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About Supply.Co

Supply.Co Shave Review

Supply.Co is a Texan shaving brand offering high-quality men’s razors, shaving supplies, and skincare products. They have a number of admirers including the judges/investors on Shark Tank, and GQ, who named their razor the Best Single Blade razor in 2020. 

This is all lofty praise so far, but this Supply.Co shave review will look past the awards at the products, prices, and deals to help you decide if Supply.Co is worth your investment.

Overview of Supply.Co

Supply.Co Shave Review

Supply.Co began with a Texan couple, Patrick and Jennifer, who were frustrated with the underperformance and fragility of the razors available on the market. The goal of Supply.Co was originally to create shaving products that really work and really last, and to do it all the right way.

The right way is a familiar refrain in their branding. While it is a notoriously ambiguous phrase, they do seem to put substance behind it. Supply.Co’s right way is generally synonymous with their commitment to maintain their roots as a family-started company who refuses to skimp on materials and makes sure to interact with their customers without the run-around of dealing with the big guys.

The family element is something they really lean into. There’s even a family photo on the site that, to the delight of this Supply.Co shave review, features a dog who looks like the goodest boy. They talk about Supply.Co frequently as a community, which means a commitment to honest, straightforward customer service.

The Supply.Co family continues to grow. Supply.Co now has a line of skincare products, they ship to customers all over the world and they recently received a $300k investment from Season 11 of Shark Tank. Supply.Co maintains a small team based out of Fort Worth, Texas.

Supply.Co Shave Review

Let’s see if these products do things the right way for you. Take a look at our sum up of this Supply.Co shave review:


  • Long lasting shaving and skincare products
  • All products are animal and cruelty free
  • The site and process are very user-friendly
  • Great deals to take advantage of
  • 100-year guarantee
  • Free shipping on orders over $35 in the United States
  • Ships around the world
  • Maintains a blog with helpful shaving tips and resources


  • Pricier than other shaving and skincare products, though Supply.Co argues that this is offset by durability
  • Only offers single blade razors, which can involve a learning curve and is more time-consuming
  • Takes longer to ship outside the United States
  • While they say women can use them, the brand is certainly geared towards men

Product Reviews

Supply.Co Shave Review

Supply.Co has a simple process for the whole shaving experience:

1. Choose the colour of your razor

2. Upgrade it to a Starter Set

3. Pick a stand (they match!)

4. Add accessories

There are too many Supply.Co products and accessories to examine here. Instead, this Supply.Co shave review will focus on the core of Supply.Co’s shaving and skincare options: the Single Edge 2.0 Razor, the Single Edge Starter Set, and the Skincare Essentials Starters Set.

Supply.Co Single Edge 2.0 Razor 

The Single Edge 2.0 Razor is the updated version of the original Supply razor, which was discontinued. The differences are subtle but noticeable, with upgrades to the manufacturing quality and balance of weight. They maintained the Supply.Co minimalist and futuristic design. They currently come in five colours:

  • Classic matte (a matte silver) ($75)
  • Mirror polish (shiny silver) ($75)
  • Matte black ($95)
  • Jet black ($95)
  • Stainless steel ($145)

With the exception of the pure stainless steel model, the razors contain an alloy from zinc alloy (alloy-ception?) and PVD chrome. All of them use aerospace-grade metals and with their sleek design, look like they could exit orbit with the right engine.

Supply.Co uses a single blade design. The idea behind the single blade is that it cuts just at the surface of the skin to prevent ingrown hairs. Their Shark Tank pitch did a good job of illustrating this and is available on YouTube if you want to check it out. The blade can also be adjusted to three different levels of exposure, to help you shave the right way.

The weight seems to be the most immediately striking difference with the Supply Single Edge 2.0 Razor. They’re quite heavy compared to the average razor. They’re constructed strategically: single blade razors are supposed to glide along the skin instead of being pressed into it. The proper distribution of weight is necessary to ensure the razor does not slip and clip the skin.

The price is initially jarring but the idea is that the Single Edge 2.0 Razor will last you forever (100 year guarantee) so in the long run it’ll come out cheaper. They do the math to show this on their site, but shaving is a variable process, so you might want to do your own to see if their calculations are relevant to you.

Single Edge 2.0 Blades

Just as the razor doesn’t nick your face, the Single Edge 2.0 Blades won’t nick your skin (sayonara to those tiny razor blade cuts you get on the tips of your fingers). Supply.Co uses injector blades so you never have to actually touch the blade in order to replace it. These are pretty sharp blades, so that’s helpful. The razors even have a blade disposal slot in the back of the package—which this Supply.Co shave review guesses might as be more suitable than any other disposal method.

The Single Edge 2.0 Blades come in a pack of 8 for $6, which is a pretty good deal, if they last as long as Supply.Co says they do (a pack every 3 months). Supply’s blades are built with American-made stainless steel, and are twice as thick so they’re supposed to be a quality that will last. Overall, though, that timeline will depend on your own shaving demands. 

Supply.Co The Single Edge Starter Set

The Single Edge Starter Set gives you everything you need for a Supply shave. The set includes:

  • Single Edge 2.0 Razor
  • Ultra Lather Shaving Cream (individually $22 for 4oz)
  • Healing Post Shave ($14 for 2oz)
  • Silvertip Synthetic Shaving Brush ($39)

You can still get the Single Edge 2.0 Razor in any colour, with the price varying between $125 for silver alloy (savings of $25 over buying each separately), $145 for black alloy (savings of $25), or $195 for stainless steel (savings of $30). This Supply.Co shave review already showcased the razor, so let’s take a look at the remaining three products.

Ultra Lather Shaving Cream

Well isn’t this a suave little bottle. The Ultra Lather Shaving Cream is designed to permit the smoothest shave possible. It’s the Cary Grant of shaving creams, using Kaolin clay for protection, Shea butter as a moisturizer, and jojoba oil for refreshment. The shaving cream is available in three versions:

  • Coastal scent (bergamot, cedar, and oakmoss)
  • Crisp scent (juniper, bergamot, and jasmine)
  • Calm scent (blue sage, lavender, and eucalyptus)

Whichever scent you choose, it comes in a glass bottle tinted reddish brown with a silver lid that ties together nicely the razor, shaving brush, and aftershave. Be advised, though, that you need a shaving brush to bring out the lather in the cream.

Healing Post Shave

Supply.Co’s Healing Post Shave, they say, is 100% alcohol-free. 100% amazing. Supply.Co’s take on the post shave turns to witch hazel, Aloe Vera, and vegetable glycerine. Mystical as it sounds, witch hazel simply tightens skin and reduces inflammation to aid against irritation. Aloe Vera acts as the moisturizer, while its healing qualities can help with cuts. Vegetable glycerine, they tell us, is a natural humectant. This means it’s the middleman, increasing your skin’s ability to absorb and retain moisture.

The Healing Post Shave comes as a misting spray, which this Supply.Co shave review loves. It comes in a bottle with a similar tint to the Ultra Lather Shaving Cream, but a touch lighter. The nozzle is black so if you choose a black razor, this would be the one pulling it all together.

Silvertip Synthetic Shave Brush

The Silvertip Synthetic Shaving Brush is the one that gives extra lather to the Ultra Lather Shaving Cream. It contains a Supply.Co custom material that we’re assuming feels as close to silvertip badger fur as possible, without, you know, shaving a badger. That’s a nice positive. 

The handle is acrylic and comes in just one colour: faux ox horn. There’s a lot of faux animal stuff going on here to keep with Supply’s animal and cruelty free standards. It’s actually quite a nice marble-esque pattern that matches well with the Ultra Lather Shaving Cream and Healing Post Shave.

Supply.Co Skincare Essentials Starter Set

The Supply Skincare Essentials Starters Set is a newer introduction than the original shaving line. It is to the skin what the Single Edge Starter Set is to facial hair. This Supply.Co set includes:

  • Feel Good Face Wash (individually $16 for 4 fl oz)
  • Multi Purpose Moisturizer ($20 for 2 fl oz)
  • Age Defense Eye Cream ($28)

All together, the set costs $59 representing a savings of $5. With daily use, all the products are expected to last 2-3 months.

Feel Good Face Wash

The Feel Good Face Wash is full of plant-based ingredients that are supposed to not just clean your face but also leave it feeling refreshed. They make a return to Aloe Vera for this but they also include coconut-based cleansers to wash your face without the use of chemicals.

What’s more is the Feel Good Face Wash is not topped up with any water, which is a nice bonus as it should last longer and give you more value for what is a larger investment than the average face wash.

Multi Purpose Moisturizer 

Let’s let Supply.Co describe the Multi Purpose Moisturizer: this is a super-concentrated tube of superior skin food. Don’t eat it, though. This Supply.Co shave review is going to leave aside the concept of skin food but it certainly makes you to take notice. This seems like a level up from the Feel Good Face Wash and the moisture it provides. The Aloe makes another richly deserved return and it is joined by Myrothamnus plant for anti-aging power, and Siberian ginseng to repair skin cells and resist temperature wear and viral infections.

That’s a lot that it does and it duly costs more than basic moisturizers. However, it is less than you would pay for high-end moisturizers. The bottle is the same clean design as the Feel Good Face Wash.

Age Defense Eye Cream

The Age Defense Eye Cream levels up from the anti-aging capabilities of the Multi Purpose Moisturizer. Another plant-based product, it employs peptides and vitamin C for their anti-aging properties, Albizia Julibrissin bark extract to reduce puffiness and fight other signs of tiredness and aging, and lastly hyaluronic acid fights to reduce wrinkles.

It is a little on the expensive side for an eye cream but not a crazy price at $28. The Age Defense Eye Cream goes with the Skincare Essential Starters Set, while retaining  the simplistic look that Supply.Co likes.

Supply Shave Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Supply.Co Shave Review

There is a lot of love going around for Supply.Co in reviews on their site and on Reddit. The skincare line is newer, and while it has overwhelmingly positive reviews, there are fewer to go off of. Skincare routines come down a lot to personal preference but there is enough there to suggest that Supply.Co’s skincare line is worth a look, despite the slightly elevated prices.

The shaving line is where there’s a lot more information to work with. The reviews are still very positive. The Single Edge 2.0 Razor seems to do everything they claim and some Supply.Co reviews say it has solved long-standing problems with bumps, something Supply.Co doesn’t overtly advertise as a perk (but you would assume is implied). The brush also receives high marks from reviewers for its low amount of shedding (good brushes shed at least a little). The Ultra Lather Shaving Cream and Healing Post Shave are judged highly for their effectiveness and luxuriousness.

The entire set seems to be not quite a necessity, however. Some reviews think it works best all together but many leave reviews indicating which other products they use effectively with the Single Edge 2.0 Razor. At the prices Supply.Co has, it might be worth trying the razor alone before opting for the whole set. The other knock is with single blade shaving in general. 

It does have a learning curve and most negative reviews focus on frustrations while getting the hang of Supply.Co shaving, with some deciding it’s not worth the hassle. The company does provide a 100-day free trial, though, in case it doesn’t work for you (get more information on returns in the FAQ section of this Supply.Co shave review).

Is Supply.Co Worth It?

Supply.Co Shave Review

Overall, the question needs to be about its usefulness for you. If you need a better shave and want to move to a single blade: our Supply.Co shave review concludes that this brand is a great option. However, if you don’t have high shaving demands or just want a quick shave, it might not be worth the financial outlay and time required.

Supply.Co Promotions & Discounts 

Supply.Co Shave Review

This Supply.Co shave review couldn’t find a Supply.Co promo code on the site right now. They do have an ever-present Supply.Co discount code of 15% for members of the US military

Another option is the warehouse deals. You can order any product that is functionally perfect but was damaged in the warehouse (think scratch, imperfection, etc.) for 50% off.

Where to Buy Supply Shave Products

All Supply products are available only online at Supply.Co and a limited number of other online retailers (not Amazon, though). This Supply.Co shave review would recommend just going through their site, it looks the easiest way.


Supply.Co Shipping Policy 

This Supply.Co shaving review will give you the rundown of what you can expect with shipping. Orders throughout the US are shipped by USPS Priority Mail and usually arrives within 3-5 business days). The 100 day free trial lets you get a sense of the product without necessarily making the commitment. Free shipping is provided for domestic orders over $35, or free returns within the first 100 days.

  • Free shipping on orders over $35
  • $3.95 for orders under $35
  • Free returns within the first 100 days

International orders and delivered through SPS. Price and discounts vary by destination and are calculated at checkout. Express orders arrive within (6-10 business days) or (14-21) for Returns are coordinated through emailing [email protected].

Supply.Co Return Policy

The 100 day free trial lets you get a sense of the product without necessarily making the commitment. There is also the 100-year guarantee but, like a lot of guarantees, there are many ways to void it by mishandling or misusing the product.

Contact Supply.Co

If you have questions that weren’t covered in this Supply.Co shave review, you can contact the team through the contact form on the bottom of their site or email [email protected].

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Ask a Question
Asked by Mike (3 years ago) Reply

Please stop listening to the fake and paid reviews. The products and company are scammers.

Asked by Bernard j. (3 years ago) Reply

Worst shave and you can’t leave a real review on their site. What a joke.

Asked by Richard D (3 years ago) Reply

I’m of an age where I started out using single edge blades. After years of multi-blade products I was persuaded to try this product. There is a reason it’s called progress, you don’t have to regress to something worse just because it’s trendy and retro. I have perseverred as instructed by the company but have never achieved anything like a close shave. Binned the razor and gone back to my regular system. Terrible product.

Answered by Rebarboreto (3 years ago) Reply

How much are they paying you to write this?

Answered by ChrisJ (2 years ago) Reply

I had a hard time finding the proper angle and loading was supposed to be easy and I ended up dulling a couple blades just loading the damn thing (I know a rolled edge when I see it).

Asked by Jermain (3 years ago) Reply

100% razor burn
100% garbage.
People are being reimbursed to write these fake reviews. Enough is enough.

Answered by ChrisJ (2 years ago) Reply

When the money hits my PayPal account, I’ll let you know.

Asked by craig leonardo (3 years ago) Reply

as excited as I was to try my newest razor investment I was truly disappointed to say the least when I performed my 1st shave. not only did i purchase the supply razor, I also bought their ultra lather shaving cream and shaving brush. The initial shave results using the “comfortable” attachment wasnt actually as close as I anticipated. it was very underwhelming to say the least. while the webiste tells you to give it a try, I am going to give it back for a refund. after shaving for over 40 years I know what I like and dont. My double edge safety razor did a better job. Ill try and leave this on the website and hope it sticks. remember this is my experience. some folks swear by it.

Asked by Edward (3 years ago) Reply

Beautiful design and fine engineering. I just started using it and plan to compare with my trusty Mach 3. So far I am enjoying the ritual. Not sure if the shave is dramatically better, particularly since I have a pretty light non-challenging beard, but using a beautifully designed instrument in a deliberate meditative manner is a pleasure in itself. I find some of the negative review a little hostile and strange. Perhaps you are the compensated reviewers that you complain about.

Learning curve, bad cuts, opted for the refund
Asked by ChrisJ (2 years ago) Reply

I’ve started DE shaving a few years ago (Merkur 34), saw this and thought it was a great idea (single edge blade, no touch). Problem is the steep learning curve; tried it for a week and the first day resulted in some pretty bad lacerations. Went back to my Defender until my face healed up then tried again. Not as many cuts but just a poor shave.

I discovered that I somehow managed to load the blade wrong and the edge of the razor dragged against the blade guide, effectively dulling the razor. After doing some research online, I found that you had to loosen the screw that secures the guide to the razor slightly, then when working the injector mechanism, you have to push up so the edge of the razor doesn’t drag on the blade guide; not as easy or as shown on the video.

I figured I’d go all in an buy the other blade guides (the one and three dot) as well that the cream and aftershave. Frankly the guides should have been included with the razor, the shave cream was average but the aftershave was nice.

This is not a shower-shaver, need to be in front of the mirror by the sink for this one. Would’ve been nice if there were some gimping/grip on because it’s smooth (which looks nice) and heavy (which feels nice). I found it too difficult to maintain the proper blade angle but some might say that a week isn’t enough time, but then what’s the point of continuing while I get cut up and poor shaves?

Their customer service bot/text utility is somewhat odd; I much would have preferred an email rather than a lead-by-the-nose messaging system. Since they can’t resell these, I opted for the 50% refund and kept it because why bother shipping something back if they’re just going to trash it anyway.

I really wanted to get this to work but couldn’t, so I’m using the Defender which is much easier and while a three-blade razor, is shower-friendly and is inexpensive.

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