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Freshly Picked Moccasins Review

About Freshly Picked

Freshly Picked Moccasins Review

Freshly Picked is a high-quality brand specializing in handmade leather moccasins for newborns and young children. Although Freshly Picked focuses on the steps of boys and girls with their moccasins, they also offer products for mothers, including stylish diaper bags and sneakers.

The following Freshly Picked moccasins review includes key factors about the brand and its products to help you make the appropriate purchase decision.

Overview of Freshly Picked

Freshly Picked Moccasins Review

CEO, Susan Peterson, founded Freshly Picked in 2009, motivated by her inability to find baby shoes that fit her son. Susan had little money at her disposal, so she purchased pieces of leather at a yard sale and created a perfect fit for her son. In 2014, Peterson appeared on “Shark Tank” with a determination to succeed. She received a deal with Daymond John and got the exposure she needed for her business to take off. 

Freshly Picked has a clear mission: to create cute and fashionable baby shoes that will fit every foot, and get them through every step. Whether it’s a child’s first step and they’re trying to balance, or their millionth step and you can’t keep up with them, Freshly Picked ensures comfort throughout their journey. 

Freshly Picked Moccasins Review

Freshly Picked is a Utah-based company with products made from high-quality leather. Freshly Picked moccasins are made in California and Mexico. One element that sets Freshly Picked apart from other brands in the fashion industry is their focus on worry-free comfort while creating memories as a family. 

Freshly Picked started from personal experience, and they understand the stress and obstacles that come with starting a family. They know that it’s not only about the product that goes on their child. It’s about the moments that are created with their children. 

This Freshly Picked moccasins review examines the benefits and downsides associated with the brand:


  • High-quality, unique, handmade moccasins to match any personality and outfit for girls, boys, and neutral
  • They keep their website updated, along with their Instagram to ensure that their customers are always in the loop with any news – they also have a “coming soon” section on their website to let customers know what they can look forward to
  • Collaborated with Disney to design their moccasin collection 
  • They currently have a variety of sales that are ongoing and seasonal. If you join The Fringe subscription, you can save up to 20% on all products


  • Products are slightly expensive, especially with the added expenses for new moms
  • They ship all over the US and Canada, but all orders are processed in USD; the price you see in your cart is in Canadian dollars, though this is not what you’re paying
  • They have a wide variety of shoes for children and mothers, which is where they specialize, but they don’t have an extensive clothing collection
  • An additional restocking fee is required for returns outside of the US

Freshly Picked Baby Moccasins Review

Freshly Picked Moccasins Review

Newborns are precious and always need to feel comforted. If you’re looking for an adorable, stylish, and comfortable first shoe, then you’ve come to the right place in this Freshly Picked moccasins review. Freshly Picked baby moccasins come in a variety of colours and styles to choose from to fit any occasion. Although some of the moccasins are currently sold out, they provide plenty of other colour options to explore, such as blush, platinum, midnight blue, rose pink, and pumpkin.

These moccasins have a starting price of $39 (or a discounted rate of 20% off if you join The Fringe). These easy to slip on and off leather moccasins are perfect if you’re on the go, or practicing steps with your child around the house. You will never have to worry about these shoes slipping off as your child wears them. They’re specifically designed for infants and toddlers at one size and will support them through all of their trials and errors.

We were pleasantly surprised to learn from a Freshly Picked moccasins review that the company also provides sets that include a diaper bag, a pair of baby shoes, and a baby bodysuit at a starting price of $199. You’ll definitely save money with this three-piece starter pack of essentials for your newborn. 

Freshly Picked Baby Moccasins Soft Soles

This Freshly Picked moccasins review takes a look at the Soft Soles collection, which includes quite a few other styles for infants and toddlers. These moccasins are offered in similar styles and colours, so your child can grow with Freshly Picked. 

These moccasins have a current starting price of $47 and are made from the same quality leather as the shoes shown above. Some of the colours include black, navy, blush, grey, and platinum. All of the moccasins have a refreshing gender designs.

Freshly Picked Baby Moccasins Mini Soles 

The brand also offers Mini Soles, a line that is ideal for the active side of your child. These moccasins have rubber soles to prevent slipping on outdoor runs, climbs, or walks. These moccasins have a starting price of $52 and come in a variety of bright colours.

A Freshly Picked moccasins review revealed that the brand has collaborated with Disney to create imaginative moccasins for infants and toddlers. With over six pages of products to choose from, your child will be wanting more of their favourite Disney characters featured on their feet. These moccasins have a starting price of $59

Freshly Picked Baby Shoes Review

A Freshly Picked moccasins review found that the brand has so much more to offer besides baby moccasins. Freshly Picked has designed a variety of baby shoes, which will bring out your child’s fun personality. They’ll look like the cutest mini adults in these shoes. Some special designs and colours include the following:

  • Chrome Chelsea Boot Mini Sole ($52)
  • Copper Oxford Mini Sole ($65)
  • Cedar Chelsea Boot Mini Sole ($65)
  • Metallic Leopard Chelsea Boot ($59)
  • Zebra Print Chelsea Boot ($59)
  • Leopard Hearts Chelsea Boot ($59)
  • Onyx Chelsea Boot – Black ($59)

Freshly Picked has boots to march in and sneakers to impress their friends with as they play. Shoes don’t always grow with your child, but this brand has managed to ensure they keep up with children’s growth while watching trends, so your child is always in style. 

Sometimes it can be challenging to get your child to wear anything you want, especially as they start to grow and develop their own taste. These sneakers start at $37 and are covered in natural leather, with so many colours and designs to choose from.

Freshly Picked sandals are available for the summer months. Don’t worry too much about getting these sandals wet at the beach, as they are water-resistant, made with quality leather, and cushioned to ensure comfort and support for your child. 

These sandals are mostly marketed towards young girls, though something like the classic Maritime Bixby Sandal may be a style that your son can enjoy. With a starting price of $39 and a variety of bright summer colours for any outfit or occasion, these sandals will not disappoint.

Freshly Picked Diaper Bag Review

Who said moms can’t stay hip while carrying baby products? Babies go through a lot of diapers. Freshly Picked has diaper bags that will store everything you need for not just your baby, but you as well. These chic bags have ten pockets with a spacious inside. You can also wear these bags over the shoulder, as a backpack so you can have maximum use of your hands, or across the body. 

These diaper bags are easy to clean and come in 14 different colours and designs to suit anyone’s preference. The diaper bags are made of quality materials, such as vegan leather, nylon, and gold hardware, with a magnetic flap to ensure a quick close. This Classic Diaper Bag weighs 2.3 lbs and has a starting price of $140. 

Freshly Picked also provides Mini Classic Diaper Bags that are perfect for those moms who have children that want to help out. These smaller bags have eight pockets and plenty of storage for the extra things you may need. They  come in nine different colours and patterns with a starting price of $79.

Did you think that was it in this Freshly Picked moccasins review? They also sell a Classic City Pack for those moms that are living the city lifestyle. These bags are made of high-quality vegan leather. It includes an insulated pocket for food, a sleeve that is large enough to fit a 15 “ laptop, and is water-resistant. With padded shoulder straps to ensure premium comfort, this bag has seven different colours and patterns, with a starting price of $140.

Freshly Picked has a Classic Zip Pouch to match your larger diaper bag. You can fill this with your most important materials for extra security within your bag. Most of these pouches are not officially out until February, but you can pre-order them with a starting price of $39-$49. Freshly Picked also has a Classic Park Pack option. This bag can go around your waist for a quick shop or a trip to the park.  These bags come in four different colours, with a starting price of $59.

Freshly Picked Moccasins Review: What do Customers Think?

Freshly Picked Moccasins Review

With over 900,000 Instagram followers, best sellers, and sold out items, in became clear in our Freshly Picked moccasins review that the brand has created memorable shoes loved by their customers. Parents from all over the US and Canada have given their positive feedback about Freshly Picked products. 

Even dads who weren’t sure what to buy for their newborn were shown to be comfortable purchasing shoes from Freshly Picked. In a Freshly Picked moccasins review, many customers expressed that the shoes are 100% worth the purchase for newborns and children. Some of the most popular elements that customers commented on were the following:

  1. Quality of style
  2. Stays true to its purpose and mission
  3. Affordable, especially when joining The Fringe with a discounted rate
  4. Comfortable – Moms and their children never want to take the shoes off
  5. Completes their wardrobe with matching styles for every outfit
  6. Frequent sales and deals that leave you wanting more

Freshly Picked Size Chart

Freshly Picked offers its customers a video tutorial on their main website of a simple way to measure your child’s foot. They also provide sizing charts and how almost every style of shoe fits, sizing suggestions and tips for wearing specific shoes for all ages. 

What size of Freshly Picked moccasins should you buy? The newborn moccasins are a neutral size 0. Once your newborn starts to grow, Freshly Picked has moccasins to fit every size. Freshly Picked recommends purchasing a half a size down. Freshly Picked moccasins are true to their size, unless your child has a crazy growth spurt, then it’s time to make another purchase.

Freshly Picked Moccasins Review
Freshly Picked Moccasins Review

How to Clean Freshly Picked Moccasins

Freshly Picked has details on how to carefully clean your child’s moccasins. They recommend using a small, damp cloth, with some detergent. Try to use baby detergent, as that will prevent any damage. Put something in the moccasins so that they get their full shape, and let them sit to dry. There is also a Freshly Picked Suede Cleaning Kit for suede moccasins. 

Freshly Picked Promotions & Discounts

A Freshly Picked moccasins review found that the brand offers sales, discounts, and promotions throughout the year. They currently have a winter sale that just went live where a variety of Freshly Picked shoes, diaper bags, and other products are lower in price. There are so many deals to explore, so check the site regularly for a Freshly Picked promo code and Freshly Picked discount code.

The Fringe

Customers also have the option of joining The Fringe at the cost of $10/month. This will get you $10 a month store credit. Members save an additional 20% for every product on their website. Members receive early access to any new releases or deals and are given free shipping. Moms also get 15% off new Birch Bags.

Freshly Picked FAQ

Where to Buy Freshly Picked

Freshly Picked Moccasins Review

Freshly Picked products can be purchased online on their main website. If you live outside of the US or Canada, then your purchase is non-refundable. Amazon also sells Freshly Picked products, but it is not recommended, as some prices are significantly increased. Freshly Picked products are also available in quite a few retail stores, including Nordstrom, Bed Bath and Beyond, Indigo, New Balance, BB Buggy, Disney Store, buybuy BABY, and West Coast Kids. 

Shipping Policy

Their products are shipped anywhere in the United States, Canada, and can be shipped internationally. Freshly Picked orders could take 3-5 business days to process before getting a shipping status update. Shipping is also free for customers who spend $100 or more before taxes. If you are a Fringe member, then you will always get free shipping.

Return Policy

If you want to return a product, you have 30 days from the date of your purchase for a full refund. You can also make an exchange for up to 120 days. All Freshly Picked products have to be unworn and be in original condition. If you live in Canada, then there is a $10 restocking fee for returning items. International returns are non-refundable.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or require further information regarding Freshly Picked services, they can be reached on their main website, phone, or email:


There is a chat section available on the right side of their website where you can ask any questions that you may have. 

Email: [email protected]

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Asked by Amanda McLean (3 years ago) Reply

Caveat emptor! As with many online purchases these days it’s difficult to know the quality of what you’re getting until they arrive. I purchased 4 pairs of shoes from Freshly Picked for my 11 month old granddaughter, she wore this pair to go to the supermarket. Since she’s 11 months she put her foot in her mouth during the car ride – maybe 10 mins at most. You can see that the crappy spray on colouring immediately came off in her mouth. I’ll paraphrase customer service… “oh well, that happens, no you can’t have your money back”. Crappy shoes, and even crappier customer service! I would NOT purchase from this company.

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