Eternity Modern Chairs Review

About Eternity Modern

Eternity Modern Chairs Review

Eternity Modern Chairs is a retail furniture company that sells mid-century designs online. Their high-quality hand craftsmanship is showcased within their collection of sofas, coffee tables, bar stools, and more. With a sizeable following of over 30K on their Eternity Modern Instagram page, the brand has been featured in Vancouver Sun, Vogue, and PopSugar

If you’re looking for some modern, mid-century style furniture, this company might be for you. This Eternity Modern chairs review will take an in-depth look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. 

Overview of Eternity Modern  

Eternity Modern Chairs Review

Beginning as a typical furniture supplier in 2004, Eternity Modern was a wholesaler to retailers with brick and mortar shops. They have warehouses and distribution centers throughout the world.

While not much is known about its founders Victor Tam, Arthur Lee, and Brendan Burscough, we do know that the company was established in Vancouver. At the time, they did not believe in selling furniture online, as most of their customers went to buy their items in person. 

After partnering with many manufacturers in Asia that dealt with several components in furniture making, Eternity Modern restructured their business model. They eliminated the ‘middle man,’ which in this case was resellers, dealers, and salespersons.

The company also reduced the number of SKUs in their catalog to focus on quality and goods only. Eternity Modern relaunched their company to operate mainly online in 2016. They manufacture furniture that is top quality that features modern and mid-century designs. 

Eternity Modern Chairs Review

“At Eternity Modern, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality furniture that will last generations. Our pieces are more than just furniture; they are works of art that inspire conversations, enhance any space, and bring mid-century modern style to your every day,” via a statement from their company website. 

Before we get into this Eternity Modern chairs review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons:


  • A large selection of high quality furniture that feature modern and mid-century designs
  • Eternity provides full customization options for their customers in terms of color and materials 
  • The company states that most of their Eternity Modern interior design furniture is affordable 
  • Their furniture is made out durable and high quality materials such as fiberglass and not soft plastics 
  • Monthly payment installments available through Affirm 
  • Provides free shipping on orders above $1000


  • No international shipping 

If the family is what makes a home a home, furniture is what makes a house a house. Eternity Modern offers classic, mid-century pieces that will help modernize your living space. Customers can also shop through collections, such as the Eternity Modern Bauhaus furniture category.

Eternity Modern Chairs Review

From minimalistic womb chairs to open-space sofas that look like they belong in an art museum, Eternity Modern has it all. Before we give you a peek at some of their bestselling items, it’s important to note that all of the chairs featured in this review are available to purchase with monthly installments through Affirm

Eternity Modern Wassily Chair Review

The Wassily Chair, known for its sleek design, was created by Marcel Breuer, a famed architect and furniture designer. When you think of modern furniture design, this chair usually comes to mind.

This Eternity Modern piece has several unique aspects showcased within its style. For instance, it is partially inspired by the handlebars of vintage leather “alder bicycles.” 

The Wassily Chair also features a 3mm thick sidewall and a heavy-duty tubular steel frame for durability and stability. The chair also has sturdy leather straps, which are far more interesting than your average chair cushion.

With a backward angle of 20 degrees, this chair not only is a perfect addition to your contemporary lounge room but comfortable enough to relax with a book at hand. 

The Wassily Chair has four different seat covers with varying colors and designs. For pre-order, each varies in the price:

  • Top grain: $1429 (original price: $1869)
  • Aniline leather: $1539 (marked down from $2009)
  • Vintage leather: $1649 (discounted from $2149)
  • Cowhide: $1759 (original price:$2299)

Eternity Modern LC 4 Chaise Lounge Review

If you’re a fan of modern art, chances are that you will like the LC 4 Chaise Lounge chair. According to the website, the LC 4 Chaise Lounge was originally designed in 1928 and is now part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art (or better known as MOMA).

With an iconic history as this, you can technically say that you own some high-quality art at your house. The LC 4 Chaise Lounge chair has an ergonomic design as it mirrors the body’s natural curves. It can also be adjusted from a near-right position to a full reclining position depending on how relaxed you’re feeling.

Made out of a highly polished #304 grade tubular, stainless steel frame with a chrome finish, this perfect beach lounge-chair varies in price depending on the upholstery:

  • Top grain: $1099 (original price: $1439)
  • Aniline leather: $1279 (reduced from $1669)
  • Vintage leather: $1389 (discounted from $1819)

Eternity Modern Womb Chair Replica Review

Originally designed by famed architect and industrial designer, Eero Saarinen, the womb chair was to simulate the effect of curling up in a ‘basket of pillows.’ The Womb Chair Replica takes inspiration from the 1946 design. Featuring soft curves, plush cushioning, and tubular steel legs, it’s practically a chair-like-bed. 

The chair is built from a fiberglass shell covered with foam and encased in soft fabric or leather for extra cushioning. In order to keep things sturdy, it is constructed with shiny stainless steel.

So curl up, relax, grab some popcorn and watch your favorite movie with the Womb Chair Replica. There are over 11 different designs that all vary in price. For now, this Eternity Modern chairs review will provide three pricing options:

  • Cashmere: $1469 (original price: $1919)
  • Boucle Wool: $1369 (discounted from $1789)
  • Sherpa: $1758 (discounted from $2285)

Eternity Modern Platner Chair Replica Review

The Platner Chair Replica almost looks like a crown. This replica takes inspiration from the original 1966 Platner Collection designed by Warren Platner, a well-known architect and interior designer. Capturing the iconic modernist style, this chair features a stainless steel base that’s designed to resemble a ‘shiny sheaf of wheat.’ 

This replica has high-density foam cushioning that’s covered in a soft cashmere blend upholstery to keep things soft and smooth. If you’re worried about falling over, there’s no need to worry. The back and seat padding is made out of molded fiberglass shell and highly resilient urethane foam.

This whimsical chair wouldn’t be complete with an equally whimsical throw pillow and a canvas rug underneath. The Platner Chair Replica has 7 different upholstery options that all vary in price, but here we’ll provide you with just 3:

  • Cashmere: $1849 (original price: $2409)
  • Sunbrella: $2069 (discounted from $2699)
  • Velvet: $1609 (marked down from $2099)

Eternity Modern Shell Chair Review

The Shell Chair has a slight beach-like aesthetic due to its seat shape but embodies a modern twist. This replica is inspired by the Wegner Shell Chair designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1963.

Constructed out of finely molded veneered plywood, this one-of-a-kind chair features 100% genuine aniline-dyed Italian leather upholstery (or cowhide if you’d like) for the seat and back. 

While you can’t exactly bring this chair to the beach, it will look splendid inside the house overlooking the veranda by the pool. The Shell Chair can easily blend into your living space as it’s offered in neutral colors in 2 different upholstery options that both vary in price:

  • Aniline Vivo: $839 (original price: $1099)
  • Cowhide: $1059 (original price: $1389

Eternity Modern Wishbone Chair Review

If simplicity is your thing, then the Wishbone Chair has your name written all over it. This design was inspired by the Hans Wegner Wishbone dining chair.  Created during a time when heavier forms of furniture were popular in the 1950s, this simplistic design was definitely a breath of fresh air. 

Made out of solid ash wood in a natural, walnut, black or white wood finish, this chair features a handwoven seat made out of a durable paper cord. I don’t know about you, but this chair gives me a slight beachy, bohemian vibe due to its driftwood-like appendages.

Originally, the Wishbone Chair was priced at $399, but you can get it now for $299.

Eternity Modern Egg Pod Chair Review

Slightly reminiscent of the chair seen in Men in Black I and II, this Egg Pod Chair is certainly reminiscent of the 90s and early 2000s. While it was actually designed way back in 1968 at the Scandinavian Furniture Fair, the chair was known as immediate success with its strange, but innovative design.

Its egg-like shell is not brittle, as it is made out of 100% molded fiberglass. It also features an aluminum foot with a 360-degree swivel, but we don’t recommend spinning in it for fun. 

Feel like you’re working alongside Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones by purchasing the Egg Pod Chair. It comes in 2 different upholstery fabrics and is either painted black or white. This chair only costs $1509, which is the reduced price of the original $1969

Eternity Modern Le Corbusier Lc7 Chair Review

The Le Corbusier Lc7 Chair is the perfect accompaniment to the standard marble countertop with a fancy charcuterie board on top and several glasses of red wine. What I’m saying is that this chair is the embodiment of class and elegance. This design features a durable, stainless steel frame, that’s been finely polished to prevent rusting and chipping. 

For the seat, this chair is styled with genuine aniline leather. According to the product description,“Minute details have been taken care of such as the steel joints which have been welded and sanded to remove imperfections.” Featuring a 360-degree swivel leg to let you quickly turn around and toast your wine glass to your friend, the Le Corbusier Lc7 Chair is the perfect model to have to add to your modern living space.

The Le Corbusier Lc7 Chair comes in 6 different upholstery options that all vary in price. This Eternity Modern chairs review will give you insight into 3 of these options:

  • Cashmere: $549 (marked down from $719
  • Top grain: $729 (originally $959)
  • Vintage leather: $839 (discounted from $1099)

Eternity Modern Fireside Chair Review

The Fireside Chair is the perfect seat to have if you own a cozy fireplace in your living room. Its design is essentially a grown up version of the bean bag chair.

Made with quality materials such as polyether foam with hand stitching designs, this Eternity Modern orange chair is perfect to take a nap on with your choice of throw blanket. 

If you’re not a fan of the orange, the Fireside Chair comes in 7 different upholstery fabric options that all vary in color and price. Here, this Eternity Modern Chairs review will highlight just 3 of their choices:

  • Velvet: $1245 (original price: $1618)
  • Classic Boucle: $1432 (original price: $1862)
  • Ultra Suede: $1565 (original price: $2073

Eternity Modern Wicker Bench Review

There’s no need to bring out the folding chairs or the dining room seats. The Wicker Bench can accommodate more people due to its overall length. With its seats woven from a lightweight, yet durable paper cord, this Eternity Modern Rattan Bench has a family-friendly, backyard barbeque vibe reflected throughout its design. 

Make room for your family and any other invited guests with the Wicker Bench. It comes in 2 wood finishings: natural ash and oiled walnut. You can complete your picnic table for just $785, which is the reduced price of the original $1021

Eternity Modern Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Eternity Modern Chairs Review

This Eternity Modern chairs review found a generally positive customer response based on its research. On their website, they have over 1700 reviews with an average of 5 stars.

Most customers have commented that the furniture was beautiful in design, and blended well in their living space. Others have also stated that the material used to make their furniture was of high quality

The chair is everything I expected and more. Workmanship is top notch. The color is saturated and bold. Makes the space something special. Five stars Eternity Modern,” one reviewer wrote on their website. 

There are also continued positive experiences on other websites such as Trustpilot and Houzz. On Trustpilot, they have 2.3/5 stars from over 90 reviews. Customers have noted that the assembly process was easy and painless.

Others wrote that their customer service team was helpful in addressing their needs and answering their questions. On the Eternity Modern Houzz page, the brand is ranked with a 3.7-star rating out of 54reviews

“Gorgeous fabric and very comfortable. Chair looks much more expensive than what we paid for. Extremely satisfied with our purchase,” one Trustpilot reviewer wrote. 

Is Eternity Modern Worth It?

Eternity Modern Chairs Review

This Eternity Modern chairs review recommends this furniture company to anyone looking for unique, mid-century furniture at a reasonable price.

Their furniture collection features numerous designs to choose from, and most products completely customizable down to the material, color, and finishings. This is a great asset to have as a company since it gives your customers options to design their own furniture to match the interior decor of their house. 

Additionally, there are thousands of positive customer reviews that reflect on their quality, design, and usefulness. With Eternity Modern, it’s hard to go back to traditional furniture retail stores when most styles are pretty much the same.

Head over to the Eternity Modern website to find a wide collection of customizable furniture that’ll turn your living room space from dull to dazzling. 

Eternity Modern Promotions & Discounts 

Eternity Modern Chairs Review

This Eternity Modern chairs review found out that currently have a limited promotion. Customers can use the Eternity Modern discount code JANUARYEXTRA for an additional 10% off their order.

Eternity Modern also has a refer a friend program. To be eligible, friends must spend a minimum of $1000 in order to receive a referral discount. Customers will then receive a discount code that gives them $100 off their next purchase. 

For future sales, the company sometimes posts news on their Eternity Modern Reddit page among other Eternity Modern reviews Reddit threads.

Where to Buy Eternity Modern

Eternity Modern Chairs Review

You can buy their furniture exclusively at EternityModern.com.


Eternity Modern Chairs Review

Who owns Eternity Modern? 

Eternity Modern is owned by founders Victor Tam, Arthur Lee, and Brendan Burscough.

What is Eternity Modern’s Shipping Policy?

Eternity Modern provides free shipping on orders above $1000 within the United States and Eternity Modern Canada. They also have white glove delivery with a fee of $350.

Customers can keep track of their orders through email updates sent by Eternity Modern. For in-stock items, orders usually take 5 to 7 business days to ship.

For pre-orders or custom items, the lead time is typically 12 to 16 weeks. This is because their manufacturers are based in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia. 

What is Eternity Modern’s Return Policy?

Eternity Modern has a 14-day return policy. However, customers must pay the 20% restocking fee if they wish for a refund. Items must be in brand new condition and in the original packaging.

If customers find defects or damages in their product, they are encouraged to contact their customer support team. It is noted that all of their products come with a 6 month warranty period

How to Contact Eternity Modern

If you have more inquiries after this Eternity Modern chairs review, you can contact the company through:

  • Eternity Modern phone number: 1-800-993-0903
  • Email: [email protected]
  • For their Eternity Modern trade program, they have an online chat on their website
  • For those looking for jobs within this company, this review hasn’t found any Eternity Modern Glassdoor pages as of lately.

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