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Verelle Haircare Review

Curly hair driving you crazy? We’ve been there: the constant tangles, frizz, and seemingly constantly dried-out dead ends. Verelle aims to bring some sanity to your life with easy products designed for coils and curls. 

Verelle spent more than 2 years in product development with chemists, product developers, top hair care labs, and real customers in a customer-centric design approach to create their simple, high performing and customized curly haircare routines. Verelle has done well in establishing themselves as their burgeoning social media presence currently hosts over 2.6k followers on their Facebook page.

Read on for our Verelle haircare review that offers an in-depth look at this new brand through their products, customer testimonials, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth your time and money.

Overview of Verelle

Verelle Haircare Review

Verelle’s primary goal is to provide “simple and reliable haircare that makes rocking your natural curls easy and effortless.” 

Valuing open communication, the brand works in response to every Verelle haircare review from consumers to better their product and provide the support you need in day-to-day haircare. 

The company launched in response to the owners wanting to move society beyond the notion that beautiful and maintained hair had to be straight. 

They claim to be “here to redefine the standard of beauty and build a community that brings out the best in our curls and in each other.” Their mission is to offer safe, clean, and easy solutions to bring out the best in your curls every day!

Trying out new brands for your hair can be a bit of a scary experience. Who’s to say the product won’t damage or dry it out any further? It can be intimidating – especially when you’re new to dealing with your curls in a healthy and chemical-free way. 

Need some help figuring out if you should take the plunge and try something new in your life? We’ll weigh some of the brand’s highlights for you:


  • All of the brand’s haircare products are crafted for various curly hair types 
  • Clean formulas that are free of silicones, parabens, sulfates, and other harsh chemicals typically used that can dry out and damage your hair!
  • Cruelty free & vegan
  • Simple 3-step hair kits and routines designed for each curl type
  • All-in-one multi-purpose stylers that eliminate the need for multiple different products
  • Use of high performing and natural ingredients that are good for curly hair
  • Tester kits available
  • Free shipping
  • Great customer reviews
  • Transparent and accessible ingredient lists
  • Women and minority owned and led

Verelle offers three categories of products based on different curl types as well as an additional generalized duo set that works for any hair type. Organized by wavy, curly, and coily, each category offers 9 products and sets altered specifically to best suit your hair type.

Verelle Haircare Review

Curl maintenance changes depending on how tight your curls are. Whether you’re well versed in dealing with your hair or you’re new to the game, Verelle has you covered with a variety of products set to help from loose to coily curls. 

This Verelle review will cover the best of the best, pulling products right from the featured bestsellers section.

Verelle 3-Step Wavy Set Review 

One of the worst parts of wavy hair has always been the frizziness that pops up at the slightest hint of humidity. There are so many creams, gels, and sprays designed to work with curly hair, but who has time to inspect all the options and find what products work best together? 

Look no further than Verelle’s 3-Step Wavy Set. Arranged in an easy 3-step method, this set comes with a trio of products chock-full of all the good and none of the bads:

  • Sulfate-free WAVY Hairwash: 8 fl oz of hair-nourishing and hydrating shampoo
  • Silicone-free WAVY Cream Conditioner: a lightweight 8 fl oz product that moisturizes without adding weight.
  • WAVY All-In-One Cream: this 8 fl oz curl cream completes the package and is the secret ingredient to wavy hair looking and feeling supremely soft throughout the day.  

All three work together to provide an organized system that will bring out the best in your hair with every wash. This three-pack can be purchased directly online for $55.

In three easy steps, Verelle guides you to hydrated, tangle-free, and soft hair. Free from harsh chemicals, your hair’s natural oils are free to work for you and leave you better than ever. 

Key ingredients include coconut oil, argan oil, and shea butter used to repair and define your previously dry and damaged hair. Your smooth waves will leave you feeling confident and ready to take on the day.

Verelle 3-Step Curly Set Review 

Curly hair can be hard to style and define, especially in hotter weather when the frizz wants to go wild! On the other end of the spectrum, cold air can damage and dry your hair if not properly cared for. 

There are so many things to keep in mind when trying to care for your hair year-round. Our featured brand offers single solutions to a myriad of seasonal problems in one simple purchase. 

Verelle’s 3-Step Curly Set will get you hydrated, defined and healthy in no time. Designed to keep your curls clean and moisturized no matter the weather, this set will get your hair shaped and healthier than ever for $55, down from the regular $66. Check out what’s included:

  • Sulfate-free CURLY Hairwash: works to cleanse hair, coming right up with this 8 fl oz shampoo
  • Silicone-free CURLY Cream Conditioner: get rid of tangles and add slight definition, coming with an 8 fl oz bottle of this moisturizing conditioner
  • CURLY All-In-One Cream: finish things off with some sleek and frizz-less multi-day curls and definition courtesy of this 8 fl oz cream

Chemical-free, this cleansing solution aims to nourish your hair while taming and shaping your curls. Aloe vera leaf juice and geranium flower extract work to balance your scalp while rice proteins keep your hair smooth and full of unmatched volume. 

No more tangled mess or flattened style. In 3 simple steps, your curls will be the envy of everyone around you.

Verelle 3-Step Coily Set Review

Want your coils to feel cleansed and soft all day long? The Verelle 3-Step Coily Set moisturizes your hair with solutions specifically made for your type of hair. 

Verelle coily hair products offer style without the crunch that other products layer on. No need for gels or creams that create a barrier – the brand wants your coils to belong to you, not the product. 

Discounted for a limited time to $55.00 from the original price of $66.00, this set of hair wash, conditioner, and all-in-one cream will leave your hair without the weight of typical products while maintaining defined, smooth coils. 

What’s included, you ask? Here’s a brief summary of these superhero-esque products:

  • Sulfate-free COILY Hairwash: wash and manage your hair with 8 fl oz of this hardworking shampoo
  • Silicone-free COILY Conditioner: perk your coils up with some much-needed moisturizing and shine via this 8 fl oz bottle of potent conditioner
  • COILY All-In-One Cream: lock all the goodness in with this 8 fl oz cream, specifically made to nourish your hair throughout the day

Hydration is key to Verelle’s coily set. Safflower seed and castor oil provide the proteins needed to keep your hair healthy and hydrated while mango seed butter works to repair and define your hair with each wash. 

These products are designed to deeply maintain your hair and help you feel more confident than ever in your coils.

Verelle Wavy All-In-One Curl Cream Review

You know what you’re doing when it comes to cleaning and hydrating your healthy hair! Skip the cleansing and head straight to the styling with Verelle Wavy All-In-One Curl Cream

Available for $26 (down from the regular $31) this product is all you could ask for when it comes to maintaining your waves.

Whether you’re battling the humidity of a summer’s day or the static cling of a winter cap, Verelle’s All-In-One Curl Cream works that frizz and leaves your hair styled and smooth all day long.

Through the use of natural emollients, this product provides a veritable shine to your hair. Made with Vitamin E, this curl cream will liven your hair and bring volume to keep it looking fuller for longer. 

Forget being weighed down by chemical-filled heavy creams. The 8 fl oz All-In-One Curl Cream is formulated to be lightweight and leave hair feeling light, smooth, and soft all the time.

Verelle Styler Trio Review 

Whether you’re new to styling or looking to change or secure your style, the Verelle Styler Trio offers a way to play around without prices getting the most of you. 

Rich in antioxidants that will strengthen your hair, the ingredients in these stylers are designed to create maximum definition, volume, strength, and manageability in your daily look. 

For $55 (regularly priced at $66), Verelle’s trio pack allows you to change up your style and find out what works best for you and your curls!

Included are three degrees of creams to best help you find your style:

  1. Soft Curl Cream for a light hold. This works best with wavy and curly hair types.
  2. Milky Curl Cream for a medium hold. This is recommended for curly hair or as a primer for coily hair types.
  3. Styling Cream for a strong hold. This works best with coily hair types.

With one purchase you can get a sense of what will work best for you. All three creams are full of healthy ingredients that will help your hair no matter how many times you restyle. 

Feel free to play around with the different holds to get a sense of what each product does and find your personal style.

Verelle Restore & Repair Hair Mask Review

Shea butter and mango team up with rice proteins to create a truly potent treat for curly hair. The Verelle Restore & Repair Hair Mask is chock-full of everything hair needs to be its healthiest self.

Not only does this product help detangle and moisturize the strands to help make managing it easier, but it also provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner filled with healthy hair goodness. Verelle takes looking good and feeling good seriously since this hair mask packs quite a punch.

Grab an 8 fl oz container of this sulfate and silicone-free wunderkind on sale for $30, regular price $36.

Who Is Verelle For? 

Verelle Review

Verelle is working hard to become the brand for curly-haired girls of any age. With their range in products to cover a variety of curl types, Verelle offers the opportunity to find what works best for you. 

Don’t know your curl type? Verelle offers a quick quiz to help you compare and identify your curls to narrow down what products will work best. The trial sizes offer the opportunity to try out different curl types if you still can’t manage to decide.

If you’re feeling left out because you have straight hair, never fear! Verelle also offers a hydrating shower set that works for any hair type. 

Free from sulfate and silicone, this hair wash and cream conditioner duo promises nourished hair that will be smooth, clean, and shining all day. 

Made with lemon balm leaf and chamomile flower extracts, these products will rid your hair of grease and balance your scalp when it comes to dryness and oily hair.

Comparison: Verelle vs. DevaCurl 

Verelle Review

While Verelle is new to the game, DevaCurl was founded in 1994 with a mission to perfect every type of curl. With over 25 years of experience in the field and a scientific basis in their flexible formulas, DevaCurl has a leg up in curl products and maintenance. 

What are the key differences between the companies? How does Verelle review in comparison to DevaCurl?


  • DevaCurl’s brand has extended beyond products to stylists. Certified stylists have been trained in cutting, cleaning, and styling curly hair types
  • DevaCurl works with dermatologists to create their curl hair formulas
  • Due to their years of experience, the company has an extensive range of products for hair types in varying degrees of hold for your hair
  • The brand offers different sizes for their products so prices range for a single item
  • Their bottles used are made from 50% recycled plastic
  • DevaCurl has an extensive quiz to determine what works best for your hair type and routine


  • The brand lists all ingredients in their products to present consumers with a full picture of what all is going into their hair when they use Verelle products
  • All bottles used are made from PET plastic that is widely accepted at recycling plants
  • Verelle products are slightly cheaper than DevaCurl’s own 8 fl oz options
  • Verelle’s offers simple hair routines
  • Verelle offers more targeted products by hair type
  • Verelle focuses more on clean and natural ingredients that are better for hair / health
  • Verelle uses a customer centric design approach that combines real customer feedback to work with chemists, product developers to offer the products that customers actually want
  • Verelle’s smaller business allows for faster customer service response
  • Verelle reviews, though limited, have shown to be positive so far
  • Verelle is women led

While DevaCurl is definitely the more established brand, we’ve got to give bonus points to Verelle for their fresh take on the curly hair game. Their transparency and limited product show just how focused they are on making sure all kinks, coils, and waves look their absolute best.

Verelle Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Verelle Review

Verelle haircare reviews are few and far between at the moment. While the products seem well-developed and the customer service team is quick to respond to any inquiries from the website or social media accounts, the brand is still building.

We turned to Facebook to see what their customers had to say, one customer said: “My girlfriend’s curls look and feel beautiful with this system. 🙂 Easy win for a birthday present. Thank you Verelle!” 

Here’s a look at some of the ratings available on the brand’s website:

  • 3-Step WAVY Set: 4.7/5 stars out of 14 ratings
  • 3-Step CURLY Set: 4.7/5 stars out of 21 ratings
  • 3-Step COILY Set: 4.7/5 stars out of 25 ratings
  • CURLY All-In-One Milky Curl Cream: 4.7/5 stars out of 10 ratings
  • Ultimate Styler Trio Set for Curly Hair: 4.7/5 stars out of 25 ratings

Currently, Verelle reviews have all been positive regarding how healthy, soft, and defined curls have become after using the chemical-free products.

Of the Styler Trio, one enthusiastic buyer wrote, “I liked that it held my hair in its pattern… most products the wind blows and you are a puffball. This helped to preserve the curl but not be a crunchy all of curls.”

The good vibes continue with the 3-Step WAVY Set, as multiple users left a comment that sounds a little something like this: “Easy to use, gave me the results I wanted to with no work. I don’t have time in the morning to spend on my hair style, so anything this easy is a win for me.”

Verelle reviews and ratings aren’t yet available on TrustPilot or other reputable rating sites, so there’s no trace of anything under 4-stars. 

So far, so good. Keep it up, Verelle!

Is Verelle Worth It?

Verelle Review

Verelle offers a safe and natural product geared towards bettering the health of your scalp and hair. Though the product line is limited, the products they have are designed using specific ingredients meant to better each hair type. 

The brand’s basic product line may appear barebones when in reality it just simplifies the selection process. Rather than throwing out numerous products for the same purpose, Verelle offers an easy and healthy solution in a single bottle. 

The mini-sets available are a clear display of Verelle’s willingness to listen and respond to customer requests.

Although Verelle reviews are limited because they’re a newer and smaller company, their selection of products is a great place to start or continue your journey to better hair health. 

The responsive customer service provides strong support to anyone looking to switch up their style with some new products.

Verelle Promotions & Discounts 

Verelle Haircare Review

Verelle is currently offering 20% off all products! In addition to this promotion, the company offers free shipping anywhere within the USA.

Where to Buy Verelle

Verelle Haircare Review

All Verelle products can be found on their brand website at


Verelle Review

Where is Verelle made? 

All Verelle products are made in the United States of America. Production, distribution, and head office are all located within the USA.

Is Verelle vegan and cruelty-free? 

Verelle doesn’t test any products on animals! In fact, they’re dedicated to being as safe and environmentally friendly as possible! All bottles are made with PET plastic to be easily recycled.

What is Verelle’s Shipping Policy?

Currently, Verelle only ships within the contiguous United States of America. Shipping is free for all orders and is set to arrive within 3-5 business days once the item has been processed and been shipped. 

Tracking is available online for all packages. Once an item has shipped a tracking number will be sent to the email attached to the order to provide all tracking information. 

Should you wish to change your location after ordering, you can do so online any time before the package ships.

What is Verelle’s Return Policy?

Due to safety concerns, Verelle doesn’t accept open or used returns. They do however offer a full return on unopened products within 30 days of original purchase. 

If you find your ordered product damaged or defective, contact Verelle with a photo so they can evaluate the damage and send you the functional product you deserve. Refunds will be sent out upon returns being accepted by the company.

How to Contact Verelle

If you have any questions after reading out Verelle haircare review, the brand offers two ways of contact for customers. You can email them directly at [email protected] or simply call them at (646) 397-1831. You can also message them directly on Instagram at @verellecos or on Facebook at Verelle.

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I love Verelle! I definitely noticed my hair being softer and have a more defined wavy/curliness to it after only one wash. And that’s with just the shampoo and conditioner. Once I started using the after-shower products, it just got even more curly, with little effort. I would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting a better product than generic drugstore brands, but don’t want to pay the high prices of the customizable brands.

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