Carine Ribeiro


Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry, PhD Student


Carine is a chemistry whiz, a doctoral student at the Molecular Modeling Laboratory (LabMMol) at UFRJ-Brazil. With a strong focus on uncovering new insights and potential treatments for diseases, she’s passionate about turning complex scientific jargon into understandable, bite-sized info. You’ll also find her at IBM, where she’s a research intern applying her computational chemistry and AI skills to tackle climate and sustainability challenges.


Carine completed her Master’s degree in Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry at UFRJ and is now pursuing her PhD in Chemistry there. She’s always loved the intersection of science and communication, and found her calling in debunking scientific misinformation across the web. Carine is on a mission: to make sure that every health claim you read is as honest as it can be.

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