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About Burrow

I hate having to settle on something for the sake of the price. I’ve definitely done it with furniture before, but with Burrow, I learned that I could build my dream sofa affordably.

To sum it up: Burrow offers home furnishings with smart and innovative designs for a lesser cost. To see just how much less, I compared it to the average industry sofa of the same size and discovered a $500 savings.

What’s more, their ergonomic and stylish furniture features pet and family-friendly materials. Designed to travel with you, its modular seats are perfect for moving day. A 400k social community and features in Esquire, VICE, and Gear Patrol seem to agree.

Read along in this Burrow Home review as I cover a range of the brand’s sofas, sleepers, and more to assist you in choosing the perfect pieces for your home.

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Overview of Burrow

Like many innovative tales I’ve heard, the Burrow story has its origins in dissatisfaction. Co-founders Stephen Kuhl and Kabeer Chopra were tired of the compromise involved in buying a couch. Either the couches were cheap and poorly constructed, or expensive and needlessly heavy, requiring a weightlifting champion to move them.

Kuhl’s and Chopra’s ambitious solution was to launch Burrow in 2017, with a goal of building clever and comfortable furniture to last through life’s transitions. 

Stephen and Kabeer attended the prestigious Wharton business school together, and while their goals for Burrow are the same, they approach furniture production from a different angle. Stephen’s approach to the brand comes from personal experience. While rowing in college, he experienced two herniated discs—ouch!

The debilitating pain was memorable enough that he has put his energy into developing ergonomically effective couches. While I’m sorry for Stephen, I think it’s pretty cool he used his setback to his advantage and made this successful furniture brand.

Kabeer, on the other hand, puts as much attention to detail into the style of couches as he does into their personal and thoughtful designs.

Burrow Home Review 2
Burrow Nomad Leather Loveseat in Chestnut

I read that Burrow Home keep furniture costs down, but how do they do it? One key element in their approach is that they deliver the couch directly to you. This is a smart move concerning the supply chain: it bypasses retail markups and more than 70% of shipping costs.

The big picture decisions don’t stop there. The company cares that your furniture lasts. You should be able to enjoy your pieces for an exciting move-in party, a baby shower, and maybe down the line, pass the memory-filled the heirloom on to your son and daughter as they make their way in the world.

Burrow furniture is built to last from hearty, sustainably-sourced hardwood: it’s scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and made of non-toxic fabrics because life happens, and your furniture shouldn’t get in the way—the sofa even has a USB charger because everybody knows they always end up jammed too close to the wall.

If you’re more of a numbers person and it’s statistics that leave you convinced, Burrow went through rigorous testing, and the proof is in its sturdy furniture—Burrow tested sturdiness by dropping a 300-pound weight on their sofas thousands of times. Not convinced yet? If red wine and tomato sauce are your worst nightmares stain-wise, don’t fret, as the test sofas have seen rounds of durability tests with no offence.

Concerned about your Bernese mountain dog on the couch? No worries, because Burrow couches have been scratch tested with a custom 3D-printed animal claw. Even a rambunctious three-year-old has nothing on this sofa. 

Burrow Home Review 3

To put it simply: this brand went through a lot to bring you its high-quality furniture. To give you a snapshot of what to expect in this Burrow home review, let’s take a look at the pros and cons:


  • Range of modular furniture
  • High-quality, well-made furniture
  • Built-in USB charger with 72” power cord
  • Variety of fabric colors, leg finishes & armrest heights
  • Reversible back cushions
  • Scratch and stain-resistant fabric
  • Responsibly forested wood legs
  • Three-layer foam & fiber architecture
  • Easy to follow assembly instructions
  • Fast delivery


  • Some reports of long shipping
  • Furniture can be challenging to assemble 

Burrow Sofa Review 

Sofas can be a big investment, but I’m hoping the following Burrow sofa reviews will help make up your mind. In my experience, it’s helped to know what the most popular pieces are in a collection, and so I’ve rounded them up for you here. Not so coincidentally, they all fall within the Nomad line.

As you browse, keep in mind that the fabric sofas and armchairs come in 5 colors (ivory, brick red, crushed gravel, navy blue, and charcoal) with your choice of flat or tufted flip back cushion. All leather sofas come in 3 (slate, camel, and chestnut) with flat cushions only.

No matter your fabric preference, you’ll get to pick between 6 wood and metal leg finishes and 3 arm styles. Add on a moveable chaise, ottoman, or lumbar pillows for extra comfort.

As you can tell, there’s a ton to unpack in this Burrow home review, so I’ll just get to it.

Nomad Sofa

The Nomad sofa is the cornerstone of the Nomad collection. You’ll be relieved to know that it’s super easy to move, hence the name. With an award-winning modular design, it moves with your from room to room and home to home.

Burrow Home Review 4
Burrow Nomad Sofa in Navy Blue

You can fit three people on the standard Nomad sofa, or a handful more if you don’t mind being cozy. In case you’re wondering about the difference between a couch and sofa, I’ve found that the distinction is subtle: a couch is known for comfort while a sofa is more formal and design-driven.

When it comes down to the couch vs. sofa debate, you can use the terms interchangeably here; both assets apply. While I’m on the subject of couches, when co-founder Chopra bought a couch in college, he waited for a sale and was informed that his preferred medium-grey fabric would take 12 weeks to deliver.

He ended up with an orange couch that looked straight out of the ’70s! For this reason, when you pick out your Burrow couch, it’s customizable to your needs, but all of the designs have a USB charging cord.  

If you’re like me, a lot of life revolves around the couch. That’s why I’m particularly fond of the three-layer foam and fiber architecture for easy lounging with a glass of wine. Don’t worry about the spill that happens when you laugh so hard though—the tight olefin fibre weave is scratch and stain-resistant.

As for children and pets, they can be a handful—but your Burrow sofa is sturdy and reliable, made of precision-milled baltic birch that prevents warping. Strengthened with steel pins and galvanized latches, these couches are made to last a lifetime. Get yours for $1395.

Nomad Leather Sectional

As I pondered this couch during my Burrow home review, it occurred to me that this piece may start some fights.

Burrow Home Review 5
Burrow Nomad Leather Sectional Sofa in Slate

If you’re the kind of family that picks your seat and doesn’t move around much, you may find yourself arguing who gets chaise lounge–like the couch’s modular design, it’s moveable. But if you need the extra space, you can always add an ottoman.

Depending on your preferences, you can also add a sleep kit to your Nomad leather sectional.

While skimming a few Burrow couch reviews, I read that this piece stands out for its soft, supple top-grain leather. Fabric like that makes even the person without the chaise lounge chair feel like they are sitting in luxury.

The leather has a unique patina, complemented by responsibly forested wood legs in oak, walnut or ebony stain. When you sink into the couch, you’ll be ergonomically supported by three-layer foam and fibre architecture. Of course, you’ll always have a charger within arms reach with the built-in USB too, which only adds to the luxurious vibe.

With this piece, you’re unlikely to leave the couch all weekend. Get the sectional for $2795.

Nomad 5-Seat Corner Sectional

The last time you got together with the book club to discuss Little Women, did you feel like you were yelling from halfway across the room to share your point of view?

The Nomad 5-seat corner sectional resolves isolation with intimacy. Plus, it looks absolutely chic.

Burrow Home Review 6
Burrow Nomad 5-Seat Corner Sectional in Crushed Gravel

If you need even more room to fit your Labrador retriever, a cat, or unexpected house guests, on this Burrow corner couch, you can choose an addition: either the moveable chaise, the ottoman or a sleep kit.

The Burrow L-shaped sectional has four seat sections and a corner section, and it fits into smaller living rooms so that you can get everybody together no matter the size of your space. 

I’d like to highlight here in my Burrow home review, that with the patented modular system, you don’t have to decide on one configuration in advance when you pick your piece. You can move your furniture around the way you do paintings or floral arrangements.

You may not be planning on having a nap, but with three-layer foam and fiber architecture, that’s how it’ll end up going down. 

The piece may be large, but convenience is key to Burrow and it ships in the same easy-to-handle box as the rest of the line. Your guests will leave wanting more of this comfy and stain-resistant piece and envy its built-in USB charger. Enjoy this fabulous couch for $2495.

Nomad Sleeper

Fights with your wife, unexpected house guests…life happens and often, someone is left to sleep on the couch. The Nomad sleeper combines purposes to meet life’s needs.

By day, it’s an elegant and comfy sofa that you and your loved ones crowd onto. By night, it turns into a comfortable bed to your out-of-town guest. If you’re worried about how to make the transition between the two purposes, the sleep kit makes it simple with a memory foam topper, a custom sheet set, a quilted blanket, pillow, pillowcase. It even comes with an eye mask

Burrow Home Review 7
Burrow Nomad Sleeper in Crushed Gravel

Outside of the bedroom, the sleep kit may just be the most comfortable sleep your guest could have. The sleep kit isn’t just soft, it’s convenient.

Every part of it, blankets, sheets and pillowcase, fit conveniently into a storage bag and are machine washable. It takes up no space, and you don’t have to plan for arrivals. You can get the whole set for $1595.

Nomad Loveseat With Ottoman

As you grow your family, adopt pets, and make new friends, you’ll appreciate that the Nomad loveseat comes with an ottoman to fit your expanding life.

Don’t worry about stains, scratches, or warping; this charming and pet-friendly Burrow settee couch is built to withstand it all. Get it for $1290.

Burrow Home Review 8
Burrow Nomad Loveseat with Ottoman in Charcoal

Burrow Sofa Chair Review 

Nomad Armchair

If you’re building a living room set and you’re in love with your Nomad sofa, you’ll likely be tempted to purchase the Nomad armchair for $495. I recently bought a couch and no armchair. The result? An empty space I need to fill with an armchair.

The best part about this one? It’s all yours—unless you choose to share, that is. With a cup of tea and a book in hand, you’ll be supported by the three-layer foam and fiber structure of this modular design. Plug your phone into its USB charger while you’re at it. I won’t say anything if you put that book down to scroll Instagram.

Burrow Home Review 9
Burrow Nomad Armchair in Brick Red

When you swap the reversible pillows on your matching couch, you can do the same with your Nomad armchair. The sturdy frame, scratch and stain resistance you loved so much about your sofa are built into this chair too. 

Nomad Armchair With Chaise

The Nomad armchair with chaise is the king of armchairs. It’ll have you feeling like you’re tilted back beneath the sun on a breezy summer day. Disclaimer: it may be hard to stay awake!

You deserve relaxation and comfort at the end of a demanding day and, frankly, your own space. You don’t have to get up to charge your phone and can rest easy with the built-in USB charger

Burrow Home Review 10
Burrow Nomad Armchair with Chaise in Navy Blue

Plush but springy, your first sit will be soft, and while the chair won’t give you any trouble getting up, your own will power is a different story.

My favorite part the modular design of this Nomad armchair that evolves as you do. Add more pieces and change the setup whenever the mood strikes.

If you spill your coffee or nick a leg with your heel, keep your secret to yourself: it’s scratch and stain-resistant. Add this comfortable lounger to your living room set-up for $895.

Nomad Club Chair With Ottoman

If you’ve heard the term Captain’s seat chair, it belongs to this fellow. For $1490, I firmly believe will become the most relished seat in the house.

How do you make excellent better? Add a leather ottoman. As luxuriously comfortable as the seat is, it’s still practical with a built-in USB charger and a modular design for easy moving

Burrow Home Review 11
Burrow Nomad Club Chair in Slate Leather

I think this whole setup just looks downright comfy. I can hear the “aaaaaahhh” already while just thinking of taking a seat. Let me welcome you to your new throne, Your Majesty.

More Burrow Furniture 

With this Burrow home review, I want to give you a full sense of what the brand has to offer. Burrow is so much more that sofa and chairs.

The brand also designs stylish tables, rugs, sleep kits, pillows, and throws. Its modern coffee tables will complement your sofa, priced between $245-$495. Or tie together your Burrow furniture with an artsy or boho rug from $395-$795.

Burrow Home Review 12
Burrow Nomad Sofa in Navy Blue
Burrow Serif Coffee Table in Oak
Burrow Cabana Rug

With the Burrow couch sale, you can purchase a bundle, which includes pillows and a throw. Pick from warm, cool, neutral, and other sets for $195. If you’re the type who likes to thoughtfully hand-pick one pillow at a time, Burrow pillows are available for $59.

Want more ideas? You can snuggle into your loveseat with an essential throw for $79, and if you’re on a budget, outlet pillows sell for as low as $35. As you make these important decisions and want to see how they will work in your space, you can request a free swatch. 

Burrow Home Review 13
Burrow New Blues Set

Is Burrow Furniture Good?

To answer probably the most important question in this Burrow home review, I needed to hear from customers. After setting out in search of feedback, I saw some pretty stellar reviews on the brand’s website. Here’s a peek at its best-sellers:

  • Block Nomad Sofa: 5/5 stars, 1,587 reviews
  • Circa Bed: 5/5 stars, 42 reviews
  • Field 3-Piece Sofa: 4.4/5 stars, 28 reviews
  • Prairie Modern Rug: 5/5 stars, 122 reviews

Of the Nomad Sofa, one customer wrote, “I’m so happy with my new sofa. It was so easy to put together. I did it in about an hour. I love the color fabric legs and overall quality. And it came way sooner than expected so that was great.

I turned to a Burrow Home review for the Nomad Sofa on The Spruce to see if the same kind of rating held up. It did. The reviewer awarded it a 4.9/5 star score. Here’s what they had to say about the set-up process:

I had the sofa put together in around 15 minutes once all of the pieces were out of the boxes. The biggest factor in the quick assembly was how easy the instructions were to follow.

The review continued to tell of how easy the sofa was to clean and the writer pretty much gushed about the included USB charger.

Though the majority of feedback I tracked down for this brand was positive, Burrow isn’t free from criticism. Other customers say they have a hard time assembling their sofas while some complain of long shipping times.

Burrow Home Review 14

From what I can see, the positives far outweigh the negatives, and it looks like a lot of the issues Burrow used to have are now resolved. So what’s my final verdict about the brand?

I’m a huge fan of its modular design. It makes it easy to make changes to a room or move homes without worrying about transporting a large sofa. The design of the furniture even allows for personalization and a lot of changes in the home day to day, if desired.

Though there are limited color options, I enjoy its whole mix and match vibe offering multiple leg finishes too. The features which set Burrow apart, like technology, integration, and ergonomic seating, were reviewed enthusiastically by most customers, but not all. For those that had issues with the brand, it was nice to see a Burrow agent reply and extend help, if needed.

According to thousands of customers and my own assessment of the brand, I certainly think Burrow is worth checking out.

Burrow Promotions & Discounts 

For this Burrow home review, I hunted for deals and savings offered by the brand. Good news: Shop the Burrow outlet sale section for fantastic deals on bundles, pillows, throws, and rugs.

That’s not all though. I discovered that the brand has a referral program. When your friend uses your link on a purchase of $300+, you’ll get an Amazon gift card for $50 and they’ll get a Burrow coupon for 10% off.

And last but not least, shipping is always free— no Burrow promo code required.


Where to Buy Burrow

Burrow Home Review 15

This wouldn’t be a complete Burrow home review if I didn’t tell you where you can actually but the brand’s furniture. When you’re ready to start shopping, head over to burrow.com.

Live in NYC? You can also visit the Burrow flagship retail showroom in Soho. Burrow also has partner showrooms in these locations:

  • Seattle, Washington
  • Tacoma, Washington
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Plano, Texas
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Burrow Shipping Policy

You may be nearing the end of this Burrow Home review, but reading up on shipping is equally as important as the products themselves. I’ve included everything you need to know about their policy here.

Burrow offers fast and free delivery that they say defies industry standards where it’s not unusual to order a sofa and wait over a month. Here’s how shipping works:

  1. When your order leaves the Burrow facility, you will get an email with tracking information
  2. Burrow recommends signing up for UPS MyChoice. It gives you details about and control over your deliveries
  3. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact the team at [email protected]
Delivery Details for Burrow Furniture 
RegionDelivery Range
Northeast3-8 Business Days
Southeast3-8 Business Days
Midwest4-8 Business Days
Southwest4-8 Business Days
West6-10 Business Days

Burrow Return Policy

Things happen, minds change, so in this section of my Burrow home review, I’ll tell you exactly how Burrow returns work.

  • Burrow has a 30-day return policy for all items
  • You are charged a shipping fee equal to 10% of what you paid for the product
  • Original packaging must be intact
  • If you don’t have original packaging, the fee is 20% of the paid value (the fee is always capped at $250)
  • If you want to swap your order for a different Burrow product, no fee is applied

Exchanges are free at Burrow but one time only. Defective or damaged items are covered by warranty and aren’t subject to shipping fees. Burrow covers defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of delivery. 

Contact Burrow

If you have questions beyond what I’ve included in this Burrow Home review, contact the team by:

Customer support hours are Monday to Friday 10am to 8pm and Saturday to Sunday 10am to 2pm EST.

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3 years ago Reply

Burrow. Buyer Beware

4 years ago Reply

Burrow is a scam and I just filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. First of all, ALL of the reviews on their site are fake. There is no way for a real person who has purchased anything from them is able to leave a review, whether you create an account with them or not. Second of all, they have no contact phone number for customer service, and the phone # they have listed on their site goes straight to an answering machine. In three days I have not been able to speak to a human being at that company to resolve my issue. They hide behind email and text msgs. Thirdly, they tote all over their website that their furniture is modular, and can be adapted, switched around, reconfigured, etc. etc. to suit your needs. So I got a sectional, then decided to get more seating to attach to it. Well, I got the extra seating minus the required parts to attach it to the original sectional. After emailing back and forth for 3 days, they have repeatedly replied that their furniture is NOT modular, you CANNOT expand/change any of their seating arrangements, and that they refuse to send me the missing parts – despite the fact that I sent pictures disproving this and what they claim and advertise on their website. I wish I had gone to a local store or even Ikea, I would have gotten a better quality product for much less money and hassle. The sectional is mediocre at best and after only a couple months of normal use (I don’t have people jumping up and down and dancing all over the furniture), screws and legs are already coming loose from it and the cushions are all losing shape and firmness compared to the new cushions that came with the additional section I ordered.

Chantel Gaidica
3 years ago Reply

Feel absolutely the same, became very clear upon receiving all our pieces that the section is not TOTALLY MODULAR as described. And you cannot get the pieces to grow easily or at all.

We are in the middle of one of the most frustrating and insulting customer service experiences with Burrow. We bought the new Range and there are all sorts of issues that I’m sure are normal with the rollout of a new product, but we cannot get help resolving them. It’s taking multiple days to get an email response so we are on week 3 of email exchanges in attempt to resolve the issue, and my requests to speak with someone on the phone in an attempt to wrap up the issue quickly have not been acknowledged. This was a big investment for us, and while we love the product it’s not the way we intended for it to be, and we can’t seem to get a resolution. I’ve given up on getting any help for what I think are the mistakes on Burrow’s end, they’ve made it clear they will not own any part of our issues, but I can’t even get a clear conversation to figure out how we are going to PAY to resolve the issue. If anyone could contact me, I’d deeply appreciate it. I feel like we are being punished for being one of the first people to order this new line that Burrow seems unprepared to support.

3 years ago Reply

To be honest….. I’m a 60+ yr old woman with arthritis and can typically never assemble anything. Ever. I ordered a huge Range sectional (7 seats) and knew I’d need to wait for my adult children to visit to assemble it.

When it came I was too excited, so I opened it. The most difficult part of the process was the clean up. But the assembly?? Was a breeze. I also know at least 3 other families who’ve ordered burrows new Range collection and set them up in the last month, all said the same thing. “You’d have to be really stupid to find this assembly difficult”, my rude brother in law said. But, he might not be wrong.

Not implying you’re stupid at all. Just worth considering your case might be the exception versus the rule and not try to take down small businesses especially during a pandemic! We need to support small at all costs.

3 years ago Reply

Ditto…horrible company policies. I have exchanged over 60 emails with Customer Service between Jan21-June21 and still unresolved problems. Left a complaint on BBB. I even sent a certified letter to STEPHEN KUHL and still no response. Buyer beware. Shop elsewhere.

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