Divya Srinivasan (M.S.)

Content Specialist

Divya has experience in a variety of different fields, including writing, editing, teaching, and research. Working as a high-school teacher by day, a freelance writer at night, and a volunteer research assistant on the weekend, her goal is to help as many different people in as many different fields as she can. Divya has over 5 years of experience working at a medical database, DoveMed, to research, create and compose, and edit new medical articles on psychiatric diseases and disorders, symptoms, and treatments. She has also contributed her time to working in a private school, teaching students and using her Educational Psychology background to provide hands on learning for a variety of subjects to mostly high-school aged students. She has contributed her time to multiple psychological laboratories, including the Morality, Self, and Emotions Lab with Dr. Krettenauer, the Child Memory Lab with Dr. Roberts, and the Community Mental Health Research Lab with Dr. Kirst.

Articles by Divya Srinivasan (M.S.)