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BougeRV Review

When you think of camping, you might imagine survivalist situations. From bushcraft shelters to spearing fish with a stick, it’s more of a flex rather than a relaxing vacation.

If you prefer your summer getaway to be as effortless as possible, BougeRV offers a great selection of on-the-road appliances to help modernize your camper.

From portable fridges to solar panels, outdoor enthusiasts can find a wide selection of high-quality equipment.

BougeRV seems to be the top pick amongst campers and nature lovers, as their Facebook page boasts 20.6k followers. The brand’s products are also featured in a few media outlets, including the Digital Journal and The Gadgeteer. 

Not a fan of makeshift tree shelters or zero electricity? If so, perhaps this brand can provide some home comforts to help make your getaway more relaxing.

Stay tuned to my BougeRV review as I’ll take an in-depth look at the company, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth checking out.

Overview of BougeRV

BougeRV Review

Glamping and survivalist camping are polar opposites. While both entail their own list of disadvantages, opting for the middle is often not recommended as well. 

Those accustomed to modern living are bound to miss the comforts of home, given that outdoor living only relies on the bare necessities. James and Pierre, two very experienced campers, believed that RV traveling could use some tweaking, which led to the debut of BougeRV

Established in 2017, BougeRV is committed to providing customers with state-of-the-art outdoor equipment, as stated in its company mission: By providing high-quality outdoor appliances, BougeRV encourages people to go out and enjoy a journey of exploring beautiful places.”

Before I feature some best-selling products in my BougeRV review, let’s go over some highlights. 


BougeRV Review
  • A wide selection of outdoor equipment to choose from
  • Designed to make life on the road easier
  • Utilizes sustainable energy
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Offers Klarna as an alternative payment option 
  • Free shipping on orders $99 or more 

Camping isn’t for everyone. It’s usually catered to nature lovers and those who can get by with just the necessities. That said, those in the thick of it are bound to miss the comforts of home.

While most try to push through until the end of their vacation, why spend the rest of your getaway missing the comforts of urban life?

BougeRV is home to hundreds of top-quality outdoor equipment. From portable fridges to solar kits, customers can upgrade their ol’ reliable camper to a swanky on-the-road vehicle.

If you’re looking to deck out your current living space, I’ll highlight some of their best-selling products in the next section of my BougeRV review.

BougeRV Refrigerator Review

Let’s be honest, the RV mini fridge isn’t big enough to hold a week’s worth of drinks. Opting for a mobile cooler isn’t the best alternative either, especially if you’re stuck with those cheap styrofoam ones.

If you’re looking for a compromise, this brand offers a great selection of high-tech portable refrigerators. Below, I’ll feature a few of their top sellers. 

BougeRV 12V 30 Quart (28L) Portable Refrigerator Review

BougeRV Review
BougeRV 12V 30 Quart (28L) Portable Refrigerator

You can’t crack a cold one with the boys without a cooler, so the 12V 30 Quart (28L) Portable Refrigerator can help keep those Bud Lights chilled until game time.

This high-tech machine is equipped with compression refrigeration technology, which lowers the temperature to a mere 32° F in just 16 minutes. Styrofoam coolers will be a thing of the past.

Ethical shoppers will be glad to know that this product is built with sustainability in mind. Set with ECO mode, this bad-boy is designed to work with just 45W of power.

A great add-on for beach days or picnics, the 12V 30 Quart (28L) Portable Refrigerator retails for $309. It also includes power cords and a user manual.

Get 27% OFF Code AFF27 for $226.29 now.

BougeRV CR35 37 Quart (35L) Portable Refrigerator Freezer Review

BougeRV Review
BougeRV CR35 37 Quart (35L) Portable Refrigerator Freezer

Long gone are the days of buying ice from the convenience store. If you’d rather save your cubes for future cocktails, the CR35 37 Quart (35L) Portable Refrigerator Freezer is engineered to work without any add-ons.

Designed to get cool in as little as 15 minutes, customers can set their preferred temperature using the product’s mobile app. Options range from 68-32° F, which is optimal for drinks and fresh food.

With the company’s ECO mode to ensure sustainability, the CR35 37 Quart (35L) Portable Refrigerator Freezer costs $430

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BougeRV Solar Panel Review

Camping is all about having a deep appreciation for nature, so it seems counterintuitive to bring a diesel generator to your 12-day forest bath. For those in need of a more sustainable alternative, I’ll spotlight two of the brand’s solar panels in this section of my BougeRV review. 

BougeRV 200W 12V 9BB Mono Solar Panel Review 

BougeRV Review
BougeRV 200W 12V 9BB Mono Solar Panel

Camping during the summer has its benefits. Optimal temperatures aside, we’re usually blessed with great weather. It’s definitely a missed opportunity to not take advantage of the sun, which leads me to the next product: the 200W 12V 9BB Mono Solar Panel

Designed with a higher conversion rate, this machine is 8% smaller compared to other leading solar panels, which is great for campers with limited space.

Weather-resistant and easy to install, nature enthusiasts can look forward to continuous electricity without the need for non-renewable resources. The 200W 12V 9BB Mono Solar Panel currently costs $280

Get 27% off code AFF27 for $204.39 now.

BougeRV 120W Portable Solar Panel Review 

BougeRV Review
BougeRV 120W Portable Solar Panel

On a summer camping trip, I was faced with the horrifying realization that the place I was staying at didn’t have electricity. Long story short, I had to power my phone using an old-school battery charger, which resulted in a ziplock baggie full of used cells.

As a way to learn from my mistakes, I suggest purchasing the 120W Portable Solar Panel for your next outdoor excursion.

Light, efficient, waterproof, and compatible with any type of generator, you can easily leave this bad boy on while you partake in other camping activities. Price-wise, the 120W Portable Solar Panel retails for $260.

Who Is BougeRV For? 

BougeRV Review

Considering their prices, I think it’s safe to say that BougeRV is meant for experienced outdoor enthusiasts. Most of the brand’s products, such as its coolers and solar panels, retail past the $200 mark. 

I don’t recommend purchasing BougeRV equipment if you intend to go on your first camping trip. Additionally, it seems that their appliances are geared for summer use, as they don’t offer any protective gear and insulation for colder seasons.

BougeRV Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

BougeRV Review

You can’t spell bougie without BougeRV…well, you get the point. According to hundreds of customers, it appears that this brand is a must-have for campers, picnic enthusiasts, and nature lovers alike. To kick this portion of my BougeRV review off, I’ll feature ratings for some of their best-selling products:

  • 12V 30 Quart (28L) Portable Refrigerator: 156 reviews with 4.9/5 stars
  • CR35 37 Quart (35L) Portable Refrigerator Freezer: 41 reviews with 4.8/5 stars
  • 200W 12V 9BB Mono Solar Panel: 64 reviews with 4.9/5 stars 
  • 120W Portable BougeRV solar panel: 19 reviews with 4.8/5 stars

Efficient, powerful, and convenient for outdoor trips, BougeRV equipment seems to be worth the investment. Their solar panels and mini coolers proved indispensable to customers, given their build quality and amount of features.

Take it from two happy customers who left rave reviews for the brand’s products online.

“Love the size, easy to store, and good size for charging smaller solar generators. Using with Montek x1000. Added mounting brackets to angle to the sun. Works great. Great quality,” one customer wrote about the 200W 12V 9BB Mono Solar Panel. 

“Perfect for anyone spending extended time in a car. Keeps food and drinks cold without having to deal with ice and its constant replenishing. The best part is it can be left running overnight in the vehicle and will not run the battery down. Wish I’d owned one years ago,” one reviewer wrote about the 12V 30 Quart (28L) Portable Refrigerator. 

I also wanted to look at some BougeRV reviews from other sources. Amazon and independent blogs such as Gnomad Home offered positive critiques of the brand’s portable fridges. Useful in keeping food and drinks cold, most customers concluded that they wished they had purchased BougeRV coolers years ago.

“I can’t say enough good things about this little fridge. Our small icebox started acting up 2 days before a 10-day offroading trip so we needed something quick! I was able to fit breakfast and dinner items in it for 3 people for 10 days,” one Amazon customer shared. 

Is BougeRV Legit?

BougeRV Review

A few BougeRV reviews mentioned some problems with their products. However, despite this, the brand is very active in responding to customer complaints on its Trustpilot page which is a great sign and definitely proves that this company is legit.

Is BougeRV Worth It?

BougeRV Review

BougeRV‘s products are meant to be an investment, as they’re designed to work for multiple occasions. 

Those who are constantly outdoors should definitely consider purchasing this brand’s solar panels and mini-fridges for future use.

Convenient and well-made, it adds a whole level of comfort to on-the-road living. All-in-all, I can confidently recommend this brand in my BougeRv review.

BougeRV Promotions & Discounts 

BougeRV Review

Let’s end my BougeRV review with some highlights, shall we? For instance, I found out that the brand is hosting a pre-black Friday sale, where customers can use the promo code AFF16 to receive 16% OFF at checkout. Up to 50% off select items.

Where to Buy BougeRV

BougeRV Review

Looking to stock up on BougeRV solar panels? If so, you can head over to to see what they have in store. You can also find their products sold at Amazon, Walmart, and BestBuy.


BougeRV Review

Who owns BougeRV?

BougeRV is owned by founders James and Pierre. 

Does BougeRV ship internationally?

BougeRV only ships to select countries such as China, the United States, and Canada. 

What is BougeRV’s Shipping Policy?

This wouldn’t be a complete BougeRV review without going over the brand’s shipping policy. I found out that the company offers free delivery on orders totaling $100 or more. Anything below this amount has a shipping fee of $9

In terms of delivery times, it typically takes 3-15 business days for packages to arrive. To help keep tabs on your purchase, the brand will issue a tracking number alongside a confirmation email.

What is BougeRV’s Return Policy?

BougeRV offers a 30-day window for customers to send back their unused products. It’s worth mentioning that the brand will cover shipping costs if the order in question is damaged or incorrect. To start a return, you must contact the company directly for further instructions. 

How to Contact BougeRV

BougeRV Review

For any questions or concerns unrelated to my BougeRV review, you can contact the brand directly using one of the methods below:

  • Phone (6:00 pm to 3:00 am PST): +1 408-429-4149
  • Phone (3:00 am to 11:00 am): +1 669-291-6820
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Filling out the contact form online 

The brand’s customer service team is available from 6:00 pm Sunday to 11:00 am Friday.

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