Gazelle Phones Review

About Gazelle

Gazelle phone review

Gazelle is a recommerce company that focuses on buying and reselling used phones, tablets and other consumer electronics. They carry well known brands such as Apple, Samsung, Google, LG and many more. Gazelle is featured on well known media sources such as Good Morning America, NBC News and The New York Times. The buzz is loud and we’re listening. 

If you’re looking to buy or sell a used phone or device, Gazelle could be the company for you. This Gazelle phones review will give you the rundown on how the process works, customer feedback, and more to help you decide whether or not to use their services. 

Overview of Gazelle

Gazelle phone review

If there’s business in reselling old cars, there must be something in reselling old phones. This was the mindset that led to the creation of Gazelle. Founded by Israel Ganot and Verne Harnish, the company officially launched online in 2008. It wasn’t until 6 years later that they opened a store to sell certified, pre owned devices. 

Gazelle continues to ensure that their services are convenient, certifiable, and cost effective for its customers. They’re associated with recycling old electronics, saving money, and selling electronics safely and efficiently. Gazelle headquarters are now located in San Diego, California. 

Before we start this Gazelle phones review, let’s go over some of their pros and cons, shall we? 


  • Customers can buy used Gazelle phones and tablets for a much lower price than the original retail cost
  • Wide range of devices to buy and sell 
  • Free shipping 
  • If some devices are in better condition than what the customer listed, Gazelle will offer to increase your original quote
  • Environmentally friendly 


  • Does not offer international shipping 
  • Select devices cannot be resold 

Gazelle Buy/Sell/Trade In Your iPhone

Gazelle phone review

Buy a Gazelle iPhone

From the iPhone 5C to the newest iPhone SE, Gazelle has a range of Apple iPhones for you to choose from. Prices range from $49 to $1004 as they vary from the kind of model, to how used the phone is. But no worries, Gazelle ensures that every device is authenticated and priced reasonably. 

For each Gazelle phone, customers receive a 30 point quality inspection, easy 30 day return policy and a phone charger. This Gazelle phones review will go over three of the iPhone bestsellers. Maybe you’ve had your eye on one, but a new version is out of your price range—take a look at these model offers. 

Gazelle iPhone 11 64 GB AT&T

If you’re looking for a good ‘middle’ of the collection iPhone, the iPhone 11 64 GB AT&T may be a good fit for you. The performance of this phone model can be compared to the Pro and Pro Max models. With its A13 Bionic chip, you can easily switch back and forth from apps

The camera quality of this Gazelle iPhone is also a major plus, with a 120 degree ultra wide lens that takes stunning high quality photos and videos. For $524, this red IPhone 11 64 GB AT&T model is fairly used, with storage up to 64 GB and has At&T as its carrier. 

Gazelle iPhone XS Max 256 GB Unlocked

Customers that are tech savvy and looking for the most efficient phones on the market today should definitely check out the iPhone XS Max 256 GB Unlocked. It’s 15% faster while only using 50% of its power. Avid phone users won’t have to worry when checking their Twitter or Instagram dozens of times through this incredible update. 

The quality of this Gazelle iPhone is amazing too, with its Super Retina OLED that features stunning colour display. This model comes with a dual camera system, producing crisp, vibrant, and sharp photos. You can get this gold iPhone XS Max 256 GB Unlocked in fair condition for $599

Gazelle iPhone 8 64 GB Verizon

Sometimes you just need a phone that does the job with no frills attached. If this sounds like you, the iPhone 8 64GB Verizon model may be the device you’re looking for. With its well functioning bionic chip, this phone has two performance cores that are 25 and 70 percent faster than the iPhone 7 Plus. There’s no need to break a sweat if you drop your phone or get some water on it, as it’s engineered to resist both of these elements. 

If you’re an impatient person, here’s a plus: the iPhone 8 64GB Verizon produces a 50% charge in only 30 minutes. You can quickly get your phone to full battery so you can watch the next season of Stranger Things on your ride home from work. This IPhone 8 64GB Verizon comes in gold, and is in good condition. This model will cost you $254

Sell Your iPhone 

Selling your used phone is a great idea, not only to make some extra cash, but also for the sake of eco-friendliness. With the Gazelle phone trade in, customers can exchange their old phones for cash. Gazelle determines the price by phone model, how many GB it has, the carrier it uses, and its condition

From iPhone 11 Pro Max to the iPhone 6, carriers vary from AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, unlocked, or other. Conditions vary from broken, fair, good to flawless. Customers can find out what the requirements for each condition are on

Gazelle phone review

While the most updated iPhone models will warrant a higher offer, you can still sell or trade older versions for a bit of cash—which we all know is better than none. For instance, you can sell:

  • Apple iPhone 6 32GB Verizon: $7
  • Apple iPhone 7 32GB AT&T: $65 
  • Apple iPhone 8 128GB Other Carrier: $90

Here, you’ll find the price ranges for each Gazelle phone model for Apple in good condition. So far, this Gazelle phones review found out that usually the highest offer is on unlocked devices and the lowest is through another carrier

IPhone 11 Pro Max 

  • Range: $342- $545 

IPhone 11 Pro 

  • Range: $299- $560 

IPhone 11 

  • Range: $243-$376 

IPhone XS Max

  • Range: $222-$337 

IPhone XS 

  • Range: $179- $286  

IPhone XR 

  • Range: $164-$314 

IPhone X 

  • Range: $214-$152 

IPhone 8 +

  • Range: $126-$1878  

IPhone 8

  • Range: $85-$130  

IPhone 7+

  • Range: $93-$130 

IPhone 7 

  • Range: $56-$104 (lowest offer is Sprint) 

IPhone 6s +

  • Range: $47-$80 (lowest offer is Sprint) 

IPhone 6s 

  • Range: $28-$67 (lowest offer is Sprint)

IPhone 6+ 

  • Range: $18-$41 (lowest offer is Verizon, At&T and TMobile on lowest GB doesn’t sell) 

IPhone 6 

  • Range: $7-$10 (lowest offer is Verizon) 

IPhone SE and 2nd Gen 

  • Range: $90-$190

IPhone SE

  • Range: $8-$47 (lowest offer is Sprint) 

Gazelle Buy/Sell Your Macbook

Gazelle phone review

Buy a Macbook 

Macbooks can be quite expensive if bought at the original retail price. Fortunately, Gazelle offers several Macbook models all for a reasonable cost. This company sells Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, and the original Macbook

Prices for Gazelle Macbooks range from $259 to $2789. Each model comes with a 30 point quality inspection, an easy 30 day return guarantee and a charger. If you’re on the hunt for a Macbook, check out the three bestsellers featured in this Gazelle phones review.

Gazelle Macbook Pro 15″ Touch Mid 2017

The Macbook Pro 15” Touch Mid 2017 is for those who live life in the fast lane. This model comes with an efficient Core i7 in 2.9 Ghz. For those who don’t speak in computer language, that means you get all the performance without sacrificing on speed. 

This Gazelle Macbook Pro is a must-have for talented multitaskers. Storage space isn’t an issue, as there is 512 GB on this drive. You can get the Macbook Pro 15” Touch Mid 2017 in good condition for $1821

Gazelle Macbook 12″ Mid 2017

We all need a trusty and reliable laptop. Case in point, let me introduce you to the Macbook 12” Mid 2017. This model has a built in Core i5 1.3 GHz, reliable enough to get daily tasks done. The laptop has a stunningly vivid display great for graphic designers, photographers, video editors, or if you just want to watch a movie in high definition. 

On the topic of movies, you can download tons with its 512 GB SSD. This Macbook 12” Mid 2017 in excellent condition will cost you $1079.  

Gazelle Macbook Pro 15″ Touch Late 2016

The Macbook Pro 15” Touch Late 2016 model includes all of the necessary features of a good laptop: efficiency, good storage and a solid display monitor. It’s equipped with a Core i7 2.7 GHz drive to ensure that you get work done fast. It can complete multiple tasks and deal with difficult jobs like rendering, encoding or processing files.

If this sounds like the laptop for you, Gazelle offers the Macbook Pro 15” Touch Late 2016 model in good condition at $1619

Sell your Macbook 

Looking for some cash to save up on another Macbook? If you’re already in possession of an older Macbook version, Gazelle has multiple offers on selected Apple laptop models. Each price varies on the GHz, generation, condition, and production year.

Gazelle phone review

Before this Gazelle phones review provides the price ranges for the Macbook, Macbook Air, and the Macbook Pro, here are the prices offered for a few of their older models if you’re looking to sell:

  • Apple MacBook (8,1) Core M 1.1 GHz 12″ (Early 2015): $125 
  • Apple MacBook (9,1) Core m3 1.1 GHz 12″ (Early 2016): $195
  • Apple Macbook (10,1) Core m3 1.2 GHz 12″ (Mid 2017): $279


Price range: $125-$454

  • Lowest is the 1.1 ghz 2015 version. The highest is 1.4 ghz 2017 version.

Macbook Air 

Price range: $95-$226 

  • Lowest is 11” 1.3 ghz model. The highest is GHz 13″ Mid 2017 version. 

Macbook Pro 

Price range: $381-$1002

  • Lowest is GHz 13″ Touch 2019 version. The highest is 2.6 GHz 16″ Scissor 2019.

Gazelle Buy/Sell Your iPad

Gazelle phone review

Buy an iPad 

iPads are great if you want your work or form of entertainment to be travel friendly. Gazelle features several iPad models to choose, from the iPad 2 to the iPad Pro 12.9 4th Generation. Since prices range from $99 to $1149, you might just find your dream device for a bargain. 

Customers can choose the colour they’d like their Gazelle iPad to be, varying from black, gold, grey, rose gold, silver and white. They can also choose how much storage is included, ranging from a standard 512 GB to a whopping 1 TB. This Gazelle review will look at three of their bestsellers in the iPad category. 

Gazelle iPad Pro 12.9″ 3rd Generation

The iPad Pro 12.9″ 3rd Generation is the quintessential device if you’re buying your first ever iPad. This model comes in silver grey, is unlocked, and can store up to 256 GB. That’s more than enough to download all your favourite apps and keep all your photos. The design is sleek and thin, making it easy to carry around with you. 

This Gazelle iPad is accessible as well, as the monitor is built with True Tone, a self adjusting white balancing feature that’s easy on the eyes. It’s also 35% faster than the previous model and contains a 10 hour battery life. You can get this iPad Pro 12.9″ 3rd Generation in excellent condition for $914

Gazelle iPad Pro 11″ 3rd Generation

For those who find themselves downloading app after app, or have the habit of storing hundreds of files, the iPad Pro 11″ 3rd Generation offered at 1TB is a more suitable option. Because of the large amount of storage space, you don’t have to worry about saving enough room. It’s designed to handle the most difficult of programs to run, such as Adobe Photoshop

You can also take stunning pictures with this iPad as well. The device features a 12MP camera, which shoots in 4K and works with AR features. This model is in excellent condition, available in space grey. It’s unlocked and compatible with most carriers. This iPad Pro 11″ 3rd Generation costs $1409

Gazelle iPad 4 16GB WiFi + 4G LTE Verizon

Maybe you want an iPad, but don’t want to spend nearly $1000. Gazelle has more affordable models. Take for instance, the iPad 4 16GB WiFi + 4G LTE Verizon. Its small and friendly design can easily fit in any purse or backpack when you’re on the go. It has over 300 pixels per inch, which makes text and images sharper. This model operates on Wifi, and can store up to 16 GB. The device is in good condition and priced at a reasonable $164

Sell Your iPad 

For those wondering how much their iPad is worth, Gazelle has multiple offers on select iPad devices. Prices are determined by production year, generation, storage, if it’s unlocked, or works on WiFi.

Gazelle accepts the iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air and the original iPad. If you’re looking to sell yours, here are some approximate prices for three of their older models:

  • Apple iPad 4th Generation 16GB WiFi + 4G LTE AT&T: $47
  • Apple iPad 5th Generation 9.7″ 128GB WiFi + 4G LTE Sprint: $92 
  • Apple iPad 6th Generation 9.7″ 32GB WiFi: $88
Gazelle phone review

Moving on, this Gazelle phones review will give the price ranges, from lowest to highest, for these four models in good condition:

iPad Pro 

  • Price range: $123-$790 
  • Lowest is iPad Pro 9.7″ 32GB 1st Generation WiFi. Highest is IPad Pro 12.9″ 1TB 5th Generation Unlocked

iPad Mini 

  • Price range: $13- $248 
  • Lowest is iPad Mini 2 16GB WiFi + 4G LTE T-Mobile and iPad Mini 2 16GB WiFi + 4G LTE Sprint. Highest is iPad Mini 5 256GB WiFi + 4G LTE Unlocked

iPad Air 

  • Price range: $54-$268 
  • Lowest is iPad Air 2 16GB WiFi. Highest is iPad Air 3 256GB WiFi + 4G LTE Unlocked


  • Price range: $37-$202 
  • Lowest is iPad 4th generation 16GB WiFi. Highest is iPad 7th generation 10.2″ 128GB WiFi + 4G LTE Unlocked

Gazelle Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Gazelle phone review

This Gazelle phones review found a majority of great customer experiences for those looking to buy phones and other tech. The Better Business Bureau grades it with an A.

There are positive Gazelle reviews, some detailing quick transactions and positive experiences selling their used devices. “It was so fast and easy! I was super happy with the amount they were willing to pay for my iPhone,” One reviewer on Trustpilot said. 

Is Gazelle Tech Worth It?

Gazelle phone review

As phones, tablets and laptops become increasingly expensive, it’s nice to see alternatives like Gazelle being offered to the public. If customers are eyeing a specific device on the market, they can sell or trade in their old devices to save up for a newer version. Additionally, services like Gazelle are great for the environment, as they work to recycle pre owned electronics. 

This Gazelle phones review likes how customers can see the approximate price range for each electronic model. The selling and trading portion of their website is organized and easy to follow. So, is Gazelle legit? Yes, with hundreds of thousands of customers and years of business operation, Gazelle is a great place to buy and sell phones and other tech products.

Gazelle Promotions & Discounts 

Gazelle phone review

This Gazelle phones review found out that the company has a reward system. By signing up, not only do customers earn 100 points right off the bat, but can collect one point for every dollar their device is worth. Buyers can also accumulate points by connecting with Gazelle through their social media.  

Buyers can receive $20 credit on Gazelle’s website by trading in their used electronics. This can be used to purchase other electronics sold on their store. Customers can also get up to 20% off select devices and free standard shipping. 

The website also features a Gazelle phone sale and discounts for select items. For those in the military, there is a Gazelle discount code, which offers 10% off all their devices

Gazelle phone review

Where to Buy/Sell Gazelle Tech

Gazelle services such as buying, trading and selling pre owned devices are exclusive to

How to Trade in or Sell Your Device 

If you’re all ready to sell your device, this Gazelle phones review will give you a step by step guide on how to do so. This applies for all devices listed on their website. 

  1. Find your item on
  2. Click on all the conditions that your device meets; for instance, look to see if your electronics are in good condition, what model it is, and what carrier it uses
  3. Gazelle will offer you a price; if you decide to go ahead, complete the checkout process by telling Gazelle how you would like to be paid
  4. Prepare your device by deactivating cellular service, turn off device tracking, and taking other steps (full requirements listed on their website) 
  5. Ship your device to Gazelle where the company will verify its contents 
  6. Get paid! 


This Gazelle phones review addresses some the most common questions buyers and sellers ask.

How long does it take Gazelle to ship? 

Gazelle ships all orders within 2 business days. Their shipping methods are FedEx Ground, FedEx home delivery or USPS. Customers will receive a tracking number once their order is placed. Customers that are looking to buy used devices on their website are eligible for free shipping. 

How do I return my phone to Gazelle? 

The company has a 30 day Gazelle Return Policy following delivery. This is only if the item in question is in the same condition as it was delivered. In order to return an item, customers must contact Gazelle customer service explaining the reason for returning. 

The company will issue a prepaid return label either through USPS or FedEx Ground services. Refunds should be made within 5 days of receiving the item back. Returns incur a $15 stocking fee which will be deducted from customer refunds. 

Is Gazelle safe to sell to?

Our Gazelle phones review found that the company’s services are quick, easy and certifiable. They work with customers to ensure that devices sold or bought are authenticated. 

Are Gazelle phones refurbished?

All Gazelle products are preowned. They undergo a certification process that involves light refurbishment. The process involves a 30 point cosmetic and functional inspection. 

How fast do you get paid from Gazelle?

In terms of items being shipped to the company, once the item has been delivered to their warehouse (located in Louisville, Kentucky), it takes approximately a week for payment to be issued

There are three ways to receive payment: Amazon gift card, Paypal or a check delivered by USPS. Customers can track their shipments by logging into their account and clicking ‘track my offers’. It takes 3-5 business days for Gazelle to inspect your device and pay the amount owed. Checks take 5-10 business days to arrive. 

Does Gazelle buy locked phones? 

If phones are locked, Gazelle will use the contact information located on the device to reach out to the owner for verification. This is to ensure that Gazelle does not buy lost or stolen phones. 

Does Gazelle have a warranty?

This Gazelle phones review found out that the company offers an accidental and mechanical breakdown Gazelle warranty policy through WarrantyLife. These warranties can be applied to eligible items during checkout. Customers can view the details of this program through Gazelle’s website. 

How to Contact Gazelle

If you still have questions after reading this Gazelle phones review, you can reach out to the company through:

  • Gazelle phone number: 1-800-429-3553 (Monday to Sunday 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PT)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Live chat through their website

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Reviews Shoes

8000Kicks Review

About 8000Kicks

8000Kicks Review

8000Kicks is an eco-friendly shoe brand that designs 100% hemp footwear. Their men’s and women’s shoes are made using ethical practices. 8000Kicks has gained media attention for their natural shoes, with features in Now Future, HypeBeast and Design Bloom

This 8000Kicks review will give you insight into the brand, their hemp-based footwear, customer reviews, and more, to help you decide if their shoes are worth the buy. 

Overview of 8000Kicks

It’s a pressing issue to deal with climate change and take care of our environment in 2020. Companies are looking to shrink their ecological footprint and minimize the damage on a global scale. In 2018, 8000Kicks founder Bernardo Duque Carreira started brainstorming the perfect shoe, one that is functional and sustainable.

8000Kicks Review

If we can’t show everyone we can make better products with natural materials, then how are we supposed to change things? How are we supposed to make this planet better?” Bernardo wondered. It was this thinking that started Bernardo and his team on a 6 month journey to find the best hemp in the world. 

The material in question is a variety of Cannabis sativa plant species, and is known to be a key ingredient in textiles, rope, paper and biofuel. The brand sources their material from east to west, buying hemp from France, Romania and China, with factories in China and Portugal. 

At their launch in 2018, the footwear company went by the name DopeKicks and introduced their first shoe: Explorer. The following year, a Kickstarter campaign helped fund the first waterproof hemp shoes. The brand changed its name to 8000Kicks in 2020 and is currently headquartered in Mountain View, California. 

8000Kicks Review

8000Kicks Hemp Technology

So what makes hemp revolutionary in the footwear industry? The material used in 8000Kicks’ shoes are durable, vegan, and eco friendly. Hemp is actually considered the ‘sober’ cousin of cannabis, so no, you can’t use these shoes to get high, but you will definitely look dope in them.

8000Kicks shares the entire process of developing their hemp. After harvesting, the hemp fibers are separated from the bark, which is called the retting process. The fibers are then carded into strands, in which the separated bast fibers are cleaned to remove impurities. Next, the material is either pulped to produce paper, matted to make fleece, or  transformed by steam explosion to make raw hemp into weavable fiber. The hemp is then spun into yarn and woven into textile.

8000Kicks Review

Before we expand on the fascinating technology of hemp shoes, here’s a sum of up this 8000Kicks review: 


  • Environmentally friendly shoes for men and women 
  • 100% vegan 
  • Clean, modern designs
  • Durable and flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Free shipping to the UK and the United States for orders above $100 


  • Limited style selection

We’ll kick off this 8000Kicks review with the shoe that started it all, now in its 2.0 form. So far, 8000Kicks only sells this one model for men and women.   

8000Kicks Explorer V2 Sneakers

8000Kicks Review
8000Kicks Explorer V2 Sneakers in Black and White

Don’t mistake the 8000sKicks Explorer V2 Sneakers with ordinary footwear you’d find at your local store. The sleek and modern design looks familiar, but these sneaks go beyond style. They’re durable and functional in ways that regular sneakers can’t compete with. 

The 8000Kicks Explorer V2 Sneakers are built to be flexible, water repellent, and dustproof. The company added a proprietary coating layer that protects the shoe from unwanted stains, liquids or dust particles. With a design like this, your kicks will still look brand new without the fuss of having to clean them. 

8000Kicks Review
8000Kicks Explorer V2 Sneakers in Beige and Green

What I especially hate about buying new shoes is knowing that the ‘newness’ won’t last very long. When sneakers are only built to look good, they can’t go through rough terrains and definitely can’t be worn in water. The 8000Kicks Explorer V2 Sneakers are the exact opposite. You can go from running errands to hiking a mountain and crossing a river in these.

8000Kicks Review

The 8000Kicks Explorer V2 Sneakers have a unique outsole made out of recycled algal blooms. For those reading this 8000Kicks review who aren’t marine biologists: algal blooms are a rapid increase of algae in marine environments, and are known to be especially harmful to wildlife surrounding the area. Climate change has brought on this massive proliferation of algae, which thrives in warmer temperatures. In non-scientific terms, algal blooms are ruining the ocean’s vibes. 

In the creation of their sneakers, 8000Kicks sought to address this issue by teaming up with Bloom Foam, a brand that’s working to reverse the effects of water pollution. Bloom Foam works with a host of natural resources to create sustainable materials. The 8000Kicks ft Bloom Foam team up developed a “super light algae bottom with increased durability while sponsoring the removal of harmful algae.”

8000Kicks Review
8000Kicks Explorer V2 Sneakers in Full Black

If you thought we were finished with the features of the Explorer V2 Sneakers, think again. These 8000Kicks shoes are also antimicrobial and antibacterial, preventing any fungal bacteria from forming in your shoes and feet. No smelly feet at the gym in these kicks. Athlete’s foot? Not a chance.

8000Kicks’ material, known as hempcrete, is a new high performance material with temperature regulating properties. It’s currently being used for eco-friendly home insulation. It may feel strange to think of this material in a pair of shoes, but it’s all about how the hempcrete is used. You won’t break a sweat In 8000Kicks shoes, since the hempcrete makes them breathable, temperature controlled, and lightweight

8000Kicks Review

The 8000Kicks Explorer V2 Sneakers are available in 3 color combinations. Customers can choose from beige and green; black and white; or a full black look. Each shoe comes with a white or black outsole, which does a great job in contrasting the different colors for an athletic meets streetwear look. The company logo is featured on the shoe tongue and a Cannabis leaf is stamped on the bottom of the outsol, as a reminder that these will forever be the ‘environmentally friendly weed shoes’ you bought. 

The 8000Kicks Explorer V2 Sneakers, offered for men and women, are priced at $129. This is quite a bargain for all this sneaker has to offer in terms of sustainability and durability aspects alone. Compared to today’s trendiest sneakers on the market, how often can people say that their shoes work against water pollution, are vegan, and made out of hemp? This 8000Kicks review can say with certainty that these shoes are one of a kind

8000Kicks Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

8000Kicks Review

This 8000Kicks review found a ton of praise for this company. On the official website, customers note how comfortable the shoes are and how pleased they are overall.I bought a pair of these dope sneakers for my mom and it is the only pair she wears right now. Super comfortable for her flat feet,” One reviewer said. 

On Trustpilot, 8000Kicks receives a 4.7/5 star rating out of 40 reviews. Most customers note excellent customer service, a feel-good response to the company’s environmentally friendly message, and how durable and sturdy the shoes are.The shoes are amazing, not only because they’ve done an excellent job with the materials and the design, but they’re comfortable and soooo good for the environment too. They’re worth the price and even more.” One Trustpilot 8000Kicks review said.

The only issue that this 8000Kicks review came across is about sizing. A few customers noted that some shoes they ordered did not fit and had to be exchanged. Some buyers said that the shoes run a little small. Fortunately, the customer service team at 8000Kicks were quick to remedy their issues by sending them a better size.

Are 8000Kicks Shoes Worth It?

8000Kicks Review

Based on what I’ve found through my research, this 8000Kicks review highly recommends the shoes. Sneakers should be comfortable, flexible and last you a long time. I never thought that hemp would be so durable. If you find yourself grabbing for a pair of sneakers instead of the other shoes in your closet, the 8000sKicks Explorer V2 Sneakers can easily be your go-tos. 

These are shoes you can feel good about wearing. From sourcing to manufacturing, the processes are environmentally friendly. It’s nice to see that companies like 8000Kicks prioritize saving the environment. We’ve only got one earth. This brand also sheds a positive light on how versatile Cannabis is—when you’re not smoking it, the hemp plant offers a durable alternative to regular textile.

Since the company is relatively new, this 8000Kicks review is excited to see any new shoe designs that they may come up with. Stay tuned! 

8000Kicks Promotions & Discounts 

This 8000Kicks review found that customers can sign up to get access to special promotions. Keep checking their website and social media for a 8000Kicks promo code.

Where to Buy 8000Kicks Shoes

8000Kicks Review

Buyers can purchase 8000Kicks shoes solely (pun intended) at


Can you go through airport security with 8000Kicks shoes?

8000Kicks’ hemp material is 100% legal worldwide. The fabric used has no psychoactive components, which means you can’t use the shoe as a drug. If you had the crazy idea to smoke the shoes, don’t bother. You can’t get high off of them anyway.

How do you clean 8000Kicks shoes?

8000Kicks does not recommend machine washing because it might remove some of the coating that protects the shoes from water, dirt, and other impurities. Clean the shoes with warm water and soap, applying gentle scrubbing. The coating might disappear or reduce its effect over time, but the shoes will retain their waterproofing due to the super waterproof membrane applied.

What sizes does 8000Kicks have? 

8000Kicks only has a limited range of shoe sizes for both men and women. However, since the company is still new, they might add more sizes in the future. this 8000sKicks shoes review provides you with their current size chart: 

8000Kicks Review
8000Kicks Sizing

8000Kicks shoes are standard width, and they don’t currently offer wider sizes. The footwear has the same size structure as Nike, Adidas, and New Balance. You can test one of their shoes in a local store and order the exact same size with 8000Kicks.

What is 8000Kicks’ Shipping Policy?

For international orders from the UK and the United States, delivery takes up to 5-10 days for customers in the US and Canada. For European customers, it takes 7-14 days. In other parts of the world, buyers can expect to wait 14 days

This 8000Kicks shoe review found out that they do provide free shipping to the US and UK on orders above $100. They have also reduced shipping costs for customers in Europe. 

What is 8000Kicks’ Return Policy?

Customers can return or exchange their items within 30 days of delivery. Footwear must be unworn, and in its original packaging. All returns require return authorization from 8000Kicks customer service (see the How to Contact section of this 8000Kicks review). 

Do 8000Kicks shoes have a warranty?

This 8000Kicks review found out that the company does not offer a warranty. If customers do find faults in their shoes, they can contact the customer service team to deal with any issues. 

How to Contact 8000Kicks

If you have questions beyond this 8000Kicks review, you can contact their team through:

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Earth Shoes




Reviews Clothes

Rent the Runway Membership Review

About Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway membership review

Rent the Runway is no ordinary retail clothing and accessories company. For a discounted price, customers can don designer outfits for a rented period of time. This wardrobe membership service is exclusive to women, and carries notable brands such as Phillip Lim, Giambattista Valli, Polo Ralph Lauren and many more. 

Rent the Runway has been featured in prominent publications such as Vogue, The New Yorker, and Cosmopolitan. The brand has an impressive viewer base of 347K on Instagram. Online attention aside, Is Rent the Runway worth it? 

If you’re curious to know if this company is legitimate or not, then you’re in luck. This Rent the Runway membership review will give you the rundown of their selection, customer reviews, deals, and more to help you make an informed decision.

Overview of Rent the Runway 

Rent the Runway membership review

Rent the Runway was the answer to a very common question for women, why spend hundreds of dollars on clothes you’ll only get to wear once or twice? This ‘aha’ moment spurned over a Thanksgiving party in 2008, where Jenn Hyman, the future founder of Rent the Runway, wondered why her sister spent $2,000 designer dress she bought to go on a wedding when it was sending her further into debt. 

“Wouldn’t it be so much smarter if we could rent designer items rather than purchase them?” Jenn Hyman said. 

With that idea fresh in her head, she returned to Harvard Business School and got her friend Jenny Fleiss on board. Hoping that their pitch would be of interest in the fashion industry, they emailed Diane von Furstenberg, a famous Belgian fashion designer, to see if their idea could be a legitimate business. After some advice, Furstenberg wished them luck and from there, Hyman and Fleiss started their humble beginnings as a fashion rental service. 

Rent the Runway membership review

From starting at a pop up shop at their school campus, to contacting multiple fashion designers, only to get rejected, Rent the Runway hurdled through countless obstacles. However, in 2009 when they officially launched their company, the New York Times ran a cover story about the two co-founders. As a mark of success, the story led 100,000 people to sign up for Rent the Runway. 

“We are changing that by building the world’s first and only ‘closet in the cloud’: a dream closet filled with an infinite selection of designer styles.” Hyman and Fleiss said. 

Before we dive deep into this Rent the Runway membership review, let’s look over some of their pros and cons: 


  • Customers can rent designer clothing for a fraction of its original retail price 
  • Thousands of items from hundreds of luxury designers to choose from 
  • All memberships include free dry cleaning, free 2 day shipping, member only discounts 
  • Rental insurance provided for subscribers
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly service


  • Mixed customer reviews
  • Unclear shipping and returns information page 
  • Drop off locations are only exclusive to the United States 
  • There is no Rent the Runway for men 

How Does Rent the Runway Work?

Rent the Runway membership review

This Rent the Runway membership review found two ways that customers can rent clothing. Buyers can either use their one time rental service or pick from three different plans. For each membership, customers have the standard of picking 4 items each month. They can add extra clothes to their plan if they wish. 

After selecting a plan, customers can choose from Rent the Runway’s expansive collection of designer items. This ranges from activewear, dresses, tops, pants, maternity, wedding and even Gala wear. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin, this brand makes shopping for what you need simple by asking what event you’re dressing for. Subscribers can go from renting a floral Rent the Runway bridesmaid jumpsuit to a sexy body con Rent the Runway wedding dress. 

After choosing four items, the company asks when you’d like your first shipment. They will send your dry-cleaned orders in a reusable garment bag. Customers can own their clothing as long as they want, (if your membership is in good standing) and can send their items back if they wish to receive a new parcel of clothing. 

Once items are returned, Rent the Runway notifies them so they can pick their next 4 items. Subscribers also have the option of purchasing their items if they can’t bear to part with them. If you only need to rent for one occasion only, no worries, this Rent the Runway membership review will outline the basic steps on how to use their service:

  1. Pick a convenient delivery date (the company suggests 1-2 days before your event) and how long you’d like your items for (they offer 4-8 day rentals
  2. When it’s time to return, place your items in the hangers and bag that they came from
  3. Send the bag back using the prepaid shipping label

To ensure the perfect fit, Rent the Runway will send you a backup size. How awesome is that? The company notes that swapping is dependent on the customer’s postal code. You are only shown a selection of pieces available in your area. Now, let’s get the ball rolling and take a look into a selection of their bestsellers. 

Rent the Runway Bridal Review

Rent the Runway membership review
Rent the Runway Bridal

If you walked down the aisle in a princess ball gown wedding dress during the ceremony, chances are that it’ll be hard to bust a move during the reception party. The Metallic Jaipur Sheath dress by Marchesa Notte is the ideal reception dress to slide on when you want to do the cha cha slide. This gown features a sheer, lightweight fabric adorned with a creamy beige lace. You don’t need to worry about accidentally exposing yourself with this dress, as there is a white and gold tulle underlay for some extra coverage. 

This body con, midi length dream is ideal for brides who want to show off their curves. I mean, with a dress like this, only a few would ever opt for a regular cocktail dress for a wedding reception. The Metallic Jaipir Sheath dress ensures that you keep up appearances as the bride with it’s white sheen and lace detail. If you’re the only one in white, make the most out of it. The original retail price for this dress is $795. For one time rental customers can be a Rent the Runway bride for $110 to $125 for 4 days.  

Rent the Runway Maternity Review

Rent the Runway membership review
Rent the Runway Maternity

Take advantage of that pregnant glow and be a stylish mom to be. The Red Ruffle Maternity Dress by Sail to Sable checks all the boxes for the ideal pregnancy outfit. 1) It’s not tight fitting around the stomach 2) you don’t lose your body shape with it’s defined bust area and tie up detail in the front, and 3) It’s fashionable and functional. This hourglass autumn gown is a vibrant apple red, featuring cute little ruffles on the sleeves and neckline. 

This is a great fall dress, as you can wear it with a pair of comfortable nude leggings, booties, a beige trenchcoat and a matching knitted beanie for some extra coziness. Get some errands done, have coffee with a friend, or go out for lunch in this striking Red Ruffle Maternity Dress before baby comes on to the scene. You can borrow this Rent the Runway maternity dress for $45 rather than pay the retail price of $295

Rent the Runway Cocktail Dress Review

Rent the Runway membership review
Rent the Runway Cocktail Dress

While the quintessential night out dress is the lbd (little black dress), there is something to be said about the lgd (little glitter dress). Introducing the Baldwin Mini Dress by Jay Godfrey. This flirty mini dress is adorned in shimmering silver sequins, held together by thin spaghetti straps that cross over in the back. For some extra glamour, this glitzy number features an elegantly draped cowl neckline. 

Not only is this a great night out ensemble, you can consider this a Rent the Runway prom look for later in the night. Pair the Baldwin Mini Dress with black pumps to make your legs look longer and a crystal choker as an added accessory. Tell the host there’s no need to rent a disco ball when you’re already dressed like one. This glam dress is available at retail price for $275 or as a one-time rental ($30-$40) for 4 days. 

Rent the Runway Work From Home Review

Rent the Runway membership review
Rent the Runway Work From Home

Most of us are working from home right now. You may be procrastinating while reading this Rent the Runway membership review (we’re good with that). Many of us have to look sharp in our virtual meetings, so a top like this Layered Polin Top by Kinly strikes the perfect balance between comfort and chic. You can wear sneaky pajamas underneath as well. Or, if dressing up makes you feel a bit more productive in the home office, pair it with some dress pants.

This  Layered Polin Top features a white cotton blouse that’s cropped to show off a light blue vertical striped dress shirt. This peplum top is easy, breezy and fashionable, with its three quarter length sleeves. The light blue portion of the top is very reminiscent of the basic dress shirt you’d find someone wearing at the office. 

Instead of pairing the Layered Polin Top with something corporate like a beige pencil skirt, play it casually with some well fitted black leggings and matching ballet flats. The original retail price for the Layered Polin Top is $218, and it’s available to rent for $35. 

Rent the Runway Plus Size Review

Rent the Runway membership review
Rent the Runway Plus Size

This Caped Carter Sheath by Adrianna Papell is fabulous. This jaw dropping cocktail gown features an alluring cherry red colour, but what makes this dress especially unique is the attached cape covering the back and the arms. It’s like Little Red Riding Hood grew up, leveled up, and became a fashion icon. Serious feminine mystique in this Rent the Runway plus size dress.

I love gowns that are multi-functional. For this Caped Carter Sheath dress, you don’t have to worry about finding a matching coat or cardigan when it’s already built into the dress. Capes make you feel powerful, mysterious and fashion forward. To complete the look, pair this piece with black stilettos and dangling earrings for added glitz. Customers can snatch this Rent the Runway plus size dress at its retail price for $180 or as a one time rental for $35

Rent the Runway Plans

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of the collection in this Rent the Runway membership review, we’ll give you the low-down on the plans.

1 Swap

Rent the Runway membership review

This is Rent the Runway’s most basic rental plan. If you just want to get a feel of this company, I’d suggest that you start off with the 1 Swap Plan. If customers choose this program, they have access to 10000+ styles from 400+ designers which are valued up to $350. Subscribers choose 4 items/month. With a deal like that, you’re bound to feel like a celebrity that owns a giant walk-in closet without the guilt of spending too much money. 

Their monthly shipments are worth up to $1,400. If you decide that this 1 Swap Plan is for you, customers have access to a one month trial for $69. Just think of it, having access to top notch designer brands and paying for a fraction of the cost. Afterwards, buyers are charged $89 a month

2 Swap

Rent the Runway membership review

Let’s say that you’ve done your test run of the basic rental plan and are ready to have more designer pieces in your closet. It’s time to change into the 2 Swap Plan. Within this program, customers can choose 8 designer items/month. They have access to more designer brands and clothing: 15000+ styles from 650+ designers valued at $3,000. Monthly shipments are worth up to $5000.

For the trial run, customers can pay as little as $85 for 2months. That’s an incredibly good deal, since $85 can buy you one designer item while this plan gives you access to 8 rentals. After customers enjoy their 2 Swap Membership Trial, they’re charged $135 monthly. 

Unlimited Swaps

Rent the Runway membership review

Now we’re in the big leagues. The Unlimited Swaps Plan gives customers access to limitless items. This includes 15000+ styles from 650+ designers valued at $3,000 and monthly shipments are worth up to $10000. You could really go down a rabbit hole with all these choices, but that’s where Rent the Runway’s outfit categories come in.

This membership plan costs $159, which is a fairly decent price for having unlimited access. If you’re fully committed to wearing designer clothing all day every day without breaking the bank, let the Unlimited Swaps Plan be your best kept secret. 

Rent the Runway Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Rent the Runway membership review

This Rent the Runway membership review looked at multiple consumer review websites and found a majority of negative customer experiences. SiteJabber ranks the wardrobe rental company with a 1.4/5 star rating out of 503 reviews. Most customers detail poor customer service and general confusion in charges with differing membership plans.

“The customer experience is awful. The “help” button on the website is merely decorative because they never respond to emails and they are never available on chat.” One Rent the Runway membership review said.

On the Better Business Bureau, Rent the Runway scores a D- with numerous one star customer reviews. Like Trustpilot, most consumers experience detailed bad customer service, specifically in longer than average wait times for responses. Others dealt with problems cancelling their memberships, delayed orders and damaged items.

“Towards the last 2 months of my membership, I was having at least one issue every week: from missing pieces in my shipment, to delayed shipments and no notifications, and ordering an item for an event or weekend that ended up not being available therefore canceled.” One BBB Rent the Runway subscription review read.

Reviews on Rent the Runway’s website and on Influenster tell a completely different story. On Rent the Runway, the subscription service is rated 4.5/5 out of 828,000+ reviews. The brand has the same rating on Influenster out of 225 customer reviews. Subscribers reported being impressed with the good variety and extensive collection of designer clothing. “I rented this dress for some maternity photos and thankfully it came two days before the due date!” One Rent the Runway review said

Is Rent the Runway Worth It?

Rent the Runway membership review

With a name like Rent the Runway, you’d expect open access to designer clothing for a discounted price than originally buying it. For the most part, this wardrobe rental service does offer reasonable prices for the designer items that they offer. I like the mentality of not splurging on things that you may only use once, and going for rental services that are also good for the environment, and for your wallet, for that matter.

From what I’ve gathered from my research, the reviews for Rent the Runway are mixed. While some detail negative experiences with customer experiences, others rate it highly. This Rent the Runway membership review will give a go-ahead towards this rental service, but tread carefully. It’s possible that you may come out of the Rent the Runway experience in a positive light, and it’s also possible that you may run into problems along the way. 

Rent the Runway Promotions & Discounts

Rent the Runway membership review

As of lately, this Rent the Runway membership review found ways that customers can save money through their website: 

  • Rent the Runway promo code Summering for 20% off first Rent the Runway reserve rental, with a free second style or reduced price of one Rent the Runway membership
  • Rent the Runway discount code Summertime for 20% off first Rent the Runway reserve rental, or to reduce the price of one Rent the Runway membership 
  • Rent the Runway coupon code Summerdays reduces the price of one Rent the Runway membership 

There is also a Rent the Runway sale outlet, where customers can get designer items up to 90% off. Buyers can also refer a friend to save some money. They can give friends $30 off their first order and receive $30 when it ships. 

How to Sign Up for Rent the Runway

Customers can easily create an account by simply clicking the sign in button on the or choosing a membership plan. From there, you can add in your payment information and select when you’d like your first shipment. 

Rent the Runway Stores

Rent the Runway review

You may be wondering, how many Rent the Runway stores are there? Because of COVID 19, Rent the Runway had to close five of their locations in the States. There only remains one head office in New York City, where it’s used solely as a drop off return service. 

Rent the Runway does not intend to reopen their stores in the future. In the past, these shops were used by customers to try on their rental clothing. Their California store is temporarily closed while locations in San Francisco, Washington DC and Chicago are permanently closed

A full list of their locations are available online. Before, customers could find a store nearest to them through Rent the Runway’s drop box locator on their webpage. This Rent the Runway membership review will still give you a list of their store locations, which include: Rent the Runway NYC, Rent the Runway Chicago, Rent the Runway Boston, Rent the Runway DC, Rent the Runway SF., Rent the Runway Georgetown, Rent the Runway Los Angeles, Rent the Runway Dallas, and Rent the Runway Topanga.


What happens if Rent the Runway doesn’t fit?

Rent the Runway offers store credit if none of the dresses in your order fit. To receive a credit, go to the “Orders” section on your Rent the Runway account and fill out our Return for Fit request form.

What happens if you ruin a Rent the Runway dress? 

If a dress is damaged or goes missing due to a shipping error, the renter is liable for the dress. In addition to a $50-a-day late fee, Rent the Runway charges up to 200% of the full retail cost of each dress rented. So be careful! 

How long can you pause Rent the Runway?

Rent the Runway lets subscribers pause their membership for up to 3 months. You can send all your pieces back, pause, and start up again within that time frame. It’s a good way to save a bit of money if you don’t mind taking a bit of a break from designer items.

How do you cancel Rent the Runway?

If customers wish to cancel their memberships, they simply need to call Rent the Runway customer service or shoot them an email (refer to the next section). Upon cancellation, buyers must return their items before the end of the current billing period noted in their account settings to avoid any late charges.

If you want to pause your current membership, all you need to do is go into the ‘membership setting’ in your account and choose either ‘pause with items at home’ or ‘pause without items.’ By pausing your account instead of canceling, customers can still have access to their members only discount of 25% on 4 or 8 day reserve rentals. 

Buyers are able to extend their pause (with or without items) in their account for one month at a time, up to 3 months. 

What is Rent the Runway’s Shipping Policy?

Rent the Runway is currently only available in the United States. Shipping costs are automatically charged by the company to ensure customers’ items arrive to them on their rental delivery date. Here is a list of their shipping options in the US:

  • Standard: $10 
  • Manhattan Same Day: $10 
  • Non-Manhattan Next Day: $10
  • Manhattan Saturday Delivery: $10 
  • Non-Manhattan Saturday Delivery: $35

Customers are able to see where their purchases are through a given tracking number from the ‘order tracking’ link on each item they’ve requested. Orders will ship in 1-2 days before your rental date begins. 

How do you return Rent the Runway dresses? 

There are two ways that customers can return their items: online or using their drop off service. Buyers can return their order via the carrier specified on their shipping label, or they can go to their local drop off store. Customers must package their rentals in the reusable bag it was sealed in. All memberships include a free two day shipping for returns, so whew, no extra costs there. 

Intimates are non refundable or exchangeable. Members do not have to return all of their items at the same time with Unlimited Swaps, as they can return as many pieces as they want when they want. 

How to Contact Rent the Runway  

If you’ve got any questions that weren’t addressed in this Rent the Runway membership review, you can contact the company through:

  • Rent the Runway phone number: [email protected]
  • Rent the Runway chat on their website 
  • Their Twitter @RTRHelp 
  • Rent the Runway hours include (Monday-Friday: 9am-8pm EST, Saturday & Sunday: 9am-3pm EST)
  • If you’re looking into Rent the Runway jobs, you can access their Rent the Runway careers page on their website. 

If you’re not sold on Rent the Runway, check out these designer clothing memberships: Wantable and Gwynnie Bee.

Maybe a subscription isn’t right for you. Discover these resell platforms for luxury fashion:



The Luxury Closet

Reviews Clothes

Tessabit Review

About Tessabit

Tessabit review

Tessabit is a luxury boutique that primarily sells fashion pieces from illustrious designers including Alexander McQueen, Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent and hundreds more. With their stores located in Italy and operating as an ecommerce brand, they offer high-end pieces for women, men and children. Stories of the Italian retail store are featured in notable publications like Elle Magazine and Marie Claire. 

This Tessabit review will provide the info you need to make an informed decision on the brand. We’ll look at their customer ratings, some popular designer items, promotions, and more to help you determine if Tessabit is the right fashion brand for you.

Overview of Tessabit

The passion for fashion is considered a universal love within the Molteni family. It all began in 1953 in the heart of Como, Italy. There, the founders of Tessabit opened the very first high end boutique, instilling the city’s “local yet cosmopolitan mood and Molteni’s deep family values: tradition, beauty, quality, commitment, and innovation.” 

Tessabit review

Jumping 7 years ahead, Tessabit continued to expand by turning to runways in London to hop on the trend of 60s British fashion. The company started to showcase emerging labels alongside Tessabit’s growing collection of high fashion designers. 

It was not only until 1970 where Tessabit received a huge level up in their company through a meeting with the famous Giorgio Armani. Through his help, the brand opened their first flagship Emporio Armani store in 1982. The rest is history, as Tessabit began opening its 14 stores around Italy, building their own website, as well as forming a collaboration with another luxury boutique, Farfetch. 

Tessabit review

Now, before we jump head first into this in-depth Tessabit review, here’s a summary of the brand’s pros and cons:


  • Hundreds of fashion designers to choose from
  • Customers have access to try on their wishlist, and get their clothing custom tailored
  • Tessabit offers ‘click and collect’, where customers can have their orders sent to one of their boutiques to pick up 
  • Customers can be assigned to a personal stylist 
  • International shipping (except Brazil and Russia)
  • Free returns 


  • In shop boutiques are only located in Como, Italy 
  • Limited range of sizes 

Tessabit Men

Tessabit review

From Bailman to Balenciaga, there’s no shortage of luxury fashion brands for Tessabit men. Guys can shop for something simple like a chic and cozy knitted sweater, or an entire set like a well tailored luxury suit. If you’re lost in the woods of what to buy for a specific event, Tessabit does the thinking for you by offering the ‘shop by occasion’ category. 

Men can browse through several occasions such as the wedding edit, event dressing, everyday essentials and date night. This Tessabit review will showcase some of the brand’s bestsellers, to give you a sense of what the men’s collection has to offer. 

Emporio Armani Cotton Shirt

This classic button down shirt is extremely versatile. It’s the wardrobe essential for when you need something to wear for a job interview, an upscale dinner, or you feel like dressing for success. The smooth lines on the Emporio Armani Cotton Shirt can be dressed down with a pair of jeans or made to look elegant with those tailored trousers you’ve been dying to wear. 

This attractive midnight blue shirt is made out of a soft cotton. This Tessabit top features all the essentials of a basic button down, showcasing a curved hem and button cuffs. For a sleek and sophisticated effect, the front buttons are fastened inside the main hem

If you’re worried that a button will come loose, this design ensures that nobody will notice a thing. You can snag this Emporio Armani Cotton Shirt for $171, a 50% discount from the original $343

Givenchy Windbreaker Jacket

Windbreaker jackets are often a practical purchase. You just want something to protect your outfit of the day. This Givenchy Windbreaker Jacket levels up the generic windbreaker so that you can navigate adverse weather in style. Made out of 100% polyamide fabric, this charcoal black windbreaker features the Givenchy logo in the front jacket zipper

Add two pockets, a drawstring hood, and an elasticated waistband, this Givenchy Windbreaker Jacket can hold up against pelting rain and howling winds to keep your hair in place and your sense of fashion intact. To dress up this closet essential, wear some branded track pants, a pair of matching chunky sneakers, and a brightly colored utility chest bag. 

This Tessabit review found out that you can get this Givenchy look for $821, a significant discount from the original price of $1172

Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Belt

If you want to subtly incorporate designer items into your everyday look, wear one striking accessory paired with basics for well-balanced style. Introducing the Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Belt, where first impressions begin with ‘he dresses really well’ and end with ‘nice, he wears Ferragamo.’ 

This Ferragamo belt contains Lavagna blue calf leather featuring a pebble leather texture, the buckle showcasing the iconic Gancio logo in sterling silver. The motif is a sign of Salvatore Ferragamo’s “rich heritage and their dedication to timeless design and luxurious craftsmanship” 

Pair the Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Belt with some fitted navy pants, a white button down, and a matching navy blazer for a head-turning blue ensemble. You can get this luxe Ferragamo belt for $414

Alexander McQueen Aviator Sunglasses

The iconic aviator shades will never go out of style, but the rounded lenses are a bit overdone. These geometric Alexander McQueen Aviator Sunglasses make the trend even hotter. The tinted green lenses and gold framing are a striking duo with these unique frames. 

Aviators have reigned supreme since pilots wore them in WWII and Hollywood only cemented the style with blockbusters like Top Gun. These are aviators in their modern form. Think Tom Cruise in his prime. Get the Mission Impossible look with the Alexander McQueen Aviator Sunglasses for $343

Tessabit Women

Tessabit review

If you’re on a mission to dress like Anna Wintour, Tessabit has hundreds of designer options to get you there like Fendi, Jimmy Choo, and Miu Miu. The brand also offers wearables including bags, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and lingerie. 

From slim fit cocktail dresses to the classic jean jacket, there’s options for whatever dress code you’re going for. You can shop by occasion to find the look you’re daydreaming about. This Tessabit review will go over some of the brand’s bestsellers for women. 

Michael Kors Silk Top

Silk blouses are the definition of office chic, wine and dine, dinner with the boyfriend’s parents—add embellishments and the allure is captivating. The Michael Kors Silk Top features creamy white silk and an elegant split neckline with scalloped and rivet detailing. The metal gold chain adds to the accents on the cuffs and neckline and acts as a drawstring

Light and airy silk is a great option for hot weather. This flowy cream blouse can keep you cool on a sunny patio or pair well with a fall jacket in a warm autumn color. You can get this classy Michael Kors Silk Top for $170, a 40% discount from the original retail price of $284

Tagliatore Becky Coat

Wool coats are all the rage when the cold weather hits. The Tagliatore Becky Coat contains a quality wool-angora blend that will keep you warm in the dead of February. Its oversized gold metal buttons, deep navy hue, and double breasted lapels draw the eye. If you get the sense that this coat is from another era, its vintage charm spoke to you. This look is Edwardian-era inspired and can take your outfit back to early 20th century glamor.

Imagine going full vintage with the Tagliatore Becky Coat with a dark wide brimmed hat, a chocolate brown midi dress, and some low heeled Oxfords. This Tessabit review gives extra style points if you pair it with a matching umbrella, leather gloves, and burgundy lip shade. Get this exquisite historical Tagliatore piece for $912

See by Chloé Joan Leather Shoulder Bag

Having a go-to little black bag for a night out, running errands, and coffee dates is a must. The classic black and gold color scheme of the See by Chloé Joan Leather Shoulder Bag can go with a range of different outfits. Aside from its neutral matching potential, this stylish piece is seriously versatile—you can wear it as a crossbody bag as well.

The See by Chloé Joan Leather Shoulder Bag features black leather fabric, with the front flap made out of a soft black cotton. It incorporates glam gold toned hardware seen in the top handle and front flap hoop, with a logo and key charms attached. You can hold this Chloé bag by the top handles, on your shoulder, or across your body. This Chloé purse is all about options, available for $349.

Alexander McQueen Cat Eye Sunglasses

Retro cat eye frames say femme fatale. The Alexander McQueen Cat Eye Sunglasses have that pinup vibe to them, featuring dark brown gradient acetate lenses and gold-tone metal arms. These shades exude old Hollywood glamor. Marilyn Munroe and Grace Kelly donned sunglasses like these, and half a century later, cat eye is as hot as ever. 

Add a headscarf and a fashionably dated convertible for a stylish cruise down Hollywood Boulevard in the 60’s. With vintage accessories, there’s no such thing as bygone eras. Channel 60’s Hollywood beauty with the Alexander McQueen Cat Eye Sunglasses for $402

Tessabit Clothing Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Tessabit review

This Tessabit review found an overwhelmingly positive response from its customers. Trustpilot gives this retail clothing company a 4.3/5 star rating. Reviewers write about how helpful customer service is and how speedy the delivery process was. “My order arrived the next day and the item was genuine. I even managed to get a lovely discount! Most definitely would use again,” A Trustpilot reviewer said. 

Some customers noted that a good chunk of the items sold on Tessabit were more affordable than other competing retailers, which made them want to purchase again in the future. Items are carefully and beautifully packaged, from Tessabit shirts to Tessabit bags. Additionally, the process to return items is fairly quick and easy. Other review sites like AllReviews have also given a thumbs up towards this luxury boutique brand. 

Is Tessabit Worth It?

Tessabit review

Buying luxury items should feel like a luxurious experience. If ordering high end results in arduous wait times, negative customer service, or unjustifiable prices, chances are customers are going to click away. With Tessabit, buyers don’t need to sacrifice quality or quantity. Clothing and accessories are fairly priced and delivered within a reasonable amount of time. 

I like how Tessabit makes high fashion clothing more personal with the option to get a tailored fit to your aesthetic and body size. Not only are you paying for a product, customers have a range of access to their exclusive services to find the right style for them, including personal styling and the try-on option in stores. Is Tessabit authentic? From the majority of positive reviews this Tessabit review found, this brand is highly recommended

Tessabit Promotions & Discounts 

As of lately, customers can save 15% off their next order by inputting the Tessabit promo code TS15XT on selected full price items during checkout. This Tessabit review found other ways buyers can save money by shopping in their Tessabit sale outlet, where customers can get as much as 60% off items. Keep your eyes peeled on the website and Tessabit social media for a Tessabit coupon. 

Where to Buy Tessabit

Tessabit review

Customers can buy Tessabit designer items from their online store,, or:

  • Shopping in the Tessabit category in Farfetch 
  • Visiting their in person stores in Italy 


What sizes does Tessabit have?

For select pieces, Tessabit provides size charts. It’s worth nothing that items online and in stores are available in limited quantities and sizes. Here you will find measurements for women’s and men’s clothing, jeans and shoes. 

Tessabit review
Tessabit Women’s Clothing Sizes
Tessabit review
Tessabit Women’s Shoe Sizes
Tessabit review
Tessabit Women’s Jean Sizes
Tessabit review
Tessabit Men’s Clothing Sizes
Tessabit review
Tessabit Men’s Shoe Sizes
Tessabit review
Tessabit Men’s Jean Sizes

What is Tessabit’s Shipping Policy?

All customer orders are sourced from Tessabit stores in Como, Italy, and are processed from Monday to Friday. Buyers are immediately sent a tracking number through email. Couriers usually deliver from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. 

While Tessabit offers international shipping, this does not include Brazil and Russia. All import charges, custom duties and local taxes are calculated and added in checkout. Tessabit provides a full chart of certain regions’ shipping costs, delivery times, taxes and duties. 

What is Tessabit’s Return Policy?

In order to ensure your item is suitable for returns, Tessabit has customers go through their return terms and conditions:

  • Products must be unworn, unwashed and undamaged with the price tags still attached 
  • Underwear, lingerie and swimwear items must be returned with the hygiene seals attached 
  • Returns should come with the packaging it came in. This includes authenticity cards, dust bags and tags
  • Returns should be sent back from the same country of delivery 
  • Products must be purchased online and not in store 
  • Items should not be modified (ie: tailoring) 

Customers have 14 days from the delivery day to request a return and an additional 14 days to have their items sent back to Tessabit boutiques. In order to place a return, buyers simply need to log into their Tessabit account, select ‘my orders and returns’ and click request ‘RMA.’ Tessabit has a full list of procedures to successfully return your order on their website. 

Contact Tessabit

Still have questions that we didn’t cover in this Tessabit review? You can contact the Tessabit customer service  through:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone number: 0039 031 311 01 01 (Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm CET)
  • WhatsApp: 0039 3498870333
  • Using their chat box on their website 
  • Submitting an online form 

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Blue Nile Jewelry Review

Blue Nile is an online jewelry store that specializes in engagement and wedding rings for women. While the brand sells its own designs ranging from diamonds, gold, silver, sapphire and pearls, customers have an option to customize their own jewelry as well. Blue Nile has received a few industry awards and has been featured in notable publications such as Time Magazine and Forbes

This Blue Nile Jewelry review will get into what this jewelry company is all about by looking at their bestsellers, customer reviews, promotions, and much more. 

Overview of Blue Nile 

Blue Nile was born out of a need for a less complicated way to shop for jewelry. More specifically, co-founder Mark Vadon went shopping for an engagement ring and had a less than satisfactory experience looking for the perfect fit. In 1999, with partner Ben Elowitz on board, the online Blue Nile jewelry store was established with the mindset that jewelry shopping can be made easier by the internet. 

Blue Nile’s mission is to deliver high quality pieces with detailed information and adequate customer service. They’re considered such a trustworthy brand that customers have even invited their jewelry experts to their wedding! 

Blue Nile Jewelry Review

Blue Nile offers handcrafted engagement rings and only sells ethically sourced diamonds. On top of that, they offer over 150,000 loose high quality diamonds. Every product is double checked, and triple checked for quality. If customers have any questions, Blue Nile has a team of experts 24/7 on call. 

If you don’t have time for a full in depth commentary, no worries. This Blue Nile jewelry review will go through a short list of pros and cons. 


  • Customers can price match diamonds of a competing company through Blue Nile’s Diamond Price Match Guarantee
  • Engagement ring customization through the Build Your Own Ring feature on their website 
  • Ethically sourced diamonds 
  • Free shipping 
  • Free lifetime warranty 
  • Blue Nile’s Diamond Upgrade Program 


  • Limited selection for men
  • Negative reviews based on customer service on Trustpilot 
  • International returns are not free 
Blue Nile Jewelry Review

Blue Nile carries an extensive collection of jewelry: Blue Nile wedding bands, engagement rings, standard rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Customers can shop by cut or type of diamond, design jewelry, or pursue the gift category if they’re in need of some suggestion. We’ll take you through some of the glitz and glamour in this Blue Nile jewelry review by showcasing some of their bestsellers.

Diamond Stud Earrings

Blue Nile Jewelry Review
Blue Nile Diamond Stud Earrings

Every girl needs a pair of classic Diamond Stud Earrings. It’s practically the answer to ‘am I missing something?’ with an outfit that needs a bit of sparkle. These diamond studs radiate class and sophistication. They have a charming element of simplicity, adding to accompanying jewelry or an outfit without overpowering it. These earrings come in 14K white or or yellow gold, and range from .20 to 4 in total carat weight

Blue Nile Jewelry Review
Blue Nile Diamond Stud Earrings

You can wear these diamond studded beauties casually with the classic combo of jeans and a t-shirt, or glam it up with the little black dress and a matching necklace. This Blue Nile diamonds review can gladly share the fact that you can get these earrings for a steal for $261. The original price for the Diamond Stud Earrings is $290

Dew Drop Threader Earrings

Blue Nile Jewelry Review
Blue Nile Dew Drop Threader Earrings

Sometimes it’s not the day to sport sparkling and shiny gemstones. The search for something minimalistic but not plain can often be challenging. If you like simplicity and the alluring flash of silver, these Dew Drop Threader Earrings should definitely be in your checkout.

These unique, sterling silver earrings fasten on like the traditional hoop earring, but doesn’t feature a back fastener, as it’s ‘dew drop’ design ensures that gravity won’t let them fall off.

Blue Nile Jewelry Review
Blue Nile Dew Drop Threader Earrings

There’s something beautifully avant garde about the Dew Drop Threader Earrings. The distinctive design is on par with abstract shape art, something you’d find at a city art gallery. On the topic, pair these dew drop delights with a white peasant blouse, tailored pants and a beret for that ‘artistic’ touch. These Blue Nile earrings are only $54, marked down from $60

Amethyst Bracelet Sterling Silver 

Blue Nile Jewelry Review
Blue Nile Amethyst Bracelet Sterling Silver

Purple is the color of royalty. With that in mind, the Amethyst Bracelet Sterling Silver can add some queenliness to your wardrobe. Featuring minute oval amethyst gemstones framed in a knightly sterling silver chain, this beauty is for those who want to show off.

While this amethyst model is featured as a bestseller, customers can choose other gemstone designs such as blue topaz, garnet, peridot, and for some added fun, a gorgeous multi-gemstone option

This glitzy bracelet will catch anyone’s gaze from far away with its stunning design. The Amethyst Bracelet Sterling Silver is bound to be a conversation starter. Class and elegance is actually affordable in this case, as this model is marked down at $101.50, a 30% discount from the original $145 price tag. 

Bar Diamond Necklace

Blue Nile Jewelry Review
Blue Nile Bar Diamond Necklace

If you’re in the mood to get your hands on a bar of gold, but don’t want to rob a bank to do so, settle for Blue Nile’s Bar Diamond Necklace. While it doesn’t feature a giant brick sized gold bar as the pendant, it’s scaled down to a more wearable and exquisitely modest design with an added petite diamond as a minute detail. This 14K beauty comes in yellow or white gold

Blue Nile Jewelry Review
Blue Nile Bar Diamond Necklace

Oftentimes gold and diamond jewelry can be overpowering to wear, but this bar diamond necklace strikes the perfect balance of marvelous but minimal. Not only is this expressed in it’s design, but it’s price as well. Customers can purchase this Bar Diamond Necklace for $315, which is a relatively good price than the original $450 price tag. 

Diamond Solitaire Pendant

Blue Nile Jewelry Review
Blue Nile Diamond Solitaire Pendant

Each design and gemstone suits a distinct personality. If the Diamond Solitaire Pendant speaks to you, choosing it is your way of saying this is me. This is my style. Featuring a dainty diamond pendant hanging from a 14K white or yellow gold cable chain, this necklace is a reminder that beauty can be defined by the simplest of things. This necklace’s carat weight ranges from .25 to .75

Blue Nile Jewelry Review
Blue Nile Diamond Solitaire Pendant

With something so preciously petite, it’s best to pair this necklace with an open neckline top or an off shoulder dress for a romantic look. Actually, this Diamond Solitaire Pendant is perfect for the ideal Valentines day outfit. You can get this for $405, instead of its original retail price of $450

Garnet Cushion Cocktail Ring

Blue Nile Jewelry Review
Blue Nile Garnet Cushion Cocktail Ring

Maybe diamonds aren’t your best friend, but garnets are. The Garnet Cushion Cocktail Ring is a showstopper, featuring a large gemstone set into a 14k white gold band. Garnets signify love and success. With that kind of vibe, it’s hard not to seriously consider purchasing this piece. 

Blue Nile Jewelry Review

While the garnet model is a bestseller, there are other gemstones that customers can buy such as amethyst, aquamarine, black onyx, blue topaz, citrine, London blue topaz, opal and peridot. Ring sizes range from 4.5 to 7.5. For the Garnet gemstone ring, you can expect to pay $440, discounted from the original $550 price. 

Blue Nile Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Blue Nile Jewelry Review

This Blue Nile jewelry review found mixed customer experiences on the company website and on credible review sites. On Blue Nile’s customer rating page, there are positive reviews with customers commenting on good service, delivery, and quality of their jewelry collection. “They were very clean and sparkling. Love them? Would definitely purchase from them again,” Carol, a reviewer on Blue Nile, said. Blue Nile gets a 90% rating out of 166,938 reviews on their website. 

However, there are more concerning reviews on Trustpilot, where Blue Nile has a 2.7/5 star rating, with customers detailing poor customer service and issues with shipping. Some buyers experienced rude responses from Blue Nile representatives, with several back and forth calls on issues with delivery and refunds. Keep in mind though, that this rating comes from only 33 reviews.

As of recently, the Better Business Bureau lists 40 complaints related to Blue Nile. Issues of bad customer service continue with added complaints of poor quality gemstones breaking or falling off and issues with refunding orders. While this isn’t the greatest news, Blue Nile has a BBB rating of A+, which is very difficult to achieve. Perhaps the broken gemstones were manufacturer defects.

Is Blue Nile Jewelry Worth It?

Blue Nile Jewelry Review

This Blue Nile jewelry review loves the fact that Blue Nile Rings are ethically sourced, and that customers have an option to build their own custom rings and jewelry. There were some negative experiences reported (a little over 70 on TrustPilot and BBB together), but this is insignificant compared to over 166,000 positive reviews. The vast majority of customers love their jewelry.

Blue Nile is definitely a trustworthy brand, and though there’s a small chance you may have issues, it’s more likely that you’ll enjoy the jewelry. Are Blue Nile rings good quality? With the exception of what seems to have been manufacturer defects, yes. This Blue Nile jewelry review gives the company a thumbs up.

Blue Nile Promotions & Discounts 

This Blue Nile jewelry review found a few ways that customers can save money on their website. As of lately, there is a Blue Nile discount code, where buyers can input FALL2020 for a 20% discount when applied at checkout. Additionally, customers can enjoy $38 off when registering for a newsletter subscription. For this fall, there is a 30% Blue Nile sale on selected jewelry pieces.

Where to Buy Blue Nile Jewelry

Blue Nile Jewelry Review

Blue Nile rings and jewelry can be purchased through their website, In terms of a Blue Nile store, customers can makes their purchases in person at these retail locations (but not limited to):

  • Blue Nile New Orleans
  • Blue Nile Memphis
  • Blue Nile DC
  • Blue Nile Seattle


Blue Nile Ring Sizing

The company has a good information page on how to find the perfect ring size for your partner. Customers can order their free Blue Nile ring sizer, or take a look at their Blue Nile ring size chart, in which this Blue Nile jewelry review will provide:

Blue Nile Jewelry Review
Blue Nile Ring Size Chart

Blue Nile Credit Card

Blue Nile aims to take the stress away from jewelry shopping by offering the Blue Nile Credit Card. Through this Blue Nile financing program, it offers customers flexibility to pay over time. Benefits when signing up for this card include convenient payment options, no annual fee, and special access to cardmember only offers and promotions. There are three options to the Blue Nile Credit Card, which you can easily find on 

Blue Nile Shipping Policy

This Blue Nile jewelry review is happy to say that Blue Nile offers free shipping. There are 3 shipping methods: FedEx Ground for orders under $500; FedEx 2Day for orders $500-$1000; FedEx Priority Overnight for orders $1000 and over. There is also FedEx Priority Overnight with Saturday delivery, which is the only shipping method that is charged. 

Blue Nile ships internationally. For certain jewelry pieces, there is a list of expected shipping times on their website. Customers will receive a tracking number to locate where their packages are. 

Sales tax is only collected on orders within the United States. Purchases are packaged discreetly and securely, so you don’t need to sweat about giving away your surprise. Within each order there is an appraisal certificate and GIA diamond grading report. 

Blue Nile Return Policy

Blue Nile offers free returns, where customers can return and exchange items within 30 days of shipping. For items valued over $2,000, there are certain conditions in which some products are not eligible for return:

  • International returns
  • Non-USD currencies
  • Item(s) shipped over 30 days ago
  • Individual purchases over $2,000
  • Exchanges, repairs, or resizing
  • Items that became damaged or defective after delivery
  • Engraved items (rings excluded)

For items priced over $2000, customers are encouraged to contact Blue Nile’s customer service. The Blue Nile website has a portal and information page on how customers can process their returns. 

Contact Blue Nile  

If you have any questions that this Blue Nile jewelry review may have left out, you can contact the company through:

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Persona Nutrition Vitamins Review

 About Persona Nutrition

Persona Nutrition Subscription Review

Persona Nutrition is an online vitamin and supplement brand that focuses on creating individualized lifestyle programs based on nutritional needs. They pride themselves on their quick and easy nutrition evaluations and supplement deliveries. Persona Nutrition is targeted towards the middle aged demographic, with TV Host Kelly Ripa as a brand ambassador. The company has been featured in notable publications like Harper’s Bazaar, The Oprah Magazine, and Health Magazine

This Persona Nutrition subscription review will help you decide if this supplement brand is the right fit for you based on customer reviews, how they operate, pricing, promotions, and more.

Overview of Persona Nutrition

Founded in 2017, Persona Nutrition is led by Jason Brown, Tamara Bernadot, and Prem Thudia. Their mission for better nutrition is backed by a collective expertise of their medical advisory board and numerous research studies. They’re also members of the CRN (Council for Responsible Nutrition). 

Persona Nutrition promises three things to its customers: transparency into what goes into their supplements, personalization and care. In their own words:

“From our personalized recommendations, to our preference for real, person-to-person relationships, we’ll treat you like the unique human being you are.” 

Persona Nutrition Subscription Review

Persona Nutrition provides various programs fit for every lifestyle. They include specialized treatments such as prenatal, men’s, women’s, bariatric, fitness, sleep, energy, stress and anxiety, weight support, immune defense, healthy aging, digestion and detox care. 

Customers can choose which programs reflect their needs and fill out a nutrition assessment. With their headquarters located in Washington State, Persona Nutrition continues to expand its brand, including being acquired by Nestlé Health Science in 2019. 

Medical Advisory Board & Nutritionists

Transparency is included in Persona Nutrition’s company policy. In order to fulfill the nutritional needs of their customers, the brand is backed by a medical advisory board and a team of nutritionists. The board is led by Cleveland Clinic’s chief wellness officer, Micheal Roizen, and Team physician for the Washington Football team, Robin West. 

In order to create specialized, and individualized nutrition care, their team of medical professionals spent years developing a nutritional assessment algorithm. This includes 5 trillion combinations of pure and effective supplements, millions of pages of scientific research and over 1000 analyzed potential prescription drug interactions to ensure prescribed vitamins do not interfere with your daily life. 

Persona Nutrition Subscription Review

Customers can find comfort when choosing to speak with Persona Nutrition’s extensive list of medical experts. Their medical advisory board has seen over 100,000 patients. Their team of nutritionists are always on standby, available 7 days a week for call, online chat or email. 

Persona Nutrition takes care in where they source the ingredients for their vitamins as well. They use trademarked ingredients such as Curcumin extract, Vegan Vitamin D, and Ashwagandha extract to provide a sense of transparency and trust within their products. 

This Persona Nutrition review can say with ease that they’re tested and re-tested again to ensure quality and safety control. Before we dive deeper into the Persona Nutrition subscription review, a short list of pros and cons: 


  • Customized vitamin programs for any kind of lifestyle 
  • Easy access to Persona Nutrition’s team of nutritionists and dieticians 
  • Affordable care for 28 days, (customers pay around $1.18 daily
  • Their services are international 
  • Offer products specific to diets including veganism 
  • 100% money back guarantee 


  • Customers cannot buy their own individual pills (must take an assessment) 
  • Certain prescriptions cannot be shipped due to legal restrictions for some countries 
  • Vague information on returns and refunds 

Persona Nutrition Assessment 

Persona Nutrition Subscription Review

In order to create a specialized plan fit for your lifestyle, Persona Nutrition has its customers fill out a short, detailed quiz related to their bodily needs. General questions such as height, weight, and diet are asked, alongside more specific questions on stress levels, mood,and what kind of outcome customers’ want for their designed program. Customers can also choose to match their answers with genetic testing, if they have signed up with Ancestry or 23andMe. 

Before finishing the quiz, customers input any medications they take regularly, in order to minimize the risk of drug interaction. Then, the answers are reviewed by Persona Nutrition’s medical advisory board. Don’t worry, this doesn’t take a lot of time. 

At the end of the assessment, customers will see a list of recommended vitamins and supplements they can take, alongside descriptions of their benefits, why they should take them, and the overall price of their care package. As an option, customers can choose added supplements to compliment their current medications. 

When I took the quiz, it gave me questions directed to the answers I gave. For instance, since I was a woman, it asked me questions of if I have PMS or have been susceptible to UTIs. I was recommended ‘the essentials’ which includes a foundational multivitamin and a daily probiotic; and the sound slumber program, which includes a herbal rest and a melatonin pill because I mentioned that I wasn’t getting enough sleep. 

Persona Nutrition Subscription

Persona Nutrition Subscription Review

This Persona Nutrition subscription review details the supplement subscription process. The Persona Nutrition plan starts with filling out their assessment on lifestyle, diet and personal needs. Customers input their email address to generate a Persona Nutrition login. From their account homepage, customers can add and remove medications, see their price pack and invoice, change the ship date, pause, or cancel their subscriptions. 

Persona Nutrition supplements are delivered every 28 days. The subscription service is free of charge, as customers are only billed on the price of the supplements. You can choose which program closely relates to their needs. For instance, you can get an individualized plan if you are athletic, stressed, or prenatal

This Persona Nutrition subscription review will provide each lifestyle category and the recommended supplements that come with it. On their website, each category gives reasons into why these vitamins are beneficial for you and a FAQ on how to lead a healthy lifestyle with them. Let’s dive in! 


  • Vitamin D, vitamin K2, Vitamin B6, Folate, iron, zinc, ginger, copper, thiamin, riboflavin and pantothenic acid


  • Bariatric multivitamin, calcium citrate, iron with vitamin C, probiotic defense, and vitamin K2 


  • MSM, fermented ginseng, Astaxanthin and COQ10 


  • Melatonin and herbal rest


  • Green tea extract, vitamin B-12 and cordyceps

Stress & Anxiety 

  • Ashwagandha, herbal rest formula and vegan DHA

Weight Support

  • Appetite supports pills and ashwagandha

Immune Defense 

  • Daily probiotic, vitamin C with bioflavonoids, quercetin plus, vitamin D and vitamin B-12

Healthy Aging 

  • Foundational multivitamin, vitamin D, COQ10, Calcium magnesium, Omega 3, daily probiotic, DHA with vitamin D


  • Daily probiotic, digestive enzymes and ginger extract


  • Liver support pills, antioxidant and ashwagandha

Who Should Take Persona Supplements

Persona Nutrition Subscription Review

This Persona Nutrition subscription review discovered that anybody can take Persona supplements. Reasons can vary from wanting a better and healthy lifestyle and fulfilling prescribed doctoral needs. Persona Nutrition vitamins are for pregnant women, athletes, people who have sleep, stress, weight and energy issues, and so much more. 

How Much Does Persona Nutrition Cost?

Since Persona Nutrition operates on the customer’s needs based on their quiz results, each shipment and price differs based on their answers. Customers may be prescribed a certain amount of supplements, which affects the total cost of their vitamin package. 

Persona Nutrition Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Persona Nutrition Subscription Review

This Persona Nutrition subscription review is happy to report a majority of rave reviews for the vitamin supplement brand. Trustpilot gives Persona Nutrition a 4.3/5 star rating. Many left comments on the positive nature of having an individualized supplement plan, which is fit with their needs and lifestyle choice. “I feel a difference in my day to day life since I started taking those vitamins. Highly recommend.” One Trustpilot Persona Nutrition subscription review said.

Others commented on the ease of taking the assessment quiz, convenient packaging, exceptional service, and overall how better customers feel after taking the recommended supplements. In terms of red flags, there weren’t many negative reviews for the brand. However, some reviewers felt no difference, or have even felt sick taking the vitamins. Could not tell one difference. Energy pack gave me no extra energy,” A Trustpilot reviewer said. Persona Nutrition was quick to answer customer complaints. 

Is Persona Nutrition Worth It?

Persona Nutrition Subscription Review

The road to health should never feel confusing. It’s easy to get overwhelmed deciding what vitamins and nutrients are beneficial towards your lifestyle, with the added complexity of how much you should actually take. Persona Nutrition does the thinking for you. After filling out a short assessment, customers can get what they need to function and thrive. The brand recognizes that everyone’s body operates differently, and that there’s no such thing as ‘one plan for all.’ 

I love how transparent Persona Nutrition is. With every recommended supplement, there’s information about the vitamin on its benefits, and what kind of people should take them. Additionally, their open access to medical professionals and quick delivery process makes Persona Nutrition accessible, efficient, and trustworthy. This Persona Nutrition subscription review gives this brand two thumbs up! 

Persona Nutrition Promotions & Discounts 

This Persona Nutrition subscription review found that you can save 30% on your first two orders. If customers refer a friend to the brand, they will receive $25 for every referral. In terms of a Persona Nutrition discount code or a Persona Nutrition promo code, I didn’t come across any.

Sign Up For Persona Nutrition

Persona Nutrition Subscription Review

This Persona Nutrition review will give you the short, easy to follow guide on how to sign up for Persona Nutrition:

  1. Complete the assessment on
  2. Provide your email
  3. Purchase your plan
  4. Create your own password
  5. Login and review your subscription
  6. Wait for your personalized vitamins and supplements! 

Customers can also sign up via text message by texting PERSONA to 88209 and receive promotional texts and account related information. 


How do I cancel Persona Nutrition?

If customers wish to cancel their Persona Nutrition subscription, they simply need to login to their account and select the ‘pause subscription’ option. By clicking on this, customers can either pause their subscription by moving the shipping date and push out their next order date, or cancelling their subscription which will stop the automatic delivery process. 

Customers can pause their subscriptions for, 1 week, 4 weeks, 8 weeks or a year. They can resume their subscription schedule anytime on their account. Customers can’t cancel on the same day as their process order date. They will receive an email 5-7 days before the process date to make changes to the order, ship date or cancel before then. 

Persona Nutrition Shipping Policy

Persona Nutrition ships internationally and throughout the US. New orders take 2 business days, and on average 5-10 business days to deliver. Because customs are different for each country in terms of shipping medical products, Persona Nutrition cannot guarantee the amount of time customs clearance can take. Wait times can be as long as 1-30 days.

If orders take more than 21 days to be delivered, they can cancel their order for a full refund. If they wish to wait for their delayed order, Persona Nutrition will give them 25% off their next order. In terms of delivery cost, prices range from $5-$15 depending on origin of country and the number of pills purchased. Customers are responsible for any duties and taxes for their own country. This can range from $0-$15. 

Unfortunately, some products cannot be shipped due to some restrictions and limitations. These are automatically removed before you can see it on your recommendations list. 

Persona Nutrition Return Policy

This Persona Nutrition subscription review found out that customers can receive a refund for any orders within the first 30 days of purchase. For safety reasons, the company cannot accept returns. Persona Nutrition processes their refunds within 48 hours upon request. 

Contact Persona Nutrition

If customers would like to know more about the brand beyond what is covered in this Persona Nutrition subscription review, they can contact the team by:

  • Phone number: 1 (800) 983-3887 (Monday through Sunday, 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. PST)
  • Submitting a contact form on the FAQ page 
  • Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
  • Live chat on their website 

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