Our Editorial Review Process

We spend hours researching products and customer experiences to give you a deeper insight into brands.

Our editorial team researches, writes, and publishes reviews independently of our marketing team. All recommendations are organic and represent the opinions of our team.

We promise to do our best to provide you with useful, accurate, and helpful reviews for your online shopping. Our goal is to save you time by providing you with the best information.

For example, if you’re looking to purchase Brooklinen Sheets we’ll have all the shipping & return information, product features, customer reviews and everything else you’ll need to know before making a decision.

Our Editorial Team

The editorial team is carefully recruited based on their work experience and area of expertise. The writers and editors are chosen after undergoing a series of tests to ensure the quality of their work and compliance to our editorial standards. 

All contributors are required to maintain high ethical standards that are in line with our editorial practices. They are also responsible for their submission to these rules.

We ensure contributors and other freelance writers provide advice and information that they intend to be not only practical but accurate and trustworthy. 

Fact Checking and Sourcing

Throughout all stages of the editorial process, our writers and editors focus on creating accurate, high quality content.

Each review published on our site is evaluated for accuracy and has at least 3 pairs of eyes checking its quality before being published.

When sourcing information to include in articles, our editorial team refers to publicly available information ranging from press releases, news stories, and third party review sources.

If needed, our team may request clarifications from brands or additional insight into their products and processes.

Our Medical Team

Our network and team of experienced medical professionals, trainers, and researchers are passionate about helping people make better choices when it comes to their health.

They assist us in writing, editing, researching, citing, and reviewing our content.

We want to make sure that we do our best to share in depth information about the products you read on our site.

Our content is always reviewed by multiple members of our staff before it goes live on our site—which means you can trust what you read.

We Cite Sources From Medical Research

We’re committed to providing evidence-based content that is helpful and easy to understand. Whenever possible, we cite clinical trials published in established medical journals.

Using Trusted Sources

When it comes to research, the medical journal is known to be the highest standard. The scientific method is used to publish these studies, which means that they’ve been peer-reviewed by other researchers in the field who have already gone through a rigorous process of their own.

We also cite studies from educational institutions who publish their own medical research. The results of these studies are often published in scientific journals, which makes them easier to access than other types of research.

Medical Disclaimer

The opinions expressed on this site are not intended to diagnose or treat any health problem. Always speak with your physician before taking any products you may have found on our site.

While we have some contributors that have respected certifications and degrees, some of our Experts are certified medical professionals. As always, we encourage readers to speak with their physicians if they have any concerns about their health.


We do our best to stay up to date but in a rapidly evolving world information changes quickly. In the event that an article contains factually inaccurate information, please reach out to us and our team will review it accordingly. We reserve the right to make changes on the basis of our editorial guidelines.