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Carb Manager Review

Carb Manager is a popular app offering tracking tools, educational content, and meal plans to help people manage their carb intake and track their nutritional needs. While writing this Carb Manager review I found that their app is especially popular with people who stick to Keto eating plans, as it helps them hit all the targets they need to to feel their best.

This app has received plenty of media attention from a variety of magazines such as Men’s Health, Marie Claire, Reader’s Digest, and Parade. The Carb Manager Keto diet app is getting a lot of buzz from the public too, with 63k followers on Facebook and 32k followers on Instagram.

My Carb Manager review will break down all the essential details about this app, including user highlights, customer feedback, and FAQs about how it works, so you decide if it’s worth a download! 

Read on to learn more about the Carb Manager app.

Overview of Carb Manager

Carb Manager Review

Carb Manager is headquartered in Washington, DC, and is owned by the parent company Wombat Apps. Carb Manager is rated E for everyone, but this app advises that only adults over age 18 use their tools. So far, this app has served an impressive 8 million customers.

Carb Manager call themselves the “all-in-one Keto app,” offering all the tools and support you need to maintain a Keto or low-carb lifestyle. This app gives you access to nutritional information, allows you to keep track of your food choices and important numbers (like your blood glucose), and integrates into other wellness tech like your Fitbit

Their food tracker, which the brand calls the “industry’s most advanced food logger,” is designed to give you in-depth information about everything you’re eating, and allows you to set and monitor your goals. From there, you can run analytics, generate grocery lists, and find meal plans and recipes that suit your needs. 

Wombat Apps has made the Carb Manager app available for download on Google Play and the Apple Store. While you can pay to access Carb Manager Premium, you can also use the Carb Manager free of charge. 

Carb Manager Review

Keep reading my Carb Manager review to learn more about the highlights of using this app:


  • Tracks nutritional intake while providing carb-conscious recipes, meal planning tools, and other dietary info
  • Especially helpful for Keto diets since it shows you fat, protein, and carb intake
  • Tracking tools for nutrient and calorie intakes, glycemic index, macros, and more 
  • Connects to fitness trackers and apps like Fitbit, Garmin, Google Fit, and Apple Health
  • Basic app is free to use
  • Option to upgrade to Carb Manager Premium
  • Very highly rated by users on Google Play and Apple Store
  • Scan food barcodes to log into daily food log and check nutritional info
  • Access over 3,000 recipes
  • Use the ‘Keto Academy’ feature to learn more about Keto eating plans
  • Connect with other users in the Community forums
  • Integrate fitness into your routine with the ‘Exercise Portal’

Carb Manager App Review

Carb Manager App Review
Carb Manager App

Carb Manager has several key tools and features to help you get your low-carb eating plan on track. 

For this Carb Manager review I took a closer look at the app’s features, and I’ll break down who might benefit from using it and exactly how it works. Then, I’ll take a closer look at the Keto diet itself, to give you a better sense of what the plan is all about and how Carb Manager fits in.

Who Is Carb Manager For? 

Carb Manager Review

Carb Manager is designed for people who want to limit their carbs and switch up their eating habits with a low-carb or Keto eating plan. If you feel that a Keto diet would benefit you, Carb Manager’s tools are catered to you, and will help you keep track of what you’re eating and the kind of nutrients you’re consuming. 

So, is this app all about Keto? Not necessarily. Even if you’re not interested in committing to a Keto diet, this app’s tools could still be helpful for creating a healthy eating and exercise routine.

It’s so easy to mindlessly snack, or throw a lunch together without thinking about what’s in it, and Carb Manager wants to break us out of these habits and get us thinking more consciously about our food. People who are building a more mindful and intentional relationship with food will appreciate their daily food logs and nutrient trackers.

Carb Manager also goes beyond just giving you a picture of how you eat. It’s also useful if you’re looking for meal planning inspo and easy grocery shopping lists, want to connect with like-minded people in a community forum, or need some motivation for your fitness goals in the exercise portal. 

Whether you’re following Keto to the letter or just want some help with a healthier, lower-carb lifestyle, Carb Manager is easy to integrate into your routine. By offering a range of tools that you use as you’d like, the app can help people with a variety of dietary needs and fitness goals find the right balance.

How Does Carb Manager Work? 

Carb Manager Review

Carb Manager’s app is designed to help users understand and track their carb intake, and make it easier to stick to a carb-limited way of eating – whether you’re a Keto diet devotee, just getting started, or just want to be more mindful of your habits.

To access the Carb Manager app, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Google Play Store or the Apple Store and download the app
  2. Select the free version, or pay to upgrade to the Premium version
  3. Set up a user account 
  4. Start exploring Carb Manager’s host of features

Once you’ve downloaded the app and created your preferred account, you’ll have access to all of Carb Manager’s tools, from their food logs to their health metrics. 

Here’s the full list of the Carb Manager app’s features:

  • Macros Tracker
  • Food Tracker
  • Recipes Database
  • Meal Planner
  • Grocery List Generator
  • Keto Academy
  • Community
  • Exercise Portal
  • Advanced Insights – track glucose, GKI, insulin, and more

Carb Manager’s main feature is their food tracker. This lets you log all of the ingredients in your meals and keep track of portion sizes, pulling information from their extensive database. 

You can do this by typing, speaking into your app using the voice tool, or even scanning food package barcodes! With their Premium version, you can even snap a picture of your dinner and have Carb Manager automatically input your details. 

Once you enter your foods, you’ll be able to see your calorie counts, nutritional info, and more. 

While anyone can use the app, Carb Manager is intentionally built to help people succeed in following a Keto eating routine. According to the Carb Manager website, Keto diets are most effective when your nutrition is balanced in a certain way: Plenty of fat and protein, and very few carbs.

In addition to tracking net carbs, fats, proteins, and other nutritional info, Keto eating relies on tracking macronutrients. Carb Manager’s integrated Macros tracker will allow you to see how your nutritional targets are going based on the foods you’ve logged. This tool will display your info in a simple pie chart as well as percentage breakdowns.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with your tracking tools, you can get loads more eating inspo by exploring this app’s 3000 recipes and meal plans

Carb Manager says their recipes are designed to make it easy for everyone to find foods they enjoy, and to simplify the process of figuring out what to eat. Once you’ve picked your favorites, Carb Manager will even send you shopping lists so you can remember to get all the ingredients. 

Carb Manager also gives you access to other data about your own health. You can integrate the app with hundreds of other apps and tools, like a Fitbit or Apple Health, and combine your data to get a broader picture. 

Carb Manager also has additional tools that you can use to enter and track information like ketones, glycemic load, intermittent fasting data, calories, and more. 

During this Carb Manager review I found that this app has quite a holistic approach. In addition to their trackers, they also offer an Exercise Portal and Keto Academy to help you include some fitness in your daily routine and learn more about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle on a Keto plan. 

The app also has a community, where you can connect with others who may be on similar journeys, ask questions, trade advice, get new ideas, and find support – all of which can be invaluable if you’re trying to make a big change or pick up new knowledge.

You can download the Carb Manager app through Google Play, the Apple App Store, or access it directly through a browser – no smart tech necessary.

How Does Keto Work? 

Carb Manager Review

If you’re interested in health and wellness, you’ve probably heard of the Keto diet. So how does it work, exactly? 

According to Carb Manager’s official site, a Keto diet consists of a regular intake of “high-fat, moderate protein, and very low-carb” foods. 

Carb Manager claims that this specific balance of nutrients is intended to put your body into “ketosis,” so it can “burn body fat to produce energy and ketones.”

What are ketones? Carb Manager explains that these little molecules help your body function when it has few carbs to process. So on a Keto diet, instead of burning carbs, your body will burn fats and ketones, which Carb Manager says can fuel weight loss if you are overweight.

This app’s website claims that the Keto diet has become popular because many people feel it has a positive effect on their bodies. These include:

  • “Increased fat burning”
  • “Hunger management” 
  • “Reduced cravings”

While the Keto diet is at the center of this app, Carb Manager’s tools and recipes can easily be integrated into other lifestyles. Even if Keto isn’t something you’d stick with long-term, or if you follow a different kind of low-carb plan, Carb Manager can still have some value in suggesting healthy meals or giving you some useful data on your habits.

While some people are enthusiastic devotees, I should also note in this Carb Manager review that the Keto diet may not be right for everyone. It’s always best to do some research and speak with your doctor before embarking on a new diet plan.

Carb Manager Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Carb Manager Review

While doing my research for this Carb Manager review I found that the brand shares tons of testimonials from app users on their official website. 

Most of these Carb Manager app reviews are glowing – users are thrilled with the way that this app has supported them on their fitness journeys. Many mention how much weight they’ve lost and how they feel that the Carb Manager app keeps their eye on the prize.

One user shares in her Carb Manager review: “Carb Manager has helped me lose this weight, and replaced 4 different apps to track my macros, measurements, water, and fasting. It’s an easy, one-stop app.”

Another man went through a health scare and decided to use Carb Manager to help make some better dietary choices

He shares in his Carb Manager review: “In January 2019 I learned I was a few months away from being diabetic. Carb Manager helps me see the hard numbers before I eat so I can make better decisions. Results from my most recent bloodwork have normal numbers and showed me I can do this and live a long and healthy life.”

One young woman reports feeling much better after her weight loss and loves that Carb Manager provided her with reliable information as well as moral support

She posts in her Carb Manager review: “I really liked how the app adjusted my macros and requirements as I lost weight, in addition to the motivation I received in the community area where there were people with the same goals as me! The premium recipes in the app are delicious, and always work out 10/10.”

Carb Manager Review

This app also has high ratings on Google Play, where it is available for download. It so far has 4.6/5 stars, based on over 100,000 Carb Manager reviews.

One user likes the app’s functionality and found it very educational, too. She posts in her Carb Manager review: “I just started a few days ago and am finding the app super helpful. The net carb feature has taught me a lot already. Everything is very easy to log, you can enter or scan your foods into meals.”

This app’s profile on the Apple Store reflects an even higher rating; it has 4.8/5 stars, based on 634,000 reviews. 

One reviewer calls this app a “Great tool for a Keto Diet!” This user was excited about the changes she was making using the Carb Manager app, and how simple it was to stay on top of everything.

She shares in her Carb Manager review: “I love this because you can track all of your macros quickly and easily. I love the ability to scan UPC codes to enter a new product. I love how you can enter recipes by entering a url. There are tons of recipes and you can edit recipes to suit your needs.”

Overall, this lifestyle app has both enthusiastic testimonials on their own site and solid customer reviews from both app stores. Most users are enthusiastic about this app’s services, functionality, and educational content and feel that using it changed their health for the better.

Is Carb Manager Legit?

Yes – this service is reliably providing dietary info and tracking tools for its users, who have rated it very highly on both app stores.

Is Carb Manager Worth It?

Carb Manager Review

Carb Manager helps transform a sometimes intimidating process into simple, everyday actions with tips and support along the way. 

This app is recommended by many of its users for making a Keto diet feel a lot more doable. They find it helps you become more aware of what you’re eating, and more knowledgeable about the way your meals will affect your body, calorie count, energy levels and more. 

Many users also valued this app for connecting them to other people who were on a similar health journey, and for providing valuable resources like menu suggestions and meal plans.

For these reasons mentioned in my Carb Manager review, I can recommend trying out this service if it sounds like something that could help you achieve your goals or make mealtime easier.

And just a little reminder – it’s always best to check in with your doctor before making any significant diet or lifestyle changes.

Carb Manager Promotions & Discounts 

Carb Manager Review

Carb Manager has a free version so you can give some of their tools a try at no cost. If you like what you see, you can upgrade to a Premium version to unlock all of its features inside the app.

For additional deals and Carb Manager promo codes, keep checking their website.

Where to Buy Carb Manager

Carb Manager Review

Download the Carb Manager app on the Apple Store or Google Play, or get it directly in your browser. To get started, visit their official website or the app store of your choice.


Carb Manager Review

Who owns Carb Manager?

This app is owned by the parent company Wombat Apps.

Can I cancel Carb Manager anytime?

Yes – if you’ve signed up for a paid subscription or Premium account for Carb Manager, you can cancel anytime you like. 

Just make sure that you cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the next billing period begins so that your subscription does not auto-renew. 

If you do not cancel your account then it will continue to renew automatically.

What is Carb Manager’s Shipping Policy?

This app is available for download to your preferred device, no shipping required!

What is Carb Manager’s Return Policy?

At the time of this Carb Manager review, I did not find any options for receiving a refund from this app. You can, however, cancel your service anytime if you are not satisfied with their content.

How to Contact Carb Manager

You can reach out to Carb Manager through the Contact Form on their website.

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