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Talentless Clothing Review

The Talentless brand claims to offer premium leisurewear, centered around casual basics including plain t-shirts, joggers, and hoodies. With modern pieces for men, women, and children, your whole family can easily rock the Talentless collection. This Talentless clothing review will explore the brand and its products to help potential buyers make an informed decision.

Overview of Talentless 

Talentless Clothing Review

You may recognize reality TV star Scott Disick from Keeping Up With the Kardashians when he was dating Kourtney. Talentless came from Disick’s vision to create clothes that had a luxurious, expensive feel. In 2018, Talentless was launched with a name that pays homage to the belief that reality TV stars are, well, talentless. Think of that what you will. 

Disick’s Talentless clothing line carries apparel for all ages, specializing in casual wear. Anything from a plain cotton t-shirt, sweatpants or tank top, Disick’s brand isn’t about pushing the limits of color or pattern. Singular colors and clean cuts allow the real purpose of these items to shine: the quality.

Talentless clothes are made strictly from heavyweight cotton. No idea what that means? Basically, each piece is as soft as it can be. Their clothes feature simple cuts and plain colors for those customers that are looking for basics to layer under any outfit.

This Talentless clothing review provides you with everything you need to know about Disick’s brand. For now, here’s a quick pro/con list to sum up the main points:


  • Wide variety of colors and sizes
  • Frequent sales offered to customers 
  • Offers Afterpay (paying in monthly installments)
  • 10% off your purchase for email subscribers


  • Clothing is expensive
  • Lack of transparency regarding where clothes are made
  • Shipping is only covered in the US 
  • Customers must pay to ship returns/exchanges 

If you want to learn more about the clothing Talentless sells and their customer satisfaction rating, keep reading this Talentless clothing review. We’ll take a look at some of the brand’s top selling pieces next.

Talentless Shirts Review

Men’s Tri-Blend Tee

The Men’s Tri-Blend Tee is a super simple and ultra soft t-shirt. The heathered look is created by combining different colored fabric, giving this tee the perfect vintage and slightly worn look. This tee is made from a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester. This combination makes the Tri-Blend Tee both comfortable and structured enough to still be flattering. If you’re opposed to baggy and shapeless tees, this is definitely one to look into.

The Men’s Tri-Blend Tee retails for $49 and comes in oatmeal heather, charcoal heather, and grey heather. Each color is subtle enough to be layered or nice enough to be worn on its own on full display.

Men’s Less Talent Long Sleeve Tee

The Less Talent Long Sleeve is for diehard Disick fans who want to proudly rep his brand. This tee features the Talentless logo on the chest that makes it edgy enough to pair with ripped jeans and sneakers. The classic cut of this long sleeve makes it perfect to dress up, just throw your favorite leather jacket on top and hit the streets.

Made from 100% premium cotton, the Men’s Less Talent Long Sleeve is comfortable, breathable and possibly your new best friend. It’s available in black, grey, bone, white, and sand for $68.  

Women’s Premium Tee 

Talentless Clothing Review

The Women’s Premium Tee is the Talentless take on that basic t-shirt every woman has in her closet. You know the one: that go-to t-shirt to layer under a cardigan or tuck into your favorite jeans? Well, this is it, but better. This shirt features a flattering round neckline and relaxed fit. It’s made from premium weight 100% cotton, making it extra soft on your skin. It’s the kind of shirt you can wear out or just chill in with sweats. 

The Women’s Premium Tee is available in 11 different colors with options to compliment any skin tone. Colors range from the basic blacks, whites and greys for those of you that like to keep it simple. Want to try out something more daring? Try this t-shirt in bright red, deep wine, and even a beautiful burnt teal. This tee sells for $39.  

Women’s Premium Cropped Long Sleeve

The Premium Cropped Long Sleeve is the only long-sleeve shirt that Talentless carries for women. The fabric is cotton fleece, making it a bit warmer than your average long sleeve. It’s available in 10 different colors and sells for $52

With its cropped hemline, this long sleeve is a solid shirt to pair with high-waist jeans. If you like a daring look, wear it with your favorite low rides and show off your midriff. 

Talentless Sweatshirts Review 

Men’s Premium Zip Up Hoodie

A Talentless clothing review found that the Men’s Premium Zip Up Hoodie is made from heavyweight, potassium-finished cotton to give it a soft yet sturdy fit. Huh. I never knew that fabric could contain potassium like bananas and broccoli do. This hoodie features a heavy-duty brass zipper and two front pockets for optimal storage. 

This hoodie is a really versatile piece. And… did we mention it’s super soft? Seriously, it’s like a cloud has wrapped itself around you. Easily take this zip-up from loungewear to nightwear by replacing your old sweatpants for jeans. The Premium Zip Up Hoodie comes in four neutrals and six seasonal colors, priced at $139.

Women’s Show Me The Love Hoodie 

The Women’s Show Me The Love Hoodie is for those looking for a casual statement piece. Or even those feeling a bit lonely. Hey, we don’t judge. This hoodie features a “show me the love” graphic on the back, subtle hearts on the chest, and “Talentless” stitched onto the left sleeve. 

If you’re all about that Cupid lifestyle, then this 100% cotton hoodie is probably your perfect match. The Women’s Show Me The Love Hoodie comes in white, pitch black, bone, and evening blue for $124

Talentless Shorts Review 

Men’s French Terry Shorts

The Men’s French Terry Shorts are the only men’s shorts available from Talentless. The drawstring waistband and 100% cotton fabric gives these shorts a super casual, laid back look that is practically made for daywear. 

With two zippered front pockets, no need to worry about losing your keys or phone—these shorts have got your valuables on lockdown. The Men’s French Terry Shorts come in 10 colors and sell for $78

Women’s Biker Shorts

The Women’s Biker Shorts are the perfect fit for any woman sporting an active lifestyle. Made with model spandex, they conform to your body. So go ahead, wear them on a run or to your favorite sweat session and see how they hold up. You can even pair them with a sweatshirt and sneakers for a more casual look. 

These shorts are low-waisted and end at the top of your thigh. The Women’s Biker Shorts only come in pitch black, priced at $28

Talentless Sweatpants Review 

Men’s Premium Sweatpants

Let’s be honest in this Talentless clothing review: sweatpants are a staple in any closet. These Men’s Premium Sweatpants are no different. In fact, they might just be better. With a drawstring waist and cinched ankle fit, these sweatpants have a flattering fit. Two zippered pockets and brass decor on the drawstrings elevate these pants, taking them from loungewear to streetwear with the right accessories. 

Available in 11 colors ranging from basics to seasonal shades, the Men’s Premium Sweatpants can match whatever your go-to color pallette may be. Talentless Premium sweatpants go for $139.

Women’s Premium Sweatpants – Denim Wash

These denim-washed Women’s Premium Sweatpants are where loungewear and streetwear meet in the middle. Made from 100% premium cotton, they have the comfort of a sweatpant and the look of a jean. 

Versatile and stylish, these denim-washed sweatpants can be taken from your couch to the street, no changes necessary. The Women’s Premium Sweatpants are available in two washes, dark indigo and light acid for $139

Talentless Multipacks Review

Men’s V-Neck Tee 3 Pack

A v-neck t-shirt is as basic as it gets. You probably have dozens of these stored in your closet. But these are different (and likely better, if we’re being honest). The Men’s V-Neck Tee 3 Pack features three 100% cotton t-shirts with a subtle V neckline, nothing too daring. These shirts have 3 key features:

  1. Designed using 100% cotton, these tees are ultra soft.
  2. The fabric is highly breathable for those summer days. On colder nights, layer with a simple denim jacket or sweater to take this tee to a new level.
  3. They have a loose, relaxed fit for elevated comfort. 

The Men’s V-Neck Tee 3 Pack comes in black, white, bone and seasonal stripes for $117. Each t-shirt works out to $39, which is the same price they sell for individually. Unfortunately, buying in bulk on Talentless doesn’t equate to saving money.

Is Talentless Clothing Worth It?

After writing this Talentless clothing review, I’m not convinced that Talentless is worth its high price point. Sure, the items are made from premium cotton and are very comfortable, but I don’t believe that justifies paying anywhere from $40-$50 for a single plain t-shirt.

With Talentless, it seems that this is the classic case of celebrity hype: customers pay for the name attached to the brand, not for the clothes themselves. For diehard fans of Disick, the price point may be insignificant. But I cannot see these clothes being appealing to customers who are not familiar with the brand’s celebrity founder.

Talentless does offer a wide variety of basic clothing pieces in beautiful colors, but so do a lot of other brands that retail for less money. At the end of the day, it comes down to money. For customers who don’t mind paying more for their clothes, then Talentless may be a suitable fit. For those of us that simply don’t have the budget to dish out a hundred bucks on two t-shirts, Talentless isn’t the most money-friendly choice.

What do customers have to say about the Talentless brand? We cover that next in this Talentless clothing review.

What Do Customers Think?

Talentless Clothing Review

When it comes to customer satisfaction, it’s important to note that there seems to be reviews that are hidden on their website and you don’t have the ability to filter anything other than 5 stars.

Talentless knows what they’re doing. Nearly all of their products have full five-star ratings, which is concerning since that means they have an almost perfect review record. Their review sections are entirely filled with happy customers attesting to the comfort and quality of their pieces, however there is no way to sort by customers who may have had a different experience.

In this Talentless hoodie review, one customer writes: “5 out of 5 stars! The men’s premium hoodie is the absolute BEST hoodie I own! The size, weight, and fit are absolutely perfect.”

Talentless premium t-shirts are one of their bestsellers. The Women’s Premium Tee has over 600 reviews with an average of 5/5 stars. One verified customers writers: “I’ve searched far and wide for the perfect t-shirt and this is it. The fit is perfect. The large gives you the perfect amount of extra length. It’s not too long to be trendy and it’s not too short like every other men’s shirt. It’s super soft but still has enough thickness to it.”

It’s obvious that Talentless tends to only display favorable 5 star reviews that showcase. After scrolling through the reviews to write this Talentless clothing review, it seems every customer is satisfied with their order and urges others to swap out their current clothes for Talentless’ pieces instead. 

However, it’s important to note we have been receiving complaints about poor customer service, wrong items being sent, and that the price is not worth the quality.

Talentless Promotions & Discounts 

I searched through the website for deals to include in the Talentless clothing review, but there doesn’t seem to be any Talentless discount codes. But, If customers sign up for the Talentless email subscription, they’re immediately sent a 10% off Talentless coupon code to use on their next purchase. 

Talentless does offer a lot of sales on their products. Certain styles are marked down anywhere between $10-$20 and are available until the item is out of stock. These sale pieces are restricted from the return policy. More on returns can be found later on in this Talentless clothing review.

Where to Buy Talentless

Talentless Clothing Review

A Talentless clothing review found that the brand is only available online. You can buy Scott Disick’s clothing line on the Talentless website or on Amazon.

Talentless Sizing

Talentless clothing features standard US sizes. To better help customers select their correct size, Talentless offers a sizing chart for all of their items. We’ve included an example of one of the men’s size charts for shirts and long sleeves in this Talentless clothing review:

ProductAvailable Sizes
Men’s Tri Blend TeeS, M, L, XL, XXL
Women’s Premium TeeXS, S, M, L, XL
Men’s Less Talent Long Sleeve TeeS, M, L, XL, XXL
Women’s Premium Cropped Long SleeveXS, S, M, L, XL
Men’s Premium Zip Up Hoodie S, M, L, XL, XXL
Women’s Show Me the Love HoodieXS, S, M, L, XL
Men’s French Terry ShortsS, M, L, XL, XXL
Women’s Biker ShortsXS, S, M, L
Men’s Premium SweatpantsS, M, L, XL, XXL
Women’s Premium Sweatpants – Denim WashXS, S, M, L, XL
Men’s V-Neck Tee 3 PackS, M, L, XL, XXL


Talentless Shipping Policy

Talentless ships their orders internationally. However, only US orders over $74.99 ship for free. Shipping costs for the rest of the world range from $21-$36 depending on how quickly you’d like your order to arrive. That’s pretty steep…

Talentless orders usually ship the same or next day when placed between Monday through Thursday. On certain occasions, orders can take anywhere from 3-5 business days on high-demand items.

Customers will receive an email once their order has shipped. Talentless orders ship from Los Angeles, California. 

Although Talentless ships worldwide, there are certain countries they are unable to ship to: Afghanistan, Ascension, Burma, Central African Republic, Comoros, Cuba, Equatorial Guinea, Falkland Islands, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Kiribati, North Korea, Nauru, Pitcairn Island, Saint Helena, Saint Pierre, Miquelon, Samoa, Sao Tome, Principe, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Tristan da Cunha, Turkmenistan, and Tuvalu.

Talentless Returns Policy

For products that are unworn, in new condition and have the tags still attached, Talentless offers 30 days to issue a return for a full refund. Certain items are marked “final sale” and cannot be returned. However, these items can be exchanged for a different size.

Shipping charges to return an item are not covered by the company. The customer must cover all shipping costs related to returns. In the situation of a customer receiving a defective item, Talentless will cover the return costs.

In the event of an exchange, Talentless ships the new item to the customer free of charge. However, the customer must still cover the cost of shipping the original item back to Talentless.

Contact Talentless

For additional inquiries not found in this Talentless clothing review, their customer service team can be reached by email, phone or by filling out the contact form on their site. They’re available by phone Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm PST.

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