DNAfit Testing Review

About DNAfit

DNAfit Testing Review

DNAfit is completely a personalized wellness program. After analyzing your one-time saliva swab, the company uses your genetic information to provide tailored meal plans, workouts, and nutritional advice.

Each plan is supported by professional advice on what you can do to meet your weight loss, muscle-building, or overall health goals. DNAfit has won multiple awards for its ground-breaking approach to health and wellness.

In 2018, the brand won First for Innovation and International Trade in the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise. Then in 2017, they won Best Technology for Managers & Coaches: Athlete Welfare from the Sports Technology Awards.

Wondering how it all works? In this DNAfit testing review, we’ll go over each of their tests and the step-by-step process. Then, we’ll go over customer feedback, ratings, and more, to help you decide if DNAfit is the right tool for your health and fitness goals.

Overview of DNAfit

DNAfit Testing Review

Over the past few decades, genetic testing has come a long way. Having been interested in this science, entrepreneur Avi Lasarow wondered what each person’s unique genetic makeup could tell us about our health journeys.

In 2013, he founded DNAfit with the mission to “help millions of people live longer, healthier and happier lives.” So far, the brand has sold more than 75k plans from their headquarters in London, UK.

Genetic testing helps us learn what makes us, us. Being that we are all so different, a diet or fitness plan that gives someone incredible results might not work for you.

DNAfit analyses your unique data to determine your genetic makeup. Then, they provide individually-tailored nutritional and fitness plans to help you get the results you want, fast.

DNAfit Testing Review

DNA testing to optimize nutrition and fitness has been used by professional athletes for a long time, but it’s now becoming affordable enough that the average person can access it.

To ensure informative and accurate results, the company has a scientific and advisory team that includes athletes, scientists, and an ethics expert.

DNAfit also wants you to feel as comfortable as possible before you use their service, so sample reports are always available on their website to check out the kind of information you can find out about yourself before you buy.

DNAfit also knows that reading large spreadsheets of data is daunting and, frankly, not fun. All of the results they provide are easily understandable and aesthetically pleasing for a quick, fun way to learn about your genetic makeup.

Before we dive into this DNAfit testing review, let’s move on to the pros and cons of the brand.


  • Personalized plans specific for your genetic makeup with a one-time swab
  • 3 different types of tests provide insights, with the Circle Premium Test providing 500+ insights in 20 different categories
  • Custom meal & fitness plans
  • 25% off with promo code
  • Refer a Friend and give them 30% off, and you get a $10 Amazon gift card
  • Free shipping & returns for UK residents
  • Worldwide shipping


  • Some customers report long wait times and generic recommendations

DNAfit helps you to see exactly what your body needs when it comes to nutrition and fitness.

The recommendations don’t stop there: your results provide deep insight into areas such as musical ability, behavior traits, family planning, disease prevention, and more!

Next in this DNAfit testing review, we’ll break down exactly how their plans work and what they offer.

How Does DNAfit Work?

DNAfit Testing Review

DNAfit offers 3 innovative kits to choose from:

  • Diet Fit
  • Health Fit
  • Circle Premium

Each one tests different areas, including things like diet and nutrients, sleep and stress, and health risk insights. If you need even more customization, there are add-ons for the Diet Fit plan.

On their website, they offer a comprehensive chart that compares each plan to help you choose the right one for you. Every kit comes with a DNAfit Home Swab Kit, a return mailer, and access to your secure MyDNAfit Portal.

To provide you with insightful personalized recommendations, DNAfit does the following:

  1. Sorts through published literature for candidate genes
  2. Sorts the candidate papers and ranks for relevance
  3. Establishes the validity of the gene X environment interaction and the link to personal fitness and nutrition
  4. Provides DNAfit findings once the evidence is clear

After your DNAfit test results are in, which should be 10-15 days after they get to the lab, the company will assess their findings and upload your data onto the DNAfit app.

Plus, you’ll get the opportunity to have a 30-minute phone call with a member of their wellness team to discuss your results.

Note that with the DNAfit Diet Fit and Health Fit tests, you get personalized diet and fitness reports, your own personal health coach, and DNAfit login access to the app with live chat support.

After your results are processed, you will be matched with a meal plan genetically designed for you, or a diet and fitness program, with personalized recipes that work best for your body.

With the DNAfit app, you’ll also get access to your personal genetic reports, progress tracking, health score, and articles on health, fitness, and genetic-related topics.

You also have the option to link your DNAfit 23andMe results to save up to $60 on your test!

Note that DNAfit’s packages also range from purely nutritional information and recommendations to complete analysis of your DNA.

Whether you’re looking for a new exercise plan, want to know a little more about what foods are best for you, or are concerned about your health in the long run, DNAfit has all the tools at tips to use at your disposal.

This DNAfit testing review will provide an overview of their 3 different test options.

Health Fit Test Review

You can change your entire routine with Health Fit. After analyzing your saliva, DNAfit will provide you with diet, nutrient, sleep, and fitness insights, empowering you to take a fact-based approach to a healthier lifestyle. 

Plus, you’ll get a personalized meal planner. Don’t know if your body is sensitive to carbs or fat? Don’t worry, this is exactly the type of information the company provides.

The provided fitness insights will reveal your Peak Performance Algorithm, which shows how to train for the results you want. You’ll also discover important fitness-related information, such as your aerobic training response or vulnerability to certain sports injuries.

Additionally, stress and sleep response insights show how you perform under stress, as well as the times that are best for productivity. Wouldn’t we all love to know that for our busy work schedules?

Information is also provided on your sensitivity to caffeine and how it disrupts your sleep. Alternatively, the nutrition profile reveals which foods you should consume to reach your optimal level of health.

With Health Fit, you get access to DNAfit’s fitness training platform, Elevate, and their MealPlanner. Elevate provides at-home and gym workouts with step-by-step videos. Both of these platforms use your genetic makeup to tailor the right plans for you.

Diet Fit Test Review

If you’re only interested in improving your diet, Diet Fit is the plan for you. Like with Health Fit, you’ll still get access to your unique nutrient insights, as well as a personalized meal plan.

Your results will provide your optimal diet type, nutrient needs, and any intolerances or food sensitivities. You’ll learn exactly how your body works and how to fuel it the right way.

Your DNAfit MealPlanner will design meals for you based on your unique genetic makeup. Simply tell the app what your goals are, what you like and don’t like to eat, and they will build a plan just for you. You can even add on your grocery store for easy shopping.

This plan can be truly customized to tell you exactly what you need to know. For deeper insights, you can choose to add on stress and/or sleep results.

Circle Premium Test Review

Take control of your health with Circle Premium. With this test, you’ll learn exactly what makes you, you. As “the world’s most comprehensive DNA test,” it provides over 500 DNA reports in 20 different categories.

Not a scientist? That’s okay! You’ll also get genetic counseling support to help you understand what your results mean and how to use them to your advantage.

So you can be completely on top of your health and wellness, categories cover a wide range of important subjects like family planning, cancer screening, brain health, and drug responses.

Your disease risk will also help you get ahead and preventative measures, while your health and wellness reports provide information such as salt sensitivity and coeliac predisposition.

Circle Premium provides you with everything you can know about your body from genetic testing. You’ll be able to explore areas you hadn’t even thought of as you work towards a healthier lifestyle.

Next in this DNAfit testing review, we will cover how much you’ll have to pay for these tests. 

How Much is DNAfit?

DNAfit Testing Review

DNAfit costs are currently reduced! The price for each test is:

  • Health Fit: $187 (regularly $250)
  • Diet Fit: $142 (regularly $190)
  • Circle Premium: $472 (regularly $629)

DNAfit Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

DNAfit Testing Review

You may be wondering, is DNAfit any good? We found thousands of DNAfit testimonials from users who found the tests incredibly helpful, as well as a few that had mixed feelings after receiving their results.

First up, Nebula Genomics, a blog dedicated to helping those who are interested in DNA testing, did a comprehensive review of this brand and left it some amazing feedback.

The blog rated the brand with 4/5 stars on the following criteria:

  • Results: 4/5 stars
  • Price: 4/5 stars
  • Interface: 4/5 stars

This blog also complimented DNAfit on its user-friendliness based on their fitness reports, coaching, and access to “useful apps” through the service.

The company’s site lists reviews from Trustpilot for their services: from over 2.5k reviews, DNAfit has earned an average of 4.4/5-stars.

Positive reviews discuss the understandable information, helpfulness of the experts, and easy process. Take this 5-star example:

I am extremely impressed by DNAfit. My results were processed easily and efficiently. The depth of detail that the reports include is fascinating and the practical suggestions as to how to apply this new knowledge to my life have been so useful. I’ve seen positive changes…

There are also a considerable amount of 5-star ratings on Amazon, where DNAfit has earned 3.3/5-stars from 26 reviews, share similar sentiments. One user found the unique nutrition insights extremely useful:

I was very impressed with other recommendations, such as a raised in Omega-3, B6, and B12 supplementation, which has made a significant difference in my focus and alertness at work.

But, DNAfit reviews Reddit has had users discussing both helpful and unhelpful results. Firstly, one user reports that it improved her training:

I did it 12 months ago and have used the results to adapt my training program ever since. I believe the results can be very useful if you understand how it applies to you.

However, another reviewer on Reddit felt that the results weren’t insightful:

Bought one for my girlfriend. It was interesting but didn’t impact her training in any way. Most of the advice was quite generic – e.g. don’t eat too much red meat because of the X gene… All common-sense training principles.

Other negative DNAfit reviews similarly report a lack of useful results, while others complain about long waiting times with no responses from the company. Take this example from Trustpilot in January 2021:

I paid for and mailed a DNAfit test sample back to the company in November last year. I have sent three emails over several weeks without a response.”

We would like to point out that, on Trustpilot, DNAfit is extremely responsive to negative reviews.

The company has responded to every single 1-star review and attempted to rectify each negative experience. If you’re still unsure, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is DNAfit Worth It?

DNAfit Testing Review

This DNAfit testing review found a mix of reviews that believe their recommendations are either thorough and specific or generic and unhelpful.

But, there are far more positive reviews that report success with DNAfit testing. Overall, our research shows that this is a very helpful tool that can give you a clearer picture of what’s best for your body.

After reading comprehensive testimonials that outlined the entire process, this DNAfit testing review now understands the reliable and thorough process the company follows to provide insightful personalized recommendations.

While we do recognize that not all customers were happy with their results, it might be useful to point out that Diet Fit provides fewer insights than their other tests, so those who tried Health Fit or Circle Premium received more thorough information from a wider selection of categories.

No two bodies are the same, which means that diet and fitness plans simply can’t provide the same results for everyone. That’s why we think services like DNAfit are important if you want to improve your health.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about your body to change your lifestyle, we believe their tests are worth buying.

DNAfit Promotions & Discounts 

DNAfit Testing Review

This DNAfit testing review found a DNAfit discount code available: the coupon ‘APRIL2021’ is automatically applied when you add a test to your cart and gives you 25% off of your first test. 

There isn’t another DNAfit coupon currently available, but they do have a referral program. Members can give their friends a code for 30% off their first test and receive a $10 Amazon gift card when they use their discount.

Sign up for DNAfit

DNAfit Testing Review

To sign up, head to DNAfit.com, and follow these steps:

  1. On the home page, choose which test you would like to have
  2. Click ‘Get Started’
  3. Select ‘Add to Cart’
  4. Click ‘Continue to Checkout’
  5. Enter your personal information, billing and shipping address, and payment information
  6. Agree to their Terms and Conditions


DNAfit Testing Review

What is DNAfit test? 

A DNAfit test is a genetic test that determines how your body responds to triggers like nutrition, fitness, and stress. DNAfit uses this data to develop custom meal and fitness plans that deliver results.

How do I cancel my DNAfit subscription?

DNAfit isn’t a subscription. It’s a one-time test that gives you recommendations and access to the online meal planner and fitness platform for 3 months.

After that, you will have to pay $5 per month to keep using it. If you wish to close your account, you can email [email protected].

What is DNAfit’s Shipping Policy?

DNAfit ships worldwide, including DNAfit USA addresses, using FedEx, or within the UK with Royal Mail. Shipping within the UK is free.

But for other locations, shipping costs vary and will be calculated at checkout. But, they do have standard and expedited shipping options.

What is DNAfit’s Return Policy?

DNAfit’s return policy is only valid on kits bought from DNAfit.com. Returns may be accepted if made within 5 business days from when you receive your kit.

To start the process, you’ll need to email [email protected], and the kit must be returned within 14 days of when you emailed them, following the instructions they provided.

Return shipping costs are only prepaid if you live within the UK, so for other locations, you will need to pay to return your test to DNAfit.

Your DNAfit kit must be undamaged, unused, and in the original, sealed packaging. If the kit has been opened but not used you will get a 25% refund of what you paid.

Your refund will be credited back onto your original form of payment, excluding any shipping fees you paid.

If the kit was damaged or defective when you received it, you must let them know within 30 days of delivery.

Be sure to keep the damaged kit as they may request that you send it back to them. If your request is approved, DNAfit will send you a replacement kit within 5 business days.

If your kit was missing items, be sure to let them know within 2 months of delivery and they will provide you with a replacement kit within 5 business days. Any undeliverable orders will be reimbursed to your original form of payment. 

For lost orders, if your tracking information shows that your order was delivered and it has not been, you need to email them right away, and once they can determine where your kit is, they may send you a replacement kit.

If you are unhappy with the service, you can request a refund within 30 days of your second coaching call by contacting [email protected].

How to Contact DNAfit

If you have questions after reading this DNAfit testing review, you can contact the company through the following methods:

If you’re not set on what DNAfit has to offer, explore other online medical testing resources like STDCheck.com and Wisp. Or for testing your furry friends, you can try Embark Dog DNA Test.

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