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Bones Coffee Review

About Bones Coffee

Bones Coffee Review

Bones Coffee is an artisanal coffee company where coffee isn’t just a drink that wakes you up in the morning, it’s an experience.

Bones Coffee caters to coffee lovers around the world who know the day doesn’t start until they’ve had their first cup of coffee. The brand offers only fresh roasted small batch coffee delivered right to your door.

The brand has been featured in The Fit Boxx, Women’s Health, Owlcrate, Bustle, and Hello Giggles. The unapologetic coffee company boasts over 250k followers on Instagram and Facebook has been liked, and followed by more than 500k people. 

This Bones Coffee review will take a deep dive into the brand and its products. It will also reveal customer ratings, divulge promotions, and more to help you decide if their products are worth buying. 

Overview of Bones Coffee

Bones Coffee Review

The Bones Coffee company location is in Cape Coral, Florida and is motivated to create complex and unique experiences through its coffee.

To achieve this, Bones Coffee roasts “carefully selected beans to perfection in small batches to ensure the freshest coffee possible is delivered to your door.” 

Through using a single-origin coffee approach, the brand supports farmers and the environment. This aids small farmers who get about 50% of their income from coffee production.

This method also encourages sustainable growing practices. Single-origin beans also support native bee populations, help preserve biodiversity, and generally promote business practices that are kinder to the environment. 

This Bones Coffee review will now go over the pros and cons of the brand. 


  • Variety of flavors inspired by various cultures and cuisines 
  • A range of coffee gear and accessories provided at affordable prices
  • All coffee is keto friendly, vegan friendly, and gluten free 
  • Decaf options available 
  • International shipping offered 
  • Free shipping on all US orders over $50
  • 98% of customers give the brand 5 star ratings 


  • Problems applying discount codes 
  • Delayed shipping 

Bones Coffee Review

The flavors are endless, and the only limitation is your imagination. For example, the Bones Coffee Holy Cannoli flavor is making this Bones Coffee review’s mouth water. 

Bones has perfectly combined dessert flavors and delicious treats that will make your early morning a little more fun. This Bones Coffee review will take you through the bestselling coffees.

Bananas Foster Coffee 

Bones Coffee Review
Bananas Foster Coffee

Banana, rum, and vanilla all come together to create the Bananas Foster Coffee masterpiece. This coffee is a spin on the delicious dessert made in New Orleans. If you love the smell of banana pancakes in the morning, read on. 

Bones Coffee has combined unique flavors with 100% Arabica coffee, roasted to a perfect medium. The result is an unforgettable savory flavor that does not compromise.

Get a 12oz bag, either Whole Bean or Ground, for $14. Or join the club and get it for $13.

Chocolate Raspberry Coffee

Bones Coffee Review
Chocolate Raspberry Coffee

Sip on decadence with Chocolate Raspberry Coffee. The coffee is a smooth medium roast with decadent chocolate and sweet, tangy raspberry.

It’s perfect for a morning treat or paired with your favorite dessert or if you have an insatiable sweet tooth. 

The Chocolate Raspberry Coffee is available in a 12oz bag, either Whole Bean or Ground.

Get a bag for $14 or on a subscription basis for $13. Follow the Bones Coffee brewing instructions to make the perfect cup of coffee you’ll want to sip on all day long.

Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee Cups

Bones Coffee Review
Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee Cups

The Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee Cups are made from medium roast Arabica beans and the perfect balance of vanilla, caramel, and coffee liqueur flavor.

Doesn’t that sound amazing?! This Bones Coffee review is reminded of a vacation in a sunny climate with a lovely morning coffee.

Bones Coffee Jamaican Me Crazy coffee cups are 100% recyclable so you’ll be good to yourself and the environment.

Grab the 12-count single-serve coffee pods for either $14 or join the club and get them for $13. From first to the last sip, you’ll swear you’ve been transported to a tropical oasis.

Bones Coffee Bundles Review

After reading about all the fantastic flavors, it’s hard to choose just one. That’s where the Bones Coffee Bundles come in handy. Try incredible, magical, uniquely brewed coffee flavors that will kickstart your day in the best possible way.

This Bones Coffee review will look at the best-selling bundles. Once we’re finished, you’ll be dying to try one of these. 

Bones Coffee Starter Kit 

Bones Coffee Review
Bones Coffee Starter Kit

The Bones Coffee Starter Kit saves your money by bundling while also providing an opportunity to try multiple flavors from the brand! In this kit, you’ll get a favorite flavors sample pack with:

  • Maple Bacon Coffee 
  • Bones Coffee Highland Grog Coffee 
  • S’mores Coffee (aka S’morey Time)
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Coffee
  • Sinn-O-Bun Coffee 

Those are maple bacon, whiskey, toasted marshmallow, cheesecake, and cinnamon bun flavored coffees. Sounds better than the dreams you’ll be waking up from! 

Choose from either Whole Bean or Ground along with a Skull Logo mug to match the brand’s aesthetic. This starter pack is the perfect way to experience the unique flavors and high-quality mugs. Get the Bones Coffee Starter Kit for $64

World Tour Classic Mug Bundle

Bones Coffee Review
World Tour Classic Mug Bundle

The World Tour Classic Mug Bundle allows you to try flavors from around the world while also getting a brand new Bones mug in the process.

This bundle’s coffee comes from various regions that are well-known for their coffee with the flavors to back it up. Each 4oz bag makes upwards of 10 cups of coffee and is from any one of these locations: 

  • Sumatra
  • Costa Rica
  • Colombia
  • Kenya
  • Guatemala 

Travel the world from the comfort of your kitchen with this bundle available for $64 in either Ground or Whole Bean

High Voltage Coffee & Mug Bundle

Bones Coffee Review
High Voltage Coffee & Mug Bundle

The High Voltage Coffee blend is the most robust, best-tasting coffee you’ll ever sip on. Bones Coffee hand roasts each batch to provide you with a high-quality experience in every bag. 

In the High Voltage Coffee & Mug Bundle, you get 12oz of High Voltage and a matching 14oz handmade mug so you can show the whole world where your caffeine comes from.

Don’t worry, this Bones Coffee 120z coffee has a safe amount of caffeine (despite what the name suggests). Score this top seller blend in a bundle for $49 in either Ground or Whole Bean

Bones Coffee Gear Review

A cup of coffee isn’t complete without some killer gear. How else would the world know you’re a badass? Bones Coffee has clothing and accessories to help you achieve the ultimate level of chill.

Unfortunately, this Bones Coffee review couldn’t find any info on any Bones Coffee masks. But keep your eyes peeled! This Bones Coffee review will show you the bestselling gear, and perhaps you’ll find something you weren’t looking for, but need. 

Bones Coffee Frankenbones Tee 

Bones Coffee Review
Bones Coffee Frankenbones Tee

Pull out the Frankenbones Tee for every day or Halloween. With this limited-edition tee, you can get a spooky every day of the year.  

The Frankenbones Tee gives off a vintage band tee vibe with faded coloring and retro lettering. Available in mens’ or womens’ sizes between S-4XL, the tee is on sale for $14, before it reverts to the regular price of $23

Jack O Lantern Tee

Bones Coffee Review
Jack O Lantern Tee

The Jack O Lantern Tee is sure to turn a few heads during the month of October. Featuring a headless horseman with a coffee cup riding a black stallion while bats swoop around, it’s the perfect addition to an edgy, fall look.

The shirt comes in mens’ or womens’ sizes S-4XL and is regularly sold for $23, now on sale for $13. Note that it is currently sold out, but keep an eye out for when it’s back in stock!  

Classic Logo Canvas Tote Bag 

Bones Coffee Review
Classic Logo Canvas Tote Bag

Be the pinnacle of style and functionality with the Classic Logo Canvas Tote Bag. It’s perfect for trips to parks, beaches, grocery stores, work, or strolling through the streets throughout the fall.

Just sling it over your shoulder and pack all your essentials, phone, wallet, and keys for a day out, or even use it as a grocery/gym bag bag.

The bag is a heavy 12oz cotton canvas and features a bottom gusset and 22” handles. Get this tote-ally awesome piece of merch for $14

Bones Coffee Subscription 

Bones Coffee Review
Bones Coffee Subscription

Time to wake up with a unique and whimsical cup of magic. From Shark Bite coffee to French Toast coffee, Bones Coffee has a flavor that will speak to you.

This Bones Coffee review will explain how the Bones Coffee subscription, Bones Club works. By the end, you may just be adding all the flavors to your cart. 

To sign up, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to and select the Coffee Club option.
  2. Who is the coffee for? Select “It’s For Me” 
  3. Choose your poison. Select whether you want Ground, Whole Bean, or Single-Serve coffee. 
  4. Pick the filter. Flavored, Single-Origin, Barrel Aged, or Decaf. 
  5. Pick which coffee flavor you’d like to try. 
  6. Lastly, select the quantity and frequency. Choose how much coffee you’d like a month from 1-4 bags. Then pick between the shipment frequency options of every 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks. 

The coffee you select will dictate the price as well as how many bags you decide to buy. For example, one bag of ground S’morey Time will cost $13, while 4 bags cost $53

Bones Coffee Gift Subscription 

Bones Coffee Review
Bones Coffee Gift Subscription

The Bones Coffee Gift Subscription is the perfect present for your coffee-addicted friends and family members.

This Bones Coffee review will explain how you can become the best friend ever with this subscription. 

  1. Go to and select “It’s For A Friend” 
  2. Choose your subscription type with either prepaid or pay as you go options
  3. Pick the perfect coffee. Choose either Ground, Whole Bean, or Single-Serve and the filter type.
  4. Pick the flavor. Choose from flavors such as French Vanilla Coffee to Caramel Apple Coffee
  5. Choose the quantity and frequency. From 1-4 bags and pick how long you want to send coffee for 3, 6, or 12 months

The price will depend on the coffee chosen, the quantity, and the duration of your subscription. For example, 1 bag of Strawberry Cheesecake ground coffee on a 6-month subscription would cost $89

Bones Coffee Sample Pack 

Bones Coffee Review
Bones Coffee Sample Pack

Time to ditch bland coffee with Bones Coffee’s 5-Bag Sample Pack. The sampler pack is perfect when you’re not sure what flavor to try first.

You can choose up to 5 unique flavors to sample, from Electric Unicorn Coffee to Cooke N’ Dreams. There’s a variety of flavors you’re bound to want to try. You can pick either Ground or Whole Bean, and it’s only $29

Here are some flavors you can try in the Bones Coffee sampler pack : 

  • Mint Invaders (Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream)
  • From Dusk Till Dawn (Jelly Donut)
  • Salty Siren (Sea Salted Caramel Mocha) 

Bones Coffee Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bones Coffee Review

What do customers honestly think? This Bones Coffee review intends to find out. 

While the Better Business Bureau gave Bones Coffee a B- rating, Bones Coffee company reviews on the Shopper Approved site give 4.9/5 stars based on over 40,000 reviews. With 90% of reviews giving 5 stars

Customers applaud the brand for many of their features:  

  • Selection of high-quality coffee
  • Unique flavors
  • Accessibility
  • Creative packaging and names
  • Helpful customer service 

One Bones Coffee review has chosen Bones Coffee over Starbucks, “Bones always comes through quickly and without issue. Always the easiest shopping experience and my son won’t drink any other coffee…sorry, Starbucks.”

Another customer complimented the accessibility of the site. “Super easy to navigate the website. I bought the sample pack with some awesome sounding flavors, can’t wait to try them!” 

Negative reviews are in the vast minority, making up less than 0.2% of reviews. The primary complaint amongst negative reviews regards problems with the discount codes.

Some other complaints are the lack of one-time purchase options and the overwhelming flavors

One negative review echoes the sentiments felt by others struggling to use their discount codes. “I entered the discount code, and it did not appear in the checkout. It automatically charged my card without verifying the discount.” 

Whereas one Reddit reviewer mentioned that the smells and flavor of the coffees were overwhelming. “I found that … the smell is overpowering, I’m extremely disappointed. I ended up throwing most of them out”

Is Bones Coffee Worth It?

Bones Coffee Review

So, is Bones Coffee worth it? This Bones Coffee review thinks the brand is worth buying.

The extensive selection, fantastic packages, whimsical names, and well-made gear should make any person want to give this brand a try. 

But, if that isn’t enough, the Bones Coffee ingredients are only the highest-quality and hand-roasted to provide the freshest, smoothest, and richest taste.

The brand even offers a Bones Coffee mystery flavor to try! With all the quirky delicious flavors they already offer, you know it’s going to taste amazing. 

While negative reviews only make up 2% of all reviews, this Bones Coffee review acknowledges the concerns put forth. The difficulties entering discount codes and getting used to the strong flavors are frustrating.

This Bones Coffee review agrees that the brand’s policy of not being able to buy more than one item at once is nonsensical, and Bones Coffee should fix this. But ultimately, if you’re a coffee aficionado, Bones Coffee won’t disappoint!  

Bones Coffee Promotions & Discounts 

Bones Coffee Review

There are no Bones Coffee promo codes, discount codes, or any coupons. However, there is a Bones Coffee sale offering 40% off on selected items. 

The brand also has done a coffee giveaway where you can win free coffee for a year, so be on the lookout for their next one! 

Where to Buy Bones Coffee

Bones Coffee Review

For the best selection, go to the official website:


Bones Coffee Review

Is Bones Coffee sold in stores?

No, Bones Coffee is not sold in stores.

Where is Bones Coffee located?

The Bones Coffee location is in Cape Coral, Florida.

How does Bones Coffee flavor their coffee?

The flavored coffees use 100% Arabica beans and are flavored using natural and artificial flavors. 

How long does Bones Coffee last?

If properly stored, the ground coffee will stay fresh for about 4 weeks

Is Bones Coffee low acid?

Bones Coffee is often full-bodied and has low acidity. 

Does Bones Coffee have K-Cups?

Yes, there are Bones Coffee K Cups. 

How long does Bones Coffee take to ship?

There is no set delivery time. But it takes 2 business days to fulfill orders once placed. Once it’s ready, the order will be shipped via USPS or FedEx. 

What is Bones Coffee’s Shipping Policy?

Bones Coffee ships to every location USPS and FedEx can deliver. For Bones Coffee free shipping, spend $50 within the US. There is flat rate shipping, and the fee will be calculated at checkout.

The cost will depend on the courier, size/weight, and location. To track your order, use the tracking information sent in the shipping confirmation email. 

What is Bones Coffee’s Return Policy?

There are no returns or exchanges on coffee products since all coffee is roasted to order, and flavor preferences are subjective.

However, unworn apparel and gear may be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase. The customer is responsible for the cost of return shipping. The shipping cost is non-refundable

How to Contact Bones Coffee

There is no Bones Coffee company phone number or customer service phone number listed. 

If you need to contact customer service, email [email protected] from Monday – Friday 9 AM – 5 PM EST.

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