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Helinox Review

Portable comfort is a whole new possibility with Helinox. Founded on the notion of making furniture portable, cozy, durable, and above all else, stylish enough to set beside the campfire, this brand was born for travel. 

Lightweight in material and compact in design, this company creates new takes on classic furniture, from the Helinox chair two rocker to their classic cots.

Covered by Forbes, Outside, and Men’s Journal, the brand continues to impress with their craftsmanship and quality designs that make comfort possible no matter where you go. 

Helinox has partnered with a variety of brands and businesses in their collaboration section from GoPro, Ford, and Nike to more pop culture figures like Pokémon, Star Wars, Disney, and, most recently, BTS. 

Their Instagram hosts over 63k followers on their main page with a further 36k followers on their Creative Center account.

This Helinox review will look at more than just some of their favored products to consider their prices, quality, customer testimonials, and everything else needed to help you decide whether or not this brand is worth it.

Overview of Helinox

Helinox Review

Launched in 2009, Helinox took on an unexplored category in furniture and travel. Working with experts at DAC and basing their designs on the tubing and crafting of tents, Helinox launched a line of lightweight, durable chairs fashioned to work in any climate.

Pieces are made from aluminum, nylon, and quality fabrics with a five-year warranty in place to fix up any possible issues that could appear. 

This brand believes in their products, supported by their “seven Red Dot Design Awards, two ISPO Awards and an OutDoor Industry Award” all won over their years in service.

Basing their headquarters in South Korea, this privately-owned brand has steadily gained a strong reputation for their quality products. International offices have since opened with distribution in Europe, Asia, and North America.

With numerous awards under their belt, Helinox has been a company to watch with their ever-growing popularity. We’ve got a few highlights for you to look over and consider before diving deep into the details:


  • A wide variety of lightweight and portable chairs, seating, and cots, alongside many collaborations with popular brands
  • Durable materials
  • 5-year warranty to replace any damage
  • Reportedly functional in any climate and on any surface
  • Easily collapsible and condensed for travel purposes
  • Incredibly positive Helinox reviews found online
  • Free standard shipping
Helinox Review

So now, it’s time to move this Helinox review into some bestsellers and prices. All of their products are made with aluminum alloy, molded nylon joints, and layered fabrics to reinforce stress points and maintain strength over time.

Helinox Chairs Review

Helinox chairs make up the majority of this company’s stock. As their most popular category, it was incredibly easy to pick a few customer-favorite designs to show off in this article.

Helinox Chair Zero Review 

The Helinox Chair Zero is known for its simple packing, set-up, and lightweight materials, making it the perfect car chair to throw in for camping, beach, soccer games, or any other events that might require a seat.

Designed for peak comfort, the Chair Zero weighs just 17 ounces, keeping travel light at all times. Crafted with non-stretch silver thread, this chair was layered with light materials to build up its strength while maintaining the strong quality you look for in a long-lasting chair. 

Holding up to 265 pounds, this simple and sturdy frame will seat you 9 inches off the ground to give you just enough height to kick out your legs and comfortably lounge.

This chair is available in Sand, Gray, and Black for only $120.

Helinox Chair One Review

Easily one of the most customizable chairs, the Helinox Chair One joins this list with up to 16 different fabrics to choose from. Whether you’re low-key and sticking to black or you want to steal the spotlight with the tie-dye or blue paisley designs, this chair is dripping in personality.

Weighing only 2 lbs 2 oz, this simple set-up takes seconds to seat you 10.5” off the ground. Unlike its close cousin the Chair Zero, this model offers a carrying strap at the end of its bag to make traveling as easy as possible. 

With a slightly wider seat for that extra bit of comfort, this $100 model can easily hold up to 320lbs while providing that extra slouch room for maximum relaxation.

Helinox Sunset Chair Review 

For those of us with back issues or similar concerns, low to the ground isn’t always a good thing. Luckily the Helinox Sunset Chair confronts that issue head-on by offering a high back with extra support to keep you feeling great at all times.

Available in 12 different fabrics, the Sunset Chair sits 14” off the ground, with a total height of 38.5”. Featuring a padded bar at your neckline, there’s no struggle for support as you lean back to bask in the sun. 

Padding can be attached according to your preference to add that extra bit of comfort.

Ergonomically designed to keep your back sitting strong, this chair can be upgraded into a rocker by purchasing the rocking feet accessory. From the base of one chair, you can customize your seat with rockers, neck rests, cup holders, and more.

Sit back and relax in the Sunset Chair for $150.

Helinox Tactical Sunset Chair Review 

We bet you’re wondering, what’s the difference between the Helinox Tactical Sunset Chair and the regular Sunset Chair. The answer? Honestly, not much.

Part of their military-inspired line, this product comes in black, coyote tan, military olive, and multicam. 

One added feature that bolsters this option above the other model is a hidden pocket, sewn into the underside of the seat – the perfect size for phones, iPods, wallets, or any other necessary accessories that you want to keep safe on your beach day. 

Keep yourself seated high and dry with this $185 supportive, tactical seat.

Helinox Beach Chair Review

Avoid a sandy towel or butt when sitting at the beach by pulling the Helinox Beach Chair out of your bag. Light and supportive, this seat was designed specifically to combat the sinking situations of the sand.

A favorite in this Helinox review, these beach chairs use splayed legs to spread weight, causing your chair to stay seated above the ground rather than sinking in like beach chairs usually do. 

Weather-resistant materials help this chair laugh in the face of inclement weather (if you’re one of those people who likes to go to the beach at all times) and easily wipes clean with a bit of soap and water.

With 7 fabric patterns to choose from, this $150 seat will comfortably fit your beach vibes and be your favorite spot every summer.

Helinox Cots Review

For those nights where you just want to sleep under the stars, cozy up in a comfortable Helinox cot. Designed to support you through a methodical tension system, your back won’t be cursing you come morning.

We pulled a few of this brand’s top-selling cots for your consideration.

Helinox Cot One Convertible Review

Raise yourself up with the Helinox Cot One Convertible. Steady fabric and supports keep this cot firm, stress-free, and comfortable on any cold night.

With regular and long options available, you can easily stretch out on either 75” or 82.5” long beds designed to provide an even and stress-free sleeping surface. Crafted with an easy lever locking system, this design reduces setup time and equally distributes weight across the cot. 

Cot One Convertibles are designed to hold up to 320 pounds, so you can sleep with ease knowing this cot will hold you up no matter how many times you might toss and turn.

These cots are available in three style options: Black, Coyote Tan, and Tie-Dye. Find the fashion that suits your lifestyle and prepare yourself for a light and fun camping adventure.

Regular cots are available for $300 or you can upgrade to a long one for $350.

Helinox Lite Cot Review

Keep travel light with the Helinox Lite Cot. This design maintains the form and function of the Cot One Convertible but compacts into a 3-pound carrying case rather than 6 pounds.

Sitting 5” off the ground, this cot was made to keep you comfortable throughout the night. The 74” x 26” frame will easily secure up to 265 lbs of weight and through its leg-locking mechanism, tensions are equally dispersed across the fabric for a stress-free surface. 

If you’re looking to reduce weight even further, the Helinox Lite Cot can sit comfortably on only three legs by rearranging the setup (as shown online).

Available in Sand and Black, this lightweight favorite is available for $250.

Helinox Tables Review

So often underrated, Helinox tables provide the security you need to hold a meal at the beach or in the forest. Rest a book, a drink, or your whole plate on any one of these sturdy designs and then pack it up to carry on with your day. 

We picked a few of our favorite tables to stand up and represent the cause.

Helinox Table One Hard Top Review

When you’re looking for stability, the Helinox Table One Hard Top is the one to beat. With regular and large sizes available, this table stands strong on any ground.

Packed into a 23.5” bag, the regular size of this lightweight piece folds out to a 2’x1’ 3” table that rests 1’ 3” off the ground. Perfect for a picnic on a hike or at the beach, this sturdy table folds up like an accordion, stretching the durable material to its strongest point.

Simple in design and fun in style, this table is available in standard black or tie-dye swirls – match your style and show off your personality no matter where you go.

The regular size is available for $140, or you could upgrade to a large $150.

Helinox Side Table Review

Treat yourself or a friend to a simple set up with the Helinox Side Table. Small, sturdy, and perfect for a pair, this table provides just the right amount of space for shared drinks, snacks, or a small picnic.

Available in medium and small sizes, this table sits over 1 foot high with a 10-14” tabletop depending on your chosen size. Pick between black and putty gray colors to sit atop beautiful blue legs. 

The triangular design for the legs puts three pressure points to the ground to give even footing no matter where you set up. Add the small size to your camping collection for $40 or spring for a medium for only $50.

Who is Helinox For? 

Helinox Review

Helinox functions primarily as travel gear, making this a big brand for campers, backpackers, travelers, and hikers. That said, foldable chairs are commonly used for festivals, barbecues, concerts, beach days, campfires, and more. 

This brand offers comfort no matter the climate, event, or environment you choose to rest in.

Don’t let yourself get stuck on the idea of simple foldable chairs. This brand impresses with every product, from the Helinox swivel chairs to their ever-comfortable cots. Toss these in the back of your car and you’re prepared for any stop.  

Helinox Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Helinox Review

Despite no reviews on standard rating sites like Trustpilot or SiteJabber, Helinox reviews from the brand website (as well as from retail partners) come in positive waves. 

Looking first to the company website sitting at 4.8/5 stars, this brand has over 1,200 reviews listed for the site and products from verified buyers.

Just great, so easy to use and pack away the best chair on the market, no doubt!

Customers rave about the quality and design of these pieces, noting how compact and lightweight they are for travel purposes. 

Repeat customers are frequent commenters, with many Helinox reviews discussing their desire for family sets after previously purchasing a single item to try.

The chairs are comfortable and sturdy in a number of environments, making them useful for all age groups and events.

I already have and love my chair. Bought 2 more for our kids to use on a kayak camping trip. They fit in the kayaks great and were perfect for our adventure. The kids are already using them as the car chairs when out with friends and outdoor fun. Great product!

As for individual product reviews, ratings on Amazon come in strong for all listed Helinox items. The Helinox Ground Sheet is among the highest-rated items on Amazon listings. Rated 4.7/5 stars by over 370 verified buyers, this product garnered extremely positive reviews like this one:

Really pleased with the Helinox Ground Sheet which arrived quickly. Fits into the bag that comes with Helinox One Chair, so I always take it with me when I go hiking. As it distributes my weight evenly, I feel even more stable on soft ground and uneven terrains. Very strong.

Other top-rated Helinox products on Amazon are as follows:

  • Helinox Ground Chair: 4.4/5 stars based on over 150 ratings
  • Helinox Cot Lite: 4.9/5 stars based on nearly 70 ratings
  • Helinox Chair Two: 4.8/5 stars based on over 110 ratings
  • Helinox Camp Chair Zero: 4.7/5 stars based on almost 320 ratings
  • Helinox Chair Zero: 4.7/5 stars based on 250 ratings
  • Helinox Savannah Chair: 4.6/5 stars based on over 95 ratings

Despite Helinox reviews mainly coming from the brand site and retail partners, the thousands of ratings seen are extraordinary with most in the 4-to-5-star range. 

The few complaints seen have commented on the steeper price and the lack of neck rest in some models. With that in mind, there are so few complaints that we can’t help but walk away from a very favorable impression of the brand.

Is Helinox Worth It?

Helinox Review

After all of our research, this Helinox review can safely recommend this brand as one to buy. A lot of thought went into the design and manufacturing of these products to make them durable, comfortable, lightweight, and easily transportable. 

Perfect for camping, backpacking, or just lounging at the beach, these chairs work well no matter where you plant them.

We do recommend high-back chairs for individuals with back and neck issues, just for that additional support. Other than that, this product seems good to go. 

Prices are slightly steeper, so make sure you have the budget before buying, but the 5-year warranty should make you feel a little more secure in such a hefty purchase.

Helinox Promotions & Discounts 

Helinox Review

The best way to catch Helinox promotions is to register your email for the latest updates and deals. Any new products and promotions will be offered to the email list prior to going public, giving you the best chance to catch those deals. 

At the time of this Helinox review, no promotions are being offered, but check the site regularly for updates and discounts throughout the year.

Where to Buy Helinox

Helinox Review

If you’re looking for Helinox products and their brand website helinox.com isn’t working for you, check out this list of retail partners for purchasing options:

  • Altitude Sports
  • Walmart
  • Sporting Life
  • Atmosphere
  • Amazon


Helinox Review

Where is Helinox located? 

Helinox headquarters are located in South Korea, but offices have also been opened internationally in Europe, North America, and Australia.

Where is Helinox made? 

Helinox items are manufactured in Asia. The frames are produced in South Korea while the fabric seats and coverings come from Vietnam.

What is Helinox’s Shipping Policy?

Unfortunately, no standard shipping information is available in an easy location, so this Helinox reviewer dug a little deeper to get you the details you need before ordering.

When it comes to shipping services, five options are available with differing prices and times depending on your choice. Prices may vary slightly according to your location, but costs are typically in this ballpark for US delivery:

  • Free Shipping (10-14 business days)
  • Ground Shipping (7-10 business days): $21
  • 4-7 Day Delivery: $24
  • Two Day Delivery: $50
  • Next-Day (order prior to 9:30 am): $75

Helinox.com only delivers within the US and no information can be found online on tracking services. For European or Asian deliveries, check out the specific Helinox sites linked to those locations.

With a lack of information online, the best we can do is give you the shipping services and tell you to reach out to customer service if you’re looking for more details prior to purchase.

What is Helinox’s Return Policy?

Need to return your Helinox High Cot? Should your order not end up working out the way you’d hoped, you can easily return your purchase for a full refund within 30 days of receipt. 

You will have to cover return shipping, but the rest of the amount will be fully refunded once your package has been received and processed.

To return a process, there are a few simple steps to follow.

  1. Ensure your product is new and unused – this means trying it out inside as any dirt and smudges will count your item in the used category
  2. Keep all original packaging for the return shipment
  3. Fill out a ‘Return Enquiry’ on the Contact Us page
  4. Once processed, you’ll receive instructions and a shipping address to return your product

For exchanges, reach out through the Contact Us page with the size or model you hope to swap.

How to Contact Helinox

If this Helinox review has you intrigued enough to look at purchasing, but you have a few hesitations you want answered, reach out to customer service for a swift response.

You have two methods of contact when it comes to customer service:

  • Fill out their Contact Form
  • Phone
    • (877) 267-2882
    • 9 am – 4 pm (PST) Monday through Friday

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