MeUndies Underwear Review

About MeUndies

MeUndies Underwear Review

MeUndies is an underwear and loungewear brand designed for women and men, focusing on comfortability and softness. The following MeUndies underwear review will cover key aspects of the brand to ensure that you make an informed purchase decision.

Overview of MeUndies 

MeUndies Underwear Review

MeUndies is based in Los Angeles, CA. The sustainably sourced brand is known for its softer-than-soft product line, varying from quirky designs and bold patterns to more basic and neutral styles. As I wrote this MeUndies underwear review, all the while exploring their website, the unique styles caught my attention. They’ve got pretty amusing options, such as their Slice Slice Baby pizza-themed undies collection.

In 2011, MeUndies Founders Jonathan Shokrian and Barak Diskin disrupted the $110B underwear industry by launching the first online underwear subscription. Today MeUndies has sold over nine million pairs of underwear direct-to-consumer. The brand has two retail stores located in Century City and Del Amo.

MeUndies offers a variety of purchasing options from singles, packs, and matching pairs to group orders that are increasingly popular for wedding parties, charity events, and Greek organizations. I’ll definitely keep their group orders in mind the next wedding party I’m involved in.  

The brand distinguishes itself from others in its category through a fun and innovative shopping experience. The MeUndies MatchMe feature allows you to shop matching pairs for yourself and a romantic partner, friend, or whoever. They offer a customizable Build-a-Pack experience to choose your favorite undies or socks in sets of 3, 6, or 10. 

MeUndies Underwear Review

This MeUndies underwear review covers the benefits and downsides to the brand:


  • Undies, bralettes, socks, loungewear, and accessories, offering a wide selection of cuts and styles for women and men
  • Products designed using Lenzing MicroModal®, a naturally soft fiber derived from beechwood trees; a high quality, light-weight fabric
  • Each product has its own size chart accessible on individual product pages
  • Monthly membership includes early access to exclusive designs, special member pricing, flexible cancellation, style swap, and more
  • Special pricing on group orders of over 10 units of product, includes expedited shipping and is not limited to underwear lines 


  • Most designs and patterns are busy and may be considered too out-there or bizarre
  • Individuals who are allergic to Modal fabric (ie. experience contact dermatitis) must avoid this brand entirely
  • Above average pricing
  • Limited product lines for bralettes, socks, and accessories
  • Company does not explicitly state membership prices; must contact the CheekSquad (Customer Service)
  • Does not offer custom embroidery, colorways, or logo emblazonment and can only accommodate prints as seen on site 
  • Many popular and bestselling products are out of stock

MeUndies products are designed to make customers feel empowered. Their makers believe that when you feel good, you can accomplish anything with confidence.  

A MeUndies underwear review revealed the brand’s simple yet strong set of core values:

  • Stay balanced
  • Go further 
  • Build relationships
  • Champion differences 
  • Be humble 

The brand is exclusively fair trade, partnering with factories in Turkey, Sri Lanka, China, and Guatemala that are dedicated to improving employees’ lives and protecting the environment. MeUndies contributes to the Amber Rose Foundation, the LA LGBT Center, and Make-A-Wish.

In writing this MeUndies underwear review, it was clear that the brand’s defining feature is its constantly updated product line. The makers of MeUndies design their products wherever inspiration takes them, with seasonal styles that give them a trendy edge in the market.

MeUndies Lounge Pants Review

MeUndies lounge pants are priced at $68 per pair, or $50 for members. The brand carries simultaneously laid back and form fitting lines for women and men, with styles ranging from relaxed with a wide leg to tighter ending in a tapered leg. I like the design of these pants, as I prefer more fitted styles as opposed to baggy.

Most of the line features bold and colorful patterns that demand attention. There are only a few plain or one-color options, mostly in blacks and greys.

Each pair features a comfortable stretch waistband, with flatlock stitching that creates a durable, smooth finish. Most of them have subtle side-seam pockets perfect for your phone, snacks, or whatever else you like to chill with. A combination of ultra-soft MicroModal® and elastane means you’ll never want to take the pants off. I probably wouldn’t.

MeUndies Onesie Review

The brand carries unisex, women, and men onesies priced at $78, or $62 for members. MeUndies delivers on its full-body lounge experience. I like their drawstring hoods and dual pockets in particular, as well as their stylish center front zippers. 

You can choose between baggy, casual, and form-fitting styles, all ending in a tapered leg. Most of the onesies feature playful patterns and funny prints, with only a few monochromatic and plaid options.

MeUndies also has a fun costumed onesie line that changes with the seasons, functioning as ready-made conversation starters. I personally like the Adventurous Unicorn onesie.

MeUndies Underwear Review

MeUndies boasts an extensive line of underwear for women and men. Check out the brand’s most popular and versatile fits, which come in Classic, Bold, and Adventurous styles:

Men’s Underwear

MeUndies’ Men’s Boxer Briefs are priced at $24 per pair, or $16 for members. Their makers call them the OG of Undies, as this style helped the brand take off. All pairs feature a black elastic waistband, the height of softness and flexibility. The briefs contain MicroModal® and elastane, creating a fabric that is 3x softer than cotton. 

The generous pouch forms to any figure, providing carefree airiness and comfort. Durable stitching keeps everything supported and in place, so bunching, wedgies, and other underwear fiascos are out of the question. MeUndies boxer briefs come in over 20 different colors, patterns, and funky prints.

The Men’s Trunk fit is priced at $24 per pair, or $16 for members. The Trunk fit checks all the boxes: minimalistic, form-fitting, supportive, and effortlessly comfortable. They feature a black elastic waistband, creating a soft and flexible feel. A combination of MicroModal® and elastane makes every pair breathable and conveniently movable.

Women’s Underwear

MeUndies’ full-coverage Women’s Hipster is priced at $18 per pair, or $14 for members. A super soft elastic waistband keeps them in place and durable MicroModal® fabric creates a barely-there look that works with pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses. 

The brand’s sexiest underwear, aka the Women’s Thong, costs $18 per pair, or $14 for members. MeUndies’ thongs have a soft and flexible waistband, so each pair stays in place. MicroModal® fabric offers superior comfort, solving the uncomfortable problem many women can attest to concerning run-of-the-mill thongs. 

MeUndies Bralette Review

MeUndies’ bralettes for women are priced at $32, or $22 for members. The line features three stylish forms: U-Back, T-Back, and Triangle, with 41 color, pattern, and print selections available for each. Every bralette contains a blend of MicroModal® and elastane, creating a gentle, barely-there feel. 

Each form has its own flattering aesthetic. The U-Back style features a scoop back with a square scoop front. The T-Back boasts a dual-layer jersey fabric in the front, with an adjustable elastic back strap that won’t pinch your skin. The Triangle bralette has an attractive plunging triangle front, making it a perfect companion to low-cut workout tops. 

A key component of bralettes is the absence of pushup wire, though this does not translate into a lack of support. Every bralette is reinforced with a flexible black elastic band, designed specifically for bust size and optimal comfort. 

MeUndies Socks Review

MeUndies socks are just as lively and colorful as their undies, featuring designs and patterns from quirky to playful, with a few one-one color options in black, navy, white, and grey. You have the options of choosing between crew, ankle, and no show cuts in 30 different styles.

The brand’s Bold and Adventurous Styles reflect a larger trend in socks, which are now offered in lively designs more than ever before. These fun socks add dimension to basic outfits, and just like accessories, can provide the finishing touch to your look. Browsing through all these socks is tempting me to switch up my pretty plain collection as I write this.

As I explored the site for this MeUndies underwear review, the mythical ocean vibes of these mermaid ankle socks caught my eye:

MeUndies socks are made from Supima cotton, a high quality fabric that wraps your feet in softness. Paired with a hand-linked toe, the socks have a seamless feel to them. The socks also address an annoying tendency found in cheaper socks: a thin elastic band prevents sagging, and a silicone gel heel grip means that they won’t slip off your feet.

MeUndies socks are priced higher than average, just like their underwear and loungewear:

  • Single pair: $12
  • Three pack: $33
  • Six pack: $60
  • 10 pack: $90

Considering the socks are good quality, I wouldn’t mind spending this much for them.

MeUndies Material

The brand’s underwear is knit from Lenzing Modal®, an ultra-soft and eco-friendly fabric made from Austrian beech trees. Lenzing Modal® fabric naturally prevents odor-causing bacterial growth, and the wood fiber creates a luxuriously smooth and cozy feel.

MeUndies Underwear Review: What Do Customers Think?

MeUndies Underwear Review

A MeUndies underwear review found that essentially all products have near perfect ratings on the site (most have 5/5 stars). Many customers left a MeUndies underwear review praising the softness and perfect fit of the products. Ratings on exterior review sites were not as positive. ConsumerAffairs gives the brand a 3.4/5 star rating, while the average rating on Sitejabber is 2.5/5.

On these exterior sites, many customers expressed satisfaction over the quality of the underwear, with the exception of one review claiming the underwear was falling apart a year after purchase. One reviewer mentioned that the no show socks were actually visible while wearing shoes and sneakers. The commonality between negative reviews was in regard to unresponsive customer service, steep international shipping fees, and issues with delivery (ex. longer than average shipping times).

MeUndies Underwear Review: Is It Worth the Buy?

MeUndies Underwear Review

According to a MeUndies underwear review, the value of their products varies from person to person. Their items are pricey, yet if you are looking for incredibly soft, high quality underwear, they’re likely worth the buy. Customer responses are positive beyond the MeUndies site, and those are reviews I trust more than ones that are filtered by brand customer service. The customer service issues do make me wary of ordering from them, but personally, this is less of a factor compared to product quality.

The membership would only be worth it if you really love undies or socks and want to add fun styles to your collection. It’s ideal to have 10-20 pairs of underwear and socks (according to MeUndies), so if you’re an underwear aficionado the membership would be worthwhile. The upside is that you can cancel it at any time, so if you feel that you’ve hit your underwear or sock quota, you’ll have have benefited from discounted pairs for as long as you wanted.

MeUndies Size Chart 

Every product carried by MeUndies comes with its own size chart and instructions on how to measure your body proportions. The brand’s underwear runs small and its size charts take this into account:

Men’s Underwear

MeUndies Underwear Review

Women’s Underwear

MeUndies Underwear Review

Socks & Apparel

MeUndies socks are available in sizes S-L for men and women.

MeUndies onesies are available in sizes for unisex, men, and women ranging from XXXS-2XL.

Men’s lounge pants come in S-4XL and women’s pants are available in XS-4XL.

MeUndies bralettes come in sizes XS-4XL for women.

Where to Buy MeUndies

MeUndies Underwear Review

The brand offers the full extent of its product lines on their online store. You can also purchase MeUndies at their retail stores in Century City and Del Amo, where they offer a selection of their most popular fits and styles. You can also buy MeUndies on Amazon, available only in the US. 

MeUndies Membership

MeUndies Underwear Review

The MeUndies membership is centred around customers receiving a mail order pair of underwear or a pair of socks each month. Subscribers choose their style of underwear and save up to 30% on each order compared to regular pricing:

  • Underwear: $16 ($8 savings)
  • Socks: $8 ($4 savings)

Membership features three key benefits:

  1. Exclusive Prints: Members have access to limited monthly designs and can choose between the brand’s Classic, Bold, and Adventurous lines.
  2. Member Pricing: Members are given special pricing on every product MeUndies carries.
  3. No Strings Attached: The membership’s flexible nature allows customers to swap styles, skip a month, or cancel at any time. 

MeUndies Social Media

MeUndies Underwear Review

Social media was instrumental to the rise of MeUndies as a start-up. Their popularity continues to rise online, where customers love to showcase their favorite products. You can follow MeUndies on:

  • Twitter: @MeUndies
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram: @meundies
  • Pinterest:
  • Snapchat:

MeUndies Promotions & Discounts

MeUndies Underwear Review

For this MeUndies underwear review, I hunted for the best deals offered by the brand.

The following MeUndies promo code is available for use:

15% off your first order, packs excluded. Discount auto-applied at checkout. 

There is currently no MeUndies discount code. These are offered throughout the year, so check their site regularly.


MeUndies Underwear Review

MeUndies Shipping Policy

All orders are shipped from their warehouse in Los Angeles, CA to anywhere in the world, including P.O. Boxes and military locations. Orders may be subject to import taxes and fees charged by local customs or a MeUndies preferred carrier. 

MeUndies offers free shipping for all U.S. orders. International orders are charged a flat rate of:

  • $3 for Canadian Members 
  • $6 for Canadian Non-Members
  • $12 for all other international locations 

Standard shipping:

  • Orders are generally processed within 1-2 business days, with the exception of during the holidays due to high order volume. U.S. orders are shipped via USPS and arrive within an estimated 2-7 business days.
  • Canadian orders are shipped via Globegistics with a final delivery by Canada Post. Orders are estimated to arrive within 1-3 weeks. 
  • International orders are shipped via DHL and typically arrive within 10-12 business days.

Expedited shipping:

  • U.S. customers have the option to select expedited shipping. These orders are processed on the same day, given they are ordered before 10 AM PST. Orders placed after 1PM PST, or on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are shipped on the next business day. 

MeUndies Return Policy

Your first order of underwear, socks, or bralettes is given a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. MeUndies provides a full refund or exchange within 90 days of your first purchase, no questions asked. International shipping fees are not refunded under the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

For all other products, with the exception of final sale items and non-refundable Mystery Packs, returns are accepted within 90 days of receiving an order. Items must be in their original condition and must be mailed back with any attached packaging you received. Returns and exchanges on items purchased at MeUndies retail locations are handled in-store only.

US orders are given free return postage. International orders, including Canadian orders, are not eligible for return postage. 

Order Status

Once an order has been shipped, customers receive an email containing a tracking number. The status of current and previous orders can be checked on the site’s order history page or order status page.

Contact MeUndies 

MeUndies Underwear Review

MeUndies Customer Service, the Cheek Squad, can be contacted Monday-Sunday between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm PST: 

  • Live Chat on their website: 
  • Request on their site
  • Email [email protected]
  • FaceTime call on their site 
  • Call or text 1-888-552-6775 
  • Tweet or send them a Facebook message

Business address: 3650 Holdrege Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90016

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