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Vessi Shoes Review

About Vessi

Vessi is a new player in the footwear industry that’s making heads turn with their innovative, all-in-one, multipurpose sneakers. The brand delivers a patented waterproof technology for the highest level of performance that’s designed to withstand the toughest conditions, all year round.

The following Vessi shoes review will guide you with an inside look into the brand and its product to ensure you make the right purchase decision.

Overview of Vessi

For many of us (and don’t be shy to admit it), our closets are filled with shoes for every occasion, season, and weather condition. Vessi recognized that problem of having to switch between shoes and were able to magically solve it with their line of Vessi sneakers.

Vessi footwear was founded by Tony Yu, Andy Wang, and Mikaella Go in Vancouver, Canada. The brand used a Vessi Kickstarter campaign and launched in 2017. As of September 5th, 2019, the company raised an impressive $1,260,557, backed by 9,365 people, with an initial goal of only $25,000. Let that sink in. So many people are keen on their idea and the brand did not disappoint.

Vessi Shoes Review 1

I’ve become a huge fan of Vessi shoes, and their aesthetically trendy look, for keeping up with the hottest styles from the likes of Nike, Adidas, and others. The true beauty behind the brand, however, is the benefits of its waterproof technology for the harshest conditions and the specific features that each of their three designs offer; but we’ll take a closer look at that later in the Vessi Shoes Review.

If you find yourself skeptical about sneakers being waterproof, I get it. The whole concept of a pair of Vessi shoes standing up to rain, wind, mud, dirt, snow, and slush seems to be good to be true. A Vessi shoes review discovered the brand’s secret: Vessi waterproof shoes feature a patented Dyma-tex membrane that is woven into the knit. The fabric also sits with layers of engineered material for extra stretch, moisture wicking, antibacterial insoles, and a slip-free Herringbone grip.

Vessi Shoes Review 2

For environmentalists reading this Vessi shoes review, I have some great news. Vessi footwear doesn’t use any animals in their products and are able to leave a lower carbon footprint in their process. Specific details of how they achieve less pollution is left unclear, but the brand provides statistics such as requiring 600% less energy; all the while manufacturing their products faster than their average competitor.

Vessi Shoes Review 3

Check out the rest of our Vessi shoes review for a breakdown on the features and benefits of their products. Below, you’ll find the pros and cons list:


  • Three distinct and trendy styles that are versatile for any lifestyle
  • Patented waterproof technology that stands up to the toughest weather conditions
  • Easy cleaning process for all sneakers
  • “Quadpay – payment plans” for 4x bi-weekly, interest-free installments
  • Exclusively online for global accessibility
  • Free shipping to select countries
  • Free exchanges and returns within North America
  • Sustainable manufacturing process


  • Sneakers do not come in wider sizes
  • “Quadpay – payment plans” are currently only available to U.S. customers; with $7 late fees
  • No retail store; pop-up stores must be notified ahead of time
  • Shipping is limited to select countries

Where Are Vessi Products Made?

Vessi sneakers are designed in Vancouver, Canada and are made in Taiwan. I’ve found that the brand doesn’t go into too much detail in the production process, but they do outline the technological aspect and design quite thoroughly. The main components of the shoes seem to be quite straightforward.

Every pair of Vessi shoes are thought-out on every level. The top layer features their nano-filtering membrane; Dyma-tex technology interwoven into the knit; and a stretch knit layer to prevent moisture and debris from getting in. The antibacterial insoles are replaceable for custom or orthotic insoles which I find to be a convenient feature for people. Lastly, the bottom uses a Herringbone grip with engraved channels to zone water out for better traction.

Vessi Shoes Review

Everyday Slip-Ons

The first style of Vessi waterproof shoes I want to address is the Everyday Slip-ons. The lace-less shoes offer a clean and simple look and fit comfortably around the ankles, much like a sock. The quick slip-on and slip-off design makes it perfect for indoors and outdoors. I find these pair to be the best for the gym; lounging at home; or when travelling.

Vessi Shoes Review 4

The Everyday Slip-ons are a line of Vessi shoes that feature a front and side-to-side grip to deliver extra comfort and stretch. The breathable mesh is also supported by an airy comfort that makes you feel light on your feet. The lightweight and weatherproof material makes it the comfiest, convenient, and portable choice.

The only problem I have with the opening is that the material is designed to stretch over time and will eventually loosen up if you’re constantly putting them on and taking them off. Overall, the Everyday Slip-ons look and feel wonderful. The shoes come in three distinct colors and are currently available for $135 CAD.

Everyday Sneakers

The next line of Vessi waterproof shoes worth mentioning is the Everyday Sneakers collection. Just like the name states, these sneakers were made for your daily routines. I’m a fan of the trendy aesthetic of the shoe and the fashionable-athletic feel I get; which is comparable to other top brands in the industry.

Vessi Shoes Review 5

The Everyday Sneakers feature an extra arch support with sportier soles which keeps your feet comfortable when wearing them all day, everyday of the year. The bottoms also feature zones that push water through the channels to deliver better traction in the snow or rain.

These Vessi sneakers are perfect for any lifestyle, active or not, and make a great collection to your closet. The fashionable pair comes in four colors to choose from and are currently available for $135 CAD.

Cityscape Sneakers

Last, but not least, the Cityscape Sneakers is from the brand’s original line of Vessi waterproof shoes. The aesthetic is minimalistic and made to stand out with its stylish design and is perfect with any attire – whether for work or leisure. I love the super lightweight feel to it which makes it a comfortable choice to wear everyday.

Vessi Shoes Review 6

The Cityscape Sneakers are fantastic for your outdoor excursions and I had no problem with the mud or puddles. Although they offer less traction than the other styles, and aren’t great for the ice, they still deliver the same stretchy, breathable, lightweight, and waterproof features.

The Vessi footwear is versatile for your everyday life. However, if I had to choose between the Cityscape Sneakers and the Everyday Sneakers, I would opt to go with the Everyday Sneakers because these pair don’t feature the extra arch support. With that said, I’d still be happy with these as they definitely get the job done. The Cityscape sneakers are available in four colors and are currently available at $135 CAD.

Vessi Footwear Prices

An important question to ask in the Vessi shoes review and to be honest, the sneakers aren’t exactly cheap. However, the prices aren’t ridiculously expensive either; especially for the benefits and features you get.

A Vessi shoes review found that you’ll end up paying the same price as you would for a recognized top brand such as Nike and Adidas. Even better, one pair of Vessi sneakers will probably save you money from buying multiple shoes for various seasons. Below are the listed prices for their collection:

  • Men’s and Women’s Everyday Slip-ons – $95
  • Men’s and Women’s Everyday Sneakers – $95
  • Men’s and Women’s Cityscape Sneakers – $95

Vessi Footwear Sizes

Sizes. A common problem I find that gives everyone a headache. To make matters worse, Vessi doesn’t exactly have a retail store, other than the occasional pop-up store, to go in and try their shoes. Lucky for you, I’ve found the brand’s sizing chart page in the Vessi Shoes Review. In addition, for your convenience, I’ve listed the details for finding their correct shoe size:

  • All Vessi sneakers are unisex
  • All styles do not come in wider sizes; however, the men’s sizes do run wider than the women’s
  • Men’s sizes range from 6-13
  • Women’s sizes range from 6-11
  • Shoes fit snug, like a sock – made to take shape of your foot over time
  • If you’re a half-size – the brand recommends sizing up

Where to Buy Vessi

Vessi Shoes Review 7


Sad news folks. Vessi Footwear does not have a physical retail store to try-on and buy their shoes. The brand does, however, occasionally hold pop-up stores and events but you would have to follow their social media account to keep up with any news. Below is a list of their social media accounts so you keep an eye out:


Yes, yes, and yes. The Vessi products are available globally through their online store. The easy access is convenient and let’s you browse through all their products. Check out their site here.

Is Vessi Available on Amazon?

My search came up empty. While there are tons of brands claiming waterproof technology at a cheaper price, I’d stay away from Amazon and buy directly from the brand, either at their pop-up events or online.

Vessi Promotions & Discounts

For this Vessi shoes review, we scoured the internet and managed to find a few Vessi deals you can use to save on your purchases. For now, the follow is the best that Vessi has to offer:

  • Receive 10% off all orders with Vessi coupon code


Vessi Shipping Policy

Vessi ships to select countries. All requests, fees, and processes are subject to change depending on the location, value, and condition of purchase orders. For your convenience, here’s a breakdown of their policy:

Vessi currently ships to Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and Singapore. Standard shipping is free and delivery generally takes 2-8 days.

Tracking numbers are available within 72 hours of orders placed for North Americans. International deliveries outside of North America can take between 7-14 days.

Tracking numbers are available within 5 business days for International orders.

Vessi Return Policy

Vessi offers a flexible exchange and return policy. All requests, fees, and processes are subject to change depending on the location, value, and condition of purchase orders. For your convenience, here’s a breakdown of their policy:

  • Returns are free within North America; within 60 days of delivery
  • Final sale items are non-refundable; eligible for store credit if returned or exchanged within 60 days
  • Undamaged orders are valid for exchanges and returns; eligible for refunds or store credit if returned or exchanged within 60 days
  • Exchanges can take between 7-10 business days within North America
  • There is a 6-month warranty on defects

Want to return your Vessi shoes? Click here to begin.

Contact Vessi

For more information, inquiries, and services, the customer service team can be reached by submitting a request on their main website or email:

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8 replies on “Vessi Shoes Review”

Vessi footwear is a small business, but I went out on a limb to try them out. I wanted waterproof shoes that look like sneakers.

I order about 4 of them in two different styles 9 or 10. I’m a 9.5 so I don’t know which will fit better. Turns out it’s half size down and 9 fits better. I ended up choosing the city sneakers and returned the other pairs without even opening them up.

After I returned them about 4 weeks later after they received it. I had to email them to even get a response. After another week I get an email stating that they will not refund me because:

“Lesley here from Vessi! I hope you’re having a great day!

We’ve received your Men’s Everyday – Midnight Black 10 back at our warehouse—Thanks for your patience and taking the time to send your shoes back to us!

Unfortunately, your shoes were reported to show signs of wear and were not in the condition specified in our return requirements, and we won’t be able to process your return because the shoes cannot be restocked. Our warehouse will be sending your shoes back to your address.”

NO I did not get them back. NO they did not refund me.

They charged me for the shoes that I returned anyways. Never have I ever experienced this with a shoe company.

Now you’re thinking, oh you probably wore them outside or something. NO I didn’t wear them outside. NO I didn’t damage them. NO I didn’t do anything like as if you were ordering from Amazon, Zappos, it any other online shoe company. Try them in your living room and promptly return them in new condition. One of the shoes I didn’t even open, I returned it was still sealed from the box they sent it.

So lesson learned. They are a kickstarter struggling small business, who are trying to profit off of false advertisement. THEY WILL NOT HONOR YOUR RETURNS. It will take about 8 weeks for them to even respond to you. Don’t even try them out.

And here’s the kicker: they ripped in the back heel after 2 months of wearing them.

Also there are multiple reviews about the sole being uncomfortable, cheap, and moving around every time you put on the shoe.

Allbirds now has waterproof sneakers that won’t rip after 2 months and much much better with their service. You can order a few pairs like any online shoe store and return the ones that don’t fit.

Also their soles are SOOOO comfortable 10X more then Vessi

TLDR. Vessi, if you want to try them out: first their size probably won’t fit you so you’ll have to order more than one, they won’t accept the ones that you returned and you’ll just pay for more than one shoe but left with one pair, and lastly they’ll rip anyway.

Hey John,

My name is Michelle, I’m the Customer Care Manager here at Vessi. I wanted to reach out and talk a bit about the review you posted about your experience with us.
Without access to your order information it’s a little tricky for me to know exactly what happened, but I will try my best.

We understand that having no half sizes and also offering a business model where you can’t try the shoes on before you purchase, can make finding your right fit more difficult than with other shoe brands. So we came to the conclusion that offering free shipping (both ways), and free exchanges (no additional shipping costs), would be the best way to offer our customers a way to test the sizes and products without loosing any money if it didn’t end up working for them.

In regards to our slow response, you’re absolutely right that it was way too long. Like you mentioned, we’re a small-ish start up company still making our way through the business sphere and learning as we go. This is absolutely not an excuse, and we should have done better than taking 4 weeks (and you initiating the contact) to reach out to you, but I will venture to say your communication with us might have been around Black Friday or after. Truth be told, we were swamped with more sales and customer contacts that we’d expected. And we weren’t prepared for that.

However, we’ve learned from our mistakes and are now working diligently to make sure this doesn’t happen again. We understand that customer communication is imperative if we want to keep the business going.

Lastly, I wanted to touch on our return experience and the fact that the Vessis you kept ended up showing damage very quickly after use. Unfortunately, without that order number like I mentioned above, it’s difficult for me to look into your particular case.
If you’re comfortable with it, would you mind responding to this review with your order number? I’ll be able to pull your personal details from there, take a look at this, and get back to you via email. If sharing your order number is something you’re not comfortable with, which I completely understand, you can also emails us directly at [email protected] and we can gladly help you there as well.

Thank you for taking the time to post your feedback. I want to make it clear that we absolutely appreciate you doing so. It’s reviews like yours that allow us to grow as a company.


Thanks so very much for your review of Vessi shoes. Like you I wanted to order multiple pairs and according to them they say you size up not down. Knowing the problems you have had as well as others, it seems this shoe is not a good investment. I don’t understand how a pair of shoes that starts at $95 , when I got to check out , the final price was $185. With a company offering free shipping, sounds like a rip off all the way round. Again thanks , my money is better in my pocket than theirs.

Why won’t Vessi talk to their customer?
My wife bought a pair of shoes from Vessi and when they didn’t fit, she sent them back and because they refused to refund her money, she ordered a different pair. They have not sent her a new pair of shoes or answered her many emails. Vessi conveniently excludes any other contact information so our money is gone and Vessi could care less. My wife never complains but Vessi took our money and I am very angry. I don’t want the hassle, but I guess the next will be a complaint to Better Business Bureau, it has been 12 weeks now

I just had a terrible experience ordering Vessi shoes. They have been running a big promo, during the pandemic, encouraging sales. I put in an order on March 31. By April 9 I still had not received a shipment confirmation so wrote to inquire. They replied April 10, apologizing for the delay in shipping and indicating it was due to high demand. They provided a Canada Post tracking link, but said Canada Post might not update it for 2-3 days (?!). After 4 days I checked and Canada Post advised the shipping label had been printed, but the package had not been provided to CP. I wrote again and received an extremely sanctimonious reply indicating that I needed to be more patient with the “hard working couriers who are risking their lives out there”. I was stunned. My notes had been pretty direct, but definitely polite and it was very clear from my communication with CP that the delay was with Vessi and not with any hard working couriers. Pretty shocking behaviour by a company that bills itself as so socially aware. I have obviously asked that they cancel my order and refund my money.

I just learned of this company and was tempted to try. However, I need to try shoes on as my size can vary. After reading the previous reviews I have decided not to try. At this time I have 5 pairs of AllBirds, which are outstanding and the customer service couldn’t be better. My first pair of AllBirds are 3+ years old and still perfect. AllBirds price $95, $115, $135. I highly recommend. Since Covid it’s the only shoe I have worn. I hope this helps those trying to make a decision. The Vessi sounds good, it’s a start-up, and they need to find their way, but customer service is key to all businesses. I will track them periodically to see how they are doing and perhaps down the line try a pair. I do wish them success, but they must listen.

I was sold on the waterproof concept–I thought these shoes would be great for travelling, as I have been caught too often sightseeing with wet feet! BUT, I found after wearing these shoes for a half-day, the soles were slippery on wet surfaces (like subway steps), and my feet were burning when I was finally able to take the shoes off. I bought the Everyday Slip-Ons.

I would love to see other reviews of the other styles, especially the ones that promise better arch support.

I would be willing to pay a lot more for a quality sole, perhaps Vibram?

And I agree with other posters that Vessi contact information is opaque.

I want to advise people to be WARY when they order Vessi Shoes. I received my shoes without delay but they didn’t fit and attempting to return/exchange them has been a nightmare. For some unknown reason, the Vessi return system didn’t recognize my Order Number. I wrote to their chat function, wrote 2 separate emails and even visited their corporate offices to get help, but to no avail. The time to return these shoes has now expired and I’m left with a pair of shoes that are USELESS to me. BE FOREWARNED – It seems very easy to order but not to return. Their shoes may work but the company doesn’t

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