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Hyperice Review

After tough workouts, muscles soreness has left me feeling totally dismantled. But physical exercise isn’t the only thing that makes me move at a painfully slow pace these days—stress and too much sitting take a toll as well.

Hyperice designs high-tech orthopedic devices that help prevent injuries and speed up muscle recovery. Their products are ideal for athletes or active adults who are looking to move and feel better. 

Getting a feel for the brand, I discovered that it has a whopping 535k followers on Instagram. Since it has connections with some of the biggest names in sports, including Lebron James, Naomi Osaka, and Patrick Mahomes, it’s not hard to see why. It’s also partnered with major sports leagues such as the MLB, NBA, and the NFL, so naturally, I was intrigued.

If you are too, stay tuned. In this Hyperice review, I’ll take an in-depth look at their best-selling products, customer reviews, and more, to help you decide whether they’re really worth the hype. 

Overview of Hyperice

Hyperice Review

Hyperice’s founder, Anthony Katz, got the ball rolling after showing New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez his new post-workout recovery method. 

Katz’s process intrigued Sanchez and led the athlete to invest in Hyperice a year later, in 2012. The company started gaining traction, and NBA Star Blake Griffin also put in his stake. 

It’s Hyperice’s mission to help elite athletes, fitness junkies, or average Joes feel better after strenuous exercise[1]. They believe that movement and quality of life are one and the same, and are dedicated to combining “science and physiology to support and advance the human condition.”[2] 

Before getting into their products in this Hyperice review, I’ll first go over some highlights of the brand.


  • High-tech devices proven to relieve muscle soreness
  • Attachments offer different treatment options
  • Suitable for professionals, as well as novice fitness geeks 
  • All items come with a 1-year warranty
  • Several well-known athletes back them up 
  • 30-day return policy

Next up in this Hyperice review, I’ll feature a range of the brand’s devices and foam rollers that aid in post-workout recovery. These models relieve soreness while being lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use. Let’s take things up a notch and get into it.

Hyperice Review

Hyperice Review

Injury prevention and taking a proactive approach to healing are important to stay in fighting shape. In reference to delayed muscle soreness, this study[3] determined that massage seems to be the most effective method for reducing this issue, and muscle pain management using compression techniques is well documented as useful.

In this following section of this Hyperice review, I’ll feature the brand’s best-selling percussion devices perfect for sports therapists or athletes on the go. 

Hyperice Hypervolt GO Review 

First up is the Hyperice Hypervolt GO. This is a tissue massage device that can be used at home or while you’re on the move, with its portable, cordless features. 

Percussive massage devices have many benefits, including reducing inflammation, pushing fluids out of the muscles and into the circulatory system, and relaxing the muscles. In this case, the benefit of minimizing soreness and muscle tension is most relevant.

Handheld percussive massage treatment is a common approach and this study[4] was the first to examine the effect of a 5-minute massage on muscle performance. There was a significant increase in range of motion, so adopting a treatment regimen that includes percussive massage is recommended to optimize the flexibility level of an athlete.

The Hypervolt GO offers the right amount of power in a quiet package. It weighs only 1.5 pounds and is 30% smaller than the original Hypervolt. It’s perfect for some someone like me who’s always on the go and is easy to transport as it’s TSA approved.  

The Hypervolt GO features: 

  • A high-torque 40W motor with QuietGlide technology
  • Three different speed settings
  • Two head attachments 
  • A rechargeable 18V battery that gives you 2.5 hours of use 

The device has one button for quick use, so learning how to use it will be a cinch. With the company’s one-year warranty, you’ll be able to find relief wherever you go with the Hypervolt GO, for $220

Hyperice Hypervolt Bluetooth Review 

The Hypervolt Bluetooth is another device in the same series. This Hyperice massage gun is ideal for releasing muscle tension and promoting relaxation. The high-intensity vibration will target areas better than any traditional foam roller.

Muscle tension occurs when the muscles of the body remain semi-contracted for an extended period. According to this review[5], mechanical forces and inflammation are the primary triggers for muscle pain. Mine comes from hunching at a desk for long periods.

With its Bluetooth capabilities, this Hypervolt model can connect to health and wellness apps. You’ll be able to receive guided warmup, recovery, and maintenance routines so you know you’re doing it right.

This model also uses HyperSmart, which is ‘the brain’ of Hyperice technology. It tracks your stats and compares them to your device usage to tailor routines for you, so you’ll be able to get the quality treatment that suits your needs. 

The Hypervolt Bluetooth includes: 

  • Five head attachments: bullet, fork, round, cushion, and flat. Each one is for specific muscle treatments 
  • Hypervolt Bluetooth
  • Attachment pouch for easy storage 
  • Wall charger

This quiet Hypervolt model is also pretty light, weighing at about 2.5lbs. It’s perfect for home use or to include in facilities. With three speed settings, a high-torque motor, and a pressure sensor, you’ll be able to get a personalized treatment that can last up to 3 hours per charge

The Hypervolt Bluetooth retails for $405

Hyperice Plus Review 

With its 90W motor, the Hyperice Hypervolt Plus is perfect for deep tissue massages that will quickly relieve your pain. Additionally, the ergonomic design enables you to soothe your muscles[6] whenever and wherever.

Another Hyperice massager that anyone can easily use, I started to imagine how effortlessly I could reach my shoulder that’s near impossible to massage on my own.

It has the same Bluetooth capabilities as the previous model, so that you can follow guides made by their team of experts. This device in my Hyperice review also uses HyperSmart tech, making your warmup and recovery treatments more personal. 

The Hypervolt Plus includes: 

  • The same five attachments as the Hypervolt Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth abilities 
  • Attachment pouch 
  • Hypervolt Wall Charger

This specially Rocket engineered device has 3 hours of battery life and is virtually silent when operating. That’s something I’ve read sets Hyperice apart from other similar brands. It also has three speed settings and can deliver up to 3200 percussions per minute. 

Relief is much closer with the Hypervolt Plus, which retails for $486

Hyperice Venom Review

The Hyperice Venom is a wearable device with a heat and vibration function, ideal for warming up, soothing, and relaxing sore muscles. The ergonomic, plush design[7] makes for a well-made and comfortable fit. Since it’s adjustable, the device is also one size fits all.

The Venom relaxes tense muscles with its heat technology. I like to think of it as a warm, isolated bath for tired limbs, though, I don’t know any tubs that can also vibrate.

It can warm up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit within a short 90 seconds. The digital touch screen adjusts the temperature as well as vibration settings. For maximum relief, the touchscreen also features a timer which automatically shuts the device off after 20 minutes. 

Hyperice’s Venom includes four vibration pods that offer three different vibration settings to help you get the relief you really need. This device retails for $270

Hyperice Vyper 2.0 Review 

Shake things up with the Hyperice Vyper 2.0. Originally, I thought it was a simple foam roller, but I quickly learned it was much, much more.

This vibrating fitness roller activates your muscles deeper than your standard foam roller. It increases your circulation[8], helps with warmups, and aids in muscle relaxation.

According to that study, using massage to increase circulation brings damaged or tense muscles the oxygen-rich blood that is needed to heal. The pressure created by the massage techniques moves blood through the congested areas where tissue may have built up and encourages the release of this pressure which causes blood to flow in.

The Vyper 2.0 has two different surfaces: grooved or smooth. You can use either one to get the roll you want. Its 40W delivers intense vibration, maximizing your treatment. 

It’s also eco-friendly and cordless, so it’s perfect for on the go. Hyperice claims it’s “the world’s most powerful vibration fitness roller.” 

The Vyper 2.0 also comes in blue and red for your personal style, and retails for $299

Hyperice Hypersphere Review 

Last but not least is the Hyperice Hypersphere. This is another high-intensity vibration device that can easily be tailored to suit your needs. It functions well enough for several muscle groups—including feet, calves, hamstrings, hip flexors, and more. 

The compact design is ideal for travel. With three different vibration settings, you can treat yourself anytime, anywhere.

The Hypersphere is 5” wide and lightweight at 2.5lbs, making it a great adventure companion. Personally, I think it’s an awesome tool to keep in your car or pack in your gym bag.

Its powerful 30W motor can deliver a deep massage to your muscles and relieve any tension you may feel post or pre-workout. 

For some variety, the Hypersphere comes in green and black colors, retailing for $220

Who Is Hyperice For? 

Hyperice Review

Hyperice prides itself on being able to suit elite athletes, fitness junkies, or amateurs looking to get moving. Percussive therapy and vibration therapy are excellent tools to have at anyone’s disposal, and I value that it saves you a trip to your massage therapist. Putting the power of healing in your hands, these tools can provide relief whenever you need it. 

Anyone can use the Hyperice devices. But, they might not be suited to senior-aged folk or kids. Their products have adjustable settings, so customization based on particular needs is possible. 

It is essential to be wary of how often you use your device, though—you shouldn’t be in pain when using them. While nosing around for this Hyperice review, I found it recommended to remain cautious and relaxed to avoid any potential injuries. 

Comparison: Hyperice vs. Theragun

Hyperice Review

Both Hyperice and Theragun offer devices with the same purpose: to relieve muscle soreness and loosen up areas post or pre-workout. 

I believe that Theragun’s products have more ergonomic handles, which can be more accessible when handling and operating. That being said, they’re slightly pricier than Hyperice devices. 

Related: View our full Theragun Review to learn more.

Both companies offer easy-to-use products, but Hyperice’s massage devices include pressure sensors that Theragun devices don’t have. Specifically, the Hypervolt offers five different attachments for more targeted treatment.

My final thoughts? Hyperice devices are slightly more affordable and come closer to a personalized massage treatment[9].

Hyperice Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Hyperice Review

After reading this Hyperice review, you’re probably wondering, what do their customers think? 

The brand gets high praise on Trustpilot, averaging 4.4 stars out of 5 based on 426 reviews. See below for the snapshot:

  • Excellent: 82%
  • Great: 5%
  • Average: 2%
  • Poor: 1%
  • Bad: 10%

In the comments, the majority of customers compliment their devices and excellent customer service. One reviewer who regularly uses the Hypervolt says:

The Hypervolt is a great device for getting rid of all the aches and pains from training. And now that I have the Android app, I feel more confident that I’m performing my massages properly. This is an invaluable tool that I would recommend to anyone who trains on a regular basis.” 

Another commenter had some issues with the Hypervolt, but the brand’s customer service team was responsive to the buyer’s needs: “My Hypervolt was starting to malfunction after a year of use. I contacted Hyperice and they sent me a label to ship it back to be replaced by a refurbished device as per my request.”

Their devices also rate well on Amazon, rarely receiving under four stars. Hypervolt GO earned 4.7 out of 5 stars from 572 global ratings. One customer states:

I was expecting a massage with less power due to it being rechargeable, but this is definitely powerful! Most of the time, I have to keep it on low to avoid being sore on my back and shoulders. Very easy to hold and handle. Super fast shipping and top quality.

On Best Buy, the Hypervolt has a 4.8/5 star rating from 2,262 shoppers—96% of them saying they’d recommend it to a friend. One review read:

The chiropractor I worked for owned one, once I left I knew I needed one for myself. Its worth every penny! Its the perfect remedy after a long day at work and savior for those awful knots. Its a pretty sturdy piece of equipment, it looks and feel powerful and meant to last.

So there you have it, folks. With powerful little machines that work magic and on-it customer service, buyers seem to really love what they get from this brand.

Is Hyperice Worth It?

Hyperice Review

As I mentioned earlier in this Hyperice review, percussive therapy is an easy and effective way to treat your body to some relaxation. It’s great for muscle recovery and can be more accessible than trying to find a massage therapist. 

I would say that the Hyperice devices are worth a try. They can be pricey, which might deter some fitness beginners. They may offer temporary relief if you have any sort of muscle pain, and I like that their products are easily customizable to suit your needs. 

If you’re an athlete, an avid runner or a gym-goer, I think their devices could be worth the investment. They are easy to carry around, and reliable for whenever you need treatment. 

A fair amount of professional athletes also believe in the efficacy of Hyperice’s offerings. The fact that the company gets endorsed by professionals from the NFL to the UFC is a pretty good sign. 

Hyperice Promotions & Discounts 

Hyperice Review

At this time, I couldn’t find any Hyperice discount codes. You can sign up for their newsletter for any future exclusive offers or deals. 

Where to Buy Hyperice

Hyperice Review

Have your eye on some Hyperice Hypierce Fuel? You can shop the brand directly from or at one of its may retail partners like Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, and Dick’s Sporting Goods.


Hyperice Review

Where is Hyperice made? 

Hyperice products are currently made in California, but there are plans to assemble final products in Hong Kong. 

Where is Hyperice located?

Hyperice’s headquarters are located in Irvine, California. The company does not have any retail locations at the moment.

How do I track my Hyperice order?

Here’s how to track your Hyperice order: 

  1. If you’ve made an account, log into the Hyperice website 
  2. Go to your order history and click which order you want to track

What is Hyperice’s Shipping Policy?

Currently, Hyperice only ships within the United States and Canada. Their shipments are fulfilled by FedEx or UPS in the US, and by Puralator in Canada. Here are the estimated shipping times for those locations: 

  • US: 8–12 business days 
  • Canada: 7–10 business days

What is Hyperice’s Return Policy?

If you wish to return your Hyperice product, you have 30 days to do so. Make sure you have your original order number, or else you cannot be issued a refund. If you’re having trouble finding it, you can contact the Hypercare Team. 

I’ll note here in this Hyperice review that only items purchased directly from their website can be returned. There is also a 10% restocking fee if your package has been used or opened. They also do not cover any shipping costs for returns. 

Once received, you should get your refund within 2–3 business days

How to Contact Hyperice

I hope you enjoyed reading this Hyperice review. For any more questions, you can contact the brand directly by using any of these methods: 

Hyperice’s response hours are Monday to Friday, 9 AM–5 PM, EST.

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