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All Modern Furniture Review

Faster, better, stronger – we can rebuild…the living room? Or any room really with the help of All Modern’s extensive range of furniture at affordable pricing. From kitchen to bedroom to basement, remake any space with ease after stocking up with this brand’s simple ordering and delivery system.

Easy on the wallet and the eye, this brand is all about those stylish pieces seen online that people “just have to have.” Spot it on their Instagram with over 656k followers and instead of pining for what could have been, just follow the link and buy it yourself.

This All Modern furniture review is all about digging up the truth. We’ll lay out the products, prices, customer testimonials, manufacturing info, and more to help determine whether this brand is actually worth their oh-so-affordable cost.

Overview of All Modern  

All Modern Furniture Review

Since 2006, All Modern has been dedicated to keeping home styles modern and fashionable. Collecting furniture that fits all of the latest trends, this brand makes contemporary pieces at a lower cost, allowing everyone the option to decorate their home without breaking the bank on renovations.

This US company prides itself on quick delivery and low costs, targeting both aspects as keys to defining their brand. 

Bringing up the tail end of All Modern’s lovable qualities is their dedication to new and sleek designs suiting minimalist, Scandinavian, mid-century, and modern styles.

Ready to take a closer look? This All Modern furniture review has a few pros and cons for your careful consideration:


  • Wide range of furniture covering a variety of styles all for affordable costs
  • Great pricing on all products
  • Financing options
  • Loyalty program
  • Constant sales
  • Smooth check out process
  • Linked to a larger trusted company (Wayfair)


  • Fantastic products mean they’re often out of stock
All Modern Furniture Review

Got the notes good to go before moving on? We’re sliding this All Modern furniture review into the ever-important products that built the brand. 

We’re only reviewing a small portion of the stock available, so be sure to check out the website for the full list of categories and products available.

All Modern Furniture Review

Let’s face it, furniture is such an expansive and all-encompassing term. It’s hard to know where to even start. We’re beginning our All Modern furniture review with some living room staples and brand best-sellers that work with any space.

All Modern Hassan Coffee Table Review

The All Modern Hassan Coffee Table is all about options for space, events, and style.

This table is really a two-for-one deal. One table sits at 17” high with an expansive top of 41”x31” while a second table nests neatly underneath at 15” tall and 31.5”x23.5”. 

A lot of numbers, we know, but the thing to take away from this is that this coffee table is set up in a nesting fashion with a smaller one accessible to extend the overall size or be set out across the room for additional space.

For one price you’re getting two stunning wooden tables. Smoothed angles at the edges, these triangular tables fit snugly together to save space during parties or pull out for more room to put the chips. What beats that?

At the time of writing this All Modern furniture review, these tables are on sale for $250 rather than their regular $300 price.

All Modern Ayres 71” TV Stand Review

Stand up for your TV by giving it the foundation it needs to show off the best games, shows, and movies. The Modern Ayres 71” TV Stand provides space, storage, and above all else, security (more on that later).

We need to start off by saying this stand truly embodies the Scandinavian minimalist style that is so loved in the home décor world. 

With retro, thin, steel-coated legs carrying the wooden frame, this piece sits like something out of the ‘50s. A fine wood finish makes this stand, wicker dividers covering two-thirds of the storage space for a clean-cut appearance.

Here’s where the (kind of) security and storage comes into it. Three sliding drawers and empty cubbies line the center of this stand, but the wicker doors slide to cover any mess, electronics, or items you want to keep hidden from searching eyes. Section it for whatever suits your needs best and comfortably make this design your own.

This stand is currently available for $1,500 (regular price $1,986).

All Modern Sofa Review

Comfortably collapse at the end of each day into a sofa that suits all needs. And by all needs, we mean form and function. Highlighting two of our favorites in this All Modern furniture review, we’re happy to show off these popular pieces to the world.

All Modern Lamont 83” Sofa Review

Lament over not having the Lamont 83” Sofa (couldn’t help it – sorry). We’re bringing classic cuts back to the modern day with this retro favorite.

Available in four different fabric options, this standard seated couch offers comfort and casualty. Fit with entirely reversible polyester cushions (we’ve all been guilty of spills and stains from time to time), this couch is crafted from a stain and tear-resistant fabric that’s ready to battle any cat claws or nasty scrapes.

Resisting sagging, warping, and discomfort, this low-seated couch cushions each spot with layers of foam to provide maximum relaxation after a long day. The best part about the manufacturing of this couch? It’s done sustainably with eco-friendly materials.

Rest easy with this couch, now on sale for $1,020 rather than its regular $1, 837 cost.

All Modern Harrell 89.4” Sofa Review

We’ve found a new favorite and its name is the Harrel 89.4” Sofa. Simple, sleek, and yet so stylish it elevates any room it’s in. This one is a winner.

Starting off with the basics, this couch comes in Grey, Navy, Green, and Black options that pair with the thin gold legs holding it up while you rest. The curved back of this sofa adds elegance to its appearance through the organic composure of the piece. 

Another bonus? No segments, meaning whenever someone stretches out, there are no divots or divides to fall into uncomfortably.

Featuring fiber-wrapped foam, sustainable wood, and stainless steel creating as the frame, this design was made to impress in every way.

The Harrell model is available for $1,320 rather than the regular price of $1,595.

All Modern Sectional Sofas Review

Cuddle close or stretch out to that full length – these sectional sofas know no limits when it comes to the space they provide. 

These best-selling sectionals join our All Modern furniture review in part because…well, who doesn’t love a sectional. But also for their modern take on these classic styles.

All Modern Elizabeth 112” 100% Polyester Symmetrical Stationary Corner Sectional Review

First up in these favorites – the Elizabeth 112” 100% Polyester Symmetrical Stationary Corner Sectional. Not exactly the most condensed name possible, but we assure you the mouthful is well worth it when it comes to the product.

The colors keep these cushions looking sleek in style – charcoal really does have a dramatic effect when it comes to décor. Cozy cushions are layered for the ultimate comfort when it comes to this couch. Its neutral colors make it easy to pair with coffee tables, throw blankets, cushions, and more.

With a wooden frame and coated in soft polyester fabric, this low-seated couch is the perfect space for parties, movie nights, or just lounging on a relaxing day.

This sublime sectional is available for $4,800.

All Modern Ledger 126.6” Cotton Blend Symmetrical Modular Large Sectional Review

For those looking to make a statement with a retro style, the Ledger 126.6” Cotton Blend Symmetrical Modular Large Sectional is the sofa to check out.

Modeled after the ever-popular Chesterfields, this section comes in three twill and three leather options to customize the couch to best suit its future space. 

Button tufting creates a classic appearance that just calls out to the mid-century style, stealing the spotlight in any room this piece is added to.

Rather than the two-piece L-shape of the last couch, the Ledger extends to a full U-shape with backing along three-quarters of the design. This sofa and chaise support each seat with wood grain panels and springs to keep things cozy.

The starting price for this couch is $6,700, but leather options are more expensive depending on the chosen color.

All Modern Chandeliers Review

Brighten up the space by expanding beyond a standard ceiling light. Remember the old days when grand chandeliers hung from ceilings and they spoke to the wealth of the owners? 

Well, with these popular pieces you can bring that back with a simple installment – we’ve all dreamt of it at one point or another.

All Modern Craine 5 – Light Shaded Geometric Chandelier Review

Mixing up a classic notion with a modern design, the Craine 5 – Light Shaded Geometric Chandelier brings a bubbly joy to any house lucky enough to sport this model.

Sloped ceilings, low ceilings, high ceilings, none of them stand a chance against the Craine 5 with its adjustable height and angle. Set the brightness to suit the room and let the hand-blown glass bubbles shine at dusk (it works all the time, there’s just something magical about dimmed light at dusk). 

Simple with its 5-sphere design, this piece doesn’t steal the show, but simply adds to the elegance of any room it’s placed in.

At the time of writing this All Modern furniture review, this piece is on sale for $370 rather than the usual $657.

All Modern Bourbon 6 – Light Sputnik Modern Linear Chandelier Review

Mix up the mundane and have some fun while lighting a room with the Bourbon 6 – Light Sputnik Modern Linear Chandelier.

What’s not to love about the name alone – there’s bourbon, modern, and elements of space! It’s a variety of elements, which honestly, is a great way to describe this piece. 

Highlighting the gold and opal colors that keep it elegant, the layout of this lighting almost seems scientific in placement – throwback to high school chemistry anyone?

Its modern take on minimalism inspires a new look at life (and lighting). With its adjustable height, this piece easily lights any room to peak brightness, holding up its form with iron, metal, and glass elements that keep things sturdy.

Bring home the Bourbon 6 for $320 (regular $400).

All Modern Cayson 9 – Light Sputnik Globe Chandelier Review

Beam me up Scottie – and make sure to bring the Cayson 9 – Light Sputnik Globe Chandelier too.

This space fantasy of a chandelier is modern art at its best. With a total of 9 lights (that’s right – 9!) this design is a showpiece for any dining room. Carefully crafted with black glass, these dimmable lights will complete that edgy and luxurious feel that you’re aiming for.

Stunning in design and function, this chandelier is more than a source of light – it’s a talking piece for every dinner party.

Get the conversation flowing with this piece for $540.

All Modern Rugs Review

Here’s where the real personal style comes out – rugs! So often overlooked, these wonderful designs are only a small selection of the options available to make the room your own.

All Modern Burnt Orange/Ivory Shag Area Rug Review

Let’s turn off the judgment for a second while we look at the Burnt Orange/Ivory Shag Area Rug. The whole name screams ‘70s, but the image itself? Not too shaggy (get it? No? It’s fine).

Shag rugs are too often hated on for neon colors and wild designs, but All Modern brings the classic style into the current times while retaining a lovely homage to the older rugs that made many childhoods. 

We have to be honest, shag rugs are soft. In fact, these lush pieces are perfect to combat the cold of any winter night.

Thrown together with material designed to be free of any shedding, this plush fiber keeps things cozy and clean. Let the kids lie on it, the dog roll around, or just happily shuffle across it yourself. With its minimalist style in neutral ivory coloring, this piece easily finds its place in any space.

Six patterns and 8 sizes are available with prices changing depending on those factors. The general price for these area rugs is around $105.

All Modern Dave Ivory/Black Area Rug Review

Ready to make a statement? The Dave Ivory/Black Area Rug is the first step to doing that.

Bold patterns in neutral colors make this modern piece a masterpiece (maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it sounded good so we’re sticking with it). 

Patterned with bold geometric shapes (all the classics – squares, triangles, circles, what more could be asked for?) this plush wool rug suits any indoor space. Handmade in India, this rug will warm up any hardwood flooring by bringing some color and style to the area.

Available in 9 sizes, pricing changes depending on how big you go. A standard 9’x12’ rug costs $700, but smaller and cheaper sizes are available to check out.

All Modern Mina Black/Brown Flatweave Area Rug Review

Ending our All Modern furniture review on a high note, say hello to the Mina Black/Brown Flatweave Area Rug.

We have to be honest, this one may be the favorite on our list. The woven textures of this black and brown pattern work both indoors and outdoors due to its durable design. 

Made from polypropylene, this rug survives stains, rains, and additional wear and tear. Just wash it off and it’ll be good to go in no time.

Sustainably crafted, this Belgian-made rug comes in two options, with both designs simply inverted options of one another. Simple designs strikingly made, what more could be asked for?

At the time of this All Modern furniture review, this rug is down from $108 to the sale price of $91.

Who Is All Modern For? 

All Modern Furniture Review

All Modern is made for anyone looking to furnish their homes for an affordable price. Catering greatly to students and young adults looking for those first pieces to build their home, these designs elevate a room for a cheaper cost than competitors. 

No matter your age, we all love saving money and making our space look great – this brand delivers that and more with each piece of furniture.

Comparison: All Modern vs. Wayfair

All Modern Furniture Review

Looking for a big battle of the companies? Small All Modern versus the more established Wayfair? Well, you won’t find it here.

The simple fact is, All Modern is one of five companies owned and operated by Wayfair. That means prices and products aren’t exclusive to one company but are in fact featured on the parent site as well. Simple as that – there’s nothing to compare when they’re the same brand. 

If you want to learn more about Wayfair then checkout our full Wayfair Furniture Review for more information.

All Modern Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

All Modern Furniture Review

Turning to verified customer reviews, we have to wonder how these products hold up in the real world. Just because something looks nice online doesn’t necessarily mean they’re amazing in real life. The verdict? All Modern holds up pretty well. But don’t take our word for it.

The brand doesn’t have many TrustPilot or SiteJabber ratings to pull from, so we’re leaving those bigger names aside in this review. We will say that their grade with the Better Business Bureau is currently sitting at A+, but that’s also because it’s owned by a larger company that’s quick with customer response times.

Heading over the All Modern website, there seem to be good vibes all around. Many of the products have great ratings, including the Hassan Coffee Table, sitting at 4.7/5 stars out of 240 reviews.

Customers are really digging this table set, with one commenting on their versatility and ability to complement a room: 

“These are wonderful because they can be split into 2 areas and easy to move around. They look sleek and modern and holding up well to kids playing legos and games on them. I like the wood grain look and the shade, medium dark which goes with our floors well.”

Other products are also well-received on the brand’s website:

  • Lamont 83” Sofa: 4.6/5 stars out of 52 ratings
  • Harrell 89.4” Sofa: 4.8/5 stars out of 242 ratings
  • Bourbon 6 – Light Sputnik Modern Linear Chandelier: 4.9/5 stars out of 19 ratings
  • Cayson 9 – Light Sputnik Globe Chandelier: 4.5/5 stars out of 20 ratings
  • Ivory/Burnt Orange Shag Area Rug: 4.9/5 stars out of 545 ratings
  • Dave Ivory/Black Area Rug: 4.7/5 stars out of 36 ratings

Looking at this company alone (it’s hard to find external product reviews online), All Modern seems to comfortably sit in the mid-range of customer opinion. On Consumer Affairs, this brand is awarded 3.7/5 stars based on almost 170 ratings.

One reviewer wrote, “We ordered by phone. Promised delivery in 11 days. Received in 3 days. The 9 x 12 rug was well-wrapped and heavier than expected. 2-person job to move. Colors were true to the picture. Quality as advertised. Would order again and recommend.

The appearance of products matching up alongside their quick delivery service are two selling points for this business. Customer service seems highly involved as well.

One five-star customer posted about her wonderful experience with the company:

I found a lamp I like that was on sale and didn’t place the order right away. When I was ready to place the order, I noticed the price was $22.00 higher than I expected. I called customer service to ask about the price change and after a short hold, she said her supervisor had approved the previous price. She said it would include free two day shipping.

Combo Reviews also rates this business in the mid-range with its rating sitting at 3.3/5 stars based on 65 customer ratings. 

Their company review notes “All Modern is a great website that makes stylish furniture affordable. Their product quality is equal to the pricing range that you see. It means that you won’t get custom designed and high-profile furniture there, but you’ll be able to get decent products for the offered pricing.

The company itself is on par with other Wayfair companies and IKEA, offering cheap but stylish pieces to furnish a home without emptying the wallet. All in all, that sounds pretty good to us.

Is All Modern Worth It?

All Modern Furniture Review

Overall, our All Modern furniture review thinks that this company should be good to buy. We will state that this furniture isn’t necessarily made to last the way other brands and builds are. Cheaper pricing and materials are great for a starter home.

For those trying to furnish their first home, this company is a great place to start. Pieces look great and are far more affordable than the alternatives and do have the ability to last if treated well. They’ll treat you well, so why not return the favor?

All Modern Promotions & Discounts 

All Modern Furniture Review

One of the best parts of this brand is the constant promotions. Aside from the sales section, furniture is constantly available at cut costs. We don’t even have to list any discounts or deals because they happen so often they’re too easy to find.

Where to Buy All Modern 

All Modern Furniture Review

All Modern pieces can be found online at allmodern.com. For those wanting to look elsewhere to compare prices, this brand can also be found on their parent company site – Wayfair.


All Modern Furniture Review

When was All Modern Founded?  

All Modern has been offering up contemporary styles since 2006.

Where is All Modern Based?  

All Modern doesn’t list headquarters or a solitary manufacturing location online. Much of their business is done within the US, so it’s safe to assume that this is an American company. 

Unfortunately, we can’t narrow it down much more than that, but we do know that Wayfair is indeed an American company.

Is All Modern Owned by Wayfair?  

As stated earlier in this All Modern furniture review, the brand is one of five companies owned and operated by Wayfair.

Why Do I Have to Make an Account on All Modern? 

To order anything from All Modern, an account must be made. This is simply for ease of access to information on both sides. You have products, shipping, and cost information, they have the address and payment info necessary to proceed.

What is All Modern’s Shipping Policy?

Want to make a purchase? Shipping information would be pretty handy to have then, wouldn’t it? We’ve got you covered with all of the details.

Shipping is divided into two categories: small items and large items. The size will alter the shipping method and timing. Fortunately, the cost remains pretty steady. Purchases under $35 are charged $5 for shipping. Everything above is free.

Let’s start small and work our way up. Small items entail anything under 150lbs and these purchases have six different shipping options.

For shipping times that include filling the order and delivery, options are as follows:

  • One-Day Shipping: Within one business day
  • Two-Day Shipping: Within two business days

Delivery services that don’t include filling the order are:

  • Express Shipping: Within one business day.
  • Expedited Shipping: Within two business days.
  • Ground Shipping: Within one to seven business days.
  • Economy Shipping: Within three to eight business days.

Larger items require a bit more communication as their carriers have to coordinate delivery times depending on the service chosen at checkout. Here’s what they have to offer:

  • Curbside (You Unload)
  • Curbside (We Unload)
  • Outside Front Door Drop-Off
  • Inside Home Entrance Drop-Off
  • Room of Choice Delivery
  • All-Inclusive Delivery: Delivery, Packaging Removal & Assembly

These shipments can take 1-3 weeks depending on location and items. All Modern ships within the US as well as in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Additional duties and taxes may apply to international locations.

What is All Modern’s Return Policy?

Not completely satisfied with a purchase? There’s no need to struggle with furniture you don’t love – send it back within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. By full refund, we have to clarify that shipping and assembly/labor costs won’t be included.

When it comes to smaller pieces and large appliances, the 30-day limit applies to pieces that haven’t been installed. Make sure to check over all items upon arrival to ensure the return happens in time for the full refund. 

Mattresses have a 100-night trial for returns, so take the time to make sure they suit your sleeping pattern before committing.

There are a few limitations when it comes to returns. These items are a no-go for the return process:

  • Clearance items
  • Gift cards
  • Personalized items
  • Discounted bundles
  • Assembled items
  • “Non-Returnable” marked items
  • Open Box Items

For returnable items, all it takes is a few easy clicks online and you’ll be set:

  1. Go online and select “My Orders” followed by “Return Item”
  2. Select the item to return and the method for the refund
  3. Return shipping costs will be deducted from the total refund
  4. For smaller items, print off the shipping label, repackage the item with its invoice and all the parts, then ship it off with UPS or FedEx
  5. For larger items, follow the return process and All Modern will coordinate with you and a carrier service for convenient pick-up times

That’s all it takes, and a refund will be headed back into the original account.

Exchanges follow a similar process, but there are two methods to get that job done:

1.    Pre-return – place an order before returning the old item. Credit will be issued to the account once the return has been received and the new order will ship out.

2.    Postreturn – Return like normal and use the refund or store credit to place a new order

While both the return and exchange processes are simple, we sincerely hope neither one is needed and that you’re happy with the furniture ordered.

How to Contact All Modern

For those with burning questions not covered by this All Modern furniture review, there’s an easy way to get more answers. Customer service has two easy ways to get in touch:

  • Live chat online
  • Phone: 844-882-8928

o    Mon – Fri: 8:00 AM – midnight EST

o    Sat: 8:00 AM- 8:00 PM ESTo    Sun: 9:00 AM- 6:00 PM EST

We know furniture shopping needs research, that’s why we’ve covered other brands so you can have more options to choose from. Below you’ll find more brands with great furniture.

Albany Park

Design Within Reach

West Elm



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