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About Bump Boxes

Bump Boxes Review

Bump Boxes is an American subscription brand for moms and moms-to-be. This thoughtful company puts together monthly boxes of goodies and self-care items curated with expectant and new moms in mind.

This new brand has already delivered over 1 million boxes to mamas across the US. And the brand is growing fast. They’re making huge waves on social media, with 195k followers on Facebook and 118k followers on Instagram. 

Their unique subscription plan is also attracting the attention of a host of women’s media, including InStyle, Pregnancy and Newborn, What to Expect, Buzzfeed, and Scary Mommy

Interested in treating yourself or your loved ones to some new, baby-safe products? My Bump Boxes review will give you all the details on this brand, including their best-selling plans, buying highlights, and FAQs, so you can decide if this subscription service is right for you. 

Keep reading to learn more about this fun, creative new brand.

Overview of Bump Boxes

Bump Boxes Review

Bump Boxes was founded in 2015 by American entrepreneurs Christine and Leland Deehring. These new parents had just experienced their first pregnancy and were raising their newborn daughter when they had the idea of a totally pregnancy-safe subscription plan for new moms. 

The Deehrings understand how frustrating it is to have to change your lifestyle when you are expecting, and want to make the process fun and memorable, too.

On their social media pages, the brand shares that their mission is to “make Mom’s life easier by providing real pregnancy-safe products to expectant mothers.”

With so many challenges in pregnancy and new motherhood, Bump Boxes wants to take the guesswork out of finding trustworthy, effective pre- and post-natal products while giving pregnant and new moms something special to look forward to. 

Bump Boxes come with products for both moms and babies, and are tailored to your stage of pregnancy. With each box, you could get products like onesies and teethers, prenatal nutritional supports, journals, books, bath and beauty products, tea, and even postnatal supportwear and baby carriers. 

Bump Boxes Review

Bump Boxes offers a variety of options for delivery, and also lets you buy previous kits and featured products individually. 

This company says that the goodies you’ll find in your Bump Boxes have been vetted to ensure that they are safe and appropriate for all stages of pregnancy, so you don’t have to worry or do any extra ingredient sleuthing yourself.

Whether it’s a sitz bath, a belly oil, or a luxe facial toner, the products in Bump Boxes are free of harsh and harmful chemicals

Interested in learning more? Here are some highlights of signing up for Bump Boxes:


  • Subscription plans for pregnancy-safe self-care and wellness items for expectant and new mothers
  • Wide variety of products
  • First order discount: 50% off with free tote bag 
  • Free breast pump for new moms
  • All items vetted for safe use during pregnancy
  • Ships to many countries internationally
  • Can shop previous boxes and products
  • Subscription boxes ship for free
  • Great gift idea!

Bump Boxes Subscription Review

This brand has different plans and boxes that cater to moms depending on their preferences or stage of pregnancy. 

My Bump Boxes review is going to take a closer look at a few of their best-selling options below:

Bump Boxes Trimester Bundle: Pregnancy Gift Box for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Trimester Review

These boxes will pep up each stage of your pregnancy with fun and useful items that will help you make the most of your pregnancy experience. 

Bump Boxes understands that each trimester brings its own joys and challenges, so these best-selling Trimester Bundle boxes are designed to support you through each and every one!

My Bump Boxes review has found that their 1st Trimester Box contains items that will help you feel better if you’re dealing with morning sickness and other early-stage health issues like heartburn or fatigue. 

The 2nd Trimester Box will give you pregnancy-safe skincare so you can have a spa experience at home. You’ll also receive a picture frame for your baby’s sonogram photo. 

Likewise, your 3rd Trimester Box will be packed with self-care items like a bath soak and belly butter to get you through the final stage of your pregnancy.

Bump Boxes can also include items like water bottles, candles, massagers, and towels. 

Each Trimester Bundle gift box will arrive in a pink Bump Box – buy this bundle for $129, a discount from the standard price of $149.

Bump Boxes New Mom to be Gift Box Review

If you’re looking for a sweet gift for the new mom in your life, check out the New Mom to Be Gift Box! This box has items that both mama and her new baby can enjoy. 

New moms will love convenient items like dry shampoo and a wet bag for or when they’re out and about with their baby. This box’s two books cover both bedtime reading and playtime (and give you an excuse to take tons of photos!), and who can have too many onesies?

Take a look at this best-selling box’s full list of items:

  • Bath Soak by Glow Organics 
  • One Wet Bag by Bumkins
  • Promise Dry Shampoo
  • “I Love You, Mommy” book
  • “The Belly Sticker” Book
  • “I Love Mommy” Onesie – fits up to 6 months

The New Mom to be Gift Box will arrive in Bump Boxes signature pink box! Buy it today for $50.

Bump Boxes Newborn Gift Box – Boy Review 

If you’ve got a baby shower coming up and are struggling to find the right gift, Bump Boxes has you covered. The Newborn Gift Box has been curated especially for parents of new babies.

This box is part of Bump Boxes’ recently added Bitsy Box collection, which has added gift boxes made for little ones up to the age of 3. The Newborn Gift Box is meant for little ones up to a year old

This box is available in Boy and Girl versions themed in pink and blue, but these products can be used by any baby. There is also a beige-and-blue Neutral version. 

This sweet Bitsy Box has classic baby items like a silicone crumb catcher bib for messy meals, a baby photo album, and a bedtime story called “Bedtime Wishes” featuring super-cute illustrated animals. 

It also includes a medallion you can attach to your baby’s carrier to remind people not to get too close, keeping your baby a bit safer from germs during early visits and when you’re out and about. 

The Newborn Gift Box – Boy also includes an adorable plush dog rattle with fluffy ears and ribbon tags to keep your baby entertained.

This gift box is intended for parents of newborns, but many of the items will be useful for years afterwards. Buy the Newborn Gift Box for $50.

Bump Boxes Limited Edition Glow Organics Box Review 

If you’ve received Bump Boxes before, you’ll know that Glow Organics is one of their trusted bath and skincare brands for pregnant mamas. Now, Bump Boxes has a best-selling box entirely dedicated to the Glow Organics brand, available for a limited time.  

Their Limited Edition Glow Organics Box has six different items that will give you the full spa experience from head to toe throughout your pregnancy and long after. 

This box comes with full-sized self-care items, like Glow’s indulgent Bath Soak with organic lavender, bergamot and frankincense, and their Belly Butter to help soothe your bump with organic shea and cocoa butter

Here’s the full list of products you’ll receive with the Limited Edition Glow Organics Box:

  1. Body Butter
  2. Body Lotion
  3. Foot Soak
  4. Charcoal Face & Body Mask
  5. Bath Soak
  6. Foot & Hand Scrub

This Bump Boxes review found that these goodies are all available separately and have a $130 value, but you can save a full $30 if you purchase them as part of this kit. 

Buy the Limited Edition Glow Organics Box for yourself or a friend for $100.

Who Is Bump Boxes For? 

Bump Boxes Review

As you can guess, this company mostly caters to pregnant women who are looking for a fun and easy way to celebrate and enjoy their pregnancy. 

Receiving a high-end subscription that makes personal care and getting ready for your new arrival exciting and rewarding is a great way to enjoy the process. 

As exciting as it is, pregnancy can also be tough, and Bump Boxes provides a fun way to remember to take care of yourself by taking some time out for simple pleasures like a fabulous bubble bath or massage!

Many moms are also understandably wary of what they’re putting on or in their bodies during pregnancy, and it can be overwhelming to parse through ingredients lists and triple-check every new product you might need.

Bump Boxes is designed to take that stress out of the process, by sending products they determine to be safe for both moms and babies.  

This brand also includes pregnancy necessities like anti-nausea drops, belly oil, and pant extenders that might not be easy to find in regular stores. These specialty items are included when you’ll need them, so you’ll feel supported from your first trimester to the third.

Bump Boxes will also appeal to friends and family members looking for a unique gift idea for their pregnant loved one. No matter where you are in the world, Bump Boxes makes it easy to sign an expecting mom up for their service, allowing you to send some monthly treats and help them feel loved as they look forward to having their little one.

Bump Boxes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bump Boxes Review

This brand shares a few customer testimonials on their official site, mostly from moms who either bought a subscription for themselves or received it as a gift. 

When my Bump Boxes review checked out what they were saying, I found that moms generally enjoyed receiving these boxes and felt their monthly surprises were on point.

The best-selling Trimester Bundle was a hit with one mom, who was happy with the helpful products she received, and their great timing, too. 

She reports in her Bump Boxes review,I got this as a gift and really liked it. I got very useful items at just the right stage in my pregnancy. I would definitely purchase this as a gift for friends/family. I think the trimester to trimester option is the best bang for your buck.”

Another new mom was equally impressed with the selection in her Trimester box, writing in her Bump Boxes review, “I couldn’t believe how much cool stuff was in here!! Bath bomb set, organic peaceful mama tea, napping for two eye mask, Belli beauty belli oil, and a really nice sonogram frame!”

This Bump Boxes review also noticed a comment from a customer who loves Bump Boxes’ choice of skin care items, writing, “I got my second Bump Boxes in the mail, and I’m obsessed with my organic belly butter that came in it!”

The brand’s Bitsy Boxes Newborn Gift Set also seems to be a big favorite with new parents, who are loving the cute and practical items inside. 

Bump Boxes Review

A Bitsy Box buyer comments in their Bump Boxes review, “I got the bumpbox subscription when I was pregnant and I loved it! But there were some items I never ended up using. Then I recieved the bitsy boxes and they are even better! So fun to get new things for my newborn every month that I’ll actually use. There are super cute things for baby and also for mom!”

I also found some customer feedback on the website TrustPilot, where they have a 3.1/5 star rating based on over 1,400 independent Bump Boxes reviews. 

My Bump Boxes review found these comments to be somewhat mixed. Some buyers were frustrated with the subscription and cancellation process, not realizing that subscriptions auto renew, while others were not fond of the $25 cancellation fee. 

On the other hand, other expecting moms found the boxes a great way to celebrate the process and saw them as something special to look forward to each month. Many were impressed with the variety of products in their boxes and found that they were just what they needed during their pregnancy

One new mom writes in her TrustPilot Bump Boxes review,My first box was great! The nausea drops came JUST in time and they helped so much!! It also came with a couple things that I won’t need just yet but will DEFINITELY come in handy as time progresses…I love it !”

Another subscriber bought a Bump Box as a fun way to take care of her daughter-in-law, who lives too far away to be treated to in-person gifts and surprises. 

Bump Boxes Review

She writes in her Bump Boxes review, “I am a mother in law and my son’s wife received her first bump box this month. She was so happy she cried. Warmed my heart. They are overseas and I wanted to some how let her know we think of her here at home. She loves the box and the journal…”

This unique subscription service was also reviewed by the writer at, who liked the joy of a little surprise each month, especially given how complex pregnancy can be. She also noted that many of the products were perfect for a bit of much-appreciated “pampering.” 

She shares in her Bump Boxes review,I think Bump Boxes is an excellent product when it comes to pampering yourself…Because pregnancy places so much strain on the body, there are days when you feel very emotional, run down, etc. It helps to have a little surprise arrive every now and then that cheers you up or provides you with relief that you desperately need.”

Overall, many pregnant and new moms seem to be loving their subscription. My Bump Boxes review found that it gives customers something to look forward to and can bring happiness when you’re having a tough time.

Moms also found that Bump Boxes’ products were useful, well thought-out, and encouraged self-care when they needed it most.

Is Bump Boxes Legit?

Bump Boxes Review

Definitely! This brand is only seven years old and has already successfully shipped over 1 million Bump Boxes to moms worldwide. 

That said, make sure you read their terms of service for each plan offered. Some customers have expressed frustration that their subscriptions auto renew after they receive their final box, or that they have to pay a cancellation fee of $25 USD to cancel their subscription.

My Bump Boxes review looked into it, and here’s how the brand explains their cancellation process: “Monthly plans will renew after your final box is delivered. Charges may apply for early cancellation…If you are looking to end your commitment with Bump Boxes today there will be a $25 USD early cancellation fee. Please reach out to our Mom Squad to do so. Bundled subscriptions are paid in full and cannot be refunded.”

Is Bump Boxes Worth It?

Bump Boxes Review

Bump Boxes is contributing to the self-care revolution by offering fun, safe, and indulgent products for a very deserving group of people – new moms!

This company has created a novel way for expecting or new moms to treat themselves, or for friends or family members to send a kind gift that keeps giving.

Their products are reviewed for safety and practicality during pregnancy, so you can feel more confident that everything in your box will be safe for your baby and relevant to your current trimester.

Bump Boxes has received love from customers for their take on subscription shopping, and many moms report that their surprise boxes are helping make their pregnancy journey more enjoyable

If you’re looking for some goodies for your pregnancy, or want to treat the moms-to-be in your life, this Bump Boxes review can recommend considering this company’s service.

Bump Boxes Promotions & Discounts 

Bump Boxes Review

At the time of writing this Bump Boxes review, the brand had an ongoing Mother’s Day offer of 50% off your first box along with a free “Mama” tote bag.

Where to Buy Bump Boxes

Bump Boxes Review

Sign up for your Bump Boxes on their official site.


Bump Boxes Review

Who owns Bump Boxes?

American entrepreneurs Christine and Leland Deehring own Bump Boxes.

Does Bump Boxes ship internationally?

Yes! My Bump Boxes review found that this brand ships to many countries worldwide. International customers can expect to pay a flat rate of $15 USD for shipping. 

Here is the full list of countries they currently serve:

  1. Canada
  2. Denmark
  3. Finland
  4. France
  5. Germany
  6. Greece
  7. Hong Kong
  8. Italy
  9. Norway
  10. Poland
  11.  Portugal
  12.  Republic Of Ireland
  13.  Spain
  14.  Sweden
  15.  United Kingdom

What is Bump Boxes’ Shipping Policy?

Shipping is free for all US subscribers. No matter where you live, your Bump Boxes will make their way to you each month without an additional shipping charge.

If you want your Bump Box to arrive on a certain day, you have the option to select expedited shipping for an additional charge (which varies by location).

Individual Bump Boxes items and one-time boxes ship free in the US if your order is over $75. Otherwise, orders will be subject to a shipping charge to be determined at checkout. 

International orders may be subject to customs and duties charges. 

What is Bump Boxes’ Return Policy?

Bump Boxes offers free returns if you do not enjoy your Bump Box or if there was an issue with your order. You can also reach out to them to return any unused items from your box. 

Bump Box will also allow you to modify or cancel your subscription when you no longer need their service. Just be aware that you should do this before your subscription auto renews, to avoid being charged a $25 cancellation fee or for another year’s subscription. 

To request a return or cancel your subscription, get in touch with them at their Contact Page

How to Contact Bump Boxes

Want to get in touch with the brand after reading this Bump Boxes review? I found four options:

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