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Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Review

About Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Review

Four Sigmatic is a Finish-American brand that makes crash-free coffee, plant protein supplements, and other wellness elixirs. Their name comes from nutrient-dense foods that are “four sigma” higher than superfoods, and many of their products rely on various types of mushrooms

It’s known that mushrooms[1] are a great source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals, even used in traditional medicine for different healthcare needs for centuries. And since the discovery of penicillin, scientists have been studying the healing properties of fungi. Although there’s limited evidence, preclinical studies have shown a lot of potential benefits of mushrooms.

So it’s not hard to see why Four Sigmatic has invested in this unique fungi. They’ve even been featured in The New York Times, Goop, Women’s Health, and many other publications. With over 200k followers on Instagram, the brand has also been endorsed by doctors, influencers, and professional athletes.  

This Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee review will delve deep into the brand and its products, reveal customer ratings, promotions, and more. See if any of these blends stir your appetite. 

Overview of Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Review

Four Sigmatic founder Tero Isokauppila learned to appreciate unconventional ingredients after growing up on a 13-generation farm in Finland. He was inspired by a story of his grandparents brewing coffee replacements out of mushrooms during World War 2.

On the nutrient chart, Four Sigmatic ingredients surpass “superfoods” such as kale or quinoa—they are higher by four sigmas (notches) to be exact. Chaga mushrooms are powerful fungi, and some of the very first ones that the brand added to their jitter-free coffees.

The company was originally called Four Sigma Foods and sold medicinal mushroom drinks, extracts, and elixirs in Finland. After recognizing their potential and exploring a wider array of health benefits, they rebranded themselves as Four Sigmatic and expanded to the United States. Currently, their headquarters are based in LA, and the brand sells their mushroom-reliant blends in 65 countries!  

This Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee review will now take a look through the brand’s highlights before pouring a cup:


  • Nutrient-dense fair trade coffee alternative made from locally sourced ingredients  
  • Organic, vegan, gluten-free, and lab-tested ingredients 
  • Four Sigmatic mushroom blends are balanced with complimentary extracts   
  • Easy to use and require no additional ingredients, simply add water 
  • +25,000 5-star reviews praising the flavor, price, ingredients, and customer service
  • Risk-free trials available 
  • Flexible Four Sigmatic subscription option saves money on monthly orders 
  • Free US shipping 
  • International shipping and products available in 65 countries 
  • Money-back guarantee and full refunds
  • Responsive customer team 

Four Sigmatic Membership Subscription 

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Review

The Four Sigmatic Membership Subscription is fully customizable. Swap items, add new ones to try out, and cancel at any time. You’re given the option of managing your account under Member Account, or letting a dedicated coffee concierge lead the way. 

Benefits of the Four Sigmatic Membership Subscription include: 

  1. 20% off every order 
  2. Free U.S. shipping 
  3. Free Four Sigmatic sample(s)
  4. Exclusive VIP Community 
  5. Weekly members-only giveaways 
  6. Dedicated Member Concierge 
  7. Early access to new products 
  8. Free drinks and 20% off at LA or NYC Shroom Rooms 

The Four Sigmatic Membership Subscription cost is dependent on the products you choose. With perks like these, the service is something worth looking into.

Four Sigmatic Think Review

This Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee review will now examine some of the brand’s bestselling Think products. If regular coffee has a debilitating effect on your nervous and gastrointestinal system (or if you simply don’t like the taste), these alternatives are a great way to detox. 

Four Sigmatic can ease you off coffee without the frustrating withdrawals of quitting cold turkey. The Think products include the Ground Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane, Matcha Latte with Lion’s Mane, and the Adaptogen Focus with Lion’s Mane. Let’s take a look. 

Ground Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane 

The Ground Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane is crafted from organic beans, Lion’s Mane, and Chaga mushrooms. Four Sigmatic claims that this mushroom duo is completely indetectable. The brew tastes dark, nutty, and smooth. Gentle on your stomach and palate! 

Never heard of Lion’s Mane before? It’s said to have neuroprotective effects. Studies showed anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective[2] activity in neurons and microglia cells. It’s also proven to enhance nerve regeneration and improve recognition memory[3] in mice. These are promising preclinical results that could help in dementia and nerve damage therapies.

Preclinical studies also reported that Lion’s Mane has gastroprotective properties[4], making this a great choice for those who suffer from gastric ulcer or gastritis. Although there is limited supporting evidence, Chaga mushrooms could have anti-inflammatory, antineoplastic, and immune-boosting properties[5].

Ground Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane is made with Fair Trade, single-origin Arabica coffee beans, and a 340g pack of it contains around 16 servings.

Nourish your body and brain with this blend, available for a one-time purchase of $20 or with a subscription for $16/month

Matcha Latte with Lion’s Mane 

This one’s for the latte addicts. The Matcha Latte with Lion’s Mane contains 1/5 the caffeine as a regular cup of coffee and is suited for vegan, gluten-free lifestyles. The brand has formulated this blend with coconut milk powder, so just add hot water for an instant creamy latte! 

The matcha drink is described as smooth, rich, and earthy, made with the highest grade of Japanese matcha and Lion’s Mane. Center your body as you wake up your brain with the Matcha Latte with Lion’s Mane. To really bring out the flavor, squeeze a few drops of lemon in. 

The Matcha Latte with Lion’s Mane is available for a one-time purchase for $20. Or you can subscribe for $16/month. 

Adaptogen Focus with Lion’s Mane 

We all have days where focusing on simple tasks can take colossal effort. Four Sigmatic’s Adaptogen Focus with Lion’s Mane is made for those very moments. It contains 50mg of naturally occurring caffeine and a dose of Rhodiola[6], an adaptogen that may reduce feelings of anxiety, confusion, and irritation.

The Lion’s Mane present in this tropical concoction is completely disguised by the strong flavor of pineapple and lime juice. This Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee review recommends pulling it out when your concentration starts to wane mid-afternoon. Better tasting than energy drinks, and good for you, too. 

Buy the Adaptogen Focus with Lion’s Mane once for $24. If you start craving it, subscribe for $19/month. 

Four Sigmatic Defend Review

Now that we have covered the blends that help you think, it’s time to move this Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee review to the brand’s bestselling Defend products. These are powders that strengthen your mind and body. The Four Sigmatic Defend line includes the Protein Can, the Ultimate Routine Bundle, and the Adaptogen Immune Support with Chaga.

Protein Can 

Break out Four Sigmatic’s Protein Can in Creamy Cacao when you’re in the mood for chocolate banana smoothies, pancakes, or mug cakes. This nutrient-dense powder contains an 18g blend of 5 pure organic proteins, and 7 mushrooms and adaptogens.

The rigorously lab-tested Protein Can has a balanced amino acid profile and no artificial sweeteners or fillers. The real unrefined cacao (not cocoa!) comes in strong with the chocolatey taste. This Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee review would remind you that this protein powder is not a meal replacement, but a dietary supplement.  

A 600g Protein Can is available for $50, but you can save $15 with a subscription. 

Ultimate Routine Bundle 

The Ultimate Routine Bundle has the building blocks you need to design your elevated wellness routine. Start your day with a Plant-based Protein shake, then brew Mushroom Ground Coffee to get work done. Unwind at night with a mug of Mushroom Cacao with Reishi. Or mix the signature Mushroom Blend into coffee, tea, or smoothies.

Plus, keep your new Mushroom drinks hot (or cold) with the limited edition Four Sigmatic x ALEX Insulated Tumbler. The Ultimate Routine Bundle is on sale for $150. The regular price is $200. Kick start your best life with all the essentials from Four Sigmatic and thank this Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee review later.

Adaptogen Immune Support with Chaga

A shot of Adaptogen Immune Support with Chaga a day keeps the sniffles away. This mighty product packs a big punch, with delicious immuno-amplifying ingredients like oregano[7], vitamin C, elderberry[8], eleuthero, beets, and ginger. Plus Chaga[5], the Finnish favorite, ties everything together with its antioxidant properties.

We all know how important our vitamins and adaptogens are to our health and immune system. Vitamin C[9] appears to prevent infections by supporting immune cell functions, while extracts from eleuthero[10] seem to stimulate the immune system.

It might be an acquired taste, but customers who have tried the Adaptogen Immune Support with Chaga believe that the health benefits are worth it. One verified buyer wanted everyone to know that this Four Sigmatic beauty blend was like “a jolt of health surging through my body!” 

The 74ml Adaptogen Immune Support with Chaga is currently sold out, but you can join the brand’s email list to be notified when it’s back in stock.

Four Sigmatic Chill Review

Lastly, this Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee review will take a look at the bestselling Chill products. After worrying about brain health and protecting your body from sickness, it’s time to chill out. Kick back, and have a sip of something that helps you to recuperate. The chill line includes Mushroom Cacao with Reishi, Reishi Elixir, and the Evening Routine

Mushroom Cacao with Reishi

Settle down for the evening with a steaming mug of Mushroom Cacao with Reishi[11], a blend made from organic cacao and Reishi. This is a mushroom that appears to lessen fatigue, lower blood pressure, and have anticancer activity. This decadent treat is an elevated version of hot chocolate, minus the sugary sweetness.

To consume it like Europeans do, just add hot water or non-dairy milk. If you’re not one for bedtime beverages, try the Mushroom Cacao with Reishi first thing in the morning to start your day on a relaxed note. This Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee review hears that this blend is also an excellent hangover remedy. 

The Mushroom Cacao with Reishi mix is $20

Reishi Elixir 

If you want to experience Reishi in a more isolated form, try the Reishi Elixir. This drink only requires hot water too, but adding a splash of nut milk can achieve peak creaminess. Store a box of it in your pantry if you’re prone to nightmares.

The Reishi Elixir boasts a bitter and earthy flavor. Four Sigmatic held nothing back when making this sleeptime potion. Organic Field Mint, Rose Hips Extract, and Ayurvedic Tulsi promote a tranquil energy and offset the bitterness of Reishi. 

Try 20 packets of Reishi Elixir for $38, but don’t snooze on the savings of $30/month with a subscription

Evening Routine 

The warm delight of Evening Routine brings you sweet dreams for a whole month. It consists of 3 boxes of Mushroom Cacao with Reishi. Soon, brewing a mug of this blend will become a vital part of your nighttime self-care regime. If your roommate is feeling wound-up, give them a sip and watch them sink into a calmer state.

Throw on your baggiest pajamas, fire up Netflix, and heat up some Mushroom Cacao with Reishi for the ultimate Evening Routine. 

The Evening Routine is on sale for $54, down from $60.

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Review

Finally, it’s time for this Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee review to reveal what customers think about the brand. The enthusiastic brand attracted some equally spirited responses! 

On their website, the brand proudly boasts over 25,000+ 5-star reviews, with endorsements from doctors, professional athletes, and celebrities. Many customers applauded the brand for its range of flavors, nutrient-rich ingredients, excellent customer service, and fair price points.  

One customer complimented the taste (no mushrooms detected, just as promised) and the energy the coffee provides:

Tastes as good as it smells… Rich, smooth, and decadent. I bought it as a gift for my coffee-drinking husband, and now we’re both hooked after one bag…No more afternoon sleepies or caffeine angries…And mushrooms, which you CANNOT TASTE, BTW. Highly recommend.”

Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee reviews on Reddit were generally favorable, and on Amazon, the brand has 4.5/ 5 stars out of 9,000 global reviews.

One reviewer shared: “…it really acts as nootropic brain candy and never fails to give me a mental edge. I experience no reflux symptoms that I get from regular coffee.” 

Another customer complimented the Mushroom Cacao with Reishi saying, “I am an integrative nutritionist. The discovery of this company and their wonderful, healing AND delicious products has made a very happy customer.” .

On Facebook, the brand received 5/ 5 stars out of 218 opinions. Overall Four Sigmatic reviewers tend to share generally positive opinions of the brand and their experiences.

Is Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Worth It?

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Review

So what’s this Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee review’s verdict? The alternative-coffee brand tells rich stories through its blends and powders, and doesn’t skimp on ingredients.

Thousands of customers were pleasantly surprised that they couldn’t taste mushroom in their beverages, and that the drinks stood up to their claims.

People weaning themselves off coffee also noticed that they didn’t crash around midday after consuming Four Sigmatic’s benefits—something that’s a huge benefit if you’re a coffee addict.

The mushrooms, natural sweeteners, beans, cacao, and adaptogens are all ethically sourced, organic, and high quality. The elixirs and protein powders are gluten-free, vegan, strictly lab-tested, and contain an array of immune-boosting benefits for your brain, body, and relaxation. 

As with any food and beverage company, there were complaints about taste, but this Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee review would take them with a grain of salt.

For the most part, the brand has carefully selected ingredients to off-set bitter notes of mushroom; for example, pairing Rosehip extracts with Reishi. It might simply get some getting used to. 

Lastly, as seen by the Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee reviews, the customer service team seems highly responsive and proactive—offering customers refunds if they expressed disappointment with the blends. For all of the reasons mentioned above, the Four Sigmatic’s products are worth the buy.

Four Sigmatic Promotions & Discounts 

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Review

At this time, there is no Four Sigmatic coupon code available, but the brand is offering a Free Focus Blend ($30 value) with your first subscription order of over $59.   

Where to Buy Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Review

Purchase individual items, subscriptions, or Four Sigmatic bulk products online at You can place orders through the Four Sigmatic Amazon shop. 

To find the closest retailer to you, such as Four Sigmatic Whole Foods, use the Store Locator feature on their website. 


Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Review

Is Four Sigmatic safe? 

Four Sigmatic products are safe to consume. There is no evidence yet of side-effects. 

Why is Four Sigmatic healthy?

Four Sigmatic incorporates ingredients with proven health benefits into their products. Explore their various blends to find one that suits your needs, whether it is to improve brain function, sleep quality, or boosting immunity in general.

What is Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee? 

Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee is a blend of regular ground coffee and powdered mushrooms such as Chaga, Reishi, or Lion’s Mane. 

Which Four Sigmatic is best?

It all depends on your taste buds. Four Sigmatic offers coffees that contain a small amount of caffeine boost, energy shots, or cocao-dominant mixtures for chocolate lovers. There’s something for everyone. 

How do you use Four Sigmatic? 

Four Sigmatic products are easy to use. Just add some hot water or milk to blends that are already in an “instant” powdered form.

Can you mix Four Sigmatic with coffee?

Of course, you can! Four Sigmatic products blend perfectly with coffee. 

Is Four Sigmatic sold in stores?

You can find Four Sigmatic stock online at, but yes, their products are also sold in many stores. Browse the health foods section of your local grocery store, or use the brand’s Store Locator feature on their website to find a retailer closest to you. 

How do I cancel my subscription to Four Sigmatic?

Easy. All you have to do is follow these instructions:

  1. Head over to their website and find the login button at the top right corner. 
  2. Find Your Current Subscriptions.
  3. Click Manage Your Subscription.
  4. Then select Cancel Subscription.

For more questions, email

How long does Four Sigmatic take to ship?

Four Sigmatic ships to 65 countries worldwide. Here is a breakdown of US, Canada, and International shipping policies: 


  • Orders over $100 receive free shipping
  • For orders under $100, shipping costs $4 
  • Average shipping time is 3-5 business days. 


  • Orders over $100 receive free shipping
  • For orders under $100, shipping costs $13
  • Average shipping time is 10-15 business days. 


  • Free shipping on orders over $121
  • European shipping costs $6. The average shipping time is 3-5 business days. 
  • Shipping to Australia, New Zealand, and Asia costs $15. Shipping time is 10-15 business days. 
  • Shipping to Asia and Africa usually takes 4-5 weeks and costs $15. Elsewhere locations can take 6-12 business days. 

All tracking info is sent via email when the package is shipped. It is the customer’s responsibility to pay customs fees and rates.

What is Four Sigmatic’s Return Policy?

For returns, contact Four Sigmatic at [email protected]. Four Sigmatic offers a money-back guarantee and will issue a refund if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. 

The guarantee is valid for 120 days after purchase. For any issue with a product after this window, Four Sigmatic will offer online store credit. Refunds do not include the shipping cost. 

How to Contact Four Sigmatic

If you have any questions that this Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee review did not cover, reach customer service in one of the following ways: 

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Call: (213) 699-4616
  • Live Chat on their website 
  • Send a message on Facebook 

Customer service hours are Monday–Friday 9 AM to 5 PM PST.

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We also recommend checking out ASYSTEM if you’re in the market for healthy supplements to add to your regiment.

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suzanne jefferis
3 years ago Reply

Where are the mushrooms grown and processed?

Do these mushrooms and herbs have any side effects with medicines prescribed by doctors
T. West
3 years ago Reply

Hello I know American pharmacology has not studied the side effects of interactions with many herbs and mushrooms and prescribed medications. do you have any lists of medications that should not be taken with mushrooms? for example, someone on Coumadin or another blood thinner ? someone on Anti-depressants (SSRI’s) , or on synthroid for hypothyroidism , or on BP med.s? thanks for your help,TW

3 years ago Reply

Hi: It would be great if the question from T. West would be answered. Maybe Honest Reviews could reach out to Four Simagtic since you are likely an affiliate. That said, my acupuncturist suggested I drink Reishi tea or take a tincture, but then I read it lowers blood pressure. Well, I have low blood pressure, so that mushroom wouldn’t be good for me. Maybe for my sister, but not me. I totally believe in using mushrooms, just………Do careful research.

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