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Coppertist.Wu Review

Coppertist.Wu creates beautiful, functional works of art for you and your home. In this article, I’ll introduce you to this inventive brand, who’ve carved out a niche for themselves in the world of jewelry and housewares by handcrafting decorative metalwork in shapes and forms inspired by nature and wild creatures.

Coppertist.Wu pride themselves on making products that honor the complexity and beauty of the natural world. 

Their metalwork artisans craft eye-catching, versatile pieces in brass and silver for customers who love to surround themselves with unique jewelry, personal accessories, and homeware

Some of Coppertist.Wu’s pieces are entirely decorative, like a pendant in the shape of a lion or crab. But many are also made to serve a household function – often cleverly hidden in their design – like a beautiful copper fish that’s also a letter opener, or an octopus tentacle that doubles as a helpful little kitchen hook.

This growing company has over 12k followers on Facebook and over 50k followers on Instagram. Their work has been featured by GQ and Yanko Design.

In this Coppertist.Wu review I’ll explore the highlights of shopping with the brand, their best-selling products, and real customer feedback to help you decide if the brand’s clever creatures have a place in your home. 

Overview of Coppertist.Wu

Coppertist.Wu Review

Coppertist.Wu set themselves apart from other jewelry and homeware brands by carrying handmade items, created by their team of artisans and craftspeople. 

Part of this brand’s mission is to continue the practice of traditional design and metalworking techniques, stating that the “beauty of handcraft cannot be replaced by mechanized mass production.”

The brand manufacture their products from various metals, including bronze, silver, copper, gold, and stainless steel, using an extensive, multi-step process to evolve their initial sketches into their intricate final form. 

All of Coppertist.Wu’s creations are also paired with an in-depth description, be it about the history of the creature they’re depicting, a story about the artist’s inspiration, or a description of the process of developing and forging the piece.  

Fittingly, the brand’s aesthetic keeps with their reverence for ancient practices and the natural world. Many of the creatures they depict in their creations have historical or symbolic significance, including tigers, dinosaurs, beetles, snakes, and sea life like octopuses, crabs, and puffer fish

Coppertist.Wu also make items fashioned for fossils and bones. Much of their work has a museum-worthy quality, an ancient Bronze Age look with detailed designs and warm, textural finishes, ideal for customers looking to bring touches of unique and artistic metalwork into their home. 

Keeping this Coppertist.Wu review moving, I’ll now take a look at some of the highlights of buying from this specialty brand!


Coppertist.Wu Review
  • Beautiful craftsmanship
  • Handmade by artisans
  • Unique products with a focus on animal designs
  • Free shipping on orders over $25 
  • Gifts and special items for every price point
  • Most pieces are both decorative and functional

Coppertist.Wu Review

Let’s window-shop through some of Coppertist.Wu’s most beautiful (and best-selling!) products. 

From chameleons to tortoises, these attention-grabbing pieces are sure to be conversation starters!

Coppertist.Wu Chameleon Tape Measure Brass Review

This sneaky chameleon has a well-camouflaged feature – it doubles as a tape measure! From the outside, the Coppertist.Wu Chameleon Tape Measure Brass looks like a keychain. You’d never know that this handy tool is coiled up inside the chameleon’s body.

To use the tape measure, simply pull the tab out of the chameleon’s mouth, like the flick of a tongue, and then release it to send it back in again.

This beautiful piece has a brass exterior and traditional design that give it an ancient aesthetic. This little lizard has incredibly detailed “skin” complete with dots and scales, and large, expressive eyes.

The Chameleon Tape Measure Brass measures almost 2 inches long and about 1.5 inches wide. It is made out of manganese steel and brass, so it’s best to avoid contact with water and other liquids. 

In addition to the attached key ring, you can also purchase an additional clip for this product so you can easily hook it to a bag or work belt.

This chameleon would be a special gift for anyone who loves reptilian animals. Pick up the Coppertist.Wu Chameleon Tape Measure Brass for $89

Coppertist.Wu Octopus Holder Bronze Review

This stunning Octopus Holder Bronze is a striking decorative piece for your coffee table or vanity, but much like the creature it’s modeled on, it’s incredibly crafty and useful.  

With its many metallic legs, this piece of art is strong enough to support a phone or even an iPad. Some customers choose to rest other items in the Octopus Holder Bronze, such as pencils, paintbrushes, small books, or jewelry. 

This statement piece is constructed of bronze and has a shiny, golden exterior that makes it look both classic and expensive.

Coppertist.Wu has designed this piece to look like a realistic octopus – it has tiny suckers on its tentacles, large eyes, and a speckled body, and the sculptor has captured the look of its tentacles suspended in motion

This mighty little cephalopod weighs 210 grams. It is 3.5 inches long and almost 2 inches wide

Buy the Octopus Holder Bronze for $129.

Coppertist.Wu Ouroboros Keychain Brass Review 

The Ouroboros Keychain Brass will bring a touch of mythological drama to your purse or keys. 

This special piece depicts a scaly snake curved in a perfect circle devouring its own tail. The snake’s realistic face and evocative pose make this art piece look like it jumped straight out of ancient legend. 

Coppertist.Wu named this piece to reference Plato’s “cosmic primordial creature” engaged in a constant cycle of death and rebirth. According to Coppertist.Wu, the Ouroboros Keychain Brass seeks to evoke the ancient cultures of Egypt and Greece, who were no strangers to serpent symbology.

The Ourobros is made from brass and has a diameter of 2.2 inches. You can use this piece as a keychain or hang it from a handbag or wallet as an accessory. If you want, you could also fashion this piece into a pendant or other jewelry.  

Buy the Ouroboros Keychain Brass for $49.

Coppertist.Wu Tortoise Bell Pendant Brass Review

If you know someone who loves turtles or tortoises, the adorable Tortoise Bell Pendant makes for a lovely gift. This tiny art piece is inspired by Madagascar’s Aldabra Tortoise, a unique animal with an impressive shell. 

The brass Tortoise Bell Pendant looks just like a small tortoise shell with its realistic patterns and etchings. The shell rises up like a dome and has a hollow inside – sort of! 

This shell hides the secret of a melodic bell, which you can jingle when you shake it. The shell’s shape and texture aren’t just meant to reflect the real shell of the Aldabra Tortoise, but help enhance the pleasant sound

This delicate Tortoise Bell Pendant is fashioned from sturdy brass but is easy to wear around your neck, measuring only 1.2 inches long and 0.9 inches wide and weighing only 17 g – not exactly a rival to the creature it’s inspired by, which is the second-largest tortoise in the world! 

Tortoise Bell Pendant is available for $49.

Coppertist.Wu Crocodile Clip Brass Review

The Crocodile Clip Brass is as beautiful as it is menacing! Like all of Coppertist.Wu’s animal designs, this creature is impressively realistic. It has intricate, tiny indentations that form perfect Crocodile skin, an upturned nose, flaring nostrils, and a hungry smile.

This reptilian artwork can be purely decorative but also works as a clip. You can employ it to hold your papers, clamp onto a collar as a clever accessory, or bite a pesky finger just for fun!

When you press the back of its head, the crocodile’s jaws open up, revealing its impressive mouth and sharp teeth. 

The Crocodile Clip Brass also comes with a ring attached so you can really use it however you want – as a keychain ornament, a handy clip, or even loop it onto a chain and wear it as a necklace

This Crocodile Clip Brass is 2.4 inches long and 0.7 inches wide, and is made from brass. Buy it for $59.

Coppertist.Wu Beetle Keychain Brass Review

While hyper-realistic bugs may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s hard not to be charmed by Coppertist.Wu’s Beetle Keychain Brass

This tiny keychain is made to look just like the Dynastes beetle from the rainforests of South America – better known as the Hercules beetle

These beetles are recognized for their extended, curved horn, mouth and jaw, and their ability to grow into huge adults, known for being the powerlifters of the insect world. 

The body of the Beetle Keychain Brass features the beetle’s long, ridged shell, while the bottom reveals the underbelly of its exoskeleton, complete with tiny folded legs

Its long horn and mouth have been fashioned to extend into a carabiner-style clip, and its other side has a little ring that attaches to a larger key ring. You can use the Beetle Keychain Brass as a zipper pull, pendant, or keychain, or clip it to absolutely anything you’d like.

This solid brass beetle is one of Coppertist.Wu’s more petite pieces, measuring 1.9 inches long and 0.4 inches wide. As this piece is small and inexpensive, it makes for a great introductory purchase!

Buy the Beetle Keychain Brass for $34.

Who Is Coppertist.Wu For? 

Coppertist.Wu Review

If you love showcasing metalwork and original art pieces in your home or as a fashion statement, you will appreciate Copperist.Wu’s detailed approach to their craft and cerebral take on the natural world

This company makes beautiful and realistic-looking creatures out of copper and its alloys, known for their rich, warm colors and interesting properties. These small pieces have so much personality that they’re sure to bring a smile to your face. 

Anyone who loves to elevate their homeware and kitchen tools with classy but quirky accents is sure to get a kick out of Coppertist.Wu’s unique product range. 

Want a Christmas-themed Pufferfish? A Seahorse Pin Keychain? What about a Hermit Crab Bell? This brand makes all those and more, beautifying everyday tools and making them into works of art with a sense of playfulness. 

The brand also makes more evocative pieces showing great respect to nature, like their Crow and Raven Skull Pendants, or the Ouroboros Keychain. So, whether you’re looking for something sweet (a little hermit crab necklace, anyone?), or prefer moody, dark jewelry pieces to enliven your wardrobe, you’re in good hands with Coppertist.Wu.

The brand will also appeal to customers who are looking for a special gift for a loved one. Their products range in size, style, and price, so you are sure to find something your recipient and your budget will appreciate. 

Better yet, shipping to many locations is free when you spend over $25, making it easy to order something straight to their door.

What Is Coppertist.Wu Made Out Of? 

Coppertist.Wu Review

This brand shares that their designs are inspired by natural elements and human cultures from around the world. Since one of the missions of the brand is to celebrate and preserve artisan metalwork traditions, their products are not mass produced – instead they are made by hand!

As you might have guessed from their name, this brand loves to use different types of copper in their products, saying they love its “unpredictable and dynamic metallic nature.” 

According to Coppertist.Wu, their craftspeople use only natural metals to make their products and do not coat them with chemicals or plate them in any way so they can avoid unnecessary pollution.

Coppertist.Wu reports that their artworks are made out of the following A-Grade metals:

  • Brass 
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel

They even sell a few pieces fashioned from precious stones and 18k gold. 

Coppertist.Wu Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Coppertist.Wu Review

This brand has hundreds of reviews from customers on their website. In their Coppertist.Wu reviews, many buyers comment on the incredible detail and creativity of their pieces.

One person who purchased the Octopus Phone Holder Bronze praises Coppertist.Wu for its fantastic design, writing in their Coppertist.Wu review, “It’s very beautiful, heavy and highly detailed. It holds my iPad perfectly with no tipping, I am extremely happy with it!”

Another customer who bought the Beetle Keychain Brass loved the product’s high-quality handiwork, and shares in their Coppertist.Wu review, “Very fine and carefully made product.”

Coppertist.Wu also has a page on review site TrustPilot, where it has a 3.4 out of 5 star rating. Customers on TrustPilot are generally very appreciative of this company’s beautiful products as well as their high quality and durability

One buyer reports in his Coppertist.Wu review: “To be honest, I was a little skeptical about this site at first, but when I opened the package, wow! Truly amazed by the detail of this snake. Two months have passed and the material shows no signs of fading or discolouration.”

Another customer shares their positive experience of buying Coppertist.Wu items as gifts for family and friends. They write in their Coppertist.Wu review, “These are amazingly beautiful pieces of art! Really wonderful work…Not a bad angle or “back side”. I bought 4 pieces total and so can confidently say these are as pictured!”

There are also Coppertist.Wu reviews on their Facebook page. One buyer comments in her Coppertist.Wu review post: “Got my order and it’s just lovely, as described and expected. Shipping took a couple weeks but not a huge deal.”

Overall, the brand’s customers are very pleased with their purchases and especially love their unique designs. Many buyers comment that they would buy from this company again, and that their products are beautiful gifts for family and friends.

Is Coppertist.Wu Worth It?

Coppertist.Wu Review

Our Coppertist.Wu review has found that this company offers unique, handmade products that have clever details and hidden tools. 

Their trinkets, pendants, clips, and keychains are often intended to be multipurpose and can serve a variety of functions over their lifetimes. Some people love to decorate their homes or handbags with Coppertist.Wu items, while others wear them as jewelry.

This brand uses quality metals to craft their items and have set themselves apart from other metal work brands by making everything by hand. 

Coppertist.Wu’s designs are both incredibly intricate and realistic and otherworldly, and their ability to capture animal aesthetics in metalwork is pretty incredible too.

Buying from this company is also convenient. They have a website that is easy to navigate and order from, they accept returns on most items, and they sell items in a range of prices. It’s also so helpful that they will ship for free!

Coppertist.Wu has hundreds of positive reviews on several websites, and a strong following on social media. Their customers especially love their unique design of their art pieces and appreciate their durability and quality.

For the reasons mentioned in this Coppertist.Wu review, I can confidently recommend this specialty brand.

Coppertist.Wu Promotions & Discounts 

Coppertist.Wu Review

Coppertist.Wu offers ongoing sales on their products. They are currently having a site-wide flash sale, with many products marked down by 30%. The following items are on sale now:

  1. Hatching Snake Pendant is on sale for $39
  2. Tyrannosaurus Skull Pendant is on sale for $40
  3. Cricket Lighter Case is on sale for $63
  4. Chitala Box Opener is on sale for $31

You can also subscribe to their emails for a one-time 10% discount, or sign up for an account on their site, which gives you access to their rewards program. You can earn points on purchases, social media interactions, and referrals. 

Where to Buy Coppertist.Wu

Coppertist.Wu Review

You can purchase all of Coppertist.Wu’s products from their official website.


Coppertist.Wu Review

Who owns Coppertist.Wu?

There is no information available about who owns the brand. Our Coppertist.Wu review was able to determine that Coppertist.Wu is a collective of artists and craftspeople who design and make their own unique art pieces. These metalworkers make their own designs and create their pieces by hand.

Where is Coppertist.Wu made?

Coppertist.Wu’s products are made in their studio in Asia, and the company has distribution facilities around the world.

Does Coppertist.Wu ship internationally?

Yes, they do! While writing this Coppertist.Wu review I learned that this brand will ship to many locations for free, so long as an order is over $25

Coppertist.Wu, however, can’t honor free shipping to some destinations, including:

  • Puerto Rico
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Israel
  • Switzerland

On their website, they indicate that they will cover customs and taxes when they ship their products, but want customers to be aware that if additional duties are applied when the order arrives in your country, you are responsible for paying them.

The brand has distribution sites around the world, but if a local warehouse is out of stock of any product, it will be manufactured and shipped directly from their studio. 

What is Coppertist.Wu’s Shipping Policy?

Shipping is free for all orders over $25. You should receive your shipment within 5-20 business days, depending on your destination. If you would like, you can pay an additional $6.50 at checkout to insure your item’s shipment for your peace of mind. 

What is Coppertist.Wu’s Return Policy?

If you are unhappy with your Coppertist.Wu purchase you are welcome to return it within 14 days of delivery. 

To begin a return, send an email to [email protected] with the subject “Request for return.”

The company will only accept returns that are in mint condition in their original Coppertist.Wu packaging. Once the company receives your item, it will send you your refund, which might take up to 10 days to be deposited in your account.

Customers are responsible for paying any return shipping fees.

How to Contact Coppertist.Wu

Coppertist.Wu Review

I hope you enjoyed this Coppertist.Wu review! For any questions, feel free to contact the company in the following ways:

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