10 Best Wellness Subscription Boxes

How Wellness Subscription Boxes Work

10 Best Wellness Subscription Boxes

Is it just us or is the world getting more stressful by the day? That’s why it’s more important than ever to practice wellness and adopt healthier habits that support our mental and physical health. If you’re not sure where to start, in this list, I’ll tell you all about the best wellness subscription boxes. 

Because it means different things to different people, wellness could look like reading a book or taking a bath, but it could also be doing a craft or eating a nutritious meal. While subscription boxes are a fairly new concept, first appearing in 2010, the wellness concept has been around much longer. 

The word “wellness” came to be in 1950 when a physician named Halbert Dunn combined the words “well-being” and “fitness.” It may make more sense now that half of the idea is mental and the other is physical. 

Whatever wellness means to you, this list is packed with relaxing, fun, and rejuvenating ideas to practice self-care.

The 10 Best Wellness Subscription Boxes

Dreaming of bubble baths, cozy book reads, and soothing skincare routines? This list of the best wellness subscription boxes has you covered. I’ll kick things off with a service with a name that speaks for itself.

1. Relax and Radiate Crate

10 Best Wellness Subscription Boxes

Is there a name that speaks more about wellness than Relax and Radiate? This pick on our list of the best wellness subscription boxes comes highly recommended for those who like to chill out at home. Their seasonal crates are full of items for the home, garden, and entertaining, taking on wellness from multiple angles. 

Relax and Radiate Crate is curated seasonally and shipped every 3 months. You’ll get 7-12 handpicked items per box with a value of up to $200

I really like that this box is seasonal. It means you can always look forward to a variety of items that coincide with the right time of year. I also love that what arrives can be a surprise as long as you don’t peek. If you do want to peek, you can, and you can always view past seasons’ boxes as well. 

Spring is the next season Relax and Radiate Crate delivers, but if you like, you can still get in on last season’s crate. Sign up for $45-$50/box (annual vs quarterly plans) and enjoy access to the R&R Club to chat and plan get-togethers with other women your age.


  • 7-12 items per box
  • Value up to $200
  • Great variety of home items
  • Added perks
  • Seasonal themes
  • Delivered seasonally

2. The Mental Wealth Box

10 Best Wellness Subscription Boxes

Featured in Cosmopolitan and Women’s Health, the Mental Wealth Box is centered around teaching you more about mental health. 

You’ll choose from boxes specifically curated for either anxiety, depression, or self-belief, and each month you will discover a range of tools and products to help decrease stress and feel more joy. 

The Mental Wealth Box includes things like yoga techniques, aromatherapy products, and herbal teas. Enjoy new themes every month and sustainably sourced products. Monthly plans start at $56, 6-month plans are $52, and 12-month plans are $48.


  • 1, 6 & 12-month plans
  • New themes monthly
  • Sustainably-sourced products
  • For anxiety & depression
  • Expert-curated

3. calmbox

10 Best Wellness Subscription Boxes

This therapy-inspired box is expertly curated to bring more, yep you guessed it, calmness into your life. You’ll get 5-7 bespoke items that help you relax and wind down. This can include things like delicious organic snacks as well as candles and even music. 

CalmBox is an incredibly well-rounded box, so if you’re looking for a great variety of items, I think you’ll like this pick on our list of the best wellness subscription boxes. 

Your box will be delivered monthly and you can choose 1, 3, or 6-month plans. Skip or cancel whenever, but CalmBox is a fun way to integrate more wellness into your life regularly. 

Boxes are $40/month or $32/month when you sign up for the annual plan.


  • Great variety
  • 5-7 bespoke items
  • Relax & decrease stress
  • Therapy-inspired
  • 1, 3 & 6-month plans

4. Bath Bevy

10 Best Wellness Subscription Boxes

It’s no secret that a warm bubble bath has soul-healing powers. Bath Bevy was created around that idea, and if you like the thought of slowing down and indulging in delightfully scented bath bombs and candles, this is the subscription for you. 

Even though Bath Bevy caters to baths (and showers), its product lineup is quite vast. It’s surprising how many different bath butters, whips, soaps, and scrubs there are, and I love how many different box options there are to choose from. 

Prices vary depending on the box you choose, going as low as $21 and up to $80. The average price per box is $43.


  • Bath & shower themed
  • Great range of options
  • Tons of variety & scents
  • Non-shower items too

5. Crate Joy

10 Best Wellness Subscription Boxes

I’m a big fan of Crate Joy for their variety. Because it’s a place you can shop for many different subscription box services, there’s something for everyone here. Now, because this is a list of the best wellness subscription boxes, I sussed out their self-care section and found 9 pages of results. 

The top pick is a brand called TheraBox which is curated by therapists to help create more joy and less stress in your life. Your box will be filled with items like face masks and creams as well as journals and activity books

Get yours for $35/month.


  • Wide variety of options
  • Low-cost options
  • Curated by therapists
  • Monthly subscriptions
  • Makes a great gift

6. BirchBox

10 Best Wellness Subscription Boxes

My personal way to show myself love and feel well is through beauty routines. I like the process, and slowing down to spend time with luxurious products makes me feel relaxed and happy. If you’re anything like me, then I think you’ll like BirchBox. It sends 2-5 trial or full-size products (your choice) per month

It’s the least expensive pick on this list of the best wellness subscription boxes and stocks popular brands like Oribe and Ouai. 

To get started, tell them your beauty goals and they will recommend products based on your answers. You pick your faves and they ship them. Easy as that. BirchBox costs $15/month.  


  • Sustainable focus
  • Women-led company
  • 2-5 full or trial size products
  • Beauty & hair products
  • 10% back on Shop purchases

7. Alltrue

10 Best Wellness Subscription Boxes

Some say there’s no better favor you can do yourself than to take care of the earth. Alltrue helps make that happen, offering a curated collection of ethical and sustainable accessories, beauty, and home products

Dedicated to making clean and eco-friendly products accessible, they pack $250+ of value into every box and (on the Annual plan) let you make as many swaps as you want. Every 3 months, you’ll receive a low-waste box filled with 6-8 full-size products. 

As a member, you can also shop the Members Only Market for deals and the Essentials line for daily household items. Get a Quarterly box for $60/delivery or Annual for $55/box.


  • High-quality items
  • Beauty, jewelry & home goods
  • Up to $250+ value
  • Sustainable & ethical brands
  • Members only market
  • Delivered seasonally

8. Bombay & Cedar

10 Best Wellness Subscription Boxes

Bombay and Cedar lets you pick from their list of 100+ feel-good items. On a mission to deliver high-quality, earth-friendly, and cruelty-free products, this Atlanta-based brand ships monthly and is incredibly unique. 

I love the range of their items and how they support different areas of your wellness. For example, you could get Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee to help reduce anxiety and cut back on caffeine as well as linen mists for a more peaceful sleep. 

They offer monthly beauty, monthly lifestyle, and seasonal subscriptions

Monthly boxes have a value of $120, seasonal boxes are valued at $225. Within the monthly plans, you’ll choose month to month, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month plans. The longer you subscribe, the more you save. Monthly plans start at $35


  • 1% for the planet
  • 5-6, 7-8 products, or 7-9 items
  • Up to $225 in value
  • Great variety of products
  • Choose from 100+ items

9. Daily Harvest

10 Best Wellness Subscription Boxes

For many, wellness is about feeling good, and that often comes from eating well. Daily Harvest makes eating well a breeze, shipping your favorites from their colorful menu weekly

This is the only pick on this list of the best wellness subscription boxes that ships weekly, and since it’s fresh food, it’s going to cost more. 

Daily Harvest makes plant-based meals only, offering smoothies, breakfast bowls, harvest bowls, soups, and more. They charge per meal and you can choose as many as you’d like. It’s a super flexible subscription, so you can also cancel at any time. Enjoy bowls for under $7.


  • Plant-based meals
  • Nutritious & delicious
  • Ships weekly
  • Meals as low as $7
  • Flexible subscription

10. Simply Earth

10 Best Wellness Subscription Boxes

If you’re into essential oils, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how expensive they can be. As someone who defaults to the same blends time and time again, I like the idea of trying out essential oils through a subscription. 

New to oils? There are so many ways essential oils can support your wellness. By using them in meditation or inhaling a certain type when. you get stressed, they can help lessen anxiety and create a sense of calm. 

Simply Earth ships 4 full-sized 100% pure essential oils to your door monthly, along with 1-2 extras and bottles that make 5-6 recipes. You’ll also receive guides about how to create more recipes and how to use them. Choose this subscription for $39/month.


  • Essential oil subscription
  • 4 full sizes 100% pure essential oils
  • Includes extras & recipes
  • Help you discover new oils

What is a Wellness Subscription Box?

You now know that wellness is anything you do to help promote physical and mental health, so a wellness subscription box is a container packed with items that assist with doing so. This could include a book and a cozy blanket to wind down after a long day or bath bombs to encourage stress relief and you-time. 

Some of the best wellness subscription boxes are more tailored around mental health than others and will actually provide education on mental health and how to support yours. Certain services offer feel-good products that support your mental health in indirect ways. 

Wellness Subscription Box Benefits

Wellness subscription boxes have two sets of benefits. One comes from what a subscription box offers and the other relates to how the items in these particular types of boxes can benefit you. The benefits of a subscription box include things like:

  • Discovering new brands
  • Receiving full-size products for a low price
  • Access to perks like discounts & additional content
  • Trying before buying

In terms of wellness, it depends on the actual box you choose because each one on this list is pretty different. In general, you can expect the following wellness benefits from these boxes:

  • Tools to help you unwind
  • New techniques to reduce stress
  • Education about mental health & how to manage it

Who are the Best Wellness Subscription Boxes For?

10 Best Wellness Subscription Boxes

Since wellness can be both mental and physical the best wellness subscription boxes are for anyone who needs support in those areas. 

For example, someone might want to reduce stress, but another might want to adopt healthier lifestyle habits in terms of their diet. That’s why you’ll see so much variety on this list because wellness applies to many different areas of our lives.

How to Shop For the Best Wellness Subscription Boxes

You know you want to support your wellness, but you might not know exactly how to do it. The best wellness subscription boxes can help, however, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming—especially with so many options. 

Like so many other decisions in life, it can help to get the full scope of a product or service before you buy it. I’ve put together this list of points to consider while you shop for that very reason.

  • Theme: Subscription boxes always have a theme. It could be “must-have beauty” or “relax and unwind at home,” and these themes alone are what may make you choose one company over another. Considering what you’d like to get from your subscription will narrow down your options.
  • Variety: Some wellness boxes feature just one kind of item, ie. for the bath. Others like Relax and Radiate Crate pile in a variety of items for home, gardening, and entertaining, helping you feed your wellness in many different ways.
  • Frequency: How often would you like to receive your subscription? Many of the names on this list ship quarterly while others ship monthly. 
  • Value: A monthly crate may cost you $50 and have $300+ in value inside. If you’d normally spend a lot on shopping throughout the month, this means you’ll save a ton.


10 Best Wellness Subscription Boxes

What is wellness?

Wellness is all about practicing daily healthy habits to help you achieve improved mental and physical health. There are 4 different types of wellness:

  1. Spiritual
  2. Emotional
  3. Physical
  4. Social

The best wellness subscription boxes address all 4 of these types. Whether that’s by using essential oils for meditation or feeding your spirit through yoga-themed boxes, there are many different ways to practice wellness, and how you do it may be totally different from how your friend does.

To find the best wellness subscription boxes for you, consider which areas you’d like to support. Use this list to discover what each of these services offers, then choose accordingly.

Are subscription boxes ever worth it?

Totally. Subscription boxes are full of exciting products, and if you choose the right one, you’ll most likely use or love everything that comes with it. 

The cool thing about some of the best wellness subscription boxes is that you can see what’s inside them and even pick your own items. That means you’ll be in control of what you receive and therefore will get more out of your subscription. 

With that said, sometimes it’s the surprise that’s more worth it to you. There’s something really exciting about receiving a box full of surprises, it almost makes them feel more like gifts. 

What is a mental health box?

When searching for the best wellness subscription boxes, there’s a good chance you came across the concept of a mental health box. The concepts are similar, only the mental health box is usually one you put together yourself. It includes activities, products, or any kind of item to help you lessen anxiety and boost your mood. 

Some of the best wellness subscription boxes could be considered mental health boxes too, as they are geared toward helping you unwind and practice self-care. 

Are monthly subscriptions better than yearly?

When you subscribe to a service yearly, you’ll usually pay less than you would if you subscribed monthly or quarterly. Sometimes the price difference isn’t too drastic, but who wouldn’t want to save $20 if they could? 

That’s how much you’ll save annually if you choose Relax and Radiate Crate, but I appreciate that the features of their quarterly and annual plans are the same. In other words, even if you do choose quarterly, you’ll have the exact same experience. Not every service is like that, giving more personalization or perks to yearly subscribers. 

Final Thoughts

10 Best Wellness Subscription Boxes

Adopting a wellness routine can be beneficial to your mental and physical health. The best wellness subscription boxes come in all shapes and sizes with many different themes and concepts. 

Some approach wellness simply by sending bath items or nutritious food, while others take a more advanced approach to support mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. 

Keep in mind that if you are struggling with a mental health condition, these boxes do not serve as a replacement for therapy or medication. It’s best to speak with your doctor directly to ensure you get the help you need.

For those looking to introduce healthier habits, lower stress, and increase joy, any of the best wellness subscription boxes can help.

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