UMZU Floracil50 Review

About UMZU Floracil50

UMZU Floracil50 Review

UMZU Floracil50 is a probiotic supplement that gives you a hearty dose of healthy bacteria to improve your digestive tract. This supplement’s goal is to support a healthy gut, digestion, immune system, and hormonal balance.

UMZU has a huge following of 126k on Instagram and 81k on Facebook, with satisfied customers joining their platform in support of their many products. 

This UMZU Floracil50 review will take a detailed look into the product, brand, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you understand what they’re all about and whether you should give them a chance for your next supplement.

Overview of UMZU

UMZU Floracil50 Review

UMZU Floracil50 provides digestive comfort to anyone who wants to improve their health and change their lifestyle, and this seems to be the brand’s goal for all of their supplement products.

The company’s CEO, Christopher Walker, initially came up with the idea of UMZU because of his past. When he was diagnosed with a tumor on his pituitary gland that affected his hormone production, causing him a great deal of suffering, he set out to create a solution for hormonal health that was made from natural ingredients.

The brand values the products that they make, with their mission of creating a scientifically based solution to naturally rebalance their hormones.

With that commitment to health, here are a few highlights of UMZU Floracil50 to give you a general idea of what this product is about:


  • Clinically studied natural ingredients
  • Vegan-friendly
  • No prescription required
  • Subscription option available
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Positive customer reviews

UMZU Floracil50 Review

UMZU Floracil50 Review

Food and health aren’t what they used to be, with tons of junk and processed foods available at every corner. Somehow over the years, healthy eating has taken a backseat, with short-term delicious food taking precedence over long-term gut health. But this UMZU Floracil50 review is here to show you that you can get healthy again!

With bad digestive health comes a bunch of problems that you may not even realize because it has been completely normalized within your body. When your food doesn’t digest well, your weight and bowel movements can get affected. 

You may not think of this as a big deal, but these issues could result in diseases over the long run, as this study[1] shows.

Regular feelings of abdominal cramping, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and other digestive symptoms could be easily solved with healthy gut bacteria in your system flushing out the toxins and creating a happy environment for everything to thrive!

UMZU Floracil50 isn’t your average supplement with one target in mind. This supplement targets a variety of problems including your gut, digestion, immunity, and hormonal balance. 

With a combination of multiple health goals in mind, this supplement focuses on healing you with natural ingredients to get your body back on track.

Each UMZU Floracil50 supplement bottle comes with 30 capsules, with a retail price of $45. However, if you choose to use their subscription option, the product is sold at a discounted price of $38 per month.

A couple of partner companies also sell this supplement on their website for the following prices:

  • Amazon: $48
  • Walmart: $48

Who Is UMZU Floracil50 For? 

UMZU Floracil50 Review

UMZU Floracil50 is one of those products that can be for anybody. This supplement provides everyone with improved digestion among other benefits. It helps anyone willing to upgrade their lifestyle to a healthier one.  

They are essential to improving gut health, preventing disease, and helping to maintain long-term health[2] in the digestive tract.

Probiotics are specifically great to help digestive problems including[3] bloating, constipation, stomach cramps, and more. This supplement could be[4] especially useful to the elderly population, who may have reduced healthy gut bacteria to regulate their digestion and prevent the development of dangerous conditions.

What Are the Benefits Of UMZU Floracil50? 

UMZU Floracil50 Review

Any good UMZU Floracil50 review will go over the supplement’s many benefits. While UMZU claims you will experience these by taking this supplement every day, we will take a closer look to see how legit these claims are.

Targeting more than one health problem, UMZU Floracil50 aims to help with digestion, gut health, immune health, and hormone health. At first glance, that may sound like a lot of different things, but in reality, they are all related, and the combination of those benefits to your body can make all the difference. 

By targeting digestive comfort and gut health, the supplement will make your insides work much better than they currently do, and when your gut is happy, weight loss is guaranteed to follow, as this study[5] shows. So not only will you feel better, you’ll look better too!

How Does UMZU Floracil50 Work?

UMZU Floracil50 Review

UMZU Floracil50 works in three key ways:

  1. When you take this supplement, 50 billion colony forming units are released into the gut. The CFUs will ensure that the healthy bacteria that was released stays alive within your digestive tract.
  1. As the healthy bacteria in you all start to thrive and multiply over 12-14 weeks, you’ll notice that your digestion will drastically improve.
  1. With those strains of bacteria all alive and thriving inside you, your immunity will get stronger and work harder

What Are the Ingredients In the UMZU Floracil50?

UMZU Floracil50 Review

The most important part of our UMZU Floracil50 review is to find out the effectiveness of the supplement. Basically, will it work like they say it will? For that, we have to explore the ingredients.

A great start is that it’s made with natural ingredients that are all 100% vegan-friendly.

UMZU Floracil50 is made up of a formula made of 8 probiotic strains, including five strains of lactobacillus bacteria. These different strains all come together to provide the ideal probiotic compound, as each strain has a different function.

Lactobacillus bacterial strains have been shown to have many positive features[6], including gut health, metabolic disorders, and brain health. Other benefits from this bacterial strain include reduced diarrhea symptoms[7], improved immunity[8], and reduced intestinal inflammation[9].

How to Take UMZU Floracil50 And Dosage

UMZU Floracil50 Review

With the multiple strains of bacteria providing 50 billion CFUs within one capsule, this probiotic is a strong supplement for your digestive health.

UMZU Floracil50 should be taken once a day, ideally with food to prevent abdominal cramping and discomfort. The results will be best if you take it every day, completing one bottle in 30 days.

UMZU Floracil50 Side Effects

UMZU Floracil50 Review

Just like other digestive supplements, this UMZU Floracil50 review found that there are possible side effects.

Despite the main goal of this product to heal your stomach, the ingredients may have a negative effect[10] on your stomach, and result in the following UMZU Floracil50 side effects: 

  • Upset stomach
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Heartburn 

UMZU Floracil50 Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

UMZU Floracil50 Review

The UMZU Floracil50 reviews are extremely positive on the brand’s website, Amazon, and Walmart. The majority of the customers left a high rating with a success story about their experience with the digestive supplement.

People who use this supplement are happy with their UMZU Floracil50 before and after results. The following ratings show us just how well the supplement performed across the internet:

  • UMZU: 4.9/5 stars over 1,272 reviews
  • Amazon: 4.3/5 stars from 1,675 global ratings
  • Walmart: 5/5 stars by 1 reviewer

With UMZU Floracil50 promoting multiple benefits of the supplement, there were a variety of comments online that confirmed what the product was aiming to do. 

One happy customer wrote: “My 4-year-old has autism and has always battled loose stools and belly issues. Within 2 weeks we saw a noticeable difference in his bowel movements and behavior. He seems happier and more comfortable. This product also offers a unique strain that I’ve been looking for that I researched was beneficial for children on the spectrum!”

A happy client had a similar experience, stating that although he was initially skeptical, he made the decision to try it. After using it, he wrote: “Very impressed thus far. My usual stomach issues have mostly gone away, my mood has improved, and I feel more motivated.”

Another customer noticed the great and unexpected benefits of their new purchase: “I bought this as a part of my regimen to fight a sudden onset of eczema. But what I clearly noticed is that 1 week after taking this twice a day, I have literally stopped having stomach gas.”

Although the reviews were mostly positive with happy customers describing the benefits they experienced from the supplement, I did find a couple of negative reviews. This was due to the fact that some people either experienced minor digestive side effects or didn’t notice any noticeable difference at all.

Is UMZU Floracil50 Worth It?

UMZU Floracil50 Review

This UMZU Floracil50 review found that this supplement is definitely worth a try for a few reasons. The ingredients are well researched, with clear details posted on the brand’s website about what it contains. Plus, the brand is conscious of dietary restrictions, as all capsules are vegan-friendly.

The product offers a few goals, including improved health in your gut, digestion, immune system, and hormones, all of which work together to help you get a happier quality of life

And finally, the customer reviews are fantastic. Customer comments on multiple websites explain in great detail why the product was beneficial to them, with very few negative posts.

UMZU Floracil50 Promotions & Discounts 

UMZU Floracil50 Review

Purchasing UMZU Floracil50 comes with a couple of different options. Although the retail price of the supplement on the company website is $45, you can get a discounted price if you sign up for the monthly subscription, saving 15% off, and paying $38 per month instead.

Where to Buy UMZU Floracil50

UMZU Floracil50 Review

UMZU Floracil50 can be purchased from its main brand website. It can also be found at Amazon or Walmart.


How many UMZU Floracil50 should I take daily?  

One capsule of UMZU Floracil50 can be taken at any time. For best results, you should make sure to take the capsules daily for 30 days straight. 

Should I take UMZU Floracil50 with food? 

Yes, UMZU Floracil50 should be taken with food to prevent any abdominal discomfort, such as cramping or bloating. 

Is UMZU Floracil50 vegan?  

Yes, it is a 100% vegan-friendly product. There aren’t any animal products in the ingredients.

Is UMZU Floracil50 gluten-free? 

Unfortunately no, UMZU Floracil50 is not a certified gluten-free product. There are ingredients that may contain gluten.

What are the supplement facts of UMZU Floracil50? 

UMZU Floracil50 has a serving size of one capsule, with 30 servings per container. It contains 350mg of their Floracil50 formula, which contains 50 billion CFU from 8 different strains of bacteria.

What is UMZU’s Shipping Policy?

UMZU’s website offers free shipping for all domestic US orders over $99. Currently, the brand offers international shipping to only the following countries that come with their own costs and possible duties:

  • Canada
  • UK
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

What is UMZU’s Return Policy?

UMZU offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on their website for as many as three different products within a 12-month period, for first-time purchases. UMZU requests that you use the product for at least 2-4 weeks before deciding on a return, to give them a chance to work. 

This way, if you buy a supplement you don’t like, it’s as simple as contacting the customer service team to get your money back!

How to Contact UMZU

If you think of any questions that I didn’t answer in our UMZU Floracil50 review, you can contact the company about their products using the following information:

  1. Virtual Assistant: Here
  2. Email: [email protected]
  3. Live Chat: Here

UMZU’s virtual assistant is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. You can live chat with one of their customer service representatives from Monday to Friday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm ET.

For more digestive aids, check out these brands:




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