Harry’s Razors Review

About Harry’s 

Harry’s Razors Review

Harry’s is a US-based men’s razor brand selling quality, comfortable and affordable razors, skincare and haircare products. Harry’s was created to fill the gap in the men’s razor market, designing products they claim to target all men. This Harry’s razors review will be the judge of that!

We’ve done our research so we can present you with a thorough Harry’s razors review, leaving you to decide whether this brand is right for you.

Overview of Harry’s 

Harry’s Razors Review

Harry’s was founded in July of 2012 by Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeff Raider. Both Andy and Jeff had a background in private equity (by no means razor experts, besides the fact that they used them!). Andy and Jeff were tired of buying overpriced razors that either didn’t work effectively, or were too harsh on their skin.

The two men set out to create razors that were affordable, thoughtfully made and could be delivered right to your door. They also voiced a dislike for having to wait around for drugstore employees to unlock those plastic cases of higher quality razors (fair point, lads).

Harry’s popularity has grown immensely, seemingly because they really get what the issues are within the men’s razor market. They now have a team of over 600 employees, including engineers, designers, craftsmen, and chemists, so they really mean business. Harry’s products are made from high quality materials and ingredients, with their aim being that you’re only getting the best.

Our Harry’s razors review taught us that their subscription service is another reason why men love this brand. You never have to remember to buy a razors cartridge or shaving gel again. Harry’s remembers this for you, and delivers based on how often you shave.

Harry’s Razors Review

If you’re just looking for the highlights, we’ve got you covered in this Harry’s razors review: 


  • Harry’s sells a variety of high-quality items for men, including 5 blade razors, shave gel, face wash, shower products and accessories
  • All of Harry’s face and shower products are paraben-free, sulfate-free and are not tested on animals
  • Harry’s razors are designed for optimal comfort–this means ergonomic, easy to hold handles that won’t slip out of your hand, even when wet
  • Harry’s products are fairly priced, largely due to the fact that they have their own factory in Germany
  • Harry’s provides a subscription service that delivers razor blades and shave gel (if selected) right to your door
  • If you don’t absolutely love your Harry’s order, they’ll give you a refund


  • Harry’s is advertised as catering to “all men” but their skin care products cater to one skin type (sensitive skin)
  • Harry’s is only advertised towards men and only mentions that their products are suitable for women if you dig deep into their FAQs
  • Harry’s stresses that their products are suitable for the face only and are specifically not for the head
  • Reviews from customers found that Harry’s razors hurt their skin and that they do not provide much of a grip, despite Harry’s claims
  • Harry’s subscription service does not have an option to include additional products, such as their body wash

How Does Harry’s Razors Work? 

Our Harry’s razors review found that signing up for the subscription is a pretty easy process:

The first step is to select the razor that you’d like to include in your Starter Set. This includes either the Truman Razor or the Winston Razor. The Starter Set includes your razor, cartridge, a 2.0-ounce bottle of shave gel and a travel blade cover. The Starter Set will run you $8 to $18, depending on which razor you choose.

The next step is deciding which refill option you’d like to purchase. Your first refill ships about two weeks after your starter kit and you’re not immediately charged for it. We’ve outlined your possible options below:

1. 8 of Harry’s carefully designed razor blades for $15

2. 8 of Harry’s razor blades and 1 full size foaming shave gel for $21

3. The Family Plan: 16 of Harry’s blades and 2 full size Foaming Shave Gels and will run you $35

After you’ve selected your subscription type, your next step is to specify how often you shave. This will determine how often you need your razor blades and/or your shaving gel shipped. You can also change your shipping frequency at any time.

Your options are broken down like this:

1.    If you shave 5-7 days per week, your Harry’s supplies should be shipped every 2 months

2.    If you shave 2-4 days per week, your order will be shipped every 3 months

3.    For shaving 1 day per week or less, your order will be shipped once every 5 months

The last step is to create an account and complete your purchase. Then stand by the window expecting your razor delivery, like Karen waiting for all her Amazon packages. 

Harry’s Razors: Types 

Harry’s Razors Review

Harry’s offers two types of razors, each with very different price points. Our Harry’s razors review gives you the DL on both.

Harry’s Blades

Before getting into the individual razors, note that both contain the same blades, which you buy separately. Harry refers to their blades as their “German 5 blade razor”, likely because they were designed by their German team that also manufactures them. Wunderbar, that’s cleared up.

So, these blades have a flex hinge, making it easy and effortless to shave every curve of your face. They also have a lubricating strip to minimize irritation and a precision trimmer, so you can get harder to reach places.

You can buy 4 blades for $2.25 each, 8 blades for $2 each or 16 blades for $1.88 each. This also leads into the Auto Refill option for every 2, 3 or 5 months, which is the same as selecting the razor only subscription option. The Auto Refill option saves you 6%. Double wunderbar. 

The Truman Razor

The Truman Razor is Harry’s original razor and is quite sleek looking if you ask me. Its rubberized handle is pretty rare as far as razors go. The textured pattern on the Truman Razor’s handle is designed for you to be able to keep a good grip on your razor so it won’t slip out of your hand, whether it’s wet or not. So if you have spontaneous drop hands, have a PhD in cutting yourself while shaving, or a Master’s in flying razor cartridges, this feature would be useful.

The Truman Razor also has a weighted core, which adds to the feeling of control when you’re holding a sharp object near your face. And if you like to be able to match your razor to your bathroom or carrying case, this razor comes in Bright Orange, Navy Blue and Forest Green. The Truman Razor costs $9, which is very reasonable compared to razors that are more expensive for less quality behind the drugstore glass.

The Winston Razor 

The Winston Razor is Harry’s second and most expensive option. The only distinguishing feature between the Winston and the Truman are the handles.

The Winston handle has a higher quality than the Truman Razor, as it’s made of weighty, polished chrome with a rubberized grip. The Winston comes in one silver chrome colour and will cost you $20. Truman is for a get the job done shave, Winston is for an elegant shave. 

What I’m going to say next is my personal highlight in this Harry’s razors review: You can also engrave the Winston. Its chrome finish allows Harry’s to engrave up to 3 letters, which you can do for an additional $15. See what I mean? Fancy as hell.

Be right back, just going to buy some pocket squares and cufflinks. Hint: the Winston could be a nice gift for someone.

Harry’s Shave Set Review

Harry’s gives you the option to buy their products in sets, which is ideal for gift giving and money saving. We’ll take a look at the sets Harry’s has to offer, so you can find the best shave kit for you.

Truman Set

The Truman Set allows you to choose the colour of the handle, along with 3 of their expertly designed razors cartridges. It also includes a blade travel cover and a choice between Foaming Gel or Shave Cream, whichever the gentleman prefers. The standard Truman gift box is $15, with the value of your box being at least $20.

Winston Set

The Winston Set costs $10 more than the Truman Set. Considering that the Winston razor is $11 more than the Truman razor, you’re already getting a bit of a discount (every dollar counts, right?). This shave kit comes with all of the same products as the Truman set: the 3 blade cartridges, blade travel cover and the option of the Foaming Gel or Shave Cream. 

We should also mention that the Shave Cream is $2 more than the Foaming Gel, so if you choose the former, that’s a few extra dubloons in your pocket.

Harry’s Blades & Shave Gel

Harry’s offers additional products that you can buy on their own, or in a kit separate from the Truman and Winston set. We’ll get into these individual products next up in the Harry’s razors review.

Harry’s Shave Gel Review

Harry’s Shave Gel is designed to both protect your skin and give you the smoothest possible shave. Aloe and hyaluronic acid are combined to deliver a rich and soothing foam, protecting your skin both during and after the shave. Like all their toiletry products, it’s paraben free, sulfate free, and never tested on animals (PETA would approve). 

You have three options for purchasing the Shave Gel:

  • 2 oz Travel Size for $3 
  • 4 oz Medium Size for $4 
  • 6.7 oz Large Size for $6 

For the Large and Medium size, you also have the choice to purchase 2 or 3 bottles at a time. This amounts to only $0.25 or $0.50 in savings, so it’s basically the ability to stock up that is the benefit.

Harry’s Essentials Travel Kit Review

The appeal with the Essentials Travel Kit is mainly the addition of the Toiletry Bag, which is $20 on its own. Having said that, it’s not the best deal in the world compared to their Truman and Winston kits. The Toiletry Bag is pretty sleek and masculine, following the theme surrounding all Harry’s products.

The Truman version of the Essentials Travel Kit is $30 and comes with your Truman razor, a travel-sized Travel Gel and a Travel Cover for your blades. I appreciate the Travel Cover, since I’ve been personally victimized by rogue uncovered blades. 

What’s confusing about this kit, is it doesn’t provide you with all the essentials, since no razor blades are included. If you’re looking for a small savings on purchasing these products together, then this kit may still be for you.

You can get the Winston version of the Essentials Travel Kit for $40, giving you a small savings on the razor handle right off the bat. This version of course offers you the option to add a custom engraving for the additional $15.

Harry’s Razors Accessories & Skincare 

Who else is into the wooly mammoth soap? It’s crazy to think man has gone from unshaven hunters slaying wooly mammoths, to having them put on soap. Evolution, dude. Harry’s doesn’t have the widest range of bathroom products available, but they cover the basics: Harry’s has conditioning Bar Soap, Body Wash and Face Wash, plus a limited line of hair products. 

Harry’s Bar Soap and Body Wash offers you scent choices: Shiso, Fig, and Stone. Each smell is based on a general vibe (earthy, woodsy, citrus, etc.). I’ve never woken up and felt citrusy, but maybe that’s just me. Harry’s Bar Soap Variety Pack will set you back $17.50, and the Body Wash Variety Pack $23.50. Their Face Wash is made from volcanic rock (whoa), eucalyptus, and mint, priced at $10 for one tube or $9.50 for two.

You can also purchase a Razor Stand for $15, customized to either the Truman or the Winston Razor. The idea of the Razor stand is it keeps your razor standing up straight and dry, which helps the blades to stay sharp longer. Don’t worry, I didn’t know the point of them either. It’s a pretty simple, sleek little cube:

Are Harry’s Razors Good?

Harry's Razor Review

Ah, this is the big question in the Harry’s razors review. While Harry’s doesn’t feature customer feedback on its website, they have been reviewed by numerous other sources. Unfortunately, not all of the reviews have been positive.

Many customers who have submitted a Harry’s razors review have specifically stated that they favour Gillette over Harry’s, stating that Harry’s razors are actually quite rough and are hurting their face

Others have stated that Harry’s razors are flying out of their hands when they try to use them. This is despite Harry’s claim that their razors have been optimally designed to achieve the opposite.

Harry’s Razors Promotions & Discounts 

We’d like to pass on some great deals in this Harry’s razors review. Harry’s has a Core Membership option for just $15, which gives you 10% off your first order and every order afterwards for one year. You also get free engraving, access to members-only products, and early access to products that haven’t yet been launched to the general public. 

Here are some more discount codes:

Use code: 1000 for $5 off your order

Use code: 8000 for $5 off your order

Use code: 1130 for $11 off your order

Use code: MMA for 20% off your order

Where to Buy Harry’s Razors

Harry's Razor Review

Harry’s products are available on their website, at harrys.com. You can find Harry’s listed under a variety of major chains, including under searches for Harry’s razors Walmart and Harry’s razors Target. You can also find them in a search for Harry’s razors Amazon

Some other retail stores that stock Harry’s: Walgreens, Duane Reader, Kroger, Smiths, Fred Meyer, Wegmans, Hy-Vee, J. Crew, Urban Outfitters, and Barneys.


How to Cancel Harry’s Razors

Unlike a lot of subscription services, it’s easy to cancel your Shave Plan subscription. All you need to do is go to Your Details, accessed from your Profile. Select “Cancel Plan”, which will be on the bottom-left corner of the screen. 

You can also cancel your subscription from your Profile Page. You are not locked into your subscription for any period of time with Harry’s and there is no penalty fee of any kind.

Harry’s Razors Shipping Policy

Harry’s doesn’t have a particular time of the month that they ship, so they’ll ship your order as quickly as possible. In terms of their subscription plans, they will ship in 2, 3- or 5-month increments, starting from the date that you placed the order.

Harry’s provides free shipping to any order over $15. If your order is under $15, then your shipping fee will still only be about $3. In terms of shipping locations, Harry’s currently just ships to the US, Canada and the UK, although they’re “hoping” to expand on this in the future.

Shipping times depend on the option you choose (Economy, Ground, Expedited). Your Harry’s order can arrive anywhere from 1-8 business days from the date that you place your order.

Harry’s Razors Return Policy

Our Harry’s razors review yielded a pretty simple return process. You can return your products within 30 days for a full refund. They don’t specify any exceptions to this rule. Harry’s has a satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with your product, you can return it. Simple as that.

Contact Harry’s Razors

Harry's Razor Review

If you have questions outside of this Harry’s razors review, you can get in touch with the team in either of these ways:

  • Email Harry’s at [email protected] and they’ll get back to you within 24 hours
  • Call Harry’s at 888-212-6855 between 10am – 6pm EST any day of the week

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