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Naturalizer Shoes Review

We’ve all hit a foot cramp in our fifth or sixth hour of constant standing. Whether working retail, taking a hike, or delivering a top-notch presentation, we’ve all been forced to stand for hours on end, shifting weight to provide the slightest relief for our feet.

 That’s why Naturalizer Shoes joined the party almost 100 years ago – to provide the perfect fit that will make standing a breeze.

This brand, though not as popular as some on the market, has definitely established themselves over the years. Their 51.7k followers on Instagram are really just the starting glance at their loyal customers. 

Featured heavily in media sources such as New York Magazine, The New York Times, and Forbes, this company has reached a comfortable place in which they’ve built their base and only continue to move up in the world.

In this Naturalizer Shoes review, we want to get a better look into this older brand. We’ll be breaking down missions, products, prices, reviews, and more to determine whether this is one brand we can trust to support us.

Overview of Naturalizer Shoes

Naturalizer Shoes Review

Naturalizer has been around longer than most of us on this Earth. The brand actually emerged in 1927 with a mission to manufacture shoes that would fit the busy and endless days of women. 

Searching for comfort and fashion that could conquer any event, this business went to work in creating a power contour that still sits in every footbed they produce.

This one really comes down to the fit. Outside of traditional sizing and arch support, Naturalizer makes a point to hone in on shape, cushioning, and width. One of the only brands on the market to offer narrow, medium, and wide selections, there’s a fit for every foot.

Continuing on a journey to be the best brand in the game, this business continues their innovative approaches to design with each new product. 

Working primarily with sustainable materials in recent years, they strive to not only help customers but also the environment by doing all they can to make comfort a universal feeling.

Of course, for a brand that’s been around for so many years, there are bound to be highlights. We’ve narrowed down a few features to keep in mind when shopping.


Naturalizer Shoes Review
  • Offers an expansive inventory of female shoes, boots, sandals, and more
  • Contouring to the foot for optimum comfort
  • International shipping
  • Free returns
  • Payment plans available
  • Sustainable materials and packaging

We’ll be honest, there’s a lot to cover with this brand and we almost don’t know where to start. Featuring a quick glance at a few categories, we’re sticking to a more general look for this one. 

Just keep in mind the endless stock including a range of narrow, medium, and wide sizing to really perfect that fit.

Naturalizer Boots Review

No one can beat a good boot – especially when that boot comes with warmth, waterproofing, and a slip-free heel to really add some style to the winter season. 

We’d love to spend hours on boots alone, but we’re limited in space and word count, so we’re sticking to our personal favorites to show off in this selection.

Naturalizer Soul My Fave Over The Knee Boot Review

Conquer any mountain of snow and any appearance with the Soul My Fave Over the Knee Boot.

Simple to slide on, these over-the-knee boots truly function as a statement piece. Stealing the show with ease, these boots come in black and brown options to match any outfit and really pull things together. Zip things up along the side to secure a fashion that never grows old.

We promise that there’s more to these than just looks. In fact, these Naturalizer boots are all about protection from the elements. Blocking winds, snow, and rain, these waterproof boots come with a chill proof lining and detail to keep toes as warm as can be in the winter months.

Simple and stylish, these boots are available for $56 (regularly $140).

Naturalizer Madalynn Gore Bootie Review

Ready to take on the town with a single strut? Nothing gives quite as much attitude as the Madalynn Gore Bootie.

Available in black, brown, and tan options, these slip-on boots are all about that 3” block heel that takes no prisoners. Perfect to upgrade any appearance, these boots use sustainable materials to create a waterproof design that manages to work for all occasions. 

Even the rubberized tread has been carefully considered to prevent slipping and maintain an even grip on all grounds.

Throw these on with ease as the boots come with accessible options for wearing – we’re talking a side zip for simple slide-on or, for those more impatient, a pull tab in the back to slip the boot on in no time. 

Feel the fit and take advantage of the thermal liner that both encourages airflow and heat retention during cooler days.

Getting dressed to go out is no sweat with these booties. At the time of writing this Naturalizer Shoes review, these boots are on sale for $120 rather than their regular $170 price.

Naturalizer Heels Products Review

Add a bit of pep to any step (as well as a few inches) with a nice Naturalizer Heel. Spanning all categories of shoes, this brand seems to have mastered a sturdy and structured heel that won’t leave us wobbling. 

There are a lot of designs to consider before buying, but we’re showing off some of the most popular styles just to give a taste of the best.

Naturalizer Vera Dress Sandal Review 

Dress for success with a snappy and sleek Vera Dress Sandal.

This one keeps it simple with the straps. We’re talking two single pieces to secure the toes and ankle. Other than that, these sandals are all about the heel and back. 

Add a splash of pizazz with any one of the 19 color options available in this heel and strut confidently in that summer sun.

Slender in design, these sandals don’t sacrifice comfort along the way. Offering support through the 2 ½” block heel, the footbed of this piece has been carefully crafted to contour to the foot for comfortable wear throughout the longest day. 

Just buckle up the closure and anyone will be ready to take on the light of day with these sandals leading the way.

Select a new pair for the spring and summer for $120.

Naturalizer Shoes Natalie Pump Review

When we think about those classic Naturalizer Heels, we can’t help but picture the Natalie Pump.

Elevating that traditional pair of work pumps into something we can all admire, these espresso-colored classics bring a whole new meaning to chic. 

Using leather, synthetics, and fabrics, these shoes are sure to hold their shape, taking the worst damage life can throw their way. Molding to the shape of the foot, it’s their dream to achieve one thing – a comfortable workday for all.

Sleek in style, these shoes keep everything nice and pointed. We’re talking a slim design with a pointed toe and a thin 3” heel to keep things secure and steady. 

Plus, we have to admire that they ensured a non-slip grip on the sole to keep women walking calmly and confidently on all terrain.

Stock up now because at the time of writing this Naturalizer Shoes review, this splendid pair is on sale for $50 rather than $100.

Naturalizer Sneakers Review

Who doesn’t love a classic look? Whether laced or slip-on, the sneaker never grows old. That’s why we’re making a point to include these best-selling sneakers in our lineup of products you can’t miss.

Naturalizer Aileen Slip On Sneaker Review

Who said we need to lace up sneakers in order to enjoy the comfort of being casual? Slide on the Aileen Slip On Sneaker with ease for optimum comfort.

First of all, we need to address appearance. These sneakers are available in seven styles, and while most of them constitute a bold leather tone, there are a few more fun and funky options. 

Our personal favorite would be the Blue/Green Snake Leather for a shining, scaly look that will get all attention pointed our way. But don’t be ashamed to select whatever suits your style.

Hiding a 1” heel within the bounds of the sneaker, we’re happy to see this one reaching new heights. 

Working with sustainable materials and packaging, this eco-friendly fashion keeps things comfortable at all times. Contoured to the foot, this design ensures substance and style all in one.

Find a new seasonal fashion for $40 (regularly $100).

Naturalizer Astara Sneaker Review

We wanted to end the product portion of this Naturalizer Shoes review with a classic look that anyone can appreciate. That’s why we’re taking a look at the Astara Sneaker.

Let’s be serious, we all love a low-top. That’s why this shoe really stands out for us. Lace up this luxe design and settle in as the leather and fabric contour to the foot. 

Available in four colors and both medium and wide sizing, this brand really put their best effort into making a design that we all can appreciate.

We’ll admit it freely – this style never really goes out of fashion. In fact, we’d argue that if there’s a pair of Naturalizer sneakers to stock up on, it would likely be something along these lines. 

Sustainable crafting, friendly in packaging, and non-slip for those days out in the park, this premium design really does offer it all.

Get comfy and casual with these sneakers for $115.

Who Is Naturalizer Shoes For? 

Naturalizer Shoes Review

Heading out for a walk? Night on the town? Beach day? Hike in the snow? Naturalizer Shoes covers all of these scenarios and more. We all have to wear something on our feet just to achieve daily tasks, so why not be comfortable while doing so? 

This female-focused shoe brand wants the best for women everywhere, so anyone in need of a balancing act between style and substance will be thrilled with the selection this company has in stock.

Naturalizer Shoes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Naturalizer Shoes Review

We wanted this Naturalizer Shoes review to have all of the best intel and that means turning to a larger crowd for support – the internet. We have to say, at first glance, there’s a generally good rating in place for this one, but let’s really get into it.

Starting with Zappos, this brand sits at 4.1/5 stars based on over 775 ratings. We’ll admit, this brand doesn’t rate the company themselves much, but instead focuses on the products. 

Customers seem to give all attention to the comfort of these shoes, noting that “the bed is very cushioned and feels comfortable even after several hours of standing.

Comfort seems to be a common thread surrounding this brand. Their big focus centers around the contour of the foot and finding that perfect balance to make standing and walking simple throughout a long day. 

Even with heels of 1” and higher, we have yet to see many complaints regarding the fit and feel of this brand.

Felt like walking on a cloud but in a stylish shoe. Finding a stylish shoe that manages to help all my foot problems is definitely a win!

Of course, where there’s good, there’s always some not so good. That’s where Reseller Ratings comes in with their 2.8/5 stars based on over 2,660 ratings. 

We’ll admit that it’s not as high a number as we’d like to see, but we did note that many of the lower ratings actually surrounded issues with the return process rather than the products themselves.

When it comes to the actual shoes, customers are quick to note how this brand offers “comfort and style together with price.”

Working on contouring the footbed to the arch and sole of the foot means customers are able to walk without pain for longer periods. In fact, one Naturalizer Shoes review commented that “they enable me to stand on my feet all day without pain.”

The best part about this brand comes from their balance between fit and fashion. These shoes serve up stylish appearances without sacrificing comfort to leave customers satisfied throughout the day. 

Need proof? Take a look at customers’ thoughts on the Naturalizer Women’s Michelle Pump with 4.3/5 stars based on over 4,280 ratings.

These pumps seem to be the best – at least according to over 4,000 fashionistas. Sleek, stylish, and supportive, these heels are a great intro to anyone new to taking their first steps in heels. 

Offering cushioned support for the arch, these heels “are high enough to look elegant but not so high that you’re teetering.” Keeping the legs looking great, each step can be made in confidence with these as an extension of personal fashion.

They fit like a dream. Incredibly comfortable, classy, and they really did make my legs look a bit longer. And the Taupe was just right. Quality, value, beauty, comfort… These are the best pumps I’ve ever owned.

We’ll admit, these pumps definitely are a people pleaser for looks alone, but it’s always nice to find a brand that follows through with the function of pieces as well. 

The Michelle Pumps aren’t alone in this success either – in fact, there are a number of popular Naturalizer products found on Amazon. Take a look at just a few of their best-sellers:

  • Naturalizer Women’s Flexy Ballet Flat: 4.3/5 stars based on over 4,265 ratings
  • Naturalizer Women’s Banks Pump: 4.5/5 stars based on over 1,830 ratings
  • Naturalizer Women’s Taimi Dress Sandal: 4.3/5 stars based on over 3,780 ratings
  • Naturalizer Women’s Marianne Loafer: 4.2/5 stars based on over 3,290 ratings
  • Naturalizer Women’s Gift Ballet Flat: 4.3/5 stars based on over 1,585 ratings

We know that there have been some mixed ratings surrounding returns, but overall, this brand seems to have won the heart of the public. 

Considering the long history behind the name and their dedication to fitting the foot, we’d say the people have spoken and their loyalty lies with Naturalizer Shoes.

Is Naturalizer Shoes Legit?

Naturalizer Shoes Review

In doing our research for this Naturalizer Shoes review, we didn’t discover any immediate red flags. There have been some complaints regarding returns, but nothing that would discredit the legitimacy of the brand. 

We can confidently say that these products seem safe for purchase.

Is Naturalizer Shoes Worth It?

Naturalizer Shoes Review

In our opinion, these women’s shoes are a good investment to make. Focusing heavily on quality and comfort before all else, Naturalizer has made it their mission to provide a support system that retains comfort throughout the day. 

Offering reasonable prices for the shoe industry, these products seem to be a cost-effective investment to make for a pair of shoes or boots that aims to last.

Naturalizer Shoes Promotions & Discounts 

Naturalizer Shoes Review

In doing research for this article, the only openly marketed discount spotted was 10% when registered for the newsletter

With that being said, the Naturalizer Shoes Outlet sales were everywhere. While it may not be a site-wide promotion, there are endless deals to be found with this one.

Where to Buy Naturalizer Shoes

Naturalizer Shoes Review

In search of a good pair of shoes? We’d suggest starting with the source themselves at Those who are interested in outside sources can check their list of retail partners, including:

  • Kohl’s
  • Macy’s
  • Nordstrom
  • DSW
  • Amazon


Naturalizer Shoes Review

Who owns Naturalizer?

Currently, Naturalizer is owned and operated by Caleres.

Are Naturalizer Shoes comfortable?

We’re going with a yes for this one. Since 1927, this brand’s business has surrounded the notion of contouring shoes to the foot for that perfect fit. Comfort really is key here.

Does Naturalizer ship internationally?

Naturalizer proudly ships internationally. A list of available locations can be found online or through customer service.

What is Naturalizer’s Shipping Policy?

Ready to start shipping? With this Naturalizer Shoes review, we want to ensure customers were covered with all possible information, so we’ve found the facts on all shipping details including their four available delivery speeds:

  • Economy Shipping
    • $5 flat rate
    • Free shipping on orders $65 and up
    • Delivers in 5 to 15 business days
  • Ground Shipping
    • $7 flat rate
    • Delivers in 3 to 7 business days
  • Expedited Shipping
    • $12 flat rate
    • Delivers in 2 to 3 business days
  • Rush Shipping
    • $23 flat rate
    • Delivers in 1 to 2 business days

That’s really all there is to know. Tracking is available on all shipments and information will be sent out once a parcel has been shipped. Keep an eye out online to know when the expected package will make its way to its new home.

What is Naturalizer’s Return Policy?

We all have periods where we give something a try and the shoe just doesn’t fit. That’s why return policies exist and why we are making a point to include it in this Naturalizer Shoes review. The good news here – customers have 45 days from purchase to make a return.

The process is a quick few steps:

  1. Head over to the Return Center online
  2. Select for free or pre-paid returns
  3. Free returns are done through Happy Returns Bar and will be completed via a QR code and no-contact drop off in the original box
  4. Pre-paid labels cost $7 and should be printed off and attached to the original box before being sent with FedEx

Obviously, the free option is what we recommend, but for those without a Happy Returns Bar nearby, it’s good to know there’s another option available.

How to Contact Naturalizer 

Naturalizer Shoes Review

Ready to reach out after reading this Naturalizer Shoes review? Luckily, this brand has a few easy ways to get in touch:

  • Fill out their Online Contact Form
  • Phone: 1-888-294-1648

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