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Parade Underwear review

Parade creates underwear that redefines what it means for women to feel sexy. They offer size-inclusive underwear funky colors and patterns to make sure all bodies are included. Their products are tested on a range of bodies to ensure they help make the wearer feel confident and comfortable in their choice of underwear.

The brand has been featured in Teen Vogue, Pop Sugar, Business Insider, The Cut, and CNN and has a hefty 143K followers on their Parade underwear Instagram. Parade recently partnered up with Juicy Couture to design undies as well!

This Parade underwear review will offer details on some of their bestselling items, what customers’ experience with the underwear and the overall company is like, as well as answer common questions about the brand to help you decide whether their underwear is the right fit for you.  

Overview of Parade

Parade Underwear Review

Parade underwear CEO, Cami Tellez, is a powerhouse at only 22 years old. The Parade underwear founder started the company to challenge societal beauty norms. She’s redefining what it means to be sexy: “sexiness isn’t one-dimensions – it’s a voice, it’s a feeling, it’s a technicolor mirror that reflects whoever is holding it.”

Based out of NYC, the modern underwear company reimagined what underwear should be: soft, breathable, and made with recycled fabrics. The brand is highly focused on best practices, as Parade underwear sustainability is of utmost importance. Plus, the brand donates 1% of all profits to Planned Parenthood to further assist in sex education.

Next, you’ll find the pros and cons of the brand in this Parade underwear review.


  • Offers thong, cheeky, brief, hip hugger, and boy shorts in a variety of colors and patterns, as well as hoodies and sweatshirts
  • Underwear is size-inclusive to promote body inclusivity
  • The collection is tested and displayed on ‘normal’ bodies to break size barriers 
  • Designs feature recycled materials and fabric
  • Products are delivered in compostable and biodegradable packaging
  • Underwear multi-packs provide opportunities to save
  • Full refund or exchange if Parade underwear isn’t the right fit for you 


  • International shipping is not available 
  • Some customers experienced a lack of customer service
Parade Underwear review

What this Parade underwear review loves about the brand is its fun approach to design. Their underwear packs, makeup, and clothing all have a nostalgic 80’s/90’s aesthetic and come in a range of styles for the wearer’s preference.

This Parade underwear review will give you a run-down of their underwear and underwear packs

Parade Underwear Review

From minimal coverage to maximum coverage, Parade underwear is designed to make you feel like yourself, and celebrate your body in the meantime.

The brand strives to incorporate recycled fabric, which also happens to be super comfortable. You’ll find more details below on their most popular styles in this Parade underwear review. 

Parade Re:Play Thong 

Attention thong wearers of the world! The Re:Play Thong is the “comfiest thong” on the market, according to Teen Vogue. With statements like that, this Parade underwear review can’t help but perk up its ears. Plus, this style comes in 12 fun colors for you to personalize your undie style however you like.

If you’re a thong-lover, then you’ve probably worn your fair share of uncomfortable g-strings over the years. A perfect thong is hard to come by, so you might want to keep reading for more information about this one.

The Parade Thong is made with their supersoft Re:Play fabric. What is this wondrous fabric, you ask? Well, it’s made from the softest recycled yarn in the world

What is a thong good for, if not to make your butt look great in yoga pants? Interestingly enough, the fabric was developed by ex-Lululemon” product experts. This likely says a thing or two if you’re a fan of their famous luon fabric.

The fabric of this thong makes you forget you’re even wearing one, which should be the function of all underwear, in this Parade underwear review’s opinion. 

More specs on the fabric include that it’s made from 85% recycled nylon, and 15% spandex, and has a lightweight and buttery feel. The Re:Play Thong has a mid-rise fit but stretches to 2X its size, so keep that in mind when buying this $9 thong. 

Parade Re:Play Brief

You can’t beat a classic. At a younger age, it’s all about the crazy, lacy, and racy panties. But as we get older, we grow to appreciate a good pair of comfortable briefs.

What this Parade underwear review loves is that the brand takes a classic, everyday style but adds a hint of flare to it. Though this pair has full coverage, it still exudes a lightweight buttery feel that is great for under pants or sleeping.

These undies have a special feel to them, which is another thing this Parade underwear review believes we all should have in our underwear drawers: underwear that makes you feel happy when you put them on.

These super stretchy briefs have a mid-rise fit and are made from Re:Play fabric, which is 85% recycled nylon and 15% spandex. This $9 option is available in 13 pretty colors, too! 

Parade Re:Play Cheeky

The Re:Play Cheeky style has easily become one of the most favored styles for its ability to make all butts look good. They have just a hint of playfulness, and are a great choice for those who don’t like thongs but aren’t a fan of full coverage briefs, either. 

The Re:Play Cheeky has seamless coverage, so while they provide more coverage than a thong, you still won’t see those pesky underwear lines through your pants.

They’re made from Re:Play fabric, which is essentially recycled, ultra-soft, and super stretchy nylon and spandex. These cuties have a paneled Re:Play and mesh front and a double layer mesh back for breathability. 

The $9 Re:Play Cheeky features a FreeStretch waistband, developed to never roll or dig into your sides. The Re:Play Cheeky also comes in 13 color options, so you can underwear your way! 

Parade Re:Play Boyshort 

The Re:Play Boyshort offers maximum, controlled coverage. This is the type of undie that you’ll want to walk around the house in, ideally wrapped in a long, cozy sweater and fuzzy socks. Or, throw on an oversized t-shirt and head to bed!

These boyshorts have a high-rise fit and are made from their Re:Play super comfy, ultra-stretchy fabric. Remember those ex-Lululemon product experts?

Yeah, they worked overtime to bring you underwear you will want to live in. Made from 85% recycled nylon, and 15% spandex, this option has a lightweight and buttery feel

These Parade undies come in a handful of ultra-cool colors: 

  • Blush, Meringue, Butterfly, Vapor, Starfish, Cosmos, Starry Sky, Balloon, Limoncello, and Eight Ball are all $9 for one pair
  • Slow Jam is $13 for one pair (probably because it’s pretty cool looking)

Parade Silky Mesh Hip Hugger

Light, silky, and breathable, these Hip Huggers are simply fun. Some styles are see-through, which adds a hint of sexiness. These are the types of underwear you might choose on a day you’re ‘feeling yourself’. We’re imagining slipping them to dance around while listening to Lizzo.

They have a mid-rise fit, which sits just above your hips, and are made from Silky Mesh. The Mesh is a knit of superfine fibers and allows for maximum breathability. This style doesn’t stretch as much as the Re:Play fabric. So, be sure to keep that in mind if you decide to buy.

The Hip Hugger has a FreeStretch waistband that will stay secure without cutting into you, and come in a ton of different patterns. Depending on which pattern you choose, the prices differ. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Tangerine, Cherry Bomb, Starry Sky, Birthday, Birthday Checkers, Confetti Checkers, Lucky Checkers, Mint Chocolate Chip, Eight Ball – $11
  • Eight Ball Dots, Heaven Dots – $13
  • Starry Sky with Juice Embroidery – $14
  • Sprinkle Embroidery – $15

Parade Underwear Packs Review

These Underwear packs give us all the ‘90s vibes. This Parade underwear review will showcase their bestselling packs for everyday wear, or special occasions.

Parade Initials Pack

Get even more intimate feelings towards your intimates. Having your initials on your underwear makes them all the more personal. Maybe you even want your partner’s initials instead. Or maybe, you just really like a certain letter of the alphabet. Whatever makes you happy! 

The packs are all multicolored, and you’ll get an assortment of styles. There are 4 different combinations, depending on the letter you choose. 

  1. Letters B, F, J, N, R, V, Z: Re: Play Brief in Balloon, the Cheeky in Limoncello, and the Thong in Confetti.
  2. Letters A, E, I, M, Q, U: Re: Play Brief in Confetti, the Cheeky in Cosmos, and the Thong in Limoncello.
  3. Letters D, H, L, P, T, X: Re: Play Brief in Limoncello, the Boyshort in Cherrybomb, and the High Rise Brief in Butterfly.
  4. Letters C, G, K, O, S, W, Y: Re: Play Brief in Butterfly, the High Rise Brief in Sparkler, and the High Rise Thong in Limoncello. 

Re:Play is made from the softest recycled yarns in the world. Only one initial can be included on the three pairs, with each pack costing $30.

Parade Days of the Week

When I outgrew my days of the week underwear as a kid, I was heartbroken. Seeing these made the nostalgia flood in. The good thing is that they’re available now in adult sizes!

So daily, we can all be reminded of a simpler time, and when it was the little things like picking the underwear that matched the day (or being rebellious and choosing the wrong one) that made our hearts pitter-patter in excitement. 

The pack includes 8 pairs, with an extra pair embroidered with “TODAY” as the other seven have Monday-Friday stitched on. This Parade undies review loves a good bonus item. 

Each pack is the same. Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in terms of color and cut:

  • High Cut Thong in Gumdrop 
  • Hip Hugger in Starry Sky
  • High Rise Cheeky in Limoncello
  • Hip Hugger in Area 51
  • High Cut Thong in Blue Raspberry
  • Hip Hugger in Balloon
  • High Rise Cheeky in Jawbreaker
  • High Rise Cheeky in Eightball. 

Currently, the pack is $58 (regularly $72). It’s no surprise to this Parade underwear review that these packs are their most waitlisted pack ever.

The underwear is made from Silky Mesh, which is lightweight and breathable, and offers a little bit of stretch with a FreeStretch waistband. 

Astrology Packs

This Parade underwear review ponders the question, do we become our horoscope or does our horoscope become us? There is no doubt that our star signs are a part of who we are.

The Astrology Pack is curated to color-coordinate with your sign, so you may feel even more yourself when wearing them. Each pack retails for $50.

Naturally there are 12 different packs and color combinations, reflective of your Zodiac sign. They’ve divided the color combinations up to suit which type of sign you are:

  • Air – (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra) include the Hip Hugger in Vapor and Melrose, the High Rise Cheeky in Butterfly, and the High Cut Thong in Sugarplum.
  • Fire – (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) include the High Cut Thong in limited-edition colors Saturn and Tangerine, the High Rise Cheeky in Candy Apple, and the Hip Hugger in Melrose.
  • Water – (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) include the Hip Hugger in Starry Sky and Vapor and the High Rise Cheeky in Cosmos and Butterfly.
  • Earth – (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) includes the High Rise Cheeky in Cosmos, the High Cut Thong in Sugarplum and Tangerine, and the Hip Hugger in Melrose. 

All included underwear in the pack are made from their Silk Mesh for ultra breathability and lightweight comfort. They also feature the FreeStretch waistband for added comfort.

Another bonus we love: each pack comes with a limited edition pair of 14k gold-plated brass studs in your specific zodiac sign. The studs have a steel post with back fastening. 

Parade Underwear Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Parade Underwear Review

Reddit users gave a comprehensive review of the brand, as usual. The following review in this Parade underwear review was about their Re:Play Brief: “They fit like a bikini [the] fabric is super soft and nice…not too cheeky…Con: New company so growing pains of weird shipping issues…not sure how resilient [the underwear] will be as I already had one seam issue after a single wash [on] delicate.” 

This next review on Reddit was regarding their Re:Play Thong: “Pros of this cut: These are flattering on me. Fabric is very soft, comfy, and somewhat stretchy…I feel like the butt part does stay where you put it. Honestly, these probably are the comfiest thongs I’ve ever tried…Cons of this cut: It runs slightly larger than I expected. It cuts into my gut, but nowhere else.”

There are thousands upon thousands of reviews on the Parade website, pretty positive for the most part. Here is the most controversial review this Parade underwear review found in regards to their Re:Play Brief:

These are my favorite underwear, hands down… I HATE the boyshort style from this company…but love the brief so much I’m in the process of shifting my entire underwear drawer to just Parade briefs. So if you don’t like one style, try another.”

Is Parade Underwear Worth It?

Parade Underwear Review

Right out of the gate, this Parade underwear review will say yes, they are worth it. We believe that items that make you excited to wear them, bring joy to your day, and feel great on your body, is definitely worth buying. The prices are a tad higher than superstore prices but on par with brands like Victoria’s Secret. 

The other great thing about this brand is that they’re using recycled yarn, as 85% of their Re:Play fabric is recycled. That’s major in the sustainability picture. Their mailer packaging is biodegradable and is 100% compostable.

Parade underwear bags are made of compostable cornstarch and their stickers are biodegradable and printed with vegetable ink. So, keep in mind that you’re also paying for a greener planet, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

In terms of shipping, customer service, and returns, the one negative review this Parade underwear review found was in terms of poor customer service. We cannot say whether or not this is typical for the Parade underwear brand, but if you decide to buy a pair and try them out, it’s low risk since the cost is so reasonable. 

Parade Underwear Promotions & Discounts 

Parade Underwear Review

Currently, Parade has a deal to build your own underwear pack and save up to 20%. For a Parade underwear discount code, subscribe to their newsletter.

Where to Buy Parade Underwear

Parade Underwear review

You can buy Parade underwear exclusively from  


Where is Parade underwear made?

Parade underwear ethical standards are high, which is why they searched for a proper factory that upheld those standards. They found a factory in China that is Oeko-Tex and Sedex certified, which means the factory uses no harmful chemicals and their products are made at the highest ethical standards possible.

What is Parade underwear made of?

For Parade underwear, sustainability is important. Different styles are made from different fabrics, but the fabric they’re most proud of developing is the Re:Play fabric. This fabric is made from pre-consumer recycled nylon that is Global Recycle Standard certified.

None of their fabrics contain harmful chemicals and are Oeko-Tex certified. According to their website, the brand has more initiatives coming in the next few months regarding sustainable materials.

Is Parade underwear breathable?

We all know how important it is for underwear to be not only comfortable, but breathable. Thankfully, Parade underwear is super breathable, especially in their styles made from Silky Mesh. 

How do you wash Parade underwear?

Washing your Parade underwear is easy. The best way to wash their underwear is on a gentle cycle in cold water. Be sure to tumble dry on low. 

What sizes does Parade underwear come in?

Parade underwear is available in sizes XS – 3X. It’s to be noted that Parade wants to make sure they’re including everyone, so they’re currently working on expanding to even more sizes.

What is Parade’s Shipping Policy?

Currently, Parade only ships within the US. Unfortunately, there are no Parade underwear Canada, UK, or other international options. The company ships out orders 1-2 business days after being placed.

Typically, delivery takes 7-10 business days but can take up to 14 business days. They do not offer expedited shipping, only standard shipping for $9. On orders over $50, shipping is free

What is Parade’s Return Policy?

The Parade underwear return policy is simple. If the item doesn’t fit or feel right on your body, email or text them within 30 days from the time you receive your order for a full refund or exchange

How to Contact Parade

Looking for additional information that this Parade underwear review did not address? Are you interested in becoming a Parade underwear ambassador? Email Parade at [email protected]

If you’re interested in Parade underwear careers, head over to their Careers Page on their official website:

Looking for more cute underwear and colorful vibes? Check out these popular brands:





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I will seriously throw away all my old underwear! These are the best ! Wow! Both my girls raved about these panties! I’m a believer!

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When requesting a refund for any reason do not choose store credit, just ask for a refund, I was provided with a gift card # that was fake, discount for such was never applied at check out.

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