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About Warrior Made

Warrior Made Review

Warrior Made is a Keto-centric diet and fitness program that offers tailored plans for busy people. With the aim to empower people, the brand makes a change in lifestyle approachable by way of easy-to-follow workouts, delicious recipes, and informative articles.

Part of the e-based program’s success is due to its community. Warrior Made boasts over 508k followers on its Facebook page, as well as 7k members in its group on the platform, bringing people together with common goals and interests.

A 3x Inc. 500 company, the brand is on target to empower one million people with its modern, simplified approach to dieting and exercise. Looking for an approachable way to level up your diet and fitness regimen? Keep reading this Warrior Made review.

Here, we’ll fill you in on all you need to know about the brand and its program, provide customer feedback, information on promotions, and more, to help you decide if it’s the right fit for you.

Overview of Warrior Made

Warrior Made Review

Eating clean and exercising can be daunting. There’s so much information out there, it’s scary. So when it comes to choosing a diet program, often, people go with whatever’s popular, but those programs aren’t necessarily geared towards lifestyle changes and focus on calorie restricting, along with copious amounts of cardio.

Founded in 2012 by health and fitness coach Tyler Bramlett, Warrior Made takes a new route to dieting, focusing on information served up in low-impact exercise videos, vibrant and simple recipes, and dependable support.

The folks at Warrior Made describe themselves as “highly ambitious, trustworthy and transparent, constantly improving” and “solution oriented.” You can see these values shine through the brand’s diet and fitness plans, which feature results-driven exercises, and helpful tips to make Keto-cooking run smoothly.

Based in California, Warrior Made is on a mission to empower one million people.

Before we get into what’s involved in the brand’s program, this Warrior Made review will give you a rundown of its pros and cons.


  • Offers informative videos, articles, and recipes
  • Coach support throughout the program
  • Access to a wide community of like-minded people
  • Affordable
  • E-program is available around the world
  • Free 14-Day Trial
  • Free domestic shipping for hard copies, supplements, and gear


  • Signing up isn’t instant—you may be placed on a waiting list

How Does Warrior Made Work?

Warrior Made Review

Simple, accessible, easy to follow. Three things that make Warrior Made a highly desired program. From delivering weekly meal plans to effective, power-packed fitness routines, the web-based service proves clients don’t need to leave the comfort of their own homes to get in a great workout or eat clean.

When you sign up for Warrior Made, you’ll be sent your plans weekly. This kind of structure is pretty helpful as it keeps users guessing and looking forward to new recipes.

Workout videos can be accessed from anywhere—phone, tablet, TV…however and wherever you like to workout, you can switch up your location whenever you please.

Unlike other videos, the service includes tips within them that demonstrate how to properly perform a move, like the Warrior Made Spiderman push up. You may not know that effective results depend a lot on proper form, so this fact alone already puts the brand leagues ahead of basic fitness services.

As for the diet part of the program, Warrior Made Keto follows something called a cyclical Keto diet that includes a little bit of intermittent fasting. Encouraging cheat days along with fat metabolization through Ketosis, this way of dieting tends to help users stick to their diet plan, but still feel like they have some freedom.

Intermittent fasting involves limiting food to certain hours of the day. It’s been scientifically proven to bring about fast results and has even been linked to a longer lifespan and better brain power.

The third part of the Warrior Made program has to do with community involvement. No, we don’t mean volunteering at your local soup kitchen, although, by all means, please do. It has to do with connecting with like-minded people.

As part of the Warrior Made program, you’ll join 7k other members in the brand’s Facebook group. Share recipes, gripes, fitness tips…whatever you like. But the point here is to support and encourage each other to meet your goals.

And while on the topic of support, the Warrior Made team is there for you every step of the way.

There is no minimum commitment, and you can sign up for just one month if you like. But, you’ll need to be sure to cancel your subscription before the next billing period to avoid being charged for the coming month.

If all of this sounds good to you, but you’d like to try before you buy, the brand offers a Free 14-Day Trial. You can read more about that a little further down in this Warrior Made review.

But before you even think about signing up, Warrior Made needs to ask you a few questions to get to know your goals, body, and lifestyle.

The next section of this Warrior Made review will walk you through the brand’s Core Quiz, Exercise, and Diet programs, showing you what’s involved in each one.

Warrior Made Quiz Review

When you sign up for Warrior Made, you’ll need to complete a quiz. But to get an Explanation of Your Core Type along with ‘The Best and Worst Core Exercise for [your body type]’ there’s a whole other set of questions to be answered.

We took the Warrior Made Quiz and compacted it into a digestible form below. We’ll give you a quick overview of what you’ll be getting and the type of service the brand offers based on the questions it asks.

After getting to know your gender, exercise regimen, and age, Warrior Made asks the hard-hitting question, “What’s preventing you from having your ideal body?” From there, the service wants to get to know what your unique body is like and pays close attention to your shape, posture, and any injuries you may have sustained over the years.

These types of questions let us know a few things. One, that Warrior Made’s plan will be tailored to your body. And two, that its workouts will focus on whole-body routines that are centered around core strength.

To finish off, Warrior Made will ask you what your main goal is. Then, you’ll simply type in your email and they’ll send you your results.

Warrior Made Exercises Review  

They say abs are made in the kitchen, but we all know a six-pack is made in the gym. Alongside your new Diet program (which is more like a lifestyle change), Warrior Made will help you with toning, strengthening, and stretching your muscles.

Within your Warrior Made Exercises plan, you’ll receive three home-based workouts per week. Spread throughout the week, you’ll get one on Monday, one on Wednesday, and another one on Friday.

Without becoming a member, you can still find a few beneficial routines in the service’s freebie section, like Warrior Made gluteus maximus exercises.

We did the 4-Minute Plank, and let’s just say, it’s a killer. And yet, the way Warrior Made structures its workouts ranges from beginner to advanced, accommodating all levels of exercisers.

The 4-Minute Plank takes users from novice level to hardcore in 30-second increments. Along with the detailed instructions and photos demonstrating each position, you’ll get to read up about the science behind why planking is so beneficial, and how to make sure you’re doing it properly.

Other free exercises include Warrior Made pancake butt exercises, stretching, and posture, and we get the sense that the brand is about quality, not quantity, meaning that it packs its routines with meaty content that’s going to give you fast, noticeable results—and we say that as we wince at our plank-induced soreness.

Warrior Made Diet Review

First things first, if you didn’t already know, the Warrior Made diet is completely Keto-based. Keto is a modern way of eating that keeps carbs very low (under 50g per day), instead, focusing on protein and high levels of fat.

As a member, Warrior Made will send you weekly diet plans and recipes to follow, but before you get started, you can preview a selection of its recipes online that provide instructions on how to make them, along with helpful tips and nutrient facts.

Glancing at the Diet section, we found Keto takes on home-cooked favorites like Warrior Made almond flour gravy, mashed potatoes, and even bread rolls. Because The Best Keto Cauliflower Mash looks creamy and sounds delectable, we decided to take a closer look at the recipe.

Like all of Warrior Made’s recipes, this one is very simple. It involves cauliflower, sour cream, and a handful of other ingredients that you probably already have at home, like butter, garlic, and cream cheese.

Providing handy tips like telling cooks to overcook their cauliflower for a smoother mash, this recipe would be a killer addition to any Sunday night dinner table or an all-Keto Thanksgiving feast.

There is a heap of other free recipes online, but to get the meal plan, you’ll need to go ahead and sign up. You can find the instructions for doing so a little further down in this Warrior Made review.

Who Is Warrior Made For?

Warrior Made Review

Warrior Made is designed for adults who want to lose weight, get in shape, and feel satisfied with what they eat. The whole program is tailored around meeting goals in the comfort of your own home—meaning that you won’t need to leave your house to get in a great workout or access a healthy meal.

It’s an uncomplicated plan that uses the Keto diet at its core. All of the recipes are sent electronically, but you can also order hard copies if you wish to keep them handy on your kitchen’s cookbook shelf.

If you’re looking to do things differently, are interested in a Keto diet, want to save money on expensive groceries and gym memberships, and have support coaching along the way, then Warrior Made may be a good choice for you.

Comparison: Warrior Made vs. Noom

Warrior Made Review

Adopting healthy habits is usually easier when you have a support system in place. Diet and fitness programs were created for that purpose, although many of them have different approaches.

As you’ve learned from this Warrior Made review, our featured service is centered around the Keto diet. To help you see what makes it unique, in this section, we’ll put it head-to-head with Noom.

If you haven’t seen the happy commercials featuring normal-looking people that Noom has put out across social media, just know that its approach seems more relaxed than other diet plans.

Like Warrior Made, before you can get started with Noom, you need to take a lifestyle quiz. It’s completely e-based but is much lengthier than our featured brand’s is.

We took the quiz to see how it differed, and throughout it, we learned that Noom focuses on behavioral change rather than simply telling you what to eat and how to move. The service provides articles that teach you about health-related concepts so that you’ll want to make the changes on your own.

Promising that you can still eat what you want and lose weight quickly (it told us we could lose 7 lbs in just 6 weeks), at the end of the quiz, you’ll need to pay for your plan before you’re given access to the brand’s site.

This is perhaps where the two services differ, as Warrior Made gives its users access to free recipes, workouts, and articles before they ever pay for anything.

Both services offer free trials, and while Noom’s suggests paying $1-$24 (the amount is optional, but you have to pay something for it), our featured brand’s is completely free. Hence the word “free” in “free trial.”

The price for each of the services per month is around $50.

Is one service better than the other? That’s a tough question to ask. The programs are both so different, and since people are all made differently, preferences vary. There’s no denying that either approach can bring about amazing results, it’s all a matter of which one you see yourself sticking to long term.

How Much Is Warrior Made?

Warrior Made Review

Warrior Made’s pricing isn’t listed on its website. It’s not until your application for the program is approved that you’ll be able to choose your plan.

From what we found in a thorough web search, sources confirm that the monthly membership fee is $40/month. Once you’re a member, you can order hard copies of the brand’s cookbooks and certain workout videos free of cost.

The brand also offers something called the Warrior Made 6-Week Challenge. It’s a one-time fee of $50 and includes six weeks of meal plans and workouts, along with coaching support.

Warrior Made Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Warrior Made Review

Warrior Made seems like a straightforward program. It uses three pillars—diet, exercise, and community—to bring about results. But while this combination seems like a surefire way for success, we need a little more information to be 100% certain.

That’s exactly why this section of our Warrior Made review exists. Here, we’ll fill you in on real customer feedback about the brand’s fitness and training program to give you a better idea of the kind of results people see while using it.

We hit up quite a few places around the web, but let’s start a little closer to home, on WarriorMade.com.

Though there weren’t a ton of reviews listed on the brand’s website, what was there was quite helpful. Clients say that they have enjoyed following the program and it’s been very easy to, thanks to the simple recipes and painless meal options—no home-sprouted bread or pricey foraged mushrooms required!

One Warrior Made review quoted on the brand’s website read, “I cannot believe this 14 Day Keto Plan. I have been eating all the stuff I’ve been told is bad for me… eggs, butter, bacon, and I’m losing weight.”

This is one of the things people love about the Keto diet. It’s simple, and usually, all the stuff you’re allowed to eat is at regular diners, grocery stores, or already in your own fridge.

Next, we headed to Reviewopedia to see what its Warrior Made review had to say about the brand’s program.

Basically, the review summed up the brand’s services, and among the very detailed information, we found this crucial tidbit that brings up an important point about what Warrior Made does:

They put everything together in a fun, bite-sized package, making it easy for you to lose weight on your own terms – and in the comfort of your own home. No gym or expensive meal plans required.

It’s not uncommon for people new to the fitness and diet world to think they need an expensive gym membership or a $1k monthly grocery haul to get healthy. Warrior Made proves that all you need is the right information.

Feeling really good about the services that the brand provides, we stumbled across an Amazon page for the brand’s Warrior Made Cookbook Recipe Bundle (all six of its cookbooks). There aren’t many reviews here—only eight.

The bundle’s score of 3/5 stars may not be an accurate depiction of the quality of this book, but in general, customers say that it has a “Nice selection of recipes with pictures.” Based on the recipes and images on the brand’s website (hello, fluffy Keto Blueberry Muffins!) we’d have to agree.

The diet programs certainly seem like winners, but we stopped to wonder if the brand’s support and service matched. To find out, we checked out the Better Business Bureau and found a solid B+ rating. This shows us they handle customer issues promptly and in general, resolve all customer complaints.

We also checked out the brand’s Trustpilot page to see if any red flags popped up. After reading a lengthy review about the brand’s stellar service—consistently checking up on clients, and being personable.

Judging by every other review we came across, as well as the brand’s BBB score, it doesn’t look like it is. All in all, the Warrior Made program looks to be enjoyed by those who use it and is loved for its simplicity, recipes, and accessible workouts.

Is Warrior Made Worth It?

Warrior Made Review

Getting in shape isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it. With that in mind, anything that makes eating and exercising a little more approachable and less fussy is something to be appreciated.

Warrior Made’s programs are easy to follow, its recipes look delicious, the meal plans are simple, and clients appear to value all of those things and generally enjoy the Keto lifestyle.

If you’re not 100% sold on the brand yet, it offers a 14-Day Free Trial. You can read more about that in the next section of this Warrior Made review, but just know that it’s a sneak peek into exactly what you would be getting in a long-term program.

Warrior Made Promotions & Discounts

Warrior Made Review

They say good health is priceless, but every little discount along the way sure helps! Throughout this Warrior Made review, we scoped out the brand’s website to see all they had to offer.

It turns out, Warrior Made has a 14-Day Free Trial with some pretty amazing content inside. During the trial, you’ll receive:

  • One meal plan per week
  • 3 workouts sent Monday, Wednesday, and Friday—Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels—things like Warrior Made flat butt exercises and core-busting videos
  • The 14-Day Diet
  • Access to the private Warrior Made Facebook group

Sign Up For Warrior Made

Warrior Made Review

Signing up for Warrior Made is really simple and it involves a quiz! Who doesn’t love a quiz? To start your new training and diet journey, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Head to WarriorMade.com
  2. Click on ‘get started now’
  3. Complete the quiz
  4. Wait for your results & link to start training


Warrior Made Review

How do I cancel my Warrior Made subscription?

Warrior Made would like to make your relationship with them a long-term thing, but they understand it may just be more of a fling. If at any time you need to cancel your subscription, you can by using either of these two methods:

  1. Call 888-480-1947 and let them know
  2. Submit a ticket on its website

What is Warrior Made’s Shipping Policy?

If you are enrolled in one of Warrior Made’s training programs and prefer to have a hard copy of the materials (recipes, workouts, etc.) instead of an e-copy, just let their team know and they’ll happily send you one.

Depending on where you live, processing and shipping can take around 7-14 business days. Once your order ships, Warrior Made will send you a confirmation email with a tracking link for you to keep an eye on your package’s arrival date.

This same shipping holds for Warrior Made supplements and gear as well.

What is Warrior Made’s Return Policy?

Along with Warrior Made’s virtual services, the brand offers exercise gear and supplements to assist in hitting your goals. If you need to, these products can be returned within 60 days from the date of purchase for a full refund. This includes supplements that have been partially used.

The brand has four general rules for returns:

  1. You’ll need to start the return process within 60 days of purchase
  2. Use the contact methods listed in the last section of this Warrior Made review to initiate your return
  3. You are responsible for return shipping costs
  4. Choose a traceable shipping method

Warrior Made cannot refund your order until they have received your returned product. Once you get in contact with the brand, they’ll send you instructions on where to send it.

In addition to supplements and gear, Warrior Made programs come with a 60-day Money-Back Guarantee as well.

How to Contact Warrior Made

We hope you found all the information you came looking for in this Warrior Made review. If you still have unanswered questions, feel free to get in touch with the brand by using any of the contact methods listed below:

If you are looking for more ways to lose weight and stay healthy? here are a few other options to consider:


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