Natasha Kirmse

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London, Canada


BA in English and Film Studies at Carleton University


Content Specialist


Beginning with fiction, Natasha's writing experience has undergone a journey and a half to get to where she is today. Starting with the publishing of her children's book and novel, upon reaching her University years Natasha turned to the world of communications. Having written for multiple divisions of the Government through news releases, newsletters, media advisories, and more, she detoured back towards the line of fiction and reality. Once working with Gusto Worldwide Media, she ventured into some marketing and script writing work for new challenges to test her abilities. Natasha has since moved into the world of online articles and is loving the variety of subjects this area has to offer.


Natasha spent five years studying her Bachelor's degree at Carleton University. Majoring in both English and Film Studies, her studies took her both abroad as well as into the working world prior to graduation. Recently, Natasha has begun a part-time Masters program with the University of Nottingham in Literature and Linguistics. She looks forward to continuing her studies in the coming year and can't wait to see what this new program has to offer.

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