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Wisp Review

Taking a trip to the doctor’s office has never been a top 10 getaway destination. Fortunately, now there’s an easier, more convenient and (thankfully) discreet way of going to the clinic. Intrigued?

Let me introduce you to Wisp, a telehealth service that offers primary care[1], prescription medication and natural remedies to all sorts of health needs. Customers have access to multiple health care professionals that will prescribe them a personalized treatment.

This Wisp review will provide all of the necessary information into their brand, products, services, customer ratings, and more, to help you decide if this service is for you. 

Overview of Wisp

Wisp Review

Founded in 2018 by Matthew Swartz in San Francisco, Wisp was designed to take the embarrassment and inconvenience out of your typical doctor’s appointment. They provide care targeted towards sexually transmitted diseases[2] such as yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. As of late, the brand now offers the Wisp Covid Antibody Test.

The telehealth service is discrete with its customers, as there is little to no in person consultations. Customers’ health information is protected online and Wisp offers delivery for medications in—lack of a better word—concealed packages. By visiting the Wisp website, users have access to numerous services such as treatments for several ailments, a learning page to inform their customers about these infections, an advice column, and a symptoms quiz. 

The best thing about Wisp is that it is highly accessible. The company ensures that their service is budget friendly, and you don’t need health insurance to sign up. While Wisp is mainly targeted towards women, they also provide services for men as well. While Wisp is known for being a discrete telehealth service, it also prides itself in removing those long lines at the clinic

Online Consultation

Wisp Review

Medical consultations don’t have to be intimidating and time consuming. For this Wisp review, I’ve found out that this company offers easy online consultations. For $39, customers can fill out a quick questionnaire, and be assigned to a US licensed physician within 24 hours. After a brief chat (at a suitable time that works for you), they will prescribe you with a treatment that you can collect at the pharmacy of your choice on Same- Day pick up

Wisp provides STI consultations, treatments for asthma, cold and flu, and acid reflux symptoms and refills for current conditions such as diabetes and birth control. While Wisp offers its services to customers regardless of health insurance, doctors can only prescribe one month of meds at a time

Wisp recommends their online consultations especially during a time where we should stay home due to COVID-19. They even give you a simple comparison chart of what symptoms differ between the common cold, allergies and COVID-19. While you shouldn’t solely rely on the chart, it’ll give you some temporary relief that you might just have the spring flu instead. 

Is this service legitimate? No worries, Wisp has a LegitScript certification. Their physicians and partner pharmacies are US licensed and board certified. All of your information is stored in a HIPAA compliant manner. 

Symptoms Quiz

Wisp Review

The very first step within the online consultation process is filling out Wisp’s Symptoms Quiz. If customers are experiencing a set of symptoms but aren’t sure of their final diagnosis, they can complete this short questionnaire. 

To be honest, I get quite flustered when I have to answer such personal, and at times humiliating questions at the doctor’s office. With the quiz, I don’t have to break a sweat. The questions don’t beat around the bush, as some may ask you “what are you experiencing?” and give you options ranging from genital itching to UTI discomfort. The quiz even asks you how often you’d like to take your medications, with two choices being ‘every day’ or ‘just when you feel an outbreak coming.’

From there, the quiz will create a specialized plan for how often you will receive refills and the price point. For instance, choosing the ‘every day’ option will get you a refill every 3 months for $60. Customers also have an option of adding other complimentary treatments such as organic antiviral supplements or creams for up to $10 if they’re still nervous of an impending outbreak. 

Before we get into more of the benefits that the brand’s services offer, this Wisp review will guide you through some special highlights:


  • Discrete and at the comfort of your own home telehealth services 
  • No need for health insurance
  • Affordable treatments for a variety of ailments
  • Customers have the option of same day pickup for prescriptions 
  • First month of medications is free
  • Positive customer reviews

Wisp offers multiple products in differing categories depending on the type of ailment. Their treatments care for cold sores, genital herpes, bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, urinary tract infection, a COVID antibody test and products for men. Products range from pills to creams.

This Wisp review will go into depth about the brand’s main products. But first, let’s get a better understanding of what issues it helps to treat.

Cold sores are small blisters around the mouth caused most commonly by the herpes simplex virus, according to this study[3].

Genital herpes is a common sexually transmitted infection caused by the herpes simplex virus, most commonly transmitted through sexual contact[4].

Bacterial vaginosis[5] is a type of vaginal inflammation which is caused by an overgrowth of bacteria that is normally found within a healthy vaginal environment. This is influenced by any changes in the chemistry of the vagina.

A yeast infection is caused by a fungus which is usually kept under control by one’s own natural immunity, but can be agitated by sickness or sexual contact.

Wisp Review

On the company’s advice page, Wisp gives a list of symptoms of each ailment they treat. 

For bacterial vaginosis, some symptoms include:

  • An unpleasant ‘fishy’ smell after sex 
  • Burning while urinating 
  • Pain, itching or burning in the vagina 

For UTI, some symptoms include:

  • The frequent need to urinate 
  • Pain in the lower abdomen 
  • Burning or discomfort when urinating

For cold sores, some symptoms include: 

  • Painful blisters on the mouth, lip, nose or throat 
  • Swelling in the neck 
  • Fever and body aches 

For genital herpes, some symptoms include:

  • Swollen or tender lymph nodes in the legs and groin
  • Joint pain
  • Headache 

For yeast infections, some symptoms include: 

  • Pain when urinating 
  • Pain during sex 
  • Red, swollen or sore vaginal tissues

You can find the full list of symptoms for each infection at HelloWisp.com

This Wisp review will take a look into what specific treatments the company offers for each infection. I’ll also offer some insight into how the remedies work. 

Wisp Cold Sore Treatment Review

Cold sores are right next to acne in being one of the most inconvenient skin conditions out there. They always appear in my worst moment, especially when photos of me need to be taken or it’s date night. But with the Wisp Cold Sore Treatment, I can get everything I need on Same Day pickup to fight this injustice on my face.

Their cold sore solutions include:

  • Valacyclovir and Acyclovir pills for $15/month
  • Acyclovir Cream for $10/month 
  • Lips and Privates Trio for $35/month 
  • Lidocaine Pain Cream for $10/month 
  • Antiviral All Natural Herbals for $10/month
  • The Duo for $25/month 
  • L-lysine for $9/month 

The headliners out of this list of products are valacyclovir[6] and acyclovir[7], which are antiviral treatments that help treat and prevent outbreaks that happen on the mouth or private areas.

The great thing about the Wisp cold sore treatment is that you can get a combination of antiviral pills and creams, which is featured as the Lips and Privates Trio or The Duo.

Wisp Genital Herpes Treatment Review

If there’s treatment for ‘up there,’ Wisp has you covered for problems ‘down there.’ The Wisp Genital Herpes Treatment includes the same products from their cold sore treatment inventory. The only item new within this category is The Privates Pair for $20/month.

These antiviral pills are used to treat and prevent outbreaks. If pills aren’t your thing, try the Lidocaine Pain Cream. With ingredients including lidocaine, amitriptyline, and white petrolatum, this cream takes the pain away from outbreaks that happen on the mouth or on the genitals by “numbing the affected skin tissue & blocking the nerves specifically causing outbreak pain.” 

Lidocaine[8] is a local anesthetic that works by causing temporary numbness in the skin and mucous membranes. Similarly, amitriptyline[9] is a tricyclic antidepressant that binds with the pain receptors in the brain to block the nerves that cause the discomfort.

Finally, white petrolatum[10] acts as an emollient that moisturizes the skin to prevent itching or flaking, and to alleviate discomfort that is associated with skin breakage. It also has antimicrobial properties that are useful in keeping the site of infection clean.

There’s no need to cross your legs waiting for the doctor’s office. Treatments are discreetly packaged and sent on same day shipping. They also send you enough meds to last you through another outbreak. 

Wisp Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment Review

Ladies, there’s no shame or worry if you’re diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis. This Wisp review found out that it is the most common vaginal symptom that women experience. The Wisp BV Treatment keeps it simple by providing its customers three remedies: 

  • BV Antibiotics (in tablet and gel form) for $15/month 
  • Daily Probiotics for $10/month 
  • Boric Acid for $9/month 

These FDA-approved Daily Probiotics are supplements that include live microorganisms to keep your gut in shape. The Boric Acid[11] is chock-full of probiotics as it includes Vitamin C and E, which maintains the PH in the vagina and balances vaginal flora[12]. It also acts as an antifungal and antiseptic which helps prevent yeast infections and relieves symptoms such as burning, itching, and odor. 

Wisp Yeast Infection Treatment Review

After getting your monthly period, the last thing you need on your plate is a yeast infection. While this type of infection is common among women who’ve begun their menstruation period[13], the exact cause can stem from many factors such as an increased estrogen level and a compromised immune system.

Whatever the case, the Wisp Yeast Infection Treatment has your vag. For same day pickup, users can get instant relief from these remedies:

  • Antifungals for $15/month 
  • Daily Probiotics for $10/month 
  • Boric Acid for $9/month 

Antifungals are especially useful to cure acute symptoms quickly, while boric acid can be used to prevent future infections. Treatments for yeast infections, in forms of pills or cream, are usually applied before going to sleep. It can take up to 1-7 days for symptoms to start clearing up, and for you to get back to your pre-period happy self again

Wisp Urinary Tract Infection Treatment Review

Going Number 1 is something that shouldn’t be dreaded. Yes, peeing jokes have been the bane of comedic existence since kindergarten, but UTIs aren’t something to be laughed about.  If you have a urinary tract infection, it affects your kidneys, bladder, the ureters, and urethra. The Wisp UTI Treatment offers painless solutions to make going to the toilet a lot less sufferable:

  • Antibiotics for $15/month 
  • Boric Acid for $9/month 
  • Daily Probiotics for $10/month 

Prevent the infection from going south by taking antibiotics on Same Day pickup. They keep your urinary tract in check and prevent any future UTIs. Customers can choose their antibiotic of preference such as nitrofurantoin[14], sulfamethoxazole[15], ciprofloxacin[16], amoxicillin[17], or they can let the doctor prescribe for them based on their medical history.

While it can be easy to diagnose a urinary tract infection at first glance, Wisp recommends that its customers consult with a doctor before moving onto treatment. But if the infection worsens to the point where it reaches your kidneys, it’s time to get off the internet and visit your nearest hospital. 

Wisp COVID Test Review

Wisp Review

With the impending fear of COVID-19 knocking on your front door, it’s not a bad idea to get yourself tested. This Wisp review is happy to report that this brand offers a Wisp COVID Test.

For $49, customers can get a blood test which is analysed by Wisp’s US licensed, board certified doctors. So long as they don’t inhibit any cold and fever related symptoms, medical professionals will schedule customers for a test at Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp of their choice. 

This is how Wisp’s Covid Test works:

  1. Users can order a lab request online. They answer a few questions and inform their assigned doctor where they would like to be tested.
  2. Within 24 hours, the licensed doctor will follow up on your lab request.
  3. Customers bring their lab request to their desired testing location. Afterwards, they can view their results online

Wisp also includes great FAQs on some general inquiries about Covid-19. They recommend tests for people who may have been exposed to the virus. The Wisp COVID Test is different from a nasal swab test, which searches for antibodies already fighting impurities in your systems versus if you have an active infection already. 

If customers choose to get tested at a Quest facility, they may be charged $119, and that’s without health insurance. On the flip side, Lapcorp offers no charge or copay fees

Wisp Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Wisp Review

This Wisp review found that the company not only helps provide treatments to infections, but can turn skeptics into believers. On Trustpilot, Wisp receives a 4.7/5 star rating. Most of the reviews commented on how they were skeptical of the business at first glance, but were extremely impressed after using the service. Some general HelloWisp reviews include how quick their service is with their same day pickup policy,

I found that the most common positive review was how convenient Wisp’s services are. There’s no need to wait long lines at the clinic, and customers can obey the stay home rule by ordering their Wisp prescription online. 

Users report that the doctors were professional and quick to respond. As women, we know sometimes these issues can’t wait. I just feel more secure knowing I can order what I need and it will be available to be picked up in a few hours,” Kelsey Antonsen, a Trustpilot reviewer, said. 

This Hello Wisp review didn’t find much in terms of complaints. A select few commented on receiving the wrong kind of medication, or being unable to return an overpriced set of items. If anything, Wisp is quick to address any customer complaints within a few hours. 

Are Wisp Treatments Worth It?

Wisp Review

As someone who gets particularly antsy going to the doctor’s office, This Wisp review finds relief that telehealth services like Wisp exist. The great thing about this brand is their anonymity. Nobody needs to be judged on their age, appearance, or gender. Customers can worry about other things rather than having to sit face to face with a doctor explaining a sensitive health issue. 

With everyone’s life being especially busy, there’s comfort in knowing that I can do everything at a touch of a button through Wisp. I can get the professional help I need within 24 hours and get my treatment on the same day. With the convenience of having Same Day and Expedited Shipping through sites like Amazon, it’s nice to know that telehealth services like Wisp are doing the same, as treatments for infections should be made a priority

Wisp Promotions & Discounts 

Wisp Review

When it comes to saving money, Wisp has coupons that discount treatment prices for its customers. Additionally, users can opt for treatment bundles such as the Privates Pair or the Duo which can save them $5-$10/month instead of purchasing a single cream or pill bottle. For the first month, customers can get their medications free. At this time, I couldn’t find a Wisp promo code or a Wisp discount code

Where to Buy Wisp Treatments

You can order tests through Wisp on their brand website, HelloWisp.com. Remember that the first month of prescription medication is free!


Wisp Shipping Policy

It’s disappointing that this Wisp review found out the service is only available in the US. Wisp shipping uses USPS, UPS and FedEx with a delivery time of 3-5 business days. After ordering, customers receive a tracking number.

For online consultations, treatments can be delivered as Same Day pickup. For regular shop orders, customers can either choose Same Day pickup or in the next 3-5 business days

Wisp Return Policy

Due to Wisp being a telehealth service, they are unable to accept returns and exchanges

Contact Wisp

For questions that weren’t addressed in this Wisp review, you can reach out to the team through:

If you’re not set on Wisp, explore other online medical testing sources: EverlyWell and STDCheck.com.

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Is it trich? I heard it’s so common!!!
Asked by Stevieweeks (3 years ago) Reply

How can I tell the difference between yeast infection, BV, snd trichonamiahsis ? The symptoms are so similar??

They have the worst customer service.
Asked by Leilani Hunter (3 years ago) Reply

Hello wisp has the worst customer service. I put in my request for emergency contraception at noon today. 6 hours later and nothing. Called customer service all they have is a voicemail and its doubtful that anyone will get back to me in time. looks like I might have to schedule an abortion instead. And Boric Acid pills are cheaper on Amazon.

Asked by Leilani Hunter (3 years ago) Reply

Update: They finally reached out to me to resolve this issue after posting all over instagram and the top-visited review sites. Businesses that only use voicemail to curb customer service calls are suspicious to me. It basically means they don’t want to pay for customer service agents. When dealing with medical issues, I would much rather wait on hold to speak with a human being over just being forwarded straight to voicemail without any assurance that I will get a call back in time to get my needs met. I’m glad they reached out to me to resolve the issue, but still not trusting of the company as a whole.

Asked by DK (3 years ago) Reply

48 hrs after payment was made services have still not been deliver and payment has clear the checking account … have emailed and spoken with them repeatedly and just keep getting lied too. Piss poor service DO NOT USE

Asked by Cora T (3 years ago) Reply

I just wanted to let future customers know That Wisp is not completely upfront or honest about their STD check. It cost me nearly 400 to get a simple screening done with no consultation. From what the website said it was only supposed to be 16 but then I revived a bill from the lab for 300 plus. I will never recommend this site to any one. It was very unprofessional and did not inform me of this high cost procedure. I would have never had it done considering I had recently tested negative and had no symptoms.

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