send out genetic signals to potential mates. The research found that people tend to prefer fragrances that combine with their body chemistry in a way that complements their major histocompatibility complex (MHC), 

The MHC involves genes that make up your immunogenetic profile. Humans, and other animals, generally choose mates with dissimilar MHCs to give their potential offspring a more genetically diverse and thus strong immune system. I’m not saying that you should choose scents based on this factor, it’s just interesting. There’s the evolutionary science you didn’t know you’d get today. 

ScentBox Subscription Review 27

We’ll dive into a ScentBox subscription review, but first, a sum up of pros vs cons:


  • Access to 575-850+ fragrances, depending on the subscription
  • Freedom to experiment with scents each month
  • Sizeable fragrance sample containing 150 sprays (average perfume/cologne sample contains 15 sprays)
  • Free shipping and up to eight free exchanges per year
  • No commitment/cancel any time 


  • Subscription only available in the US
  • Limited to one fragrance per month

How It Works

ScentBox Subscription Review 28

Every month, ScentBox subscribers browse through hundreds of designer fragrances. More options than what you can expect to find basically anywhere, with the exception of specialty fragrance shops. This variety may sound exciting to you, or overwhelming. A list of fragrances is provided on the website in alphabetical order, so it helps if you know the brands you’re interested in. 

You choose a scent to try and get a 30-day supply of the fragrance (0.27 oz/8 ml), equivalent to 125 sprays. For comparison’s sake, standard perfume samples are 1.5 oz, equivalent to 15 sprays. You can also gift the subscription to someone special and can choose the length of time upon sign up (more details on this in the next section).

A serious perk our ScentBox subscription review turned up: the subscription is month to month and you can cancel any time, unlike other luxury product subscriptions. Shipping is free, but unfortunately, ScentBird only ships within the US. Members are also entitled to one exchange shipment/month in case they aren’t happy with their scent. 

Exploring the ScentBox site provided some other useful info. If you have allergic reactions to some fragrances, you should look up the ingredients in the scents you’re interested in. If you’re prone to forgetfulness and don’t end up choosing your scent, you’re automatically sent the fragrance of the month (either perfume or cologne, depending on your preference at signup). 

ScentBox Pricing

ScentBox Subscription Review 29

ScentBox offers two subscription choices, which each come with a refillable travel spray and keepsake box. Our ScentBox subscription review provides a breakdown of the plans:

Standard ScentBox

  • $14.95 per month
  • Choose 1 designer fragrance monthly 
  • Access to 575+ perfumes or colognes 

Premium ScentBox 

  • $19.95 per month
  • Choose 1 designer fragrance monthly 
  • Access to 850+ fragrances

A Gift Subscription can be purchased for terms of 3, 6, or 12 months as well as an Annual Subscription, which involves paying upfront. There wasn’t much about these on the site, other than cancellation info—more on this in the FAQ section of this ScentBox subscription review.

ScentBox Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

ScentBox Subscription Review 30

There’s no option to leave a ScentBox subscription review on the website, so I did some exploring. On, ScentBox has an impressive 8.7/10 rating from over 6700 reviewers. Thousands of customers praised the scents and their huge variety, describing the subscription as easy and affordable. The straightforward sign up process and transparency of cost were given high individual ratings. Approximately 10% of reviewers had a negative experience and 17% rated their response to the subscription as neutral. 

ScentBox is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, but the BBB gave it a B grade, which is pretty good (grades go down to F). There were only two complaints lodged for ScentBox, and one has no details provided. The other complaint was from a customer who cancelled his/her subscription 8 days before the ship date and was told that only an exchange was possible, and to wait for the product to be shipped. ScentBox responded to the complaint, confirming the customer’s ship date and that he/she could return the item for a refund. 

I also checked out what people were saying about ScentBox on Influenster. The subscription has a rating of close to 4.5/5 stars from 45 reviews. Aside from the glowing reviews, one subscriber felt that the samples didn’t last for a full month, though she didn’t mention how much and how often she wears fragrances. A handful of people had difficulties cancelling the subscription and accessing customer service. 

For the most part, feedback is pretty positive for ScentBox. It was inevitable that I would find some negative ratings in this ScentBox subscription review—no brand or service is perfect.

Our Verdict on ScentBox

ScentBox Subscription Review 31

If full size designer scents are out of your price range, ScentBox could be your solution. If you wear fragrances on a daily basis, you’ll always have access, or if you’re a semi-regular or rare user you can assemble a collection. If you’re on a budget, it seems like the Standard Subscription is the way to go, since you still have access to over 500 scents. Unless you’re obsessed with fragrances and want even more choices. 

How frequently you wear perfume or cologne affects the value of this subscription. The Standard Subscription, for example, costs $179.40 if continued for one year. That’s the price of 1-2 large luxury fragrance bottles, depending on the brand. The average large-size bottle of perfume or cologne is 100 ml, which contains 1400 sprays. 

So if you use four sprays daily, that would last 250 days (a little over 8 months). Even if you only wear fragrances semi-regularly and end up paying the same price compared to a full size bottle over a one year period, the point is the added flexibility and variety the ScentBox subscription offers. 

ScentBox Promotions and Discounts

ScentBox Subscription Review 32

New ScentBox members get 35% their first month: the reduced price amounts to $9.72 for the Standard plan and $12.97 for Premium. You don’t need a ScentBox coupon code for this—the discount is automatically applied at checkout.

Referral Program

As an active ScentBox subscriber, you can redeem ScentBox rewards by having friends and family sign up for the subscription. Rewards do not have cash value, and can only be used to purchase products on the website.

ScentBox Signup 

ScentBox Subscription Review

To begin a ScentBox subscription, visit their website, Choose between Standard and Premium plans, enter your payment and address details, and create your ScentBox account. 

You’ll be initially charged for your first month when you place your order, then charged each month 7 days before your ship date. For information on shipping, check out the next section in this ScentBox subscription review.


Shipping Policy

As mentioned earlier in this ScentBox subscription review, shipping is only available throughout the US, and is always free. Fragrance boxes ship four times per month, so delivery depends on when you subscribed. ScentBox ships on the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th of each month. Here are the guidelines they provide:

  • Subscribe between the 1st and 7th of the month: will ship 14th of the month
  • Subscribe between 8th and 14th of the month: will ship 21st of the month
  • Subscribe between 15th and 21st of the month: will ship 28th of the month
  • Subscribe between 22nd and last day of the month: will ship 7th of the following month

Once ScentBox ships, it takes approximately 7-10 business days for delivery. Subscribers receive a monthly email notification when their box ships. Full size bottle shipments arrive in 4-6 business days from when the order is placed. You can track both order types using your ScentBox login.

Subscribers can change their monthly ship date, but this will also change their monthly bill date. Note that orders are billed 7 days before the ship date. You can update your ship date by emailing customer service at [email protected]

Return Policy

ScentBox subscribers are entitled to 1 exchange shipment per month, up to a maximum of 5 exchange shipments within a 12-month period. Exchanges are processed for free at the discretion of ScentBox, and fragrance samples returned with less than 90% of fragrance will not be accepted. 

If you purchase a full size bottle, it can be returned within 30 days of delivery for store credit. Customers are responsible for shipping the item back, and ScentBox recommends using a trackable service, as they are not responsible for lost returns. Full size products can be returned to this address: 

Scent Box

9350 Wilshire Blvd Ste 203

Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Cancel ScentBox

As mentioned earlier on, you can cancel your ScentBox subscription any time, with the exception of the Annual Subscription and Gift Subscription. The Annual Subscription can only be cancelled within the first month of purchase. You can’t cancel the Gift Subscription at all (the prepaid fee is non-refundable). 

For the Standard and Premium plans, cancellation must be requested before your monthly charge date. Requests made after the billing date will take effect the following month. 

Contact ScentBox

If you still have questions after this ScentBox subscription review or want to process a cancellation, fragrance exchange, or plan change, you can contact their team via: 

You have other luxury scent box options. If you’re interested in sampling multiple fragrances every month, it’s worth comparing ScentBox vs Scentbird


Angara Jewelry Review

About Angara 

Angara is an ecommerce jewelry company, specializing in diamonds and gemstones primarily for women. Angara’s dazzling pieces have garnered attention from top media sources including Forbes, Newsweek, and Women’s Wear Daily, as well as America’s Next Top Model.

This Angara jewelry review will take an in-depth look at the brand and a selection of bestsellers, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their products are worth the buy.

Angara Jewelry Review

Overview of Angara

Angara was established by Harvard Business School graduate Akur Daga, part of a family whose history in the fine gemstone industry dates back generations. Angara is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “the fire within,” a reference to the effect that light casts upon diamonds and gemstones. This ‘fire’ describes the breaking up of light into its spectral colors when put in contact with diamonds and gemstones. 

The allusion to the radiant effect of gemstone fire is certainly fitting for Angara. Its collection of jewelry features an array of precious gems in brilliant colors, though beauty isn’t the sole reason for Angara’s success⁠. Under Akur Daga’s leadership, backed by ivy league education and heritage, the brand has gained international renown since its founding in 2000. 

Angara Jewelry Review 33

Angara primarily catered to large retailers around the world until 2005, when it made the decision to go public. Today, Angara is headquartered in Los Angeles, with its primary customer base located in the US. Angara has partnerships with brands including Harvard University and Natori and recently launched its website for Australia, Britain, and Canada.

Angara’s jewelry manufacturing facilities operate in LA, Jaipur, and Bangkok. Unlike many other players in the fine jewelry industry, Angara is a vertically integrated company: from stone cutting, design, manufacturing, quality control, and order fulfillment. This ensures the consistent high quality of their jewelry, as the brand takes care of everything in house. Since Angara offers direct from the manufacturer pricing, prices are 30-40% less compared to competitors

We’re just getting started in this Angara jewelry review⁠—next we’ll explore some of the brand’s incredible customization features, but first, a quick sum up:


  • High quality diamond and gemstone jewelry
  • Thousands of customizable designs to choose from
  • Wide range of stone settings (diamond, 23 gems, 5 types of pearls)
  • Angara sells products directly from the manufacturer, with prices 30-40% less compared to its competitors
  • Free custom engraving provided for select products
  • All products come with a Lifetime Warranty and risk-free shipping
  • Full refunds with Angara’s Satisfaction Guarantee policy


  • Limited products for men (wedding bands only)
Angara Jewelry Review 34

Angara Jewelry Pricing

Before we really get into this Angara jewelry review, it’s important to know that these pieces aren’t cheap. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since it is fine jewelry. High quality gems and precious metals are expensive, you just can’t get around that. Unless you go mining for them yourself. 

There are hundreds or thousands of options for each jewelry type. Rings cost anywhere within $89$58,179, and that’s not including engagement and wedding rings. Necklaces will set you back $79-$76,669, earrings are $79-$55,159, and bracelets cost $99-$81,619. Basically, the price of an expensive meal all the way up to a down payment on a house.

Angara Jewelry Review 35

Money-Saving Tip: What you can do to lower the prices of pieces you like is reduce the quality of the gemstone. Gem quality grades include Good, Better, Best, and Heirloom. The bestsellers featured in this Angara jewelry review are in the Best and Heirloom grades, so you can always save money by lowering the grade.

Angara Craft Your Own Jewelry

Some of us ladies are particular about our jewelry, especially if we’re focused on quality, and not quantity. Angara offers customers a fully customizable order experience. The freedom to craft jewelry with a handful of keyboard clicks. On the other hand, if you’re not particularly creative, you can always opt to browse through popular designs. 

This Angara jewelry review found an impressive array of materials to choose from: 23 different gemstones and 5 types of pearls. You can go with your favorite shade, the color of your birthstone, match your eye color—I’m excited, are you excited? Select between a ring, pendant, necklace, bracelet, or earrings. Choose either sterling silver, white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum.

Angara Jewelry Review 36
Angara Gemstones

You might find hundreds of options within that category. I chose a blue sapphire ring with a platinum band and 215 variations came up. You can narrow the search further by filtering by price, gemstone shape, style (14 are available for rings), and carat. If you aren’t sure what carat is, neither did I—this refers to the weight of the gemstone. 

Angara Rings Review

Oval Morganite Halo Ring with Diamond Accents

Angara Jewelry Review 37
Oval Morganite Halo Ring with Diamond Accents

Most of the pieces in this Angara jewelry review catch the eye, and this halo ring is one of their show-stopping pieces. I’m a sucker for rose gold. The peach morganite complements the rose gold really well. This gentle pink combination is elevated by the diamond halo frame surrounding the gem. You can personalize this ring and get it engraved for free!

The Oval Morganite Halo Ring with Diamond Accents is embellished by diamonds along the shoulders (front part of the band). Considering there are quite a few diamonds and a reasonably large gem, the ring looks surprisingly less flashy on the hand. The effect is softened by the pink hues and thin band.

Angara Jewelry Review 38
Oval Morganite Halo Ring with Diamond Accents

This ring contains 1.10 carat morganite and 0.34 carat diamond. This 14K rose gold model costs $1,209, marked down from $2,019. You also have the choice to make 2 payments of $604.50 or 3 payments of $403. This ring is also available in 0.96, 2.10, and 3.17 carats (diamond and morganite together) and in 14K yellow gold, 14K white gold, and platinum. 

Classic Blue Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

Angara Jewelry Review 39
Classic Blue Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

Look at that deep blue sapphire. If you’re suddenly imagining yourself getting engaged with this ring, same. I like the idea of a colored gem engagement ring, instead of the more common diamond-only designs. It’s set really well between the two diamonds, all three rounded gems making a smooth trio. You can also personalize this engagement ring with a free and oh-so-romantic engraving.

What makes this ring subtle, even with the glittering sapphire, are the cool colors. Blue sapphire, clear diamond, and silver create an almost wintery look, like snow and ice on top of a frozen lake. The silver and diamonds blend into one another in a tasteful way.

Angara Jewelry Review 40
Classic Blue Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

This ring features 0.80 carat sapphire and 0.21 carat diamond. The Classic Blue Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring is currently priced at $1,629, discounted from $2,719. You (or your significant other) can also make 2 payments of $814.50 or 3 payments of $543. Other band options include 14K rose gold, 14K yellow gold, 14K white gold, and platinum, with this model being the least costly.

Angara Earrings Review

Bezel-Set Pear Garnet Leverback Drop Earrings

Angara Jewelry Review 41
Bezel-Set Pear Garnet Leverback Drop Earrings

These stunning garnet earrings look like they’re from another era. I swear I’ve seen aristocratic women in Italian Renaissance paintings wearing similar ones. This combination of red and gold signified royalty throughout history, and the drop earrings definitely look regal.

The Bezel-Set Pear Garnet Leverback Drop Earrings are eye-catching and delicate at the same time, since the garnet is relatively small. The way the light makes them appear reddish brown is an interesting effect. As a bonus, the earrings have a convenient clip-on backing so that you can slip them on easily.

Angara Jewelry Review 42
Bezel-Set Pear Garnet Leverback Drop Earrings

These elegant garnet earrings are made up of 2.40 carat garnet and 14K yellow gold. This pair is decently priced at $319, reduced from $539. You can also make 2 payments of $159.50 or 3 payments of $106.33, with additional models in 14K rose gold, 14K white gold, and platinum. 

Round Emerald Stud Earrings

Angara Jewelry Review 43
Round Emerald Stud Earrings

Personally, I find studs can look pretty boring, but these Angara earrings are a worthy exception. They’re little pieces of a lush green rainforest adorning your ears. Their basket-style prong setting is a nice detail. Though you won’t see much of it, the setting pushes the emerald forward so that it stands out more against your ear.

If you have green or hazel eyes, the Round Emerald Stud Earrings would compliment your irises really well. Even if you don’t, these pretty studs will call attention to themselves anyway. Brilliant yet simple, these earrings would look good on anyone. They have a screw back, so you can secure them safely to your ears. Let’s take a moment of silence for all the single stud earrings we have lost.

Angara Jewelry Review 44
Round Emerald Stud Earrings

These stud earrings contain 0.48 carat emerald and 14K yellow gold. This model is priced at $859, marked down from $1,439. If you rather go with installments, you can make 2 payments of $429.50 or 3 payments of $286.33. The earrings are also available in 14K rose gold, 14K white gold, and platinum. 

Angara Necklaces Review

Ruby Teardrop Pendant with Diamond

Angara Jewelry Review 45
Ruby Teardrop Pendant with Diamond

Now this is a sophisticated piece that I would wear to the opera, if I was capable of sitting through one. It’s a classic solitaire pendant, which is a fancy name for a necklace with a single gemstone. The v-bale hangs the ruby beautifully, with the round diamond above the pear-shaped gem forming a tear-drop.

The Ruby Teardrop Pendant with Diamond includes a chain with connecting sterling silver circles. The chain is not particularly thick, but it’s also not delicate. The gem setting has a basket-style prong that makes the stone stand out attractively.

Angara Jewelry Review 46
Ruby Teardrop Pendant with Diamond

The necklace is mid-length (18 inches), containing 0.40 carat ruby and 0.04 carat diamond. This Angara piece costs $529, reduced from $889. You can also make 2 payments of $264.50 or 3 payments of $176.33. The pendant is also available in 14K rose gold, 14K yellow gold, 14K white gold, and platinum. 

Shell Style Oval Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

Angara Jewelry Review 47
Shell Style Oval Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

If you’ve ever seen Lord of the Rings and/or are a fantasy enthusiast like me, you’ll know what I mean when I say: this pendant sort of looks like the Evenstar pendant Arwen gives Aragorn, the one he carries around all the time and gives him flashbacks of their love affair. Even if you haven’t, you have to admit it looks pretty mystical.

I know it’s a shell-style pendant, and Angara describes it as ‘conch-style’ but a) it doesn’t look much like a shell and b) fine maybe it’s a magical conch. The cooler color combination is really lovely, and the pendant stands out with a barrel-style back. The Shell Style Oval Sapphire and Diamond Pendant measures 18 inches and includes a thin sterling silver chain. 

Angara Jewelry Review 48
Shell Style Oval Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

This Angara piece is made with 0.20 carat sapphire and 0.01 carat diamond. The necklace has a decent price of $309, discounted from $519. You have alternative options to pay 2 installments of $154.50 or 3 installments of $103, with other choices in 14K gold, 14K yellow gold, 14K white gold, and platinum. 

Angara Bracelets Review

Infinity Knot Chain Bracelet

Angara Jewelry Review 49
Infinity Knot Chain Bracelet

This infinity loop bracelet is the most minimalist piece featured in our Angara jewelry review. It has a subtle shine to it and looks dainty in your wrist with its thin double chain. I like the infinity loop, but the problem with this kind of bracelet is that they always seem to slide around on your wrist, so you wouldn’t see the infinity symbol all the time. The lobster clasp secures the bracelet safely to your wrist. 

The Infinity Knot Chain Bracelet contains 14K yellow gold, on sale for $249, reduced from $419. You can alternatively pay in 2 installments of $124.50 or 3 installments of $83. If you’re not a fan of yellow gold, the bracelet is also available in 14K white gold. 

Classic Garnet Linear Tennis Bracelet

Angara Jewelry Review 50
Classic Garnet Linear Tennis Bracelet

I always wondered why these were called tennis bracelets, since it isn’t practical to wear them while playing tennis. So I looked it up, and it’s a cool story: Chris Evert, a professional female tennis player in the 70s and 80s, once broke a diamond bracelet on her wrist during a game. Moral of the story, it’s not a good idea to wear these during a tennis match. 

The prong set of round garnets on this Classic Garnet Linear Tennis Bracelet look intense and classy in their fiery red shade. This Angara bracelet is secured with a catch clasp, though it appears loose on the wrist—you’ll probably want to purchase a warranty for the bracelet, and you can find more info on this later on in the Angara jewelry review.

The tennis bracelet contains 21 carats of garnet or 35 gemstones. This is the only model for this piece, priced at $349 (reduced from $589). 

Angara Jewelry Review: What Do Customers Think?

Angara Jewelry Review 51

Now we get to the heart of this Angara jewelry review, where I research customer feedback on the brand. You can leave an Angara review on the website and all the jewelry has near-perfect ratings. Customers described the pieces as incredibly beautiful and loved the huge variety of customization options. Clearly they’re satisfied with their buys, so that’s promising.

Angara has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, which is quite difficult to achieve. There are 67 Angara reviews on the site and a huge majority of them are positive with 5-star ratings. The 13 complaints revolved around customer service and receiving jewelry described as “low quality.” This could mean that the product was defective, or that they selected the wrong quality grade when they ordered. Who knows.

It’s safe for this Anjara jewelry review to say you’ll be happy with a purchase from Angara! 

Where to Buy Angara Jewelry

Angara jewelry can be purchased through their website, A limited selection of products are also available on Amazon. Angara also has a showroom in the Los Angeles Jewelry District located at 550 S Hill St #1015, Los Angeles, CA 90013.

Angara Promotions & Discounts

Angara Jewelry Review 52

I found some great deals on the site for this Angara jewelry review. New subscribers receive 12% off for email sign up. Angara is currently offering 10% off orders over $500 with promo code SUMMER. Many products on the site are on sale for a limited time, with some close to 50% off. Note that you cannot redeem multiple discounts for a single order. 


Shipping Policy

Angara shipments are risk-free and fully insured, though in the event of a return, you’re fully responsible for the item(s). The company offers free shipping to the US and ships to 64 countries. Every order includes Angara’s Certificate of Authenticity, a jewelry box, Money Back Guarantee, and one free ring resizing.

(Within the US)
ShippingPriceShipping Time
StandardFree3-4 business days
ExpressFree2-3 business days
Saturday$30Delivered on Saturdays

Angara ships orders to APO, FPO, DPO, PO boxes, and US Territories via USPS priority mail. Delivery usually takes around 7-10 business days for the order to arrive at its destination.

International Shipping: Angara ships free internationally with orders over $500 or charge $40 on orders less than $500. Shipments are sent via FedEx, UPS, or USPS. Customers are responsible for any customs or duties associated with their order. For estimated arrival times with international orders, you can contact 1-844-527-4367.

Return Policy

If you’re not satisfied with an Angara order, you can return the items for a full refund or exchange within 30 days of the shipping date. Free return shipping is offered for return shipping on domestic orders. Returns may take up to 1 week for processing.

To request a return shipping label, fill out the Online Return Form on the Angara website. For international orders, return shipping and insurance are the customer’s responsibility. 

Jewelry Warranties

Lifetime Warranty

Every piece of Angara jewelry has a Lifetime Warranty, which includes free cleaning, re-polishing, gemstone and diamond prong tightening, and re-rhodium plating services. Repair or resizing work done by a jeweler other than Angara will render the warranty services void. 

If there is an issue with your jewelry not included in the Lifetime Warranty, you can return it for inspection. After the evaluation is completed, Angara will notify you of any service charges before repairing your jewelry.

Enhanced Warranty Plan

Angara’s Enhanced Warranty Plan is a one-time payment that covers wear and tear issues that aren’t included in the Lifetime Warranty. Services include: replacing or re-polishing scratches to a gemstone or diamond, replacing or repairing spring rings on chains or earring backings, repairing bent or broken prongs, and repairing any accidental scratches to mounting.

The price of the Enhanced Warranty Plan varies depending on the product chosen, which can be found in the Add Ons section of a product page. 

Engravings & Resizings

Select Angara jewelry pieces can be engraved for free. Check their website, where each product page specifies whether an item is available for engraving.

Angara provides one free ring resizing within the first year of purchase, with customers responsible for return shipping fees.

Contact Angara

If you have questions that weren’t covered in this Angara jewelry review, you can contact their team via: 

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1-844-527-4367
  • Live Chat
  • Contact form on the website

After this Angara jewelry review, check out these other fine jewelry brands:





Dr Squatch Soap Review

About Dr Squatch Soap Co.

Dr. Squatch specializes in all natural, handmade soap for men. The LA-headquartered ecommerce brand expanded into hair care, shower products, cologne, and other products in recent years. They’ve definitely gained attention in the manscaping scene, but soap endures as their mainstay, with the opportunity to sign up for a monthly subscription. 

Dr. Squatch was recently given a nod by Bustle mag, and last year its CEO was featured on the Celebrity Insider blog. You probably ventured onto this site to find out if the speciality bar soap really is special, and we’ve got you. This Dr Squatch Soap review will provide an inside look at the brand and its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, so you can decide for yourself if they’re worth the buy. 

Dr Squatch Soap Review 53

Overview of Dr Squatch Soap Co.

Inspiration for the Dr. Squatch brand began with future CEO Jack Haldrup, a guy in his 20s with a passion for all natural products. In his struggle to find all natural soap for dudes, a gap in the personal care industry revealed itself (this was in the early 2010s). Jack figured that he wasn’t the only one who wanted natural soap with more masculine scents.

Dr Squatch Soap Review 54

As an opportunist and a serious scent guy, he decided to give soap inventing a try. After some time experimenting with ingredients and scents in the humble setting of his basement, Dr. Squatch reached the public in 2013. The concept behind the name is actually pretty funny. In Jack’s own words: 

“During the first World War, BIG SOAP began stripping natural ingredients from soap to make production cheaper and faster … The term “natural soap” was as rare and mysterious as the Squatch himself.” 

I like the elusive natural soap = Sasquatch metaphor. Fast forward to today. The Dr. Squatch is currently headquartered in LA, and the site generates some 12 million in revenue. The origin story and ascension to success are compelling, but there’s a lot more coming in this Dr Squatch Soap review. Are the products really worth the hype? Read on.

We explore the good, the bad, and the ugly in this Dr Squatch Soap review:


  • All natural products free of harsh chemicals, preservatives, and skin irritants
  • Range of soaps with unique scents, can be used by all skin types
  • Squatch Quiz helps customers decide which soap types/scents are best for them
  • Dr. Squatch offers a Sudisfaction (Satisfaction) Guarantee on all products
  • Free shipping for soap and hair care subscribers in the US, 15% discount for all subscribers site wide
  • Soaps and hair care products enjoyed by both men and women


  • Pricier than average products
  • Limited selection of beard oil, cologne, and candles

Handmade Bar Soap

Dr Squatch Soap Review 55

Dr. Squatch specializes in thick, foamy, lathery soap in 11 masculine scents. Every soap in the collection contains natural glycerin, combined with coconut and olive oil to nourish your skin. There are no harsh chemicals and preservatives, so your skin will be left feeling smooth. 

Dr. Squatch created a helpful Squatch Quiz to help you figure out which soaps/scents would suit you best. These soaps come in a range of colors and textures, often with bits of their main ingredients contained within. 

Dr Squatch Soaps

This Dr Squatch Soap review includes the entire lineup, though keep in mind that it only states the key ingredients (more details can be found on the website).

Product ScentScent StrengthExfoliationFeaturing
Pine TarOld Growth ForestStrongOatmeal & SandPine Tar
Gold MossOak MossMediumNoneSea Salt
Nautical SageAn open ocean breezeStrongNoneCypress & Sage Oil
Cedar CitrusCedar Infused OrangeMediumMint LeavesCedar Oil
Cool Fresh AloeA Fresh Spring MorningMediumNoneCoconut Oil
Deep Sea Goat’s MilkEarthy and FloralMildOatmealGoat’s Milk
Crisp IPAGrapefruit IPAStrongNoneIPA Beer & Hops
Cold Brew CleanseFresh Brewed CoffeeMediumCoffee GroundsFire Dept. Coffee
Bay RumIsland Tropics with SpiceMediumNoneShea Butter
Spearmint BasilMint BlissMediumNonePeppermint Leaves
Eucalyptus Greek YogurtEucalyptusMediumOatmealGreek Yogurt
Dr. Squatch Soaps & Scents

It’s pretty clear that Dr. Squatch offers a solid variety of scents. I’m writing this post as a lady, so I’ll say, on behalf of the girlfriends and wives, these scents seem the most appealing: the ones that make you smell like you’ve come straight from an ocean swim in the tropics, like fresh brewed coffee in the morning, or like one of those super old and tall Redwood trees. Just letting you know. 

If you don’t opt for the soap subscription, the regular retail prices are 1 bar for $7, 2 bars for $14, or 3 bars for $21. Every bar is 5 oz, and unfortunately, buying in “bulk” doesn’t save you any money. Feel free to mix and match to keep your post-shower scents fresh. Where you do save money is through the subscription, which is next up in this Dr Squatch Soap review.

Dr Squatch Soap Subscription

Dr Squatch Soap Review 56

Signing up for the Dr Squatch Soap Subscription naturally comes with perks, including:

  • You save 15% on each bar 
  • Free shipping store-wide
  • Build Your Own: customize your soap scents, quantity, and frequency of delivery
  • Delivery Options: quarterly (save $1/bar) or monthly (add $1 for handling)

Here’s a breakdown of pricing:

Monthly Subscription: 2 bars/month: $13 or 3 bars/month: $19

Quarterly Subscription: 3 bars/4 months: $18 or 6 bars/4 months: $36 or 9 bars/4 months: $54

All 11 scents are available through the subscription, and there are option add-ons offered for the first shipment.

The Dr. Squatch Soap Subscription is flexible: you can cancel or change soap scents, quantity, and/or frequency at any time (this is made for the indecisive dudes out there).

Shower & Hair Care

Our Dr Squatch Soap review turned up a pretty limited hair care collection, with only shampoo, conditioner, and a combination kit to choose from. They actually have a ton of ingredients packed in, which you can review on the website. We’ll get into the core natural ingredients (otherwise we’ll be here all day).

Men’s Moisturizing Shampoo

Dr Squatch Men’s Moisturizing Shampoo is formulated to fortify your hair and restore your locks to a healthy state. The shampoo contains strength-building vitamins from the nettle leaf, and tea tree soothes the scalp and repairs damaged strands. Add the fresh scent of cyprus oil, and you get an Uplifting Ocean Breeze scent. 

Dr Squatch recommends that the shampoo be used 1-3 times weekly, depending on hair type. If your hair is brittle and/or curly, you should shampoo less often (once/week). If you have straight hair and/or oily hair, you can get away with washing 3x/week. If your hair is slightly dry and/or curly, 2x/week is best.

This potent product is effective in small quantities, so you’ll only need to use a dime sized amount. At the same time, it provides a gentle rinse that helps remove excess dirt, sweat, and oils from your scalp without drying it out. Each bottle is 8 fl. oz, priced at $20.

Men’s Daily Conditioner

A lot of guys think that they don’t need to use conditioner, or that 2-1 shampoo/conditioner products work just as well as the two products alone. This is false. In either case, this will end up drying your hair out, so if you’re serious about improving the state of your locks, you’ll have to get a conditioner as well. 

Dr Squatch Men’s Daily Conditioner contains the calendula plant which hydrates your mane, while peppermint stimulates your scalp to promote growth. Clary sage restores your hair’s natural pH balance, which also helps reverse dryness. The combination of ingredients (again, not mentioned in full) results in an Uplifting Cool Mint/Orange scent.

Dr Squatch Daily Conditioner, like almost every conditioner out there, targets hydration. Not all conditioners are meant to be used daily, but this mild formula is designed specifically for that. The conditioner is available in 12 fl. oz for $20.

Hair Care Kit & Subscription

Dr Squatch Soap Review 59

You can save on shampoo and conditioner by purchasing the Hair Care Kit, priced at $37. This ends up saving you $3, which is better than nothing. 

There’s more savings involved when you sign up for the Hair Care Subscription, which is only available for quarterly delivery. Just like the Soap Subscription, you save 15% and get free shipping. You get to choose how many products will be shipped to you, with standard pricing for each: 

  • Hair Care Subscription Kit: $28 (save 18%)
  • Shampoo Subscription: $17
  • Conditioner Subscription: $17

You can also purchase cologne add-ons to your first subscription order, but we’ll get to those later on.

Shower Boosters

These products are meant to boost your shower experience, mostly to avoid technical difficulties in there. The Soap Saver for $15 is meant to preserve your bars, securing them with a rustic-looking cedar block. You can also purchase an upgrade, the Bigfoot Soap Saver for $25, which holds 3 bars at once. According to Dr Squatch, these blocks extend your soap life up to 2x, since they reduce slippage and dissolving on a shower or tub ledge.

The Soap Gripper is for the clumsy lads who are constantly dropping their bars. I’m not criticizing, I personally do it all the time. This fancy ergonomic soap accessory attaches to any bar of Dr Squatch soap, with subtle little spikes. For $10, you can also get a Travel Bag for your soap, so you can bring it on the road without causing a mess. 


Dr Squatch wants you to shave the traditional way, and you can get a sense of that intent with these 19th century-esque products. Very classy looking. This Shave Kit reminds me of the guys in Peaky Blinders or any historical movie featuring Tom Hardy. 

  • The Shave Brush features a sturdy handle and 100% synthetic bristles that are soft to the touch, quick-drying, and create a rich, foamy lather when you swish it against your stubble. Once you’re done with the brush, rinse it off and hang it on the included stand to dry.
  • The organic Shave Bar is more nourishing compared to gels and foams, containing nourishing bentonite clay, moisturizing castor oil, soothing cocoa butter, and pleasant-smelling peppermint and eucalyptus oils. It’s basically a shave soap and aftershave all in one.
  • The ceramic Shave Mug adds to the old-school vibes, featuring the iconic Dr. Squatch seal. Fill the mug with warm water to prep it for your shave, submerge the brush in the mug, then twirl the brush on the surface of the bar to lather it up⁠—then you’re all ready to apply the lather on your face.

Customers can purchase the Shave Kit for $40 ($7.50 in savings), or any of the products sold separately:

  • Shave Brush: $17.50
  • Shave Bar: $10.50
  • Shave Mug: $19.50

Beard Oil & Beard Cologne

Dr Squatch doesn’t leave the beard guys behind. CEO Jack Haldrup has a bear himself. Dr Squatch beard oils are made of natural essential oils that hydrate and nourish your beard. Each of the two varieties costs $18, with an included eyedropper for effective application.

The Lakeside Bourbon Beard Oil is reminiscent of canoe trips and kicking back dockside with a nice glass of bourbon. This beard oil contains sandalwood, myrrh, and grapefruit to get that Smooth Bourbon scent. 

The Fresh Fir Beard Oil features a woodsy trio of cedarwood, fir needle, hemlock spruce, with a gentle citrus undertone. It has the aromas of Christmas morning, mountain air, and fresh squeezed OJ. An interesting combo, for sure. 

Dr Squatch Soap Review 63
Dr. Squatch Cologne

Since Dr Squatch is so obsessed with scents, it’s not surprising that they branched out into cologne. The essential oil-based Crushed Pine and Beachwood Bourbon are only subtly different compared to the beard oils, since they’re meant to complement one another and be worn together. You can get these Dr Squatch colognes for $21 each.

Candles and Gifts

Dr Squatch Soap Review 64

Dr Squatch gift sets are available in 4 ‘bundles’, so you can customize each box (to a certain extent). The site refers to these gift boxes as a subtle way to say ‘you stink,’ which is pretty clever, if whoever you’re sending the gift to isn’t big on showering. Or you can just send it to someone who you know would appreciate it… 

Each Dr. Squatch Gift Box is $49, delivered in a custom gift box straight to the receiver’s home. They all come with Moisturizing Shampoo and Daily Conditioner, as well as a choice between: 

  • The Squatch Bundle: Crisp IPA, Deep Sea Goat’s Milk, and Pine Tar soaps
  • The Forest Bundle: Pine Tar, Cedar Citrus, and Gold Moss soaps
  • The Beach Bundle: Bay Rum, Crisp IPA, and Nautical Sage soaps
  • The Fresh Bundle: Eucalyptus Greek Yogurt, Cool Fresh Aloe, and Spearmint Basil Scrub soaps

You have the option to add the Bay Rum Candle, which is currently the only product in its category. That’s a shame, since basically all of their scents would be pretty sweet as candles. This candle conjures up a white-sand beach aroma, featuring crushed cloves, cinnamon sticks, crisp pine, and zesty orange. My family is from the Caribbean, and this is definitely taking me back to the islands.

Dr Squatch Soap Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Dr Squatch Soap Review

This is the high point of the Dr Squatch Soap review, since a brand can claim whatever they want, but it all comes down to customer satisfaction. Almost every product on the site has at least 70 reviews, and the bar soaps have amassed 1000+ reviews each. Every product is rated around 4.5/5 or 5/5. Here are some interesting ones I found:

Nautical Sage Soap:

Smells great and gets oil and grime off from my mechanic work without being harsh on my skin.

Cool Fresh Aloe Soap:

“Great smell and leaves me feeling smooth. My skin also feels much more hydrated.”

Hair Care Kit: “Ever since I started using this my wife can’t stop running her fingers through my hair. The smell is fantastic and the tingle on the scalp is so refreshing every time I shower.” 

Bay Rum Candle:I put it in my room and lit the wood wick and sweet mercy It filled the air with everything I wanted a candle to be.”

I also came across several Dr Squatch Soap reviews written by women, who now use the soap, shampoo, and conditioner exclusively. Dr. Squatch wins more points in my book for this.

We certainly can’t base everything off of website reviews, so I looked up some other sources to get the full story. Dr. Squatch has a 2.4/5 rating on from 21 reviews. One PhD chemist (verified Google Scholar) said in his Dr Squatch Soap review “that their claims which are not misleading [on YouTube] are outright lies.” This person did not go into detail about the claims, and I have not seen the YouTube videos. There were other reviewers who complained about the blast of Dr Squatch ads on YouTube, which is understandably annoying. All the other negative claims relate to late deliveries, all of which took place during the COVID-19 lockdown (so honestly, I don’t think these negative reviews should count).

Dr. Squatch is not accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau), which gave the company an F rating. There were happy customers satisfied with the subscription, who “swore by their soap,” etc., while others complained of late shipments and inaccessible customer service. Most of these negative reviews are dated during COVID-19, but a handful of them were posted beforehand.

On the other hand, there are also many positive reviews of Dr. Squatch soap beyond the website. A Dr Squatch Soap review by Mic magazine described it as “the best bar soap for men,” and The Zoe Report, TheGamer, and many other media outlets rated the products favorably. All this conflicting information is a lot to take in.

Our Verdict on Dr Squatch

Dr Squatch Soap Review 65

So, what do you think of Dr. Squatch? Overall, we give the brand a thumbs up in this Dr Squatch Soap review. They have millions of happy customers, and although there are some unfavorable reviews out there, many of them take place during the unprecedented times of COVID-19. With every multi-million dollar company, it’s inevitable for some customers to fall through the cracks, but for the most part, people are satisfied.

This Dr Squatch Soap review makes it clear that the products are pricier than average, except maybe the Shave Kit and Colognes. It may seem unreasonable to pay $7 for a bar of soap, especially if you go through the stuff fast. The subscription does offer savings, but even so, this brand is not the right choice if you’re on a budget. If you do have the money, it’s clear that you’re getting good quality products⁠, so in this case, they’re worth the investment.

Most importantly in this Dr Squatch Soap review: the lineup is all natural and good for the environment. Did you know your skin is the largest organ in the body and absorbs a ton of environmental toxins? True story. That being said, you can find cheaper all natural products. In the end, you know what’s best for you and your wallet.

Where to Buy Dr Squatch

Dr. Squatch products can be purchased on their website, There are also select products available on Amazon, but make sure the seller is actually Dr. Squatch (there are a lot of scammers out there).

Dr Squatch Soap Review 66

Dr Squatch Promotions & Discounts

Our Dr Squatch Soap review turned up several promising deals. Dr. Squatch currently has a Father’s Day Sale on, which applies to almost all of their products. If you sign up for either of the Dr. Squatch subscriptions, you get 20% off your first order. You can also save $7-$21 on Dr. Squatch Starter Bundles (more details can be found on their website).

Dr Squatch FAQ

Shipping Policy 

Domestic Shipping

Dr. Squatch packages arrive within 5-10 business days with Standard Shipping and 3-4 business days with Priority Shipping in the US. Once you place an order, you will receiving tracking information within 1-3 business days. Shipments delivered through Newgistics and USPS.

International Shipping

Shipping outside the US is done through USPS Priority Mail and shipping rates are calculated at checkout, with fees varying based on country and order size. Dr. Squatch ships to Canada, Great Britain, and Australia, where free shipping policies do not apply. Dr. Squatch does not cover any duties or tariffs. 

Return Policy

Our Dr Squatch Soap review discovered the Sudisfaction Guarantee: if you’re unhappy with your products within 30 days of your order, you’ll receive a full refund (this applies to all orders). Dr. Squatch does not accept returns. 

Contact Dr Squatch 

If you have questions that weren’t answered in this Dr Squatch Soap review, you can contact their team via: 

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UrthBox Review

About UrthBox

UrthBox is a health food subscription dedicated to clean eaters, delivering nutritious non-GMO snacks, beverages, and other goodies on a monthly basis. UrthBox gained the attention of media big shots like TechCrunch and Forbes, and naturally, you’re wondering if the service is worth signing up for. 

This UrthBox review will provide an in-depth look at the brand, subscription, customer ratings, and more, to help you decide for yourself whether or not UrthBox is worth the money.

UrthBox Review 67

Overview of UrthBox

The San Francisco-based UrthBox brand grew out of the clean eating movement. The makers of UrthBox embrace the fact that our health is largely determined by what we eat. In particular, obesity among children and adults is influenced by the types of food consumed, especially while snacking. 

In the whirlwind that is our daily lives, it can be time-consuming to prioritize healthy eating. Between our careers, social lives, family, and fitness, it’s easy to forget that we should pay attention to the food going into our bodies. The UrthBox subscription gives you convenient and health-conscious food options for home, office, or on-the-go. 

UrthBox specifically provides snacks that are organic, all natural, and non-GMO. If you’ve ever browsed the section of the grocery store where these foods live, you’ll know that these options tend to be real expensive. I always mean to buy healthy snacks, see their price tags, then revert to boring old fruits and vegetables. It’s been a pretty senseless cycle. 

UrthBox Review 68

UrthBox delivers these goodies to your home or office monthly, with options to continue for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. Whether you’re eating while watching a movie, stress-eating as you study for exams, or in the daily grind at work, you don’t have to feel ashamed for pigging out on these items. It’s perfectly fine to snack regularly during the day. It’s not fine to eat an entire box of cookies just because. 

We’ll get into subscription options and how much they cost, but first, a sum up of this UrthBox review: 


  • Organic, all natural, non-GMO snacks and beverages delivered every month
  • Four subscription options and sizes, including choices for vegan gluten-free eaters
  • Can choose between monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, or yearly subscription plans
  • Cancellation is available any time
  • Multiple discounts and savings offered to all customers
  • Free shipping within the US


  • Potential low value if you are a big snacker
  • No box customization

How UrthBox Works

UrthBox Review 69

UrthBoxes are well thought out, with each subscription featuring full-size products that must pass ingredient, sourcing, calorie, nutrition, and manufacturing standards. The full-size products part gets me excited—it’s maddening when you buy little snack packs that come with three cookies or chips each. 

When you sign up for UrthBox, the subscription experience involves these steps: 

  1. Select your box size: mini, small, medium, large
  2. Choose your plan length: monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, or yearly
  3. Select your subscription type: Classic, Gluten-Free, Vegan, or Diet box.
  4. Discover healthy products: munch on as many as 30 full-sized products every month at up to $100 in retail value.
  5. Earn points: purchase extra products at member discounts, earn loyalty points for every purchase, and redeem them at the UrthBox Shop.

You’re not taking much of a risk by signing up for UrthBox, since you can cancel for free any time. It’s important to note also, that unless you specify otherwise, subscriptions automatically renew on the first of the month.

What Comes in an UrthBox? 

Now we get to the good stuff. UrthBox naturally comes with no-brainer health foods including granola, nuts and seeds, trail mixes, superfoods, plus dried fruits and vegetables. You can finally be one of those people who rolls into the office with snacks like they’re going hiking, with absolutely no effort.

UrthBox Review 70

They also, quite gloriously, offer typical junk food favorites made nutritious, like cookies, snack bars, chips, sweets and chocolates. Wholesome and guilt-free. I’m just going to leave this picture of heavenly, mouthwatering sea salt chocolate caramel squares here. 

UrthBox Review 71

UrthBox drinks look pretty tasty as well. Juices and cleanses, shakes, and smoothies also come in the subscription. These tend to be even more expensive than organic snacks—who else gets something at a smoothie store every once in a while and immediately regrets having spent money for something you could have made at home? 

UrthBox Review 72

Purchasing additional snacks and drinks, including gourmet options, is where the points come in. You can also buy extras like supplements, personal hygiene, hair and skincare, to rack up savings. It’s clear that Urthbox wants to encourage a healthy lifestyle, not just healthy eating. Well, points to you, Urthbox. 

UrthBox Review 73

UrthBox Subscription Pricing

Everything seems promising so far in this Urthbox review, and now we’ll get down to the costs of each subscription. Classic, Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Diet boxes are available in four sizes:

  • Mini: 7+ snacks for $14.99/month
  • Small: 14+ snacks for $24.99/month (save 20%)
  • Medium: 20+ snacks for $34.99/month (save 30%)
  • Large: 27+ snacks for $44.99/month (save 40%)

Remember that these are full-sized snacks, so for the most part, you won’t be eating them in one sitting. Honestly, for me, it would depend on how many chocolates or popped rice chips come in one bag. These are meant to supplement your meals, so if you’re getting groceries regularly, a mini or small Urthbox would be suitable for one person. I won’t tell you how to live your life though.

UrthBox Review 74

UrthBox Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

UrthBox Review 75

Customers can’t leave an UrthBox review on the website, but the company does feature quotes from notable media outlets. Most of them only describe the subscription, though Refinery29 praises it: “Smart snacks can be a good way to keep from overindulging at your main meals… Enter UrthBox, the snack company of our dreams.”  This isn’t particularly helpful, so I searched the internet for feedback from real customers. enjoyed the subscription box, loving the experience of surprise treats, which the reviewer enjoyed for the most part. On the downside, she received a whey-based protein shake in her vegan box that was not vegan, plus it was months past the expiration date. Urthbox customer service responded to her email, apologized for the error, and offered her a free box for the following month. Though she liked the experience overall, the reviewer felt that some of the full-sized products were quite small. 

Urthbox has a 4.2/5 star rating on Trust Pilot out of 715 reviews, which is impressive. Happy customers praised the box for its variety and delicious snacks, while dissatisfied ones cited delayed shipments and inaccessible customer service, particularly when it came to cancelling the subscription. Urthbox did address each of the complaints, at least.

The subscription has a 3/5 star rating on My Subscription Addiction, and Urthbox reviews on Sitejabber are much worse, with an average rating of 1.1/5. Users cited similar customer service complaints and damaged products. There were issues with Urthbox Groupons and instances of customers being charged when they did not want to continue with the subscription.

Overall, unfavorable reviews make up a small portion of total Urthbox reviews (approximately 15-20%).

Our Verdict on UrthBox

UrthBox Review 76

It’s obvious in this Urthbox review that the company has good intentions. Urthbox cares about the health of its customers and responds to their complaints. While some of the reviews were no doubt troubling, they were many more positive reviews than negative. No brand is perfect and it’s normal for there to be mishaps here and there.

The one thing that seems hit or miss is the size of the products. Some full-size items look like they would last days or weeks, while others appear to be easily consumed in one sitting. If you’re a huge snacker, you might find yourself blowing through the products before the month is up. As I mentioned before though, these treats are supposed to pair with your full meals—they’re not meant for binge-eating sessions because you forgot to pack your lunch. 

All this taken into consideration, we give Urthbox a thumbs up, especially since you can cancel the subscription whenever you want. Just make sure you contact them at least a week in advance, so that there aren’t any issues with cancellation (which may leave you locked in for another month).

UrthBox Promotions & Discounts

UrthBox Review 77

All customers get a free Urthbox with any multi-month order. You also get savings by subscribing for at least 3 months:

  • 3 month subscription: save $15
  • 6 month subscription: save $48
  • 12 month subscription: save $120

UrthBox also gives subscribers discounts and gift cards that can be used on their site or at local stores. You can gift Urthbox to family and friends, getting your own free box in the process. These gifts are available for 3, 6, and 12-month periods.

Sign Up for UrthBox

UrthBox Review 78

To register for UrthBox, visit After you choose your box size, plan length, and subscription type, enter your name, address and payment details. Then you’re good to go!

UrthBox FAQ

Cancel UrthBox

Unless specified otherwise, all subscriptions automatically renew on the first of the month, quarterly, bi-yearly, or yearly depending on your subscription plan. UrthBox subscriptions can be cancelled anytime by sending an email to [email protected]

An UrthBox cancel request must be made before the next renewal billing charge, before the first of the month. All first time orders placed by new customers have a 24 hour cancellation window; after this time, there are no refunds for initial order requests.

How to Use UrthBox Points

To use UrthBox points, you have to visit their partner store and create a store account. Once this UrthBox login is created, send an email to [email protected] with your UrthMarket account information, and a customer service agent will transfer your points for use toward your subscription.

Gluten-Free and Vegan Products

UrthBox cannot guarantee that all products in these boxes are free from trace elements of gluten or animal products, due to the facilities used by manufacturers. According to an UrthBox review, the company may send you non-vegan products or those containing gluten by mistake. UrthBox recommends that customers always read labels and packaging before consuming a product.

Shipping Policy

UrthBox ships free within the US and shipments to Canada cost $6.95 per order. Orders are shipped mid-month, with new orders shipped within the following calendar month. Tracking is available for shipments by emailing [email protected]

Return Policy

UrthBox does not accept any returned boxes, and there are no refunds for requests that are received on or after the renewal date. If your UrthBox is delivered with damaged or unusable products, take a picture of the defective items and email [email protected].

Contact UrthBox 

If you have questions not answered in this Urthbox review, you can contact Urthbox customer service by emailing [email protected]. A customer service representative will generally respond within 24 hours.

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