Hey Dude Shoes Review

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About Hey Dude Shoes

Hey Dude Shoes Review

Hey Dude Shoes is a footwear company that specializes in comfort, style, and fit. Intended for outdoor geeks and adventurers alike, their patented designs ensures that your expeditions aren’t held back by low-quality sneakers. 

Garnering a steady following of over 301K on Instagram, Hey Dude Shoes has also been a frequent mention in several media outlets, including People magazine, Yahoo! News, and Motherly. 

Looking for a new pair of kicks? Perhaps it’s time to ditch that worn-out tongue and flattened sole. Stick around, as this Hey Dude Shoes review takes a closer look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth checking out. 

Overview of Hey Dude Shoes

Hey Dude Shoes Review

High heels are meant for strutting, not traveling. But, not all people are fond of the basic commuter shoe either, as some designs lean on the ‘dad aesthetic’ vibe. Founders Alessandro Rosano and Dario Kaute sought to combine class and comfort in order to make the perfect sneaker. 

Launched in 2008, Hey Dude Shoes made its official debut in the heart of Italy. Known for high-performance footwear, they prioritize both quality and fashion. Offering designs for men, women, and children, this sneaker-head brand carries slip-ons and lace-ups. 

They also prioritize sustainability, as their packaging is entirely biodegradable. Their runners  are made out of cork insoles, recycled material, and organic cotton. Over the years, Hey Dude Shoes has skyrocketed in terms of success. For instance, in 2011, they managed to sell over 1 million pairs worldwide.

“Each new style is so much more than just an awesome shoe. It’s the promise of a new adventure, and an opportunity for exciting unique discoveries,” reads a statement made by Hey Dude Shoes. 

Before we get into this Hey Dude Shoes review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons: 


  • Comfortable footwear designs for men, women, and children 
  • Packaging and shoe material is made out of sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients 
  • Quadpay offered as an alternative payment option 
  • Positive customer reviews 
  • Free shipping on orders $100 or more 


  • No international shipping 
Hey Dude Shoes Review

Hey Dude Shoes focuses on making reliable but stylish footwear, so you don’t have to make that painful decision between the two. Perfect for the active lifestyle, customers can choose from a variety of trendy styles. They offer options for the whole family (let’s be real, your little ones are always growing out of their kicks). 

From the Wendy L Jungle slip-ons to the chic Welsh Chambray, this Hey Dude Shoes review will quickly walk you through some of their best-selling designs. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find yourself running over to their website to see for yourself. 

Hey Dude Shoes for Women Review

Hey, ladies. Perhaps it’s time to give the ol’ outdoor stiletto a rest. Designed to cushion those soles and support the arches, this Hey Dude Shoes review will go through a small selection of their most popular styles for readers to compare. 

Hey Dude Shoes Wendy Canvas Sparkling Review 

Love to be the center of attention? Make your presence known with the Wendy Canvas Sparkling shoe. Featuring a stunning rose gold shimmer across the tongue, this strapping pair of sneakers will bounce off light when left in the sun. 

Built with Flex & Fold technology and an ultra-light insole, users can strut in confidence without any aches or pains. If you’re not a fan of the color, this sneaker is available in 4 different shimmers, such as blue and white. 

It also comes in a wide fit and features an integrated memory foam insole for added comfort. Best paired with white leggings and a matching crop top, make the Wendy Canvas Sparkling shoes yours for $60

Hey Dude Shoes Wendy Funk Review 

Ditch those flimsy summer strappies. Intended to cushion your feet wherever you go, the Wendy Funk shoes offer a sleek and classic design that’s appropriate for any ensemble. Fit with an extra-wide insole, Flex & Fold technology, and a lightweight outsole, wearers can prevent that ‘half-limp’ walk during hour-long excursions. 

This particular Hey Dude Shoes for Women has an intricate paint-splatter design on the heel. Finished off with decorative laces, choose either the white or navy version of the Wendy Funk sneakers for $55

Hey Dude Shoes Britt L Linen Review 

Transitional seasons can send you into a closet frenzy. What exactly do you wear? It’s too hot for boots, and it’s too chilly for slippers. When faced with this conundrum, opt for the Britt L Linen booties instead. 

This cozy alternative keeps things insulated and breathable from the end of September to the start of November. They’re reinforced with a cotton canvas upper and a lace-up front. Complemented with fold-over cuffs and a speckled outsole for comfort and design, don’t be surprised if you start reaching for these everyday. 

Offered in the colors houndstooth grey, slate, and burgundy, the Britt L Linen booties ring up to a total of $50 on sale. This is compared to its original price tag of $60

Hey Dude Men’s Shoes Review

Guys, don’t worry. We haven’t forgotten about you. From their Welsh Grip collection to their ultra-comfy Flinn Free sandals, this Hey Dude Shoes review will highlight three of their customer favorites within this section. 

Hey Dude Shoes Wally Stretch Review

Out for an afternoon stroll? The Wally Stretch shoes can help you walk that extra mile. With Hey Dude’s patented Flex & Fold technology, these high-performance sneakers can offer that cloud-like feeling of treading on air.

Bring on those bumpy pavements and uneven terrains—there’s a chance you may not even feel a thing. For the upper lip, this sneaker comes with a vibrant band of colors as an added touch. Ideally paired with cargo pants and a comfortable shirt, walk 500 miles and walk 500 more with the Wally Stretch shoes for $60

Hey Dude Shoes Wally Sox Classic Review 

There’s something about the Wally Sox Classic shoes that scream ‘arctic city chic’. Showcasing a stylish design consisting of a wide toe, adjustable laces, and speckled outsole, these stone-white sneakers make the perfect fit for a winter-inspired look. 

Built with Flex & Fold technology and a stretchy upper, you can say goodbye to those ultra-stiff dress shoes. In terms of outfit ideas, we recommend wearing some light shorts and a matching grey polo. We don’t recommend wearing these babies out in a snowstorm!  

Also available in 6 different colors, the Wally Sox Classic sneakers sell for $60

Hey Dude Shoes Wally Canvas Review 

If you’re on the hunt for some great walking shoes, look no further than the Wally Canvas sneakers. Ideal for the spring and summer months, these kicks are made with the same Flex & Fold technology. 

Built with an airy outsole and a cotton canvas upper, there’s no need to worry about bruises, blisters, and bunions. These Hey Dude Mens Shoes are offered in 9 different designs, including natural khaki, blue, black, and more. 

Kick back and relax (no pun intended) as the Wally Canvas sneakers are priced at only $60

Are Hey Dude Shoes American made? 

Hey Dude Shoes Review

You’ve got to love a brand that values transparency when it comes to sourcing. According to their website, Hey Dude Shoes are made in China and Indonesia. Fortunately, the brand states that they believe in fair labor practices, as the company “ensures equal opportunity and fair wages for their employees.” 

Are Hey Dude Shoes good for your feet? 

Hey Dude Shoes Review

Yep! Hey Dude Shoes are optimized for those who have plantar fasciitis or have poor arch support. This is thanks to its Flex & Fold technology, which is key for cushioning the heel and sole during impact. Their sneakers also come with memory foam for added comfort.

The best thing about their designs is that most of their options come in a wider fit. You know what that means? No more squeezed toes. For more information about what goes into a Hey Dude shoe, we recommend looking at the item description within your chosen model. 

Do you wear socks with Hey Dude Shoes? 

Hey Dude Shoes Review

Whether you prefer to go barefoot or not, Hey Dude Shoes can be worn with or without socks. Each sneaker comes with an elastic band at the heel, which keeps those arches blister-free and supported during walking. According to the brand, several customers have opted to wear their kicks alone. 

Who is Hey Dude Shoes for? 

Hey Dude Shoes Review

If you’re one to complain about hour-long city walks and hikes, perhaps it’s time to check out Hey Dude Shoes. Due to their patented technology and design, it seems that this sneaker brand is recommended for those who suffer from foot-related pain. Outdoor enthusiasts, such as campers or athletes, may find their kicks suitable for an adventurous lifestyle. 

Hey Dude Shoes are made for all ages, as they carry a range of kids’ footwear. For those who don’t mind subbing out their summer sandals and winter heels for a more comfortable option, this brand could be the label that you’re looking for. 

Comparison: Hey Dude Shoes vs. Seychelles   

Hey Dude Shoes Review

How does this footwear brand rank up to its competition? We’re here to find out, as this Hey Dude Shoes review provides a side-by-side showdown to see which company is worth your money. In this round, we’ll compare this shoe label with Seychelles in terms of variety, comfort, and price

When it comes to variety and comfort, it seems that Seychelles takes first place. Compared to Hey Dude Shoes, their collection boasts an impressive amount of designs and styles. Aside from sneakers, they offer high heels, platforms, ballerina flats, and boots. 

They also introduce other forms of high-performance technology such as Sey-Curve and Ortholite. With that being said, Hey Dude provides options for men and children, while Seychelles only caters to women.

Lastly, Seychelles shoes are quite pricey compared to Hey Dude. While most of their options fall within the $60 to $100 range, this Italian-based brand offers a more reasonable price tag of $55 to $60

Hey Dude Shoes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Hey Dude Shoes Review

Get ready to add this footwear brand to your bookmark tab. This Hey Dude Shoes review uncovered a majority of happy customers across several internet forums. 

For instance, the Wendy Canvas Sparkling sneakers boasts a staggering total of 2,113 testimonials with an average score of 5/5 stars

Several customers applauded this footwear brand for their comfortable designs. Others loved their unique patterns and styles—as they proved functional and fashionable at the same time. 

I absolutely LOVE my shoes! I walked for miles in Key West and did not feel one ache or pain the entire time. Plus, I’ve gotten so many compliments because they are super cute,” one customer wrote for the Wendy Canvas Sparkling sneakers. 

Reviews.io showcases an impressive count of 4,324 testimonials with a rating of 4.89 stars out of 5. According to 98% of customers, Hey Dude ranks high in performance, fit, and functionality. Some buyers were happy with the price given its quality. 

“Never believed people when they said how comfortable they were until I bought some myself! Absolutely amazing,” one customer wrote on Reviews.io. 

Independent blogs, such as Proven Shoes and Standard American Dad, also wrote encouraging reviews towards Hey Dude footwear. Both authors found their kicks to be durable, lightweight, and affordable. This is especially towards their patented comfort technology, which proved crucial in keeping their sneakers flexible and shock-absorbent

“In their first month my Hey Dude Shoes have replaced my Crocs and have become a solid alternative to my cowboy boots when I know I’m going to be walking or standing a lot. In addition, they are extremely packable shoes (light and squishable) and versatile for travel purposes,” reads the Hey Dude Shoes review on Standard American Dad.

Are Hey Dude Shoes Worth It?

Hey Dude Shoes Review

Let’s be real. Most of us just suffer in silence when it comes to uncomfortable footwear. Fashion requires a bit of sacrifice, right? Fortunately, there’s a better alternative instead of walking around in pain. 

Hey Dude Shoes offers a cost-effective solution to ensure those days of blisters and bruises are long gone. Not only are their sneakers cushioned with memory foam and flex technology, but they’re also quite stylish to wear. 

Compared to pricier brands like Nike and Adidas, Hey Dude Shoes teaches us that expensive doesn’t mean quality. By browsing through their collection, customers don’t have to empty out their savings in order to purchase a shoe they like. 

We’re also big fans of their sustainability efforts, as most of their designs are made out of recycled materials. For a footwear brand that looks towards the future, this Hey Dude Shoes review highly recommends checking this company out. 

Hey Dude Shoes Promotions & Discounts 

Hey Dude Shoes Review

The brand has a clearance section on their website. By shopping through the Hey Dude Shoes Sale tab, customers can find select items at a discounted price. 

They also have a rewards program, in which members can accumulate points to gain access to exclusive promotions and deals. As of lately, we haven’t come across an active Hey Dude Shoes coupon code that customers can use on their website. 

Where to Buy Hey Dude Shoes

Hey Dude Shoes Review

Customers can purchase their sneakers by heading over to heydudeshoeusa.com. You can also find the at select retailers such as:

  • SoftMoc 
  • Journeys
  • Amazon
  • Walmart 
  • Dillard’s
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods 
  • Nordstrom 


Hey Dude Shoes Review

Who owns Hey Dude Shoes? 

Hey Dude Shoes is co-owned by founders Alessandro Rosano and Dario Kaute. They are also led by CEO Danielle Guidi. 

Where are Hey Dude Shoes made? 

Hey Dude Shoes are made in China and Indonesia. While based in Italy, their headquarters are located in Riverside, California. 

Are Hey Dude Shoes vegan and cruelty-free?

The brand does offer footwear options that are vegan, such as their Mistral and Natural collection. So far, this Hey Dude Shoes review hasn’t found any indication if their manufacturing practices are cruelty-free. 

What sizes does Hey Dude Shoes have? 

To keep things easy to read, this Hey Dude Shoes review will provide their offered US sizes down below:

  • Women: 5 to 12 
  • Men: 7 to 15 
  • Children: 9 to 5 

What is Hey Dude Shoes’ Shipping Policy?

This Hey Dude Shoes review is happy to report that they offer free standard shipping on all US orders that total $100 or more. Anything below this amount is charged a flat fee of $5 (or $20 if you live in Hawaii or Alaska). They also provide free 2-day delivery on some select models. 

To monitor the status of your package, customers can click on the ‘track your order’ link at the bottom of their website. Unfortunately, they do not provide international shipping to other countries at this time. 

What is Hey Dude Shoes’ Return Policy?

Looking to return your Hey Dude Women’s Shoes? Don’t sweat it. The brand offers a 30-day window for customers to send back their footwear. Items must be in new condition in order to be considered eligible. 

When it comes to delivery, the company will cover the affiliated shipping costs. To initiate this process, customers can visit the return portal found on their website. 

How to Contact Hey Dude Shoes

For inquiries unrelated to this Hey Dude Shoes review, you can contact the company through:

  • Email: [email protected] (Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM–4:30 PM PST)
  • Using the chat function on their website 

Filling out their message form online

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Bad service
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Ordered some shoes. They arent even close to what i ordered. I orderer grey and got beige. Even the tag on the shoes say GREY. ON what planet is a beige even remotely close to grey. Can not contact any customer service, no actual business number. SUPER SHADY! Will not be shopping here again!!! Oh and there 3 day shipping was a week.

Don't believe their warranty
Asked by Dianna Pond (3 months ago) Reply

I bought my first pair and they came with no insoles. I contacted the warranty department since they supposedly stand by their product. My claim was denied due to my shoes being delivered on 9/1/21 and I didn’t contact them until 9/6/21. I wore them ONCE. They are horrible without insoles. Their 60 day warranty is a joke. I am extremely disappointed.

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