Hero Cosmetics Review

About Hero Cosmetics

Hero Cosmetics Review

Hero Cosmetics is a brand that specializes in selling skincare products that target acne-prone complexions. Made for both men and women, this company offers various formulas of cleansers, moisturizers, toners, pimple patches, and more. 

With a steady following of 44.4K on Instagram, Hero Cosmetics has also been featured in many news outlets including BuzzFeed, Insider, Elle, and Allure magazine. 

Do their products strike a powerful punch or are they weak in combat? This Hero Cosmetics review will hopefully answer that for you in this following article.

We will take an in-depth look at the brand, their formulas, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they are worth checking out. 

Overview of Hero Cosmetics

Hero Cosmetics Review

Nobody is blessed with perfect skin, most of us deal with the common pimple dilemma now and then. Founder Ju Rhyu had tried just about everything to subdue frequent flare-ups and was just about to give up. 

Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid would leave her complexion red. Concealer and other makeup products didn’t help keep acne breakouts at bay either.

When she discovered hydrocolloid pimple patches one day, it changed her entire perspective on the skincare industry.

Deciding that she would take it upon herself to educate others about this revolutionary product, Rhyu founded Hero Cosmetics in 2017.

The NYC-based brand is focused on creating formulas that are clean, effective, and convenient for people on the go. Since its launch, the company has also won awards, such as Allure magazine’s 2020 Best of Beauty.

“We’ve definitely had our fair share of acne. It can be embarrassing, frustrating, and hard to talk about, but we’re here to change that. We want to create a space for people to be proactive about their skin, talk about their skin problems and share great solutions. Acne isn’t going away, but the stigma around it can,”—a statement made by the Hero Cosmetics founder. 

Before we get into this Hero Cosmetics review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons: 


  • A variety of skin care products available to purchase on their website. This includes the Hero Cosmetics Micropoints pimple patch and the Hero Cosmetics Lightning Wands serum
  • Hero Cosmetics products can be used to treat multiple skin care concerns and needs including acne and dark spots 
  • All of their formulas are devoid of parabens, sulfates, and alcohol 
  • Reasonable prices 
  • Most of their products are FSA eligible 
  • Offers Quadpay as an alternative payment option 
  • Free shipping on U.S orders that total $35 or more 
  • Student discount saves 15%
  • Rewards program for customers to accrue points to use towards purchases  


  • May not be suitable for everyone
Hero Cosmetics Review

If your skin needs a bit of TLC, it’s time to put on a superhero disguise, which in this context, is a face mask.

Hero Cosmetics has a whole team of products formulated to target problem areas or concerns, offering several varieties of toners, serums, cleansers, pimple patches, and more. 

Below, this Hero Cosmetics review will give you a rundown of their best-selling products.

Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patches Review

Breakouts and blemishes might seem like the end of the world to most people. There’s no need to lose hope, Hero Cosmetics is here to save the day.

Their large collection of legendary pimple patches, nourishing skin balms, to their refreshing cleansers is designed to solve any skin issue. This Hero Cosmetics review will take a look at some of their cult classics to see if it’s worthy of its champion status. 

Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Original Review

The Mighty Patch Original by Hero Cosmetics is basically the kryptonite to any stubborn pimples on your face. This award-winning hydrocolloid strip works to visibly flatten protruding spots in order to pull out the build-up. 

Used as an overnight treatment, this nifty adhesive is much smarter than zit cream, since it naturally extracts pimples without hurting your skin.

According to a study conducted by the brand, 98% of users stated that this product helped protect their skin from picking or popping their pimples. 

90% of participants reported that the patch was a much faster way to remove impurities compared to other overnight treatments. Made to stick on your face despite all of the tossing and turning, the Mighty Patch Original has two different price points depending on quantity:

  • 36 count for one-time purchase: $13 
  • 36 count for subscription option: $10 
  • 72 count for one-time purchase: $22 
  • 72 count for subscription option: $18 

Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Invisible+ Review

Few things ruin your morning faster than waking up to a newly formed pimple. Bonus points if it happens to be that dreaded “super volcano” type.

Instead of masking it with layers of concealer or foundation, pop on a Mighty Patch Invisible+ sticker as a better alternative. This hydrocolloid adhesive works to gently shrink the blemish while you power through the day. 

Designed to be discreet with its clear and super thin format, you won’t even realize that the patch is sitting on your face. Each box includes two sizes (12 mm and 10 mm) which gives users a flexible option for spots that are either large or small.

In terms of price, the Mighty Patch Invisible+ for a pack of 39 stickers is available in two purchasing options. A one-time purchase is $18, while the subscription option saves you $4.  

Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Surface Review

Sometimes individual stickers won’t cut it when you have several pimples to deal with. That would be too time-consuming. In that case, the Mighty Patch Surface adhesive can help blanket those larger than life breakout areas, gently pushing pus and debris out of your pores.

Measured at 2 inches, this life-saving treatment can work in only 6 hours. It’s also super flexible, as you can bend it around your nose and chin to help cover those unwanted blemishes.

96% of Hero Cosmetics’ customers testified that this adhesive helped to protect their pores from dirt and bacteria overnight. 

Prepare for the impending pimple apocalypse with 10 rectangular strips of the Mighty Patch Surface. It rings in at $18

Hero Cosmetics Micropoint for Blemishes Review

It’s not too late to stop zits from fully developing—Hero Cosmetics’ Micropoint for Blemishes intends to nip breakouts in the bud.

Each adhesive is attached with 173 hydrocolloid microneedles that instantly dissolve into the skin. They work to uproot sebum from your pores to help shrink down boils and bumps while soothing any visible irritation. 

It also uses a team of totarol, beta-glucan, and salicylic acid to heal upset skin. Based on a test led by the company, 91% of participants reported that the Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Micropoint adhesive was effective in targeting emerging acne. 

Considered a less painful way than squeezing inflamed skin between your fingers, 6 stickers of the Micropoint for Blemishes are offered for $13 regularly.  

Hero Cosmetics Micropoint for Dark Spots Review

Congrats! You finally got rid of that stubborn abscess. However, the fight isn’t over yet, as most acne spots leave behind unwanted marks. If you want to get rid of the ghosts of pimples past, Micropoint for Dark Spots is here to do the job. 

This acne sticker is made with 173 skin dissolving hydrocolloid needles that start to visibly lighten imperfections. It works to smoothen, fortify, and even out your skin tone by using a mix of vitamin C, niacinamide, tranexamic acid, and sodium hyaluronate.

By using the Micropoint for Dark Spots adhesive, you can treat your complexion to a fresh new start. For 6 patches in total, there are two ways that customers can purchase this product: it rings in at $13, but you can save a few bucks with a subscription. 

Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Variety Pack Review

It’s an understatement to say that flare-ups are unpredictable. To ensure that you’re covered for the next round of breakouts, it’s best that you introduce the Mighty Patch Variety Pack into your skincare arsenal. 

This set includes 12 stickers each for the Original and Invisible adhesives, and 2 counts of the Surface strip meant to fight those difficult cases. 

Don’t worry if you fall asleep without washing off your makeup after a long day at work.

Containing treatments for both night and day use, Mighty Patch Variety Pack has got your back round the clock. Optimized for all skin types, the kit is sold for $14 as a one-time purchase. 

Hero Cosmetics Exfoliating Jelly Cleanser Review

Make the first step in your skincare routine matter with the Exfoliating Jelly Cleanser. This face wash is designed to slough off dead skin cells and brighten your complexion while evening out its texture.

Using a mix of konjac jelly, glycolic acid, tropical superfruits, PHA, and BHA, it works to rinse off any build-up that may be trapped underneath. 

This jelly-to-foam-like treatment feels luxurious in application when you’re rubbing it into your skin in circular motions. Include this as part of your daily and nighttime routine, as the 150 ml Exfoliating Jelly Cleanser is available at $13.

Hero Cosmetics Clarifying Prebiotic Moisturizer Review

After cleanser, use Hero Cosmetics’ Clarifying Prebiotic Moisturizer as the final touch.

It’s supercharged with a sugar complex and sage extract to revitalize acne-prone skin while taming redness. It also hydrates and replenishes the complexion’s natural moisture barrier to keep things smooth and luminous all day long.

Free of harmful substances such as silicones and mineral oils, the Clarifying Prebiotic Moisturizer can be seen as a definite upgrade over most drugstore facial creams. For a 70 ml bottle, you can get the Clarifying Prebiotic Moisturizer for $13

Hero Cosmetics Rescue Balm Review 

Guilty of popping a few pimples out of habit? The Rescue Balm by Hero Cosmetics can help reverse the damage. It can also be used as a soothing agent for when you’ve taken off your hydrocolloid patches. 

Named the Future of Beauty Winner by Elle Magazine in 2020, this post-blemish essential is designed to tackle red spots, bumps, scaly patches, and dark marks head-on.

Using a proprietary mix of Hero Cosmetics Oligopeptide, panthenol, beta-glucan, and vitamin E, this formula has been reviewed by dermatologists for effectiveness

According to a clinical test conducted by the brand, 94% of users stated that they like using this ointment as an alternative to medicated treatments.

To speed up the healing process so you can get back on track for that coveted “glow up”, grab the 15 ml Rescue Balm for $13

Hero Cosmetics Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Hero Cosmetics Review

This Hero Cosmetics review observed that many customers had positive impressions about their purchases. On their company page, over 3,897 buyer testimonials gave the brand an average rating of 4.5/5 stars. 

A majority of users wrote that their products, such as their hydrocolloid patches and Rescue Balm, helped to improve acne spots, flush out pimples, and reduce overall redness

This product helps so much after using the patches! The lack of residue is amazing, it feels almost silky after you put it on. The redness of zits goes down immediately. For the most part I only use this after I use a patch on blemishes overnight if it is still noticeable and it definitely helps lower it,” one reviewer wrote for the Rescue Balm

There are also rave reviews posted on websites such as Amazon and Influenster. On the Amazon product page for the Mighty Patch Original, a total of 40,201 global ratings have been gathered with a general ranking of 4.5/5 stars

Influesnter holds over 120 comments for just their traditional hydrocolloid strip. On both sources, customers have noted their adhesives helped to remove pimples within a short amount of time.

Most users stated that this product was a very convenient treatment for those looking for immediate results

“These little patches are amazing. I’m convinced they were made by wizards to make spots disappear because that’s what they do. They look really translucent when you peel them off the plastic backing, but when they go on the spot it blends it in really well – any redness goes down loads,” one Amazon reviewer wrote for the Mighty Patch Original

This Hero Cosmetics review found very few negative experiences while doing its research. Some customers on Amazon and Influenster wrote that their pimple patches did nothing to improve their breakouts or blemishes.

Seeing as this wasn’t a common experience, these reasons could be a combination of the strips being incompatible with certain skin types and improper application.  

Is Hero Cosmetics Worth It?

Hero Cosmetics Review

Based on the thousands of positive customer reviews online, this Hero Cosmetics review believes that yes, their products are worth buying. 

A majority of buyers stated that their hydrocolloid pimple patches were effective in flattening acne spots while calming any signs of redness.

They also sell other skincare formulas such as cleansers and toners to help revitalize your complexion after using their adhesives. It’s the full package. 

Is Hero Cosmetics legit?  Most of their product descriptions are quite detailed when it comes to ingredients and instructions, which is always a plus towards brand transparency and customer trust

Their prices are quite inexpensive too, as most of their products only retail for around $13. Overall, if you’re looking for another alternative to deal with those troublesome breakout areas, Hero Cosmetics could be the way forward. 

Hero Cosmetics Promotions & Discounts 

Hero Cosmetics Review

This Hero Cosmetics review found out that they have a Rewards Program in which customers can accumulate points to gain access to exclusive deals and perks. 

To help save more money, buyers can customize their own bundle of skincare products for a discounted price. The brand also offers a Hero Cosmetics discount code for students to get 15% off on select products. 

Additionally, customers can sign up for their newsletter to receive 10% off and a free sample pack of the Mighty Patch Original

Where to Buy Hero Cosmetics

Hero Cosmetics Review

Customers can order products, such as the Hero Cosmetics Rescue Mission kit, by visiting 

You can also find them at select retailers such as:

  • Target 
  • Amazon 
  • Indigo 
  • Walmart 
  • Target 
  • Urban Outfitters 
  • Anthropologie
  • Bloomingdale’s 
  • CVS 


Hero Cosmetics Review

What is Hero Cosmetics’ Shipping Policy?

This Hero Cosmetics review found out that the brand offers free domestic shipping on U.S orders that total $35 and above. 

It usually takes 4–7 business days for items to arrive. They also provide international shipping for certain countries at set rates. Customers will receive a tracking number via a confirmation email to help locate their packages. 

What is Hero Cosmetics’ Return Policy?

This Hero cosmetics review found out that due to COVID-19, the brand does not accept returns. That being said, buyers can still request for a refund through their customer service team.   

How to Contact Hero Cosmetics

For question and concerns unrelated to this Hero Cosmetics review, you can contact the company through:

Filling out their message form online

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